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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> i'm for that. carol is the loner. we have to leave it at that. that does it for bulls and bears. see you tomorrow. >> today the house is voting on a resolution that gets to the very nature of our democracy. >> one thing that's not in debate in our conference, we think there is a crisis at the border. >> vote on the resolution to terminate the president's national emergency declaration to be an easy vote for every member of congress, democrat or republican. >> there are different points of view about how to address that. all of that will be dealt with publicly on the floor. liz: capitol hill fireworks.
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house speaker nancy pelosi and minority leader of the senate chuck schumer leading the charge to try to block trump's national emergency declaration to get money for the border wall. a fight breaking out between republicans over this and tonight we have the high stakes that will play out in the 2020 presidential race. a sign potentially that the white house and conscious will move this year on new legislation to rein in unbearably high drug costs. the largest panel of top executives for the first time all together, all called together before the senate as drug costs are busting the budget for american families, medicare and medicaid. a debate over the $93 trillion price tag the next decade on
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alexandria ocasio-cortez' green new deal if she gets that past. bernie sanders thinks he has the answer. watch out amazon and jeff bezos. our nation's veterans in crisis. the back story for why our nation's heroes account for an alarming number of suicides. to the point where they drive themselves to the hospital to take their own lives. we bring you the heartbreaking story of our nation's veterans desperately crying for help to a government and va they say is ignoring them. you will hear from a former marine sergeant about his harrowing ordeal and his fight to change it all. the former mayor of caracas will
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explain why nicolas maduro should be charged with crimes against humanity. we have new and shocking details behind those crimes. that's tonight coming into our studios. these crimes, they continue to ignore that. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. the fireworks in dc. you ward lawrence has the latest on the house debate and the votes. hillary vaughn has the details on the pharma execs on the hot
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seat. reporter: a lot is going on. president trump in street a number getting ready for a summit with the north korean leader kim jong-un. tonight our time he'll meet with the north korean leader. back on capitol hill the resolution to strip the president's power to declare the national emergency coming up for a vote any minute now. democrats are pushing for this since the president made that announcement. the house speaker says she wants to take congressional action because this is about the constitution. the democrats seem unified. >> this an end-run against the constitution. this is a president grasping for power and he has to be reined in.
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reporter: mitch mcconnell says he'll bring it up for you a vote but it's not sure if it will pass. >> i support the president and his policy on immigration and policy on border security. there is no daylight. in that particular one third of the funding he's going to reallocate to the border. reporter: all the bill needs is a majority to make it to the president's desk. the president officially notified congress of his intention to veto this if it passes. he says the bill hound mine the administration's ability to respond to the ongoing crisis at the southern border. the fed chairman jerome powell drilled by members of the banking committee saying there will be patience before another rate hike, signaling it may not
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come until inflation rights. the democrats on the committee took a chance to hit the fed and relaxing banking rules and making banks rich and allowing banks to become too big to fail. liz? >> you are racking up your starbucks points covering all that. >> the he used to be the consider of it all right now. liz: edward lawrence, the hardest working guy in show business. let's get to the senate finance committee grilling seven big pharma exuks. big -- big pharma execs. we could see new legislation this year backed by both the trump white house and congress to try to rein in drug prices.
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hillary vaughn has the latest on what happened today. >> how makers and drug company executives found common ground. they agree americans are being priced out of their prescriptions. they faced off with the senate finance committee asking them to pass legislation make it possible for them to cut costs for the consumers at the counter. >> we raised the price 6.2%. the realized price will be .9 per. buper -- .9%. ist gives you an idea of the list and realized price. reporter: the companies say the middleman that negotiates the supply between drug makers and pharmacies are keeping the
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savings the that may be passed down to customers. but they want an on-the-record promise from the companies they get rid of rebate, they will lower prices. >> i heard a lot of happy talk, but what people are taking away from this hearing, well, no firm commitment has been made to lower list prices. so i'm just going to tell you what i would like in writing. reporter: at least one ceo is on board. the pfizer chief saying he warned investors their revenue growth will not be driven by price increases moving forward. liz: we'll continue to check the stock and shares in companies like cardinal health, the
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middleman. nancy pelosi says the resolution to block the president's resolution on the border wall is not about politics. >> this is about the constitution of the united states. it's not about politics or pared andship. >> this resolution is expected to go to the senate. president trump said he'll veto it. let's get to texas congressman brian babbitt. republicans like thom tillis and others say they are going to vote for it. what do you say to that? >> i disagree with him. i think the president has the constitutional right. congress passed this law years ago. a number of presidents declared national emergencies. it's singular to me the democrats start talking about the constitution when it can't
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bother them a bit when president trump gave amnesty to the daca children who came here during those years and there is about 700,000 to 800,000 of them. and kind of a little bit shoe's on the other foot now. >> a letter to patrick shanahan says we fear using pentagon funds intended for military construction projects and counter narcotic activities will come at the expense of your readiness. but representative dick. shelbyshelbysays they are wrong. what's your take on that fight? >> i agree with senator shelby. there is money there.
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the president and his advisors have looked at this closely. they know it's not going to harm our national defense or national security. quite frankly this is a national security issue. i have been to the border four times in the last two months. i'm the co-chairman of the house border security caucus. as a healthcare provider myself. there is a national security and national crisis down there that includes healthcare as well. >> the house is open voting on this measure. senator mitch mcconnell indicated behind the scenes both sides agree it is a crisis. behind the scenes he's seeing and hearing yes they agree with you. did the debate over the president calling a national emergency. the american spectator had a column saying president trump said libya was a military state
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of emergency. >> if the president has the leeway, as given to him by the congress to define what that national emergency is going to be. and this president is reluctantly doing this, but it's something that has to be done. it's a national security crisis. liz: we'll be monitoring the house vote throughout the show. this will show you the lay of the land throughout 2020. it will be an elect issue. >> i'm going to cast a vote in support of our president. liz: stocks closing down today amid mixed earning. fed chair jerome powell says the fed will be cautious. weight watchers is crashing
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nearly 30% after the company posted disappointing guidance. reporter: the united auto workers union is filing suit against gm saying they violated a 2015 collective bargaining agreement. in response gm says it admitted no contract violations. tesla cio, elon musk, says he hasn't violated any agreement either. liz: voting has just opened up.
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mcconnell's office yesterday demanded he pass ocasio-cortez's green resolution. pelosi called it a green dream. this as ocasio-cortez says she is the boss, she has the moral high ground, she'll get it done. her green new deal could potentially cost $93 trillion or $600,000 per household. that according to an estimate neese presidential contenders support the green new deal, cory booker, kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand and bernie sanders. >> it's really kind of silly. it would be great if somebody on the left tried to bring a little
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rationale to this. we can't afford this. even $100,000 a household is not something the american people will support. even if we got it done, it wouldn't solve the problem of climate change they claim is caused by excessive carbon in the atmosphere. but this isn't going to solve that problem. china, india, and other countries will continue to pour carbon into the air so it won't solve the problem. there is a way to solve it. you could switch to natural gas. we could make it available across the planet or nuclear tour which is very advanced from the systems we used to have problems with. liz: germany tried to do that,
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they shut down the nuclear tour plants and they had to rely on coal. senator kamala harris says it's not a cost, it's an investment. >> i don't know which portions of the green new deal you pick to do first, it's money. >> it's not about cost. it's about an investment. the question should be is it worth the cost in terms of the investment potential? are we going to get back more than we put in? liz: what's your take, climate change or the debt. >> she is talking about a return on investment but she never says what the return on this investment is going to be. we have to reduce our debt. we can't afford the debt we have. this is a cliff we are heading toward and we need to reduce our
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debt. liz: is it okay to still have children? she effectively said republicans swroants to deal with climate change because they will all be dead. then she ripped into senator feinstein after she was caught on video. here is cortez mocking feinstein staying i don't think work on an issue for 30 years qualifies you to solve the issue. >> i hope alexandria ocasio-cortez just keeps talking. i think every time she talks she is hurting the democrats' chances for 2020. i know diane. she is a fine woman. we don't often agree on things, but we get along. she is a good legislator. she has been loyal to the state of california. she is a sensible person. for somewhere one who wasn't
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alive 30 years ago to criticize what she has done is absurd. i hope alexandria ocasio-cortez keeps getting the coverage she is getting. >> we are tracking other developing stories. look at this terrifying video of a british airways flight swinging back and forth in the sky. it happened right after takeoff from hundred done. it landed in southern spain. no one was hurt. 183 people who were stuck for 36 hours on an amtrak train parked on a snowy stretch in oregon. it finally arrived in eugene oregon. the ordeal began when a tree fell on to the track sunday night. a 70-year-old rest denltd claims
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he developed lymphoma because roundup was used on his property for dekids. there is a claim according to the u.s. public research group traces of the chemical are found in wine and beer. and a recall of boneless pork rib patties with barbeque sauce and mashed potatoes. the singer hit with tax fraud charges. she is accused of failing to pay $16.5 in income taxes to spain. she says i didn't live in spain until 2015. bernie sanders has a big private jet problem.
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bernie sanders * charged the hillary clinton campaign $100 grand for his private flight flights. he demanded to fly private. he wouldn't fly commercial according to the hillary campaign. later on the show, our nation's veterans are in crisis. many are not getting the life-saving help they need from the government and from the va. veterans affairs. we bring on a former marine sergeant, he's a veteran. he's taking matters into his own hand. he's suing the government to try to change all that. we'll be right back. stay there. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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legislation tomorrow wednesday. but without a price tag or a way to pay for it. this would remove all private health insurance. senator bernie sanders thinks he has a way to pay for policy ideas like this. watch. >> people think where are you going to get the money? amazon owned by the wealthiest guy in the world makes $5 billion last year in profits. anyone know how much they paid in taxes? >> zero. >> that's right. that's where we'll begin to get the money. liz: bernie sanders says amazon can pay for this. your take? >> my take is that bernie sanders is stomping on the american dream. he's afraid to compete -- i don't think he's qualified for president. i truly don't. liz: he's never run a business,
6:31 pm
never signed a paycheck, never ran a payroll. bernie sanders has routinely blocked disclosing information about his personal finances. he has been chronically late with his senate disclosure forms, now he says there will be a delay in releasing his tax returns. >> well, you know, the delay is not -- our tax returns will bore to you death. there is nothing special about them. it was a mechanical issue. we don't have accountants at home. >> he made money, the wife has been accused of bank fraud involving burlington college and loan applications. why is bernie sanders not
6:32 pm
showing the world his tax returns and financial disclosure forms? >> i think he'll show he makes a lot more money than people think. but the idea of taking from other people to equalize the whole thing is not the way to do it. absolutely not the way to do it. liz: you are saying it would crush the u.s. economy. that's your point. >> absolutely. the american dream. we have to have a competition. >> bernie sanders has a big carbon footprint. he has three houses. the clinton campaign. hillary's team says he has a private jet problem. he wouldn't fly commercial. charged the clinton campaign $100,000. now a big fight has broken out between the sanders team and clinton team. sanders team is calling the
6:33 pm
clinton team a bunch a-blanks. >> at least he's right on that point. the guy has been around, he's got some money, he's part of the system, yet he pretend he isn't. it's disgusting in a way. liz: you are saying he's all about big government making taxpayers pay for everything where he never hanna business and had his feet in the game to see what it feels like to be taxes like business people. he's afraid of competition. and competition is what makes america great. >> we'll talk to a former mayor of venezuela. and what's behind the humanitarian crimes against humanity. first our nation's heroes deserve the best medical care,
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liz: the house voted to block president trump's emergency declaration to get border wall funding. it heads to the senate in a couple weeks. the senate will not immediately take it up. this president will likely we have to it. 108 republicans in the house voted yes to block the president's declaration. our nation's heroes are in crisis. they risk it all. they sacrifice their lives for us. 19 veterans were in such desperate pain that they committed suicide. they drove themselves to veterans affairs buildings and took their own lives in parking lots, in places around the va. this happened from october 2017
6:39 pm
to november 2018. this is the painful fallout of the opioid epidemic. veterans are being denied pain relief because of new government policies that deny pain medication they need to live. that outraged veterans and their families across the country. our nation's veterans are being put in the same category as habit sewell drug users. at least one veteran is suing the government and the va to try and change all that. he's robert rose, jr. thank you for all you have done for our country. tell us your story. how did you get injured? what happened? >> thank you for the opportunity to speak out on behalf of veterans and civilians. you said the va was limiting. no, they are not. they are denying outright
6:40 pm
according to the va opioid prescribing policy. liz: how were you injured? >> well, let me begin my story by saying up front, president trump, sir you have been lied to by members of congress. god bless' the 11 wonderful years as a marine. during that time i never saw combat but i was injured several times and i lost several friends. my last injuries were to my hips, legs and ankles in 1992 at camp lejeune that resulted in medical discharge in 1994. my discharge included damage to my cervical, and lumbar spine. a nurse practitioner from the va medical centered called me on the phone to tell me that my spine was tiered, and i would no
6:41 pm
longer be receiving pain medications. i warned her and the va, this policy is inhumane. and at that time became an advocate fighting for veterans and civilians rights. liz: you saying the government simply cannot lump in your cases with addicts. did anyone from the va ever look you in the eye and said you no longer need pain medication? did that ever happen? >> you want names? liz: no, just tell me if that ever happened. >> yes, i can give you names. they said i no longer need the pain medications. and they gave me a bunch of reasons why. i could become addicted. hello, i have been taking them for 20 years. liz: are you in pain right now as you are talking to me? >> i was in bed most of of the day because of the pain.
6:42 pm
and i only got up to use the bathroom and i saw this phone message and that's why i'm up right now. liz: ways your final word on this crisis? what do you want to tell the country about this? >> they have been lied to. there is over 100 million americans. that's why we have 14 federal lawsuits going on right now. in addition to mine against the va. the 14 heroes have stood up to say that these policies are illegal. they violate our constitutional right, the 4th, 5th, the 8th amendment. social security act. medicare, medicaid act. liz: all right. sergeant, we want to thank you
6:43 pm
so much for bringing this story to our attention. we'll be staying on the story. we would like you to come back on the show soon. thank you for bringing this story to light. thank you so much. with me now is american veterans chief advocacy officers. these are our nation's heroes, what do you think of denying them pain care? >> i have one criticism of the va and that's putting process over people. that's where you start to see the suicides and hear the story and get into why it happens. it has to do with someone making the decision about putting process before people. liz: i have seen the va report that they cut in half the amount of pain medication hand out. we understand there is an opioid epidemic. the pharmaceutical has been
6:44 pm
accused of that. the va officers are being called canadianlyland. should they be grouped with people in the opioid abuse epidemic? >> these folks had a different experience than somebody who might fall into that marginal society. these people want to combat, have served, and had wear and tear on their bodies. at the end of the day we owe them a lot more than we can give them. it's about the size of the system, assessing demand properly. we have to make sure that we take care of veterans. there are children and young people watching how these men and women are covered when they came back from combat. liz: sherman, thank you so many for joining us. this is a tough story and we'll stay on it. we reached out to the va for comment.
6:45 pm
they responded that the va does not comment on pending litigation. 14 lawsuits over this. the house did approve a bill to block president trump's emergency declaration. we'll have more after the break. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down" ♪eastbound and down. loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front. shouldn't mean going back to the doctoro just for a shot. with neulasta onpro
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liz: breaking developments in venezuela. a growing number of countries demanding international criminal courts charge nicolas maduro and his socialist regime with crimes against humanity. let's bring in raymond murks chacho. your reaction to that? >> it's important for the world to be aware to have maduro in front of international courts. however, i must say in order for maduro to be held responsible for what he's doing and for his crimes, he must be out of power. while he's in power, he'll never say. liz: here is what's going on, what i'm about to report is
6:50 pm
graphic. it's coming out of sources in venezuela and in this country close to the situation. as more soldiers defect and abandon many *. he's creating new soldiers. he's releasing violent criminals from prison. he's giving them thugs. they are on motorcycles. they go to the border and blockade food. they are shooting and disappearing people, including teenagers. putting them in the backs of trucks, shooting them in the foreheads, then burning and burying their bodies to get rid of the evidence. your reaction to that, sir? >> you already said all. that's what's going on in venezuela and it's disturbing. we are used to seeing terrible
6:51 pm
things. but this is completely new. he's using irregular groups to kill people for no reason at any time just to remain in power. liz: he's bringing out of prison criminal gangs? >> we have very few report from people actually in the field about prisoners being relieved and armed to defend maduro. liz: mr. ramos showed maduro images of children and teenagers eating garbage out of the backs of garbage trucks. ramos says maduro does not want the world to see what's going on inside venezuela. what your take on bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez and socialists
6:52 pm
here denying what's going on. your reaction to bernie sanders? >> by the way, the images of jorge ramos checked out the middle of caracas. that has been going on for many years. it's part of a daily picture there. regarding bernie sanders, it's a shame he would refrain from calling nicolas maduro a dictator. he's a dictator as fidel castro was a dictator. he just doesn't want to see the reality. he must open his eyes. liz: what's your concern about bernie sanders' run for the presidency given this position he has? >> let me tell you, nicolas maduro should be hoping for bernie sanders to win an election and become president of the u.s. that will be a dream come true for nicolas maduro. no doubt about it. with my friends to our annual
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fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. liz: welcome back, i made a mistake, 13 republicans joined democrats in votes to block the president's emergency declaration, i was wrong, i regret that. -- "new york times," "washington post," cnn have been reporting on the economic and job growth spark by trump administration policies, but bernie sanders said, you know what trump supporters, this is the case i have for you, you are struggli struggling. >> i'm not saying that within trump's camp there are not people who are not racist and sexist there are, but i don't believe that the case for most employee thin -- many of these e are people who worked hard their entire lives, and their standard
6:58 pm
of living is going down, in many case they make less today than 40 years ago. liz: bringing in ford o'connel. he said their standard of living is drop your take? >> i tip my hat, he didn't call them deplore be aables like hily clinton. the proof is in pudding, unemployment is at a 50 year low, wages are up, hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs on-line under president trump. and fewer people on food stamp, if we would make a points, rural folks are not bouncing back as fast as urban folks. liz: you never really sat down and talked to them, find out what they are feeling, a lot of blue collar workers say, you are trying to shut down oil and gas industry, that will slam the
6:59 pm
manufacturing base, how do you get to white house doing that and calling people names. >> you won't. i will say went democratic primary, they are petrified of bernie 2020, he could win the nomination in a crowded field, if he does get to a general election, he has a lot of grand ideas like universal health care, and free college, but he has no way to pay for it. if you want to end fossil fuel, you will crush the central midwest. liz: if the -- we have a scroll i think. if the economy is low now where is bernie getting find set that the standard of living is dropping,. president's policy are lifting everyone up, no in. >> he is just trying to manipulate the facts for his own political gain, the economy is booming under trump, it can always do better bpresident -- t president trump has delivers on his promises. liz: ford thank you. >> thank you.
7:00 pm
liz: thank you so much for joining us. lou dobbs is next, right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening president trump preparing to meet with north korea leader kim jong-un. the president historic second summit with kim, no american president since ronald reagan has advocated azam bishous a -- ambitious a diplomatic effort that president trump's initiative to denuclearize the korean peninsula. we have with us, senior fellow christian whiten and


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