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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 1, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou: good evening, president trump ending his second summit with north korea leader kim jong-un. unexpectedly cutting their talks short. and walking away from the bargaining table, trump determined there was no way forward. no reasonable path to reach a reasonable agreement, as kim insisted that united states drop all sanctions against north korea. while retained its nuclear weapons and missiles. >> we had some options, at-this-point we decided not to do any of the option, we'll so where that goes, it was a very interesting two days. i think actual test a very productive two days, but sometimes you have to walk.
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basically they wanted sanctions lifted. in their entirety. and we could not do that. they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted. but we could not give up all of the sanctions for that. we continue to work and we'll see, but we had to walk away from this particular suggestion. we had though wal had to walk a. lou: we take up the president's decision to walk away from what would have been a bad deal in his item. national left wing media lame attempt to paint the summit as a failure. republican strategist ed rollins, foreign policy experts dr. wal walid phares among our guests. and qu congressman, saying they have proof that michael cohen committed perjury, knowingly made false statements during yesterday's hearing, two
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congressmen today said radical dimms parading cohen around capitol hill is not just asia -- charade but part of a coordinated effort to remove a sitting president. >> to impeach the president. it was start of laying that foundation, we have to be ready for it know what is coming and stop them in the facts. >> it is taking away everything that is foundation to who we are. lou: who are we? we take up that, we discuss cohen's smears, and contradicts of lives and radical dims who stop at nothing in their effort to subverse, obstruct and destroy trump administration. congressman mark green. and vince and tammy bruce will join us tonight. and establishment rinorepublican senator lamar alexander
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capitulates to the radical dims and globalist elites, signaling he is ready to vote to block the president's national national emergency. >> i support what the president wants to on border security. but i do not support the way he has been advised to do it. >> there has never been an instance where the president of united states has asked for funding, congress has refused it, and the president has then used nation national emergency act to justify spending the money anyway. lou: senator is show chicken-hearted he would try to cravenly claim to support president trump on border security while he votes again the president's national emergency declaration. contempcontemptible. tens of thousands of opioid related deaths in country not
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enough? sense70 those last year, and mus in mexico by cartels. we'll have his take on president's declaration, and the craven radical dimms and rinos who are standing in president's way. >> our top story, president trump, north korea asking the united states to fully remove sanctions while they would not fully denuk de-- nuclearize the
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peninsula. did their worse attacking the president with their venal hearing, centered on convictly liar and felon michael cohen. >> strike one in singapore no deal with kim jong-un, now strike two in hanoi. >> no signing ceremony, because there is nothing to sign. >> this was a failure, short and simple. lou: simple certainly, simple minded. not just president's efforts abroad that radical left attacked trying to subvert the president while in midst the denuclearizing an effort he had underway for almost two full years of his presidency, they want to see the trump economy collapse as well. today's headlines focusing on a slow 4th quarter, you know. this economy which has not been booming at all, they neglect the
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fact as they distort everything that president does, that this economy is growing at the fast fastest rate since 2015, as year-over-year growth from 4th quarter of 2017 to fourth quarter the 2018 was 3.1%, right, more than the president predicted 3%. president trump ignoring the national left wing media lies. he saying that american economy is indeed the envy of the world. >> i go, i might the prime ministers and presidents and kings and queens, they all say, mr. president, congratulations on your economy. especially your economy. we're trying to copy it, it's not works, it's just not working for other countries, they are not -- i want them to do well. but china is way down. the eu is down. a lot of countries are very much
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down, most of them we're hitting new highs. >> new high, "new york times," "washington post," other news outlets, broadcast, print and web, trying to suggestion that things are tough, because, it is incredible. as this economy booms, suggesting that the president missed the mark on economic growth. it is justi just incredible and. "new york times" reporting that president trump gave white house official to give his son-in-law a security clearance, white house press secretary sarah sanders tells times, that the white house does not comment on security clearances, a spokesman for kushner attorney issued a statement. saying, in 2018, white house and
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security clearance officials affirmed that mr. kushner's security clearance was handled in regular process with no pressure from anyone. that was conveyed to the media at the time, news stories, if accurate, do not change what was affirmed at that time. joining us, former reagan whit without without -- re ed rollin, let's starts with national left wing media, some radical dim mfools trying to suggest that president's summit with kim jong-un was a failure because he cut off talks, stating that he -- his offer is what will prevail. and moving ahead. >> i applauded his decision, he did not get what he wanted, he had the guts to cut on off. go back and negotiate a better position of strength, ronald
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reaction reagan did this with soviets. >> that took years. >> took years,. lou: trillions of wil dollars. >> we have a better relationship with north korea than we've had. and i think that meeting was a positive good feel, but the president is not going to have a bad deal, he should not, his obligation is to the american public, they should be proud of his decision. lou: i like what president said throughout, that he has a good relationship with president xi of china. but president xi represents interest of china, and he is representing mr. president trump, interest of united states, this is not childish world of national left wing media, this is the adult real -- politic world. >> we have a lot of strong, running country in the world we
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have one too. it is importantly showed strong like he did yesterday. he made the correct decision. he will get a better deal next time. and he will stay there until we get a good deal. lou: i was delighted to see the chair of republican national committee today saying that anyone who thinks about challenging president trump for 2020. you know will face a horrible future. that is the -- that is exact posture for the republican national committee and the party to take. i'm delighted my hats off to ronna mcdaniel, shows more guts, loyalty and intelligence than any so-called leader on capitol hill. >> she has done a great job, he will crush anyone that wants to run against him. lou: it is a unnecessary burden
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for him. >> his party -- much better to have a free run. 20 something odd democrats on the other side, he will take them all too. lou: can the kus kushner legal m with the statement, abby loyal, the attorney for kushner, in 2018, white house -- can we put that up, full screen. i'm told we can. but it takes longer than i would like. 2018, white house security clearance officials affirm this mr. kushner clea clearance was handled in regular process, no pressure from anyone, and says that was conveyed to media at the time, new stories if act rats do not change that was affirmed at the time that is sickening to me lawyer bs. >> it is and president has right to clear anyone he wants to
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clear, he is the decision maker, jared has served this president effectively, he deserves a top secrets clea clearance. and whatever bureaucrats thatten to like him are playing games, we should be grateful he is there. lou: all right, we're grateful you are here. >> good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, new warning, on china. spreading propaganda on university campuses across country. up next, another senate rino, signaling -- that is what they do, they don't say or do, but they signal, a willing ness to vote against president trump's border national emergency declaration. we'll have tom's thoughts next. >> up next new reporting on how jared kushner secured a top-secret security clearance.
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all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. lou: retiring senator rino, lamar alexander, who urged president trump to withdraw his national emergency, this is about the level to which lamar has always repaired, his
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span -- he said to do so would create a consititutional crisis. he is not saying whether we will join other three rii rinos to bk it. thsenators, collins, murkowski d tillis. thank you, to maine, alaska and north carolina for sending the nation these three fine votes, a senate vote is likely in next two weeks, joining me tonight tom hoen . i can't help but wonder what must be knewing through president's mind. he is trying to denuclearization of north korea. and global security, at.
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the home house of representatives votes again his national emergency declaration as he tried to secure our southern border. and radical dimms put on a staged spectical of michael cohen convicted of lying on congress, as they try to under cut him and his foreign policy. >> i president is a warrior. if they think they are going to beat to guy down, he loves a fight. i think what -- >> i think they are trying to knock him down in the eyes of some people in the country. and to give the national left wing media the narrative with which should ignore what he is achieving and the historics of this success in point of fact in hanoi. >> he is a wa warriors, he doest
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know how to fail, they want the president to fail. truly sad, if president wins on the border, america wins on the border because we're more secure. the democratic leadership, they hate in president more than they want to secure the border, i said many times, there is no down side on securing our border, no down side up less it was immigration or less drug smuggling, 72,000 people died of opioid last year that is a crisis, president obama declared national emergency on the swine flu this killed 12 thousand. >> in two years he has accomplished more than any president in modern history, brack to ronald reagan to look at a president with same standing as he does. in -- i think back to roosevelt
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to find anyone who achieved as much as he has so quickly. >> as a government employee i worked for 6 presidents starting with ronald reagan, i respect office of presidency, i have said many people times, no one has done more to secure the nation and protect american people than donald trump in two years. >> why is it that states like tennessee, maine, north caroli carolina. send us people these rinos. its share of cinat -- senate. why this group of people within the republican party. who don't give a -- who hate this president, they don't regard americans well enough to' to secure the border. it is really stupifying. one thing for radical dimms who department give a damn, and
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another for republicans who pretend they do. >> you start with alexander, first of all, if any denies there is an emergency on the border, they are ignoring the facts, this president is doing what he can to address the emergency. for people like alexander said do something different, that because congress has failed. this president has not failed, he is in this position now because congress failed him, congress is against ignoring a national crises on the border. lou: for two years republican congress under leadership of rino, paul ryan -- per sived pen blocking him. lou: tom, always enjoy seeing
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you and your opinion. >> thank you. lou: we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs. up next, benjamin netanyahu facing criminal charges just weeks from an election. what will happen? we'll find out. we'll talk with among others, foreign policy expertd walid phares. before we go, we look at national debt, $22 trillion and climbing, anyone have an idea how to fix this one?
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lou: headlines tonight, bipartisan senate subcommit report. chinese funded u up suite at
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universities and cline and institutes are out right threat to u.s., and should be shut down, universities, are not acting, government may have to force their hand. >> report find china spent 160 million in distributing money for the colleges. that create avenues for chinese propaganda in united states and contribute to the indoctrine nation i am sure of left wing students. quite a mess. and cabinet ministers, rallying around canadian prime minister -- some of them, justin trudeau after his former attorney general testified she was pressured to drop prosecution of a major canadian engineering
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company -- trudeau said it was done appropriately, he has other questions coming at him fast and furious. >> israel's prime minister, netanyahu, will be we're told indicted for bribery and breach of trust, the result of three corruption investigation. they come less than two months before israel's elections, that election comes april 9. and by the way to be clear, this sometimes is part and parcel of israeli politics, such charges against prime ministers. only wearil rarely do they havey lasts effect. joins be us tonight. dr. walid phares. great to have you here, let's start with, first of all most important ally in middle east. is israel.
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what is netanyahu facing here, in your judgment and what can we expect? >> well, big picture is very important here. it is that israel is a constitutional democracy, it justhejustice system can indictn katvinvindicate from citizen toe prime minister. on the other hand. if you look around them in the neighborhood outside of european union, you won't find countries that would go into this paths. this will have an impact on poll tie pickspolitics of israel ande region. lou: this is common for prime ministers to be targeted by the opposition, and for politics to be very much in play, in these kinds of quote, unquote,
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investigations. >> absolutely. in israel there were many cases before, but also we know that it is very charge politically, two months before the election, the times is really suspect from a political perspective. we have to wait and see. lou: we will wait and see. and meanwhile, we're also waiting and seeing, as the president of united states is under cut, by the radical dimms with the staged sorry spec act ilspectacleof that michael cohe. the resolution. against the the nation national emergency declaration of the president by the radical dimms in the house, this is unprecedented. on the part of any political party, that i have ever seen in
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my career with a president abroad pursuing important even critical foreign policy initiatives. >> look, if you compare with the previous administration, where president obama was negotiating the very critical so-called iran nuclear deal, what did the republican opposition do? did they real wage an all out war to derail that, that is what we have seen over 48 hours, there was a hearing. and what i said and continue to say, historians in the future are not going to write about that hearing, they are writing about the summit and future summits to come. lou: unfortunately, the left wing national media is writing almost nothing about the summit. the important of the summit, and
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process now fully underway in denuclearization-of north korea it will take time. just as it took time for evil empire of soviet union to fall to president reagan, he said mr. gorbachev tear down that wall. this is important, they are focusing on a convict liar, convicted among felonies and they parade him, this reminds me of the soviet union a bit, a show hearing for prop transports. >-- prop purposes. >> you speak about time, we had a hot war with north korea leadership, a cold war, and for last decade leadership of north korea was firing missiles and
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engaging us. it took a year or less for this administration to freeze the firing of missiles, to get back from south korea remains and hostages, and to have north korea's kim pledge he will not be firing missiles in 6 to 8 months, you compare this to what many president or administrations have tried to do with north korea there is no comparison. lou: there is another unfortunate comparison to watch national left wing media distort facts and reality and attack the president blindly for thei come blissty with -- com complicity h radical dimms, this is something to behold. walid phares thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, we'll have more on president's willingness to walk away from the prospect of a deal
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with kim jong-un. because it did not meet his terms. congressman mark green will join us after the break. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: joining us congressman mark green, member of house oversight committee, congressman good to have you with us. oversight committee hearings with cohen, a convict felon and liar. that of one sorry charade. engineered by the democrats to do what they achieve, that was to under cut the president while he was on an important foreign policy mission. your thoughts as you watched it uunfold. >> thank you lou.
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good to be with you. my perspective is that you know they took a fake dossier. and made an fbi ibm -- fbi investigation, now a fake witness, the guy has lied multiple times, pur purgerred himself to congress, they are building a case to try to prime impeachment the president. >> if this is their best move. if you all don't fight them tooth and tongue every step of the way, you are a credentials and decorated fight or for this country, i hope you can teach some of your colleagues yo how n fight had the republican party. right now i don't think you would want to be in a fox hole with many of them, jordans and
4:40 am
meadows among the exceptions. your thoughts about that criminal referral. >> absolutely, it is interesting that i guess advice to mr. cohen would be, don't lie when a simple google search can prove you are lying. he lied multiple times yesterday. he lied to documents he submitted to the committee prior to witness session, said he had no foreign contracts, in the hearing it comes out he had mull umultiple foreign contracts. lou: i have to say, cummings, who is sharin sharing this -- cf this committee.
4:41 am
and this awful display. looking at ignorance that you think that radical dimms can't top their own ignorance. cret they continue to do it. i have to give cummings credit when he stood up for mark meadows in that hearing as he was called a racist by talib. this -- i mean. she should be referred for something. i mean that is -- >> that was pathetic. lou: unprecedented ignorance from what is a party that is descending to the abyss. >> that not congressman it talib's first unprofessional comment, she said, we're going to impeachment. and you know the rest of the fraisesphrase.chairman cummingsp there.
4:42 am
he is uncomfortable in there. lou: but i want to commend him standing up. as you say his leadership. let's turn to if we may, the issue of where the president goes from here. this was all designed to under cut him overseas, do you think it contributed to the conditions that led to the president's decision to walk away from this meeting? >> no, i don't think so. i think -- no one understands how to make a deal like donald trump does. what is interesting, you listen to media talk about it those reporters have never negotiated a deal in their life. some democrat leadership that are criticizing a president they never sat across a ceo and cut a deal in their life. lou: my question, did not begin
4:43 am
to go to the issue of whether the president knew what he was doing, my question, if i. >> my question, did it contribute to the view on part of kim jong-un perhaps that he could demand much of this president and serve to under cut the president, as he attempted to negotiate the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> i don't think that what happened in america, in those committee hearings had anything to do with kim jong-un's position going into the negotiation, ream don't. i think he had a position where he was at, president trump knew where he wanted to get to, they did not come together, they left on positive terms, there will be more meetings, this is part of the process the dance so to speak of the negotiation. lou: all right, congressman mark green. >> thank you.
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lou: wall street stocks closing lower. dow down 69, volume on big board, heavier trading than we've seen. 4.3 billion shares. crude oil up a half percent. gold down a half percent. silver down a percent. >> and reminder to listen to my respects three -- reports three times a day on salem radio network. >> rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel issues a stern warning today. >> president has 93% approval in our party. our country is booming. jobs are coming back, wages are up, our military has been strengtheninged, our veterans taken care of be trade deals are
4:49 am
stronger, we put rule of law judges at o every level of the court be what would any republican be thinking, saying this is the guy i'm going to run against, have at it, go ahead, waste your money, waste your time g ahead and lose. >> telling it like it is. great to have you here. ronna mcdaniel is there chair of the rnc for the last 40 years, she is tops, what do you think? >> i loved her attitude there, one thing to have that opinion, her delivery of hear heartfelt. he found the situation ridiculous but did issue that warning, that indicates that machine itself will not entertain assistant or embrace
4:50 am
am. it is asurd situation and she articulated that well. lou: vince? >> that is why i asked her that question here. i wanted to know what -- how -- >> you want to take credit for that question, you had to get that in there. >> you know, i had to. thank you, lou. let me get that out. i wanted to have this conversation with her about primary challenges. you have john kasich, larry hoag in. lou: republicans, they -- the two names you mentioned will not amount to a sniffle. >> not at all, you know why, you look back. reality when people primary the incumbent president, reagan to ford, and kennedy to carter, these these people trying to run to outside of the candidate, that is not what we're looking at here, people are less
4:51 am
conservative than donald trump. on this case. lou: you know could i -- you -- what is conservative and what is not? right now republican party, what would you call it, ta tammy? conservative? to me ronna mcdaniel is more conservative than her party. >> a lot of people say i am more conservative than the republican party, i am not a republican, the great news about this view of what conservatism is, a point of view that allows great personal freedom, what allows that is a capitalistic system and a government that is small. lou: we -- >> this is what we had the arguments. lou: we have a society that is suffocating because in point of fact, the left and the right at the extremes have turned into the most orthodoxy demanding
4:52 am
from left and right. what are we to do in this country? we have a 22 trillion dollar national debt, we have a president who is doing more than any president in modern history, and both parties at least elements of both attacking this president nonstop. and carrying out a strategy of political persecution whether from southern district of new york, a special counci counsel t should have never been charged and list goes on. >> it does go on. i think last two months have been very bad for democratic party, you look at the issue of abortion, and virginia and new york, governor northam and infanticides stuff and race related stuff. we have to have -- this whole system only works if the
4:53 am
population is informed, and thinking clearly about what they are, they are waking up to what they really want out of washington. lou: radical dimms, are informing the public with this disgusting spak acle they -- spectacle they call a hearing, it appalling. >> i think that american people see it that way as well, you describe the extremes of both party is result of fact they recognize that status quo is not just about being demolished, it being demolished, that display was obscene. and tat tata ta -- talib's sayit miss patten was a prop. the more telling thing was for that woman to reduce that african-american woman to
4:54 am
literally an inanimate object, removing her humanity, that is what's have to talk about the bigotry that is moving through like sludge through the radical democrats and perhaps their leadership, that is one sign of it. we must bring it to light. lou: those people on that committee because of nancy pelosi, she gets full responsibility. and for that. tammy great to see i, vince thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: have fun at cpac. >> up next, sarah sanders said that president trump refuses to make the same bad deals at president obama. it is a lot deeper than that, we'll have more next. stay with us.
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lou: congressman jim jordan and mark meadows asking the justice
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department to investigate michael cohen for perjury. >> they took a fake dossier and made an fbi investigation. now they are taking a fake witness, a guy who lied multiple times. perjured himself to congress and the irs to get impeachment started on the president. lou: the president cutting short the second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. social media as far as diamond and silk and pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. we thank you for joining us
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tonight. good night from new york. we'll see you lauren: it is friday, march 1st. president trump back on u.s. soil after saying no deal to north korea. the rogue regime is pushing back with its own version of what went down. plus, why china should be on high alert after the failed talks in hanoi. tesla is touting its big model 3 cost cut. the big reveal is sounding the alarm on some of the company's bigger problems. and the philadelphia phillies break the bank and sign bryce harper to the richest contract in mlb history. one dc business is offering him a sweet deal to station with the nationals. -- to stay with


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