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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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our allies. >> strong words from the vice president.on tomorrow's show, more for my interview plus former u.s. ambassador to venezuela and retired four-star general, jack keane. i will see you here tomorrow. kennedy: a convicted liar! going to capitol hill. the question now, would we or lawmakers believe anything he has to say? the president's super shady former lawyer and fixer michael cohen testified behind closed doors today speaking to the senate intelligence committee. he will do the same thing on the house side this thursday but the main event, we get to see with their eyeballs, tomorrow and he testifies publicly to the house oversight committee according to the water jump trench when expected to present evidence that the president broke the law while in office concerning hush money payments to women he may have had affairs with. naturally, democrats see this is a watershed moment and their mission to take down the president. watch. >> we are at another inflection
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point where american justice is either going to be vindicated or desecrated. and michael cohen has answers to some of the questions. that the american people need to know. >> what we need here for michael cohen is that information presented in a transparent fashion and the american people can make a decision from there. kennedy: decision time. thing is, maduro know the truth of it punched him right in the kisser! this morning white house press secretary, sarah sanders, reminded us why. she wrote disgraced michael cohen is going to prison for lying to congress in the making of the false statements. sadly he will go before congress this week.we can expect more of the same. it is laughable anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and it's pathetic to see and give yet another opportunity to spread his warm jam, i might add. is there any chance he will tell the truth tomorrow? or will he keep telling whoppers due save his own skin?
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now a fox news contributor, jason chaffetz, back in the house. >> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. kennedy: who best to dismantle him and really kind of entrap him in another life tomorrow? in the house oversight committee. >> i think he will be as explosive as a hearing as we probably have ever seen. because the salacious things he will want to talk about, and there's no way to check truth on a guy who is convicted and going to jail for lying to congress. it never happens. in and a half you have to take a think there was one person convicted of doing something similar it just never happens. kennedy: do things because is going back before congress? is been convicted of lying to this body. why is he going back and why do they want him back and why would they believe him this
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time? >> he lied to the intelligence committee so i understand why they might want to call him up. whatthey're doing in the house is purely show. it is antics. i don't think it's a coincidence they are doing it on the same day president trump is meeting with kim jong-un . one of the most important things happening in this, they could have picked any day on the calendar. months from now. they chose this particular day. it's just a sideshow, i don't think there's any justification for it. you are supposed to have a justification for it, there is none. the name of the hearing was, hearing with michael cohen. there is no legislative purpose other than to flog the president. kennedy: elijah cummings says it really is a watershed moment. there are very few moments in history where everything boils down to this very moment. and he has been through a lot and as a civil rights leader and activist he says this is right up there on the podium. >> this is their chance to get a lot of cameras in the room. but if there was something more serious and sinister here, believe me, mr. mueller, who knows -- will see more than
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congress ever will. he would have convicted him or at least charged him and tried to do that. but he's convicted of things that don't have to do with russia. by the way tomorrow, -- kennedy: can't talk about russia excellent. >> so what is he really there to do? he was never a government employee. he was not an executive branch. what is he there to do? only to embarrass the president. kennedy: you know, their people close to michael cohen that say part of the reason he's turned so drastically on the president is because he wanted to be part of the administration. andy figure because of their proximity and closeness that the president would reward him with that. what you think? >> he was fleecing some of the companies. shame on some of the big brands and companies that were paying him hundreds of thousands of dollars thinking they were going to get some sort of special access. he was selling the excess without informing the white house. doing something illegal he should not have done. the guy, such a bad background. when you're convicted and
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admitted and you are now going to jail because you got to congress, how do you know what to believe? kennedy: he was in a lot of trouble in the past. he apparently didn't go to a very reputable law school. president is a multibillionaire. why wouldn't he have a better attorney that close to him? >> that's a hard question for donald trump. you are the one employed him and kept him by your side. i think it is a legitimate question. there are some consequences with being with someone so shady along the way. but does it mean that the president, as the president, did something so egregious and so bad? no, it doesn't! kennedy: it does not mean that he is a puppet of russia. it means he has a pretty long track record of hiring shady people and i don't think anyone should be surprised when part of that falls apart. what you hope is that people who are in place now are aboveboard and legitimate and constitutional. because he's in a completely different venue as president. i think he is starting to realize that. who on the committee buys into
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his victim hood tomorrow? >> i don't know, democrats will see it as such great evidence. they will throw -- and his arty been in there. they probably already shared a list of questions that they're going to ask him. and republicans will be left trying to squirm through, are you really telling the truth this time when you did not tell us last time? i think republicans should ask him, what is your relationship with lanny davis? how did you end up with hillary clinton 's attorney when you were donald trump 's attorney? kennedy: in it really wasn't that good to begin with.i would say, lanny is a little offbrand retina. by that i mean that he's gone a little stale. i want to ask jim jordan. because jim jordan is a very vocal advocate for the present. also an effective prosecutor. what you think he does with michael cohen?>> he's going
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to i think challenge elijah cummings as to whether having the hearing. there is a supreme court case called the watkins case. where they said look, you can't just call up somebody to flog somebody else. you have to have a legislator know, each branch -- kennedy: jim jordan also wanted rod rosenstein to co-testify but he's not going to subpoena him or allow that. >> no.rod rosenstein is doing interviews, he's going on c-span. but he does not have time to appear before congress. kennedy: the toughest most pertinent questions under oath, many of which are still floating in the ether. end result.jason chaffetz, thank you for being here. >> thank you. kennedy: from the great city of utah! now football for democrats. challenging the president declaration of a national emergency at the border. the house but it's in favor of legislation that would rollback the presidents executive order and the measure now goes the republican-controlled senate. it will only take a handful of gop defectors to stop the
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president. some conservatives are calling the vote a political stunt! house speaker nancy pelosi insists she is not playing games. >> the resolution is not about politics. it is not about partisanship. it is about patriotism. it is about the constitution of the united states. kennedy: i was just taking notes telling everyone how cute you are. i think she regularly participates in wine pong. and if this passes the president can veto this. can democrats reverse the national emergency at the border? or will the play stand is called? during a town hall political editor and cohost of the fantastic fox news radio show, guy benson. good evening. >> good evening! kennedy: tell me how this has woken down so far and what you
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make of it. >> the house voted pretty overwhelmingly. 13 republicans joining all the democrats today to pass this thing. it will go to the senate as he said. 18 days. they have to bring up for a vote under the rules and only need a simple majority. think they'll get with probably room to spare. down pennsylvania avenue to the president, he will veto it, ping-pong it back to congress and the need to this majority to override the veto i think they will be well short in both houses. use your knowledge is, the play will stand is called at least until the courts intervene which could happen at any moment. i think that is how the politics play out. kennedy: and this is what the president laid out. he said this is pretty much was going to happen. they will pass something, they will sue me, it will go to the ninth circuit and the appellate court than the supreme court and i will win. and i will have a big beautiful wall. you see all of that happening? >> i'm not sure if you will win at the supreme court i'm not sure with the lower courts will
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do either. i've been thinking about this kennedy, because if i were in the house today, if are one of the house republicans today, i think it probably would have joined the -- voted with democrats on this. not because i disagree with the president on the need for more physical barriers at the border, not because i think the national declaration is unlawful, i think he has the authority to declare an emergency, congress is given the presidents that a 30 and space over many years. it's fine for them to try and bring it back a little bit. i'm also concerned about some of the money being moved around with this emergency declaration after congress really had a fight with the president on the exact issue on money for the border wall. and the precedent it can set on the money piece. i'll probably vote on the resolution, yes. but is charming listening to nancy pelosi claim is not about politics. it's only by the constitution. she and other democrats in leadership in particular, cheered with pom-poms when president obama abused his
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executive authority over and over again. especially in immigration. they were totally fine with it. in this case, it is about politics for many of them and it's pretty obvious. kennedy: and it is really important, i'm glad that you point this out. that someone take a stand against the blatant hypocrisy! because when president obama doesn't and he is using the same mechanism. and republicans are running around with their hair on fire. >> right. kennedy: i share that. >> me too! kennedy: you can say president trump, hero did not have the votes. he has a phone and a pen. it is not okay celeste stop rationalizing bad behavior because our guy engages in it. >> that's exactly right. or because the outcome is something that we are rooting for. right? when president obama did this, unity daca executive on the dream act and -- after saying
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this publicly 22 times i don't have the authority to do this on my own. and then he did it on his own and a bunch of the democrats who suddenly have the vapors about the constitution, separation of powers, they were like hey, good for him, we will help these wonderful heroic americans. the dreamers. in it is driven politics understandable on some level but if we actually care about the constitution, it should matter what the principles are. no matter who is in charge, whether you like the guy or gal doing it, whether you agree with the outcome. you have to get to the right way. kennedy: i agree completely! it is not okay that conveniently it is a series of mere suggestions. other times it is the ironclad rule book. you absolutely have to take a stand and choose even if you come to a difficult conclusion as the 13 republicans did today. including several people who regularly interface on this show including justin walsh and
9:13 pm
thomas -- we will see what happens in the senate but i think you're absolutely right. i think they'll get enough votes, republicans will defect to the dark side. in the present will veto it and it would be business as usual. but at least everyone will go on record with the green new deal. [laughter] >> my gosh, don't get me started on the green new deal! kennedy: it is so expensive but we need you guys! >> is not a cost it is just an investment, kennedy. kennedy: roi! >> that is literally kamala harris argument. kennedy: your greatness is blinding. >> thank you. kennedy: president trump in vietnam ahead of the high-stakes summit with kim jong-un. will he get the north korean dictator to give up the nukes? what happens if you can't? gordon chang joins me with a preview. he's got it all , he is walking in now.
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drive yours away this presidents day. all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. kennedy: we are about to wind
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it up! check this out, the president in hanoi, vietnam. this week he will meet with kim jong-un. the stakes could not be higher. getting them to give up the nuclear arsenal, several experts have suggested that kim is very unlikely to denuclearize. and kim hasn't exactly kept promises he made during the first summit. but the president says he's optimistic. but should he be? joining me now, author of nuclear showdown, gordon chang. welcome back. >> thanks, kennedy.>> is talk about denuclearization pair that seems to be the big word. the president said it is the
9:19 pm
most critical component of any talks and agreements they come to. what does it mean? >> for the nice it's amazing north koreans give up the nuclear weapons and missiles, for kim jong-un it means well, maybe the u.s. gives up its nukes. certainly, break the alliance with south korea. guess 20,500 troops off the peninsula. it could also mean the chinese and russians doing the same thing. it's a really broad definition. there been so many different ways north koreans have talked about this. it is really very vague. kennedy: almost as if the president has moved the goalpost a little bit because he is saying, they are not testing and it's good enough! >> no, it's not good enough. first of all in the past there been long periods of moratoriums. they say we've done all the testing we need to do. it's not exactly true because they have not detonated thermonuclear device in the atmosphere which is what every
9:20 pm
nuclear country has done. but they don't really need to do it because they've shown us they have all of the components. the only thing they have not shown is that they can put them altogether. kennedy: on a long-range -- >> but they've shown us they have a missile that can hit key west. we know that they have this enormous monster device which they detonated november in 2017. it is clear, they've got the components. kennedy: what you think is realistic to come out of this second summit? >> probably not very much. the reason is, president trump lit up on sanctions enforcement. in the middle of may of last year he basically decided look, i'm going to try and create this generous atmosphere. kennedy: they fell in love! >> and all the rest of it but now it means a chinese, russians, south koreans are all violating the sanctions openly. kim is getting enough money, he's driving around and that may back. kennedy: a brand-new mercedes, nice! >> is a violation of sanctions. so is it new car not an old one. he is saying to donald trump on
9:21 pm
violating sanctions. kennedy: i can do whatever i want. >> and you are not so tough. kennedy: the president can apply surgical pressure in certain areas that deprives kim of his necessary ability to feed and luxuriate his cronies. >> absolutely! i mean president trump let up on sanctions enforcement but he can go back to doing what made him successful. he can go back to cutting the money flow. he has not wanted to do it but he can certainly go after the chinese for supplying ballistic missile technology.nuclear weapons components and also he can go after the chinese banks for laundering money for north korea. he can do the same thing to the russians in the south koreans. he can make life very miserable for those guys. he has decided to do it. i think the american people really need to ask the president, if this is such a big threat, why aren't you using american power to disarm kim jong-un?kennedy: you're talking about military power. >> no, the use of force. we can disarm north korea if we go after chinese, russia, south korea.
9:22 pm
kennedy: but we also have to get to some of the sites. the denuclearization means dismantling and verifying. and i think that if the president talks about those two things, in very concrete terms, we could be getting somewhere. how does he get him to respond to those two things? dismantling and verifying. >> if he puts kim in a position where the north korean realizes he cannot keep his weapons and keep power at the same time. he has got to make a choice. for instance, if he doesn't have the money, he talked about luxuries. that is really important, it's politics and no gift politics, no regime. kim knows and donald trump should know it. >> if it's a gift to the world, so many unknown, thank you for making sense of the variables. gordon chang. very good. hillary clinton says she cannot imagine she would run for president again but also claims the current female candidates, -- will they kiss the ring?
9:23 pm
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stuck in the victorian political ear where she thinks her presidential flirtations are driving is wild with retro lust while she's flashing a little ankle, giving us the vapors so she things. the other women in the rates are going full frontal as they take entirely different approaches to presidential politics. it is no surprise hillary is relying on the still play poker has been mastered in the 90s. but we are long past the days of bubba's -- will want the sequel to her crash and bernie sanders, if watching her liz was not satisfying enough. we would all like that delusion. hillary sat down to bend the air of another to break down her outdated self unaware
9:28 pm
worldview and how the gals on the go should thank her for losing. she quipped, has a woman stand up for herself on the biggest stage of the world without looking aggressive?maybe a little angry. if someone is behaving out that and willing to go toe to toe when there are so few memories embedded in our collective dna, women do that. that is where they're free to be you and me fuddy-duddy nonsense, it's more victimhood than equality. but of course, she persisted. saying, i think that my having gone through it last time, should make a little easier because a lot of what was done under the old double standard is more understood now. she wants every ladybird running in the opposite direction, to thank her for her disservice. she is so myopic and shallow. which makes the thought of her losing primary after primary and getting passive
9:29 pm
aggressively eviscerated on debate stages, that much more intoxicating! by the way, it wasn't her gender that kept her from the presidency, it was the dormant deplorable voters she condescended to who held their noses and voted against her. the women who are running are known for their toughness, tenacity and fearlessness. which may be their only worthwhile attributes. the only collective dna was on monica's dress. stop it! hillary should stop harping on stereotypes that have nothing to do with these candidates who are already light years ahead of her. in spite of all the setbacks and obstacles that she needlessly placed on the road to the white house. which, might be paved for a swift trump reelection at the queen reinsert the software she's desperately unwanted. and that is the memo.♪ ♪ [music]
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♪ [music] kennedy: there are already a record number of women running 2020 with sinners warren, klobuchar and gabbard and others waiting in the wing. -- the penalty to discuss.-- on this fine show, republican poster and president, lee carter is back. welcome back. >> you have to make sure that your on camera so that they can see the air quotes. [laughter]
9:31 pm
kennedy: she said so many things in the interview. she tried to say not running for president but she really said in october, i don't want to run for president i want to be president. and that she talks everyone running, being creative and having to on hillary themselves, how they should thank her for what she did to the party and 2016.what do you think?>> i think that biggest thing is that she's irrelevant. she does want to be a footnote in history, she must make sure she has her place in history so she's inserting us up in a conversation wherever she can. for her, any news about her is good news. i think that's what it's about. they shall flip-flop. we will hear back and forth that she running or she not running as long as we can but ultimately she should do herself a favor. >> and everett that i would long for albert gore. i'm going to keep talking and push back and if i were in vietnam we would have a bunch of people. >> she would run again. she cannot stop running! it's a real saying. they said the presidency is a
9:32 pm
disease that only curable by death. people want to run, can't stop running. we will be at trump bally's in 20 years chanting. [laughter] it will never end! >> here's the other thing, hillary, we can expect -- but the rest of the party at some point has a step in and say, piped up, we have serious people running for president and you are not one of them. all she does is remind democrats that in 2016 they put up the only person according to them, who could not be donald trump. it seems that the president has some deficiencies it's amazing they feel they couldn't take him down and that she continues -- >> jim webb are both ahead of the president. [laughter] hillary minton is still -70. [laughter] >> the amazing thing to me today had the x campaign managers now taking over has majority super pack. house democrats super pack.
9:33 pm
to me the rest of the parties not learned their lesson either. the rest of them think there are some mistakes made in 2016 but really, we would have been a shoe in. >> it was russia. >> whatever the shoe fits. [multiple speakers] >> james comey. yes, she is not accepted responsibly for the defeat which is why think she's running. another sensei they started hitting bernie over his luxury travel. i like that they called him out for flying private as if hillary was flying coach on american airlines. kennedy: almost $60 million in private jets during her campaign. which is fine! and bernie, they spent $100,000 on ernie's partwhere they desperately needed bernie. i mean it wasn't off the record . her rapid response -- he has been on the show. he is so much fun. >> he is. [laughter]
9:34 pm
[multiple speakers] kennedy: king bernie! he had no obligation to help her out. >> she needed him desperately. i think right now we are looking at the dnc out of control right now of the election. just like the rnc was in 2015 and 2016. as republicans we should not have run that many candidates. democrats are saying it could be upwards of 20. that is bad for the party. kennedy: do you think they would do republicans in 2016 i-15 debate stages?>> two different tiers and actually, their doings of the interesting we have to qualify in polls or raise a certain amount of money to show liability. which i think is a good way to look at it. if republicans did it it would have weeded out some folks. kennedy: but being critical of raising money. lemme ask you does not having superdelegates change things? because i think it makes it impossible for hillary clinton to get in the race.i think
9:35 pm
the reason i got rid of that was not only debbie wasserman schultz but also to keep her out. and make sure the democratic nomination process was not -- >> i think the difficulty with democrats as they now have to live with consequences of that. and that is why they get rid of superdelegates. i don't think the infrastructure in the parties that differ without the superdelegates butthey are still not going to try and find one candidate and coalesce around that person. and the person they decide is not that person will not get a nod . kennedy: here's what i want to talk about. hillary clinton's pollster, said, she's not reallygetting in but , she will wait. if the field is too far left, then she will get in. but it's funny because he said if joe gets in, she won't. and it is her way of messaging to joe, don't get in! >> imagine the nerve -- imagine the nerve to ask him to do that again! kennedy: right! he would arguably be president. [multiple speakers]
9:36 pm
>> which by the way though, he is not a shoe in either. they're going to have such a contentious race that they can pick up and anybody pretty he will get me to. because he had that clavicle massage thing going on for a while there. and it will be a difficult thing. you have the me too thing, but then at his age all of the food is half price. [multiple speakers] >> he might change after this. after spending four days on amtrak. i don't know kennedy: he's like you know what ! let's fire up -- >> what about that bernie jet? [multiple speakers] >> he good, but no glass ceiling. >> come on. >> really a glass of tea does. >> i would give a thrown glass by the way. i would give anything i could politically. just to shine a light on how fraudulent the whole thing is.
9:37 pm
>> well, sure! >> and if that is what it's all about, it's really about the importance of showing this, women are strong and focus and if republicans run pseudo-moderate, i think democratic women are, they actually have to, they are morally obligated to vote for someone based on gender. is not the ultimate, it seems to be -- identity politics. >> it is the ultimate axiom right now. people and left right now outside of gender and identity politics is the idea that there is a calling. i must do this because i am the one that'sgoing to save the world from trump. kennedy: right . [multiple speakers] >> the dnc was the oracle saying hillary clinton is the chosen one. that's what democrats have had so many problems having candidates that will connect with the american people because they think their divine in order to run. >> he does not have a calling because bill just wants her out
9:38 pm
of the house. >> that would be awful! [laughter] >> i would hate that. >> so heartbreaking. >> thank you very much. coming up, socialism has nearly destroyed venezuela. juan guaido reportedly heading back after meeting with vice president pence. could that push the nation into war? is there anything our nation can do to stop it? we will ask next. that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. kennedy: welcome back. venezuelan opposition leader, juan guaido reportedly preparing to go back into venezuela in the coming days. question is, could that push the nation closer to a full-scale civil war? he was able to sneak into columbia last week when he met with vice president mike pence. he tried to get humanitarian aid into his own country. venezuelan tyrant nicolas
9:43 pm
maduro said today that juan guaido will quote - how to face justice. when he does finally return to his country. back at home politicians on both sides of the aisle have almost universally condemned nicolas maduro as the brutal dictator that he is. except for one white-haired soviet sympathizing vermont senator, by the name of bernie sanders! there he is last night. >> why have we stopped short of calling nicolasmaduro of venezuela it dictator? >> well , he -- i think, it is sad to say but the last election was undemocratic. but there are still democratic abrasions taking place in that country. kennedy: are you high? nice waffling! i think you need to be smothered and covered. he is obviously wrong! but many americans realize the brutality of socialism. what if anything will take to return venezuela to the former glory? join -- joining me now, we have
9:44 pm
scott -- how hard is it to say that nicolas maduro is a dictator? what more do you need? people are dying of starvation, they are being murdered, they are dying from diseases. >> they can't get medicine. kennedy: they cannot get medicine! it's a horrible place. i do not know that we have more images of this dictatorial behavior as we do from nicolas maduro. >> yeah, they're living on the streets. i was surprised bernie didn't have a bigger slip other than that one. and say, my friend, nicolas maduro. because like we talked about ways of the recent tape about fidel castro.talking about what fidel castro did for cuba and you know he kind of led the people toward and it's like, like you said, dude, what are you smoking besides your breakfast? because it almost seems like bernie, if we can use first name basis here, almost kind of idolizes the control candidate,
9:45 pm
and just the absolute deplorable kind of conditions that maduro has put on his people that fidel castro did incubate and maybe idolizes these guys from the standpoint of all of this government control they've instituted at the price of its own people just because the fact that they have so much power to similar things that bernie is suggesting in his own country as far as government control here. kennedy: if you want to talk about theoretical, idol worship, the michael moore and sean penn have for the castro brothers or for hugo chavez. that is one thing. but that is based on lies and a lack of empirical evidence. you have the pictures daily. they are worse and worse every day. question is now, what can be done, aside from military force, to squeeze maduro and to find the money that he has stolen from the state run
9:46 pm
petroleum enterprise? >> yeah, that's going to be the tough thing. i mean, you have to go in there and really sort through all of the layers, the financial transactions. mike pence, god bless him, has talked about getting back every last dollar or penny of local currency of course, to the venezuelan people that has been stolen from them. that's going to be hard by me because we are talking about years and years kennedy, of layering, financial transactions, brother rang up, if you will that maduro has had in the banking system.he has people that are layered. and back to even the chavez regime where there were certain transactions and things back in the bush administration they were trying to discover and get through. you are talking about a lot of work. but going after oil is a big thing. embargoing it certainly so that at least that money for now does not going to bed hands. but how it works out leader as to what short-term panic causes is definitely concern.
9:47 pm
kennedy: my bentley runs on solar. i wish i had a bentley! >> same feelings here! kennedy: scott martin, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> later! kennedy: tropical storm is next. put on your sunglasses. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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headlines today by jokingly asking meghan markle if she is pregnant with his baby! [laughter] you can see the entire reply on next week's episode of the maury povich show! show us the test results! because this is the tropical storm. number one. let's start in tulsa oklahoma where desperate guy decided to hit the adult boutique. oh no! that's not the brakes! this guy rammed his car into the house or club with $300 worth of merchandise. it's believed that the action lasted just under two minutes. and the robbery lasted about three! oh! cops are not sure if he had help but from the look of things, he is used to acting alone. luckily no one was hurt in the incident although one employee did faint after detective turned on a black light in the store. police are asking for the publix help catching the girl, the girl crazed criminal rather and the store owner says this
9:52 pm
guy really needs to get a grip! although from the looks of things, he's already got one. [laughter] $6 million man style. topic number two. we now go to minnesota where the taxi drivers have a ton of horsepower. wow! look at that.there it is! yes! horse and buggy. and a little bit of -- they do not have rideshare programs in amish country but you don't need lyft when you have a lift ticket. the one that shot the video on her cell phone was like, the guys skiing off the back of a buggy. and then he's like that's a cell phone! they say video of the cross-country commuter is quote - hard to believe. although if you google hard to believe, every article is about jussie smollett. isn't that weird? topic number three. an ohio man sentenced to 47 years in prison this week. afterward he gave his lawyer, a bit of a backhanded compliment. wow!
9:53 pm
that's going to leave a mark for you youngsters watching. this is a people viewed things before the internet. long before that there was help! you can't really blame the guy because we are facing 47 years, two more is nothing. either way you slice it, you are getting until honey boo-boo 's second term in the white house. we are happy to report court offices quickly broke up the fight between the lawyer and the inmate. thank goodness they did. one is a despicable bottom feeder capable of doing anything to anyone. and the other is an inmate. topic number four.near congresswoman turned instagram chef, alexandria ocasio-cortez getting her very own superhero comic book. which makes perfect sense because like all superhero stories, nothing she does is based in reality. if you think wonder woman's invisible jet is hard to locate, try finding money to fund medicare for all! you just pay for it!
9:54 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez hit newsstands later this month but you can already picture it now. look, i'm in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane! wait, it can be a plane because they were banned in the green new deal. she does have traditional superpowers like flying or running fast. she bankrupts her enemies by chasing away corporations that bring high-paying jobs to the area. and if that doesn't work, she just says the word, like, to the cut there is a. if you're in the market for the comic get moving there because demand is expected to be extremely high. but not as high as the people that voted for her.topic number five.finally, we salute a college student california built an iphone app to deal drugs. if you think he is talented you should meet the elementary school student in china who built the iphone. carl and howard! he allegedly hung up posters to
9:55 pm
advertise his drug app. when asked what he was smoking you would think this is a good idea. howard was busted after cops saw his posters and arranged a drug deal over snapchat which is ironic because most snapchat users are hoping to end up in handcuffs, just not this way. he's looking at fiveyears . about $10 million in fines and he's been forced to sell his car just to get bail. i will be fine, don't worry about this! the only problem with this uber services they don't have an app. they're extremely pleasant and the horse smells better than most uber drivers. take a whiff. i will be right back. one cafes. one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums.
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you can earn $100 off your deductiblee, for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible. ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet. kennedy: we talk about very
9:59 pm
serious things during the brakes here at the show. take you so much for watching the show tonight. [laughter] follow me on twitter and
10:00 pm
instagram. tomorrow the show andrew mccarthy,ned ryun, richard fowler. they will go at it it would be a great time. dogs and cats living together. you heard it here first and you will hear it here last . with north korea leader kim jong-un. the president historic second summit with kim, no american president since ronald reagan has advocated azam bishous a -- ambitious a diplomatic effort that president trump's initiative to denuclearize the korean peninsula. we have with us, senior fellow christian whiten and fred


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