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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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was earnings, growth and fed caused the correction. not all the problems are solved yet. [closing bell rings] tom essay maybe we'll come off the mat on the final trading session of february. that will do it for "the claman countdown." melissa: stocks ending in the red on final day of february trading. the dow ending down 70 points at session lows, making a three-day losing streak. s&p 500 also down three days in a row. it makes it the longest losing streak for the index this year. nasdaq in negative territory today, but seeing the best two months since february of 2012. that's something is. connell: been a pretty good run. >> i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. don't even have to say it. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers coming up. first, here is what is new at this hour.
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♪ no deal. president trump walking away from negotiations with the north korean dictator kim jong-un after the two leaders could not agree on how to end the standoff over the rogue regime's nuclear arsenal. the explanation from both side about why the talks fell apart, maybe what it means for reaching a trade deal with china. that is coming up. plus firing up the base and sending a warning to the left. the annual conservative political action conference, better known as cpac it is currently underway and larry kudlow, president trump's top economic advisor calling on the crowd there to put socialism on trial. also israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu proclaiming his innocence today. what he is being charged with and why he is dismissing the allegations as a politically-motivated witch-hunt. melissa: where have we heard
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that before? deirdre bolton is covering the market movers from the floor of the new york stock exchange. phil flynn is watching the action in oil over at the cme and edward lawrence is keeping a close eye on the latest china trade developments from washington. deirdre, we'll start with you. >> well you did have markets closing down across the board. the dow, s&p 500, and the nasdaq, as you pointed out for the three second straight month in a row. john corpina, one of the traders i asked him about today, the gdp plan, how come we didn't see more enthusiasm? i will quote him. a good gdp print will not knee fate the negative news -- negate the negative news cycle. he said weaker manufacturing data not helping things and ongoing trade concerns. the thing about today's trading pattern you didn't see much of a shift from the start until now. all sectors weighing on the
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markets they remained the stones around the neck of investors. i can give you the list, materials, consumer discretionary, were weakest throughout the day, remained weakest at close. relate estate, utilities, consumer staples a very defensive kind of stance for today. melissa? melissa: deirdre, thank you. connell: let's bring in the panel to talk about the market. lindsey bell, cfra president. lindsey, start with you on growth, as deirdre said better than expected on the gdp figure. it did confirm i guess what we already knew, there was a bit of a soft patch at the end of the year. where do you stand on your outlook for growth? >> i thought the q4 number was really good. the non-residential cap-ex growth up 6% in the quarter. that was improvement from 2 1/2% in the third quarter. software, intellectual property up 13% in the quarter. so this is delayed spending
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we're seeing from companies on tech. i think that is something that is noteworthy because we're in a period where everyone is supposed to have uncertainty and you know, be holding back spending because of the china trade deal that we don't know where that is exactly going. connell: that is still an unknown. we'll talk about it, randy in a few minutes. the idea where the markets go from here, you could say we pulled back a little bit. there is no north korea deal. we had a pretty good run. figures flashing at bottom of the screen can show. last couple months are pretty strong. are we due for some sort of a pause? >> we're up 11% year-to-date. we started at a pretty low level given the q4 correction how severe it was. honestly 11 1/2% run is pretty substantial. if you look at a s&p 500 chart you will see where the s&p is pausing right now is the same place it paused in september, in october, and in december.
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it is not at all surprising to see a little bit of consolidation right now. connell: see that as you're talking. guys we'll be back. the panel sticking around. melissa: oil off to the best start in a year ever, up 26% in 2019. uh-oh. phil, do you feel like this trend is going to continue? >> i really do, melissa, especially after seeing the gdp number this morning. the u.s. economy is on fire right now. that will mean strong energy demand and we have opec that is convinced they need to get oil prices back up to $80 a barrel. so you have this perfect supply and demand situation. we'll see demand continue to exceed expectations. supplies will not be keeping pace. today was an interesting day. we were all over the market. we were looking at all the data. we looked to china all of sudden. bad data on china. oil dipped a little bit. it is sensitive to the mick data going forward but at the end of the day we feel the u.s. economy
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is going to continue to grow very strong summer driving season, demand should be good. with the supply of tight. venezuela situation is not going away. this is something we've got to watch because refiners really like that venezuelan oil. melissa: no doubt. phil, thank you. connell: the other thing of course no deal over a bad deal president trump walking away from the negotiating table with kim jong-un, maybe setting a precedent ahead of a potential summit with the chinese president xi xinping over trade. let's get to that with edward lawrence in washington. he has new developments. edward. reporter: currently the chinese at least took notice what happened. we will know if there is final chinese trade deal at the end of march. here is why. we first reported xi xinping blocked off the last 10 days of march for a trip specifically to mar-a-lago according to the chinese. president xi, as well as almost every deputy, trade minister in
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china involved in the talks will make the trip. the white house has not officially agreed to a specific date but this is when china's available. u.s. trade representative robert light highs said it is too early to tell if there will be a deal but other white house economic advisors say we're close to the finish line. still president trump is saying he wants the right deal. >> speaking of china we're very well on our way to doing something special but we'll see. i mean i am always prepared to walk. i'm never afraid to walk from a deal and i would do that with china too if it didn't work out. reporter: treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that the document currently 150 pages. the trade representative says 27 of those in the agreement specifically dealing with protecting companies intellectual property. he adds that enforcement will be a big and the most important part. white house economic advisor kevin hassett said he has seen the document and he says it is as favorable as you could hope for. >> we have threaded the needle
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and come up with sketches of an agreement on intellectual property and enforcement of the ambassador lighthizer talked about the enforcement yesterday. basically you can see a head to a deal that really makes sense for both parties. reporter: the next step for the chinese to meet again. it is telling that the chinese added this block of time for a meeting with president trump. connell. connell: yes it is. ed, good reporting. melissa: randy and melissa are with us. what do you think? >> we hope they get an agreement. the market has resolution of this issue pretty much built in. my concern we may not get an enormous rally when it happens but my concern is we'll get a major selloff if we don't. melissa: lindsey is, would you agree with that? i don't know the market bought the idea they will protect intellectual property and go to the next level? there were reports today seem to reveal hints of more good news
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than we were expecting. >> i don't think the market really cares about intellectual property theft, tax theft, opening markets up, they care about getting a deal done, moving forward and putting this into the past. i don't think it has fully baked into the market. something has to a little bit of extent. the market is trading at 16-point"times," historically a little over average on earnings of 2.8% which is pretty weak. i think earnings will go up which will support higher prices in the market. melissa: randy, lindsey, thank you to both of you. connell: president trump walking away from the second summit with north korea's kim jong-un without making a deal. the two leaders disagreeing over sanctions and just how far the rogue regime was willing to dismantle its nuclear program. where do we go from here? we're live at the white house with the message on that. melissa: a message for our nation's heroes. president trump speaking to the troops while refueling stop in
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alaska. why he says our country is stronger than ever before. connell: state and local activists are sounding an alarm with the e-commerce giant expanding into virginia. we'll talk to one member of the virginia house of delegates, that the second hq will intensify some of the biggest problems in the area. here we go again. ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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connell: walking way way without a deal. president trump abruptly ending the second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un in vietnam after a dispute over sanctions. let's get to blake burman live at white house with the latest. reporter: quite a turn of events in vietnam. president trump described kim jong-un as quite a
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character. their talks were productive. a scheduled signing ceremony was scrapped. he said it is one of the negotiations where it was in the best interests to walk away. after the talks at a press conference the president said the main sticking point that the level of sanctions relief that kim jong-un was seeking. >> basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that. reporter: north korean's foreign minister disputed the comments during incredibly rare news conference, one that took place around midnight in vietnam. he described the north korea proposal as realistic. north korea was claiming that the they were claiming that they wanted u.s. to remove part of the sanctions. nancy pelosi was among those were pleased that the president walked versus taking a bad deal. she criticized the president for
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giving the north korean dictator a platform, as she said prospects for success were dim. >> i guess it took two meetings for him to realize kim jong-un was not on the level. he was a big winner, kim jong-un getting to sit face-to-face with the most powerful person in the world. reporter: president trump says a third meeting between him and kim jong-un, at least the possibility of a third meeting is not set is. though the two countries will likely continue the conversations from here on out. connell, it's a very real question as to what those conversations look like and what a possible road map for these discussions might be. connell? connell: blake burman at the white house. melissa: joining us to discuss the heritage foundation. nancy pelosi was obviously very positive there when she said that she thought this was absolutely hopeless and took two meetings there to determine that. do you share her optimism? do you think this is hopeless? >> well i'm not sure that that is optimism. melissa: i was being sarcastic,
4:16 pm
sorry about that. >> i think what is going on here is that north korea is once again demonstrating that it understands its own version of "the art of the deal" which is to make lots of promises, make lots of demands and hopes that the other side wants a deal more sufficiently more that it is willing to make significant concessions. >> why do you think they have that kind of strange press conference that obviously wasn't expected? it happened at about midnight. obviously no one was expecting it. there wasn't a lot of light there. they kind of retracted said we didn't ask for all the sanctions to go away, just some of them. what do you make of that? >> i think the north koreans interestingly see themselves as coming out of this actually on the short end of the stick. that here they are, they are meeting with trump for the second tile. everyone is expecting a reduction in tensions an
4:17 pm
president trump comes out and basically says, you guys asked for too much, i'm walking away. i think what the north korean foreign minister is actually not playing to the u.s. or trump or congress but to the chinese. basically saying look, we weren't unreasonable. don't blame us. it is the americans. melissa: so what do you think happens from here? it seems like president trump was putting out the off live branch. after your very conciliatory after a while you have to do a walkway which is what he has done here so what do you think is the next step in the stance? i think the real, the person that will lead this dance actually will be kim jong-un. the question is going to be after he gets back home to north korea, does he on the one hand go back to the old ways, which is missile tests, nuclear tests. we haven't seen nuclear or missile tests in over a year. does he start those again, which starts us back on the road to increased tensions?
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that is very typical north korean playbook? does he make a more realistic offer, all right, here are two or three sanctions i would like to see you lift, here is something specific i will give you, maybe a list of nuclear facilities or list of nuclear materials which would be the basis for real negotiation? or does he do something completely out of the box? let's keep in mind, his father, for example at one point ordered the sinking of a south korean figure great on the high seas. we could see that very significant tension rearise. melissa: what do you think is his sincere on president trump? there are those who say that president trump came in with a strong posture. that is how he got to the table in the first place. with the initial back and forth he was surprised by the very harsh talk from this president which obviously others in the past haven't had? then there are those who say you know, that he is walking all over him? that he doesn't respect the president? what do you take from his
4:19 pm
actions and what he has done? what is his read on our president? >> i think that he is probably above all else very confused. president trump is unlike any previous president. on one hand he has been willing to make threats that sound almost north korean. on the other hand he was willing to sit down and meet with the north korean leader, something no other president has been willing to do. above all in this particular case he got up and walked away from a negotiation. i don't think the north koreans were expecting that and i think that is going to have repercussions. by the way i think this will resonate in beijing. i think president xi will be looking at this, do you think he might do this at mar-a-lago? melissa: wow, i love all your answers. so fascinating. what advice would you give the president to do right now, real quick, what would you tell him to do? >> i say he should stand firm. he should remind the north koreans we are the ones who have the ability to lift sanctions but only if they come through.
4:20 pm
would i in fact list several things the united states wants. list of nuclear materials, lists of nuclear weapons but again to reiterate, if he wants we are still open for negotiations. melissa: dean cheng, thank you so much. i hope you come back. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. connell: one more note on president trump, he stopped to refuel in alaska and when he was there took a moment to address the troops. here he is. >> you are a powerful warning to the world to never strike american soil. you are a warning that everybody knows about and nobody wants to play with. connell: that was just a piece of the president making that stop on his way back to washington after the summit in vietnam with kim jong-un. melissa: what i loved about that, when he got out he made this comment, well, i was on the plane, i could say warm and rest, no, i will come in, see the guys, put on the shirt and tie. he came out he was having so much fun, there was no way he was not coming out to talk to him. he loves that. connell: i saw someone from the
4:21 pm
white house tweeted i, the ground temperature is three degrees at the air force base in alaska. melissa: wow, when you think you're cold later, there you go. phasing out the familiar, walmart's latest move that has some of its workers scrambling for a job. plus escalating violence, venezuela's foreign minister accusing the u.s. to trying to overthrow the disputed president nicolas maduro. we're live in caracas, venezuela, with the latest. in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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melissa: breaking news. gap surging after-hours. the retailer planning to separate into two publicly-traded companies, old navy, and yet to be named company to consist of the gap brand, banana republic intermix and hill city. gap saying it is clear old navy's business model, customers increasingly diverged from the specialty brands over time. connell: interesting move. melissa: yeah. connell: rare move meantime for two of the most
4:25 pm
highly-anticipated ipos ever, uber and lyft. they are planning to give some of their drivers cash in order to buy stock in the initial public offerings. this is from "the wall street journal." kristina partsinevelos in the newsroom with more for us. >> potentially getting a piece of the pie. this mean as cash option for stock equivalent, according to "the wall street journal" stating, for example, if you're a lyft driver and you have driven 10,000 rides you could potentially get $1000 cash bonus or take the thousand dollars and take stock in the company once it goes public f you are lucky enough to given 20,000 rides, you could get a $10,000 cash bonus or stock equivalent. i reached out to the company to confirm whether they were launching these programs. lyft and uber both responded they are not commenting on this but seems like uber and lyft would be rewarding the most
4:26 pm
active drivers. i went straight to the source. called dozen uber and lyft drivers to come to the fox building. jumped in got them to come to the go on air. >> i think uber, it's a good company. you know like everybody uses them more than lyft. >> i like cash because if i, if i getting cash, because it, i spend money any way i want. >> i prefer cash. i don't know i prefer money, my money. reporter: cash might be king to these drivers but we have a very unusual situation where an average investor could get an ipo price and what is also unusual too, these are contractors, they are not full-time employees which means it is very unlikely they could get stock. could be a big deal if it goes through for a lot of these drivers. i will end with this, latest news we're getting right now, valuations of the two companies on the screen, the latest news
4:27 pm
from bloomberg, uber is in talks to buy a dubai-based rival called kareem for $3 billion. i haven't been able to confirm that just yet but it would further expand uber's presence in the middle east. connell: they want the cash, which is, was interesting kind of a take. reporter: i know i was surprised, i was very surprised by that. connell: thank you, kristina partsinevelos. melissa: walmart under pressure. the retailer is facing backlash for its move to replace the blew-vested greeters, many who are disabled workers with more physically demanding customer host. the change prompting three complaints and a federal lawsuit, wow. walmart initially telling greeters they had 60 days to transition with another job in the company. they have since extended the deadline indefinitely for employees with disabilities. connell: that is what makes it a big story, right? melissa: exactly. connell: yep. unempressed with amazon? well the e-commerce giant is seeking approval, expanding the
4:28 pm
footprint in arlington, virginia. you already know what happened in new york. some state leaders there are not buying it. we'll speak to one of them coming up on amazon. putting socialism on trial. a warning from the president's top economic advisor today. why he says the progressive movement will ruin the u.s. economy. ♪
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>> i ask you to join president trump and me and the rest to put socialism on trial and convict it. [applause] tax the rich? tax wealth? wealthy, successful people don't pay their fair share, i'm hearing that again. i thought i put that to bed 30 years ago when i was around here last time. wrong. connell: obviously getted idea from larry kudlow they're putting socialism on trial. he was speaking at cpac earlier in the day today. that is kind of the emerging theme we're getting in the early days of the 2020 presidential campaign, capitalism versus socialism. the white house likes that matchup. we heard it time and time again. bring in anneke green, "real clear politics," former bush 43 writer.
4:33 pm
kristen hahn, blue dog coalition. let me start there. the white house likes the matchup, if this is what 2020 is about, we'll take it, socialism very capitalism. are democrats running into a campaign trap on economics? >> i don't think we're walking into a trap. i think you're exactly right, they do like the matchup. this is not what this is. there are other candidates already announced in the democratic field that are farther to the left but i don't think ultimately will be successful. if you look at states we need to win in a general election, this is not something that bernie sanders can do. so i think it is kind of a faust comparison right now. there are plenty of people in the democratic party and house and senate that are not specialists, very much for capitalism. connell: the idea though is that is where the energy is and candidates, to kristen's point, beto o'rourke have to come out say no, we're not socialists whereas others are embracing programs, even if they're not full-on socialists that look like socialists.
4:34 pm
what do you think the argument, the white house, the way they're framing it? >> the fact that president trump mentioned socialism in the state of the union as something we needed to resist shows that this would be a focus for the year. and it is an attempt to get older generation of conservatives to explain and say to the next generation, what that was about. people forgot, even as recently as 2012 when president obama said the '80s called they want their foreign policy threat, when mitt romney said russia was a threat. we have forgotten socialism was a problem and soviet union was on that. that is what kudlow was referring to. connell: talking about venezuela as well. as we look forward to 2020 more broadly, larry sabato, well-known pollster puts out kind of a starter map i guess you could call it behind me for the election. we know, we have a long time to go until we actually get to the election but this is where he starts, finding republicans at least now 248 electoral votes.
4:35 pm
the democrats in the blue have 244. there are 46 that are up for grabs. we'll go through all kinds of iterations i guess of this before we get to 2020. but the idea, kristin, that this is where we start. i think maybe a couple of surprises that florida, if you see it down here is likely r. they have it colored in at least light red. that michigan is likely d. they have it colored in light blue. those are two surprises that neither of those were tossups, at least larry sabato's point of view. what do you make of it? >> i think florida is moving a little farther to the right. what i thought was really interesting, you're looking at states like arizona. this is tossup election. whoever our candidate on democratic side or the president will have to talk to those voters in the middle in states like arizona and states like new hampshire and pennsylvania. somebody who is too far to the left or too extreme will not be successful there. there is a chance that we lose
4:36 pm
to president trump if we, if we pick too hard turn to the left. connell: if you go too hard left. >> yeah. connell: to that point on republican side, are there states that could come into play that shouldn't. it could be a pipe-dream? quinnepiac says three democratic candidates are within margin of error going against president trump. joe biden was one. bait -- beto o'rourke was one and bernie sanders which surprised a lot of people, if texas was in play would president be in trouble? >> people particularly describe texas as the white whale. they want it. if they get the state that would pretty much be game over. i don't think the one poll was showing that. it was interesting to see biden, pulled from the republican column which was very interesting but sanders was seen as unpopular. only two candidates in fact who had more favorable opinions than
4:37 pm
unfavorable were biden and o'rourke. it wasn't even trump. but that doesn't mean that the state will go blue. that shows two people who have not been running for office yet are more interesting to voters at this early stage than people who have been on the national stage and running. connell: it's a good conversation. i guess the good news we have plenty of time to keep it going. thanks to both of you. appreciate you coming on. melissa: good news about the taxes. the treasury department is saying the average tax refund is up 19% from last week. it is consistent with 2018 refund. it stands over $3,000, compared to $2600 last week. so all that fretting last week for nothing. nothing! connell: forget what we told you. it is absolute opposite. get back to breaking news on gap melissa mentioned a few moments ago. this stock is continuing its surge in the after-market up 18% after-hours. gts retailer splitting up. splitting off the old navy
4:38 pm
brand, split into two independently publicly-traded companies. shareholders like the old navy standing alone and yet to be named company taking over other brands, gap, banana republic, intermix, hill city. for now gap is a big gainer tomorrow. that is how it looks, up 1%. melissa: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to be indicted on bribery and fraud charges? now he is bashing the indicates, calling it a quote witch-hunt. the fallout coming up. citizens on edge in venezuela as nicolas maduro refuses to get go of power. we're live in in caracas with a first-hand look. based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market.
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connell: we know the search is over but battle is apparently still on. amazon on a second mission to build the second headquarteredders in northern virginia, following cancellation of the plans here in new york city. they are facing new york style pushback. we are joined by lee carter, begin yaw house delegate. thanks for coming on. we covered the new york city story extensively but we're wondering we are seeing a repeat? we heard this was a popular idea, more popular in the d.c. suburbs than in new york but you guys are pushing back? tell us about it. >> yeah, absolutely.
4:43 pm
thank you so much for having me on. what we have here in the d.c. area, we've got an area with extraordinarily low unemployment and this amazon headquarters is going to cram more and more positions into an area where we already have more available jobs than people to fill them. connell: right. so your basic argument things are too good, let's not make them better? i know it sounds funny, basically things are great. we don't want them to continue to be great? >> no, my argument here, it is he had politics to say more jobs are going to fix the problem but the problems that we have here in northern virginia are problems of affordability. we don't have a joblessness crisis. connell: right. >> we have crisis of people working two and three jobs because they can't afford to make the rent. connell: sometimes in sports, people, you get a bunch players on team that are terrific then you can't find a position for one of them, manager, coach comes out and says these are
4:44 pm
good problems to are. this sounds like good things to have. people in seattle went from five jobs to 45,000. total number of jobs added to 100,000. yeah he have this more traffic as a result of that or housing prices go up but aren't those in some cases good issues to have? >> certainly not a good problem to have your rent goes up 20% in six months like it has in my building a lot of people living on the edge who will get priced out. this is long-running trend in northern virginia. amazon is not the sole-source of this problem but it is, the biggest single story around this problem so it is certainly drawn a lot of opposition among activists among people who are struggling to pay the rent despite working two and three jobs. connell: do you think you will be able to defeat amazon like they did here in new york? that was a surprise when it happened. people didn't think it would actually happen. people would make a lot of noise
4:45 pm
but the company would not back out. are you getting inkling amazon will back out of your area? >> i certainly hope so. there are multiple battles to be had here. through the legislative session is amazon looks to have gotten their way. i voted against the incentive package for amazon to come here but there is still local approvals that need to happen and amazon still has to face the community here in northern virginia and let me tell you people are not too happy being priced out of buildings where they already live. connell: we cover the stories all the time. lee, stay in touch, we'll see how it goes. thanks for presenting your point of view. appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having me. melissa: good stuff. great things are launching at 5:00 p.m. eastern. elon musk mystery announcement. connell: what? melissa: just moments away! connell: 4:45. melissa: i know! ♪ want more from your entertainment experience?
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>> translator: our position is they cannot beat us in the ballot box. so for the last three years they started a political campaign to attack us, a witch hunt without, whose one, one and one only, to cause the right, politically on the right party to fall and the left party of guns to go up. melissa: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu denying any wrongdoing after the country's attorney general announced today his plans to indict netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. this comes just 40 days before netanyahu is up for re-election. hmmm. joining me now to discuss is ariel cohen, atlantic council senior fellow. first of all, what do you make of these charges? >> well these are serious charges. israel is a rule of law country
4:50 pm
but the question is, if sending bottles of champagne or cigars from personal friends amounts to a bribery is trading favors or alleged favors for positive coverage which netanyahu denies that he did. that the favors to communications companies that owned the website in question, that allegedly was requested to provide positive coverage. these favors were given by public servants and not by the prime minister and finally the alleged deal of one newspaper coverage and another newspaper coverage, trading, limiting the circulation of one of the newspapers in favor of positive coverage but that deal never happened. netanyahu actually voted against
4:51 pm
that law. and very prominent american legal scholars chimed in and said that intervention by the legal authorities into the relationships between politicians and media are inappropriate and are endangering rule of law. melissa: can i just ask you, you know, not all getting sorted out in the next 40 days before the election. >> absolutely. melissa: what impact do you think it has on the election? >> polls are showing netanyahu may get a hit. he running neck-and-neck with former military chief of staff, a retired general. this may hit him by costing him four knesset parliament seats and then of course his opposition says that they will not consider a coalition with an indicted felon, an indicted prime minister whereas he said that he is not yet legally
4:52 pm
indicted. there has to be additional legal proceedings. so that may drag on but having a prime minister that is accused of corruption is of course is a bad deal especially successful prime minister like netanyahu, second longest serving under his tenure, israel is doing very well, both economically and in terms of its security for all. melissa: especially in terms of security. so what would it mean if he isn't able to hang on to power, if he is not able to form that government, what does it mean for israel? >> what i pick up he may decide to step down and have one of his lieutenants step in as the prime minister. he will still lead the likud party to the victory he thinks but another man would be the prime minister and he will be left to fight his legal charges. he just made a dramatic
4:53 pm
announcement with his voice shaking and tears in his eyes. he will fight the charges. he called it fake news. he blamed for the left know no no -- for monopolizing the justice system in israel. there are a lot of similarities between him and mr. trump. he calls it a witch-hunt. he calls it fake news. a lot of vocabulary is very recognizable. melissa: thank you for coming on. we appreciate your insight. >> a pressure shirks we've been told there will be big news, mystery news from tesla here at the top of the hour. there is some new speculation ahead of elon musk's major announcement, in a few minutes, 5:00 eastern time. just started crossing on the wires, from website i believe called electric. that the announcement may be that musk finally will come out and tesla will finally come out with the base 35,000-dollar model 3 he has been planning and
4:54 pm
promising forever, kind of a short-range mass market car. we don't individual independently confirmed but this website is reporting nonetheless. melissa: do you think tusk was hint? a tie-in when he changed his name. connell: he went back to musk. melissa: there you go. chaos in venezuela, political unrest taking over the nation as nicolas maduro attempts to cling to power. we're live in can rock discuss next. ♪ what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade this is the all-new it's beautiful.. beefy and mean looking.
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trouble continues in venezuela, russia and china just vetoed a u.s. backed resolution asking the u.n. security council to provide aid to the nation. steve herrigan is live from caracas venezuela with the latest. steve? >> some desperate scenes taking place along the border, between venezuela and columbia. the leader here, the embattled president maduro has officially closed the border but venezuelans desperate to leave are getting out any way they can, some carrying their own children or household goods across the river trying to get out of this country one way or another. the opposition leader juan guaido promised to bring in humanitarian aid. he was foiled, blocking the aid by maduro. on the ground here in control, still nicolas maduro the one time bus driver as far as the
4:59 pm
opposition leader, the man proclaimed president by the u.s. and 50 other nations juan guaido is not even in venezuela. he's in brazil today meeting with the president there. he said he hopes to return to the country where he says he's president by monday. he might have a tough time getting here without getting arrested by the maduro regime. back to you. >> steve herrigan, be careful, thank you. >> wow. that situation continues. meantime, now, we're officially going to get this tesla news i guess at the top of the hour. we will see what he -- he willing elon musk comes up with. the reports are that maybe it is the $35,000 mass market model 3 finally, been promising that forever. i have been betting for a long time that the big announcement would be that elon musk would name charlie gasparino to the board of directors. >> to would make a lot of sense but seems unlikely. i wonder if they feel like that vehicle will be the answer to their challenges. they already can't produce enough cars, a lot of demand.
5:00 pm
>> is it really a mass market company? we will see. stock's at 320. >> you don't want to tune away. i want to know what the big news is. thank you for joining us. >> we will see you tomorrow. bulls & bears starts right now. david: do not sit idly by and allow socialism to destroy our economy. that was the warning from the national economic council director kudlow this afternoon. will the progressive agenda be as devastating as he says? this is bulls and bears. i'm david asman. joining me on the panel today: >> put socialism on trial and convict it. tax the rich, tax wealth, wealthy successful people don't pay their fair share, i'm


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