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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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jeffress among our guests tomorrow. we thank you for joining us tonight. good night from new york. we'll see you lauren: it is friday, march 1st. president trump back on u.s. soil after saying no deal to north korea. the rogue regime is pushing back with its own version of what went down. plus, why china should be on high alert after the failed talks in hanoi. tesla is touting its big model 3 cost cut. the big reveal is sounding the alarm on some of the company's bigger problems. and the philadelphia phillies break the bank and sign bryce harper to the richest contract in mlb history. one dc business is offering him a sweet deal to station with the nationals. -- to stay with the nationals.
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here's how your money is moving at 5*u 5:00 a.m. u.s. stock market futures are rallying. let's take a look at those. the dow now up by 154 points, the s&p 500 up by 15, the nasdaq up by 51. in europe, stocks are also trading higher. look at that. the ftse up by 42, the cac 40 up by 47, dax up by 117. stocks in asia, you can see the kospi in south korea is closed after that summit failed to produce a deal with north korea. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." happy friday. happy march 1st. i'm lauren simonetti. tracee: good morning, i'm tracee carrasco in for cheryl casone. north korea holding a rare news conference in the middle of the night where it offered its own version of why nuclear talks failed in vietnam. the north's foreign minister saying, quote, what we proposed was not the removal of all
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sanctions but the partial removal. lauren: earlier yesterday president trump said kim jong un wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety. president trump gave more details in an exclusive sit-down with sean hannity. >> he doesn't want to do testing. he's not going to do that, that's a big thing. no rockets, no anything. and i believe when he tells me that. i will take him at his word. but we'll see how it all goes. i think we had a very good two days but i just don't think maybe either of us were ready. lauren: joining us now is defense priority fellow, daniel depetrus. thank you for joining us this friday morning after the big failed summit with north korea. my question for you is who exactly is telling the truth here. did the north ask for full sanctions relief or partial? >> thank you for having me. it's really not clear. i mean, there's different interpretations, depending on who you talk to. the trump administration is
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obviously concerned that the north koreans asked for too much. they wanted all the sanctions lifted. in exchange for a partial dismantlement of their main plutonium facility. the north koreans said hold on a second, we only asked for partial sanctions relief. it's in flux. we don't really know what happened. but the process i believe will continue. lauren.lauren: we also don't k, maybe you have insight into this, who won, if anybody. north korea's vice foreign minister said this, it's a quote here. the u.s. not accepting our proposal is missing an opportunity that comes once in a thousand years. but who is this really a missed opportunity for? because for north korea, they finally have the opportunity to enter the 21st century, daniel. isn't is a bigger loss for them? >> i don't think there are any winners and losers here. if anything, both parties lost.
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the main u.s. objective the last 25 years has been denuclearization, north koreans have to give up every single one of their nuclear weapons and their entire infrastructure in order for normalization and to enter into the 2 21st century. it hasn't worked for the last 25 years. the summit in vietnam was an opportunity for both parties to come together and try to establish a new relationship after 70 years of hostility and we haven't done that yet and so in a way both parties lost. we lost the opportunity. lauren: do you think one of the reasons for in your view both parties losing is the top-down approach. chairman kim only wanted to talk with president trump. you know that president trump likes the art of the deal and he likes to talk to foreign leaders himself as well. should they have had better, stronger lower level talks that got further before this one on
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one meeting. >> tha usually the working level negotiators hammer out the nuts and bolts of the prospective deal and send it up to the senior level and leaders meet and sign a document. i think president trump is looking at the north korean issue and seeing a flawed policy over the last quarter century and he wants to challenge the conventional paradigm. i think he's right to meet with kim jong un one on one, talking between two senior leaders should not be frowned upon. lauren: yes or no, daniel. should there be a summit three? >> i believe there should be, yes, i do. lauren: thank you for joining us this friday morning. >> thank you. tracee: now to china. chinese president xi jinping expected to visit the u.s. this month for trade talks with president trump. lauren: let's go to edward lawrence in washington. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and tracee. we could know a little bit more about if there will be a final
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chinese trade deal at the end of march and here's why. as we first reported, chinese president xi jinping has blocked off the last 10 days of march for a trip specifically to mar-a-lago. president xi as well as a list of every deputy trade minister involved in the talks will make this trip. the white house has not officially agreed to a specific date but this is when china's available. u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says it's too early to tell if there will be a deal but other white house economic advice rers say we're close to the finish line. president trump says he wants the right deal. >> speaking of china, we're well on our way to doing something special but we'll see. i am always prepared to walk. i'm never afraid to walk from a deal and i would do that with china too if it didn't work out. >> reporter: steven mnuchin said the document is currently 150 pages. the trade representative saying it's 27 pages dealing specifically with protecting
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intellectual intellectual prope. kevin hassett says the document is as favorable as you could hope for. >> threaded the needle and come up with sketches of an agreement on property theft and enforcement, ambassador lighthizer mentionedeed enforcet yesterday. you can see a deal that makes sense for both parties. >> reporter: the next step is for the chinese to meet again. it's telling that the chinese added this block of time for a meeting with the president in mar-a-lago. lauren: huawei pleading not guilty to u.s. charges that it stole trade secrets from t-mobile in federal court in seattle. huawei said they were never involved in any plan to steal from any company. the case comes as the u.s. warns other countries that huawei products could pose a national security risk. meanwhile, huawei is going on a public relations offensive. they're running full page ads in
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major newspapers across the country, urging readers not torques quote, believe everything you hear about them. we do have a programming note for you. this will be discussed when maria bartiromo will interview andy purdee, the huawei technologies chief security officer at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. tracee: there's a change at the top of hbo. richard plepler, chairman and ceo is stepping down following the company's purchase by at&t. he said it's time to move on after spending nearly 30 years at hbo. at&t cleared its last anti-trust hurdle to acquire the cable channel earlier this week. according to published reports, long-time turner president david levi is expected to resign as early as today. lauren: gap and old navy are going their separate ways. old navy currently brings in $8 billion a year in revenue. gap plans to close about 230 of
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its stores over the next two years. let's take a look at market reaction to all this. you can see gap shares rallying, more than 25% in after hours on this news, they are dealing with their struggling units with this move. tracee: we'll be watching that one today. an irs employee has been indicted on charges that he leaked banking records of michael cohen to michael often nat aafteravenatti. prosecutors say he gave him so-called suspicious activity reports about cohen. one of the reports allegedly showed cohen's consulting firm received half a million dollars from a company associated with a russian oligarch who donated money to trump's inauguration fund. lauren: benjamin netanyahu is vowing to fight if he's indicted on corruption charges.
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>> opposition knows they cannot beat us in the ballot box. so for the last three years they have started a political campaign to attack us, a witch hunt. lauren: police want netanyahu to face bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges, he's accused of bribing the press and promoting regulatory changes to benefit associates. netanyahu denies any wrong doing. tracee: here are other headlines making newing this morning. the united nations is at a stand still over the crisis in venezuela. united states criticizing china and russia for vetoing its resolution to called for humanitarian aid. russia says venezuela is a sovereign country and is concerned the u.s. will take military action. southwest airlines is filing a lawsuit against its mechanics union. southwest is accusing the workers of reporting trivial maintenance issues in order to take planes out of service. union leaders say that mechanics are calling out legitimate
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safety concerns. the irs says the average tax refund is up 19 19%, on par with levels seen last year. in previous weeks the average refund was at a double digit drop from last year. the most recent data shows the average american got $3,143, up slightly from last year. bill gates is revealing his list for the year's breakthrough technologies. he wants to see how well robots can move and how well voice assistance can talk. gates is concerned about environmental solutions like new wave nuclear power, the ability to capture carbon gu dioxide and remove it from the atmosphere. gates is interested in predicting premature birth, devices that monitor your heart and custom cancer vaccines.
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gates is inspired by the prospect of cow-free burgers that use lab-grown or plant based meat substitute. spacex looking into the future. it will be launching its crew dragon shuttle for a test flight tomorrow. it aims to take astronauts to the international space station. there will be no humans on-board this flight. it is the first vehicle designed to carry a crew. that's what's happening now. lauren: you know what's happening now in outer space? futures. the market is soaring this morning. we were down three days in a he roach no -- three days in a row, now reversing that trend. the dow is up 160 points, that's 0.6%. still ahead this morning, tesla celebrating its long-awaited cheaper model 3. but why some investors may want to hold their applause. johnnie walker may have competition. how a grocery store whiskey is
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tracee: elon musk says tesla's long awaiting model 3 has finally arrived, after years of delays. the model 3 is ready for purchase at $35,000. but to reach that price, tesla is closing dealerships and shifting sales exclusively online. the model 3 is supposed to help tesla become more mainstream, but will it be enough to finally put tesla in the black? yesterday musk said the company doesn't expect to post a profit in the current quarter. let's bring in lou basinese. i want to ask you first, tesla said it is incredibly excited
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over this announcesment. should they be excited? should investors be excited, given everything that is going on, they won't be posting a profit in the fourth quarter, despite elon musk saying they would be profitable from now on, laying off workers, closing dealerships, slashing the price of. >vehicles.>> i think have you te cautious. they're slashing their prices, they're trying to move inventory, they're getting rid of sales and marketing expenses, closing down stores. these are not the characteristics of a hyper growth company, yet the stock is valued as such. so again, i think the shorts are going to be vindicated in the end and this is going to prove to be a lot more stock promotion and hype from my long than actul results. tracee: i want to talk about the timing of this announcement. very interesting. is it a coincidence or meant to be a distraction? because you have that
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$920 million convertible bond due today. tesla's going to be strapped for cash. you also hav issues of elon musk and the s.e.c., a situation on twitter earlier this week once again. what do you think? >> listen, he can't help himself. he can't refrain. no one can restrain him. there's absolutely no -- this is not coincidental. i view it as a cash grab. they removed the barriers for people to buy teslas in all u.s. states and they asked for a $2,500 upfront deposit the day before they owed $920 million. this is an attempt to bring in more cash, cutting expenses at the same time so they can hopefully maintain profitability but he revealed, even in a way he violated rinviolated reg fe meeting. tracee: what can we expect in
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the shareholder meeting today. >> it's the usual suspects. executive compensation, board nominees and the accountant. i think what everyone should focus on is what tim cook highlights. last year he highlighted wearables, the services and apple pay. that will give you insight into the future of apple. tracee: thank you so much for joining us this morning. lauren: still ahead, president trump weighs in on the green new deal. >> personally, they should go with it. i love it. it's one of the greatest plans i've ever seen. as long as they're the ones that have to sell it, not me. lauren: plus, a warning from president trump's top economic advisor, why he says the progressive movement will ruin the u.s. economy. and governor andrew cuomo begging amazon to come back to new york. the all-out push to save the second headquarters. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ baby come back. ♪ any kind of fool could see. ♪ there was something in
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everything about you. ♪ baby, come back.
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lauren: we're finally hearing from president trump on freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. telling sean hannity it's not so bad. >> $100 trillion, and you couldn't do it for that. but it's not even the money, it's so ridiculous. no planes, let's not fly anymore. it is crazy. but personally, they should go with it. i love it. it's one of the greatest plans i've ever seen, as long as they're the ones that have to sell it, not me. >> you're happy about it. >> i'm really looking forward to see what the rest of them are going to do. already, some have endorsed it. it's incredible. tracee: the president isn't the only one taking on the green new
5:24 am
deal. doug mcaway with how the gop is taking on the left's move towards socialism. >> reporter: at a time of low unemployment and economic expansion, the latest example, the green new deal. >> to pay for the green deal, just keep borrowing and borrowing, this is such a naive thought in the world of debt that i can't even respond to it. >> reporter: the left tilt is a target rich environment, say conservatives from the alleged hoaxes of jussie smollett, the embrace of late term abortions, the recent discoverly of a 1980s bernie sanders quote about the goodness of food lines. >> in other countries, the rich don't line up for food. >> bernie sanders was talking about it's good to be in line, to wait for food. we've got to get to a point where we celebrate capitalism.
5:25 am
>> 3% growth as far as the eye can see, the hottest economy in the world and i'll let the ankle biters just bite our ankles. >> reporter: confronting the successes is a demographic reality, polls suggesting millennials are embracing socialism and a far left agenda. >> the green generation has risen up. >> reporter: that while the gop remains old rer and largely white. organizers are intent on changing that, this breakout session with young minorities, many facing peer pressure is one example. >> you have people coming up to you saying you hate yourself. >> reporter: hayden williams was punched out for being a conservative at u.c. berkley. he kept his camera rolling. >> i'm sure 10 million people have seen it. >> reporter: republicans are embracing social media, cognizant that it's the way to reach a new generation of
5:26 am
voters. tracee: taking a look at futures this friday morning. look at that, green across the board. the dow futures up by 158, s&p 500 futures up by 16, nasdaq futures up by 50. coming up next, today was the day for that u.s./china trade deal but now that the deadline's been extended, is a deal coming soon? and should xi jinping be worried by the fallout from the north korea summit? plus, a chocolate lovers dream, how mondelez wants to pay you to eat it. you're watching "fbn: a.m." lauren: sign me up too. ♪ work, work, work, work, work. ♪ i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one!
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lauren: wall street is wrapping up a bumpy week, start the new month with a rally.
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the dow charging 161 points this morning, it is up 11% so far this year. the best start to any year since 1987. we'll take it. in europe, green across the screen. and much the same in asia, china's shanghai composite surging almost 2% overnight, despite mixed news of trade talks and breakdown in negotiations with north korea on denuclearization and sanctions relief. tracee: rober.tracee: rober r saying progress is being made. >> i don't want to get ahead of the final part of the negotiation which is likely to happen at mar-a-lago with the president and president xi. if you look at the paperwork we've got, the line by line items that people have agreed to and sketched out, that it's just about as favorable as you could hope. tracee: let's take a look at the prospects for a u.s./china
5:31 am
trade deal with jonas ferris, a and tori whiting, good morning. >> good morning. tracee: first of all, i want to ask tori, we had the advisors, a lot of them sounding optimistic. yesterday, president trump reiterated he would walk away from a deal if it wasn't favorable. what message is this sending to china? should china be worried right now. >> i think the president has made it very clear that he wants to get a good agreement with china. that's why these talks are still going on. and you're going to see from ustr today that they'll announce the next tranche of tariffs are going to be delayed until further notice. there's actually no deadline for this extension. that's a good thing. that means that the president's commit touchdown tpresident'sed- president's committed to getting the best deal he can, and hopefully that means he's exited to eliminating the tariffs imposed over the last year too. tracee: i want to get your take on this.
5:32 am
are we going to get a market rally with these trade talks going on in florida? is this already kind of baked in? or will we see a major selloff if nothing happens? >> i don't think we'll get a major selloff. the market wasn't weak because of the trade situation last year. it will help a little bit. you see the help mostly in chinese stocks. this is within of the things working to our advantage in this trade deal. their market was weak. their economy has been pulling weak numbers for a while. ours is not. we had a good gdp figure. that puts us in an add develop d position. the north korea thing, that could be plus or minus. sometimes the president likes to blame north korea problems on china. that could go either way as far as what the effect is here. but when you see chinese stocks doing well, that's usually an indication at least with the markets in the short run that this is going to go somewhere
5:33 am
that's positive for everybody and help us end them because again, they've been taking a bigger hit economically than we are so far. tracee: with these meetings set in florida, do you think the chinese are motivated to get a trade deal done? what do you see happening there? >> i think this week ambassador lighthizer made it pretty clear during the hearing on the hill that they told china we want to have an agreement. we want to have a deal. and you guys aring going to neil need to come to us with some legitimate concessions and i think that we're starting to see some hints of that with talks of agreements or memorandum of understanding on things like currency manipulation, intellectual property, theft of that property, so i think we're really seeing some improvement here and it's all just about what's in the h details. tracee: how significant is president trump's trade victory against china following the ruling from the world trade oranization? >> well, that's an interesting area. the way this deal would probably
5:34 am
fall apart is enforcement. we basically want unilateral enforcement where we could say you're doing this to this company and we're going to punish you here, not have to go through the world trade oranization. the news is positive because other people think it should go through the wto. i'm sure china would rather go this way. this started before the trump administration was -- we were accusing them of supporting essentially their farmers more than you're allowed to support them, believe it or not. you are allowed to do that with farmers. we do that here too. bottom line is, this is an issue. looks like we should go the direction of wto and not having more power but we need more power to stop the other extraction of i.p. and other problems that go on with china. tracee: thank you for joining us this morning. lauren: the u.s. economy continued to expand in the fourth quarter, rising 2.6%. for all of last year, 2.9%. can the growth continue without a formal trade deal with china
5:35 am
and also potential decline in first quarter earnings? let's bring in and say good morning to francis stacy. good morning, francis. >> good morning, how are you. lauren: very good. your take-away from the gdp report we got yesterday and if there's a disconnect between what the march he get is doing around what the -- market is doing and what the economy is doing? >> the gdp number was definitely pleasantly surprising. i expected it to be much lower. i was in that camp because i saw deceleration in growth and inflation. this is a pleasant surprise. whether or not it's sustainable, once again, the fed, the fed, the fed. with markets, we're coming up with resistance areas on the s&p and the dow. there's no selling, no volatility. that's really surprising. usually when you come up with that much resistance you see volatility spike, selling momentum. so then i have to ask myself. is the volatility sort of
5:36 am
unnaturally suppressed because of the chinese trade deal? nobody wants to be short ahead of that. lauren: that's a good point. that's a big question mark because we don't have a deal just yet and we are getting conflicting signals about whether we're going to get one. in terms of the growth that we saw for all of 2018, that number was 2.9% as i said in the intro. the white house is looking for around 3% growth. you could make the case that they got it. i want to know if you think the tax cuts had anything to do with that. i want to bring up something that obama's advisor, larry summers, said in the washington post after the tax cut was passed. and when the administration was saying we can get 3% growth, he said fair enough, if you believe in tooth ferries an fairies ands supply side economics. my question to you is do you believe the tooth ferry. >> fairies.>> i do.
5:37 am
the fed has been critical of trump saying it's late cycle fiscal stimulus which puts pressure on the deficits. we wouldn't have had 3% growth he not lowered taxes. it did absolutely give the economy and the confidence a jolt and we saw that. whether or not it's sustainable, that's a little tougher. that's actually in my p mind determined by the fed because if trump gives fiscal stimulus, which is adding money to circulation, which is making that available to consumers and corporations and putting these -- getting wage numbers up, if the fed is reducing money out of circulation, it's counter-balancing that and then the tax cuts won't last quite as long. lauren: it's funny how it comes back to the fed. last question as we wrap this up. this could be a nice sign for the economy. home ownership, and the housing market has been struggling recently. i don't have to tell you that. the home ownership rate is right near a five-year high.
5:38 am
64.8%. is the momentum shifting now back to owning a home and if so, why? >> well, i think it is. but again, all things circle back to the fed. are we going to keep credit markets strong. are we going to keep enough money in circulation to service the deputy. i don't think the home market is the overblown bubble this time around. i do think people are getting more confidence again in buying homes and having those prices go up and i hope the fed does not undermine that. lauren: if you look at who is buying the homes, it was folks my age, between 35 and 44. so either they were in a good financial position now, a nice job, they could do it or they repaired themselves from the financial crisis and can actually own a home again. that's just me. francis, thank you. >> that's right. lauren: and you agree with me. thank you very much. good to see you. tracee: here are other headlines making news this morning. new york governor andrew cuomo is reportedly working to get
5:39 am
amazon's second headquarters back to new york. the new york times reports that cuomo has spoken with amazon's ceo, jeff bezos and other amazon executives to reafirm his support for the project saying he would help navigate the company through the approvals process. there are no indications that amazon is reconsidering its decision. mondelez is looking for a job candidate with a sweet tooth. cadbury wants to pay someone $14 an hour to taste test chocolate for them. no experience is necessary. it just wants someone with sharp taste buds who isn't afraid to share their honest opinion. and finally, scott snob the to taste test this whiskey. this $18 bottle of queen margo blended scotch whiskey won the award. it's a brand of whiskey from a supermarket chain, little. there are two more categories to
5:40 am
be judged before the world's best scotch is crowned. cheers. and that is what's happening now. lauren: booze and chocolate. all right. i'll take it. happy friday. some shocking words from house speaker nancy pelosi on uniting her party. she's telling democrats it's her way or the highway. we're going to have more. uber an and lyft drivers may get extra cash from the company's ipo but one driver is going the mile textra mile to put a smilen your face. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ you're searching for something more... right this way. you thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. well, you've come to the right place.
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the road is yours, dig in.
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lauren: nancy pelosi continues to run into trouble within her own party and this time it's not just with the pr progressive wi. republicans keep using a procedural tool called a motion to recommit to cause a split among democrats but those motions are usually blocked by the majority. it's not really happening this time around. republicans keep scoring victories thanks to moderate democrats. that is something that nancy pelosi is not happy about. >> i think you should vote against all motions, it's a procedural vote, it' just vote against them, make life easy. lauren: let's bring in emily larson of the daily caller. do you think she will change the rules in the house?
5:44 am
>> it's unclear if she's actually going to change the rules. it's interesting that she reportedly told her party that this is not a day at the beach and that they all need to vote in unison, as a party, against these procedural votes that the gop is forcing because they've been successful and what happened this week is that the gop was able to add a measure to background check bill which would allow -- which would require that immigration and customs services is notified when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun. and they're not allowed to. and 26 democrats voted with the gop, that was a part of the bill, and many democrats are not happy about i.c.e., that's not their favorite agency so this is exposing division between moderate democrats who need to retain their districts versus more progressive democrats who don't want to give up any ground. lauren: is essentially what nancy pelosi is saying is we
5:45 am
don't want you to vote for your constituents and what's best for them, we just want you to vote for the party as a whole, even though that party is going so far to the left? >> well, it's hard to say whether she is thinking that they -- she doesn't want her members to vote for their district. i think what she's probably thinking is, hey, if the gop is able to jeopardize these bills, shut them down, add things to them that make them less effective and jeopardize our more progressive members, is that going to be effective for the democrat as a majority to get their agenda passed through. there is that consideration. but she is at odds with a lot of other leaders in her party who think that these members and more trumpian districts should be able to vote for the people they represent. lauren: where do you think she stands on the green new deal? >> it's hard to say. i know nancy pelosi and
5:46 am
representative ocasio-cortez are-they were sort of on the same page about these procedural measures and she hasn't fully endorsed the green new deal but it sounds like she's going to give it a hearing. lauren: she says she wants evidence-based information that maybe some of these left proposals work. emily larson, thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. you too. tracee: taking a look at u.s. futures right now, in light a lion this march 1st, dow futures up by 157 after all three averages soared 3% or better in the month of february. coming up, forget manny machado's $300 million contract, bryce harper just signed the biggest deal in mlb history. it's been a brutal winter for a lot of the country. wait until you see what the bitter cold did to a house in upstate new york. you're watching "fbn: a.m."
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tracee: we all know it's been a rough winter for most of the country. take look at this house in upstate new york. it is completely covered in ice, high winds pushed lake ontario's battering waves ashore where the water quickly turned into ice with temperatures in the 20s. the owners say it turned into a tourist attraction. well, of course, it's a real life ice castle. lauren: they can't actually live there. no way. tourist attraction. a major winter storm is actually moving across the nation right now. tracee: janice dean is here with the latest. janice: in like a lion, out like a lamb, that's what's
5:51 am
happening. we have several storms across the northeast. here's our first one p, a short-lived storm moving across the northeast. then we have the next one that comes tonight into tomorrow, into saturday. then our third system will arrive sunday into monday. that's the one that could bring more impressive snow totals. so i urge you if you live across the northeast, you need to listen to your low l call forecast. -- local forecast. it could cause problems on the commute monday morning. we get a second batch tonight and a third batch on sunday into monday. we could see measurable snow here. that's the bottom line. the other big story is the west coast. they've been inundated with heavy rain and snow, this weekends being no exception, especially across california, perhaps several inches of rain and feet of snow. in some cases, we wiped out the drought across portions of california. that's the good news. but the flooding is going to be a concern and of course travel concerns as we head into the weekend. so you're going to see a lot of me, ladies. happy march. lauren: happy friday, janice.
5:52 am
thanks so much. we have four weeks until opening day, baseball's biggest free agent has found himself a new home. tracee: jared max is here to break it down. >> in janice dean terms it's mostly sunny for bryce harper. it came down to three teams after he reportedly turned down a 10 year, $300 million offer from the only team he's played for, the nationals. the bryce was right in fissle philadelphia. a reported $300 million contract over 13 years, richest contract by total value in baseball, nfl, nba, you name it. bryce reportedly may not opt out of his deal and it has a no trade clause. still not official. robert kraft has officially pleaded not guilty to two counts of solicitation of a prostitute. his attorney files a written plea with palm beach court and
5:53 am
kraft requests a nonjury trial. johnny manziel who was barred by the canadian football league a couple days ago, there's talk that he may have orchestrated this so he could get an opportunity with one of the new leagues in the united states. the alliance of american football has been in touch with his camp and has offered him a workout where potentially all eight teams would have the opportunity to attend. future hall of fame tightened jason witen joined monday night football, unretiring. going back to the cowboys for a 16th season. that opens the door for peyton manning. the sports book says peyton is the 2-1 favorite to get the gig. lauren: how old is he now? >> how old is peyton, 41, 42, 43. he's as entertaining as he's ever been. and then have you heard about the donuts with bryce harper. lauren: please don't. >> a little too little, too late. there's a donut shop in the
5:54 am
district of columbia, they offered bryce harper unlimited donuts for life and a custom flavor if he stayed with the national. maybe he likes cheesesteaks better in philadelphia. tracee: can't believe it didn't work. lauren: jared max, thank you very much. catch jared's sports reports on fox news head lines, 24/7. tracee: if you're tired of getting links from friends and family about fad diets, there's a fact checking bot to shut it down. what if you could tailor your uber rides to your current mood? how one driver is trying to do just that. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ we belong together. ♪ so come on, come on, don't you say never. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> design to help point out fake news, it's they -- taiwan's bot, if you get an article sent to you about how much you should hydrate during flu season the robot would chime in and says if doctor is credible. some people will find annoying but i guess there's artificial intelligence for everything. tracee: probably better with e-mail. one uber driver has created offer for passengers, riders can choose from a menu on what kind of vibes they like. you choose the stand-up, the driver tells you funny stories, silent night, quieter option.
5:59 am
if you're feeling adventerrous, the driver doesn't say nothing to you, menu went viral. i want to quiet ride. lauren: silent ride. i have a friend that i don't talk to my uber or lyft drivers. if you talked to us you would have the best ride of your life. tracee: i have like they don't want to talk a lot. lauren: i'm all for the silent ride. tracee: and the music, keep it low. lauren: and the snow contained. tracee: that is true. lauren: we had an amazing first two months of the year, dow up 11% of the time, best start since 1987. we have good news, mornings with
6:00 am
maria. tracee: very good. maria: yes, we have a lot of good news this morning, good morning, ladies, thank you so much, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, friday march first before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, top stories right now, elon musk big reveal yesterday, tesla launching the long-awaited lower cost model 3, changing the way it does business, not all good news in the morning, the stock is sliding. we will tell you what's behind move. fight to bring amazon to new york, governor cuomo taking message to jeff bezos. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez firing back at the wall street journal this morning, what she's saying after a columnist encourages generation to take pride in ignorance, we will get into it. amazing change, mornings with maria begins right now.


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