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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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upside is pretty exciting. lauren: tim chubb, thank you so much for joining us on this monday. that is it for "countdown" to the closing bell. "after the bell" begins right now. ♪ connell: all right. president trump about to touch down in miami. will do so any moment ahead of a big speech taking place later on this hour. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. the markets are closed for the president's day holiday as wall street waits for the opening bell tomorrow. here's what's new at this hour. ♪ melissa: we are awaiting new comments from president trump, the commander-in-chief set to deliver remarks in miami on the turmoil in venezuela and dangers of socialism. the president is also expected to call on nicolas maduro to
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formally leave power, to allow the government of opposition leader juan guaido to take over. we will bring you president trump's speech just as soon as it begins. plus trade talks between the u.s. and chinese officials continuing in washington this week. the latest where negotiations currently stand. putting the blame on amazon. the fallout after the company ditches it plans for a second headquarters in new york city. connell: story won't just go away. working towards democracy, that is what we expect to hear later this hour as the president sets to deliver remarks in the miami area. those will begin very soon. john bolton is the warm-up act a few minutes ago. he will urge the venezuelan military to allow humanitarian aid to get in. let's go to blake burman live at white house with more on this? reporter: largest venezuelan american community in the country is in the miami area. where president trump to be introduced by first lady melania
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trump will give a speech any moment within the 120 minutes or so we believe. president will give his support to juan guaido. the president will allow humanitarian -- call to allow humanitarian aid to flow in the country. and military leaders involved with nicholas maduro to seek democracy, move away from the maduro machine and preserve democracy. you saw an image, the president's national security advisor john bolton, he said in advance speaking to the reporters the administration is happy to talk with nicolas maduro about exit terms. they pushed back if they underestimated the staying power of maduro. >> absolutely not. more and more countries are recognizing the legitimacy of guaido presidency. we know 50 nations right now.
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this will not be easy. we are looking for a peaceful. reporter: when it comes to venezuela, all options remain on the table. melissa: joining us to discuss, vanessa neumann aset metrica president, blood profits author. she is advising opposition leader juan guaido team. what do you make of the president making this speech today and making this statement, what impact does it have. >> thank you very much for having me on. it is a huge deal, because the president has really gone all-in on this. he really, administration effectively can't back down from supporting guaido.
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there is a new shift in the determination, political will to return democracy to venezuela is unlikely anything we've seen before. it is really a new guard. it is tremendous. marco rubio went to the border and stand with 300 tons of food and to show that this is -- [inaudible]. it will be a huge humanitarian crisis if they don't let it through. then these guys, the military stands to face crimes against humanity if they don't. they have really up the ante. it is very brave of the trump administration to do this [inaudible]. melissa:, you talk about what being brave, what is the cost of the trump administration doing this in your eyes? >> what happens is, maduro, what happens, what happens if maduro doesn't go? what happens if maduro doesn't go? what happens if, you know, the
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military flips, part of it flips and rest of it down, you end up in sort of a confrontation situation? what happens if in the 23rd of january you're supposed to have food distribution, military is supposed to let it through, if they don't and fire on the people. you get into a violent humanitarian crisis where you have boots on the ground from the neighbors, presumably the united states wouldn't go it alone. the neighbors like colombia and brazil have a lot at stake. therefore, you know, probably support it. but those are the scenarios we're looking at. melissa: yeah. >> and then you know -- melissa: at this point in the end right now up to the people, up to people internally within venezuela to decide the future of their nation, is it not? >> yes. the people have decided. i mean over 80% of the people want this government out, despite the fact that the only
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source of food basically is from the government. they're will be, they're willing to stand up and they want this guy out. but what it is really up to is the military. melissa: right. >> the military has to flip. unfortunately the military is part of the criminal drug cartel. they make money off the food distribution. the food distribution is important to understand about the humanitarian aid, is a form of political control. melissa: i don't want to interrupt you, but we're watching the president right now as he has disembarked. he is walking now towards where he will be giving these remarks in miami. all of the turmoil that is going on, you know, when i say up to the people of venezuela, it is still contained within their borders. you say up to the military, those venezuelans in particular. >> yep. melissa: where do you think they stand at this point? are there any signs they're turning away from him at all? >> there signs and there are
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many people that are looking for off-ramps. that is one of the scenarios that maduro doesn't go, there is an exit strategy for him. there are planes that will take him other places if he wants to get on the flight. but he needs to decide that. if these other guys want out, they can't get rid of maduro, they might take matters into their own hands. unfortunately this scenario we've seen many other countries. these, we do have convinced a lot of them want to off-ramp, they otherwise get to keep their money. they keep to transition is. they don't want to be charged with crimes against humanity. you can negotiate drug trafficking charges. you can negotiate money laundering charges. but you can't negotiate away humanitarian crimes. melissa: he is expected to go
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over where the crowd is beginning to gather now to hear the president speak. we'll bring you that when it happens, connell. connell: short motorcade to florida international university. we wait for the president to get set up. let's talk amazon here. we have amazon saying no as we covered last week to long island city as a site for the second corporate headquarters. it caused a major divide among politicians on the left side of the spectrum. they're really going at each other really. ashley webster live from the newsroom. >> funny how that happens. when it comes to politics, new york city mayor bill de blasio, democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez are on the same page on the far left but not apparently when it comes to amazon. mayor blast last says the freshman lawmaker says she has no idea what it is talking about, that amazon pulling out of long island city deal would free up money to pay teachers. the mayor said $3 billion tax incentives was based on amazon
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creating 25,000 jobs, infrastructure and rutting tax revenue. the $3 billion didn't exist without amazon's investment, just a tax break. even though miss alexandria ocasio-cortez din understand the math, mayor de blasio is blaming amazon for ultimately walking away from the deal. take a listen. >> i have no problem with my fellow progressives critiquing a deal or wanting more from amazon. i wanted more from amazon too but the bottom line is this is example after abuse of court power. they couldn't handle the heat in the kitchen. they lot a lot of working people down in the bargain. >> why not blame amazon. democrat mayor first found out about amazon's decision when he got a phone call when he got a call an hour before the news broke. he claim he was helping amazon how they could win and persuade opponents of plan. critics say de blasio himself
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should spent more time convincing members of his own party why amazon would be a big boost on local could economy. with emphasis on would be a big boost. connell: nothing now. almost like did we do enough? we went over this time and time again about the $3 billion it is not just some pot of money that is sitting there. melissa: right. it is not money sitting there they were going to give away. now money that will never exist along with all of the revenue that would have come from the people salaries. if nothing else, they would have paid income tax on that. it is more like if you look at the people that were complaining about it, other local politicians, that is who it was, people from other districts who felt like they weren't getting their beak wet. they were not getting a piece of this. they would ruin it for everybody else. really amazing. connell: steve forbes made that point. they tried to keep it simple leaving politicians out but when
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they had a chance -- melissa: it wasn't their district. they're acting like -- all right. president trump set to speak moments from now in miami about the on going turmoil in venezuela. we are bringing you his comments right when the event begins. you are looking at it right there on your screen. connell: we'll stay with that, commander-in-chief saying major progress is made with regards to china. the on going trade war. we have the latest from d.c. right after a quick break. the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal.
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my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. melissa: talking the talk. u.s. china trade negotiations beginning in washington, with president trump touting quote, big progress on many different fronts. edward lawrence live in washington with the latest. reporter: i have confirmed with the chinese schedule trade talks
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happen here in washington, d.c., on thursday and friday. the chinese delegation arrives tomorrow. optimism following a meeting at mar-a-lago this weaken with everyone associated with trade updating president donald trump on what's happened in beijing. they also got their marching orders for trade this week. the chinese pushing back on the pace of structural changes that the u.s. wants. china wants to delay some market access and protecting intellectual property. now for the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer that is the centerpiece to a trade deal. president trump also making decisions on auto tariffs. commerce report delivering their report to the president and what he would authorize 25% tariffs on autos and auto parts. president trump has 90 days to decide or not or act on the report. just having the report could cause companies problems. >> we want more investment here. just uncertainty around the report will freeze investment. that is a big problem for us.
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reporter: the european trade commission expects president trump to honor an agreement last summer, as long as there is negotiations there will be no new tariffs added. today the eu offered this warning. >> where this report translate into actions detrimental to european exports the european commission would react in a swift and adequate manner. reporter: there you have it, a swift manner. the european trade commissioner will be in d.c. for talks in early march. melissa. melissa: edward, thank you. connell: we have kadena group president, fox news contributor, gary b. smith and the bubba show's todd horowitz. start on the auto front. if you go down the road with even more tariffs ahead of more possible agreements or before one is in place with the chinese is that effective, do you think? >> well i guess he is, i hope he
4:17 pm
is not just talking about tariffs on auto imports from china because that is -- connell: no. coming from -- some people think, just interrupt for a second, backwards way or sideways way kind of getting at china because some of these parts, like european car, for example, gary, you might have parts that came through china to get, so this is maybe another way of turning the screws on the chinese. that said, more tariffs is the point here and that is what the president likes to use as a tool. >> exactly. i kind of understood in a way the endgame on the tariffs with the chinese in theory we're cracking down on the intellectual property theft. that was kind of put the screws on them but to put tariffs on cars that we're importing from germany and other countries to put pressure on china, just on the basis of it sounds kind of
4:18 pm
convoluted to me, once again driving up costs to the u.s. consumer. i'm not sure that is the right emphasis. connell: edward's report from john bozell global automaker ceo. you will see actually prices, talking about tariffs being absorbed, not passed along to consumers if none of this were predicted if this happens you would see that passed along price of cars would be significantly higher, what do you think? >> i don't actually agree, connell. i think again, i think that we have already kind of priced in everything. i haven't seen a lot of increase in prices. not that i compares to the autos but i talked to farmers every day, they continue to tell me that the tariffs have not really affected their business. connell: been able to stand it until now? >> not only that, but their business has not been affected because they had bumper-to-bumper crops. not because tariffs are higher. they have got too much product.
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that goes back to supply demand price discovery model if we let free markets trade, that wouldn't be too much of an issue. prices will meet where they need to be. if automakers raise prices not selling, will have to bring the prices back down. i go back to free market price discovery, versus manipulated we have now. a favor to lobbyists and politicians. connell: gary, final point. are investors getting a little ahead of themselves assuming we'll get a deal? to todd's point we're starting to price things in. are we pricing in too much assuming -- >> i do, you know part of that connell, just based on the price action. look at any kind of a chart of the s&p and the dow, almost that perfect v formation like a rocket launch straight up, 15 plus percent since the end of the year. connell: yeah. >> something has to break at some point. it is just not that good out
4:20 pm
there. we saw only china thing falling apart but brexit, the fed and these mueller investigations. there is a lot that could go wrong. connell: he agrees. we have to move on the president is coming up. good took at that to you both. >> you bet. melissa: taking the stage at any moment, president trump gearing up for a speech on venezuela as the administration continues to back the opposition leader over nicholas maduro, we're bringing it to you live. just stay with us. woman: friction points, those obstacles that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. but by going out in the field, and meeting management, suppliers, competitors.
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melissa: president trump is set to take the stage in miami the commander-in-chief will deliver remarks on the turmoil in venezuela and dangers of socialism while he is at it.
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that will happen any moment. bring in rebecca heinrich of the hutson institute. thanks for joining us. what do you think the president will accomplish with this speech? >> has multiple audiences. the american audience why venezuela is important to us. why it is so important for maduro to go. he is also speaking to maduro and those who support him. i would expect the president making the case, anybody, military backing maduro, their time is limited. people have been defecting. the white house know who those are. the president will make the case there should be more military officials who should defect and stop -- start backing opposition against maduro. melissa: who is among them? venezuelan community in miami but who else would you think would come out for an event like this? >> one of the big points i would expect the president to make is that the american people are on
4:25 pm
the side of the venezuelan people. and that we are trying to get humanitarian aid to them, socialism, maduro, that is the enemy. that is what is crushing the american people, the venezuelan people. that the american people are behind the venezuelans. they should continue to expect we're trying to get aid to them. when aid is being blocked it is being blocked by maduro himself. we have to get press there. we have to see the effort the united states is making to get aid to them. i expect the president will make that point. i expect the message to get through and maduro i would expect to stop that message. melissa: what do you expect to happen here? >> i would watch for signs that maduro's power is on its last leg. i would think it is. i would expect in the coming days weeks, hopefully not months. could be maduro's hold on the government continues to break and crack.
4:26 pm
what the president is trying to accomplish is putting more power, more force on that to exploit those cracks that are already beginning and to lead, to try to get more of our allies and partners across the globe to support the united states. he has been very successful doing that you will constantly hear that american leadership is waning. president trump simply doesn't have the capital anymore internationally to get people to follow the united states. the evidence does not support that. there are more countries continue to support the united states effort to support maduro and go, support the organic effort to support the venezuela people. to push out the heavyweight of socialism and take their country back. melissa: what do you think would maduro's best move at this point? we're not in the business obviously advising him. if he lets the aid come in, what would be a strong move at this point? >> maduro at this point needs to
4:27 pm
take the outs the united states government is giving him to allow him to survive. ambassador bolton keeps making this point, we're happy to have you retire somewhere peacefully somewhere outside of venezuela. he should take the offer and go to allow a peaceful transition of power rather than fight this. if he cares at all about leaving with any sort of financial stability for himself and for his family he needs to go ahead and take this out now because i do believe that the clock is running out for maduro at this point. melissa: the situation on the ground for the people of venezuela, just to remind our audience is incredibly dire at this point. they keep talking about how much weight the average venezuelan has lost, i assume they would know that as a result of how much food is in the country but, rebekah, tell us a bit about the situation on the ground there? >> people are starving. the people need medical help. they have been leaving the country in droves. millions of people, 3 to
4:28 pm
4 million people just in the last several years have left venezuela. that is because there is nothing there. socialism has destroyed what was once one of wealthiest countries in central america. so socialism, very quickly in the last two decades has decimated the economy and decimated what was once a vibrant country for all the venezuelan people. they flooded, the left, in droves like i said. over 200,000 have come to the united states looking for peace and looking for opportunity because their country isn't the place where they can live and prosper anymore. melissa: there is no reason for people of that country to be starving. they have tremendous natural resources and that is one of the big points here. thank you so much. >> thanks. connell: brings us to a wider conversation as we await for president in miami. gary and todd are back with us. the arena at the florida international university is
4:29 pm
filling up. we're moments away we believe from the president's remarks on venezuela. the largest conversation melissa and rebecca were getting at, this socialism versus capitalism. wasn't that long ago it would be almost a ludicrous conversation to be having in this country at least where you're debating the two. what do you make of what seems like rising acceptance at least or popularity of talking about socialism? >> you know what i don't understand it. you and i, well, especially me, connell, grew up in an era of american exceptionalism. i grew up in era as a matter of fact, when venezuela was the fourth richest country in the world and now it seems there is this push for equality, if you will. and that push for equality, aka, socialism, really it is not
4:30 pm
just, it goes against what people believe economically, it is what goes against people's instincts. people want to get ahead. connell: right. >> people don't want to be equal. when aoc was at boston university, i guarranty you, she wanted to get as, rather than be in the middle of the class. that is the problem with it. you're not only fight the economic spirit, you fight human spirit. that is why socialism fails. connell: i think you might be, making a joke you're a little older, i understand that, it brings up kind of a point that is interesting because old enough certainly to remember the cold war, todd. one of the theories i heard floated, those that aren't, don't have that as a reference point at all, it is kind of a different outlook on economic systems. i don't know if there is anything to that or not, but what do you think? >> everybody is educated today. all the schools are teaching socialism. they no longer go through what the capitalism model is about.
4:31 pm
it is no longer about trying to get ahead and being the best you can be, trying to earn as much as you can, where i came from, but it is now, let's tax the rich, make everybody equal which is totally a falsehood, does not work. of course the government already $22 trillion in debt, figures they continue to print money, continue to roll the debt higher because it doesn't matter. eventually it will matter. there will be a lot lot of prob. we have socialist policies in this country through welfare and other things. people that can survive and succeed, not penalize them ahead of the next guy. connell: we're a minute or two away from the speech on socialism. gary, todd, thank you. melissa: we'll bring you the president's comments the moment his speech begins. don't go away.
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connell: following breaking news at this hour. any moment for president trump in the miami area. we will cover his remarks on the crisis in venezuela, live as soon as the president begins. as we await 2020 democratic hopefuls hitting the campaign trail all across the country here on president's day. they're touting their platforms as they continue, seems to shift further and further to the political left. however, a recent "fox news poll" suggests that the majority of american voters
4:36 pm
still still favor capitalism far more than socialism to follow up on discussion we had. hillary vaughn in washington with more. reporter: connell, you're right. democrats taking advantage of a long weekend, making a pitch to primary voters for their run for president in 2020. just today senator amy klobuchar, cory booker, kamala harris campaigning in new hampshire. klobuchar and harris are holding dueling town halls tonight in new hampshire. on the trail, klobuchar making bipartisanship as center of her pitch to voters on the trail. teeing up the fact at least in iowa, she is from the neighboring state above them, minnesota. harris is not make necessarily concentrating on bipartisanship, say shoeing she is unlike anyone else in her party.
4:37 pm
run fog presidents. she says she is a fighter. she is not like vermont senator bernie sanders. saying she is not a democratic socialist like him and that new hampshire voters will tell her what they are expecting from her in her campaign for president. so legally making it clear she is not interested in pandering to anyone or cozying up to sanders, who is weighing his own run in 2020. connell? connell: hillary vaughn with the campaign news today. melissa: here now is madison gesiotto, 2020 trump advisory bored member and, we have a former campaign manager for harry reid. what do you think of this conversation between capitalism and socialism here in the united states? >> i think it is really important heading into 2020 especially for the democrats. we're seeing a lot of democrats across this country coming out against socialism. they want to see a democrat nominated for the nomination for
4:38 pm
the 2020 presidential election, a modern democrat, a traditional democrat. there is a little sport for socialism. there is much higher support for capitalism as polling shown. a greater support for moderate democrats. all we have to do is look to venezuela. not only has socialism destroyed that country but robbed people of venezuela of human rights. children and parents starving in that country. it is absolutely horrific. the country still holds hostages they kidnapped from the maduro regime. terrible situation unfolding. report high world inflation of over 1.7 million%. we've never seen anything like it and it is absolutely devastating. >> john, i feel like some younger people in this country don't know the history of socialism how it is played out. i'm reminded you don't need to know the history if you look what is going on in venezuela. what are your thoughts? >> i think you raise a very important point, you ask a lot of people what the word even
4:39 pm
means they couldn't tell you. you have republicans running more on this issue than democrats running on this issue but a long shot. the reality is that this is not a debate being had in the democratic primary. democrats like most americans support capitalism, yes, there are some on the far left who you know, lean more socialist that is not where democrats are. certainly not where you see the majority of people who are running as presidential candidates, cycle. melissa: madison, maybe it is because so many are putting forward ideas that are akin to socialism that they are not saying it directly. if you look at medicare for all. you know, another concept that had been floated by more than just extreme in the democratic party. there is a broad swath of people say they're for medicare for all without acknowledging the fact that you know, the average person receives four times the benefit that they paid into medicare. that is only able to do that because it's a small portion of the population. if you did try to spread it out
4:40 pm
to the entire population, obviously we would instantly go bankrupt no one wants to sort of talk about the math behind that. >> you bring up very important point. something interest we talk about medicare for all polling we've been seeing. when you look at polling, when you ask very prodly, do you ask medicare for all 78% of the people will support it. when you get down to the nitty-gritty, medicare for all, would result detrimental impacts to people like losing health care and so much more, that percentage drops in 20, 24%. people in this country what they understand in these socialist or very far left liberal plans don't support them. melissa: john what do you think about the policies being put out there, every democrat has to go on the record how they feel about them? and sort of like, almost anything that happens on twitter, it is out there forever. you kind of go back during the election, wait a second, you said you were for this? do you worry some of the ideas,
4:41 pm
whether it is the green new deal or medicare for all, could come back and haunt democrats running, or do you think they are good ideas and could carry them through the election? >> that is where ought thin activity comes into play. you and i talked about that before. one of the most important things are candidates who say what they believe and believe what they're saying and are actually being authentic with the american people. that is one. people liked about donald trump. they have now realized they have been sold a bill of goods as we've seen this presidency play out over last two years, but reality is, that people viewed him being authentic person and that is what they're looking for now. as long as they stay true to their value and true to their words all the way through, that shouldn't be a problem for them come time for the general election. melissa: madison. >> both republicans and democrats across this country, yes they're concerned with authenticity but they're also concerned with the amount of money the government is spending. they don't want republicans, democrats in congress spending too much money.
4:42 pm
they felt this gone on for years. things like medicare for all will not be affordable. when we look at bernie sanders's proposal, cost estimated by bipartisan groups $32 trillion. only $16 trillion of that would be paid for. they're worried about things like this. very worried about the socialists an very far left policies. >> it rings hollow to me when you talk about that. reality is, our debt has actually gone up $2 trillion -- melissa: she said republicans and democrats, jon. we're with you. >> oh, okay. >> these bunch of bozos also spent a ton of money. there is profligate spending on both sides. thanks to both of you. we appreciate it. connell: technical term for independents, bozos? melissa: bozos on both sides spend too much money. i call the people in washington who spend all of our money like drunken sailors. connell: pretty easy when you think about it. he will talk, the president about the turmoil in venezuela,
4:43 pm
as he gets set to make a speech in the miami area. as soon as he takes to the stage. we will bring you there, take that speech live in its entirety. plus declaring a national emergency at the border. the latest on the president's efforts to build a ball. we'll be back. ♪
4:44 pm
connell: there is breaking news. the president of the united states just taking the stage at florida international university. along his wife and first lady, melania trump to speak about the crisis in venezuela. ♪ ♪ god bless the usa connell: so as the president makes his way across the stage, from the, lee greenwood in the background, the speech here will be focused, we talked about it throughout the hour, what the white house sees as danger socialism. we talked about this, combined maybe 2020 domestic politics with foreign affairs, with
4:45 pm
ongoing crisis in venezuela. melissa: that's right. one of the big points to get on the record in front of an international community. as we heard some of our guests saying earlier, to speak directly to the maduro regime. show this is a major focus. some things going on around the world. president weighed in on a lot of issues this is going before a community of venezuelans who have come to the united states, to pledge his support and put pressure on the maduro regime to step down. connell: there are some here, some of our guests we heard this hour, they think it's a matter of time, before we see an actual official change of power in venezuela. idea of public pressure, especially from the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, would only help in that regard. especially with respect to getting humanitarian aid within the country. once that happens, that line of thinking goes, then kind of dominoes start to fall, people are able to rise up and president, would be, then
4:46 pm
president guaido, who the president of this country would have supported would take over. melissa: no doubt. it's a timely tie-in, when we're talking about socialism in this country and you look at what is no doubt the long term result in a country that had very rich natural resources, there is no reason why there should be a humanitarian crisis in this country. why so many people should be starving. but in fact that is the situation and some say that is a natural outgrowth of socialism, what eventually happens. connell: first lady will handle the introductions today of her husband. here is melania trump to introduce the president. >> thank you. is. [cheers and applause] it is wonderful to be here today in the beautiful city of miami. [cheering] the president and i are honored to stand with all of you as we together support the people,
4:47 pm
great people of venezuela. [cheering] i'm proud to be here with you in the united states of america as your first lady. [cheering] many of you in the room know what it feels like to be blessed with freedom after living under the oppression of socialism and communism. [cheering] even venezuela, the people are on the brink of reclaiming their own liberty. today we must let the venezuelan people hear us with all one united voice. there is hope, we are free and we pray together loudly and proudly that soon the people of venezuela will be free as well. [cheers and applause] my husband is here today because
4:48 pm
he cares deeply about the current suffering in venezuela. he has an important message to share. ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure to introduce my husband, the president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> trump! trump! trump! [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much, melania. america is truly blessed to have
4:49 pm
such a extraordinary, right, extraordinary first lady. she is extraordinary, she really is. she cares about people. hello, miami. i am thrilled to be back in the state i love, with some proud freedom-loving patriots. we're here to proclaim a new day is coming in latin america. it's coming. [cheers and applause] >> usa! >> in venezuela, and across the western hemisphere socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being reborn. [cheering] today our hearts are filled with hope because of the determination of millions of everyday venezuelans, the patriotism of the venezuelan
4:50 pm
national assembly, and the incredible courage of interim president juan guaido. [cheering] the people of venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy and the united states of america is standing right by their side. [applause] let me begin by thanking the great leaders here today who have been such incredible champions for the cause of liberty. and these people love you and they love venezuela and they love cuba and they love all of the places that we're fighting -- [cheering] newly-elected already doing an incredible job, governor ron desantis. [cheers and applause]
4:51 pm
a man who i call especially when we're talking about cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, he knows a lot, and he is a friend of mine, senator marco rubio. [cheering] a great governor, he gave ron a little bit of a head start, he did a fantastic job in florida, former governor and now senator rick scott. [cheering] somebody that itch gotten -- i'm gotten to know very well, that my heart is in venezuela, representative mario diaz-balart
4:52 pm
[cheering] ambassador carlos trujillo. [cheering] lieutenant governor jenette nunez. [cheering] you're new and great attorney general, ashley moody. [cheering] and to some other dedicated public officials that are in this room right now we thank you very much for being with us. [cheering] thank you also to secretary of commerce wilbur ross who is with us and ambassador lighthizer. ambassador lighthizer, i have to say, just got back from a place called china and, boy, oh, boy, we're making a lot of progress. nobody expected this was going to be happening. we're making a lot of progress. [applause] in the meantime billions and billions of dollars are coming
4:53 pm
into our treasury. it is very simple. that never happened before. we don't know the feeling in this country but now we know the feeling. [cheering] we also want to extend our deep appreciation to the president of florida international university, dr. mark rosenberg for hosting this important event. [cheering] finally i want to thank each and every person in this wonderful audience who has made your own stand for human dignity. that is probably just about all of you. [cheering] i want to especially thank the venezuelan exile community that has done so much to support president guaido, to organize aid for their compatriots and to do just a lot back home.
4:54 pm
thank you very much for being here. we're with you. [applause] we're profoundly grateful to every dissident, exile, every political prisoner, everyone who bears witness to the horrors of socialism and communism and has bravely spoken out against them. thank you very much. [applause] the fact is, you have seen the crimes and you have seen the corruption. you have seen the hunger and the suffering. you have heard the anguished pleas for help. you have proposed and protested with respect but loudly. and you have prayed for the day we can now see, which is just ahead, the day when all of the people of this region will at last be free. [cheers and applause]
4:55 pm
>> usa! usa! usa! usa!. as we meet today, the people of venezuela stand at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country and to reclaim their future. not long ago venezuela was the wealthiest nation, by far, in south america. but years of socialist rule have brought this once-thriving nation to the brink of ruin. that's where it is ruin. that is where it is today. but you ran all socialist government, nationalized private industries and took over private businesses.
4:56 pm
they engaged in while confiscation, shut down free markets, surprised free speech and set up a relentless propaganda machine, rigged elections, and use the government to persecute their political opponents into story the impartial rule of law. in other words, and the socialist have done in venezuela all of the same things that socialists, communists, totalitarians have done everywhere, that they've had a chance to rule. the results have been catastrophic. almost 90% of venezuelans now live in poverty. in 2018, hyperinflation in venezuela exceeded 1000000%. crippling shortages of food and medicine plagued the country.
4:57 pm
socialism has so completely ravaged this great country that even the world's largest reserves of oil are no longer enough to keep the lights on. this will never happen to us. [cheers and applause] [chanting] [cheers and applause] al-arabiya, more than 3 million venezuelans have pled maduro's brutal opposition and brutal it
4:58 pm
is. today we are honored to be joined by any apparatus, the mother of oscar perez, a courageous venezuelan police officer. [cheers and applause] in june of 2017, o-oscar pilot a helicopter over the city of their roots, with the banner 350 liberty, a reference to article cccl of the venezuelan column to tuition, which stayed the people of venezuela shall disown any regime legislation or authority that encroaches upon human rights. oscar said he wanted to give the people hope. he loved the people. he fought for the people and they loved oscar. when oscar was gunned down and
4:59 pm
killed by venezuelans, we know this very well. you all know the story. by the venezuelan security forces, viciously. our heart break for your loss. oscar gave his life for the freedom of its people. we all have hoped today because of great, great people and patriots like oscar. please. [applause] [chanting]
5:00 pm
[applause] [cheers and applause] david: i said, how about saying something in spanish? she likes spanish. she is a little bit better in banished. [cheers and applause] [speaking in spanish]


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