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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 18, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ >> good evening everybody. not only is president trump unhappy with a supposed border deal but an increasing number of republicans are unhappy as well. what is perhaps more troubling is that the radical demss are moving a bill that isn't only incomplete and unfinished but a bill that is overly long overly complex. the number of pages in the bill reportedly between 700 and a thousand pages which if true is preposterous if true more compelling evidence that radical dem and in the committee trying to restrict the president and his administration in securing the border. no one knows better than
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president trump the treacherous nature of the the radical dems mr. trump is keenly aware that the primary reason the appropriate tores have fashioned a 700 page plus bill is to give their monstrous traps and hazards a lot of space in which to block not help this president his efforts to secure the border. >> we have not gotten it yet. we'll be getting it and we'll be looking for land mineses because you could have that, you know, known for people, but we have not got this yet. it will be sent to us at some point, and we'll take a very serious look at it. >> we take out the president's efforts and the national security crisis at our border, and a radical dem and establishment ryan attempt to stop him and sean duffy former campaign manager corey lewandowski among our guest tonight a counterintelligence agency who defected to iran in 2013.
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now indicted as an iranian -- by why are our spy agencies only now coming or forward with the news? the former air force specialist charged with helping iran target her former fellow agents and exposing the u.s. defense department. all of this as the intel community leaders publicly argued with the president and then failed to detect a double agent and stop her defection to iran. dr. ferris joins me tonight with the implications of this intriguing story and the mystery as to why only now are we learning about another, another serious intelligence breach. today, a stunning confrontation on capitol hill between freshman congresswoman omar yes, omar again, and the trump administration's special envoy to venezuela elliot abrams.
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>> yes or no would you support an armed faction with venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide. if you believe they were serving u.s. interest as you did in guatemala, el salvador and nicaragua. >> i'm not going to respond to that question. i'm sorry i don't think this entire line of questioning meant to be real questions so i will not rely. >> omar's questioning if you can call it that comes outrage over her anti-semitic tweets and resigning from congress. yet omar on house foreign affairs committee still with the appointment in yes, the continued busing of nancy pelosi. we take all of this up and much more here tonight. our top story, president trump beginning to emerge from what has been more than two years of constant attacks insults and
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viciousness from the national left wing media fake news media, the democrats ryan knows, deep state, and the global elites oh, yes. all of the witch hunts as well whether led by mueller, senate, or house ho intel committees or hollywood and entertainment media. but the president is clearly standing tall. his message direct, the hoax of the russian collusion charges dissipating, the senate intelligence committee. finding confirms no conspiracy, no collusion, between the trump campaign and russia. the president's former attorney john saying he knows what information the mueller special counsel's office has and it has nothing to do with trump russia collusion. because the special counsel has developed nothing and almost two years of investigation. dowed questions whether mueller will even issue a report. yet nancy pelosi chuck schumer, the rest of the radical dem and rhino republicans seemingly blind to the president's rising
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public sport. his vindication on so many levels, the president is simply put winning. and his opponents and enemies interserrated and flailing. for example, new fox news polling showing the president making a difference when it comeses to support for the border wall for border security. and the president is building support for his call to secure that border and protect the nation. 66% of voters in the latest fox poll favor the bipartisan border security deal. and, of course, as the president has said, it very likely contains quite a few land mines as he put it. traps and hazards placed there by radical dems and rhinos on that committee, all of which the white house must navigate before signing. even support for building the wall itself has rise ton 46% up from 41% in september of last year. the president is building momentum and nearly every area. whether it is china trade our
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boy yent market or economy that is growing at a rate that previous administration said would require a magician and order to achieve. our first guest tonight says congress is 1.4 billion border bill is a bad deal. and one that he will not vote in support of. joining us tonight congressman sean duffy of the house committee great to have you with us, and this bill i can't believe first of all this is of that late. can you? >> first of all, i haven't seen the bill. and don't -- >> it apparently has. but i'll tell you it is a garbage bill from the beginning because 1.4 billion dollars is sufficient to secure our border. the president asked for 5.7 billion in, you know,s he's not getting what is necessary to build a wall. however, you and i both trust the president right are? you mentioned everyone that throws things at him whether it is a left wing media, democrats a teach state he's like rocky
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going to take punches to give it right back. >> if donald trump signses a bill by the way, he's been put in a really tough place. this conference committee of republicans and democrats house and senate members, they put him in a horrible place. they call the deal and if he says no, america and the congress are going to blame him for that he knows that. so what i think he's going to do is sign the deal you and i won't like it but he'll sign it and spend a 1.4 billion l on wall to take money from elsewhere and continue building a wall. and once he went into that money he'll use the national emergency to actually complete the wall so he's going to get it done lew and it shouldn't be this hard. it shouldn't be this hard to make it happen. >> you know this president can honestly say -- as you have -- that it shouldn't be this hard. he's had it harder than any president -- you know, anyone who reads history, anyone who has -- like you who participates in the making of history in the nation's capitol. you know no one has had to
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contend with this kind of mad -- drive to subvert an administration never has it happened in the history of this country, and it goes on. this president, by the way, as we were reporting tonight is emerging from this. i truly believe strong orer, he is right now his enemies and opponents simply are ignoring the reality. his support is building and theirs is waning and by the way, the democratic party is falling apart before our very eyes. >> democrats off the rail ares. i mean, the things they're proposing with the green deal tax increases, they've gone absolutely bonkers. but this president is winning because he's siding with the american people. americans want safety they want security. they believe in the rule of law. all of things he's fighting for on border and by the way he's compassionate as well. but you know, i talk about this all the time on your show but we have a meth and heroin -- epidemic going on, in my state.
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>> you're killing people. >> you're leaving -- a little kids childless. donald trump cares about this as well as little kids that are molested, sexually assaulted on that journey from central america up to our border because the economy is growing we have better opportunity and higher wages stronger military american energy and independence, they love him for that. and they can see, americans can see through the garbage of the left wing media, and the deep staters who are trying to take down a president who is fighting for american people and so that's why i think poll numbers continue to rise. >> what he calls a fake news a fake news media, are these giant media corporations whether it is comcast whether it is at&t, these are fake news media companies who are driving their news outlets to attack this president. this -- and this should not be ignored. whether it is -- i mean it just goes on and on. but now they are exhausting themselveses.
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because not even they are believed that they can continue with lies and face of the revelation and conclusions of senate and intel which is no collusion. the house intel, no collusion. the word from the special counsel are that they have, that they are nearing conclusion to the witch hunt. >> but this is big stuff. >> and you and i are are not surprised by anyone not finding any collusion because we know that this town leaks like a sieve. there are no secrets here we know that there would have been leaks with any evidence between donald trump and russians and there's been zero evidence of any kind of -- so no wonder that senate committee didn't find a collusion and bob mueller won't and with the left wing media what frightens me are these are smart people. well educated smart people. >> i'm not sure i want to sign on to this. >> i'll say well educated not smart. and they're promoting a left wing socialist agenda in the
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democrat party and any stewart of history would look at socialist regimes and know that it brings despair and poverty and it is free enterprise like donald trump and ronnel reagan that grows economy and helps middle class. >> let's bring, come back to the deal that has been put in front of this president. he is -- keenly aware of the -- of the -- as he put it the land mine, hazards, the attempts to constrain him in enforcing border security within that legislation. do you support that freedom caucus one week interim spending bill to fund the government? which is seen as an east to then derail the package itself? >> yeah, so i don't think it is beginning to happen but yes i do support that effort because lew, it's a -- garbage deal and only get better a week from now. let's take that shot and see if we can get a better deal next week than the garbage deal we have today so yeah i support that mission. >> and -- yeah. congress we're going to have to
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wrap up. we appreciate it as always good to see you. >> you too, thanks. congressman sean duffy be right back senate intel committee with some conclusions. stay with us. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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>> headlines we're looking at senator elizabeth warren had the nerve today to make an unannounced visit to a native american luncheon taking place in washington, d.c. she couldn't resist apparently she didn't address her misleading claims of kind of way to say about her native american heritage there didn't seem to be much interest there to new e-mails obtained by corrupt fbi leadership scrambling to accommodate hillary clinton's legal team just before the 2016 election. the documents intel conference call about james comey that fbi was investigating thousands of potentially classified e-mails on the laptop of anthony weiner. haven't heard that name for a while, have we and ahead of the senate intelligence committee, say his committee has not found any, any collusion, any evidence of collusion at all between the
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trump administration. it's presidential campaign and russia. senator richard burr as committee is just about done with the investigation. one would certainly hope so. joining us tonight joe former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia founding partner and law firm joe good to see you let's start with this extraordinary evidence of the relationship between the fbi, the doj and the clinton campaign. it's scrambling to do whatever she ask. your thoughts. >> well, it is more evidence of the corrupt relationship between the obama fbi and department of justice with the clinton lawyers. you will recall lew that from the very beginning as certainly after james comey's famous news conference, it was very obvious that the the dirty cop james
4:18 am
comey all of the dirty cops around him had thrown the fight. they never intended to investigate hillary clinton. they did intend to ignore all of her criminal violations of the law. they did intend to give everyone of the people surrounding her immunity, no search warrants, no subpoenas allow them to destroy evidence. the fact that they bengt over backwards to to deal with a new weiner laptop is not surprising, in fact, it is confirmtory of the operation that was the obama fbi and department of justice. hillary clinton was guilty as hell, they knew it. and they decided to give her a pass. >> and they did so seeking quid pro quos. it's stunning stuff. we still don't know what those i mails looked like on his laptop they were incriminating, they were --
4:19 am
principally we're told but no one knows for sure how many of them were between hillary clinton and huma abidin weiner's wife at the time. where did those sit and what is -- what is the likely fate of those e-mails? >> well, here's the the thing lou. for all of this time since donald trump became president, and he has been subject of this coup d'etat this outrageous display of illegal conduct by senior fbi and doj officials. some of those things have gone uninvestigated. we were told by attorney general sessions that he had mr. hubert looking into the phee is a stuff and this and that and everything else. i have absolutely no confidence in mr. hubert i don't know who is looking into what and anything of substance other than by michael horowitz investor general. >> i'll tell you something lou i used to but i don't anymore and i'll tell you why.
4:20 am
his common collusions in the first major report that there was no evidence of bias by the people who made decisions in the case involving hillary clinton, is fundamentally ludicrous in light of the text messages between paige and everybody else set up grand jury and prosecute people that need to be prosecuted. >> and every one of those people seems to be an employee of the fbi or the justice department. >> yep. >> it's -- you'll see if mr. barr has -- the stomach and the the the spine for it. let's pray because, it has been a long time since we had a -- a good a good person running that department. joe great to see you thanks so much. >> thank you. lou. appreciate it. up next, the the must see exchange between the the new special envoy omar remains on
4:21 am
foreign committee credit please speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. for her being there and for her being still in congress. expert jordan chang joins us next and take up the least on trade talks what is becoming an extraordinary confrontation between major powers and the western hemisphere. we'll be right back. as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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turning to china, and the united states president xi will be meeting, we are told reliably with officials, with friday in beijing. xi is expected to meet with steven mnuchin and robert lighthizer and premier will also attend. joining me now economist author expert jordan chang, this is
4:26 am
remarkable as we are watching huawei -- and charge with that is espionage, and there is not a national security response. we're watching this treasury secretary, and trade representative meeting with xi to talk about trade while the islands of the south china sea are very much at the focus of a power conflict between the two nations. yeah. >> it is really wrong for treasury secretary mnuchin to go to beijing to plead with xi jinping that's not the way that we should be doing this. we should be hitting them hard. hitting hem often so he doesn't get back up. that's the way you deal with criminals. >> uh-huh well these are criminal are and they are not -- they are biggest organizeed criminal in the world stealing hundreds of billions from this country for decades without
4:27 am
consequence or response. >> yeah. we call it a trade war but really what this is an attempt to prevent chinese from each year stealing hundreds of billions of dollars and under xi jinping they become much worse in fair trade obligations to united states and to international community. >> yeah. i still think that -- the vice president -- , of course, if the president instruction are giving a speech and talking about the chinese is unregistered, the wall street officials dealing with the chinese at the -- at the beck and call of the chinese as unregistered foreign agents i thought that was a pretty good description. of the business round table, the chamber of commerce and wall street. what do you think? >> you know, look all we have to do is go back to september of 16th when summon homicide of wall street firms to go to china to talk about mid term elections. and actually many of them, in fact, went. i mean, this is just an interference in our electoral process this was just
4:28 am
unacceptable. >> you know, this -- this president is dealing with the shortcomings of failures of the previous administrations, when it comes to china, they not only enabled, they finance them. they turned over our everything in this country to them for their taking. this president, though, has to deal with what is now -- and that is, for example, adam davidson commander of the pacific command he said of this. if we can go to the full screen on admiral comments. the chinese communist part of leadership and beijing senses weakness they are testing our resolve and if with we do not act they can concludely force we cannot take these for granted said admirable but none of his comments it he say what we should did and none of his comments acknowledge that this is the president who is moving against the -- against the intrusion and
4:29 am
intervention of the chinese in this country. and our national security, and this hemisphere. >> well this has been a change in attitude when president trump took office because you see many more of these freedom of navigation operations you see much more in challenge of china, and also you see a president who wants to build up the navy and he actually wants to build the -- and that actually even more so than many do this this is important because china does pose a challenge to not only the united states but country in the region but this is important because our western defense perimeter is off the coast of east asia and this is where we keep them bottled up an navy has been strong enough tods that and so far, you know, chinese are stealing a march on us. >> and -- and admiral davidson comment one of the thing hadses that is troubling me is -- that lack of a statement by an admiral is to what should be done. and if any specificity about the
4:30 am
threat posed by the chinese, that we know it is large we look at the reports we looked a annual reports on the potential chinese conflict for this nation. only this president has been directing our military, our -- our defense industry towards the threats posed by both russia, and and china. as well as iran. >> you can see that in the national defense strategy that the trump administration issued last december. that is a land mark document that is going to be remembered well after this administration leaves office. you know, most of these national security strategies people forget about them. this one was important because it named china and russia as adversaries of the united states. that's an important shift for us because you can't actually defend yourself unless you acknowledge who is threatening us. >> right. much as -- president george w. bush failed to name the enemy after september 11th it was not the
4:31 am
war on terror but against radical islams i terror in that was an argument and that persisted into the early days of this administration thankfully that's been resolved. great to see you. thank you gordon thank you gordon chang up next here a islamic convert and counterintelligence agent turns traird. trader works as a double agent for iran. we take it up, after the break doctor join us. stay with us. treating advanced lung cancer. treatments like keytruda with chemotherapy really break through barriers that we had not too many years ago. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. in a clinical trial, significantly more patients lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than on chemotherapy alone. (dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients.
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♪ of all the moments you share with your best friend, the greatest could be the moment you save her life. every second counts in cardiac arrest. learn hands-only cpr and be the difference for someone you love. >> former u.s. air force counterintelligence agent has been charged with revealing classified information to iran. in effect working as a double agent she has since defected and joining us tonight to take all of this up, dr. ferris,
4:36 am
international expert on terrorism national security, and great to have you with us. this is an extraordinary tale in not only coming to light now she's defected she defected three -- almost four years ago. what is going on with this intelligence community that we don't -- we seem to persist in permitting these contractors to behave just about as they wish without significant surveillance and assurance that they are who they say they are, and are secure in their jobs. >> lou, all a since the cold war after the cold war from our intelligence community or defense committee are all fascinating each one is a movie. by itself the question that i have is that she was part of the intelligence community. it doesn't matter if she was inside the intelligence community or contractor it all goes under very serious betting i myself have two and worked
4:37 am
with with hundreds and hundreds of special agents and analysts for about 15 years. the government is filled, filled with these contractors and all sorts of sensitive national security areas. >> that's right. i can guarantee you one thing 99.99% of all of the people in those intelligence communities are american patriots, but they're also supposed to make sure that around them is that anybody who is sending wrong message to a reporter that's where issue is. how come she was not spotted before? >> not spotted -- and it wasn't picked up apparently without any sort of lie detecter program without any surveillance of any kind corroboration, about betting, again by a -- an outsource background check agency. again the the same one that produced through booze alan edward snowden for crying out loud.
4:38 am
so what have we learned and what is going on? and we have intelligence agency heads contradicting the president of the united states while time and time again we are seeing evidence that they're not doing their jobs. >> the problem is that those subcontracted agencies or companies basically you mention one of them -- if you are penetrating them it is much easier than men traiting the government directly and we should -- >> this woman apparently did both. >> yes. yes absolutely now my question is when her narrative because you can in the be silent forever if you're an intelligence community and discussing every day with your colleagues, iran, when i used to lecture intelligence community everybody was part of that -- discussion so if one person adopts the iranian position or already we have a case and why was it not reviewed? >> why? why in world is this going through the courts court system now?
4:39 am
why isn't this pursued as a national security matter? we're talking about a person who is defected. we're talking about four iranians charged. are you kidding me? charged -- what are we? this is -- we are with international contest, a conflict with iran. ideological and even occasionally it flares into armed conflict. in the persian golf, what are we doing? >> look, we're putting huge sanctions on iran. we are now organizing in conference and more so put all of these pressures because we don't have national security courts and normally -- >> we put sanctionings on iran, and president obama gave them 150 billion dollars to fund whatever they -- whatever viciousness they want to inflict on the world. >> western world. >> one of the thing they funded lou now we know it they funded back their next here and in the west when we send them billions
4:40 am
of dollars what did they do with those money? they bought bloggers they bought influence they even funded for systems. inch well ferris we'll continue to look at this -- extraordinary news development, thanks so much. appreciate it. ♪
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we are taking out thousands and thousands of people from ms13, but if we had proper border security including a very powerful wall, we wouldn't have to work so hard. and it would be a lot safer. >> president trump declaring build a wall and mitch mcconnell saying he wouldn't be troubled with the president. using his powers of transfer to get more money to build that. quoit a change by the senate majority leader. he hasn't always been so open and well -- helpful over the past two weeks. here's what the senator had to
4:45 am
say reported by "the washington post" two weeks ago. mcconnell cautioned president trump privately about the consequences of the declaring a national emergency. telling him that prove could trigger political blowback and divide the gop. he told trump, trump not president trump, the president -- no. trump that congress might end up passing a resolution disapproving emergency declaration which would force a president to contemplate issues first veto in face of opposition from his own party bladder bull and nonsense. tonight's headlines in treasury department saying reports of smaller tax refunds this year by some are misleading. the treasury saying a small sample of this year's return showing refunds are are, quote, consistent with 2017 levels and down just slightly from last year. the head of a flight attendant union call for demonstrations today, if there's another government shutdown also warning her members might have to stop
4:46 am
working that's what usually happens in a strike. and freshman congresswoman omar forced to apologize by the speaker of the house for anti-semitic tweet for the support of israel omar today, well she seemed to make an effort to walk back some of the comments but left wing national media praised her for unequivocally apologizing but at the a end of her remarks she referred to, quote, the problematic role of lobbyist in politics whether it be nra or fossil fuel industry and -- what about the insult that she had left on her lips tonight omar telling fox, she has no concerns that she will be disciplined by the speaker for doing so. >> it is an understatement to say that president's approval rating on the rise daily presidential tracking poll
4:47 am
showing 52% of likely voters now approved of the president's job performance 2% higher. than barack obama at the very same point, in his presidency. ♪ omar, omar, omar radical new freshman -- omar today accused special and being a liar clash at the foreign affairs committee hearing over his history in latin america. >> in 1991, that you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from congress, regarding your involvement in the iran affair, i felt understand why members of this committee or the american people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful. >> if i can respond to that. >> it wasn't a question. >> on february -- that was not, that was not a question.
4:48 am
that was that -- i reserve the right to my time. >> it is not, it is not right. >> member of the committee to attack the witness who is not permitted to reply. >> that was not a question. >> quite a gley don't you think? and her anti-semitic remarks without consequence, why the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi keeps woman on foreign affairs committee is roubling to many. trump says she should resign from congress. or at the very least be relieved of her committee assignment to foreign affairs of committees to put an anti-semitic freshman congresswoman, it is -- it stunning stuff is. well up next, senator cory booker says meat eaters meat eat percent days are numbered that's not the only radical idea from the fist of the 2020 radical
4:49 am
dems who seem to be filling up the slate of candidate for an exciting contest. how exciting we'll take it up with former campaign manager corey lewandowski he knows a little bit what about they have to deal with. stay with us. we'll be right back. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> two unnamed sources telling washington post president trump installed a room size golf simulator in the white house. this is the intrepid investigative report of the washington post, it was by the way, paid for by the president's very own money, it replaced one that had been had installed by are you ready, president obama judging by swing you didn't know that obama played golf but there it is and i by the way can't say much about his swing i have none at all. this comes after the leakers in the white house shared three months of the pet's private
4:54 am
schedule with others -- joining us tonight former trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski and great to have you with us. i mean, the leakers in the white house are even shuffling out stuff about -- golf simulator really? >> you know lou maybe this was a planted leak because what we saw unlike under obama administration donald trump paid for this himself. right and this wasn't use of taxpayer money. but the point is this, there was so few people around him that want to see had him be successful just think, if the white house and the white house complex was filled with people who actually want to make america great again, and put america first, think of how much more he would be able to accomplish. >> we're in year three here. we're in year three can you imagine that this must be amazing to you in particular year three of this president historic in what he's accomplished already, and we're still dealing with leaks in the white house. why the hell somebody find
4:55 am
leakers and correct the problem? >> well i think this president has made some significant changes in his personnel around him to help him do that. look, i just saw mick mulvaney i know they'll find individual who leaked president schedule and what he said was, if they find that person because they're likely a career government employee, they won't be able to fire the person immediately if you can believe that. but look, when you look at john bolton -- >> somebody is not using their imagination because that is -- we can reassigned so fire -- >> lewandowski is in because i know you would be imagining in that. but let me turn to this border wall deal, i mean the president today making it clear to all of us that it's -- filled with with land mines as he said. traps and all sorts of ways in which to obstruct the president and efforts to secure the nation. i mean it is outright treachery when you think about what dems
4:56 am
are doing and those rhinos among the appropriate tores who put this deal forward which is an a insult shawn duffy said at the beginning of the broadcast. it is an insult to -- put 26% of what he asked for in the the bill instead of the full, the full amount. >> lou, i love to just blame democrats for this but point is paul ryan failed for two years now we're seeing -- >> the name again. >> you know the name better than anybody and said it on the show. but lou it is an amazing thing democrats are talking about about beds. this isn't beds. a bet is something you go to when you're not a criminal we're talking about jail cells we're talking about putting people in jail and the democrats want to put a cap on the number of people ho came into the country illegally. murderers, rapist criminal ares that we would have spaces for. that is not part of this bill because the president wouldn't allow it. he's going to put people in jail when they break the the law. and the one.37 billion is the down payment i don't have
4:57 am
insight but what my redges to the president is you take the money from are congress they're going to pass and then you declare the emergency where you have access to billions of dollar and you go finish the war that you promised to make had. that's where i think he's going to do i don't know for sure. but i know his resolve in getting this wall done. >> no question that he will -- get it done. he -- makes a promise he keeps a promise. the other part of this is, that we're watching the democrats shift further and further to lot. radical as hillary clinton seemed against the president's populism in 2016, it looks like he's going to be facing a candidate who is -- in -- i mean, they can very well be investigated for collusion with the russians, the chinese. cuba, and every other communist nation on earth because their economic policies at least are beyond status and socialist. >> well it should be socialism
4:58 am
on trial. let go have this in the court of public opinion. if they take over medicare it is a 32-trillion dollar cost to our economy over the next ten years. not 32 billion. 32 trillion and look, i actually love and i don't say this often. what mitch mcconnell is going to do let's put it on the floor to make every democrat in the u.s. senate vote if they're going to support aoc's plan for green issues which means no more airplanes, no more cows, no more meat, nothing so let's put that in front of them and let's see who had most progressive really is. >> yeah, this is -- a fast fascinating prospect not so much for rad cam dems in this country. to come up against this president, who have been then doubled his achievements and accomplishments already historic. but i do think, if you're going to investigate the trump campaign, when you're looking at people who are closer in economic and seemingly their
4:59 am
political views, to saul and karl marx it seems like that would be the basis for how many special counsels mainly we should be betting them l before they get in office and would seem like obstruction what do you think? >> it is very simple these progressives so far to the left they're making -- speaker nancy pelosi look like the conservative of the democratic party and should scare the heck out of america because they want to tax you or more and if you happen to have the opportunity to build something, and make financial wealth, they want to tax you not only after you've made money on income tax but in the bank even bill gates said that's a problem even schultz said that's a problem because that's what progressives are and that's scary. >> lewandowski quoting i'm stunned that you would use reference ares there. >> that goes to show you how crazy when that gets crazy you're crazy -- >> i've got you. appreciate it corey lewandowski is good to see you partner. thank you.
5:00 am
please join us tomorrow and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs follow me on instagram at dobbs tonight thanks for being with with us. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. it is monday, february 18th. protesters expected to take to to streets in response to president trump's national emergency declaration. the legal battle brewing this morning over protecting the southern border. fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe revealing shocking details about an alleged plan to secretly record president trump ihopes of removing him from office. and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez gets schooled from within her own party after declaring amazon pulling the plug on its new york


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