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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 26, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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world. and for future of everyone in the u.s u.s. i am back, live from -- we'll find out tomorrow. i'll see you tomorrow night. kennedy: north korea's dictator kim jong-un just arrived in vietnam, president has a mission, to convince lil' kim to give up the nukes, just before he hit the road today, president outlining some of his goals for the meeting. >> a good meeting, i think we could have a very good summit, i think we'll have a tremendous summit. we want denuclearization, i think he will have a country that will set a lot of records for speeds in terms of an economy. kennedy: a lot of records, a lot of speed, meetings start wednesday, trump's critics are worried he will give to much to
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north korea and get too little in return, in fact senate democrats wrote an open letter, reading in part -- -- >> problem is that kim jong-un, he is not trustworthy. north korea regime has lead to the world -- lied to the world and us about its weapons, human rights abuses, hunger, famine and other horrible issues. will the president be able to get the upper hand and come home with a major foreign policy win. or could that backfire? joining me now, daily caller
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foundation, author of the art of the donald, chris bedford is back. >> thanks. >> there is a lot of criticism ahead of this second summit for the president, it is interesting, i would assume senator like ed markey would be talking about making sure that human rights violations and labor camps are the very first thing that president addresses, but instead, markey and company are worried about concessions. what are they chirping about? >> they are worried that president will gave something to north koreans without concrete in exchange. kennedy: oh, like the iran deal. >> like basically every single foreign policy that barack obama made. and by the way, president trump is correct to point out that a lots of folks who are chirping at him from television screens are those who were in charge of negotiations for president
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obama's team and bush's team, i understand there is a lot the stake, people should be worried, trump is the kind of guy who can make a gut-decision deal, but they don't have too much to stand on. the foreign policy experts. the north korea foreign policy expert racket is the biggest racket you could have in an expert commentary, it so difficult to prove you wrong, and you keep getting invited back no matter what you say. kennedy: there is still a lot about north korea we don't know. society as armored as that train. >> a cool train. kennedy: they can't fly because the dictatorial aircraft is so old, the pilot, they didn't do the micro soft flight program like that helicopter pilot in the fyre festival documentary. what i will say, there is some
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significant in the meeting takes place in vietnam. i know that vietnamese are upset they were not given more forewarning. >> i love that. they were not, of course, not. we gave them less than two weeks warning as opposed to a couple of months, despite what media most has moved on from, vietnam is a communist state, we don't want the listening bugs to be in concrete, we need to take it on, so they don't get too far ahead, to have leader of free world, president trump, and one of biggest dictators in communist world coming together to meet. kennedy: emphasis nota tate or. >> this is something that vietnamese would be interested in listening to. and it is unsurprising that u.s. insell 10 ha -- u.s. intelligens a big task. kennedy: president has high
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hopes, he has a lot of love, i hope, he has used the l word to describe the leader of north korea. i certainly have high hopes and some degree of optimism here. but like many others, i am wondering what does denuclearization mean? it is one concrete thing? or something subjective that can mean activity things to different people. >> it will be a step by step process, there is certainly pompeo suggested that there will be further meetings, i hope so, nothing will be completey figured are o out here, we need established trust. which is actually starting to happen, seeming he are ily for t time. but they need to -- united states will need is establish not what they have, where they have it how many warheads do they have? how much missile deliver i systems to they have. how many plants, we can
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generally find those, then we can look at are they become missing it -- become missing this. >> this is not just -- not just nuclear capability, and you know you say open up, i imagine you talk about some of the inhumane labor camps, people are sentenced and live short miserable lives, this is hard labor, we can't conceive of way they live and die in these camps. we don't know how many millions of people might be imprisoned there. is that as critical of an issue as de nik nuclearization. >> there is sno no less free ple than in north korea. it is abysmal. people being killed for try nothing get food. as for as this presidencies it even as democrats see it, that is secondary to making sure
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seoul and japan don't get bombed by a nuclear weapon, that is their concern, it seems that citizens of north korea are going to take a backseat, if north koreans are willing to step back from the nuclear program, i imagine that western leaguers will be willing to endlesses d despotic leaders in exchange for that. kennedy: the avenue has been opened, we could take a couple different rides, we'll be watching thank you chris bedford. >> thank you. kennedy: art of the donald, the book. >> president is not only one playing high stakes poke or world stage, vice president mike pence met with head of venezuela obligation juan guid guaido. with forces loyal to president mature hoo ma -- mad euro fires
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to the convoy. >> pence told trish regan that white house is not ruling anything out. >> we hope that diplomatic and economic pressure and voice of the nations in the world will result in a peaceful transition. kennedy: we have more breaking news. the univision journalist jorge ramos was detained in venezuela tonight because h mama ma -- ma- maduro did not like the questions that he was asking him. peter suit irman is back with us,. >> thank you. kennedy: you know, the out ster should come from within venezuela, how to they get there, how can they do that with support of united states.
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>> this is a kind of a classic problem for the opposition movements, that on one hand they want to you know, some ways not even they want necessary 3 the e u.s. to step in, but u.s. wants to, you see this at highest levels right now, all of donald trump's inner circle wants to depose maduro with pence saying all options on table, not ruling out military intervention. i just i worry this is leading us toward a kind of a military intervention scenario that will be counter productive, even though maduro is a very bad guy, you hear stories something like 3/4 of people lost something like 20 pounds each. you know on average, just horror 74 stories. kennedy: they have stayed, but those who can afford to have gotten out.
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unfortunately for those left, they are doctors, nurses, and teachers, and engineers, as the company is getting -- country is getting sicker and falling apart, only people who have any means of getting out have fled. >> to part of how these situation works is that there is is. in some ways it is like starting a riot, with a mob angry on the street, hey al they all have to. kennedy: are you talking military or civilians, the military is kind of operating under that same issue, you can't tell one general go ahead rise up again maduro, they are cronyists. >> the military here, they you know some have given benefits like running the nation's food program that make them powerful, keeping them in ma -- maduro's
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pocket, if the military would not side with matureo, it would be -- m maduro it would be all over, i worry that united states will try, will make this situation worse rather than better. kennedy: the presidencies this stock market going up with north korea talks. on the horizon, as well as extent shin of the trade i deadline with china. the forces of the free market are benefiting president in a good economy. he has verbally been a noninterventionist, what is it about this that makes you worry. it seems he is talking tough, i think their are a lot of parallels with north korea that everything is the table, and that has worked well with kim jong-un, does it work the same
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with matureo -- maduro. >> go backs to 2016 republican primary trump really set himself apart from the rest of big republican field by being noninterventionist, and criticizing the iraq war. his team is not reflective of that, but because republican party is not reflective of that. trump has been served well by his noninterventionist inpin in. it has served him well so far.
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and say obama said we did not plan for the day after, that is what happens when a super power that can go in and depose a leader tries to to so, record of intervention, in the affairs of other country by the united states in 2 21st century is not very good, i think trump would be wise on stay back. kennedy: univision treated out their journalist ramos has been released by the maduro regime, he was detained because that filthy president it not like some of the questions, good for ramos for asking difficult questions, hopefully embarrassing maduro, you are never an embarrassment. thank you for all you do peter sued irhan.
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kennedy: special council robert mueller reportedly very close to wrapping up his russia investigation, but you may not know, it is not his decision whether or not to releases findings, that is up to our new attorney general william barr, the left is freaking out, chairman of house judiciary committee adam schiff for brains, said there is a need for public to know, he is making it clear, he is going to take drastidraftmeasures.
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>> we'll is u subpoena the repo, and bring mueller to testify before congress, and take it to court if necessary, in the end, the public has to understand they have to make it public, i think barr would know that as well. if he tried to bury any part of this report that will be his legacy, it role be a tarnished legacy there would be a pressure on deputy and attorney general to be forth coming. kennedy: will this see the light of day? joining me now gayle trotter is back. kennedy: i want to see the findings from this report that has been going on for a long time, it is coming up on its second bittebirthday, it shouldo disneyland at-this-point. >> everyone would like to see the report but it does not mean everyone should. kennedy: why not? >> there is an idea when you
12:20 am
decide to investigate a crime, unless you have evidence to prosecute crime, if you release evidence that you have gathered that does not lead you to feel like you could prosecute it and take it to a completion of above reasonable doubt you end up releasing a lot of information that people do note -- not have the venue to which they can defend themselves, that is where the department of justice has guide lines, they don't release underlying evidence. kennedy: that is in a traditional setting. that was some of the criticism that civil libertarians posed to james comey when he laid out a laundry list of hillary clinton a crimes, but said we're declining to prosecute, it was not his decision. and he certain overstepped his bounds. >> he did, and he was fired for that. kennedy: and inspector general
12:21 am
gave him a hard time for that as well and president was within his rights to terminate him, i know, that but i don't know that president if this -- you know turned into an impeachment proceeding in we howl have the e same due process, this is the president of united states, this is a massive under taking. there is so much taxpayer money that goes into it, so much oh, passty already, i want to see it. >> an impeachment process is political not legal. so the special counsel is a prosecutor. it is important to understand that in legal process, there are consequences if you disregard guide lines, even adam schiff said when james comey released that information he went against longstanding principles, now he
12:22 am
using it to say it should be done differently this time. kennedy: i think that schiff is worried that the report is not going to have teeth, they want toic tracic -- extract as much y can. and now, michael cohen is testifying on capitol hill this week but h he can't talk about anything. are they asking him about his needs and feelings? >> i tre de predict it will be g nothing further burger, he will say nothing that is new. he is testifying between three over three different committees of house and senate could one of the hearings will be public, he can't talk about russia. instead just think that what has he didn't in the past? he gave a lot of inconsistent stories with a lot of facts that don't match up, he has been
12:23 am
given false statements to congress. so what does he have to contribute to the knowledge about anything related to this when he is such an untrustworthy source. and he can't talk about something that is certainly something that people have tried to dig information out. kennedy: we'll get to see one of those hearings, other two are behind closed-door, boring. you are not, you are awesome, gayle trotter. >> thank you. kennedy: very good. >> bright mind. >> coming up, did see those billboards going after aoc, the ones blasting her for driving amazon out of new york. we talk about why here steaming deal is a pile of garbage, our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients...
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deal. most think that president is running on a lazy platform, everyone hates president as we do, all we have to do is offer a new change and contrast and voila instance presidency, that is why all democratic senators, have endorsed a multitrillion dollar monster that could over a decade cost every american household, 600,000 dollars, according to one estimate that is the green new deal, the green pile of garbage, we pegged price over 10 years 80 trillion. but douglas akin put it at 94 trillion in first decade, federal budget runs about 4 trillion a year, that more than doubles current expenditures
12:29 am
with no way to pay for anything new, let alone, basement expenditures we have now, somehow mrs. to -- pew -- mrs. , kamala harris. from airlines and health insurance have no down side, no variables and no unintended consequences, she said, it not about cost, it is about investment. no, it is about unthinkable taxation the likes of which free world has never seen that is not investment that is theft, let's say every idiot in dc loses their mind and calculate or has a death wish and this passes, then what you have not created a new title entitlementmen. you happened a wholl wholly
12:30 am
independent entitlement straight, then what do you do? if atlas has druggin shrugged an you the pro verbial bird, what then, the whole thing pe comes a national fyre festival, no one cares if it burns down, because for a moment they looked busy. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez latest beef is with billboard, job creator network put up a few in times square, mocking her for thinking it is a good thing that amazon pulled out of building their second headquarter outside of new york city. and alexandria ocasio-cortez called to whack, this say this bill board cost 4,000 dollars
12:31 am
but you cost new york billions in lost pages and 25,000 jobs. joining me, president and ceo of job creator network welcome. >> that was a great intro, i was laughing over here, unbelievable. kennedy: ple bless your bones. here alexandria ocasio-cortez, and not just her but other liberal politicians in new york and without as well who were cheering that this headquarters, hq 2 fell apart. what also vanishes, i do not like cronyism and that there were so many tax incentives giving to act john -- amazon, but if you are looking for free child care and subway fixings this not the best way to do it. >> that is the whole thing, 25,000, up to 40,000 great paying jobs, 150 perhaps each, that 4 billion and 6 billion
12:32 am
just wages, then you talk about economic activity that it create, i am talking about local economic activity, the shoe shine guy, pizza guy, parlor, bash obarber shop, uber drivers, everything around that. kennedy: real estate broker. >> absolutely. kennedy: you concentrate so many jobs and so much housing in one area that will have a phenomenal benefit. and seeing that vanish without any sort of alternative, is heartbreaking for people who were looking forward to getting those jobs. >> that is right. i feel like i am in bizarreo world, i am defending in some way shaper form, cuomo and de blasio and i guess feinstein as well this morning was you know, characterizing not knowing what she has been doing for 30 years by aoc, you think about it i don't know it. great deal ha wa that was brougy
12:33 am
two big chief executives of the state and city, and representatives of the particular district. i love the quote she said, she said, we used to protest wars, and now we protest jobs? i don't understand why aoc could not pick up the phone, she has enough star power, she could have talked to cuomo and de blasio said, you know, not the best deal, we could have cooked up but it is you know up to 40,000 jobs, let's keep the jobs, maybe do some tweak on the deem. kennedy: is there any siller lining -- silver lining anyway of bringing amazon back to the status table? >> the silver lining is that she did she exposed really the idea we say that socialism takes a capitalism creates, and socialism in this case that far left, you know super radical mentality. , really drove amazon away. and condition -- congratulations
12:34 am
aoc you have 100% of nothing. >> i am glad people are out defending capitalism and a doe nadynamic economy, based to creativity. >> innovation, and entrepreneurialism, unbelievable, that is what we do at job creat creator network,. kennedy: you are pulling off a mask you are really charles koch. >> not at all, we're small business owners. kennedy: you meddling kids, i'll get you aoc . >> i am so proud that we're founded by one of the greatest american treatmen dream storiese marcus, founded home depot, he had ran idea freight h -- at 48s fireed and 52 he was home depot. >> there -- he could fill a hole in market, alfredo thank you.
12:35 am
>> thank you,. kennedy: hillary clinton, she is not in the 20 withi 2020 race yt her people are battling her old pal bernie sanders. politico with a piece how bernie sanders woul only fly around ina carbon spewing private jet. bernie sanders would leave for his second home on the lake only if he were flown in a kushy private jet. what was hillary? bernie sanders 2016 campaign spokesperson fired back, you can see why she is one of the most disliked politic sessio politic, she is not nice, here people are
12:36 am
not nice. she is one of the biggest a-holes in politics, well said. are we going to see another bernie and hillary clinton round. panel is here to discuss. from greg gut field show, cat with trump 2020 campaign director mark lauder. and lgbtq for trump founder chris baron. participant el. panel welcome? hey. kennedy: i hope she is running, i love that bernie's police officers arpoliceofficers are o. >> i pray to sweet baby jeeses s she runs again, do you remember all that. she would make the same mistakes, she has not examined what he did wrong, she blamed
12:37 am
russia, and sexism and "new york times." she surrounded herself with yes people. not people who tell her what she is to doing wrong. >> kennedy: often time when movie writer create sequels, they are so tar from th far from the orie want more of bernie and hillary clinton and donald trump fighting each other. and just, blood political blood sport. >> this is like back to the future 3, these lost twice, you know to -- >> she is good at it. kennedy: good at it. >> third time? you have the rest of the 25 democratic field just tripping all over each other, see who is run further left, toward socialism, and joe biden and hillary clinton are just teasing people out there. whether that i want to play
12:38 am
kingmaker or maybe throw, it will be interesting to watch to see how far to the left they run, at end that gauntlet. kennedy: in 2016, when hillary was battling bernie, she was trying to convince everyone how progressive she was, like oh, progressive is my middle name. and now, here we go again. >> i love this so much, i can't get enough of this. i thought it is impossible that hillary clinton will run. but i see one way she might, she wants everyone to come and kisses ring to be queen maker, that is not what shaping, democratic field wants to pretend she never existed, a dirty secret in dc, everyone hates the clinton, when they are not in power, you hear about it and when they are not in power, you hear stories like she is a horrible person, no one likes her, she wants them t to -- kiss
12:39 am
the ring, and if they don't maybe she will toy with the idea of many i will run and be your worse nightmare. kennedy: i don't think that has any power, people have learned. you know they will great in the race, no, i -- klobuchar will say, i am cranky and i am mean to my staff. >> she tried to be likeable, you know. >> she went to ship o chipotle,m just like you, remember when she tried to trachth to -- take the. kennedy: don't ask me questions, ever. >> so much more with the panel. including patriots owner craf k, today he was charged in florida. next. ♪ tear up ticket.
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kennedy: first patriots have spygate now, sly gate. this will deflate your ball, team owner ro robert laster kra. had a hall of fame career, he will be treated no differently than know unsigned preage. >> i can assure you that our office treats everyone the same. whether you have a lot of money or you are indigent. no one gets any special justness palm beach county. kennedy: prosecutor also reveal kraft was caught on video at massage parlor on morning of the afc, championship game, will robber kraft fernal fouls land him in prison, chris, i don't like the patriots. >> i hate them. kennedy: but i saw the story, i
12:45 am
thought to myself, this could be a consensual transaction, why are they vilifying this guy? >> i don't get it, i don't like craft or patriots or brady, this is a none story, unless allegation they were talking about at beginning it may be some sort of like human trafficking going on. if he knew, but it seem they are stepping pack from that, all this is is just he went in and you know. it was a consensual thing. kennedy: it is possible, let's say it is true, women involved did it of their own volition. they were transactional currencies where both parties knew what they were doing. >> right then i don't understand who the victim is, this is a business transaction, it is up
12:46 am
ifunto make fun of something toy for a prostitute, tha -- but ths as far as punishment should go if it is consensual. how is that different from buying a cheeseburger, probably less healthy than what he did actually, we should just leave him alone. kennedy: human trafficking is a problem, people forced to do things again their will is awful, but you could say that fallout from a black market, same thing of drug mules or pay a lot of money funnel drugs into their body this country because there is an appetite for them, foe say all women who engage in this type of work are doing it against their will and they are helpless there is something sexist on that. >> how is the nfl going to deal with this. they have come down late in many
12:47 am
cases and probably over reacted or reacted too late. how will they deal with, they have dealt with players and domestic violence and drug use, and other things that are considered misdemeanor. now you have most powerful owner who faces similar misdemeanor charges, do they come up to on him the same as players. >> yeah, and i don't want people to try to make the case, what ray rice did in an elevator is same as bob craft on a massage table, they have to prove that bob kraft knew these people were used again their will. >> this investigation was not about protecting women who work there, you don't have a 4 month investigation, they were intervening, you that immediate, they wanted to get big names. >> all right, well chris, mark and cat. >> great. >> great. kennedy: fantastic. and topic call storm is next. i've got to tell you
12:48 am
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kennedy: queen biopick "bohemian rhapsody" took home 4 oscars, but most critics agree biggest winners were people who didn't watch. that is a true story, this the topical storm.
12:52 am
one. let's start here new york city. schoolkids got a lessen in creativity, hey there we go. this maniac did not feel like waiting for the buses to unload, he took to the sidewalk just like they teach in drivers ed, this was a shocking video to most of the country, but new yorkers are surprised nobody followed him. police have yet to catch him. he faces charges of endangerme endangerment. nypd said he is believed to be hiding somewhere that new york are would go like a krir ralliy. >> this van nuys this ended in a
12:53 am
series of wild punches. the scrappy shoppers could face charges, but they hired a lawyer for 99 cents. they just hired a lawyer for 99 cents, the 7 store has zero poly for fighting, they could be banned for life. wish them luck. they will need to find a different way to realize their dreams did note come true -- not come true. >> brand-new alliance of american football may be a long shot. to catch nfl, but sometimes it pays to be under dog. to bet. first there was catch. then now there is the fetch. uri the dog, 83 yard grab saturday. hound brought down the house.
12:54 am
yuri has been moved to third on the canine draft board. good scraps, football frisbee inspiring hope town to come back to improve 3-0. this city of orlando might finally be known for something besides massive people eating massive turkey legs on motor eyed scootermotorizedscooters at is me, more than once. >> a virginia brewery selling lucky charms flavored bill. saturday morn ipamazinpa, it tas like a bowl of lucky charms without the cat food portion.
12:55 am
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12:57 am
and may be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have new or worse cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, severe stomach pain or tenderness, nausea or vomiting, rapid heartbeat, increased hunger or thirst, constipation, dizziness or fainting, changes in urine or eyesight, muscle pain or weakness, joint pain, confusion or memory problems, fever, rash, itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, or have lung, breathing, or liver problems. (katy vo) where i am now compared to a year ago, it's a story worth sharing. (avo) living longer is possible. it's tru. keytruda, from merck. with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy.
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