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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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good evening everybody. the u.s. china trade talks underway with former state that many americans realize. those talks will of all likelihood significantly influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. for that reason, and the sure impact on u.s. china relations, geopolitically as well as economically, there is a coordinated influence operation in full swing in this country. it targets both congress and the senate and most particularly, the president.
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much of the influence campaign is being pushed from the chinese government itself. trying to link the outcome of the trade talks to america's stock market stability in his growth. in other words, feel mongering and pure fiction. in fact, the president 's historical for balance international trade reciprocal and mutual fair trade will benefit the entire global economy. it's a clear battle between national interest, workers, small business and u.s. multinationals and globalists were investing billions of dollars to preserve the status quo and their financial interests of course. as expressed in the major media outlets over the last week or two. networks as well and of course the political orthodoxy of both major parties. the disinformation campaign led by the chinese government, it has allies on wall street, corporate america, some of whom vice president mike pence
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referred to in his important speech on china last october at the hudson institute. some of those allies are registered foreign agents. others are not registered but just as energetic and trying to overturn the trump agenda. the radical dimms, established rinos, wall street, the koch brothers, chamber of commerce, all working to undercut the trumpet ministrations position in the trade talks.tonight, we take up the anti-trump efforts to thwart the trade negotiations. and the president's efforts to secure a fair and reciprocal deal with china, gordon chang among our guests tonight. fired and disgraced former acting fbi director, andrew mccabe not only confessing his role in the planned coup against the president trump at his recollection of such efforts wildly inconsistent and contradictory. listen to mccabe try to explain that discussing the 25th amendment with deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, would
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not be about overthrowing president trump. the conversation is not about removing the president. >> that's with the 25th amendment is. >> he brought up the 25th the minute. he mentioned in the course of a wide-ranging and phonetic conversation. it was simply one thing. one topic in the midst of a whole host of issues that we were thinking about and kind of working through our head. and the word coup and treason are interesting and inflammatory. to get peoples attention. but they have nothing to do with the conversations that rod rosenstein and i had. >> if there is justice, it will also be time for the mccabe infatuation parade to focus on treason, treachery.i think you make it focused on those words. those are the confused and contradictory words of the man who clearly conspired to
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undermine the u.s. government. >> i think andrew mccabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days and he really looks to me like sort of a poor man's j edgar hoover. i think he is a disaster. and when he was trying to do is terrible and ricardian. the fbi has some of the greatest people. some of the finest people you'll ever meet. but this man is a complete disaster. >> we take up his confessions, contradictions with house freedom caucus founder, jim jordan tonight. president trump, the man's california returned the billions of dollars the state took from american taxpayers to fund a failed rail project. the governor of california is having a fit. take that up and much more with radio talkshow host, mark simone, trump 2020 surrogate, gina lowden will join us. the president's trade negotiations with china under attack by actors who would like
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the united states to forgo reciprocal and fair trade with china and is to keep the united states subject to theft and trade deficits with china in perpetuity. among them a chamber of commerce clamoring for a deal. despite its role as a major enabler of china's forced technology transfers and theft of hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property and technology. each and every year. the chamber fear mongering exemplified by myron brilliant. who told cnbc this quote - the markets are nervous, they will not respond if there isn't a good deal. it would be of course a good deal on the chambers terms. for more on the latest and the years china trade talks we go tto edit washington. >> these ended today. now the shift is to the primary level talks.
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tomorrow, u.s. trade represent of robert lighthizer will be face-to-face with the race premier. he is also the chairman xi jinping special envoy. it is supposed to be a signal he speaks well of china and any agreement he makes will be followed by president xi jinping. the chinese want to get to the president donald trump to get the march first tariff deadline or increase tariffs. the present signal he might take the step if we are close to a deal. one big sticking point the chinese balking at the pace of structural changes that the u.s. wants. also the mechanism of enforcement. if tariffs are paused or set up to snapback. the policy experts say the chinese might also be testing the president's resolve to see if he will back off on tariffs without a deal. >> i think it's going to come in may or june or sometime in that timeframe. and i think since the president likes the drama, who's up,
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who's down, i bethink between n and may and june there will be a few days where it won't look too good. >> intubation government officials told a group of u.s. business leaders that china would open its doors wider to the world but the u.s. needs to respect china's right to develop and become prosperous. we may get more insight into the talk later next week, u.s. trade represent robert lighthizer will talk about this wednesday right before the trade tariff deadline. lou: thank you very much. ed lawrence from washington. janet's night columnist, author, china expert, gordon chang. mui love the state meet its ultimate china's right to prosper. the united states respect china's right to prosper. what you really hear them saying is, china expects us to respect their right to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from us every single year.
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>> absolutely! and they also demand that we accept their wto, wto relations. all the bilateral deals they made with us, there were lots of bilinguals and we are not supposed to say anything. this is a coordinated campaign. nwe saw this in the foreign ministry statements, they are saying exactly the same thing. you cannot talk about structural issues they say. if you cannot talk about structural issues, there's no point in talking to the chinese in the first place. >> there is a fundamental to me, illusion here that is a broad in the u.s. media. in all forms. business, news outlets. the general press, political press. if there is no metric by which you can judge whether or not china is complying with an agreement, you don't have an agreement. what is the deficit reduction? what is the impact? how are we going to defend our intellectual property and our
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technology? against chinese theft. we can't simply take the assurance that they will not steal from us because that is preposterous. right now they are carrying out cyber attacks against the united states government against corporate america and having their way with the united states as if these talks were not taken place and as if they were in no way going to be in any way, and agreed party as a result of the actions of the chinese. we agreed we are under assault for god sake! >> we certainly are. we have these discussions with the chinese and now is looking back in september 2015 at the agreement where you had xi jinping, the chinese relisting mr. president obama in the rose garden and the chinese say that we are not going to cyber attack american for their purposes. they continue to do that.
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we saw from the crosscheck report that the fattacks are gaining all the time. especially in 2018.the question is, how can you deal with this? the only enforcement mechanism is that you make it so difficult for thechinese to import into the us, raise the tariffs coming of import bans . >> if the president, for whatever his reasons, backs off on the march 1 tariffs going up, i would think, it will be the end of whatever legwork the president has in these talks. the chinese are acting as if there is no one seated at the tables. steve mnuchin is sitting there, larry cutler was sitting there. you know, the chinese may be half right. those are two of the most accommodating, appeasing individuals that could be at a table with the chinese right now. to me, it is inexplicable. >> yeah, the president should not say, i'm going to maybe sort of let the tariffs slide because that is the reason why the chinese are there in the
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first place. because of the tariffs. they really concerned about them going from 10 to 25 percent. matter of fact there were sales actually got to be more than 25 percent to get the chinese to even sort of talk to us in good faith. which is really difficult. >> clearly if the president does not maintain the tariffs, and talks about a snap back, which -- is a terrific position for the chinese to take. which is another way of saying, remove the tariffs. there will be nothing to snapback if the administration is successful in these negotiations.and if they are not successful, what was america because this president is the only person, the only world leader to have the guts to say to the chinese, this will not stand. and there will be mutual balance reciprocal trade and your mercantilism, nonsense and now xi jinping! it's that simple. because otherwise, the west is doomed. and watch europe as it falls in
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line. listen to what we are doing. we are listening to angela merkel. these idiots talking about washington collusion with russians. angela merkel is insisting on keeping the gas contract with acthe russians. she is embracing vladimir putin. even as he threatens to extinguish her country. i mean it is madness what's going on in the world. we have one man standing up. and that is donald trump. and he is the forces of the establishment are against him. whether it is the business press, the political press. whether it is the establishment, corporate america, i mean the list goes on. tevery dollar that is being spent to turn back this president because he is antiestablishment and will not accept the orthodoxy that means to destroy the american destiny. >> we have seen so many trade negotiations between previous presidents and the chinese. and they have all failed. the chinese have violated every
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single agreement. this is really important for us and you're absolutely right. this is where, we either stand or fail. the only thing that will get us there is the president. lou: that straightforward. thanks so much, good to see you. >> thanks lou. lou: up next, the koch brothers again! a koch brothers crony, a koch brothers minion makes their way back into creep, creep, creep into the white house. we take up that and more after we take up that and more after the brea every curve, every innovation, levery feeling, a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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operative mark short has found his way back into the white house. short returns to the west wing as chief of staff for vice president mike pence. a little off the west wing but close enough. previously short serving as a ministrations legislative director. before his work with president trump short was president of freedom partners funded by yes, our friends, the koch brothers. the former spokesman for attorney general sessions now working for cnn and the network parent company at&t of course. the justice department working
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as the political editor. she will oversee coverage of the presidential campaign. she is no prior -- very little equatorial experience. that didn't work out so well. join us now former -- and rowlands. >> nothing can make cnn worse and nothing can make it more anti-tromso it doesn't matter. >> that is what they decided. >> listed two short. >> ami mark made a big deal when he is leaving. like being on t.v. at the white house and talk a lot. so my sense is i do know what mike pence is doing, he used to work for him but i think more important is that he used to work for the koch brothers.
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lou: he worked for the president too. >> he did refer the present. >> and he is a kochi. i think people need to know this is a trump/áuntran18á campaign as opposed to a campaign. >> interesting is not a clear line. not a political group in the white house. >> and there is no one in their with the exception of kelly and because is really no political people in the white house. it will be a polling group, right? >> let's be serious here. >> in the campaign manager, obviously as a digital guy and smart but he's never run a presidential campaign before. and it's a big deal. residential is just as tough. >> was turned to this, these revelations from the book tour. mccabe and the confession tour. it is still, right in our faces. if they knew what was going on,
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and you can shave this anyway you want to.the truth is that those republican leaders, were talking about mcconnell and ryan and you know, they knew what was going on, so did chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and they were just fine with this by the justice department and the fbi and the united states. >> efe attorney general and acting fbi director told them that we suspect the president may be colluding or maybe do something with the russians. they say what is the evidence, what is it? you would think they would do that. >> how about are you out of your damn mind? that's where we think. >> and you're sitting there and discussing the top levels about the president of the nine states, and really putting his overthrow to me is just one of the historic, historic -- >> i would like to see why, tonight, i would love to be
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told tonight why the nsa files are not turned over, how about to the white house? the president is the victim is all of this. turn it over to him and his attorneys and put those texts from all of the nefarious, corrupt cloud that ran the fbi and the doj and let's see what happens. >> the president has the meetings coming up, the korean meeting, the chinese meeting has to get this underway. they need to shut it down as quick as i can. lou: thank you so much. >> up next, huawei concern have an invitation to germany's networks and economy. maybe they just like to take over the country because angela merkel is perfectly willing to do so and she loves the russians. loves the russians! plus, 16 states file a legal
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some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. lou: joining a congressman mark
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green, member of the house oversight committee and security committee house freedom caucus, congressman great to have you with us. let's start with mccabe tonight. he has basically, made it very clear that the gang of eight, leaders of the house and senate, democrats and republicans were actually in the know throughout the investigation into the president of the united states. >> yeah, lou, thank you for having me on the show. how we believe anything the andrew mccabe says? this is a guy who even obama appointees have said lied under oath three times. he was even recommended for criminal prosecution and no
7:28 pm
should even be listening to this guy. the only thing that should happen for him is that he should be brought in front of the oversight committee and should cross over him on this whole deal. >> i mean i would also be delighted to hear the leaders whether it is nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, whether it is mcconnell and ryan, denies single word that he said. because the only word that we've had back is that one spokesperson in the congress allowing how the gang of eight already knew it when, when mccabe told them! about it. the investigation of the president. as a candidate and as a president. >> yeah, my take on this whole thing is that mccabe is just untrustworthy. who knows what he told them. i mean it will be great to have them come and share with us what he said. but in the end, whatever he says is completely untrustworthy. >> is untrustworthy so is the fbi, sews the department of
7:29 pm
justice. what are we to do as a nation? because it is such a foul stench emanating from the department of justice, the fbi. they are rancid, ryan, corrupt leadership.and they have been in place for years there. they -- what are we to do? we have a new attorney general. but we have had so many. and they seem to all results in precisely the same thing. that is, continued deep state control of the very system of justice in this country. >> lou, for submissive that a lot of dear friends whom i knew from my military is it of going over to the fbi and those guys and gals are doing great work. there are a lot of great americans in the fbi. the leadership we've seen almost 30 people get either relieved or demoted. you know because of the things -- lou: not one is in jail, that one is in jail prosecute or
7:30 pm
charge. >> absolutely. we need to get all of them in front of congress and we need leadership to support that. lou: leadership in congress was i believe, a fellow by the name of ryan. and a fellow named mccarthy and they were all republicans and they controlled all of the committees for two years while this, this president endured this assault. and they didn't do a damn thing, congressman. why was should we expect better on the nancy pelosi for crying out loud? >> very clearly, they're going to into the whole russia thinker what adam schiff is proposing. my point there is trump's. lou: someone ought to grab adam schiff and say wait a minute, what are you doing? the fact of the matter is he doesn't even believe in the special counsel that he's counted on for two years. now he wants to have his go at it and you can see how smart a fellow he is. i am sure he will do a lot better than robert mueller. >> first of the democrats are all up in arms about intervention and election process and yet, they want to have illegal aliens vote. so their credibility is ruined from the start. but adam schiff is clearly
7:31 pm
ruined. he met with gibson out in colorado. this is the guy who helped steel create this fake dossier. so very clearly, he's compromised. he should recuse himself from the very beginning of the thing. >> his relationship with fusion gps is a role in all this, mark warner, the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee doing back channels with russian agents representatives. and we have not even had a question asked, what is the role of british intelligence with u.s. intelligence and national security, whether in the fbi or cia. we don't even know was going on and it's been years now. >> yes, senator burr has been a two-year investigation saying there is no proof of collusion. we robert mueller continuing to widen the investigation to justify the existence. lou: let me ask you this can we do something concrete?how about you, how about the republican congress other republicans in the senate
7:32 pm
demanding that the nsa turn over the peter strzok and lisa paige text? turn over the laptop and the telephones, the cell phones that went missing, amazingly. that they could not find them, did not ask for them for six months. i mean, we are watching what is clearly one of the dumbest coverups i've ever seen. and people are acting or going about their business as if this was as normal as it could be. this is a cover-up by a corrupt fbi and a corrupt department of justice. >> well, is absolutely crazy. and yes, lou, you can anticipate the ranking member and others on the other side of the aisle will demanding just those things. the fbi learned it well from
7:33 pm
the former secretary of state. he just bashed the cell phone and then your emails cannot be found. so we can expect against any different from them. but we will demand the truth on those and hopefully that will come clean. lou: congressman, i know that you've been in congress a little over a month, >> six weeks. [laughter] lou: you've got to be scratching your head, there's a point here that as to what all lies before you and your colleagues in the congress and the senate. if we're going to get this country right and sort out the department of justice and the fbi and leadership. >> i am an ex-military guy. if any of these things had been done by a soldier, their clearance will be pulled immediately and they would be prosecuted or sent were kicked out of the military. it is unconscionable which allowed to have happened here. >> and by the way, it is pretty clear that some members of congress, some members of the senate, played a role in it all. and perhaps, they are still
7:34 pm
doing so. congressman, we are glad to have you there. six weeks or not. it is a great start, we appreciate your service. >> thanks for having me on the show. lou: up next president trump demanding billions of dollars be returned from the governor of california. but he does like that. and it just goes nowhere like their rail system. we will take that up. plus much more the deep state plus much more the deep state efforts to subvert the uh-oh! guess what day it is? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundred of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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administration pulling $1 billion in federal funding back from california 's high-speed rail debacle. the trump administration also quote - exploring all available legal options to give back to and and a half billion dollars of federal funding that is already been given to the state for the now and it fast rail between san francisco and la.
7:39 pm
unbelievable! and the governor says that federal taxpayer money is california's money.his money. chicago police announcing actor, jussie smollett is officially now a suspect in a criminal investigation accusing him of filing a false report. chicago police released a statement that said in part quote, detectives are currently presenting evidence before a cook county grand join us tonight jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee, member of the judiciary committee, co-front of house freedom caucus. congressman, good to see you. andrew mccabe, contradicting himself already on his confession tour, the book tour. why isn't the man in jail? >> yeah, look, we talked about this before. you cannot trust anything the andrew mccabe says. like i said before, there is one thing i kinda believe about
7:40 pm
him and that is, he is the third person to tells that rod rosenstein was serious about wearing a wire. think about that. walking into the oval office with a wire to record the commander-in-chief of the country and also, rod rosenstein was serious about talking to cabinet members and invoking the 25th amendment. that is a scary thing about this. i don't believe anything he says. except maybe that one thing. the only reason i believe that is because two other people told us the same thing. lou: right. and robert mueller reportedly ready to turn over his report to the attorney general. your thoughts. >> well, we will see. we been hearing this for a while around town. we will see what happens next week. i know one thing that was just announced that will happen next week, michael cohen is coming in to testify in front of the oversight committee. democrats just announced, the first announced witness, the first big hearing they bring a got to testify in front of congress in two months is going to prison. for lying to congress. this just underscores the
7:41 pm
fundamental point here. it did bring in michael cohen that will come in and tell all kinds of crazy things about the present we know were not true because he cannot be trusted either. we should have rod rosenstein and andy mccabe under oath with the oversight committee. to ask the questions everyone answers to. most importantly being who was in the room and they talked about wearing a wire and invoking the 25th amendment. we want to know that. lou: reasonable question i guess, you have to depend on the testimony of two liars. as you suggest it is quite a circus that the democratic committee chairman putting together. let's turn to, speaking of democratic committee chairman, adam schiff. who does not seem any longer to have any confidence in robert muller. suddenly he's talking about going off in his own investigations of russian collision. what is going on here? >> i will tell you this, lou,
7:42 pm
my main concern with chairmanship, two years ago i called for devin nunes to step down and step aside for a while as chairman. now we learned a few weeks ago that adam ischiff was meeting with simpson and colorado. and i do not hear, i don't hear anything from democrats more portly from the speaker of the house, only for him to step down. it seems a little hypocritical to me. and understand what took place here. adam schiff last summer met with simpson in colorado. glenn simpson. the very guy who is paid by the clintons to put together the dossier. and d here's another important point about that. at the time we discovered that the clintons were paying glenn simpson to put together this dirty dossier, adam schiff tried to block congress from getting that information. because member, devon uses was threatening to subpoena bank records and adam schiff was trying to block that. but it was that movement by anti-action by devin nunes, then chairman newness, they also give us the bank records and give us the fact that the
7:43 pm
clintons were in fact paying fusion gps to put this together. that is serious stuff. that's my main concern right now with chairman adam schiff. lou: and the dossier of course everything that transpired. and adam schiff playing a major role. you think that he should recuse himself? >> yeah, that's a decision by the speaker of the house and the intelligence committee. but understand this coming of the clintons pay the law firm that hired glenn simpson he went and hired christopher steele that then put this dossier together. the idea that the chairman of the intelligence committee is meeting with the very guy hired a foreigner to put the dossier together which is as you said, the basis for going to get and find a warrant to spy on the trump campaign, that is serious. i think is a pretty important question for the speaker of the house to raise with
7:44 pm
chairmanship. lou: absolute. congressman, always good to talk with you. appreciate it. >> you bet. lou: one of the most embarrassing figures in modern american political history. former vice president joe biden has said his anti-american message overseas embarrassing the united states in front of our allies and many of his former colleagues in the obama administration. it is a shadow of government. it is a shadow of government. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ ♪ you got a side that wants more space, ♪ wonderfu♪ life on earth. ♪ 'cause every day starts like a race. ♪
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♪ you got a side that loves that style, ♪ ♪ but to fit in those shoes gonna take awhile. ♪ ♪ today life's got you runnin'. ♪ ♪ tomorrow big things are comin'. ♪ ♪ that's why nationwide is on your side. ♪ ♪ lou: and new york times report
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today same for president obama is counseling the dimms 2020 hopefuls but he will not be giving "the new york times" assurances anyone, not even joe biden, his endorsement. his former vice president taking a page out of his old obama playbook. apologizing for america overseas. >> the america that i see values basic human decency. not snatching children from their makes us and embarrassing by the example were sitting. i should stop. as my mother would say, this too shall pass. we will be back. lou: i would not bet on it! [laughter] any way shape or fashion. at least not led by one joe biden. he is just blown his chances
7:49 pm
for 2020 in all likelihood. it seems he forgot one important lesson from his former boss. president obama at least waited until he'd been elected and was in office before slamming america overseas. new york city mayor bill de blasio putting freshman democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in her place after amazon decided not to build its headquarters in long island city. cortez claimed the failed deal would free up $3 billion in tax incentives for the city to use elsewhere. the good may reminded her even a socialist understood this. at least one of those that, reminding her that the money would only be available after the city secured the amazon jobs and revenue and it was not in the budget summary. radical freshman congresswoman, there are a lot of them going
7:50 pm
on. omar scheduled to raise money in march for the league council on american islamic relations. omar received $5000 from them during a run for congress. she since repeatedly made headlines for anti-semitic remarks. most recently suggesting republicans support of israel is bought and paid for by the american israel public affairs committee, at some point, anti-semitic remarks results in being an anti-semite it seems. a reported hate crime in chicago looking more and more like a hate hoax. chicago police said that they no longer consider actor, jussie smollett, a victim. and they are pushing for a follow-up interview which his attorneys have resisted. the police request, imagine that, the request comes amid new reports that jussie smollett paid two nigerian brothers to carry out the assault.
7:51 pm
both men have been questioned and released without charges. reverend al sharpton, we want to point out, responding to the news and saying small it should face as he put it, accountability to the maximum if it is found he staged the attack. up next, elizabeth warren plans to push to her radical ideas with national emergencies of her own! she does not seem to have much faith in her colleagues in the u.s. senate. why is that? gina ♪ the first-of-its-kind lexus ux and ux f sport, with the latest safety system standard, best-in-class turn radius and best-in-class mpg. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lou: 2020 candidate elizabeth
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warren, has a ring to it doesn't it? she said she would declare three national emergencies of the good nation would like to present tothe senator telling a late-night host, the emergencies would include , are you ready? climate change, gun violence and student loan debt. under president obama watch by the way, total student loan debt more thandoubled ,
7:56 pm
reaching $1.4 trillion in 2016. i think president obama looked at student loan debt as just another federal government subsidy of left wing and doctrine aiding professors and institutions. across the country.joining us tonight, radio talkshow host, personality and star, mark simone and esgina lowden, political analyst, author, member of the presidents media advisory board and i think that will be one of the toughest jobs anyone's got. advising the president on media.that has got to be a wonderful meeting! >> he does not need any device. it's more about advising the media how to understand what he's actually saying rather than twist it. [laughter] spoon almost an equally tough job i would think. just kidding. let me turn to first of all, the trade talks going on right now. the country is absolutely a wash in money and optimism. we have a president who is
7:57 pm
turning this country in the right direction. and we still have left wing national media that cannot give the man credit. for a single thing.imagine historic success this president has, has engineered. and no one wants to credit it! no one asked teams in the national media. >> i remember at the beginning of the president at the year mark we were having a compass means every 36 hours. more promises made and kept in a checklist form and wi understand he actually has a checklist and yet, there is no credit given. the american people are going to forever hold politicians to the donald trump standard of promises made, promises kept. also the american people will remember the rprosperity and th safety and things this president has concerned himself with that other presidents in the past have not. future presidents will be
7:58 pm
expected to. lou: i love the fact that the president applauded the remington high school, nicholas sandmann, the student that had a confrontation where he was really confrontive. suing the "washington post". i think it's a pretty good round number. what do you think? >> a little low with leslie. because sr 50 other media outlets to go after and these kids will be driving lamborghinis by the fall. they will do very well. as soon as the story broke, this one will. whenever they say that the villain has a maga hat, it is never true. jussie smollett, there are a lot of examples. i went to youtube and i found a 20 minute video nso just the opposite. i do not know if they have internet access at the "washington post" but if i found it on youtube, why didn't they? lou: and it turns out jussie
7:59 pm
smollett now is a suspect rather than the victim that he claimed to be. senator warren, wanted to -- what do we got? nine declared candidates for president on the democratic side. think about it. president trump ran against it think it was against 16 others. they need a few more just to make it interesting, don't you think? [laughter] >> i think it's fascinating how some of them already flipping positions. beto o'rourke say maybe there's a time where this might be some sort of border, could be -- spewing they wanted to get done al basso. good old beto. >> is that flip-flopping and jockeying to gain prominence in the race and the hypocrisy is what the american people will see. >> the democratic field is like a buffet at mar-a-lago. you want the woman, socialist, we've got five of them. one and i -- if you want an old
8:00 pm
person with them. you want someone without a jacket it's beto o'rourke. a buffet of everything! [laughter] lou: mark simone, gina, thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you for being with us wall street week starts next. >> from new york city, this is maria bartiromo wall street. maria: welcome to the weekend. i am maria bartiromo, great to have you with us this weekend. coming up in just a moment, my interview with the chairman and ceo of cisco. chuck robbins is with us this weekend. but first, the u.s. meeting with china this week to try to hash out a trade deal before the march 1 deadline. on thursday sat down with secretary of state, mike pompeo to discuss china and huawei, and how they are posing a threat for privacy and national secury.


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