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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 27, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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lou: he was clear as any convicted slier could be through five hours of testimony. thanks for being with us. congressman mark green, walid phares join us come. good night from new york. trish: the dems clinging to their collusion narrative as evidence against it continues to mount. president trump's former attorney testifying and right off the bat saying he has no proof of any collusion. watch. >> questions have been raised about whether i know of direct evidence that mr. trump or his campaign excluded with russia. i do not. and i want to be clear. but i have my suspicions. trish: he has his suspicions.
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this will be his get out of jail free card or less jail time. can i get out for good behavior. it should come as no surprise the democrats planned this hearing for today, today in an attempt to take away any attention from president trump's historic summit with kim jong-un in vietnam. you woulde would -- you would be shocked dew yet not so shocked how calculating the dems are on this one. president trump is set to leave his hotel this hour for a one-on-one meeting with kim jong-un. jack keane is here. and this news coming in to me moments before the show. we have exclusive video from a
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source in caracas. the man in the video are yelling the colectivos, they have just spoken to the national fire and opened fire in caracas. breaking right now. president trump making history in vietnam holding his second summit with kim jong-un. but that's not the story getting the attention. the world is focused on this man, michael cohen. the president's former personal attorney testifying ahead of his trip to prison because the dems scheduled it this way. they found out the date the president was going to talk one-on-one with kim jong-un to work and denuclearization and they set the date for michael
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cohen. we are all over that story. cohen is saying there is no collusion, but maybe there are a few other things. how can you believe anything this guy says? >> the first announced witness for the 116th congress is a guy going to prison in two months for lying to congress. let that sink in. he's going to prison for lying to congress and he's the star witness before congress. >> you are a convicted felon. >> a pathological liar. >> a liar, a cheater, a convicted liar. you claim you whried but you are not a liar. if you lied you are a liar. trish: ouch, to set the record straight. if you lied, you are a liar. that was congressman hice.
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congressman, where is someone who lied to congress a witness against the president suddenly credible? why are the dems willing to give him so much mileage here? >> that is the question of the day. this is the first time in american history we had someone who his a convicted felon for lying to congress who has then been invited back to congress to give testimony. this is unprecedented that this happened. the reason with your question, this whole hearing is about one thing. and that is to try to find something upon which to build a foundation ultimately to lead towards impeaching the president. so they have to start with trying to find someone who is a convicted felon, who is a liar, who might give something the democrats might try to run on. trish: is he trying to get off
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for good behavior? does he think this is going to help him down the road? why put himself in this position? i get what you are saying. >> that's a good question. even today he did give some hints. and admitted he had people approach him about book deals and movie deals and all that sort it of stuff. he said he has every intention of writing a book. there is a lot of money in this for him. so he'll say and do whatever is necessary. trish: i see. and the democrats want to eat it up along the way. i find that rather disturbing. as you know, we have been doing a lot of coverage on venezuela. when you see the craziness that happened and a different set of facts of course. but ungovernable right now. what do you think of washington, d.c. and this animosity that keeps building between the left
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and the right and mueller and this whole case of front and center in that animosity? do you have concerns? it's hard to govern when you have this giant distraction going on. i think the democrats really do hate this president. >> there is no question. hatred has blinded them to common sense and to the ability to legislate the ability to work in a non-partisan way on issues most of of us agree on such as securing the border. they all agreed on this a few short years ago. now because of who is in the white house, all that has changed. and we have seen more of that in the hearing today. it's being driven by hatred by the president. let's find something, let's find anything upon which we can build a case against him and ultimately begin the process of impeachment.
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trish: that tells me they are putting politics before country and patriotism. they should be looking out for the people in the best interests of america. thank you so much. congressman, it's good to see you. president trump is in vietnam where he's trying to negotiate terms of nuclear disarmament with north korean leader kim jong-un. michael cohen sucked all the energy out of the room by having this historic meeting today. this media-savvy attorney about davis had cohen delay his previous appearance before this committee. cohen cited ongoing threats at the time. what date did the house panel pick? the house familiar led by ally gentleman cummings? -- by elijah coming?
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today. oh incidence? i think not. let's ask my next guests. stephanie hamill and robert patilla. he's a pretty smart guy when it comes to the media, and i think elijah cummings understands the media. and mr. schiff might have some understanding how the media would treat this. and it's been dominating the airways. was it intended to distract from the success in street a number? >> this original hearing was supposed to take place february 7. cone and his legal team decided to moist, push it back and of course it had to land on this day. we know the democrats are pretty crafty. it's rather depressing that the
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democrats would rather see trump fail than the americans succeed. we want to see north korea denuclearized. this is something that's very important for our country. north korea is a major threat. this is something we should be focusing on. instead we had to catch up this circus for hours today. >> we did not run the circus on fox business news all day. we did on fox news. and most of of the networks did cover it. but we had an open stock market. so that tend to dominate our coverage during the day. but i hear you. people are highly distracted by it and talking about that. but i think, robert, that was the intention. it's unfortunate. we do have a country to govern. the democrats are so bogged down in this nonsense that hasn't gotten them anywhere.
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yet they keep plugging along, trying, trying, trying. >> you give democrats too much credit thinking they had the forethought to move these hearings along. we don't have that kind of foresight. we know michael cohen is a liar. he lies to his children, his wife and family. but even liars occasionally tell the truth. the information we got out of this hearing is that we need further investigation to understand what parts of his lies are true and what part of his lies are lies. we are not saying michael cohen is a credible be all-end all witness. trish: what is it that you think the trump campaign did?
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>> americans need to know that there is integrity in our election cycle and no outside interest force and no one is working with wikileaks or julian assange. get out a report that details what happened in 2015. trish: do you include hillary clinton in that report or anything the russians might have done overall to cause instability in our system? i look at this and i think they won this round because we are in a situation where instead of focusing on things like vietnam and denuclearization we are talking about michael cohen which is exactly where they wanted us. if hillary clinton mad won the election, they schemed it out so they would have been just as successful in creating discontent among the american electorate. i wonder why mueller isn't look
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at both side. >> we learned so much from this hearing today, even though it was a circus. what we did learn is that again the trump campaign didn't collude with the russians. everything else that we heard happened to be about the race. with no evidence to back up his claims. trish: they did go after him on the race thing in a way that was not constructive. i have to leave it there. we have a lot of news to get to. coming up, exclusive video coming into us right now from caracas, venezuela. the colectivos, terrorist-style cuban-backed thugs that support nicolas maduro's regime. they have been driving all over
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town. they went to the national assembly and they opened fire on lawmakers there. only dictators use scare tactics like this. only dictators try to kill their political opponents. how do we keep him safe if he tries to go back to venezuela. there are growing concerns for his safety. take a look live at hanoi, vietnam where president trump and kim jong-un are preparing for another day of one-on-one talks. we have exclusive insight from jack keane. he's here in the house next. [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home.
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internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. trish: i want you to take a look
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at this video that just came in exclusively from caracas. this man in the video is saying colectivos, the cuban-backed thugs that support the socialist dictator, nicolas maduro. they broke into the national assembly in caracas and opened fire. they have done this before. an assembly member once walked out all bloodied because maduro's thugs, the colectivos fired before. they are terrorizing neighborhoods. i got more video of a particular neighborhood in caracas, and you can see them driving through on their motorcycles. they are heavily armed. this is the shadow military group, the para military groups
11:19 pm
funded by cuba. they are terrorizing the people of venezuela and terrorizing the opposition. breaking into the national assembly. ambassador ryke it's good to see you. how do you characterize how venezuela has deteriorated most of recently, and what else your concern for the country right now. i look at that and say what the heck do you have going on there? that's some kind of civil war. >> it's very close to it. what you are seeing is a cuban tactic. the cubans have don't same thing in terms of training these paramilitary thugs in many countries. they did the in nicaragua and daniel ortega recent lid killed 450 nicaraguaians who were
11:20 pm
peacefully demonstrating. and they did it under noriega. they were called the dignity battalions, an odd name. these colectivos are trained in finance and control by the cubans. the role of the cuban voft in what is happening in venezuela is under reported. the cubans are running the violence in venezuela. i think the united states government needs to respond not just in venezuela. but against the raul castro government. trish: nicolas maduro, even if he wants to leave at this point, he can't make that call on his own because the cubans are the ones propping up all of venezuela. mike pence, our vice president
11:21 pm
saying that to me just the other day when i was in bogota, colombia saying maduro is nothing but a puppet of castro's. we are in a situation where we declared that juan guaido is the interim president of that country. we are joining 50-plus countries in doing so. the free world recognizes juan guaido and increasingly we are hearing of hundreds of soldiers deserting maduro's military. they are switching ranges and supporting guaido. what happens in the next couple of weeks as guaido tries to return to venezuela and tries to lead his country forward given nicolas maduro is threatening a lot should he come back? >> first we have to say those of us who are fortunate enough to live in free societies. that somebody like juan guaido deserves our support. this is a young man only in his
11:22 pm
mid third who has shown incredible valor, courage, eloquence in his defense of freedom. but he's risking his rife every single day. i don't doubt his sincerity when he says he's going back to venezuela. he's the legitimate president of venezuela. he was appointed by the assembly which is the tomorrow freely elected body in venezuela. the national assembly. which you are seeing tonight being shot up by these cuban thugs. trish: i'm worried about him. i asked vice president pence, how is he going to get back into the country? juan guaido was not allowed out of the country. maduro said you can't go.
11:23 pm
he went anyway. and he's here with you today. but he's going back. he need to go back. the people want to see him there and he need to lead that movement. how does he get back in and not wind up getting picked up and thrown in prison because maduro says you violated the rules? >> the leadership interim president juan guaido is truly i expiring. as he stands firm, the united states of america will stand with him. trish: i still don't know how he's going to get back in. ambassador, it was clear mike pence is extremely supportive of juan guaido, and he said we are with the venezuelan people and we are with juan guaido. we'll continue to be with him and we'll continue to be with venezuela. how does he get back in now, sir? >> well, you know, venezuela is a very large country with a lot
11:24 pm
of borders. he can get in. the problem is what happens after he gets in. there is no question there are orders from maduro and the former head of secret service of intelligence of castro who is giving the orders to maduro and the orders are to arrest guaido. not to kill him at this moment. at this time. i think they realize even that would be a bridge too far for them. the world opinion has turned against the maduro dictatorship. but i believe the vice president, i believe him when he says that we are going to stand with guaido. but i think that we not only have to fight this battle inside venezuela. we also have to make it clear to that government in havana that controls -- that is controlling
11:25 pm
the actions of venezuela that there is going to be a price to be paid for the violence that they are endangering venezuela. trish: we are seeing it tonight on full display there. before i go, let me ask you your thoughts on whether military intervention is going to be needed here. the u.s. need to actually have people there to be strategic in terms of help mag duro get to that villa someplace far far away from venezuela. >> u.s. military intervention is always a last resort. i think our leaders are saying it's correct not to take it off the table. but we are seeing unarmed venezuelans throwing rocks at armed venezuelans who have been given orders to shoot the people. you mentioned some of the defectors from maduro's army. they are telling us their orders
11:26 pm
are to shoot the unarmed civilians. trish: i have got to take a break. we are going to pay a few bills and continue talking about venezuela and vietnam where we see the president of the united states sitting down with kim jong-un, work on denuclearization. a very big
11:27 pm
trish: the president of the united states just departing there to meet with kim jong-un. he's just leaving on his location there. he'll be sitting down with kim jong-un. this is the second day of meeting. this is an historic moment for our country and for theirs. this is the first president of the united states, a first sitting president to sit down with the -- with the head of north korea. we are look at vietnam. just moments ago of the president the united states in that vehicle, he just departed
11:28 pm
his location there moments ago. kim jong-un departed as well. they are in hanoi, vietnam for this bilateral meeting. a lot of attention and focus being placed on this because this is quite historic. there is potential for something that would be truly great. to think that the country that we once had and still have, let's be clear, a lost animosity, too. might be able to denuclearize. it shows you how strategic the administration has been in terms of its effort to influence policy with kim jong-un. i was filling in for my good friend lou dobbs the night the president decided to accept the initial around to sit down and talk with kim jong-un. i think it probably riled some people in the state department and got some people shocked or
11:29 pm
concerned because he didn't follow protocol. this invitation came out a couple minutes before the show started. by the time we were on the air at 7:00, the president accepted it. he said sure. i will meet with him. so that in and of itself was pretty unusual. and now, we are look at an historic moment in hanoi, vietnam. we have exclusive insight. we have exclusive insight. he talked with the president recently. he'll share his exclusive intel on what he thinks will happen at this meeting that is set to begin in just minutes. we are back after this. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. trish: in caracas terrorist groups known as colectivos that are protects and financed by the cubans are trying to intimidate the only freely elected government body in venezuela. meanwhile, my sources tell me maduro's head of military is sending his children to china in
11:35 pm
an effort to keep them safe. we need to think about this. considering china a safe harbor? why is china welcoming them? is china trying to use them as a negotiating threat with us? we clearly are not going to be too okay with that. the maduro regime seems to think that, you know, things are getting better. maybe that's a good thing. so that's good that the military is that worried. why is it they think they can send them to china? maduro's regime allegedly killed thousands of people. you can see the chaos they are causing in the streets with the colectivos intimidating the people and going into the national assembly. and china is going to let the
11:36 pm
family hide out there? guess what? you are in a big hole. over $60 billion in the past 10 years. half of china's capital destined for latin america. they made a huge investment in venezuela and they are in the hole. we'll succeed there. once we succeed, if they don't cooperate with us, do you think they are going to get paid back? i don't think so. you go to the bottom of the list. because the united states will have a big influence in trying to help restore democracy. if china doesn't go along with us. if they protect the likes of maduro's cronies, they will have a problem. the hand writing is on the wall. if china is smart they will work with us to get that
11:37 pm
socialist dictator out of the country for good. then maybe they will get repaid. china will also have to think long and hard about what their plan is to dominate the world long term. a plan that perhaps succeed under the last administration in some way, shape or form. let's hope halted forever. joining us for reaction. don lufkin. maduro's friends, you are all welcome in china. >> if you are in venezuela and you think china is a safe place? what does that tell you about life in venezuela. what's their second best idea, sudan? there is a whole bunch of dynamics going on. it drives me crazy when every day i hear people complain that president trump is disengaging
11:38 pm
america from the rest of the world. he's so engaged. he's in hanoi work on an historical denuclearization of north korea which he could not have achieved without the help of china. the whole trade war against china has got to the point where china already said yes to 90% of our economic demands. now trump is moving on to the non-check demands. help me get a meeting with kim in vietnam. done. by the time xi jinping shows up to mar-a-lago in march they will be recognizing the guaido regime. that will be art of the deal. trish: you say that china is going to be industrial and helpful to us in terms of making sure and the venezuelan people,
11:39 pm
that nicolas maduro is out. >> that's what i am saying. we have china so over a barrel. they realize they need the united states way more than the united states needs them. trump is absolutely right. we hold all the cards in this trade negotiation. china just printed the worst gdp performance in its entire history. it's about to fall off an economic cliff. if it wants to survive it will have to do a deal with trump. who's got the cards in this game of poker. china is bend over backwards to think ways to send signal to the united states that there are all kinds of deals on the table. this idea that the cuban dictator and his cronies will end up in china, are we hearing that from china? who knows what's true. but even if it's coming from china.
11:40 pm
that's a hint. that's saying scratch my belly here and i'll roll over. trish: good to see you. we are looking at live pictures of hanoi, vietnam. i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning full service? if not, talk to schwab.
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with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. trish: you are looking live at pictures coming in to us at this very moment. the president is expected to arrive any minute for his bilateral meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. this is him in this vehicle. the expectation is he's going to get out of that vehicle and go inside and have that one-on-one meeting with kim jong-un. there is a lot of expectation and a lot of hope. what is it he can say, what can he convey. what is the message as we work toward this denuclearization
11:42 pm
process? joining me retired four star general jack keane. what's your advice to the president. what dose need to say as he sits down at the table with kim jong-un. >> we are stalemated since the last singapore summit. but the progress, trish, has been made in personal diplomacy. their relationship has considerably improved. i talked with someone who has read several of the letters written to the president. everyone around the president is surprised by the warmth in the letters some describe like a father-son relationship. there are critics dismissive of this personal diplomacy. when reagan and gorbachev began they had personal diplomacy in the sense they liked each other
11:43 pm
and they were dealing with the biggest issue on the planet. who would have thought when they sat down and talked that they would conduct the largest reduction of nuclear weapons in the history of man and the see yet union would be transformed. that all began when reagan and gorbachev began to talk. is that going to happen here? we don't know. in thation culture, trust is paramount. that's why the president has paramount. they haven't changed the objective. they changed the plan because they realize foa kim jong-un to -- for kim jong-un to walk away from 20 years of investment in nuclear weapons and missiles, there has to be trust to do that. he has hardliners in his country
11:44 pm
where he would be at risk if he was being reckless with their security. trish: you pointed out there is a timeline that's pretty aggressive. and you understand the culture there. how should we think about this? is this a six-year plan? if he gets another term, this is one sort of step along the way? >> this is a step in the process that will take years. the thing that he has to truly get inside of kim jong-un's head is that the reason why he's got 40 or 50 nuclear weapons and what like is missiles is for security. we are talk about economic prosperity. but that's the second step. if he's going to give these things protecting him. he has to believe the united states is not ever going to take his regime down.
11:45 pm
that's only going to come about through time. it will take time for that to happen. trish: how is it we can -- you and i, i think very much believe in this. and that's the opportunity for freedom. people should be able to control their own destiny politically, economically. so when you look at a country like this, where the people don't have those freedoms and the country is so cut off from the world economy, how do you introduce the world economy and opportunity and freedom when you have got a dictatorship? >> it can be done. economic prosperity can take place in a chinese communist country. not freedom to the degree we know. we have seen it in china and vietnam. what the president will probably put on the table with counseling * is -- on the table with kim
11:46 pm
jong-un is a peace declaration. let's end the war. people are saying that's symbolic. yes, it's symbolic. but it allows you to take that million-man army. and those armies are going back to garrison and we are pulling away, that's a major step in the right direction. that with eventually lead to some spree deduction of u.s. forces in south korea. this is how you make progress on the major issue kim jong-un is concerned about which is security. trish: we are watching his group there. he's just arriving. that's his security team. this is a guy who has such brutality in the stories we
11:47 pm
heard. i just wonder how can we ever trust him given that he attacked his own family. to think of what he did to his own family member, killing him so brutally in that airport. of course, plenty of stories that are legendary and disgusting and horrific. how do we and how does president trump get beyond that. >> surely he's a thug and a killer. but do we just continue to isolate him and let him continue to do that or do we engage him. i think obama made a mistake and disengaged him for 8 years and it got us nowhere. let's see if we can get these people to a position of trust where they are ready to open up their society. it's a huge leap of faith on the
11:48 pm
part of the president to be sure if he's surroundly criticized. i think coming out of this summit would be some progress. it's not going to satisfy those holy denuclearization will come out of it. i think he'll open up his main enrichment facility and say he's going to close it for the third time. he reopened it twice. likely if not that big a deal, by the many also symbolic. trish: what do we do in exchange? what are we offering him? >> a peace declaration. what he'll wants from us is some kind of relief from sanctions. on the sanctions. russia and china are no longer in compliance with the u.n. resolution. russia has never been and china is not either. they opened the aperture in assisting kim jong-un. there are some reports the
11:49 pm
economy may not be as bad as people think. the yaun is stable against the dollar. gas prices have been lowered, there are no gas lines. it's a closed society so we don't know the truth of it all. but russia and china supplying them, we have to call them out. trish: we went through this at the u.n. security council. and they are still doing its. >> here is what i think we may give kim jong-un in return on the sanctions relief. we could give him humanitarian aid. something to assist his people. we could also open up the industrial complex that south korea and north korea opened up for economic benefit of north korea. that's been closed down as a result of the sanctions, south korea has to comply with it.
11:50 pm
we could take a concession and take a step in that direction. trish: do you think the president will do that? >> it's possible. kim jong-un will want something. if he's going to give up a nuclear enrichment plan he'll want something. we don't want to back away from the sanctions the u.n. imposed. trish: even though russia and china are not actually following it. >> i think maybe we haven't been as tough with china on this because of the trade deals going on. hopefully if they get that agreement in march we knowledge get back to being tough on them in terms of the sanctions. trish: do you think sanctions work? i would rather engage in trade wars and i would rather we lose out economically in has been a lot of concern about how much weight can we put on china to help with the negotiations.
11:51 pm
but would i think we would want to use all the economic leverage we could to help influence the situation before we wind up ever engaging from a military perspective. >> absolutely. your thoughts on that? >> there is no summit taking place fit weren't for the economic sanctions. that's what brought kim jong-un to the table. in singapore and that's why he's here today. the reality is, we never thad had those three u.n. russ leweiss ambassador haley and the president were able to acquire with russia and china voting for them, even though they are not complying. that allowed the state department to get countries to shut down and monitor it and enforce it. you need some tough cops in the state department making sure
11:52 pm
these countries are complying. trish: stay with me. we are commercial-free. we are covering this historic summit, this meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. general keane is here with me throughout his historic news events. i want to bring in deroy murdock and jeff burguan. >> we wish the presidents well. this is serious business he's doing in vietnam. i think this hearing showcases how broken his administration really is. trish: okay. why? you are going back to michael cohen. trish: that's how i started the show. democrats were crafty to make sure the hearing took place today. michael cohen said there was no collusion.
11:53 pm
deroy, good to see you. this is a big, big deal. >>it is a big deal. i agree with what the other guest just said, i think the democrats should have waited until next week to bring the president in. trish: i don't think he thinks that. that's what i think. they should have waited. >> this is very important stuff. this is deadly serious business. it could have waited until monday. i hope in addition to these one-on-one meetings and difference and so on. i hope president trump and chairman kim go out and do some shopping. walk around the commercial areas of hanoi and give him a sense of what his society could be like. i would love to see north korea turn out like the united states or switzerland or canada. but that's probably expecting too much. trish: is it in his dna? wait a second, i'm communist.
11:54 pm
but is that in his dna? >> i don't know if it is. i assume what he wants is to be in control and be in power. which of course the communist party of vietnam is. but they have taken the boots off the necks of their people not to the extent everybody would like. but more than they were 20 or 30 years ago. trish: jeff, you would like to see that? >> i think we want peace, freedom and prosperity around the world it's unfortunate the human rights violations of north korea are not on the agenda. the president seems to love pleasing congressmen and dictators tomorrow when it achiefs his political game. >> i think we want to keep the
11:55 pm
missiles from flying. that's the primary thing. i agree with you, the human rights aspect of it is important. but the primary part is denuclearization and keeping those missiles from flying. trish: thank you so as much. i'm still here. we are commercial-free as we watch this historic summit, the president of the united states and kim jong-un set to meet again one-on-one. that's happening right now. we are live in hanoi, vietnam. i am here on set with four-star general jack keane. okay. so >> humanitarian issues. they scruft brought up, you heard from, let's listen in. > in
11:56 pm
>> i believe that not on their people who have remained skeptical about this committee but i am sure all of them will be watching the moment that we are sitting together side-by-side as they are watching a movie. speaking a native tongue.
11:57 pm
>> we thought that now is the time for us to come to hanoi and sit together and then talk this wonderful dialogue. >> thank you chairman kim. >> and i want to bring a good result ultimately today. >> thank you chairman kim and it's great to be with you and an option over the years we will be getogether a lot and i think we will be together after-the-fact meaning after the deal is made. last night at dinner, and the predinner was very good and there were a lot of great ideas and very importantly the relationship is very strong.
11:58 pm
when you have a good relationship with a lot of good things happen. necessarily today i can say this is a little bit longer term and over a period of time that i've had a fantastic success with respect to chairman kim and north korea. we have an economic powerhouse that i've been talkingt about. and it's an economic powerhouse. it's something that i enjoy helping with because with a little bit and having the right location in the right place i think it's going to be something very special. >> speaking in native tongue. [speaking in foreign language]
11:59 pm
president trump: i said from the beginning, speed is not important to me. i have much appreciate no testing of rockets and missiles. we had a very good talk about that last night. again, i am in no rush. we don't want the testing. and we have developed something very special with respect to that. but i just want to say, i have
12:00 am
great respect for chairman kim and great respect for his country, and i believe it will be something economically that [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [interpreter speaking korean]


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