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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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and great respect for his country, and i believe it will be something economically that [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [interpreter speaking korean]
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president trump: thank you all very much. thank you all very much. appreciate it. no rush. no rush. there is no rush. we want to do the right deal. chairman kim and myself, we want to do the right deal. what's important is we do the right deal. thank you all have much..
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for what i feel right now, i have a feeling that good results >> [through the interpreter] i have a feeling good results will come out. trish: we're off to the races, breaking news in history unfolding, you heard president and chairman, speak through translators, and we'll hear from them against in this hour. we're now moments from the highly anticipated one-on-one summit version 2.0, here is a look at hotel, and hanoi vietnam, 9:00 a.m. thursday morning there president and chairman kim are arrived just a
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few minu minute ago. it is their second summit. last night they met for a steak and shrimp dinner, a little surf and turf for peace. , the president said his relationship with kim -- denuclear we havin welize the pt expert say that is unlikely to happen. denuclearization was trump administration original demand for the meetings to take place, we're told there could be another major development instead. how will this big summit play out? right now christian fish ser livfisher islive from hanoi wit. reporter: you know this not first time that we're seeing kim jong-un and president trump together. it still does not get any less
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shocking to see the two leaders side by side, we're really in the thick of these negotiations. the way this will work, over next few hours, right now, they will go into this bilateral meeting, saw a little bit of there. they will talk one-on-one for about 40 or 45 minutes on top of 20 minutes of alone time they had last night before the dinner at same hotel. then they will open it up to their delegations they will have two hours to try to hash out some kind of an agreement out of that hanoi summit, two hours. then they will have a working lunch, then at 2 a.m. your time, 2 p.m. my time, they will sign some kind of a join agreement. white house is being tight lipped about what might actually be in that agreement. but i want to go ahead give you a look at what some possibilities might be. 'we could pop up the full
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screen. allowing inspectors to observe dismantle am of north korea yongbyon nuclear activity, and possibly ending korean war, and possibly easing u.s. sanctions before u.s. fully denuclearizes. this no remarks we heard from president trump and kim jong-un, president trump said, he repeated something he said before, speed is not as important as long as there is no more testing of nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles, he is really hedging on what sort of deal might come out of this summit,. but we have an official signing ceremony on the official schedule. we'll see if they are able to come up with a concrete agreement. kennedy: all right, so, let me
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ask you. you said we don't know the specifics of joint agreement, can we assume at least part of it has been agreed upon and how much from what you are hearing will depend on the meetings and how much can change? reporter: you know that is a great question, we have been given so little insight to what has been hashed out and defined. we know that north koreans specifically secretary of state mike pompeo with u.s. lead negotiator in he's talks, have been working behind the scenes, heavily to try to come up with something more concrete. something that president trump come back to the united states with, say, look, i have been able to do -- x, y and z, to move north korea more toward
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peace. this is two hours of talks between two of the most unpredictable world leaders on the planet. you know, it really is just too soon to say what this agreement will entail. and how much will hash out beforehand and how much will be hashed out over next pew hours. -- few hours. kennedy: interesting, they know each other now, hey spea they py about their affecttion for one another which is nice, we need more specific than their nuclear program is very fluid. but what is the mood in hanoi, how are they being received by people there? reporter: this summit is a huge deal for the entire country. when you think about the fact that you know about 4 decade ago vietnam of at war with united states, now it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, they now play host to
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what they call a peace summit. the history is really very symbolic. and you know as you go around streets of hanoi, people are thrilled that vietnam is being used for a summit of this col ber. -- caliber, there are flags, and signs, and a lot vietnamese lining streets around kim jong-un's hotel. where all of the talks take place today. they are excited, they could -- their country could be a part of some historical peace accord, but, it really just remains to be seen what the details are, what the leaders are able to come up with today. the singapore summit was about historic firsts, now it is time to hammer out the specifics. can they come up with a condition crete timeline. -- come a concrete timeline. that seems a little bit of a
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long short, we heard about a formal end to the korean war, but that would require congressional approval here in united states and president trump has said he is not putting withdrawal of u.s. troops on korean peninsula on the negotyeah, iinyeah, inegotiatin. kennedy: sill so much, thank you. >> we heard from president, he was talking about some of the nuclear theft tests. >> i can tell you very much from the beginning, that speed is not that important to me, i error mucverymuch appreciate no testio testing. chairman kim and i had a great talk about that last night, i will let him say what he said if he would like to, he does not have to, but we had a good talk about that last night, and again, i am in no rush, we don't
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-- we have developed something very special with respect to that. but i just want to stay, i have great respect for chairman kim. and i have great respect for his country, i believe that it will be something economically that will be almost hard to compete with for many countries it has such potential. kennedy: so much potential. love it. theoretical, with me now iraq combat veteran, and radio host, brien suits from los angeles. you heard from president said, kim jong-un said this is like a fantasy movie. i emnot sure how many fantasy movies people enjoy in north korea. an interesting choice of words, he said he's to bring a go the d result, and it is too early to tell. what do you predict will be in the agreement.
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>> a fantasy movie in north korea is a still shot of a guy eating dinner. kennedy: oh, my. >> this is most excitement in hanoi since jane fonda pole danced on that antiaircraft missile, what will we see? at least there was a happy ending there. what are we signing at 2 p.m., hanoi time, i am afraid as i have said 10 times in two years, they are not denuclear -- denuclearizing, this for president trump is damage control. i heard around camp power that folklorico will pledge no -- >> campfire that north korea will pledge not to use nuclear weapons first. that will be defined as defacto denuclearization, there something in it for them to denuclearize, that is their life insurance.
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a absolute guarantee there would be no regime change, they would no longer rather slit their throats, this is -- idea that hey, at least kim is talking to trump. look kim jong-un -- pardon kim jong-il would have spoken to obamaer bush if he knew that obama or brush were ready to give away the farm, that is what shaping, they are not going to denikde-- denuclearize. kennedy: what are they getting in return? president saying that north korea could become an economic power house, it seems it is impossible for that to happen unless have you some openness in country, have you so start with the labor camps, almost seem like more difficult to make the transition to freedom for people doing forced hard labor for few years of their lives before they
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before dying miserable deaths. >> you know, i could not careless, china harvest kidneys from political prisoners, but my tv of made in china, possibly by all the no kidneys mcgee, i don't know, all i care about, does the country country have nukes? are they telling us you know, we may use them, we may not, we need winter olympics so we might nuke tokyo, i care about they get rid of the nukes, they are not going to. kennedy: people who understand how north korea really operates, they don't want to be ukraine, they want to be russia, that is where they see themselves, we have more with brian later on giving us perspective, coming up more react on president's historic meeting with kim jong-un. >> a day of bombshell on capitol
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kennedy: democrats want americans to hears truth, they called in former presidential fixer, and convicted liar, michael cohen. he testified today, about the dirty deeds done dirt cheap he did for the president. to hear future inmate tell it, he was not proud to be there. oh, michael. >> i am ashamed, i know what mr. trump circumstanc is. he is a racist, he is a conman
12:19 am
and a cheat. kennedy: and may your first child be a masculine child. president reimbursed him for hush money payments to stormy daniels, ohio congressman jim jordan said that cohen is calling president's bad apple because he got a case of sour grapes. >> how long did you work in the white house. >> i never worked in the white house. >> that is the point. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> you wanted to get brought tot the white house but you didn't get brought to the dance. kennedy: jackie spear said nobody is more heavy handed than donald trump, you show him jackie. >> how many times did mr. trump ask you to threaten an individual or entity on his behalf? >> quite a few times. >> 50? >> more. >> a hundred? >> more. >> 200.
12:20 am
>> more. >> 500. >> probably. >> maybe 5,000, all right. cohen claims there would not be a peaceful transition of power if president trump uses 2020 election but when it came to 2016 election, cohen did not give democrats the bombshell they were hoping for. >> questions have been raised about whether or not i know of direct evidence that mr. trump or his campaign colluded with russia. i do not. i want to be clear, but i have my suspicions,. kennedy: woo, suspicions, that will hold up in court. was it the block buster democrats were hoping for or another over hyped does? joining me andy mccarthy welcome back. >> hey, kennedy, how are you. kennedy: well. i am very enter tainted --
12:21 am
entertained, and both sides have take aways from this testimony, they fem the felt they scored p. as a legal referee, what did you see? >> you have to keep reminding yourself there nothing that cohen said today that he has not larlard said to -- already saido two sets of prosecutors. and the thing this remember is to extent he said anything new today, that sounded incriminating about bush -- about trump, none of that stuff has been the prosecutor who know that stuff have not elected to charge it. and you know they did not according to what southern district of new york state, emphatically, he was not a cooperating witness, at least at the time he was sentenced. he is talking today about all kinds of new criminal activity,
12:22 am
they are supposedly running down. and i am screaming at tv, as i am hearing it, we keep hearing republicans asking about whether he has a book contract, i want to know does he have a contract with southern district of new york, namely a can'tration coopn agreement. kennedy: does it shown like something has changed in that regard? >> well, you know, we said that he had been asked by prosecutor to not go into certain areas, he said that he was aware of criminality involving president trump. but that he could not go into because it was under investigation. by the southern district, he was the working with them, that makes is sound like he is onboard as a corporate or, and he is only doing this kennedy, he is hoping to get a motion to reduce his sentence, he hopes from his stand point he will never see a jail cell. kennedy: prosecutors are used to
12:23 am
that behavior. that is what they look for what they have people who have been sentenced or face sentencing. that the you know they are ghoa tgoingto shift their testimony,t could lead to perjury. for you, what was most prob lockheed martiproblematic for p, michael cohen showed up with some checks. you said, if the president did not disclose that he could have violated the law? >> i think that is -- a bigger problem for trump politically than legally in sense that you know he did say that he didn't know anything about the payments, he did. as far as legal ramification, again, he is -- cohen has given this information to southern district already, they charged cohen with cho two felony he implicated president in. this president about stream of payments. in order you on know disguising
12:24 am
payments to look like they are part of a legal retainer rather than you know paying him back for forking up this money for stormy daniels. the prob cut prosecutor know tht already, the bigish is the legal sisroisho -- legal. kennedy: you know. southern district of new york. the attorneys who have an axto grind wher to the president. you know i don't know how much this is going to matter, seemed like a lot was a timing play for democrats, we'll keep an ao all you write and say thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: democrat, thought they found a smoking gun on russia collusion. only problem, so did everyone else. >> you said this is in your testimony, days before
12:25 am
democratic convention, you became privy to a conversation some of hillary clinton's e-mails would be leaked, correct in. >> correct. >> you said late july, do you know the day? >> i believe it was either the 18 or 19th. on 19th. >> july? >> i believe so, yes. >> you know that was public knowledge in june. kennedy: snap. with me now. thomas massey. just waving the facts at him, that was a very entertaining eng moment, his dates were backwar backwards. >> 6 weeks earlier everyone know about that. julian assange said it. i did not accuse michael cohen of fake news, i accused him of hole newhold news -- old news, s
12:26 am
typical of his testimony, the part that could be believes of already known. you know, the democrats and elijah cummings at hil at -- thd a crumbling brick as their corner stone, i think that crumb crumbled in front of their eyes today. kennedy: they are trying to pin impeachment hopes on this day, they might have got intheir hopes up too soon. you did have good questions for michael cohen, anyone who hires a lawyer it to make sure that you know often times a lawyer keeps you out of legal jeopardy, you ask michael cohen if he was a good lawyer, if he were a good lawyer he would have been able to advice president to not do certain things. if he had political asspirations, but he did not do very well when you questioned
12:27 am
him about that. >> his own testimony this morning we didn't receive until midnight last night, he said, that when he was making payments to miss clifford he did not consider whether it was improper or the right thing to do or not, he just did it. i asked him, if he himself didn't consider whether it wassing wel legal or not how could he advise his client on weather it was legal or not, he seemed to be stumped. and his lawyers behind him seems to be stumped. i think he actually -- opening testimony, he exonerated trump somewhat. kennedy: and he made it problem it coulproblematic for himself. he is guilty by association.
12:28 am
well done today, it must have been entertaining. did he have dead shark eyes. >> he did have dead shark eyes and people behind him had them too. it was fascinating, oversight committee is a -- a lot of theater. kennedy: that is assault of congress, have you -- that is all of congress, you have a craze job, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: all right president trump i and north korea kim jong-un meeting behind closes doors, we'll be back with more live coverage. stay right here. our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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12:33 am
and some lovely palm fronds, we're expecting to see president and chairman any moment. we go to tonight's panel, they have been standing by with reacted to all of today's even events. dave smith is here, new dad. and a republican strategist. brain envy, noel. welcome. >> thank you. >> hello. kennedy: it is an interesting day in hanoi. thursday morning, we're hearing more and more about what might be in that joint agreement, the last time the two met, they were getting to know each other, playing footsie, feeling out each other's temper am and pos brill tipossibility for coopera.
12:34 am
president now seems quite eager to continue with the nontesting policy that north korea has adopted, since 2017. we'll see what is might look like if the yongbyon nuclear facility is inspected and verified inspectly by international inspector. noel, i start with you. what are you expecting differently this time than first? >> well, to me it appears that. trump is going to maneuver this is a winnow matter -- win, no matter what. ien to see, unless they do what they said they would to last time, i don't see this as anything but a bunch of pretty much fanfare and parading around almost like circus.
12:35 am
i hate no say that. kennedy: circus elephants jumping through flaming hopes, that so exciting. when we see the president and chairman kim we'll eavesdrop. is this sweet nothing they are whispering? >> probably, i don't think that anything crazy will come out of this meeting. but it is still great that president trump is doing it, last time, people downplay it, but he got a bunch of hostages back that was huge for the families. north korea of put on axis of evil after 9/11, they had nothing to do with 9/11. they are not going to denuclear denuclearize. kennedy: round two. listen in with president of the united states, chairman of north korea. trump and kim, descending the
12:36 am
stairs. they have translators walking in lockstep behind the two world leaders. they look relaxed. president greeting various members of the media. shutterbugs who are trying to glean any hint of what is to come. from their sit down. now they meet their respective diplomats and counterparts, secretary of state mike pompeo. and foreign minister of north korea. also there, greeting the two leaders. and they are going to at some point leave the very anda -- go to a secure location, and hammer out deals that will hopefully
12:37 am
satisfy least side, allow both leaders and both country to save face, and give the rest of the world's september o sense of ret nuclear stand off is somehow halted and road to peace is more fixed and permanent. we don't know what will get us there, president said it will take a few more meetings, and again pleasantries and conversation. let's listen in. >> all righ quiet, birds chirpiu can almost fill the air -- feel the air fill your nostrils, and
12:38 am
bars and tone for us. and giggles here. brit are you optimistic. >> i feel similar to you. the denuclearization is not goto happen. >> does that bother you? >> i feel like everyone must know it by this point, the stipes of concession are there, i am glad -- we heard a little bit flowery language from trump, they have a little bit of bromance going on, but we need to remember this is a ruthless dec dictator, goal is to keep se things contained, human rights component of north korea, i wish there was more about fixing that. >> that is a good point, i
12:39 am
wonder when do they get to there. >> they are not going to change the way he -- >> we don't know how many people are in hard labor camps in north korea. there no way of really knowing. there are estimate based on which family members have been kidnaped and not heard from in years. >> and look at otto warmbier back, pretty much brain dead. >> this last week pompeo saying we're reducing. and president trump say ago that is not original language they had at start. kennedy: they likened our secretary of state to a mob boss for saying he wants irreversible and verify able denuclearization, we'll be right back with more coverage, stay (nationwide jingle) you see brad, songs are really about big life moments.
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kennedy: we're back with more on the trump-kim summit. two leaders are expected to speak again. we heard from them about 45 minutes ago. we shall hear from them soon. president the make some remarks as they wind their way through the garden at the hotel hanoi, vietnam, it is early in morning. it is 9:45. a.m. let's go to kris kristen fisher. reporter: you know it was a little bit tough to hear what president trump and more specifically north korea leader kim jong-un said in the first opening bilateral. heading cotalks, we have been working through transcript, one
12:45 am
of the most shocking moments of that meeting. we believe for first time north korea leader kim jong-un actually answered a question from a western journalist, a member of the prince pool in there, and he asked how optimistic are you, you will be able to reach a agreement today, kim jong-un said, it is too early to tell, but i would not say i am pessimistic, from what i feel, i have a feels that good results will come out, the fact he actually answers was significant. given the fact that some members of pool were asked to leave and not go to dinner at same hotel last night, president trump found it more optimistic than kim jong-un, he repeated his refrain, speed is not essential for him, only thing that is essential is that north korea do not conduct any more missile
12:46 am
tests. and he pointed out they may not come to a definite agreement today, he more focused long-term. it appears president trump is hedging hi his bets heading into the talks. they will sign something at about 2:00 a.m. your time. >> so crazy. kristen fisher thank you for your report, we'll lean on you for much more tonight to wee hours of this morning in to tomorrow. but bryan suits, to this joint agreement, iraq combat war veteran, and foreign policy expert, my good friend, how much of this could be freestyling? how much of what goes into that joint agreement rests upon what the two will talk about and
12:47 am
hammer out? could there be new stuff? that arising from this sit down,? >> i am afraid you are correct. that they are freestyling this. and that the trump administration you know after mcmaster told them, and mattis told them and kelly told them they would not denuclearize, realizing that means, kim is not giving it up, they need to shift the goal post, that denuclearize means pledge no first use. wu beended 84ian war -- we ended korean war, we'll open trade, this is a huge win for north korea. if they don't open up all their nuclear follows not the power planet yongbyon but actual h-bomb facilities then this is a big win for them. i see, i am getting depressed
12:48 am
about, this is why bush and obama do not neat wit meet withf the couples, -- kims, we now have a president in debt to kim to give him a win, i don't think that ohio and iowa gives a rat's rec -- about denik no. that is what i think we're a couple hours away. kennedy: let's talk about what people in ohio and iowa want. what markets want. they want world to be safer. they want north korea to operate where a little bit more predictability, it seems like it is easier to get there if you have a diplomatic channel open.
12:49 am
and you know maybe this is not what victory looks like. but if certainly is more stable than what we had when barack obama left in january of 2017. >> yeah that because the north koreans were not going to stop until they developed a viable delivery device, a proven thermonuclear boost -- or h -bomb, they have done that, everything else they do to computer, they don't need to, that is why this could be a 5 minute meeting, all president has to say to kim is welcome to nuclear club, you know the rules, you use them first, you are gone. there is no more, your family gone, your country is gone, the world will support us. if you try to nuke united states we will shoot them down, it will
12:50 am
be didn't saying, here is the rules, in nuclear club, sign that, and you know, what if you start acting like a rational actor on world stage, we'll start taking you seriously. kennedy: the nuclear club is not shrinking and north korea has neighbors who will be nuclearized. >> korea and japan within fen years. saudi arabia is going to be a nuclear power within 8 to 10 years, two nuclear powers are actively in a shooting war as we speak. so you know it possible to live with a wacky family crime gang kim nuclear regime. they just need to know there are consequences. >> and they also -- it seems like if kim jong-un knows that his country is not going to be invaded by the imperialist americans, he is a little less anxious, it has been his operating principle for decades
12:51 am
now, that is how he was indoctrinated. >> yeah, and if trump moves the goal post said, look -- >> since. >> it a crazy night you have to cut you off, we have to go to break, we'll do that right now. break, we'll do that right now. stay with us, more in last years' ad campaign break, we'll do that right now. stay with us, more in was a success for
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12:53 am
have not seen much but what you hear and see, what do you make of this second summit? >> i have to say, just listening to everyone you know poopoothis situation, trump is trying to engage in a conversation to remove a threat to american people, i give him credit for continuing these conversations. i don't know what a final deal will look like. do i think it will happen, no, do i think we might make steps toward something that will be meaningful, i would hope so. it is amazing people that are poo-pooing this, the clown show on capitol hill today. i hope he has success. kennedy: richard fowler, you are less optimistic than your conservative counterpart? >> i give president points for
12:54 am
having the conversation, i hope he walked into the meeting with preconditions, if he walks into this meeting and there is a nuclear korea that not a win for united states, for last couple of decade, one of our top threat has been and continues to be a nuclear korea. if we walk away fro from this t, they still have nuclear weapons. kennedy: if you are reading body language, you see mike pompeo. you see ho. the north korea foreign minister and two leaders shuffling about. this is a very curious physical exchange happening between the two. and we may hear them speak in a little bit. so, you know, ned, i was talking with bryan suits, he said voters are not as concerned as
12:55 am
denuclearization as politicos are. do you agree with that? do you think people feel better knowing that there is a can't conversation taking place. >> 100%, i agree with that. do we want to get to some agreement where they understand there are consequences, if anything you know they should dare to use any nuclear weapon against u.s., do people want to know they are safe, and we have some ability to protect ourselves, absolutely. so i don't think that voters are thinking, if he walks away from this meeting, and we don't have a dec denuclearization of north korea this is a failure and we'll never vote for him again, that is not the case. i hope assurances are reached, and progress is made, this is
12:56 am
something that i think a lot of politicos some way set the bar so high. it will not be achieved in this meeting. kennedy: i think that secretary of state and president stated as much it will take more than just one or two rounds to really get somewhere. richard, what does victory look for for you for president and kim jong-un. >> for kim jong-un, victory was first meeting. north korea flag next to american flag, he shook hands with leader the free world, that was a win for kim jong-un. this will be -- any type of agreement not a denuclearization of north korea is a loss to u.s. hard power and soft power. the president is our top diplomat, if he can't get north korea to denuclear that means diplomacy does not work -- >> so weird, you sound like john
12:57 am
bolton right now. you do. >> this is the point of this regime. the point of why they existed, agree with your guest brien, they are not walking away without a strong compelling reason to do so. >> ned, president is our number one diplomat. you sense him -- >> richard. >> rich. >> kennedy: all right, we -- we don't know. we don't know -- there could be something substantial in the joint agreement, we don't know yet. like saying we know what is in the mueller report, we don't know. >> the devils in details. kennedy: until we hear more details we can't claim victory or -- >> clinton tried this in 1993, it failed. republicans --
12:58 am
kennedy: agreed. >> let's be -- any time we deal with north korea. kennedy: sunshine policy, strategic patience. and that is why this situation with north korea was untenable. this president is trying to to something different. >> right. previous 3 administrations kicked the can down the road. >> not true. >> give them credit. >> 1993 sunshine -- >> true. >> barack obama tried, now we put in our top diplomat to north korea, thinking we would denuclearize it. >> okay, but, you know, by the way richard we never used the word denuclearize under president obama, we never considered it o was possible. >> it is is not a reality. kennedy: but it at least its some that is at some point, plus
12:59 am
-- plausible, i agree past 3 administrations kicked can, if is a powerful can, if you opa! -- what whoop ass on over that part of the world it is semiconductor effective. >> we have more coming up in terms of coverage. fbn . ned and richard thank you, you have been following not only this story, that is unfolding, i used word fluid, we still don't know what is going to happen. also go ahead last word ned. >> hopefully we'll see what happens. you and know, i am optimistic. at the same time this not going to be solved today, not in 6 months, and. >> couple years. >> very good, ned and richard
1:00 am
and thank you panel. stay tuned. fbn special coverage. live with coverage. president trump's working lunch president trump's working lunch and prec) (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement for time life presents the '60s. ♪ ♪ come on, people now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ (announcer) the '60s was an era marked by an explosion of a counter culture that shaped an entire generation. ♪ i wanna take you higher (energetic music) ♪ i want to take you higher ♪ it's the time of the season for loving ♪ ♪ to everything, turn, turn, turn ♪


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