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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> not surprising. presidents always talk about opening reserves. they want prices to be lower,s specially going into the summertime. david: we'll see you next time. president trump: how well we did with our trade talks with china. it looks like they will be coming back quickly again and we'll have a new summit. we'll have a signing summit which is even better. hopefully we'll get that completed. we are getting very, very close. it's incredible with that wall has donnell. that's not even the best of our walls. we have a great system thousand. we have a prototype. i expect to have 250 to 300 miles of wall built in the very near future. liz: president trump says a signing summit with china is coming up over the trade deal.
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an laid out his vision for a border wall. but the battle on capitol hill is about to get rougher. tomorrow speaker nancy pelosi prepares to lead a vote to block the president's emergency declaration to fund that wall. the market soaring to record highs as president trump announces a summit is soon coming to sign a trade deal. this is the best start of the year for stocks since 1987 ws former fed chair january the yellen blindsided president trump claiming he does not understand metro economic policy or the mission of the fed. is this sour grapes because president trump did not give yellen a second term? dozens now feared yesterday, 285
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injured after socialist nicolas maduro's forces attacked opposition members trying to bring in food and medical aid to venezuelans dying of hunger and more. i am here tonight that dozens were killed in separate events. this following reports from the "wall street journal" that maduro's forces are freeing criminals and enlisting them as soldiers to commit acts of violence. vice president pence returning to washington this hour after a neating with juan guaido, the interim president. our trish regan has the exclusive interview. if bernie sanders wants to declare war on the fossil fuel industry, why does bernie sanders take so many private jet flights? hundreds of thousands in bills there. critics are saying there is a
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pollution factor as well. this is unfolding as more democrats are coming forward saying no, i'm not a socialist. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] kicking it off with your money. the stocks are up with the dow approaching record highs. low volatility. as a china trade deal could be in sight. president trump said he and president xi jinping will sign a deal potentially at mar-a-lago in florida. all of this before the president heads to a second summit with north korea's kim jong-un. reporter: a lot going on in washington. there were deputy-level talks with the chinese this morning. trade sources are telling me they had some technical issues
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they had to wrap up. president trump still confident he'll have that signing summit you described sometime soon. the president not giving an exact date on that. however, the chinese on their calendar for president xi jinping marked off march 26-29. but nothing from the u.s. side. president trump is in the air on his way to vietnam. he's the first president last year to become the only american president actually to meet with the north korean leader. >> i think we can have a very good summit. i think we'll have a tremendous summit. we want the denuclearization. and i think we'll have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of the economy. reporter: as the president is overseas top the house of
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representatives will take up a bill that will in essence strip the president of the power to declare a national emergency on the southern border. house speaker nancy pelosi says that bill is expected to pass the house tomorrow, but she says it's not about politics. >> to let the executive bran' get away with this assault on the constitution we would be delinquent in our duty to the oath of office that we take. and defile, the core, the heart of the constitution, which is separation of powers. reporter: the bill is expected to get every democratic vote in the house. the senate will be an uphill battle should it pass the house. an open letter to the president said he did not need to declare a national emergency on the southern border.
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the vast majority of those worked under democratic presidents. some of them worked under democrat and republican democrats. 16 states sued the president to try to stop that declaration. it's work its way through the courts. liz: it was a weekend of violent clashes along venezuela's border. vice president pence flew to colombia to meet with its president and juan guaido. sanctions were slapped on governors of the venezuelan states still aligned with the socialist regime. dozens of people reportedly killed in venezuela. hundreds injured as troops loyal to maduro did fire teargas. he fired it at protesters.
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they blocked and even burned humanitarian aid to stop it from coming into the country. the regime militarizing hospitals to block urgently needed help from outsiders including food and medicine from coming in. maduro was caught dancing with his wife at a pro-regime concert. on "fox news sunday" secretary of state mike pompeo said they have not ruled out military action. >> we'll do what we can to make sure democracy rein -- reigns.
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liz: trish regan is live in bogota, colombia. she sat down with an exclusive interview with vice president pence. >> all options are still on the table. they are making that very, very clear. i would also add that the acts of the vice president of the united states of america coming here to bogota, colombia, to meet with juan guaido and to meet with the lima group leaders, that in and of itself signifies a lot. he did tell me how important this issue is to him. how important it is to this administration. how important it is to donald trump and has been from the day he took the presidency. this is something the administration has been watching unfold very, very carefully. there has been a coordinated effort between treasury and the
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administration as far as sanctions go. the latest round of sanctions coming today, they are going after four of nicolas maduro's cronies, either governors in venezuela that are going to not have such a good time once the u.s. catches up with them on these sanctions. here is vice president pence to me. >> we announced today additional sanctions. more nations are recognizing the legitimate president of venezuela is one guaido. i believe despite the brutality of this last weekend where five innocent civilians were murdered and truck loads of medicine and food were burned, the momentum is on the side of freedom, the momentum is on the side of those precious families i just met with that soon freedom will be reored in venezuela and the millions that fled oppression and deprivation will finally
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come home. trish: think about how significant that is, liz. the people of venezuela have struggled throughout the last shall we say nearly 0 years under socialist hugo chavez and now nicolas maduro. nicolas maduro has made things especially painful. 90% of the population is leg in poverty. they don't have food, water or medicine. the international community is there ready, willing, and able to help. u.s. aid is ready with beans and rice and essentials they need. and nicolas maduro is making it clear he does not want his people having access to any of this. even if it means the difference in some cases of life or death. he would choose to see his people die than give them aid
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from international communities like the u.s., like brazil, like colombia. so that shows you, i guess what he ultimately thinks of his people. because i'm editorializing here, liz, but you know how i feel. if he really cared about his people you would want to make sure they had the necessities and you would be doing all you could. but this is a guy who wants to cling to power, this cronies want to cling to power, and his days are numbered. liz: you have to watch trish's interview with vice president michael pence. trish regan, thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. president trump pushed the border wall at the governor's business session. >> this beautiful, powerful steel wall which you can see
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through, if you don't have it, you are not going to have borders. you are not going to have a country pretty soon. liz: this as 58 former security advisors and white house officials sign a statement against the funding. speaker of the house nancy pelosi beginning her drive to block the president's order. holding a vote tomorrow to try to overturn it. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi plans to call for a vote for a resolution to block the president's declaration of a national emergency at the border, to stop the white house and pentagon from moving appropriated money to build a border wall.
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a letter signed by national security advisors, mostly democrats, will be added to the congressional record. quote, we are aware of no emergency that remotely justifies such a step. under no plausible assessment of the evidence there is a national emergency that entitles the president to tap into fund for other purposes to build a border wall. the u.s. military is limited by law in what it can do, and the army corps of engineers contracts out any construction which must be tied to protecting u.s. troops. >> so for the border patrol, any place you have people who can
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vanish, where there is a highway or move into an urban area, that's where we need to erect barriers. reporter: officials said they don't need the approval of congress to shift construction money. >> it's nothing more than a campaign applause line for the president in one of his speeches. it has no merit in terms of effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and does not support the values of our country. liz: thank you so much. democrat socialist and presidential candidate bernie sanders finally saying yes there always crisis in socialist venezuela. but he refuses to condemn nicolas maduro or back guaido who is seeking democracy and freedom. he's only saying the u.s. should
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liz: we have major developments on the battle to secure the border. tomorrow house speaker nancy pelosi will lead a vote on a resolution to block president trump's knowledge declaration. this as the pentagon is sending troops to the texas border in addition to those who are already there.
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so the vote tomorrow in the house. president trump will veto it, right? >> this has no chance. it's all about political grand standing. we have had many, many declarations by presidents for years and years. it's never been challenged before, and we are she go. liz: . michelle nixon says there is no crisis at the border. >> she is wrong. i see drug trafficking and incidents of crime. the fact that hundreds of people have been murder on the border. i don't see how you can say this is not something we should be dealing with. liz: adam kinzinger says there is an emergency. he flew surveillance missions out of tuck stop, arizona. >> i went down there undecided.
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i put on my lieutenant colonel hat and was apolitical. if this was just an issue of immigration it wouldn't constitute a national emergency. but what i saw was disturbing. >> i couldn't agree with him more. fit was just about immigration it shouldn't be a national emergency. but it's about saving lives. some of these people crossing the border are dying along the way. this is a huge problem that's not going away in the the president addresses it. liz: the fact that drugs are caught at the ports of entry. they are caught there, that doesn't obviate the likelihood drugs are crossing the border not at ports of entry. >> drugs are crossing all across our border. so any effort that can be made
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to stop those crossing will save lives. this is a huge problem spreading across our nation. liz: to the billionaire owner of the new england patriots. robert kraft officially charged with soliciting a prostitute. one time allegedly on the date afc title game. we have the latest from hillary vaughn. reporter: the nfl says they are investigating robert kraft after investigators say they have him on camera engaging in sexual acts as part of a human trafficking ring sting. prosecutors saying in a press conference that no one gets special justice in their county and the seriousness of the charges should not be downplayed. >> this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes.
6:23 pm
this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. reporter: according to documents the patriots owner paid for a three-some. then came back for more the same day the patriots played the afc championship game. police say women in charge of this operation were accused of importing tbroanl overseas and forcing them to work as sex slaves in until where they ate and lept and worked at the massage parlors. kraft was seen at a pre-oscar party and then he was seen with his quarterback tom brady.
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liz: we have more stories developing at this hour. the oscar ratings are in. it had no host. 29.6 million people watched. that's 3 million more than last year it's a 12% increase. it's the first year-to-year increase. netflix won four oscars. netflix tying with disney, fox and universal for the most of oscars. tomorrow the ceos and top executives of the world's biggest drug companies will testify on drug prices before the senate finance committee. we'll keep you posted on that. check out shares of general electric.
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shares of bar rirks ck's. it could create a new company valued at $42 billion. pg & e is dumping a plan to pay out bonuses to its workers. the bonuses angered wildfire victims. claims from wildfires in california forced pg & e into bankruptcy. a 141-car pileup in wisconsin. it happened during gale-force winds. we are going to hear from a
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former u.s. ambassador to venezuela. but first bernie sanders in the hot seat. vintage video of the senator resurfacing supporting communism and more. we have that update on bernie sanders favoring private jets. a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast.
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liz: we are coming into the bottom of the hour. after remaining silent about the humanitarian crisis and the socialist collapse of venezuela, bernie sanders reacting, tweeting quote, the people of venezuela are enduring a serious humanitarian crisis. nicolas maduro's regime has been shooting and killing the people of venezuela for a number of years now.
6:31 pm
critics say bernie sanders has been part of a hands ovens crude as maduro has been imprisoning, torturing and killing his own people. >> what is the case for why venezuela is the way it is. what went wrong there and what was a validly socialist project? >> oh, well, that's a long story which don't think we have the time to get into. but here is what i will say. i think there must be free and fair elections in venezuela. liz: that's been going on for a while now, critics say. what's your reaction to bernie sanders'' remarks, congressman? >> senator sanders has been an
6:32 pm
apowell just for the regime? venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. he said mr. ortega was an impressive guy. this is a guy who was not tomorrow a dictator, but a pedophile. liz: the report that he's a pedophile, the reports come out whereabout that? >> it's been reported all throughout the press years ago. ortega was a dictator before, he came back to power and now won't leave again. liz: video surfaced of comments sanders made in the 1980s. here is what he said about fidel castro. >> everybody was totally convinced castro was the worst guy in the world. all the cuban people would rise up against limb. he gave hem healthcare and
6:33 pm
totally transformed the country. but just because ronald reagan dislikes him it doesn't mean the people in their own nation feel the same. liz: he said it's funny sometimes american journalists talk about how bad a country is because people line up for food. in other countries. rich people get the food and poor people starve to death. he says i remember being excited. kennedy was saying nixon was too soft on communism. i actually got from the room and almost left to puke. your reaction, sir. >> how do you react to statements like that praising murderers, serial killers. that's what the castro brothers
6:34 pm
are. and they are vehemently anti-american. but that's what the radical left stands for. it's not just senator sanders. it's a lot of the folks here in the house, there aren't that's of them thank god that have that points of view. but some believe whether it's the castro dictatorship or or day go dictatorship. i don't if it's because they are anti-american that they admire them. but they admire them. liz: how are the people in florida whose family members suffered at the hands of leaders likes castro tore maduro. what are they saying? >> it's interesting the support the president now has in southern florida where you have the nicaraguans and cubans and venezuelans who had to endure those dictatorships. if you look at president trump's numbers, he gets and those on
6:35 pm
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liz: we are hearing tonight from sources in exile in florida and sources still in venezuela that potentially dozen were killed in separate events at border clashes in venezuela. this after reports from the "wall street journal" and other outlets that maduro's forces freed and released from prison criminals, then enlisted them to be soldiers, gave them guns, then they committed acts of violence. on the phone, former u.s. ambassador to venezuela. i want to give you more detail.
6:40 pm
that maduro released the criminals from prison. gave them guns, took them to the board were brazil where they started shooting people. they picked up people and started quote disappearing them. delays communal grave with dozens of body in there. these are reports coming in now. your reaction? >> obviously, you know more than i do. this is the way these guys work. in addition to the official security forces, they enlist people to do their work. harm them and intimidate their opposition. liz: john bolton did state over 5,000 members of the military defected away from the socialist dictator. the number is now higher. we are hearing 100 or more, and
6:41 pm
they are accepting juan guaido's amnesty. do you see that as a turning point? >> it will take a lot more than 150 or 200 soldiers. so this is encourage. it's still a very, very small scale. and it's early days. >> we are hearing the cuban military intelligence is all over that country. any military defectors right now fear for their lives and the lives of their families. your reaction to that? >> they should. they should be concerned about their family members. that's the way these guys work. the reprisals aren't just against the individual who has done something. >> how do you get income * out? >> you have to maintain the pressure. you have to step up the pressure. you have to do something which vice president pence was work
6:42 pm
hard at today. to keep an international alliance against maduro. it's mott just enough for the united states to embardot bank accounts and saying you can't do business with the oil company. we need our allies in the democratic community to do that as well. latin america, europe, asia. and we all have to do it. and that's not easy. liz: thank you so many. we'll be right back. stay right there. that's why t. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. you hardly ever play catch with the grandkidsalk? or show them how to give a good handshake anymore. now look at me... i'm all bent out of shape. (vo tv) if you have bent fingers and can't lay your hand flat, talk to your doctor.
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liz: shares of tesla dropping 5% after hours. the judge was asked to hold elon musk in contempt for violating his sec deal. projections for the year were glowing, and overly optimistic. senator kamala harris and alexandria ocasio-cortez are getting criticized about not talking about how to pay for
6:47 pm
their socialist policy ideas. kamala harris tried to set the record straight. >> i'm a progressive democrat. i'm a proud democrat. i'm not a socialist. liz: kamala harris refusing to give a clear answer how to fay for the things in the green new deal. >> which portions of the green new deal you pick to do first, that's money. republicans will say pie in the sky. >> it's not about the cost it's about an investment. the question should be is it worth the cost? are we going to get back more than we put in? liz: kelsey buller, why can't senator harris answer how to pay for these grand and expensive plans? >> the reason is because there is no answer how you pay for
6:48 pm
these programs. besides taxing the middle class. we know taxing the rich will only get you so far. if you look at states like new york and connecticut, all they have done is driven residents out of their states. so democrats, i think are going and should continue to be pressed about how they want to pay for these massive programs like the green new deal and medicare for all. i don't expect them to have any answers besides pie in the sky answers like taxing the rich. liz: hillary clinton's campaign team is pointing out the hypocrisy of bernie sanders. bernie sanders in his campaign launched video singled out the oil and gas industry for criticism. >> i'm talking about wall street, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the it in industrial complex, the private prison industry, and the large multi-national
6:49 pm
corporations that exert such an enormous influence over our lives. liz: hillary clinton's campaign staffers are slamming bernie sanders saying he has a private jet problem. here's what's going on. the vermont senator's 2016 extra travel became a running joke in the office, that's a story according to "politico." when bernie sanders withdrew from his campaign staffers said they expected him to fly on commercial airlines 90% of the time. it didn't happen. the clinton campaign's director described quote i am not shocked while thousands of volunteers braved the heat and cold to knock on doors until their fingers bled to stop donald trump. his majesty bernie sanders would onlonly deign to leave his plush
6:50 pm
d.c. office or his brand-new second home on the lake if he was flown around on a cushy private jet like a billionaire master of the universe. the senate campaign committee paid for all that. i thought he was anti-fossil fuel and anti-wealthy. he has a big car bomb footprint. >> there is so much hypocrisy here. it's not just bernie sanders. it's where democrats who tell everyday americans how to live their lives. they are deck tag it what times of cars we should drive. telling us we shouldn't be flying planes. then look at them, they are flying their own private jets, telling us how to live, but they
6:51 pm
can't even live up to their own standards. it's hypocritical and americans are not buying it. liz: president trump is on his way to the second summit with kim jong-un of core. of. it was here. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night.
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>> retired general jack keane expressed his skepticism yesterday. >> the trump administration has come to the realization that for a country that spent 15 years acquiring nuclear weapons and
6:56 pm
now is a bona fide nuclear power with ballistic missiles is not going to denuclearize and disarm all of them in two years. they realize that that is unrealistic objective. i don't believe we're going to get what we've wanted from the first summit on which is an inventory of their weapons, a timetable to support denuclearization and a commitment to independent observers. i believe the administration has pulled back from that. >> joining me now is retired brigadier general. sir, great to see you what is your expectations or the summit? -- of the summit? >> great to see you too. i know that kim jong-un has committed to an inventory and the inspectors. so, you know, i know jack keane. he's a great friend and a great leader. i just have a different, you know view on this, on that the trump administration from day one i don't think ever expected kim jong-un to all of a sudden say here are all of my nuclear
6:57 pm
weapons, let's destroy them tomorrow. >> the president been tweeting that; right? hasn't he said that? >> my viewpoint on what the president is saying is that, you know, he places a lot on relationships and trust between two people. i think that he senses security in the relationship he has with kim jong-un and with good reason. we haven't had a nuclear test in 18 months. missile fired in 15 months. the remains have been returned, 20 inspection stations along the dmz have been dismantled along with mine fields. they are opening up the business center, the joint business center we between south korea and north korea. kim jong-un has purged some people that are resisting the drive toward unification on the peninsula. so there are all the indicators are there that kim jong-un means business and is serious about this. >> purging is a terrible thing. general, to your point, the foreign policy experts are saying that essentially this is one position that the north korean leader will never ever
6:58 pm
get rid of his nukes because, you know, so long as the u.s. has a presence in that part of the world, there's no way that north korea will ever get rid of its nukes so long as the u.s. is there. your take on that? >> i think the choice of vietnam, it is once a divided country that is now unified. they are going to go to this once divided country and see what the opportunities are for north and south and then they are going to go back to -- kim jong-un will go back up on his train to north korea and have a vision of what can happen. let's remember, liz, that he came into office with a vision of having an economically prosperous nation and also being a nuclear power. it's not unrealistic to believe that he's actually quite smart and will trade off one for the other and be remembered possibly as the one who led north korea
6:59 pm
to this economic prosperity. that is possible. >> he wants to be part of the economic community of nations. >> that's right. >> that's what president trump fully is aware of; right? >> that's correct. and, you know, when secretary pompeo went over there multiple times, he came back, you know, i've been in the dmz. i've been to south korea. they are very industrious people. there's no reason that the south and the north can't be just alike because they are the same people. they have the same ethic. they have the same agriculture, the same, you know, land and terrain. so there's no reason that one can't prosper, you know, as the other has. and north korea fully has that opportunity. it will take a lot of investment and infrastructure for sure, connecting the small towns and the big cities and allowing for that kind of economy to grow. liz: general, thank you very much. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: thank you for having us in your homes. thank you very much for watching.
7:00 pm
lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evenin lou: good evening everybody. this will be a week to remember. seldom if ever has any president taken on as many fundamental some would say existential challenges as president trump in this single week. foreign policy dominating president trump's agenda and i -- itinerary. he's now aboard air force one. he's in the 7th hour of what will be an almost 20 hour flight headed to vietnam. hanoi the site of his second summit meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. >> we're going to have i


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