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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you get arrested in new york. but if you pull out some weed and get arrested, you caught the aclu. president trump: basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions. >> i guess it took two meetings for him to realize oner was on on the level. he's the big winner. he got to sit face to face with the most of powerful person in the world, the presidential of the united states. it's good the president did not give him anything. president trump: it was about sanctions, they were willing to give us areas, but not the ones
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they wanted. >> diplomacy is important, we always support it, but the prospect for success seemed dim. liz: the president walked away from the north korea summit. we'll ask the experts tonight whether no deal now is a good deal. and why in a rare move top democrat nancy pelosi agrees with donald trump. a shot across the bow to china. he says he'll walk away from any bad deal with any country, including china. the democrats have been criticizing president trump for doing an end-run around them for a border wall. but we have brand-new details about how the democrats are doing an end-run around you, taxpayers. it's automatic stimulus spending on the unaffordable green new deal. democrats are so worried voters
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will kick them out if they vote for the green new deal. democrats are cook up an escape hatch on a vote' senator man mih mcconnell is demanding. it was carbon taxes that triggered four months of violent riots in france. but all that chaos is not stopping a pair of top influential democrats here saying our new carbon taxes are the way to go. the architect of the gene new deal alexandria ocasio-cortez and her colleagues ditched a wheargt fed chair. critics are saying she chose the
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tv cameras at the michael cohen hearing. the fed chairman said cortez, your way for the green new deem of printing money is the wrong way to go. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit * starts right now. welcome to the show. president trump is set to arrive back in d.c. in just a few hours after walking away from the summit with north korea's kim jong-un. rich edson has the latest from the state department. reporter: negotiations between president trump and one rsh abruptly ended early and with no agreement. afterwards the president and
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north korea gave different interpretations. north korea's foreign minister said kim only asked for the u.s. to lift some of its sanctions. president trump: at this time we had some options and we decided not to do any of the options. we'll see where that goes. by the ways an interesting two days. it was a productive two days. but sometimes you have to walk. this is one of those times. >> the president said the two sides parting was very friendly and they shook hands. traveling on to manila, secretary of state pompeo says the two sides will regroup and hopefully resume lower-level negotiations. the state department is focused on syria, iran, and israel.
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israel's attorney general recommended criminal charges against benjamin netanyahu, accusing him of corruption. netanyahu say the accusations are part of a witch hunt. there are elections in israel april 6. liz: thank you, rich edson. the president is catching heat for saying kim jong-un was not aware of otto warmbier's death. robert scales. what's your read on this? some are saying this was not the worst case scenario. that would have been walk away from sanctions. >> i served five years in core ria and i was a general sitting in on the 1994 nuclear agreement signed in the clinton
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administration. two things happened here that hasn't been on the media that are significant. the president and his people unloaded on kim about what they know about kim's nuclear and ballistic missile program. he was shocked by what -- he was trying to essentially hide the pea. claiming that the yongbyon nuclear reactor was the end all and be all of the nuclear program. the president knew better. secondly, the president walked away. this is the first time north koreans have gone into one of these meetings with them playing the long game and americans playing the short game and they lost. kim is packing up and chugging back to north korea on his little train thinking about what happens next. liz: it seems like a sudden end to negotiations. bid president trump just ratchet up the pressure on north korea?
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analysts are talking about how reagan walked away from talks with gorbachev. kim jong-un needs money to keep his economy alive. >> one thing bob and i serve in common, we both served in korea and have a special love for the country. the north koreans believe if they can push pompeo aside, push bolton aside, that trump would do a deal to get a deal. they wanted to test that presumption in hanoi. the u.s. knew that. when the north koreans put on the table a bunch of stuff that they put on the table before and never delivered on and demanded to gut the main part of the sanctions, gut the sanctions regime, they thought trump might go for that. when trump shut them down, they learned a lesson there.
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liz: president trump said he would walk away from a trade deal with china. president trump: we are well on our way to doing something special with china. but we'll see. i am never afraid to walk from a deal. i would do that with china, too, if it didn't work out. liz: is this a message to china as well? >> absolutely. this is so end threa d this is o anthetical to the taition culture. liz: james, what's your take on that. north koreans and the iranians talk. they are thinking they can play this guy trump. iranians got the message too that trump is not a pushover.
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liz: we appreciate your insights and perspective. white house economic advisor larry kudlow addressing cpac. edward lawrence is in washington with the latest. reporter: larry kudlow told the crowd, democrats want to reverse all of the president's economic policies. he said socialists in the party are pushing higher taxes. the healthcare system takeover and planning to derail the economy the president sparked. >> we prosper in america when we are allowed to use our god-given talents. our god-given talents of creativity and ingenuity and inventiveness. from god of faith,
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and life. reporter: jim buller told me the economy would get a further shot in the arm if the u.s. signs a trade deal with china. chinese blocked off march 20 through march 29. they have president trump xi jinping scheduled to fly to the resort with all the deputy-level ministers who worked on the trade agreement. at a fueling stop in alaska president trump said we are making the right moves for him to close a deal. president trump: china is way down. the e.u. is down. a lot of countries are have much down. most of of them. and we are hitting new highs. >> reporter: the president eyeing future deals with the european union and japan. he says the talks with the e.u. have stalled over agriculture.
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white house economic advisors are opened mystic something can be finalized with japan. the white house has not agreed on specific dates yet. but the chinese are available the last 10 days of march. liz: the dow down three days in a row. just down 70 points today. still within shouting distance of record highs. the s & p and nasdaq also lower. the numbers for 2018 up 2.9%. all three major averages still in the green for the month. oil up more than 26% in 2019. two more billboards, look at this, in times square. ripping into alexandria ocasio-cortez. this time on her green new deal.
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now cortez has bigger problems. democrats are so worried about voting on it, they are work on an escape hatch to avoid the vote. venezuelan interim opposition leader says that he'll go back into venezuela. 450 soldiers in maduro's military have defected away from maduro. that story is coming up ♪ hoo!
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pg & e. the deadly fire killed 85 people last november. it's the deadliest fire in california history. today california is suffering from another disaster. catastrophic flooding. >> the floodwaters are starting the slowly recede. 55 miles north of france. there is a road and a bridge and a working vine yarmd totally submerged into a lake. this road is the road into gurnville. three days of pounding rain has turned that town into an island. it could be another day before
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the roads in and out are passable. in some spots the water is 8 feet deep. too high for regular vehicles driven by local first responders. they made about 60 rescues yesterday in the dirty and dangerous water. but most of residents say they are used to flooding after big storms. they are taking it in stride. an track was order remains in effect for communities along the russian river that crested at 46 feet. it is expected to remain above flood stage for the rest of today. the damage is very extensive and will likely run into the many, many millions of dollars. a local state of imagine is in vehicle.
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meantime the sun is shining. folks in this area have a couple days to dry up and clean watch they can before next storm system arrivals this weekend. liz: interim president juan guaido is returning to venezuela. juan guaido and his family reportedly face new threats from maduro. maduro may try to throw them into prison once they pass into the country. juan guaido has been recognized by five dozen countries at venezuela's democratically constitutionally elected president. reporter: it's a real power battle going on two those two men. the embattled president has shut count border which makes it near
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impossible to get tens of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid into venezuela. it also made it tougher for venezuelans trying to flee the country to get out. many of them decided to cross the river. some carrying children and to carrying whatever personal items they could. there has been a an attempt to peel away the leadership from maduro. there has been a lot of defections of border troops. maduro has been trying to hold on to power inside the capital. we haven't seen the promised aid or promised defections. juan guaido is in brazil and he says he'll come back to venezuela monday.
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he's recognized by the u.s. and 50 other nations as the president of venezuela. simply getting back into the country will be a challenge. liz: starting with facebook, its stock is under pressure. regulators are powering up a deep dive probe into facebook. they are demanding documents and more. this after a "wall street journal" report found facebook was getting intimate consumer health data from 11 apps. even if they were never on facebook. more states could follow new york's lead. elon musk announced tesla will deliver on its long promised cheaper version of the model 3. a crucial deadline tomorrow. a $920 million convertible debt
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bond payment has to be made in cash if tesla stock dips below $389 a share. let's take you to boeing. its robot fighter jets. it's designed to be a sidekick to piloted planes carrying bombs and missiles. if you didn't get enough of the movie a star is born, more is coming. it will have 12 minutes of brand-new footage including a new song and new material with lady gaga and bradley cooper. democrats are so worried the voters will kick them out if they vote for the green new deal. here's what's going on. top democrats are so worried about it, they built an exit
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plan, an escape act to avoid going on the record with that vote. democrat support dropping by the day for a wildly expensive progressive idea, single payer. that came with no way to pay for it and no price tag. a top house democrat running an important house committee says he'll not green light that deal, that medicare for all plan. he said there is no way he's going for it. moderate democrats are ditching it daily. ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment.
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liz: you are watching the fox business network. more and more democrats are ditching their own party's medicare for all bill. house budget chair is saying no to representative's proposal
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because it would wipe out all insurance and he says it goes too far to the left. it's all government all the time. chris, yarmuth is a top budget guy and he's not standing up for it. the top democrats aren't signing up for it. >> chairman yarmuth is a democrat from kentucky fighting against a democrat from washington state. one will support the hard left and the other will try to find a more moderate form of government control. you see presidential candidates like kamala harris saying we are trying to do what we think our base will like us for. but they are careful. now socialism is around and they are saying maybe i'm a little
6:29 pm
nervous about what's getting the kid excited. liz: the democrats started out 124 wanted it. that has plummeted to 106. yarmuth said he's going to hold a hearing on all these medicare bills in june. do you think we'll see legislation by the end of the year? >> i don't think you will see anything that has a serious chance of passing. once the democrats come together and figure out their platform. chairman will allow what he wants democrats to run on. liz: this debate need an unemotional, clinical look at the facts. the people pushing for it get upset when you ask about the
6:30 pm
price tag for it. they get just set when you point out it will wipe out medicare, medicaid. i mean, this -- that's the thing, right, chris? >> it's amazing they are not going to sign with it. it's the same thing we heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez. she said this is world war ii, who cares what the price taigs. how are we going to use our new-found prosperity? liz: the government is so big, it doubled the debt, we'll show viewers what democrats are pushing for that they may not know about. you know how democrats are pushing back on president trump for doing the border wall? the democrats are saying it's a wrongful end-run around congress's spending power. democrats are pushing for a new
6:31 pm
law that would automatically do some time plus spending without congress's approval. even though they know obama's 2009 stimulus plan didn't work. jobless benefits, medicaid and more. what do you make of the automatic stimulus spending plan they are talking about? >> it's a problem with congress and neither the gop more the democrats care about deficits when they are in control. year after year democrats have done what they can to extend the power of the executive. democrats have done what they can to extend the power the of the budget. congress is no longer in charge of the purse. liz: dick durbin is talking about the treasury issuing treasury bond to pay for the
6:32 pm
investment. the obama stimulus was estimated to have cost more than the annual pentagon budget at that time. has congress not learned anything since that lesson? >> not a single thing. neither politicians nor most of of my colleagues in the press have a memory longer than a goldfish. liz: interim venezuelan president juan guaido being threatened with being thrown into prison amid reports that hundreds of soldiers continue to defect away from the socialist dictator, nicolas maduro. top democrats are trying to find an out, a way to save face to avoid a vote on the green new deal. it's a costly bill that could cost democrats from keeping congress. schumer is building an escape
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liz: more on the backlash against the green new deal. take a look at this billboard making fun of alexandria ocasio-cortez. another blistering shot at the green new deal proposal. it went up as chuck schumer is trying to cook up an exit plan for democrats now in a panic that the costly green new deal could cost them their seats in congress. schumer's exit plan would let democrats avoid an embarrassing up or down vote. the plan is to let them vote present. first on the vote, it's a profile in courage from schumer voting present? really? >> it's sort of a thing
6:38 pm
politicians do when they want to get out of something, they vote present. it's kind of a political stunt and that's where we are in governance these days. liz: what's your alternative green new deal plan? what's your idea? >> i am all in favor of ambitious plans. i would like to see a national energy plan, but it has to be realistic. i would like to see us placing a man on jupiter in 10 years. but there is no surface to land on so we can't go to jupiter. what i would like to see is for the united states to start building more nuclear power plants. it's the best source of carbon-free energy we ever devised. there are new times of plants called generation four plants. they are melt-down proof.
6:39 pm
we could have great strides towards energy independence. liz: people are worried about the nuclear waste and how you get rid of it. >> nuclear waste is definitely a problem, but it's safe to store it for long periods of time. one of the things we think it is safe to store it is th d is the yucca mountains. liz: the markets are moving to fix this issue. china and india are big polluters. here is the other thing that's happening. senator dick durbin is talking about climate change investments, having the treasury issue bonds. we don't know what the money would be spent on. >> i have one word for that.
6:40 pm
solyndra. whenever you subsidize a company something bad can happen and they can does their money. what we ought to do for solar and fusion power is research it. allow the government to dump money into research and development. and let the private sector take over from there. >> you know, schumer's plan shows how worried democrats are about voting for the green new deal if they are running away from voting for it. here is the thing. quickly. what else your take on the green new deal? >> it's pie in the sky unicorn terryland. liz: look what happened to france. they are on their fourth straight month of rioting there. is the american society ready for a carbon tax?
6:41 pm
>> probably not. but i take charles krauthammer's view on this. he believed it's a good way to discourage the use of fossil fuels as long as it's balanced by an offsetting reduction in the income taxes. liz: alex, you have been terrific. coming up, ocasio-cortez raising eyebrows. she skipped a hearing what the fed chair to go grill michael cohen. but first venezuela's opposition leader. the interim leader juan guaido faces new threats from socialist dictator nicolas maduro. we'll hear from a former top american diplomat on that.
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we are getting them into some of the cities and some of the areas that need them the most of, and it's not an easy job it's very difficult, actually. liz: hundreds of soldiers defected away from nicolas maduro in recent days. the associated press reporting the key to them leaving was maduro not allowing in humanitarian aid. nicolas maduro is threatening to throw into prison interim president juan guaido. juan guaido is meeting with the leader of brazil. reuters reporting that maduro is so desperate for cash to keep his grip on tour than he arranged to move out of the country 8 tons of central bank gold to sell it overseas.
6:47 pm
down, your take on everything that's happening? >> venezuela has a lot of gold. they mine the gold in the jungles along the border with brazil. it's find streams. and he's using this because he's not getting any more dollars. the u.s. was his most important cash customer for oil. the oil sent to china is bartered. liz: it many barters, it's loans. maduro has taken out a lot of loans. they use oil as collateral for this. how do you get maduro out? juan guaido talking to brazil on how to get maduro out. how do you do it? >> maduro is hunkering down.
6:48 pm
over a long period of time of, the financial crisis will only become more acute. the suffering of the venezuelan people will become more acute. but it's not clear that there is a crack in the allegiance to maduro. jorge ramos felt unsafe and threatened when he tried to show nicolas maduro images of venezuelans eating out of garbage trucks. nicolas maduro detained him. he wrote an op-ed about that. the democrats are clearly divide on their messaging about nicolas maduro. jorge ramos of univision says he's a dictator. all of his actions indicate he's
6:49 pm
a dictator. why is it hard for democrats to call him a dictator? he's clearly a dictator and he's also collusional. i don't know why it's difficult for some people to see that. clearly in the last elections where maduro was elected, he disqualified all the opposition candidates. obviously he was going with him. so this is not a legitimate government. but it's a government that always de facto government that continues to rule by force of arms. and that's the problem. the dilemma for the opposition which has been peaceful is they are not armed. to go to an arms struggle implies a terrible cost for venezuela, a terrible cost for the country. obviously they are reluctant to do that. liz: venezuelans continue to ask, where are the blue helmets?
6:50 pm
are we going to get all of snvment security council vote on this? >> we may get a vote, but i doubt they will authorize such an intervention, and it looks like u.s. is not contemplating such an intervention either. liz: one lie michael cone is accused of making during this 7-hour testimony yesterday could under cut his entire testimony. we have stories about that. and why alexandria ocasio-cortez and several of her colleagues cut out on the hearing with the fed chairman to grill michael cohen. that's coming up. after planning for retirement. oh... retirement.
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liz: there are plenty of matters.
6:55 pm
venezuela on brink of civil war, two nuclear powers, india and pack ppakistan on the brink of r war, that is a fear. and president meeting with president of north korea. socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez and several democrat colleagues face questions over why they dissed and bailed out on a hearing with federal reserve chair so they could instead go head-to-head with michael cohen. kristen can here, what is your take? >> i am not surprised that alexandria ocasio-cortez and other democrats ditched the powell hearing for the cohen hearing, they knew that cohen hearing would get insane media coverage, she and others' donald trump to look back.
6:56 pm
for many democrats yesterday was just about the media spotlight, i thought it was funny, meanwhile during powell's testimony he destroyed this progressive idea that you can just print unlimited money for the green deal programs. his comments underlying this idea, a oc, although may have good intentions is kind of naive with fiscal policy. liz: is that it, democrats don't want to hear the fact, sometimes republicans. they didn't want to hear the fact to the point they didn't go to the meeting, all of a sudden, monemichael cohen has a conscie? he claims, that he cares about stability, he threatens journallives, he said to one, tread -- f'i thin'ing lightly.
6:57 pm
>> michael cohen, they say, did not testify truthfully when he was asked did you want to work in the white house for trump, he comment saying no, your take. >> well, i would not be surprised if cohen lied, he probably can't be trusted. but even if everything he said yesterday was truthful, his testimony yielded very little information with regards to any misconduct by trump or 2016 campaign. in fact a lot of the testimony hurt case against trump, cohen said there was no evidence that trump campaign colluded with russia, and trump never directly told him to lie to congress. i will say that the case against trump with potential campaign finance violation, might have got' a little stronger yesterday. but still, it is a shaky case, a lot of questions still need to
6:58 pm
be answered. for people buying into that narrative that trump is a coconspirateo with putin, they were probably disappointed yesterday. liz: here is the thing about cortez, she never asked michael cohen where is your documentary evidence, the checks, the recording, bank records, phone records. you know instead she doesn't to go after trump tax returns, we know that. they want to put trump in a prime ministeimpeachment so he t re-elected in 2020. this is what -- >> all about publicity and face time, getting your message out, which he sat there reading from a washingto "washington post" ny about trump and cohen, asked if he agreed, he said yes, that was her contribution. liz: dan said she used a template of a "washington post"
6:59 pm
story. >> i was disappointed yesterday, the questions that at some point removed from stormy dap yells d collusion to personal deals with trump and his dealings. aocasking about his, holdings, they had nothing to do with government oversight, yesterday it was a committee that has transformed to a democratic operative corporation it was sickening. liz: the alleged activities predating his elect. >> yes. liz: predated his winning the election. >> that is right. a lot of people are aware of that, i don't think that yesterday moved needle much, people who hate trump still hate him, and people who love trump
7:00 pm
still love him. >> thank you yeah, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next. fox business network have a good evening. lou: good evening, president trump ending his second summit with north korea leader kim jong-un. unexpectedly cutting their talks short. and walking away from the bargaining table, trump determined there was no way forward. no reasonable path to reach a reasonable agreement, as kim insisted that united states drop all sanctions against north korea. while retained its nuclear weapons and missiles. >> we had some options, at-this-point we decided not to do any of the option, we'll so where that goes, it was a very interesting two days. i think actual test a very productive two days,ut


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