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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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days but nicolas maduro is not making it easy and has issued threats. he will certainly need to be in all of our thoughts as the days progress. thank you for watching. i will see you tomorrow night. kennedy: thank you, trish. breaking news now, the present moments ago landing at the white house after flying back from his summit. with the north korean dictator, kim jong-un. there he is. the president walked with a summit -- walked away from the summit because he said no deal is better than a bad deal. the meeting was cut short. no agreement was signed. we will watching for that last night. trying to figure out what might be in the ghost. >> the president decided to pack up and leave but before jumping on air force one, he explained what happened.
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saying the north koreans wanted all sanctions lifted in exchange for closing only one nuclear facility. in other words, nuclear weapons were not on the table. apparently was not good enough. for the commander-in-chief, watch. >> you always have to be prepared to walk. i could have signed an agreement today and then you people would have said, what a terrible deal. what a terrible thing he did. you have to be prepared to walk and you know there was a potential we could have signed something. i could 100 percent have signed something today. we had papers ready to be signed. it just was not appropriate. i want to do it right. i would much rather do it right than fast. kennedy: i wish i would've heard that phrase other times in my life. the north koreans are now speeding the president's claims saying they only demanded partial sanctions relief. and they were negotiating in good faith. >> if the united states removed
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partial sanctions mainly the articles of sanctions that hamper the economy and livelihood of our people in particular. we were permanently and completely dismantle all the nuclear facilities in the area. kennedy: there is only one area. regardless, the president is getting kudos from lawmakers on both sides of the output even chuck schumer and nancy pelosi said it was better for the president to walk away then to -- you have to know when to fold them. did we leave in a position of strength? and will there be another summit? joining me now, bruce klingler. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: you say no flash, no cash. this could have been a flashy deal, and other box checked on a list of campaign promises. and all we had to do was lift
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sanctions and a little boatload of money to go flowing into north korea with very little verification was this the right move? >> it was certainly the right move to walk away. there'd been concerns that the parameters of the deal that it seemed like the u.s. was going to sign, would have been quite bad. a peace declaration which sounds good but actually there's a lot of inherent risks to it without really any benefits and as you've been pointing out, the facility, there are a lot of things it would have been wrong with the possible deal it was good the president walked away. but overall, there were no closer to resolving the north korean nuclear problem here the president's relationship so far has not produced any positive flow. and you know, we are seeing where the north korea will come back to the table in a meaningful way. kennedy: is distancing because the worry is that they will go back to testing missiles. in a meaningful way and lobbing rockets into the sea of japan, seeing as of the present was so
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effusive and know this really was an aspirational moment, this is what kim jong-un aspires to. and the president allowed him into a sphere that he normally does not partake in at all. even answered questions from western journalists and now, it seems like north korea going into total retreat and isolation, with very offensive posture, is not as much of a threat as it was before. what do you think about that? >> the president said kim jong-un promised not to do anymore nuclear missile tests. and that would ratchet up tension if they did that, we may be back to the "fire and fury" and the heightened military tensions. and then you know the president even sort of duct on questions whether we would do more sanctions or more fully enforce u.s. law. we been pulling punches on another -- a number of
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sanctions. under think will be at at a situation of high-end military tensions for some time. but if we continue to not have a resolution. at one point once or the other may say diplomacy is not working. where do we go from here? think the north koreans were expecting the president would walk away, considering the language she was using before the summit and at the commencement? >> i do not think they thought he was going to walk away. actually it came as a surprise to most of us because the last several weeks a lot of statements by donald trump officials indicated they were lowering the bar for what north korea had to do and what we thought was the parameters of the deal looked like something that we would not have been pleased with. it was better to work away from this one than to accept it. but secretary pompeo has repeatedly said the north korea has agreed to do complete verifiable irreversible dismantlement. kennedy: that is what he asked
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for. but i don't know that north korea has agreed to that.>> secretary pompeo repeatedly said they had a special envoy they repeatedly complete north korea agreed to that. kennedy: he called him a mobster when he said that. >> they were clearly no further along. and it really shows just how far apart the two sides are. north korea as it's been doing for decades, is not showing indication that it is willing to give up the nuclear program. it may be willing to once again for the fifth time, promise to cease production at their facility but it is not good enough. we need to get all of the not only nuclear reduction facilities but the missile production facilities and arsenal of nuclear and missiles. kennedy: and that is a lot. it is so much more than they are willing to do at this time. greg gutfeld said earlier maybe it is unsolvable. and that is possible.
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i know every president wants to solve this riddle and it may not happen in this way at this time but it feels word a better place than we were two years ago and even nine months ago. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: meantime the president getting bipartisan pushback for comments he made about otto warmbier. as you recall, he was a 22-year-old american locked up in north korea for supposedly stealing a propagandist poster. they let him go but he was in a vegetative state. and he died a few days after returning to the us. at first the president have very strong words for kim jong-un. a judge or the north koreans to pay $500 million. today however, donald trump had an about-face. watch.>> think he knew about it. he felt very badly. he knew the case very well but he knew it later. kennedy: come on, man.
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lawmakers on both side of the aisle have questioned the presidents judgment. >> kim jong-un -- lied. nothing happens that country without him knowing. >> we shouldn't be nacve about this regime. and about the way they mistreat their own people. certainly, the way they mistreated otto warmbier. kennedy: damn skippy! why has the president decided to take the word of kim jong-un? especially when he lied to the u.s. so many times. but tonight! we have magazine editor at large and host of the fifth column podcast, -- welch, we also have chris hahn -- welcome everyone. i really thought that again, this could have been a victory for the present with democrat saying susan rice, nancy pelosi
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saying, it was the right move. he was right to walk away. this wasn't a good deal with than to say that kim jong-un did not know about otto warmbier. the manchin says nothing happens in the country does not know about. nothing happens in that country. >> including members of kim jong-un 's family dying after being assassinated. seems to happen a lot. it is importunate the take that the president has appeared not just here but saudi arabia, the murder of jamal khashoggi. he takes the word of the person in the room with him. bad people. who kind of role him and it is a shame because i think he deserves more credit than is getting. even for the north korea thing not really working out. as you rightly point that we should not just pass over that we are in a much better place on this than we were two years ago.three years ago is when the republican party had a presidential debate in the first question is are you going to bomb their missile tests from the launching pad? pretty much everyone said yes except donald trump. so he deserves credit for going out there and making something happen. he should not take the word of
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a dictator and hope he apologizes to the family of otto warmbier. kennedy: i hope the same thing. and i think that rob portman is right. we can't be nacve here. and i hope that this is not something that we hyperfocus on because we also have to move forward. we have to move forward in a politically agnostic way in order to neutralize. >> i think that matt hit the nail on the head. the president should not be taken north of this man especially when we know better. his advisors know better. his own people know not even a partisan thing for him to take the guys word. i am pleasantly surprised he walked away. especially given the domestic issues he's facing at home. he probably would've done better with the deal. but walking away actually is probably getting as much praise because people are not going to criticize a deal that came out of it. they're saying he stopped short of making a bad deal and -- >> also shows he was not impulsive where people assumed he would be. especially when it came to delivering a campaign promise. if you sign something and it kind of was a piece like deal
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with somewhat of a lesser nuclear rise to north korea, that could be -- >> he would have claimed victory but whatever came out of it and there is a certain percentage of the country that would have supported whatever he said. but he chose not to do that but i will not bash them for that. i think it was the right thing for him to do and i'm happy it's what he did. kennedy: here's the issue i have with him. in some ways his unorthodox thinking is great. it is refreshing and it is weird and part of it is really good and i think when it comes to north korea is a perfect place for it. when he's not good at is reading people. he's not a good judge of character.if he were, he would not have had michael cohen and paul manafort and roger stone and you know -- >> i don't think that he thinks kim jong-un has good character. and i don't think that he believes kim jong-un. >> he is in love with kim jong-un! they have a love affair.>> when he says i believe, i don't think he really does believe.
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i think he's putting the charm on because he will meet with him again. and he is the same with vladimir putin. kennedy: but he does it with the wrong people. that is the problem. he kind of had a bromance with emmanuel macron for a while. >> did not last. stephen kim jong-un and vladimir putin and these are bad people. i don't think we can stare into their eyes -- >> he could be trying to lead him into a good place. they saying that they will be the next vietnam. if -- this is a hell of a lot better than being -- through a normalized relations with vietnam are much better than isolated hellhole where their own people are starved to death and they suffer from --
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>> nothing good is happening there so there's an opportunity for someone at some point to open the country up to the rest of the world. i don't know that it will happen anytime soon because clearly they thought they would pull a fast one here. kennedy: will probably happy with bernie sanders because he is so adept. >> also -- [laughter] i'm just thinking that if you know he said, he did not know about it. the word getting out to north koreans that kim jong-un did not know about something that happened, it's kind of weird! i mean it might be something, it might be a reason for commencing he did not know about it. kennedy: also makes kim jong-un look very very weak. >> that's what i'm saying. [multiple speakers] >> okay, a super genius! wiley coyote. kennedy: the panel is coming back in a little bit. first up, michael cohen has been spilling the beans. for three days on capitol hill.
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how about more beans mr. comey? some republicans think that he is still lying and they want the feds to investigate even more. could he end up doing more prison time instead of taking on the president? we will have reaction next.
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♪ the current came down on the michael cohen circus today as the presence former fixer has the third and final round of testimony to lawmakers on capitol hill. after the closed-door here today michael cohen said things are quote - very productive and is committed to telling the truth -ish. before leaving vietnam the president said michael cohen wouldn't know the truth if you bumped it with it in federal
9:19 pm
prison. >> was interesting because he did not lie about one thing. he said no collision with the russian hoax. kennedy: no collision. michael cohen is scheduled to return to the hill march 6 but house oversight committee member maloney says she believes his revelation could lead to impeachment proceedings. which nancy pelosi has repeatedly cautioned against. even today. will michael cohen get democrats to the promised land? or should the nation ignore everything that comes out of his mouth? training with more, on the legal trouble, fox news at night very on anchor, shannon. first we speak to a former campaign manager, cory lewandowski. who has the goods on michael cohen. welcome back. >> take you for having me, kennedy. kennedy: you know it. let's talk about michael cohen. you worked with him kind of on the campaign trail. what did you think of him when you two interacted?
9:20 pm
>> well, look i've been very clear. we kept michael as far away from the campaign as humanly possible when we were working on the fifth floor whose on the 26th floor. one of the amazing revelations is that he actually started the trump campaign.this is one of the many lies he committed yesterday in front of congress. once again. including he did not want a job in the white house. i think he purged himself probably five or six different times. but he had no role in the campaign and we made that for a very strategic reason. every time he said something we knew was a lie we did not want anyone near the campaign. the only thing michael said that was truthful, was that there was no collision that took place between the trump campaign and russia. kennedy: i have my suspicions! the southern district of new york did not put their hopes on those suspicious. he spent a lot of the time with the president on the campaign, correct?
9:21 pm
>> i did, yes. kennedy: why did you pull him aside and say mr. future president, this guy is an idiot. what you have so many like this in your orbit?clearly he is not serving your best interest. >> you are assuming i did not do that. of course people do that! but michael was -- kennedy: what did the president say when people would tell him? there are only a few reasons idiots get to come back. either some weird codependent relationship or they have goods on you. which is it? >> look, we know that michael cohen was audio taping every conversation on his telephone across state lines.whether he said he did or didn't we know he did. we know that he agreed it is illegal. we also know that he agreed to turn over all evidence of any conversation he had with any other attorney-client privileges that he should have the sanctity of keeping. he does not care about that. and we told mr. trump on many occasions, the sky was crazy, lunatic. and he begged and borrowed and stole to get to the white
9:22 pm
house. the only place he's going out is the big house. kennedy: so sad! if this person was there to make sure the donald trump did not break the law, he did a really bad job. he felt that thomas massey did a good job of raising that point. isn't a lawyer supposed to help you obey the law, stay within the law? >> he would think so but clearly michael did not know the law could not follow the law did not understand it. one of those. he's not disbarred by the new york bar association. he admitted to campaign finance violations. he is admitted to wire fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud. he's now a convicted felon for those. i think that he went to what many believe to be the worst law school in america. but that being said, i guess he was technically an attorney. clearly not a very good one. kennedy: yeah but forgot has a bunch of billions of dollars, i still don't understand how he that someone at this dumb dumb into his orbit. i can tell at the five minutes
9:23 pm
that michael cohen was a mental deficient. i'm surprised after so many years the president did not have the same instincts. >> i think you are right. kennedy: cory lewandowski, thank you for your time. good to talk to you. >> thank you. kennedy: michael cohen 's testimony went so well, he could face more criminal charges for it. house oversight committee ranking member jim jordan has sent a referral to the attorney general saying that he lied about not wanting a job at the white house appeared on the inside house oversight committee chair elijah cummings announced he will seek interviews with the president's children, ivanka trump, donald trump jr. and he will question them about the details that michael cohen divulged over family business dealings. so much testimony, we will get sick of testimony. who is in deeper yogurt? michael cohen or team trumped? -- team trump. kennedy: mark meadows and jim
9:24 pm
jordan, in washington to see where you live and work. they are referring michael cohen to the attorney general of the united states because they said he perjured himself once again.were they just talk about the white house want things? >> yeah, it was just that. it's got a lot of attention today but they said is much more substantive than that. they wrote a long letter that they lay out all of the case. the attorney general, william barr, they said we think he made numerous willful false statements before us. either he was lying before, where he gave statements and conflict with what he said this week on the hill where he lied this week on the hill. and they're talking about contracts and deals with foreign government entities. but also they said he has denied thinks he actually pled guilty to. in his plea deal. so they said somewhere something is not adding up. the documents are there, his words are there. put them together, there is a
9:25 pm
conflict. they say we want you to investigate for possible perjury and also criminal charges related to possibly represent people without proper, these foreign entities without proper registration. and yes it is serious stuff. kennedy: is already going to prison. he's already been convicted of a few felonies. very serious stuff. but the southern district of new york did not name him as a witness grade they did not save the agreement changed and whether or not prosecutor or someone from within the fdny office might have gotten to alexandria ocasio-cortez given her specific pointed questions that because he was testifying under oath, would allow them to investigate down a different track. >> it's interesting because you will remember there were these two kind of sentencing memo you know, summations that came out from fdny and also from the special counsel. and they both described michael cohen 's role very different. one of them he cooperating in working with us and everything is going as we would assume. on the other side, basically
9:26 pm
no, he's a terrible person, he's not telling us of the nose, withholding information. there are different views on how helpful he's been for these various investigations. you know he eluded the essay to ongoing southern district of new york federal investigations. he cannot talk about, their limits, some say maybe the president is still in the mix in some kind of plea deal or cooperating witness or helping in some other way. i think the testimony is to raise a lot of questions. it wasn't that he came with a whole lot of new information but he may have dug deeper hole for himself and certainly sparked interest in whether the president now has federal investigations to worry about. kennedy: interesting. lastly, some of the children, ivanka trump and donald trump jr., elijah cummings is saying that they may be potential witnesses to come and testify before the committee. what did you make of that? >> it would be with the first am one of them a bit out there. they've had conversations with committees interesting as before. so much was happening and that southern district of new york
9:27 pm
is through the trump organization or foundation per they've been swept up in this before so is not new for them. they think they're constantly on defense as long as a father is the president. not that they're excited about it or make peace with it but i think they realize it's part of the package being his children. in some cases official advisors. like ivanka. kennedy: we are minutes from glory. >> thank you. kennedy: nonsense like manicure for all and green new deal. how nancy pelosi is trying to put the brakes on these plans. the parties so far to the left that even nancy is the only voice of reason! what! my monologue is next.♪ ♪ [music] two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here?
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nancy pelosi, most powerful democrat next to amy klobuchar 's temperature is lukewarm now on medicare fraud and the green new deal because she is bogged down in stinky old facts! she says all the great ideas go beyond the scope of government. it makes me think she is high. so why stop there! free drugs for everyone! so we can all be out of our minds. that is the memo.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] kennedy: house speaker nancy pelosi is not the only one trying to keep the progressive wing of her party online. during what was reportedly an emotional debate, she told democrats to vote on the party line at all times. even if you are a moderate in a red state, that's right, do not listen to your constituents!
9:35 pm
madam speaker reportedly told her crafty minions, this is not a day at the beach. this is a congress of the united states! so is nancy pelosi going to keep the fracturing party unified? no. our panel is back. matt welch, chris hahn and tom -- it has to be fun to be nancy pelosi.>> maybe. i am thoroughly unimpressed with nancy pelosi. you know this guy thinks he's the greatest in the world. kennedy: mr. candlesticks! >> you are funny, i love you! >> nancy pelosi is powerless. aoc is joaquin oliver. the left wing of the parties walking all over. this is pushback saying maybe we are in over a schemes a little bit. they know she is weak. that's why they're laughing at her and that is why aoc is so cocky. everyone acted as if she was so powerful. she stood down donald trump on the wall, did not give him a dime! i am unimpressed. quincy programs have to lease her nancy pelosi was, is, paul
9:36 pm
ryan was to be speaker of the house. he is not because he was weak and he could not get anything done. kennedy: i don't disagree with that at all. it was such a layup replacing obama care was such a layup! >> the debate -- all debate about what is socialism? there would be a time you start the policy on the left or right into me in the middle. [laughter] kennedy: you start on the far, far left! >> what happened was -- [multiple speakers] >> ronald reagan mitchell liberal is a dirty word. kennedy: aoc, bernie sanders -- >> it is time to start on the left or the right and me in the middle. so we get a centrist company. >> the place were starting with the 20 -- $22 trillion debt.
9:37 pm
it's a scary place to be. amy klobuchar in one hand and howard schultz it used to be a democrat but now they don't like that kind of talk anymore, is to acknowledge that we live in limits. when you have that kind of indebtedness in a country it hurts the actual economic growth. it is a problem and there will come a day when you sell bonds at a higher rate and then debt service will be more of the military spending in about five years. all of this after a nine year boom! kennedy: spending is laughable. compared to $9 trillion a year. of course it is never going to happen! because it is the dumbest idea. and this is still america. the dumb proposal from two members of congress. >> guess what, that's how it works! kennedy: unless you are discounting aoc. [multiple speakers] >> heard the speaker of the house. he heard what she said about and how she keeps her troops in line.>> they are in line! [multiple speakers] kennedy: have you ever tried to walk a ferret?
9:38 pm
>> good question. [laughter] >> i have it is very frightening! >> this week hundred seven democrats voted to abolish private health insurance. kennedy: what happens to the people for private health insurance companies? when i called blue shield, no one will answer because they won't be there anymore? >> look -- kennedy: rich people go to doctors and poor people are going to die and malingerer and gutters because of you. >> it doesn't matter what you propose. it will be called socialism anyway. kennedy: that's what socialism is. a means of production, retrofitting buildings, also replacing the grid.poor tom, he's sitting and not impolite. >> at least schultz stood up to aoc and said you know, i'm going to run unless you nominate someone in the middle. kennedy: and i'm going to drink my billions for breakfast!
9:39 pm
>> that is what nancy pelosi is doing. to the presidential field, delco full aoc. kennedy: they are having a field day! think you so much. tom, chris and matt. only single syllable name site! most of the world is focus on the north korean nuclear summit but two nuclear armed nations on the verge of war. how can that affect you? that is next.
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kennedy: two of the worlds biggest nuclear arms militaries potential on the brink of war after years of escalating tension and name-calling. and it could spell doom for everybody on this planet! it is not the u.s. and north korea is india and pakistan. it all started on valentine's day. when pakistani militants killed 40 indian soldiers in a suicide bombing. that's not good! of course india retaliated with airstrikes. pakistan shot down one of their planes. they captured and beat up the pilot. pakistan promised to give him back but now, troops on both
9:44 pm
sides reportedly -- each side reportedly has more than hundred nuclear missiles. they both hate each other very much. what are the chances we see a nuclear war? what does now, cia office and host of the buck sexton show, it is buck sexton. answer that for me! what are the chances. >> kennedy, if you're going to find one place where there is the greatest likelihood.♪ ♪ kennedy: great music! ♪ >> that is partly for me. ♪ one of the places where you ♪ see the greatest likelihood ♪ of there being an exchange ♪ -- ♪ kennedy: maybe it's a cpac ♪ and they are watching animal house. >> there we go. hopefully they will stop that! it will be this region of india and pakistan.more so than anything and north korea. the place where if you're a betting person as horrific as it is to think about this is where it would occur. kennedy: you can keep talking.
9:45 pm
i just said it is awful. i was agreeing with you. >> oh! kennedy: just commentary. >> i'm sorry we have a live shot. they keep turning the music super loud and then off and super loud and off. like they are trying to test my skills. kennedy: are you in gitmo? >> it feels like it. kennedy: if they come out with you with -- [laughter] >> are you going to start talking about ensure now too? the both countries have the greatest single threat as each other. this is a matter of national security. it is not considered nearly as important to the military as india. this way the greatest concentration of forces for both militaries are lined up. this is where you have the pakistani myriad of terrorist groups that are used as essentially, depth against a much vastly superior indian military.
9:46 pm
that is where this cashmere flashpoint keeps coming up. kennedy: the brits gave up india 1947 thanks to trevor they sort of carved up the region and cashmere has been disputed ever since. what will solve this conflict? >> no one knows. this goes back to partition as you mentioned. and for both countries, any backing off is a total nonstarter. occasionally we'll see about artillery exchanges over 15,000 feet, it is up in the region of kashmir we have troops deployed. both countries claim entirety of the kashmir region can only control pieces of it here and there. neither of them is willing to back off or for reasons of nationalism and that stretches
9:47 pm
back to -- kennedy: is a taiwan and the west bank all wrapped up into one very confusing package. buck sexton, thank you so much. we otwill talk to you next week. >> good to see you. sorry about the noise! kennedy: i loved every second. thank you. topical storm is next. actually, that's super easy. my bad. that's super easy. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz... the first and only treatment of its kind offering people with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection,
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and clavicle rubber, joe biden consulting with the social media firm to help appeal to
9:51 pm
younger voters. just when you thought we couldn't have any more grandparents rambling on facebook or as joe calls it, the facebook. send me a friend request because this is the topical storm. topical number when we begin in greece. yes! a rainstorm forced locals to cancel their bridge club. look at this. that is not going to be in the morning. a torrential downpour wipes out this 110-year-old landmark that was apparently made of clay. and to make matters worse the mayor forgot to buy the extended warranty. luckily it was closed to traffic but there is a still calling the biggest collapse since the clinton campaign. or should i say, the biggest collapse until the clinton campaign. if you don't think she's running again. i have a greek bridge i want to say. citizens of greece are shocked that rain could wipe out a century-old structure but the government has assured them that it is perfectly normal.
9:52 pm
another is to say, it raised a lot of unit brass. topic number two. here is some great news for millennials who like avocado toast. no, your parents did not lower the rent you ingrates but there is a new sneaker dedicated to your favorite breakfast snack. new avocado toast sneakers. there called sock -a-mole. they have a upper section that is green for the avocado and the lower brown section for the toast. however, if you wear these in public your dating life will also be toast. the sock-a-mole is online. you can also get a kick me sign for your back!just kidding. if you're buying these you don't have friends. topic number three. puff, puff, pass. martha stewart signed a deal with the marijuana company.
9:53 pm
when i speak with everyone i think i say finally! getting her to make some snacks. this is the largest cannabis grow and they also make pot snacks for pets because apparently cats were not paranoid enough! [laughter] the creation of pet weed does explain. as new dog food. it is made of baloney and doritos with chicken fingers on an english muffin! i am obviously kidding. but i will still pause so the stoners at home can write down the recipe. martha's fans have voiced concern that going green will force her to come back on her design projects but you will be happy to know that shortly after, getting sampling of the goods, she went out and designed a new bridge! it is mud, it is wet -- there is no bridge. apparently she is as good with bridges as the stock market.
9:54 pm
he did not obstruct justice. he was framed. topic number four. we do a lot of strange crime stories in thissegment but the one i'm about to tell you is truly bananas. bananas . a man arrested for robbing homes and a gorilla get it. they said they didn't believe he was just a curious george. prosecutors are going to throw the jungle book at him.the bad news is, he is off to prison. the good news is, he just won the masked singer. it is unclear what prompted the sneaky costume party. i do not know what he is doing with this outfit. looks like somebody got stoned and started knitting again! topic number five. it is thirsty thursday. here is proof that some folks have been drinking since breakfast. on tuesday. it is time for viewer mail.
9:55 pm
wayne leads off with, girl, you have to calm down. lol, before you show your totally freaking out. lol, love you! is that how martha spells her name on twitter? [laughter] i love the martha stewart will be a stoner. david writes, you are not funny. david! no one cares. shut up! i hear that so often. joe tweets young lady, you're too loud and a little pushy today!there are days to get over aggressive. calm down a bit. i will when martha starts giving out goodie bags. and tim wraps up with, the hair, who did that, edward scissorhands? don't assume gender or scissor ability. we will be right back. ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible.
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all because of you. i'm asking that you follow me on twitter and instagram so that we can fight this fight together. sock-a-mole -- is officially we can go celebrate! my heart is with you. good night. second summit with north korea leader kim jong-un. unexpectedly cutting their talks short. and walking away from the bargaining table, trump determined there was no way forward. no reasonable path to reach a reasonable agreement, as kim insisted that united states drop all sanctions against north korea. while retained its nuclear weapons and missiles. >> we had some options, at-this-point we decided not to do any of the option, we'll so where that goes, it was a very interesting two days. i think actual test a very productive two days, but ti


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