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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the best hour of your day. make every day a kennedy! follow me on instagram and facebook. email me. tomorrow night on the show we have kim carney, buck sexton and doctor drew. good night. >> good evening, the u.s.-china trade talks are underway in washington. with far more at stake than many americans realize. thostalks will all likelihood influence out come of the 2020 presidential election. for that reason, and impact on u.s.-china relations, there is a coordinated influence operation in full swing. it targets congress and senate in most particularly the president. much of that influence campaign is pushed by chinese government itself. trying to link outcome of the trade talks, to america's stock
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market stability and growth, it is out right economic fear mongering and fiction. the president's historic call for balanced international trade, mutual fair trade would benefit the entire global economy. it a clear battle between national interest, worker, small business and u.s. multinationals and globallives who are investing billions to preserve the status quo and their financial interests. as expressed in major media outlets over the last week or two, networks as well and the political orthodoxy of both major parties. disinformation campaign led by chinese government with allies on wall street, corporate america some of whom vice president pence referred to. some of those allies are
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registered foreign agents, others are not registered but just as ene energetic in tryingo overturn the trump agenda. wall street, koch brother, round table, chamber of commerce, all working now to undercut the trump administration's position in those trade talks. tonight, we take up the anti-trump effort to flew wart -- m thwart the trade negotiations, gordon chang is among our guest. and andrew mccabe confessing his role in the plan coup against president trump but his recollection of such efforts, are inconsistent. listen to mccabe try to explain discussing 25 amendment with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein would not be about over throwing president trump.
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>> the conversation are not about removing president. >> that is what the 25 amendment is. >> rod brought up 25 amendment, mentioned in course of a ride ranging conversation, it was one topic, in the midst of a whole host of issues that we were thinking about. and kind of working through our head. i think word coup in the word treason are interesting and inflammatory, they get people's attention but they have nothing to do with the conversations that rod rosenstein and i had. lou: if there is justice, it will also be time for the mccabe infa infatuation parade o focus on treason, treachery. those confused words of man who was firedded by fbi for lying.
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>> i think andrew mccabe made a fool of himself over last couple of day he looks like a poor man's j edgar hoover, i think it was a disaster, he was caught, i am proud to say we caught him, fbi has some of the finest people you will ever meet. but this man is a complete disaster. lou: we take up mccake a confessions -- mccabe's confessions with jim jordan, and u.s. attorney, andrew mccarthy, and president trump demands california return billions of dollar the state took from american taxpayers to fund a failed rail project. the governor of california is having a fit. we take up that and much more with radio talk show host mark simone, trump 2020 surrogate, gina loud en join us. and president trump's trade negotiation with china under attack by actors who would like
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united states to forgo resi reciprocal and fair trade with china. among them chamber of commerce, clamoring for a deal, despite its role as a major enabler of china's technology transfers and thefts of hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property and technology each year. chambers fear mongering etold cnbc. markets are nervous, the markets will not respond if there is not a good deal, that would be a good deal on the chamber's terms, for more on latest and u.s. tryin china trade talk we turn to ed lawrence in washington. reporter: intense talks today at deputy level, they ended today now shift is to primary level.
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tomorrow u.s. trade representative robber lighthouser will lead u.s. chase face-to-face with chinese vice premier, he is also chairman xi jinping's special envoy, that is meant to be a signal that the vice premier speaks for all of china and any agreement he makes will be followed by positiv pret xi, that i want to get to president trump to move march 1 tariff deadline, the president signaled he might take that step if we're close to a deal. one sticking point, chinese balking at pace of structural changes and u.s. wants and mechanism of enforcement. this policy experts say that chinese might also be testing president's resolve to see if he will back off on tariffs without a deal. >> i think it will come in mayor june or sometimes in that time frame, and i think since president likes the drama of who
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is up and who is down, i think now and may and june there will be a few days it won't look good. reporter: in beijing government official told a group of u.s. business leaders that china would open its doors wider to the world, but u.s. needs to respect china's right to develop and become prosperous. they get more insight to talks next week, u.s. trade representative robert light highlightlighthizeraccepted an o testify. >> thank you. lou: joining us gordon chang. i love that the chinese state media talking about china's right to prosper, united states must respect china's right to prosper. when when you hear them saying is china expect us to respect their right to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from us
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every year. >> absolutely, they also demand we accept their wto violations, by literal deals they made with u.s., they are allowed to violate those and we're not supposed to say anything, this is a coordinate the campaign, we saw it in global times we say in foreign ministry statement. can't talk about structural issues, they say. if you can't then there no point in talking to the chinese in the first place. >> to me there is a fundamental illusion. in u.s. media in all forms. if there is no metric by which to judge whether or not china is complying with an agreement, you don't have an agreement. what is the deficit reduction? what is the impact? how are we tboain going to defed
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our intellectual property and our technology against chinese theft? we cannot take their assurance they won't steal from us, that iis -- preposterous, right now they are carrying out cyberattacks against corporate america and having with the united states as if the talks were not taking place and no way were going to be in anyway an agrieved party as a result of action of the chinese, we're under assault for god's sake. >> we are. you know we're having these discussions with the chinese, no one is looking at september 2015 agreement, you had xi jinping next to president obama, in rose garden and chinese saying we're not going to cyberattack american corporate for commercial purposes, we see they do it all of the time. the question is, how can you deal with it?
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only enforcement mechanism, you make it so difficult for chinese to import to u.s., you raise tariffs you have import bands, do you that. lou: if the president for whatever reasons, backs off on those march 1 tariffs. it would be -- i would think the end of whatever leverage the president has on the talks. the chinese are acting as if there is no one seated at toes tables, mnuchin is there and layer kudlow is there you know the chinese may behalf right, they are two of most accommodating appeasing individuals that could be at table with the chinese right now, to me this is uni explosionible. >> the president is sho is -- n, i might may be let the tariffs
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slide, i would say it has to be more than 25% to get chinese to talk to us in good faith, that is really difficult. lou: if the president does not maintain those tariffs, talks about a snap back in anyway. that is aerivi terrific position for chinese to take, which is saying remove the tariffs, there will be nothing to snap back if the administration is successful in the negotiations, and if they are not, woe is america. this president is the only person, only world leader to have the guts to say to the chinese, this will not stand. and there will be mutual balance, reciprocal trade and your nonsense ends now, xi jinping. it is that simple, otherwise, the west is doomed. and watch europe as it will fall in line, listen, wireless ening
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to a merkel, and idiots in washington talking about collusion with russia, merkel is insisting on keeping her gas contracts with the russians, embracinembrace vladimir putin e threatened to extinguish her country, this is madness what is going on in world, and we have one man standing up that is donald trump, he is the forces of the establishment, are a raid against him which weather the positive press -- whether it is the business press the list goes on. every dollar that is spend to turn back this president because he is antiestablishment. and will not accept the are on orthodoxy that means to destroy american destiny. >> we've seen so many trade negotiations between previous
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presidents and the chinese they have all failed, and chinese have violated every single agreement. this is where we either stand or fail, only thing this that will get us there is president trump. lou: straight forward. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: keep the faith. >> right on. lou: up next, andrew mccabe -- he is changes his tune about a lot, changing his words. the commission, the context, all about the 25 amendment, and rod rosenstein. maybe he didn't really mean that says he. >> rod rosenstein was actually openly talking about whether there was a majority of the cabinet who would vote to remove the president. >> correct counting votes -- >> did he present that idea to other cabinet officials. >> not that i'm aware of. >> not that he is aware of, yes,
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he did, yes he didn't, we take up the mccabe contradictions after this quick break. former chief u.s. assistant attorney federal prosecutor andy mccarthy joining us, stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day.
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lou: former direct of the national intelligence, anti-trump james clapper said, said he believes that findings in mueller special report as he put is anticlimactic. >> i think that hope that mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue. i am not sure it will and investigation when completed could be quite an anticlimactic. anticlimactic. louanticlimactic. lou: clapper, and chromey and brenon, they confired to overthrow president trump all three lied under oath.
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comey was fired. and people wonder why president can't like these 3 early on. joining me, and ar andrew mccar, worked in the office for 18 years, now a national review contribute editor, fox business contributor, always a great american, andrew great to have you with us. >> great to be with us. lou: those 3 bums, for him to make such a suggestion with all he insinuated and said against this president and his administration, i have to tell you my blood boils when i think about it. >> i think lou it has always been fundamentally an impeachment investigation, so they have to get done and get the report to the house, it
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obvious it has been winding down. i think i read something this afternoon that mueller's large staff is down to 12 lawyers, some of them are contacting their old employers about going back to work, it has been downsizing and down to the short strokes for a while now. lou: i think -- i know that is your theory. my theory that it was in place of an impeachment which they could not carry out, and controlling house does not mean much when you basically have adam schiff as chief pro vo provocateur. >> h >> think that they are fools who now realize their hour is over, and remainder of the days, i'm talking about 6 years of days remain with this president. what do you think? >> well, i think we have to be
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clear on what we're talking about with respect to impeachment. i still think that president will be -- i think that probably three chances out of four he will be impeached in sense that democratic control house of representative will file articles of impeachment. lou: wait, if you talk about impeachment from you know, from green from schiff, usual suspects. these are left wing bozos for quiincrying out loud, one couldt control them, the facts are there is nothing to bring impeachment proceedings for, other than offended hearts of these left wing radicals. >> yeah, i just wanted to be cheer clear i was not suggests t president would be removed. lou: we appreciate clarity these days. >> well, i just think that mueller needs to get the report done because, if there will be an impeachment in house he has
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to get it to them. lou: yeah, well, there is nothing that says he has to get to to them, only to the attorney general, as you know. >> true. lou: attorney general rally would not i hope not be eager to share that report with a bunch of as i said left wing bozos who think that this -- these minutes, they hold are going to turn into hours and days, i don't believe so. turn to clapper. this is one of the folks in the intelligence community, with brenon and comey and following on now with dni . dan coats, and the others, about what is going on with this intelligence community they have the affrontry to talk as they do to this president in this disrespectful manner, and publicly contradict the president's policy choices?
10:23 pm
>> well, you know, look, i think lou that when these guys were running particularly clapper and brennan running the intelligence community, the inte intelligence community politicize intelligence product, they are now out of that community, they sound more like partisan operatives than former intelligence guys, they are clearly politically opposed to president, i think they are doing from outside what they were doing from inside before. lou: and it would be nice if national left wing media had integrity to acknowledge that president was right about those three and vindicated by partisan partisanship they tries to wield against him as president.
10:24 pm
i want to get to idea this president, he has a known corrupt leadership at the deputy of justice, at fbi. and i don't know if that can be -- those agents that department can be, can it ever have its integrity restored and public trust restored. it has taken a severe beating over the course of this -- these attacks over the three years again this president? >> you and i have talked about this before. i am not as pessimistic about that as you. what has to happen, there has to be accountability, a credible investigation soup to nuts of what within on here. and i think -- what went on, i think attorney general barr is committed to making sure that happens. i expect they will take a language look at this.
10:25 pm
and if -- >> we don't need a long look, we had enough long looks, i am tired of justice department and fbi, a place where truth goes to die. where if you want to hide the truth you -- start at fbi investigation. you don't hear about benghazi, you don't hear what happened to all of the people, who we know committed crimes, who were guilty of -- >> lou, at any moment, the president could unseal those stuff and pit it out publicly. he has chosen not to. lou: that time in my judgment, andy, has arrived. but the idea -- >> lou, i hear he takes your calls. >> i don't know that he does. take my calls. you know that often. what would you say would be a regular kind of occurrence? >> i would say, even if you could do it once put a bug in his ear, we need disclosure. lou: you know. i will give it my very best
10:26 pm
effort to get through that white house switchboard. i will try just for you, andy mccarthy, and the nation. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: great to see you, up next, elizabeth warren plans to push threw her radical ideas with national emergencies of her own, she does not seem to have much faith in her colleagues, why is that? we look at national debt, 22 trillion and climbing, we'll be right back. stay with us. stay with us. i hate that number, dow don't all money managers might seem the same, stay with us. i hate that number, dow don't but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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host, emergency would include climate change, gun violence and student loan debt. i think that president obama say student loan debt is another federal government subsidy. author best selling author, member of president trump's media advisory board, i think that has to be a tough job. job. >> he does not need advice.
10:32 pm
trade talks that go, country is awash in money, and optimism. we have a president who is turning this country in the right direction. we still have a left wing national media that cannot give this man credit. for a single thing. imagine this historic success this president has engineered. and no one wants to credit it. no one, it seems in national media. >> i remember lou, at the begin of this presidency at one year mark we counted a major accomplishment every 36 hours, more promises made and kept by this president. and a check list that i know he has that. and yet, there no credit given, you know american people are going to hold poll ties t polito donald trump standard of promises made and promises kept,
10:33 pm
they will remember prosperity and safety, the things that president has concerned himself with that other presidents in the past have not. future presidents will be expected to. lou: love that president applauded covington high school, the opportunity who had the confrontation as a native american demonstrat demonstratod him acosted him, really, 250 million dollars, suing "washington post" for. i thought that say good round number. >> a little low if you ask me, they got 50 other media outlets to go after .
10:34 pm
if i found on on youtube why didn't they. lou: some smollett now is a report rather than -- a suspect rather than victim he claimed to be. >> senator warren, what do we have 9 declared candidates for president on the democrat excite, think about it president trump ran against i think against 16 others. >> i think fascinating how some are already flipping positions, we saw o'rourke saying maybe there is a time where a fen fene might be or a border could be. lou: they want to take border down in el paso for crying out loud. >> expect more of that flip-flopping and jockeying, to try to gain prominence in this race, and hypocrisy is what american will see. >> the democratic field like a buffet of mar-a-lago.
10:35 pm
you want women we have 6 of them, and old men we have 9 of them, and a guy with a jack without a jacket, we have o'rourke, a buffett of anything you want. lou: thank you, we will work out the menu for next week. >> up next, president trump demanding million of dollar return from california. governor does not like that, he said that american taxpayers, that goes nowhere, like the rail system, we'll take up that. and we'll have much more in deep state effort to subvert this president, congressman jim jordan joins me here next. stay with us. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget.
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the new 2019 c-class family. lease the c 300 sport sedan for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. lou: headlines the trudge pulling 1 billion dollars of california federal funds whac b.
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>> of federal funds that have been given to the state for the now ended fast rail between san francisco and l.a. and the governor said that is federal taxpayer money is california's money, his money. chicago police announcing actor jussie smollett is officially now a suspect in a criminal investigation. accusing him of filing a false report, releasing a statement that said in part, detectives are pr presents evidence beforea grand jury, joining us congressman jim jordan. cofoundedder of house freedom caucus, congressman goodto see you. >> you too. lou: mccabe, contradicting himself already on his confession book tour. why sudden he in -- sudde isn'tn
10:41 pm
jail. >> we talked about this before, you can't trust anything that appedy mccabe says, there one thing i believe about andy mccabe, he is the third person to tell us that rod rosenstein was serious about wearing a wire, and recording -- think about that, walking to oval office with a wire to record commander in chief of this country, and serious about talking to cabinet members. that is scary. only reason i believe that because two other people have said the same. lou: mueller, reportedly ready to turnover his report to the attorney general, your thoughts? >> we'll see, look we've heard this for a while, we'll see if it happens next week, i know oe thing that is michael cohen excuse ming to testify in frontt front of oversight committee,
10:42 pm
they are bringing a guy to testify in front of congress who in two months is going to prison for lying to congress, this just under scores the fundamental point, instead of bringing in michael cohen who will say crazy things about the president, he can't be trusted either, we had have rod rosenstein, and mccabe under oath to answer the questions, the most important who was in the room when rod rosenstein was talking about wearing a wire. >> and a reason able question, i guess you have to depend on testimony of two liars. quite as you suggest a circus that democratic committee chairmen are pit putting together. adam schiff does not seem to
10:43 pm
have any confidence in mueller, suddenly talking about going off in his own investigation of russia collusion, what is going on here? >> i would tell you my concern with chairman schiff two years ago he called for nunez to step aside as chairman, we learn that schiff of meeting with simpson in colorado, i don't hear anything from democrats or speaker of house calling for him to step down that seems hypocritical to me, know, adam schiff last summer met with glen simpson in colorado, the very guy who of paid by the klystron 9chinaclintons to put -- by the clintons to put program the toge dossier, and nunes was threatening to is u subpoena fun
10:44 pm
bank roads and adam schiff was trying to block that, that act by then chairman nunes, gave us bank records and gave us fact that clintons were paying fusion gprograms to put to dossier together, that is my concern with change schiff. lou: that dossier the foundation of all that has transpired since. schiff playing a big role in this. do you think he should recuse himself? >> that is a decision by the speaker was house and the intelligence committee. but you had clinton pay law firm who hired simpson who hired a foreigner who put the dossier together, idea that chairman of committee meeting with the by who hired a foreign to put the dossier together. that is serious, i think this is
10:45 pm
an important question for speaker of house to raise with chairman ship. lou: congressman appreciate it. >> you bet. lou: up next, president trump it appears has finished schooling the federal reserve on monetary policy, at least to this point, he may have to do some advance tutorials, we take up that and more with former dallas fed adviser danielle demar tino ♪ turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you.
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lou: on wall street today the stocks moving higher. 3.8 million shares trading, it has backed yoed off. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, joining me now. former dallas federal reserve adviser. danielle demar tino booth. good to have you here, start with these markets looking at
10:50 pm
minutes of fed, say no big deal, what do we react to now? >> minutes were pleasing to investors, there are many mentions of fed saying our communication messed things up, we apologize. >> raising rates in face of a market said go the other way. >> it did, they defied market particulars and powell learned a hard lesson very quickly. for all tough talk he came to office, he has learned you cannot take down the financial market of united states, to say nothing of our allies. and live to tell. lou: our allies, beneficiary of the quantitative easing. they can't run off. you talk about our allies. other folks around the world as
10:51 pm
well, we have the chinese telling us that we can't suggest a structural change our trade negotiate are can't we can't talk about deficit reduction, you must not insist we be prevented from stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of ip and technology. what kind of madness -- what is happening. >> absolute madness, the chinese won't even admit to the fact in the first place may are thieves in the night, how do you say i'm going to stop doing something that i refuse to acknowledge that i am doing. >> we have them. we got them on record with their force technology transfers, our intelligence agencies don't know much perhaps but they do know that chinese are stealing with boeing hands from our intellectual property and from our technology. >> that made is so much more disheartening to me, we saw news out of germany they would hold
10:52 pm
hands with huawei and allow this to continue. lou: one hand with wa -- huawei and xi jinping, and other hand with putin they want his gas. >> and please don't impose car tariffs on germany that would hurt our economy, either you are an ally or not. lou: her a mercantilist economy or you are not, that is germany, so is china. it took this president to demonstrate, you can't be the lone ranger and raise rates in a market. but, you can't -- at the same time suggest that we have a balanced economy not have the international monetary fund applaud the world bank applaud
10:53 pm
the ei. eu. you have idiots on wall street trying to den grade him. >> it is ignorant and does not propel economic growth if we learn one thing from this president, that the more you tear back recession latary re-- regulatory regime, the more you allow business to get done, however do you so, the more your economy grow, get out of the way. lou: get out of the way, whether you are the federal reserve or congress or whether you are the senate. that is not the way it works, is it? your view on the market and the economy. >> i think that market doing a tremendous rebound, i am a bit concerned, we have a number of state with rising jobless claims increase. so i do worry that the trade war is wearing and tearing on economy growth, i worried about our own -- >> wait. i have to ask. if you worry about economic
10:54 pm
growth should you worry about continued deficit if trade talks don't result in plan trade, because -- balance stayed tradey cut into economic growth, the market should be applauding this president. >> the market should be applauds fact we're looking to do more homegrown business. >> absolutely. like made in america? >> can you imagine? >> wow. >> remember when walmart had that. lou: i can't wait for president to come up with something like make america great again. >> that is a catchy slogan. lou: america first bark d do yo? >> let's go. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next. we're near the end game, we're told of the mueller witch-hunt, we take it up next, stay with us, we'll be right back. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪
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negotiations resume tomorrow between the united states and china. gordon chang saying president trump is the only one who can secure a fair trade deal for the united states. >> we have seen so many trade negotiations between previous presidents and the chinese and they all failed. and the chinese have violated every single agreement. so this is important for us. you are absolutely right. this is where we stand or fail. the only thing that's going to get us there is president trump. lou: sources tell saying the mueller witch hunt is near the end game. sources say the investigation is now complete. so we'll see. chicago police officially charged actor jussie smollett with one count of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.
11:00 pm
that's it for us. general jack keane, jason chaffetz and marc lotter among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: breaking right now, venezuelan socialist dictator nicolas maduro preparing for what he calls an invasion from the americans. i have an exclusive report on his efforts to prevent any humanitarian aid. dozens of protesters have been killed and hundreds have been locked up. my exclusive interview with the man the free world recognizes as the interim president of venezuela. juan guaido. also tonight, as we watch this revolution against sociali


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