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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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is rivalling samsung, amid growing concerns of 5g products, the fallout coming up. more privacy worries, stop sharing personal information with facebook, data goes well beyond birthdays, hollywood's big night, top moments and surprises from the oscars last night. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: kick it off with markets,
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take a look at futures, pretty good rally at the start of trading, do jones industrial average up 160 points, two-thirds of 1%, the nasdaq up 43 this morning as president trump has offered investors a sense of trade optimism yesterday he tweeted about the negotiations with china and he said, this, i am please today report that the u.s. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with china on important structural issues including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture services, currency and many other issues as a result of these very productive talks i will be delaying the u.s. increase in tariffs now scheduled for march first assuming both sides make additional progress, we will be planning a summit with president xi and myself in mar-a-lago to conclude agreement, very good weekend for trust and china. joining me right now is corn stone macro cofounder nancy, nancy, great to see you. >> good morning.
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maria: thanks so much for joining us, you've been bullish on the market and you have been seeing even throw some of the upsets or -- or trippings in china and other things, how do you feel about today's news, is this a big deal for market? >> some of it has been discounted, headwinds to global economy markets as we move to first quarter, basically xi and the trade battle, now all those things have faded, u.s. economic activity is really healthy, profits, domestic profits are actually increasing 10%. maria: one of the things you look at is business spending, cap x, tell me where that stands, for a little while it slowed down the activity that we saw right when the tax cut plan was announced? >> back in 2015-16 we had headwind to u.s. manufacturing spending, but then as you went to 2017-18 confident by china
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that they weren't going to have recession led by both technology software equipment and plain-old industrials, that we think will continue. cap x is so important. there's too much to focus on u.s. consumer and not enough focus are we envissing in the country which is creating jobs. >> do you think they are are reinvesting? >> absolutely. buybacks are up but so is cap x and tax incentive will continue to support it. maria: it's not just building buildings and thing like that but it's also putting money into technology. >> absolutely. maria: there's been huge move in that in terms of cap x. maria: watch this. i feel like china believes that they were number 1, they were this dominant force thousands of years ago and they want their
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rightful place again and perhaps don't care how they get there whether it's stealing other people's ideas or not. >> well, their economy has had about a 30-something percent hit because trump stood up to them. they sell us a lot more than we buy from them. we want a better balance of trade but what we want to do is stop business practices. maria: i wonder if we are going to be able to do that, it's not just about china buying more stuff from the united states. >> china is rebalancing economy, has been doing it since 2010 and 11 and has been going in the right direction. it echos around the world and so it will continue off and onto be a headwind but leveraging campaign that they've had and the now more willingness to start to recapitalize their banking system, yes, china will
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continue to be pluses and minus, although recently it's back up and massive fiscal stimulus, china will more of a support of global growth, they got their ducks in order for trade battle. maria: global growth story may very well be needed, we are looking at weak spot, survey by the national association for business economics finding the 42% recession will happen in 2020, largely because with what you are seeing in europe, china slowing down a bit. how much of that is concern for you as you look at the macro? >> to be sure with what's going on can incremental headwind to have the economy, some of it is due to china. germany in particular is a huge trade with china and so if china does pick up our story has been and continues to be, you will see kind of a lift through
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global growth particularly countries from germany to japan that have been hit by the sharp slowdown we isn't that true the chinese economy. so europe has slowed, a little bit better in 2019. this is not 2011-2012 where they raised rates. maria: so you want to stay with typicals here, how do you allocate given that you find the backdrop support of stock. >> until people start to calm down, i'm going to let you handle the stock market but because expectations are still so low on global growth, worries about china, worries about europe, worries about japan that i think there's still room for financial assets to continue to do well.
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maria: we will leave it there, nancy, great to have you on the program. cornerstone macro, 91st academy no host and few surprises, dagen, with her most memorable moments this morning. good morning, dagen. dagen: good morning, maria, i watched every minute, no host, no problem, the ceremony started with queen performing, you can't beat that with adam lambert, there's adam lambert, best picture was green book, the transformative relationship between african american pianist and his driver, navigating the segregated south. best director to alfonso cuaron for roma. ali for green book, best supporting actress regina king and the number one grossing movie in all america last year
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black panther picked up some prizes, ground-breaking ones in fact,. black panther production design, first african american to ever win oscars in those categories. finally picked up first competitive oscar for black clansman, most notable political speech of the night but not surprising the dominant theme was family and look no further than the hilarious olivia coleman. >> this is hilarious. [laughter] >> well done, but --
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[laughter] >> this is not going to happen again. dagen: best actor won for freddie mercury. that was certainly a fan favorite moment bohemian rhapsody and my favorite moment of the night bradley cooper and lady gaga singing shallow, watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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dagen: that broke the internet last night and gaga did win an academy award for shallow for star is born, there you go, maria, ended on that note just for you. maria: i love that. dagen: right. match match wow, they were really emotional the way they looked at each other. dagen: a lot to be said. maria: what's going on there? dagen: i don't know, i thought it was magical. i loved the whole ceremony, i didn't think it was that political. maria: meanwhile there's this vice president mike pence meeting with venezuela's opposition leader over humanitarian crisis. lauren simonetti on headlines, good morning to you. lauren: good morning to you, the vice president and juan guiado will speak in colombia and u.s. aid being blocked at the border by disputed venezuelan president nicolás maduro, republican senator lindsey graham on sunday morning futures that maduro's end is near. >> so i will make a prediction on your show, it's not when
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maduro -- it's not if he falls, it's only when. it's just a matter of time, it's unsustainable and the people of venezuela, the american people have your back, the trump administration has your back. lauren: programming note for you tonight, trish regan will sit down with vice president pence in colombia to talk about the crisis in venezuela that's at 8:00 o'clock eastern. well, lyft could reportedly file for ipo as early as this week. racing with competitive uber to be first ride-sharing company to hit market, 18 to $30 billion and uber will be much more than that. pelaton has reported paid morgan sax to lead ipo, live stream fitness classes on a
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subscription basis. this comes from the wall street journal, they say those apps that shared personal details about user, including weight and diet and even their menstrual cycles, shared data with facebook, the period and ovulation tracker and logging app. the journal says facebook with personal information from the owners when they shared it with the app, maria. maria: incredible. you don't know who is sharing what, lauren, thank you. huawei's competition, the rivalling samsung with new folding phone as concerns grow over the company's products and whether or not there's espionage, the very latest there and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez words with critics. >> oh, it's unrealistic, oh, it's fake, it doesn't address
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maria: welcome back, big monday morning coming up. author of the briefing sean spicer is here, harvard university economic's professor imf chief economists is here this morning, along with fox news sen or judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. there's a big week this week in terms of markets and global events, we are previewing it. we kick it off with huawei new
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phone offering, competing with samsung phone, the price tag is raising the bar to $2,600, but the threat from huawei's network is till major concern as south carolina lindsey graham said yesterday. >> we believe this is a spying platform that will not be able to share information with you that would have otherwise and the technology you're buying from china will basically crowd you out of the american market. if you put chinese technology like the 5g system that are trying to fill, you will wind up losing access to american information and systems, make a wise decision. maria: just to be clear, the senator there is talking about european countries because 2 weeks ago mike pompeo was in europe and he got pushback from the europeans in terms of doing the away with the huawei
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infrastructure and going american because it's already in place but there's espionage concerns. joining the conversation to talk more about pwc partner mitch roschelle and market strategists michael block, gentlemen, good to see you. the huawei story is scary to me because the systems that are in place across europe, across africa and they are expensive to change. >> and what happens is right now if you want wi-fi you have to hook up with something, what 5g does brings up the speed and it's everywhere, think about all of the internet thing devices like to thermostat in your house, all the other things, they will be collecting data not just from your phone but everywhere in your life, toothbrush, everything that's hooked up to the internet. maria: here is mike pompeo and what he said about huawei after trip to europe. this was last week. europe is pushing back on the
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idea that president trump and your administration wants to ban or potentially stop slowdown the use of huawei technology, is that what you found? europe? >> we have been out around the world making sure everybody has the same information, that countries understand the risk of putting this huawei technology into it systems. we can't predict the systems were designed by -- with the express work along side the chinese, military in china, they are creating a real risk for the countries and systems and security of their people. if the country adopts this and puts critical information system we won't be able to share information with them or work along side them. maria: that's the headline there. i was stunned when he said it because there's a lot of sharing of information, dagen and this huawei telecom infrastructure stops that, that's a big deal.
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dagen: it's worth noting that president trump was asked about these -- the huawei charges in the united states, the charges against the chief financial officer was violating u.s. sanctions and separate indictment about theft of technology from t-mobile who asked about those charges in relation to the trade negotiations and he essentially said we will be discussing all of that during the course of the next couple of weeks, we will be talking to the u.s. attorneys, we will be talking to the attorney general, right now it's not something that we are discussing but the wall street journal editorial board was unnerved about it enough to write an editorial saying, hey, the u.s. attorney, the attorney general is not the trade negotiator. he's enforcing the rule of law so you're basically attaching these charges to the trade negotiations, then that means the charges were just political and they should be dropped. they need to back off and enforce the rule of law in this country. not part of the trade negotiations. maria: here is the op-ed that
6:21 am
you're overing to, the headline on the wall street journal editorial this morning is trump and huawei. warns that the president needs to keep huawei charges and china trade separate after he said friday he would talk to attorney general bill barr. the president trump's comments on huawei appear to reflect view that all global politics is transactional, he and mr. xi can agree on terms, it will be done, that's true for mr. xi who runs authoritarian system, the law is what he dictates, not true for the united states where no one is above the law, michael, real quick. >> they do have to make a deal, it does have to be enforced. let's not get caught in semantics, it needs to be resolved. maria: we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, back to severe winter weather slamming the country in northeast in wisconsin over the weekend. deadly pile-up on major highway, more than 100 cars involved, 100 cars, one person was killed, fox news meteorologist janice dean with the very latest this morning. janice, good morning. janice: we will see travel delays definitely across the northeast today, these are wind reports, hundreds of reports of wind damage across those areas extending from upper midwest, great lakes, ohio valley, northeast and then we also had tornadoes this past weekend in parts of mississippi, alabama and georgia. wind gusts continue along the mid atlantic region up towards new england, wind gust in excess of 60 miles per hour on long island hours ago, that's going to be a big concern for travel today, all along the northeast corridor and those winds will last really throughout the day today and into the overnight across the new england area because it's a very slow-moving
6:26 am
system not only that we could see snow with this and blizzard conditions, doesn't take much snow and wind to cause white-out conditions across these areas so that's going to be another problem for traveling today. the next big system moved in across the northwest, big pool of moisture moving from the pacific, heavy rain for the bay area here and we could see 4 feet of snow across the sierra nevada and this is the energy that's going to move across the midwest and then eventually northeast lathe this week, maria, back to you. maria: janice, thank you so much. investigators searching for black box data after amazon cargo plane crashes into a lake this weekend, we have the story coming up. microsoft unveiled newest augmented reality device, taking a different approach to sell it though, back in a moment right here.
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6:31 am
president trump pushing back timeline, he will not be ordering increases on friday march first, to push back the deadline to make a deal, markets high overnight. shanghai composite up better than 5% after the president's announcement as you see there. in the u.s. expecting a rally to start trading as well. dow industrials up 150 points right now, two-thirds of 1%, 26,165. s&p is up 13 and a half and the nasdaq up two-thirds of a percent there as well, 48 points higher on nasdaq, after the market finished the week higher on friday leading the dow and s&p 50 into longest winning streak in nearly 25 years, dow industrials up 181 points friday, two-thirds of 1%, s&p was up 17 and nasdaq up 67. european indices are higher across the board this morning, ftse 100 up 12, cac quarante is up 22 and dax index up 44. we are searching for answers this morning, investigators are looking for the black boxes to have deadly amazon cargo plane,
6:32 am
crashed in texas. microsoft protests we will tell you about the military contract, it has the technology employees upset this morning, lady gaga, details on the singer's deal with the belagio hotel after academy award win ominousic, all the stories coming up, first top story this half an hour, speaking out new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez confirms that she's moved to a new apartment in her home district in the bronx with her boyfriend, neighbors reported that not seeing alexandria ocasio-cortez for weeks prompting questions whether she had moved out of her district. alexandria ocasio-cortez treated this yesterday, i still live in my hood and literally instagram from my apartment, a man arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me and others so, yeah, i'm not going to disclose my personal address or tell people when i move, sorry. last week lieutenant arrested for allegedly plot to go murder democrats and journalists,
6:33 am
joining us right now real clear politics cofounder and president tom, tom, great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. maria: your reaction to aoc? >> well, there were questions in the campaign about where she lived and back story, where she grew up and how she grew up. she's starting to get scrutiny that comes along with that, new york post sent reporters over and staked out her place and couldn't find anybody who had seen her for weeks and weeks and reported that and that was the jest of the story. there's no question that she continues to drive the discussion and narrative in the democratic party. maria: one of the narratives was the green new deal, tough words for anybody who disagrees with her on the green deal. listen to her. >> i just introduced green new deal two weeks ago and it's creating all of this conversation, why because no one else had even tried because no one has even tried. people, it's unrealistic, oh,
6:34 am
it's fake, it doesn't address this little mine out thing and i'm like you try. [laughter] >> you do it. [cheers and applause] >> because you're not because you're not. so until you do it, i'm the boss. maria: reaction. [laughter] >> listen, this is big story in new york times about how moderate, they were home f workweek in places like utah, over 20 of new democrats, freshmen democrats came from moderate district that is were won by trump and they are feeling questions about the green new deal, 70% marginal tax rate, late-term abortion and you name it. look, alexandria ocasio-cortez won her seat with about 16,000 votes from her district in the primary, okay, and here she is leading the democratic party around, why is that happening? she has over 3 million twitter followers and that's the difference, that's where politics is where the media takes them, blows them up and they become vocal points and
6:35 am
democrats will need to have reckoning -- dagen: she wants tall glory and kardashian-like attention from social media and no hard questions, that's pretty clear because having read that stupid faq that got leaked by her team about the green new deal and actually reading the green new deal after they tried to make it sound sensible, it's laughably awful for the american people and there are no details in it. the fact that they want to retro fit all the buildings in the united states, you know what, we used fossil fuels in the country because they are cheap and we lowered since 2005 emissions from power plants by about 34% because of natural gas in this country. so let's speak to that and let's speak to the fact and she needs to fess up and tell the american people if we are going to push the green new deal that your electric -- your fuel costs are going through the roof and so
6:36 am
regressive tax on the people who can't afford it in the country, look at the train in california, disaster, dramatically scaled back and that's what she's trying to sell to the american people. maria: so unrealistic, we are not going to get rid of fossil fuels in 10 years, it's just not happening and the other thing is when she says nobody has tried, we have been trying. do you know how many sustainable -- >> the obama administration spent their entire time trying -- maria: exactly. dagen: conversion to natural gas power plant in part because of even the fuel efficiency including fuel efficiency and president obama gets credit for some of that, we are leading the world in emission's reduction. [laughter] >> a couple of things here, you know, forget about the green new deal for a second. she tries to deliver message to young ladies who are inspired and trying to
6:37 am
use something useful and valuable, that's a great message, the thing is this, the green deal is not realistic, tom, i will turn it back to you, where are the moderate democrats, moderates of any parties coming up with any ideas that are viable? dagen talked about natural gas, how come we are not hearing more about that, where is the rest of the democratic leadership, who should we look to? maria: who becomes the face of it. >> she has become the face of it, look, that's what democrats are trying to sort out. nancy pelosi, democrats are really riding tiger right now, this is something that's passionate, they are trying to control it but not very effectively and there hasn't been any democrats that have stepped up with alternatives at least not yet. we will maybe see that. one of the things while aoc may not get the tough questions, you can bet that every single presidential candidate how this affects 2020 race, every
6:38 am
presidential candidate like kamala harris and cory booker and the rest are going to have to answer questions about how you're going to pay for all of these things including medicare for all and when they finally get to that point in the discussions that's where the rubber hit the road. dagen: i don't think it's even the payment but also medicare for law, outlaw private insurance in the country and they have to answer to that and not be able to say these are just big ideas, we are starting the conversation. if you're going to run on it, you to figure out a way to pay for it and be honest with the american people. maria: o god. dagen: talk about my lipstick instead of how to pay for it. maria: it's crazy. great to have you on the show today. thanks for firing up. tom, joining us there. president trump tweeted on the southern border this morning. we have a state of emergency on southern border, border patrol and military and local law enforcement are doing great job but without the wall which is now under major construction you
6:39 am
cannot have border security, drugs, gangs and human trafficking must be stopped and, of course, we want to point out that the president is making this announcement today ahead of what's going to be a tough tuesday with the democrats where going to put resolution up on tuesday and hope it passes the house and the senate to pass the president's national emergency declaration. investigators are searching for black box of deadly am done cargo plane crash, lauren simonetti on headlines, lauren. lauren: the amazon prime cargo plane crashed outside of houston saturday afternoon, two bodies have been found but crews are searching for third victim, boeing 737 went down in swampy area 30 miles from george bush intercontinental, meteorologist suspected that weather could be cause of deadly crash. investigators are searching for plane's block box to determine exactly what went wrong. a group of microsoft employees are demanding that the company cancel 480 million-dollar
6:40 am
military contract under the deal microsoft will supply the u.s. army with their hallow lens head set which could help soldiers spot and kill enemies on the battlefield, more than 50 microsoft letters saying they did not sign up to develop weapons, meanwhile there's this, microsoft is steering clear of overhyping the hallow lens, pitching the augmented reality device as high-tech solution for corporate tax like training someone on the job instead of playing video games and other forms of entertainment. microsoft to unveil a new version of hallow lens in barcelona at the the world congress and that was yesterday. maria: dea agent reveals which state is ground zero for ground smuggling and how the drugs are being hidden, we will go and tell you about it. another honor for lady gaga, we will tell you which hit songs is coming to famous belagio in
6:41 am
famous strip, coming back up. did you know with vanishing deductible,
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6:45 am
says most drugs coming to the country and are hidden in vehicles and need for technology to help detect those drugs coming in. the denver post with profile in the day of colorado avalanche dog, golden retriever mason around with member of colorado mountain ski patrol and las vegas review journal says there's a lady gaga song coming to the belagio fountains on las vegas strip, bad romance is being added to 26 classic tunes in lake belagio, the song's premier at 6:00 p.m. tonight. that's a nice honor for her. the beautiful belagio when the lights go up and the water goes up there's music to coincide -- [laughter] >> elmos in time square they go
6:46 am
to las vegas. maria: they sure have done a great job in terms of creating water areas in las vegas. >> in the desert. maria: in the desert like that. dagen: i love gaga. maria: she was great, terrific. dagen: that performance blew me away with bradley cooper. we will play more of it as the day goes on. maria: congratulations to her. the song is great absolutely. secret to success. here to talk about the 7 laws of spiritual success to helpful fill your dreams. we will talk about it next up 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected.
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>> success has defined in human terms is realization of worthy goals. we are goal-seeking organisms which is also the ability to love and have compassion. it is also the ability to be in touch all of the time with your true self, innermost being which is also your creative center. maria: a new pbs special premier next month where she wants to help people fulfill their dreams, the 7 spiritual laws of success and joining us alternative medicine advocate founder and author dr. chopra, great to have you back. >> thank you. maria: go through spiritual success and why it's important in terms of being spiritually
6:51 am
healthy as well as physically healthy? >> spiritual i mean awareness and self-awareness. fundamental reality is physical then what i'm say asking not relevant. your fundamental reality, your own consciousness in which you have experience of the physical world of your mind and understanding how consciousness and the 7 laws are laws of potentiality giving and receiving karma, karma not as huge as people talk about it as the condition mind. also looking at nature, least effort, intention, creativity, detachment and purpose, these are the 7 laws that orchestrate personal experience of reality.
6:52 am
>> dr. chopra in the clip that we saw you talk about setting worthy goals, it sounds like these are not goals i want this job, i want x amount of money, it's more abstracted more encompassing? >> the goals that make you happy but make other people happy as well. to make you happy is making somebody else happy. maria: you also have a new podcast, tell us about podcast and pbs special in. >> the podcast is people like jim, russell brand who conquered addiction and behaviors, a woman astronaut who went to space from russia actually, iranian woman and many other very interesting people ranging from neuroscientists to artists.
6:53 am
i believe if you bring people from diverse backgrounds together what you have is divergence. >> one thing that we are seeing is to focus on wellness, is that something that you're seeing as well and are you playing a role in that? >> absolutely. i'm actually part of an organization called just capital which looks at companies that are doing good for the world and making money as well. business to succeed in the long run is to take care of its employees, if your employees are happy, customers are happy, customers are happy, investors are happy. dagen: do you see focus in corporations focusing on the spiritual because then it becomes tricky, to push well innocence the sense of weight loss or eating habit and living healthy lifestyle, but the two go hand in hand, the physical self and the spiritual self, is it more difficult for companies to tackle that because you get in the area of your own personal
6:54 am
religion? >> right. we use the word emotional intelligence. [laughter] dagen: i wish lee carter was here because she will probably corn -- coin the phrase. >> more convenient and more convincing. maria: and what's the upside to it? >> ultimately it's not about a deal, it's about relationships. if your relationships are healthy, the business -- the most important relationships are those that employees and the business. the rest is -- it depends. >> trust being important to a relationship is something i guess -- >> 100%. trust, authenticity, integrity.
6:55 am
maria: it's really, i think, resinating with a broader group of people today spiritualty and meditating, yoga than ever before, would you say that? >> i would say that. people are getting benefits because yoga is one thing that is very mind-body coordination. martial arts, all these wisdom traditions, not only physical aspect of exercise but the mind mind-body connection. maria: great to have you on the program. we will looking for special on pbs. president trump tweeted on the oscars, here is what he said. be nice if they could read notes better yet not using notes at
6:56 am
all on racist tweets, tax cuts, et cetera, than almost any other president. dagen: just really quickly, something i didn't point out in earlier hit that spike lee did get out of his seat and try to storm out of the auditorium when green book won best picture and addressed it later i thought ref made bad call and people in audience said he seemed angry. maria: the president didn't like the comments on the country right now. putting up massive amount of cash for any player that wins the fortnite world cup finals, we will tell you how much coming up.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
. . .
7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 25th. your top stories right now, 7:0n the button. the china trade deadline has been delayed. president trump pushing back the time line to make a deal and he touted the progress of negotiations over the weekend. >> we put ourselves into a position of strength for the first time in about 35 years or probably a lot more than that. but china's been terrific. we want to make a deal that's great for both countries. maria: that means higher tariffs will not go into place on march 1st. investors liking the news of the delays. we're seeing a market rally.
7:01 am
dow industrials up 150 points, s&p 500 up 12, nasdaq up 43 right now, after gains across the board on friday. markets were strong at the close, dow industrials up 181 points on friday. the s&p 500 was up 17 and the nasdaq was up 67, about 1%. global markets this morning higher across the board. european indices, fq100, just slipped into negative territory, now down 6 points, off of the bt levels of the day for the other indexes. in asia, gains across the board there. the shanghai composite was the top performer on the china news. it was up 5.5% as you can see. new competition for victoria's secret, target is set to unveil its own line of lingerie. hollywood's biggest night got political. we have the moments everybody's talking about this morning from the oscars last night. and big money on the table for the fortnite world cup. you won't believe how much money is at stake.
7:02 am
all those stories coming up this monday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and michael block. great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. big money in fortnite. amazing. >> no question. this is a big -- this is really a big week. you have china, you have north korea and you have a ton of economic data and the markets are he very optimistic about the week ahead. dagen: jay powell testifying for two days, in front of congress. there's a purchaseing managers report out of china, i think on friday, we get gdp this week. maria: it's kicking off to be a pretty good deal week. ge is selling his pharma business to danaher. this is a huge deal. as we know, the new ceo at ge has been saying, they need to tinseling assets, pay down assets to get back to -- the stock is up 4% on this deal to
7:03 am
sell biopharma business to danaher for $21.4 billion. >> at the end of last year people were wondering if this could be a going concern. maybe not. looks like there are buyers for the assets. the big question i is some of their industrial and power businesses. this is good news for shareholders so far this morning. maria: the ceo at general electric came from danaher. now he's selling the biopharma business to his old company. >> we talked about this being a big year for mergers and acquisitions. this is a perfect example, in february, a mega deal getting done. >> money is still cheap. we'll see if the trade deal with china gets done, if that opens barriers. maria: what was the last big deal, i think it was the celgene deal. it was an enormous deal, right.
7:04 am
>> we have roche buying spark therapeutics. maria: ge something the biopharma business to danaher for $21.4 billion, takes ge's stock up 4%. we know it's no longer a dow component. it is at $10.62 a share. we'll keep following the impact here. our top story this hour right now is the deadline has been he delayed for the president to put tariffs, higher tariffs in place on china. president trump postponed an additional round of chinese tariffs, originallied scheduled to kick in on friday. the commander in chief offering investors an optimistic outlook for a deal, tweeting this over the weekend, he said i am pleased to report that the us has made substantial progress in our trade talks with china on important structural issues including intellectual police iy protection, currency and many other issues. as a result of these very
7:05 am
productive talks, i'll be delaying the u.s. increase in tariffs now scheduled for march 1st, assuming both sides make additional progress. we'll be planning a summit for president xi and myself at mar-a-lago to conclude an agreement, a very good weekend for u.s. and china writes the president. joining us right now is america first action senior advisor and author of the briefing, politics, the press and the president, sean spicer is here many thank you for being here. >> you bet. good morning. maria: there are so many issues in terms of this china deal. it feels like the president has handled this well in terms of making sure america understands the issues around the chinese relationship. >> we've seen decades and multiple administrations have countless meetings and new organizations and strategic economic di dialogues in the pat that sought to tackle many of these issues. this president is taking them head-on.
7:06 am
if you look at the amount of invest china is making -- investment china is making in the agriculture sector it's huge. tech transfer, it's a big issue in terms of market access and other barriers to access for u.s. companies into that growing market. so being able to tackle it in a constructive way, that benefits u.s. manufacturers, service providers and agricultural growers is a huge win for the united states. >> shawn, good morning. mitch rochell. i think where the rubber meets the road on the china deal will be around enforcement and you referenced others who have tried it in the past and i think that's where other trade deals have fallen apart. what are your thoughts on the enforcement side of the thing? maria: and a deal with china. didn't they say they would buy all that beef a year ago and they didn't follow through. so do we believe that they'll follow through on this? >> yeah, i mean, obviously the devil's in the detail, right? there's two issues. one is the follow-through.
7:07 am
second as mitch brought up, the enforcement of other aspects of trade deals that have been made or commitments through memorandum of understanding. they have been good about the investment in soybeans and otherring agricultural products. i think there needs to be a clear work plan with strict deadlines and points that can be met so that we can ensure that we're actually doing this. but i don't think the president's going to agree to something that doesn't have those laid out in a very specific way. the people at the negotiating table aren't new to the issue. they understand the past where we've fallen short on follow-through and enforcement. so those are going to be important aspects of whatever comes out of this deal. maria: what about the high stakes summit. we talked china, we're watching the president depart for vietnam today for this upcoming meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. they are set to meet this thursday. that's just eight months after that historic first summit in singapore. president trump outlines his
7:08 am
expectations yesterday. listen to this, sean. >> i don't want to rush anybody. i just don't want testing. as long as there's no testing, we're happy. we've done really something i think very special with respect to north korea. maria: you see, i was wondering if he was dampening expectation was that comment there, just don't want any testing. yes, we haven't seen any missile testing. the president has moved the ball forward. while the president likes to talk about his personal relationship with kim jong un, the truth is, there's been no denuclearization, sean. >> no, there hasn't. there also hasn't been any testing as the president pointed out. when we entered this administration, rockets were being fired off and probably close to a weekly basis. that has ceased. i think that's a huge not only good step but we talk about china and enforcement, this has been something that we can look at and say there's been a pattern of behavior that has stopped. that's a positive thing. denuclearizing that peninsula for the safety of not just the peninsula and the region but for
7:09 am
the entire world is a huge thing we have to be very diligent about making sure that comes out of that before there's any treaty or ending the armistice. while the he relationship has proven to benefit us and the region, returning our service members remains and which is something that's so critical, something that was overlooked, if we want to take away the sanctions that have been imposed on north korea, if we want to engage further in them economically or he declare an end to the korean war, those things need benchmarks in place in terms of denuclearization and a work product that includes things like inspectors. >> real quick, mike block here. how much do you think chaf chins involved in the back channels ahead of the talks in vote that name? d--vietnam in do you think chins
7:10 am
exerting pressure? >> i think xi can have a ton of influence on what north korea does or doesn't do. that's been the million dollar question. what are they doing to back channel to chairman ung what he wants done. i think your point is well taken. i don't know that we know the answer to that at this point. maria: all right. we will leave it there. it's great to see you this morning. >> thanks, maria. maria: thank you so much. president trump just tweeted about oil a moment ago. here's what he wrote. royaoil pricesgetting too high,e relax, take it easy. world cannot take a price hike, fragile says the president and oil right now at $56.99 a barrel. your thoughts on the oil trade? >> it's had quite a run. i feel like as a lot of the dust has settled from the market selloff in december, we're getting back to a level. is oil getting ahead of itself? the president seems to think so.
7:11 am
we'll see what supply/demand dynamics are going to do. a trade deal would be good for opening you up the spigots and getting demand side, more confidence in that back. i still like energy stocks here. we'll see how much further crude has to go. maria: when we come back, targeting victoria's secret, the lingerie giant getting more competition from target. and major stakes at the fortnite world cup, we'll tell you how much money is on the table when gamers compete this year. back in a moment, right here. ♪ let's go. ♪ ♪ let's go. ♪ now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
7:12 am
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maria: a major biotech deal announced today, lauren simonetti with the details. big deal. lauren: roche has bid $4.3 billion to acquire spark therapeutics. spark specializes in gene
7:15 am
therapy to treat rare disorders. roche was reportedly competing with another unknown bidder for the biotech company. the deal expected to close in the second quarter, but we have to show you this. share reaction, spark shares are skyrocketing, 120%. however, the strike price was $114 45* 0 s$114.50 so it's bel. we have a potential takeover in the mining industry. barrick proposed a merger with newmont mining. the management has so far rejected barrick's overtures, setting up a battle between the world's two largest gold companies. barrick gold shares are unchanged in the premarket. newmont mining up 1 and a quarter percent. the irs reporting a sharp drop in tax refunds. get this, the average refund is down 17% versus last year. works out to be nearly $550
7:16 am
less. the average check totaling $2,700. this tax filing season is the first one since the full one since the gop overhaul of the tax code. the treasury department says smaller refunds are mostly due to people paying less in taxes in their paychecks bi-weekly or however you get paid. that's one of the reasons how the gop is defending the tax code overhaul, 2017. maria: thank you so much, lauren. mitch, your reaction? we'll be getting our checks in the next month. two months. >> all i know is, i don't know that i'm getting any kind of a refund. but that aside, the reality is, taxpayers paid less in during the year because they took advantage of the benefit of lower taxes during the year, so they're not getting as big of a refund. maria: nothing more than that. >> nothing more than that. there were great op eds that chairman brady put in usa today explaining that in plain english, so it's just that simple. maria: yeah. well, i think though that people are going to see they have to
7:17 am
pay more taxes than they thought. the high tax states, because you lost the salt deduction. i think there's going to be sticker shock after april 15t april 15th. maybe that impacts the economy. what do you think? >> i think it's very possible. but there's so much tax paid in the new york, new jersey, connecticut, california relative to the rest of the country, i think those taxpayers are going to feel the sticker shock. it's going to be outrageous. it's going to be become a big political issue in the 2020 elections. >> congressman brady turned into this a battleground. this is going to continue to go on for decades. maria: governor cuomo said he's got a $2 billion shortfall in the budget because rich people are leaving. one reason is the elimination of salt. dagen: he's going to have to cut spending. maria: or cut taxes. coming up, there's congressman adam schiff. what to say about adam schiff. his threat to the trump
7:18 am
administration. he claims there's evidence of collusion in plain sight. for two years it was there is more than circumstantial evidence. now it's in pla plain sight. the backlash coming up. the oscars got political again, celebrities take aim at president trump last night. the moments, coming up. ♪ he's never stupid enough. ♪ i'm going to be the first one to call you baby. ♪ if he ain't holding you tight. ♪ if he ain't treating you right. ♪ i'm being the first one calling him crazy.
7:19 am
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7:21 am
maria: the russia investigation in focus, how intel chairman adam schiff says there is evidence in plain sight that shows collusion between the trump campaign and russia.
7:22 am
yesterday on sunday morning futures, trey gowdy told me different. >> there's never been a witness who has alleged conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia and yet adam schiff, that three-eyed raven, adam schiff who can see things nobody else can see, says he has evidence more than circumstantial, not quite direct -- for those who didn't go to law school, there's no such thing. there's no such thing as evidence that is not circumstantial or direct. but adam has seen it and he's never pressed on it. maria: mean while, south carolina senator lindsey graham says he is prepared to subpoena rod rosenstein, jim comey and others over the dose yea that launched -- doe dose-dossier thd the investigation. i don't know how they can keep this going. >> i think congressman schiff wants to run a parallel
7:23 am
investigation to bob mueller's. he has the option to keep secret what he wants and reveal what he wants because it's the intelligence committee whereas bob mueller has things he cannot reveal no matter who wants them, like grand jury testimony for a person who wasn't -- about a person who wasn't indicted. so i don't know where we're going to go. i share some of congressman gowdy's criticism. if this stuff is in plain sight, what is it? maria: two years ago he said he's got more than circumstantial evidence. so, you know, it just doesn't make any sense. >> some of these things are word games. i thought it was kind of cute that in another part of your interview, congressman coul cony said why doesn't congressman schiff go on fox news. maria: we call him all the time. >> i myself have called him many times. maria: he said no. >> he used my name a number of times, not always in the best way. i'm happy to have a conversation
7:24 am
with him. on some things i agree. i'm a pierce opponent of the abuse of fisa, i'm an opponent of the president's declaration of national emergency. on this, i would like to know what he has. maria: i don't know that he would admit there was fisa abuse around the dossier. >> i don't think he will. that's why i would like to challenge him. sai has created -- fisa has created an atmosphere of soft corruption on the part of the fbi. it's easier to get a fisa warrant claiming we're starting an intelligence investigation, morph it into a criminal investigation. maria: that's what they did. >> that's what they did to the president. maria: what we flernd the cbs -- what we learned into in the cbs interview, there were three investigations into donald trump. peter strzok launched one in july of 2016 and then in may of 2017 they launched two others, criminal and an intel
7:25 am
investigation as well, counter-intelligence. >> one wonders if andrew mccabe who by may of 2017 was running the fbi was even aware of strzok's investigation. maria: i think they were all aware of what they were doing, trying to take down the president of the united states who was dually elected. >> it was a waste of fbi resources. maria: emojis showing up more and more in evidence in court cases, courts aren't prepared to translate them. the journal reports this morning that emojis were mentioned at least 33 times in federal and state opinions last year. some lawyers are going to seminars, reading academic papers to figure out innuendo. >> i'm familiar with this. i'm still a licensed lawyer. we're required to take continuing legal education. i see the offerings and some of them are what do emojis mean. what? here's the problem. people communicate by text and
7:26 am
they use emojis and sometimes these texts form the basis for a contract. when one side doesn't comply the way the other side wants them to, there's a lawsuit. what's the evidence in court? the emoji. they're bringing in college professors who are experts. they should bring in teenagers. >> bring my kids in. >> exactly. they bring in college professors to explain to the court what the emoji means and then the court has had to get specialized software so the emoji can appear in the opinion. >> some of the abbreviation that's are in text slang, i would assume those are part of the same lexi con as well. >> i would say only in america but this actually started in israel. yes, with a very famous case involving almost exclusively communications using emojis. dagen: i wonder if they know what bless your heart means. [ laughter ] maria: is there an emoji for that, dagen? you've got to come up one. >> there should be. dagen: there should be.
7:27 am
>> it's called mcdowell. [ laughter ] maria: maybe it's read between the lines. [ laughter ] >> dagen, bless your heart. maria: that's really interesting stuff. what a moment in time. great to see you. >> thank you. >> have a nice day. maria: the risk of recession, a new survey shows half of business economists see a downturn by next year. a downturn in the economy. we're taking a look at the threat to the global economy next up. and then e-sports olympics, fortnite calling all gamers for a battle with a bigger reward. how much is at stake later this hour, right here. back in a minute. ♪ baby, i don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight. ♪ no cheap thrills. ♪ baby, i don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight. ♪ i don't need --
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7:31 am
maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories right now. the china trade deadline has been delayed, pushed back. president trump pushing back the time line to make a deal and pushing back the deadline to institute higher tariffs in place on the chines chinese. shanghai composite was up 5.6% after the president's announcement. money is moving into stocks this morning in the u.s. as well. take a look at futures, indicating a gain at the start of trading, 150 points higher on the dow industrials, s&p 500 is up 12 and the nasdaq is up 45.
7:32 am
the markets finished higher last week on friday, the dow and s&p 500 had their longest winning streaks in nearly 25 years with friday's performance. the dow industrials were up 181 points friday, three quarters of 1%. the s&p was up 17, and the nasdaq was up 67 points, almost a percent higher on the nasdaq. in europe this morning things are mixed. fq100 is down 6 and-a-half points. the cac in paris is up 16 and the dax index in germany is up 40. targeting victoria's secret. details on how the lingerie guy giant is getting competition from target. we have that story. a nominee for most political at the oscars goes to -- >> there is no host tonight. there won't be a popular movie category. and mexico is not paying for the wall. [ laughter ] maria: we've got the good, the bad, the ugly from last night's academy awards. we will bring you the highlights coming up. major stakes at the fortnite
7:33 am
world cup, wait until you hear how much money is on the table when gamers compete, that happens later this year for the fortnite competition. but first, our top story this half hour, u.s./china relations, president trump announcing he is extending the deadline for a trade deal, saying there has been substantial progress after recent talks in washington and beijing. this coming as chinese telecom operator huawei is releasing its new folding smartphone. the threat from huawei's 5g network is a major concern. here's what lindsey graham told me on sunday morning futures yesterday when he was talking about huawei use by european countries. >> we believe this is a spying platform that will not be able to share information with you that we would have otherwise because you'll be giving it to china and the technology you're buying for china will basically crowd you out of the american market. if you pick chinese technology like the 5g systems they're trying to sell, you'll wind up
7:34 am
losing access to american information and systems, make a wise decision. maria: he's basically saying make a wise decision to european countries. joining me right now is harvard university economics professor, kenneth ro goff. lindsey graham's comments mirror what mike pompeo told me last week, that when he was in europe last week he was getting pushback from europe. they didn't want to redo their whole telecom infrastructure. they have china who already constructed it with huawei. but now we understand that there's espionage concerns and now the u.s. is saying look, we may hold back information. your reaction? >> well, this is a big issue, this cyber spying between the u.s. and china, sig cyber war f. we have to take a close look at it. maria: what about the trade deal and issues at stake between china and the u.s. and that includes of course the i.p. theft, the forced transfer of
7:35 am
technology, as well as china buying more soybeans and grain from the united states and liquefied natural gas. >> well, i think if we get progress on the first two, it is a fantastic progress and really something to be noted and celebrated. i don't know if we will. if it's all about their buying some more u.s. goods, some sort of temporary thing, that's not the real problem. the real problem is china's behavior in the global trading system. if they're going to keep growing and becoming more and more important, they've got to play by the rules. they haven't been. maria: and i couldn't agree more. the chinese have to convince the world that in fact it's safe to use huawei before anybody trusts them. i want to ask you about -- go ahead. >> if one goes to china you're told don't bring your cell phone, don't bring your computer, they'll take it over and that's a ridiculous situation. maria: they say the same thing about russia. >> it's also true about russia. maria: exactly. let me ask you about the global story here in terms of the economy. we have a survey by the national
7:36 am
association for business economics citing 42% of economists believe a recession will happen in 2020. do you see a recession in 2020? >> i mean, it's a possibility. we're talking over a two-year period. we're at a fairly modest growth rate. having a technical recession, 40% chance, less than even money. right now the u.s. economy is doing pretty well. there's a slow patch in the global economy. i think china's more than a slow patch. i think this is -- it may have a soft landing but it will be onto a downward slope. centralizing power does not work in trying to have a productive economy. europe i'm less sure. their growth rate is pretty low in trend. can they get back to it? maybe they can. maria: they're talking about 1% growth for europe. at some point have you to expect that hits the u.s. where are the growth stories within the u.s.? we were talking with nancy la glair earlielazar from earlier e
7:37 am
program. she basically said look, in terms of cap ex and business spending, it's very strong and the numbers have not reflected that. i would say the say them, you don't look at things like spending on new technology, upgrading innovation within a company, that is also cap ex and that's incredibly strong right now. >> they're very hard to measure. in fact, economists for the last 20 or 30 years have been trying to include that in g & p and include that investments. maria: it should be. >> it should be but it's hard to measure. there's a good chance that in recent times a lot of investment is in adopting new technology, training your workforce, reorg reorganizing. i tend to be more optimistic about where our productivity growth is going than a lot of economists. i think much of what we experienced over the last decade has been post-financial crisis and we'll get something as we come out of it. but it hasn't happened yet. maria: so business spending, productivity, what about the consumer right now? how would you characterize the
7:38 am
consumer in america? >> well, i think the consumption has been pretty strong. i mean, that underlies why our growth has been good. the u.s. consumer has remained pretty robust. obviously, debt is rising, but interest rates remain very low. housing prices in some places are softer which could slow consumption. maria: what are the weak spots? what are the places to watch? is it the debt impact? $22 trillion in debt. or is it the global story like europe and china slowdown? >> i don't think debt's a big issue. interest rates have been falling any way you measure them in recent years many we have very low interest rates compared to historically. there are issues about how we pay for pensions, how do we pay for medicare, and of course some of the plans that have been put out there by some of the political parties involve a lot of spending going forward, maybe in some future problem. i think it's the global story that's much more of an issue. we have had china growing for
7:39 am
four decades. it has been an historic event. what happens when it finally really starts coming to an end? i think it's tougher on europe than on us. germany is very dependent on exports to china. we are less so. but still, if europe slows, if china slows, it's got to hit us. maria: you still expect a 3% number for 2018? >> well, i think that's going to be a stretch to get to that at this point. maria: after the fourth quarter. >> yeah. i mean, with the shutdown, with the trade war and everything, i think it will be very hard to get to that. maria: so close to 3% but maybe not 3%. >> maybe not 3%. maria: 2019, what kind of growth number would you expect given the fact that, look, you don't have the tail windwinds tt you had with the tax legislation a year ago. >> i don't think the tax legislation, the fiscal stimulus is as much a part of the story as people tend to say. i mean, it's been coming off. it will continue to come off.
7:40 am
i think growth will be in the 2.5 to 3% range. maria: we'll leave it there. thank you so much. coming up, lingerie wars are heating up, victoria's secret gets new competition from retail giant target. we've got details after this. the oscars getting political, the academy giving out awards while the stars give their opinion of president trump. wait until you hear this one. back in a moment. ♪ call me on the line, call me. ♪ call me any, any time. ♪ call me, call me, on the line, you can call me. s in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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maria: welcome back. a new beer war may be brewing. lauren with the details. lauren. lauren: hey, maria. the major beer makers, anheuser bush, heineken, constellation brands they were working on a got milk campaign for the beer industry to win back beer drinkers. those efforts may be over after the feud between coors and inbev. molson coors u.s. unit is still mad about it and a spokesperson tells the wall street journal that working on an industry campaign is a, quote, waste of time and money while the dominant industry leader is spending millions of dollars demonizing beer ingredients. miller coors says corn syrup is widely used in the fermentation process. target is preparing to take on
7:45 am
victoria's secret and amazon. they're launching a line of lingerie and sleepwear. that targeting changing women's preferences for more natural designs. next month, target will launch three new brands and anticipates more than $1 billion in sales in a year. shares of target are down 4% over the last year. and shares of victoria's secret parent company l brands, they are down 44% in that same time. well, some big bucks will be on the line at the fortnite world cup finals in july. right here in new york city. who's going? epic games, they're putting up a $30 million prize pool for the event. that is the largest single prize pool in e-sports. players who make it all the way through to the final round are guaranteed $50,000. the winner, $3 million. imagine that, for gaming. lot of money. maria: sure is, big business. are you a gamer? >> no, i'm not.
7:46 am
i recognize the great pull this has in entertainment. this isn't the video games i grew up with. they not only play them but they watch them. it's big business. you look at the success of these plat force, it's really incredible. it's very viable and that's where the resources are going. so run with it. >> fortnite is a free game but they make money off in-app purchases. the game is free. if you want stuff, you've got to buy it we want to tell you what the president is saying ahead of the upcoming north korean summit. he will be meeting with kim jong un this week in vietnam. he says meeting for breakfast with our nation's governors, then off to vietnam for our veer important summit with kim jong un with complete denuclearization, north korea will rapidly become an economic powerhouse. without it, just more of the same. chairman kim will make a wise decision, writes the president.
7:47 am
we'll take a break. when we come back, the oscars getting political last night. watch this. >> there is no host tonight. there won't be a popular movie category. and mexico is not paying for the wall. maria: not as political as you would have thought, though. that and just one other item we're going to bring to you later. all the winners and loser from hollywood's biggest event right after this. ♪ can anybody find me. ♪ somebody to love. ♪ with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. itin 30,000 precision parts. existing trip.
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7:50 am
maria♪ where they can't hurt us. ♪ we're far from the shallow now.
7:51 am
maria: wow. [ laughter ] maria: that was the show-stopping performance of shallow by lady gaga and bradley cooper at hollywood's biggest night last night. gaga picking up her first oscar for that original song. the biggest winner was ho bohemn rhapsody, green book took home the highest honor with best picture. michael was on the red carpet last night at the oscars. michael, it's great to see you this morning. >> hello, my maria. how are you? maria: great. listen, that was some performance. i want to hear all about the oscars. you have to tell us how it was, what you saw. let's start with that performance. because i mean, when she turned and he turned, i thought they were going to kiss. they were so close. >> i know. oh, my god. it was that moment. it sort of felt like we were interrupting the two of them. maria: exactly. >> they couldn't stop staring at
7:52 am
each other. that said, i couldn't stop staring at the $60 million canary diamond around her neck. let's talk about that as well. i mean, hello. i mean, she jes just exuded old school hollywood graham more. dagen: i want to add, if they were acting, they both deserved academy awards for best actor and actress last night. that didn't look like acting of everyone felt uncomfortable. his girlfriend in the audience, i don't know if he's married to her. maria: can we show that video again? can we show that video again? i'm telling you, it looks like he came close to her and she turned, she was about to kiss him and realized she can't kiss him. watch. look at this. see that? do you see what i mean? she basically realized okay -- >> i'm on national television. maria: i wonder.
7:53 am
you see what i mean, right? that was incredible. what about the political jabs, there were political jabs. it wasn't all-out political. so that's good. but again, we did have some political jabs. let's watch this. >> in case you're confused, there is no host tonight, there won't be a popular movie category, and mexico is not paying for the wall. [ laughter ] >> [speaking in a foreign language] >> califi has nothing on her. if you would ever like to bar roborrow the dragon, ring me. >> the 2020 presidential election is around the corner. let's all mobilize. let's all be on the right side of history. maria: what did you think about that, the tone? >> yeah, look, it was not as bad as it has been in past years. my heart went out to the executives at abc.
7:54 am
maya rudolph made that comment about 10 minutes into the show. you could see the tvs in the red states turning off at that moment. the other thing i should mention, a lot of the movies that were nominated all had political undertones. it wasn't that out-of-place as it has been or jarring as it has been in past years. >> michael it really seemed like it was kind of tame, frankly, almost to the point where i wonder if there was some sort of conversation that was had among the powers that be and the people who move and shake at the oscars to tone it down and say maybe that's what we need to do this year. do you think something like that happened? >> yeah, look, i think that's a great point. it's been sort of tame all award season this year. all these shows are down, the golden globes are down in ratings, the grammy's are down in the ratings and the oscars last year were down 20%. i expect they'll be down again this morning when we look at the overnights. i think a lot of that has to do with the ratings.
7:55 am
-- with these guys getting so political during these shows. the word is out. they have been toning it down a little bit. maria: the president tweeted on if oscars earlier. he said be nice if spike lee could read his notes or better yet not have to do notes at all when doing a racist hit on the president who has done more for african americans, the president write, lowest unemployment numbers in history, tax cuts, et cetera, than almost any other president. this wasn't lost on president trump last night. >> i'm surprised he watched it. maria: i bet he didn't. dagen: he probably watched the clips this morning on tv. by the way, spike lee when green book won, spike lee got up out of his seat, tried to walk out of the auditorium. they wouldn't let him. he lost for best director and then blackkklansman lost for best picture. he tried to walk out. people were describing him as being angry, kind of addressed it later, making a joke about
7:56 am
the knicks. they won't let him leave the auditorium until the speeches were done. i think you need to sit down and respect your fellow nominees and respect everybody in the room. there was a lot of -- just really quickly, black panther won some amazing awards for two african american women when african americans had never won in costumes and art direction before. >> yeah, look, i think a lot of people were surprised that green book won -- >> dagen: it's production. >> it's a throwback. black panther was a cultural juggernaut this year. the big story last night was that netflix fell far short of taking home the big price. maria: good point. michael, grates to see you. thank you -- great to see you. thank you. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is monday,february 25th onno top stories 8:00 on east china trade deadline delayed president trump pushed back the timeline to institute higher tariffs on chinese so two can make a deal a global market rally futures a gain start of trading this morning of 1 a points on dow industrials, s&p 500 13u7 the nasdaq right now, up 38, this on top of a very strong performance on friday, ending the week higher, dow industrials up 181 points friday, three quarters of a percent s&p up 17 nasdaq
8:01 am
friday up 67 dplonl markets mostly higher exception of -- the uk, the ft 100 down 15 points a quarter of a percent had been up earlier cac quarante in paris up 14 the dukes in germany the shanghai composite up 5.6% over tonight deal of the day general electric selling biopharma to danaher 21.4 billion dollars sending ge shares higher up 16 1/2% right now in ge, keep notes, the ceo of ge new ceo, is the former ceo of danaher, the new home very latest on contact negotiations tell you teen that is competing with philadelphia for the mlb star hollywood big night top moments everybody talking about this morning, plus our favorites is mr. one of them,
8:02 am
lady gaga bradley cooper down to business there. >> stories coming up joining me to break it down fox business dagen mcdowell tw.c. partner mitch roschelle third advisers michael block. >> progress on trade, and m&a activity, barely started. maria: it is bit of a merger monday? s see how jay powell does tomorrow wednesday a lot of data coming. >> what will we hear from jay powell do you think balance sheet one thing asking about right. >> from the house and senate this week. >> my read in prepared comments we are going to hear what we saw last statement in minutes patient on rate hikes about running down balance sheet the risk comes in q&a if someone brings up, data getting better if he sounds a little too -- optimistic on the economy could be read as hawkish given right now
8:03 am
full-blown dovish a risk people get concerned fed is not on hold doing no harm as well as possible. i don't think that happens, but that is the risk. >> he may have some indication on gdp comings out later in the week, may be able to tea leaves we can read. >> the "the wall street journal" has a story by nic.k. jay powell whisperer fed considering whether to allow fla is to rise above 2% tshths as they grapple with likelihood of interest rates likely to remain much lower than in the past that is the story to pay attention. >> is that an admission dagen that inflation is beginning is i mean i know we are not seeing in cpi or ppi but if willing to allow above 2% target saying things are keeping up prices higher we are er going to ignore it. >> a way to control inflation
8:04 am
expectations, caught expectations of this can bring it on so trying to say if you see 2%, print don't worry about it, so i think that it is more like -- >> historically strong dollar, recently historically strong dollar depressing prices. >> measure of inflation might be flawed does incorporate secular change consumer preferences producer preferences things like that we have incredible comment overnight from prime minister abe chief cabinet member over the weekend said in japan shouldn't focus on inflation target anymore what does that tell us measures flawed making them up as they go along needs to be reform carry out in-term of how it guides policy. dagen: in world deeply indebted we can't handle much
8:05 am
higher interest rates you saw what happened 10 year hit 3, hm 3 and a quarter in the fall. >> the market -- on that. >> great point, on inflation story journal the president tweeting former senator harry reid working hard to gut spin on failed career led through lies deception to about placed by about the beautyy crying chuck schumer some things never enhancing i hope great republican senators don't get led down the path weak ineffective border security without strong borders don't have a country voters onboard be smart don't fall into trap of open borders and crime this the u.s. democrats bring a resolution to the floor to stop the president's national emergency declaration lindsey graham told me yesterday he does think it will pass house could pass senate getting 51 poets the president will veto
8:06 am
it according to lindsey graham investors watching u.s.-china trade story this morning as well, president trump announcing a delay, on a tariff increases blake burman covering that live at the white house right now good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well after four days of high level discussions, between top members, of the u.s. trade team and china president trump attack to diversity to declare friday deadline to get a deal done on hold the declaration from the president quote i am pleased to report that the u.s. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with china on important strict rally issues including intellectual precinct technology agriculture many other issues as a result of very productive talks i will be delaying u.s. increase in tariffs now scheduled for march 1 assuming both sides make additional progress we will be planning a smut for president xi and myself at mara lago to include agreement very good for u.s.
8:07 am
and china the president told me he felt it was more likely than not that a deal would get done, and after that tweet last night, he remained optimistic when speaking with a gathering of governors here at the white house. >> we are doing very well with china, and it was a long weekend, they decided to stay for two and a half more days, and i think you will be very -- really amazed with what you see maybe let's see what happens we've a ways to go. reporter: now it remains unclear maria if there is a new deadline, and if that is the case, when that new deadline might actually be, president trump scheduled to leave white house later today heading to vietnam for second meeting with north korean dicktator kim jong-un tweeting president xi of china has been very helpful in supportive of his upcoming talks with kim jong-un. maria: thank you blake burman
8:08 am
white house bring washington examiner chief political correspondent fox news contributor byron york for reactionary good to see you thanks for being here before high stakes summit talk about resolution on tuesday dems going to try to stop the president national emergency declaration it may well head to the president's desk with few republicans in the senate probably vote for it your take. >> there are in factual some republicans on the record opposing this seems to be one of the more misunderstood stoop actions we have seen in quite a while the president proposes to draw on four pots of money to fund border barrier three do not require emergency declaration fighting about something might take place a long time from now the president proposes to use
8:09 am
money starting with 1.375 billion congress gave him specifically for this purpose a couple other places he plans to go don't require emergency declaration getting lost in the democratic measure to try to oppose the president. >> they want to o poe hoppose h they just want to resist he will veto it high stakes summit part two president tweeting this morning, about his upcoming summit with kim jong-un he said this earlier, meeting for breakfast with nation governors off to vietnam for very important summit with kim jong-un complete denuclearization north korea will become an economic powerhouse without it more of the same sure kim will make a wise decision. >> what do you expect the president likes to make big deal about personal relationships a relationship with kim jong-un at the end of the day, there has not been any denuclearization what with a will be a victory out of this meeting? >> well, you know, a lot of
8:10 am
people wondered where president met with kim the first time whether no deal on denuclearization, and since then, secretary of state pompeo and other officials said look, the benefit is that north korea has not been testing, they haven't been testing nuclear weapons or the missiles to deliver them, that is a plus, there is no doubt that it is a plus is it enough to have another summit and especially at the end of the summit supposed is to announce something do you announce formal end of the korean war that is important but not denuclearization so i think by having a second summit, the president is really kind of shining a light on the fact that there is not an agreement there. maria: not an agreement there but definitely did move the ball forward because, we haven't seen missile launches. >> that is correct, the president look, in this case, and with china trade the president is attacking intrakble problem eluded previous presidents.
8:11 am
>> that is right. >> and actually putting the whole thing on hold, is progress. in the north korea talks, but is it enough to have yet another summit. >> let's talk about the russia investigation, because there is so much to talk about, here, the mueller report may be out in the next two weeks, adam schiff continues to threaten to subpoena robert mueller latest if full findings two year long investigation are not made public on "sunday morning futures" yesterday senator lindsey graham warned house democrats what will happen if they keep pushing this reportedly and fake nonsense that there was some collusion we did not have evidence of watch this. >> if there is no evidence of collusion, between the trump campaign, and the russian intelligence community, then that should be the end of all this, i have seen no evidence of collusion if democrats keep pushing this it is going to blow up in their face in 2020
8:12 am
mueller will let us know in a couple weeks. >> what do you think about this there have been a few out there, pointing to the fact that there has not been any evidence of any collusion you among them myself as well, nor graham says he is going to keep fighting this going to subpoena rod rosenstein sally yates over dossier launched investigation in beginning sand drew mccabe on a book tour saying i want the vacation in place no accountability, no answers, to what the predicate was in the first place why launch such an investigation when you have such flimsy flimsy things to rely on in terms of of evidence. >> we are just or ainging in the dark, right now if arguing in the dark about mueller, one we don't know what is if in the report, two, we don't know how much, if not all of the report will actually be released adam schiff making threats based on something he doesn't know. you are right about the whole
8:13 am
collusion things we don't know what is in mueller report we do know what mueller has done so far people he has charged, paul manafort, rick gates, michael flynn all people who if there had been a collusion scheme would have been part of it and yet they were not charged, with anything, evolving a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia to influence 2016 election the objec object thing about mueller wait to see what he does i have been in favor of radical trillion dollars he transparency the transcripts grand jury questioning all should be released basically on model of lewinsky investigation in 1998 all released to the public. but right now we don't know what it is, and democrats are making threats and promising new investigations without knowing what has been -- >> i agree with you, it is not
8:14 am
-- just because that is the right thing to do but also because the last two years, has been just a constant drumbeat against this president and mainstream media driving the bus on it constantly reporting there would be includings and there is this report coming out may show includincollusion could be declassification of dominates or the mueller report. >> it is not going to fly to say, i have made the decision, we found there was collusion by the should be removed from office what are detail sorry we can't tell you the secrets, not gonna fly, given the seriousness of allegations, that you just talked about, for two plus years, we need to find out what the evidence is. >> he hopefully new ag bill barr will also be coming out with some serious conclusions here by ron good to see you thanks so much by wron york
8:15 am
washington examiner. >> deal of the dayg ge selling by pharma business to danaher general electric chaser sharply higher up 18%, 91st academy awards on deck next. . shares ge soaring
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
this morning, on news that it is selling its biopharma unit for 21 billion dollars lauren simonetti. lauren: ge unleadeding to danaher 21.4 billion dollars danaher ge ceo larry's former company includes assumption of certain pension liabilities to use those proceeds to reduce leverage and strengthen is balance sheet geoup almost 18% look at danaher up 6 1/2% in the premarket, also this, merger monday swiss drug maker
8:19 am
roche bid 4.3 million dollars to acquire spark therapeutics in gene therapy to treat era disorders roche was competing for another unknown bidder for biotech to close second quarter, take a look at this up 62.34 for 121% gain price right now 113.90 each, potential takeover also in mining industry, all stock merger with newmont mining to create ming giant valued 42 billion dollars new monitor management has rejected overtures setting up a battle between two largest gold companies barrick gold slightly higher in premarket newmont mining up 47 cents also this vice president mike pence, big story meeting with venezuela opposition leader
8:20 am
over rue mantarian crisis u.s. aid stopped by maduro. >> lindsey graham told you on sunday stha sunday. i will make a predick's not if he falls it is only when, it is a matter of time, unsustainable, issue people of inventorya american people has your back trump administration has your back. >> at least two people killed as protesters at border turned violent trish regan will sit down with vice president in columbia to talk about crisis in venezuela 8:00 even time. >> thank you so much incredible story in venezuela do you think the american people care about this? >> one thing i noted because i -- i was watching oscars last night one of my screaming
8:21 am
services through florida local news in florida because of the large latino population does incredible coverage on venezuela, and everything that is going on. >> take a break we are watching ipo a lot on deck, stay with us. this is the all-new chevy silverado. it's beautiful. beefy and mean looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. the cab is bigger than the last generation. it's the first truck i've seen make you look small. but that's not all... whoo! oh my... whoa! the silverado has more cargo volume than any competitor. very impressive. now, during the chevy presidents day sales event,
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maria: welcome back retailer earnings in focus this week deirdre bolt on on the floor with rundown this morning expecting a pretty good opening. >> we are expecting a pretty good opening, but maria you said one big thooem is retailers i want to go over list long this week getting results from home depot macy's lowe's best buy nordstrom jc penney foot locker a complete list will give a clear snapshot of where investors are spending across different businesses its is also going
8:25 am
to be big as far as companies going public are concerned ride shearing company lyft may be filing as early as this week, so that is according to sources, they value company around 15 billion dollars, but when they go public may seek to up that to 20 to 25 billion, of course, with notable here it is larger competitor to market. >> baifrpnkers, estimated 8 million dollars exercise biking company attaches to live streaming services pay for bike to take classes, by the way, bankers say could be biggest year for companies going public ever if you measure in dollars last word 108 billion, raised dot com bubble 1999 last year less than half that. >> good number great for the
8:26 am
economy for the markets. >> thank you, quick break then china trade negotiations, taking center stage investors optimistic a deal will get done the president will not institute higher travis frid tariffs, highlights coming up. >> if you want it to be always, if you want it to -- you never going to leave him tell him you are al going to love him ♪ ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated.
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it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 25 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. china deadline delayed president trump pushed back time to make a deal will not institute higher travis friday senator lindsey graham joining me on "sunday morning futures" yesterday talked about importance of this negotiation. >> -- trump is putting pressure on china unlike any president in my lifetime, we want a deal but it's got to about a good deal on all fronts. >> talking about impact on u.s. markets in a moment, on news of the delay, asian markets higher overnight shanghai composite picking up 5.6% over tonight on news, the others higher fractionally in u.s. futures indicating a pretty good rally start of
8:31 am
trading this morning, dow industrials up 156 points right now, s&p 500 up 13 nasdaq up 49. in europe this morning, well, london has turned negative, as you seef00 down 8 points -- ft 100 down cac quarante up 16 dax up 64 oil prices down crude oil slipping this morning, as president trump, asks opec organization of the petroleum exporting countries help people prices low sent out a tweet opec relax oil is down 55 dollars 88 cents a barrel down 2 1/2%, we have latest on contract negotiations, and we will tell you team competing with philadelphia. >> big night in hollywood top moments from the last night's academy awards show, surprises good moments, yeah one of them tell you all about it coming up first top story this half an hour investors eyeing china
8:32 am
trade optimism futures indicating a preg rally start of trading up 160 points as president pushed back the decline for trade tariffs on chinese goods, those were to about implemented this friday. joining us right now met life investment management chief market strategist a pleasure to see you -- >> thanks very much. >> thanks so much for joining us most important story in the journal a lot of conversation this morning about it how big of a deal for the markets in terms of china and u.s. getting something down on paper. >> i think it is a big deal i think, when people look at it all the risks trying to figure out about this is the one that can go away most easily a political decision a question if you went through all this you end up with a good trade deal what is the long-term effects of that i think long-term effects could be more important than tax cut at least on individual side, than anything else we have been seeing, trade with china fair and free is going to be a
8:33 am
tremendous boon to the world economy. >> where can we expect to see, if trade deal gets done when can we expect the effect to come through in growth how long to kick in? not instant how are you factoring it in. >> i think more of a sentiment issue i think you will see people an investor sentiment issue you will the economy underlying everything actually doing quite good but fear that something is going wrong next year or two you see surveys out now saying oh next recession next year? what huh you asked three months later they say oh next year sometime keep pushing out the that recession forecast i think this will remove one with risk that people talk about trying to point to next recession. >> one of the things that concern me if there is in fact a deal with china would have to get ratified by congress, still don't have nafta 2.0 ratified that if that stall do you think the markets, are
8:34 am
going to react to that. i mean there is a risk there, but i do think you know one of the interesting things about everything the president has been doing with china is you haven't heard a lot of pushback on either side of political i'll from dealings with china i think a broad understanding that there has to be something done in this case the president has more leeway than in other cases, where, you know if picking apart trade deal for example signed by -- >> what about funding fights in the coming year? tustles president might get into with democrats, investors is market looking ahead to that? >> well you saw that in consumer sentiment numbers, the current conditions level kind of a how is your life going near record levels expectation number plummeted ever won wants a functioning government claims to want a
8:35 am
functioning government when that seems like there's some interceptor there, or there is some o conflict doesn't need to exist hurts people's expectations might not change behavior but make people worried about future do you see that. >> are people worried about huawei threat, president trump said friday that the u.s. will discuss dropping charges against chinese technology giant huawei. i don't know if he said that they were going to drop charges, specifically, no, but was asked a question about it. he said well we are looking at that. huawei is a chinese telecom provider pompeo is worried european countries,,the cfo detained your thoughts. >> i don't think a focus for market participants i think people will see it as a geopolitical story rather than a market story, and to the extent that it is a market story, it is a trade story, i don't think people are looking at it exactly the same way --
8:36 am
>> what about global o slowdown a survey by national association of business economics 42% economists believe country will slip into recession by to 20 we ne europe slow 1% growth there china slowed down your expectation about impacting u.s.. >> could be a drag i think more decoupling from u.s. the u.s. consumer 70% growth in u.s. economy, our trade sector is smaller as percentage of economy than a lot of other countries so as long as u.s. consumer holds up, the rest of the world can create a drag but probable not going to about enough to pull us legislator. >> jay powell gives testimony starting tomorrow morning eyes on that fed dovish sounds like looking for rate hike at least one rate hike this year. >> looking for two. >> hello! >> it did not seem like extreme forecast when we put it out there, i think this fed is misunderstood i think they
8:37 am
are more willing to take signals from the market than the last fed was but that also then leads people to say oh we'll you are just responding to markets you are not actually you are not focusing on the economy. they are focused on the economy but they have to kind of take their shots when they can get them we need to see yield curve steepen up 10-year yields too low relative to the front door ent of yield curve we need to see market kind of doing okay before they generate hike we think you get conditions around june will try to hike the end of the year. >> by midyear a steeper yield curve. >> is it a little bit of a steeper yield curve will allow fed to hike rates. >> how do you want to allocate capital in the market after incredible january we had. >> more fixed income shop we like u.s. consumer fixed income side like structured plans a little bit more than we used to like that exposure to u.s. trade admirer in sweet
8:38 am
spot where you want with consumers low unemployment. >> do you like treasures 10 year below -- a low yield. >> in our valuation where things you stand prefer cash than treasurys you can get paid almost agency much for cash as you can see for u.s. treasury for longer dated us treasurys. >> on structured finance are you worried about consumers having too much debt seeing potential more defaults in credit risk indebted in structure -- >> i work forions company live my life worried about default i would say that i think if you look at consumer delevered gains outpacing inflation standards improving, there is low unemployment rate there currently more job options in the economy than is there are people unemployed i think a pretty good view of the world now you are always going to find some people not doing
8:39 am
well in that story you are going to find some people out performing that story but i think on average, it seems like consumers in p really good shape. >> -- >> there is also a places you want to stay away from. >> either thanks so much, coming up 91st academy awards hollywood wraps up biggest night of the year with no host and few surprises. >> race to the stop spot with a symptom ag bhug. >> ♪ together, together, that is how it should be -- only heartbreak for me ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:43 am
optimistic on china delaying friday's deadline joining us stuart varney to we have a in good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. . >> is if i have been saying for a along time, that any deal with china any china trade deal is good news for the market and good news for the economy. certainly in the short run. now we've got an what a delay in the tariffs, that is positive. it could be largely cosmetic but markets reacting to that with very solid gain here, and huge gain in china, and gains in markets all over asia and
8:44 am
parts of europe too to about expected any deal is good news for the markets and the economy short term. when the deal is announced, if there is a deal to about announced, i am sure it will include some kind of mechanism for checking up on the theft of intellectual property and theft of technology that will work out over the long termination will the deal work when it comes to checking china? i don't know. but it will be part of the deem and we will a check on it later the initial response you got a deal, mark it up economy more solid footing 37 by the end of this week a very big week coming up for the market and the economy, and politics, i think we might well be at all-time high a new one for the dow industrials, that means, close to 27,000. what do you think. >> wow that is great. yeah i think this is important, and i think that it is a deal that both nations want to get done, you know i am hoping that it does include the important things in it that includes ip theft forced
8:45 am
transfer of technology looks like based on president tweets this morning pushing off decline to institute tariffs it will i think you make right point in terms of oversight check on things chinese committed to trust but verify reganesque, only time you tell but that is the truth after any deal is made, there will be a long period checking up, have they stopped stealing our technology have they stopped the forced transfer of technology only time will tell maria: i know you have more in few minutes top of the hour "varney & company" every day, 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria" join stuart coming up, first there is this serena williams nike ad celebrates feel act elitist. >> no sick days for one driver fought off thank you, mr. to win the race at atlan lant moto
8:46 am
speedway. >> ♪4 ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. ♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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>> free agent could have a new home jared max with the latest. >> good morning looks like east coast or west coast every major league baseball team playing exhibition games, harper on outside, seeking contract reportedly in excess of 300 million dollars over 10 years this weekend, baseball tlaefz pointing toward bryce finalizing with fillies reported los angeles dodgers are back in the mix manager robertson team officials in harper's hometown las vegas opening day march
8:50 am
28, nascar driver kozloski lost 6 pounds fighting a stomach bug battled the bug beat the field at the trick trip a hundred atlanta motor speedway win 28 in kozloski's career held off truex, jr., for the victory in atlanta serena williams to the stage to present "a star is born" at oscars also are in aated a nike commercial about women beating odds in sports. >> a woman jumping -- coaching nba team, winning 23 grand slams having a baby coming back for more. >> serena cloefdz ad if they want to call you crazy show them what crazy can do. >> alliance of american football this weekend aaf might have stood for alliance of american frisbee check this out in orlando saturday,
8:51 am
thrilled by 83-yard catch by dog on frisbee. perfect catch making highlights all the over the place. >> who doesn't love a dog catching a frisbee dagen: you have a stomach bug in nascar treat you same way you treat a dog g you fluid, and shot to stop the nausea i think kozloski got twobags of fluid able to get -- >> i don't know how he did that. >> i got to say if driving a car someone speeds past me i tell miles they got to use the bathroom, that is -- i got to win this race about performing with flu i think we have been there at work sometimes you think jordan won classic, final -- >> -- 55 i think, incredible. >> when sick simes a need to focus on task at hand everything else blocked out sometimes in best work can
8:52 am
come out because you are completely focused on the job trying to get passed sickness. >> not first driver to do that other story i have heard over time you can't share, about national tv, but they go on. >> good to see you thanks so much catch sports reports 24-7 or siriusxm 115, academy awards hollywood wraps up biggest night no host and few pretty good surprises our favorite moments next up. ♪ ♪ i knew about the tremors.
8:53 am
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maria: welcome back. like most years, this year's academy awards ceremony was full of hits and misses. for me, the best moment had to be when lady gaga and bradley cooper sang a duet for "a star is born" and there's one moment in there you will notice -- okay, wait, just watch. ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪
8:57 am
maria: that was one moment but when he first sits down and you have the whole video when he first sits down, i think she almost forgot where she was. here it is. watch this. ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ maria: right? there it is. whoops. i'm going to kiss you but oh, no, i'm on live. i don't know. he is with someone and has children with her so maybe they're not a couple. i don't know. >> the woman was sitting in the audience. how uncomfortable was that? by the way, they got a second standing ovation when they got up and walked back down to their seats after this performance. >> there it is. >> look at that. maria: this is your favorite as well, right? >> it really was. i think it spoke to the bond. that's a broad word but it spoke to the bond they developed working on this film, and he directed her in this movie and i
8:58 am
said this earlier, if they were acting, they both deserved academy awards on this. maria: by the way, the people on twitter saying -- you know what, don't tweet about it. i love watching women get dressed up with all these stylists and they have on the dresses. >> what was your least favorite of the night? >> of course, spike lee got up and said something political and threw a fit when his picture didn't win. i totally understand that. glenn close horribly overlooked by the academy for best actress. i think, i always love the fashions and love to hate on who looks bad. rachel weisz's red dress, a latex top with the headband, yeah, that's me in twelfth grade. i never had a boyfriend until i was 21. so there you go.
8:59 am
givenchy dress. expensive doesn't give you, you know, taste. maria: i think it was wrong that spike lee walks out, almost walks out because his movie wasn't, you know, winning. have some respect for your colleagues in the business. i'm sorry. i agree with you. your favorite and least favorite? >> the adam lambert performing with queen, filling in for freddie mercury. he did it on "maefamerican idold it was phenomenal. he did freddie mercury proud. maria: they began with him and it was a really good way to get the crowd going. we will rock you. >> that was the intent of the song. the song was created by queen to get the crowd going. my least favorite moment was missing because i'm stuck on an airplane. at least i got to see the opening number. maria: michael? you're up. >> i didn't watch a second of the oscars. i'm being honest. i do like queen here. i will plug my favorite queen
9:00 am
album, the second, "queen 2." second album, streaming "queen 2." maria: that works. great to see you all today. thanks so much. great show. to all of you, go seize the day. have a good one. "varney & company" begins right now. take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. the tariffs have been delayed. instead of a jump to 25% come friday, march 1st, tariffs will stay at 10% and the president is working towards a summit with china's leader next month in florida. all over the world, investors love it. china's market is up a whopping 5% and please look at this. the dow will open with another triple digit gain. it's been straight up for stocks this year. this keeps up this week, we'll set a new high, beat 26,828 and we have a new record. the nasdaq also on a tear. some tech stocks, especially chip makers, do well with any china deal.


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