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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 1, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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re-elected. liz: thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next. have a good evening. [♪] lou: good evening. our top story tonight. the radical dimms in disarray. the democratic party seems to have lost control. certainly its leaders seem to have lost control of it. house speaker nancy pelosi in a budding feud with frebman congress one and alexandria ocasio-cortez. i don't know how they can fight. nancy pelosi has been there forever, and aoc got there six weeks ago. after 26 moderate democrats broke with radicals within the party and sided with republicans on background gun legislation. pelosi scolded those breakaway
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dems. cortez threatened to work with radicals to unseat these wild moderates in 2020. another radical dimm freshman i will handle omar denying her party leadership saying she does not recognize venezuela. >> significance leader juan guaido as the interim president and siding with social dictator nicolas maduro. vice president pence warning embracing socialism could spelled the end of the rub. iewnld the you guy guise of mede for all and green new deal it stifled the freedom of millions over the last century. lou: the rad kl dimms not the
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only ones in disarray. the rino republicans have a number of issues themselves. the koch brothers expressing their unhappiness with president trump. they say they will interests screen for the first time in republican primaries. that's nonsense. the koch brothers have been intervening in everybody republican for decades. they should know, though, it is the populists are even more unhappy with the globalist elites and the sorry establishment times they represent who are out to destroy america and the american middle class. we don't care about your opinions, dave, charles, on populism or this president, and none of us apologize for it one whit. joining us tonight, diamond and silk. host of the foxnation show, "diamond and silk."
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i have just got to take your temperature on the koch brothers. they are very unhappy with president trump fighting for the forgotten man and woman in this country. but not koch brothers. blelts little car links. >> part of the deem state snake, this is what the republican party is trained in. people love the fact -- they like the capitalism. i can pull myself up by my own bootstraps. when you have the koch brothers and others trying to control the status quo, it's not going to work anymore. that's gone. people want something different and president trump is bringing that. >> it sounds like interests force in an election. twhaiments sounds like to me. they want to keep the same status quo. but we have a president who is not afraid to go against that stats us question. that's why we voted for him.
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lou: this may be a shock to the koch brothers to learn this. the reason 63 million americans voted for president trump was because they wanted to change the status quo, expand the middle class, and enrich all americans and give every american an opportunity. this president unlike all of the candidates that the koch brothers supported over the years is actually doing what he promised. i can see why they would be outraged. >> he puts americans first and we love it. lou: can you imagine. everybody goes nuts on the left when he talks about america first. and my question to all those folks who go nuts is who would you put first if not america and americans? >> we are supposed to come first because we live near america. it's not about other countries, it's about america and the
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american people. ease specially if you are use our tax dollars. our tax dollars shouldn't be going to foreign entities first, it should be going to america first. lou: congresswoman ilhan omar saying she doesn't recognize the opposition leader that this president and this administration, the united states government recognized as the president much venezuela. -- the president of venezuela. she doesn't get her own foreign policy, does she? >> she doesn't. i am taken aback by her. sometimes i feel that she is trying to undermine the united states of america. some of the things she say about race to me i wanted her to understand we are not governed by sharia law, we are govern bid constitutional law. that's the first thing she needs to do. why are you supporting a
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dictator who will let their people starve. so i have got my eyes on her. >> all 8 of them. lou: nancy pelosi having a little run-in with her socialist freshman democratic phenom, alexandria ocasio-cortez. but they are basically saying the same thing to the break away * moderate in the democratic party siding with republicans in recent votes twice already. she is threatening everybody. >> she thinks she has a little power now and it's gone to her head. poor nancy pelosi. it looks like alexandria ocasio-cortez is running things. she said the other day, she watts the boss, but we have two words for her, you are fired. lou: the president is back.
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travels across literally halfway around the world and back. the man is filled brimming energy and comes back to this hostile nonsense on capitol hill. the democrats first wanting to defeat his national emergency declaration. and that sorry spectacle that chairman cummings and the dimms and pelosi put on trying to upstage the president as he's trying to conduct extremely important foreign policy. >> can i just say one thing, lou? i do not care what my president did with his money when he was a private citizen or with his private money as the president. i care about what congress is doing with our taxpayers dollars and congress how are you spending my money. how are you taking my taxpayer dollars and funding sanctuary
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cities for illegal aliens and break our immigration laws. we need to see their tax returns it's amazing how you can make $174,000 a year, but you are filthy rich. lou: so many of them are. nancy pelosi. and the clintons did pretty well. it is interesting how they have done so well for being such radical left-wing -- >> we need to see their tax returns one by one. lou: i want to see those. thank you both. great to see you. diamond and silk are just crushing it. foxnation rolling because of these two ladies. thank you both. appreciate. diamond and silk. up next, socialism. a hot topic at cpac from which
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diamond and silk just returned and crushed it there as well of course. the dimms' 2020 cat candidates e moving further to the left. >> we need some form reparations. we'll discuss what that is. >> we'll have a nation wherer has universal healthcare. >> we need childcare and early education. too climate change is a national emergency. >> i will make fighting climate change the number one priority of the united states of america. >> it's not about a cost, it's about an investment. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town.
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lou: we are joined by social media stars knox nation super stars, diamond and silk. i asked them to stay with us, even though i said good night to both of you. i want to talk about kamala harris. she is talking reparations. she is trying to compete with aoc in terms of free stuff. and bernie sanders. your thoughts? >> she is trying to buy our
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silence. she won't be able to buy my silence. we'll never let her forget about her party which is the party kkk, the party of jim crow and slavery. we don't let her forget about the democrat party. she can keep her reparations. you are not going to give me $500 to keep me hush hush about the racism the democratic party pushed on the american people. she is all talk and no action. she is trying say anything to get a vote. my friends in the african-american community, don't fall for it. lou: you raise an important part. talking about reparations, whoever would be encourage or advocating reparations, they should start with the democratic party. it would be immense. >> it was the democrat party that fought to keep you
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enslaved, black folks it was the republicans that fought to free the slaves. so the democrat party, they are the party segregation. a lot of this terminology being used, they are the party of it and that's why they want to push blame on others. lou: reparations is a paycheck forr for something. >> they can keep that. lou: kamala harris, i think these folks want to talk to you right away. we are glad you are talking to us. joining us is matt schlapp, chairman of the conservative union. diamond and silk i hear were just amazing as they were wrapping up the day last night. good to see you. you are putting on quite a show at cpac. >> these people were on their feet every couple minutes with
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diamond and silk. so far probably one of the most of popular speakers at cpac. and by the way, they are charming women and smart as heck. lou: i never noticed that. they are sitting right here. i never noticed that. no, they are wonderful, wonderful people. so tell us where you are. going after socialists? the success in venezuela? is that threatening the republican party? is that what's going on here? >> larry kudlow served it up with an indictment and conviction of socialism. then the vice president showed up and he gave a blockbuster about what america stands for and how the mass media gets this wrong a lot. they think we lost all the kids. they turned into bernie lovers. half this crowd that's here, the largest political conference of the year, they are college and high school kids.
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lou: i'm not too worried about bernie sanders taking over the democratic party. they still have much the same apparatus so somebody will be stealing delegates from him once again like they did in 2016. the fella goes around, he was asked if he wanted to take some advice from hillary clinton and he said i respect her, he said. but we have differences. how can the man respect her? she stole from him with both hand, for crying out loud. the dnc and democratic party went right along with it. >> that's right. we still see the evidence the clintons are pulling the strings where in the house of representatives the clinton's lawyer scripted a ridiculous faux hearing. if i were bernie sanders i would be spitting nails. i wouldn't be giving compliments. lou: the koch brothers going
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after the president. they just don't think too much of this president, despite egg. he's a historic president already in two years. the populism of this country is the reason he's in the white house representing all americans. and they are going after the president because all that he's done to create jobs, to bring back manufacturing jobs, to reignite this economy or 3% growth which they said he couldn't do. what in the world is wrong with the republican establishment and these globalist elites? how dare they? is there a lot of reaction there for that? is there passion about it? >> here they are in sparse numbers. we have never been oh united as a movement behind the republican president's agenda. but when you walk around cpac, these conservatives, libertarians, small government folks. some people don't consider
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themselves republicans who are here. this coalition, they are so happy. what they have been told could happen for 50 years is finally starting to happen and they are overjoyed about it. lou: you said starting to happen. it started to happen january 20 of 2017. >> you are right. what a list of achievements this president put together. what's up next at cpac. who is moving front and center on that stage? >> they are setting for our annual reagan dinner. reagan spoke at cpac 13 times. and every year he was president. and brian kilmeade -- some guy who gets up early in the morning. and i'm going to interview the very jet lagged and sleep deprived mick mulvaney. so i will have him where i want him, lou. lou: i'm thinking about another
7:20 pm
speaker you have got coming up? >> i did get to talk to the president today and he said he wouldn't dream of coming up with any excuse to skip cpac. he's champing at the bit to get into this hotel and tell people what they want to hear and they will loaf every minute of it. lou: that's what time? >> 11:30 eastern time. say good-bye to diamond and silk. lou: you say good-bye, they are sitting right here. >> thank you for being sat cpac, you were a smash. lou: thanks for staying over a whole segment just to make sure schlapp stayed under control. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. those socialist son of a guns.
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like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. we'll soon learn about the steel dossier. a federal judge said we'll all learn what those depositions have hidden away. this judge says we'll see transparency and we'll be able to look at them. won't that be nice. before we go to break, look at the national debt, $22 trillion and climbing. the socialists have a plan. they want to double that, then double it again, then double that again, and that's about 50% more and that's where they would be. $93 trillion is all they wanted to spend. stay with us. each day justin chooses to walk. at work...
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lou: a federal judge found in favor release the depositions of christopher steele. he gave a four-hour videotaped deposition in london last year, and we all wants to read that. the federal judge ordered the relieves all deposition documents. that release scheduled for march 14. thank you, judge. joining us tonight, republican strategist, former chair of the nevada republican party, and charlie kirk, president of turning point, u.s.a. amy, let me start with you. what do you know? a federal judge who wants to honor transparency, the public right to know, and not hide for the debris and residue of the obama politicized justice department and fbi.
7:27 pm
>> i think it's absolutely wonderful we have a judge who is being honest and forthright and wanting transparency with this situation. i'm looking forward to march 14. i think this will be phenomenal for the nation as a whole. >> charlie, your thoughts on the same? >> more transparency the better. this dossier is falling apart in front of our eyes. this was center to their revenge campaign against president trump. another piece of news this week. michael cohen in front of congress reiterated that he has never been to prague. that's something that's easy to prove or disprove. lou: there is something funny about even when as you say it corroborates the certainty that this dossier is a complete fraud, but because of michael he could be suddenly it's amazing
7:28 pm
and at the same time appalling that we have to contend with it. i want to turn to the idea that this president has to contend with if you will all of this fake news. all of this nonsense. and still he does so with great cheer, equii and strength. where are we headed with this special counsel report and does it matter at this point one whit? >> i do agree the president is handling this with grace. most of people would probably have flipped out and gone into a downward spiral a long time ago. he's doing tremendous work for not just the nation. but for the overall world from what we just witnessed in his summit in north korea where all
7:29 pm
these shenanigans were taking place at home that the democrats were trying to throw in his direction. he was still trying to keep focused. that will help him in 2020 when he's re-elected. lou: nobody is going to be able to outwork him or outcampaign him. good luck to all the folk who try. let's turn to the radical socialist nonsense, talking with matt schlapp and demand and silk earlier about socialism. the democratic party is committed it looks like right now, to going as far left as one could imagine in this country. is there any point in of even putting together a republican strategy as they commit hairy carry?
7:30 pm
>> the democrat primaries are about two things. who can gift most of stuff away and who hates president trump the most of. he's the promise keeper. they are saying we have to turn america in a different direction. what do you want to turn around in the lowest ever black unemployment rate, the lowest hispanic you be employment rate. you so brilliantly said the left is become so radical, donald trump has been able to energized the conservative base and even democrats who say this is not my party anymore. and because of that he'll win decisively in 2020. lou: i don't think there is a scintilla of doubt about that. i think it's interesting to examine what's going on in congress. the republicans whether led by phoney paul ryan or now kevin mark carthy in the house, mitch
7:31 pm
mcconnell in the senate. they let this phoney show go on with michael cohen to give the left-wing media an alternative story while the president is pursuing perhaps easily the most of important foreign policy initiative of his presidency. it was appalling. why can't republicans get down and fight these people who call themselves democrats but behave like something else all together? >> that's a good question i think many of us are asking the big why. why can't we stand firm and take a establishes and say enough is is -- say enough is enough. we weren't enable to do it when we had the house it's appalling that we don't have republicans and leadership who were not willing to back the president 100%.
7:32 pm
we have a problem with the democrat side where you have people so far to the left, anyone with common sense left is lacking. you have alexandria ocasio-cortez that's basically threatening people with a list. saying if you don't follow the far left progressives we are going to primary you. they turn into mini dictators. lou: that's the left. as you say. the republicans can control one would think at least themselves. any thought, charlie, and way it's going to take to get republicans fighting mad and demand their congressmen and senators support this president? >> they need to take a cue from this president and do what they said they are going to do. it's weird notion to go to washington, d.c. and fulfill promised. the president is right to declare a national emergency.
7:33 pm
the president has done everything in his power to fulfill his promises. that's why his popularity with the republican party is 90 plus percent while he's gaining in the polls every day. lou: amy, thank you very much. charlie. good to have you both with us. up next, canada, green lights the extradition of huawei's chief financial officer to the united states, and the trump administration making changes to those military exercises with south korea for a second year. we take that up and more with the heritage foundations dean chang right after this. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball!
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lou: headlines tonight. the university of california police announce an arrest in a felony assault case caught on
7:38 pm
video at u.c. berkeley. the video shows a conservative activist assaulted by recruiting. canada has approved the extradition of huawei's chief financial officer who faces charges in the united states of con sphierg violate sanctions with iran. the wheels of justice moving slowly. pentagon says the united states will be announce an end to large-scale joint submit drizzle with south korea as part of the president's america first policy towards. ed the president says the exercises are too costly for the united states. joining us is dean chang. this is creating something of a
7:39 pm
stir in the foreign policy communities, if i can put it that way. the establishment certainly. the president doing what he thinks is right to keep the temperature correct for further talks with kim for denuclearization of the peninsula. your thoughts? >> well, i have to admit on this issue i tend to actually agree with the establishment. mostly because what we are seeing is the u.s. make an important concession. large-scale joint exercises allow u.s. and south korean forces to practice defensive operations. what have we gotten after a second summit from the north koreans? we did not get a list of nuclear materials or facilities. it seems we are giving something for nothing. the north koreans are in the middle of their winter training center involving exercises of perhaps a million troops.
7:40 pm
lou: we have how many troops that could participate with the large-scale exercises in south korea. >> 20,000 american troops which is a significant number. lou: i am not saying it's not a significant number. but it's not close to the million troops. >> the south koreans are the largest portion of that exercise. yes. lou: there are a number of questions that spring from this. i understand the difference of view in part because the establishment does what the establishment does. it creates the status quo and adheres to it in perpetuity. this president is trying to break a stream of orthodox attempts at dealing with kim jong-un or his predecessors in north korea. you mentioned the second summit. it has been over for two days
7:41 pm
and we are trying assess the impact of this? it would be like turning to 1985 to assess how well reagan is doing in coming to terms with gorbachev. >> i think president reagan did not end nato exercise. in exchange. lou: you said exchange. the president has given up what. >> he has basically ordered a halt to these exercises. lou: his predecessors gave up tangible significant aid for nothing. this president has given up nothing other than exercises that cost a great deal of money, represent a sharing of the field in preparation for combat of a basically two divisions much our military against a million south koreans in the field carrying
7:42 pm
out exercises to defend their homeland. right? >> i think you mean north koreans. lou: i meant south koreans. >> they are jointly exercising together to sendal message to the north koreans. i happen to agree with you about what has not been given up. we are still holding the line on sanctions. and that's essential. there is a reason north koreans are unhappy and it's because we are holding those sanctions. lou: we seem to talk about we as in adhering to sanctions and maintaining them because we are in agreement. but when we talk about the president ending a large-skill military exercises when we disagree. in both cases it's we. it's the united states government making these decisions sled by this president. and that seems to be a very difficult piece of language for
7:43 pm
some of the people on the establishment washington, d.c. to grasp. >> i think quite a few people -- lou: i know you do. >> i think quite a few people you can fortunately have come toss terms with the actual election results of 2016. lou: the poor snowflakes. i have never seen a nation in such a commiserating mood for the democratic party. it can't find its bearings to deal with the disappointment much hillary clinton not being in the oval ossments. that's not -- the oval office. it's sort of interesting where we are. i remember jimmy carter talking about what others described as a malaise in the land. it reflects half the country.
7:44 pm
that's a positive, wouldn't you think? >> it is. i would remind these folks to quote a previous president, elections have consequences. lou: was that obama? the president's predecessor. you are right. it does have consequences. and we are watching a judiciary and the political establishment of the democratic party, the geopolitical elitists, the global elites, and multi-nationals on wall street arrays against his president every step of the way. it's remarkable what he's been able to achieve'. let me get your thoments. >> one of the most of interesting things is how the chinese are probably taking away this president's responses to places like venezuela as well as what's happened in north korea.
7:45 pm
i think any trade summit between president xi and president trump will take note he was willing to walk south with regards to kim jong-un. he's holding the line with regards to venezuela where china has made major investments. i don't think it's an accident that the chinese have been cutting their economic ties to venezuela. they wreck nice in this situation they don't want to be backing the weak horse. lou: it's always great to talk with you. come back soon and we'll take as long as necessary. there is so much to talk about. we got to maybe 5% of it tonight. up next, america's collision -- is it collision or collusion. i get confused about russia's space program where we have been spending $85 million a pop to launch our astronauts to the space station.
7:46 pm
all that could be nearing an end. this country. remember we went to the moon first. we are the on ones who have ever been to the moon. we'll take you have how important is religion and how important is evangelical support of this president. pastor robert jeffress joins me next. each day justin chooses to walk. at work... and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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lou: joining us tonight, robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. pastor, great to see you. i am look at a poll from the pew poll, none better, on belief in god among americans. if we just watch what's happening in the left-wing media we wouldn't know this poll would produce a number anything like this. 80% of americans believe in god. 19% don't. does that follow surprise you? >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. the bible says the fool has said in his heart there is no god. that word fool is literally
7:51 pm
moron. you have to be a moro in to believe there noise god. you cannot he phrase our nation's history that america was found as a christian nation. the supreme court has said that repeatly in past rulings. last year you had joy behar saying christians are mentally ill. and cnn says karen pence should not receive secret service protection because she teaches at a christian church. it's the reason for going to vote for them again in 2020. he's the most of faith-friendly president we ever had. lou: when i ask you a question, i know one thing, i'm going to get an answer. and i appreciate it. and it's wonderfully
7:52 pm
instructive. in this country we have the catholic church in scene existential struggle i believe with its clergy, with the vatican, and all they must contend with with the sexual molestation and sexual assault tragedy in their church. we have across the world an assault on christianity. but the left in this country wants to us forget that god played a strong if not definitive role in the creation of this nation. it's those who want to project their heritage into our society but deny us ours as a nation. that's hard to contend with. >> it is. we have always as a nation welcomed people of all different religions and different faiths
7:53 pm
or no faiths. but that doesn't change the fact this nation was found as you a christian nation. as you look at what's happening in the world right now and our country right now. the extreme position of the left in many what is it ought to be encouraging for this reason. if people see what the left really believe, the extremist views is pushing people to the right. a marist poll shows a record number of people in february identified as pro-life because they have seen the barbaric, horrific views of late-term abortions by the democrats. i think it's versus a positive benefit and people seeing what the left really believes. lou: i want to put up another poll how americans are self-identifying. this from guam. do you consider yourself a democrat, republican or
7:54 pm
independent. democrat 27%. independent 39%. democrat 32%. the center of our country is independent. your thoughts on how that will influence this election upcoming in 2020. >> i think more and more people vote for candidates individually. people crossed party lines to vote for donald trump, and i believe they will do so again in record numbers in 2020. what you are finding is there is know room in the middle any longer. -- there is no room in the middle any longer. the democrats are pushing people to the extreme which is good for us because people don't want to be in the extreme position. the democrats succeeded in making donald trump bullet-proof with his own base. it doesn't matter what charges are leveled against him.
7:55 pm
his base will say at least he's not a socialist and doesn't believe in killing babies after their born. lou: with that, thank you. great to have you with us. we'll have more on the radical democrats and the left. they are the same thing. i custo. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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my twin brother jacob has an autism spectrum disorder i remember one moment after being at school all day and i remember him getting into the car just balling... and saying: "mom, i have no friends" "why don't i have any friends?" it broke my heart. ♪brother let me be your shelter♪ ♪never leave you all alone that was the moment when i realized that i needed to do something about this. i needed to make a difference in his life. go! and i knew that if i could help him find a friend, i could help teach other people that including people with differences is the right thing to do. ♪bring it home ♪brother let me be your shelter♪
7:59 pm
that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. ♪..home lou: president trump to address the conservative political action conference, cpac, tomorrow. it will be his first appearance since the second summit with kim jong-un. tomorrow the kennedy space center, it will eventually become the first rocket to carry americans into space on an american-made rocket since 2011. join us monday.
8:00 pm
former border patrol mark morgan. we wish you a great weekend. good night from new york. trish: socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez with some rather fascist-sounding rhetoric. she is threatening moderate dems. if they don't vote with her, she says they are going on a list. the left being forced into socialism. congresswoman ilhan omar accusing the u.s. of using humanitarian aid in venezuela as a


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