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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 2, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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we'll invite her on. all right. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us, jer on fnc. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ good evening everybody president trump making history in vietnam meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un in hanoi today ahead of the summit tomorrow with president kim of north korea, his presence in vietnam itself is historic and mr. trump studied positive demeanor clear regard liking it seems for kim, as well to realize significant progress on denuclearization. >> we're going to have a very busy day tomorrow and we'll probably have a pretty quick dinner and a lot of things will
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be solved i think -- to really a wonderful situation. and our relationship is a very special relationship. >> president trump and his trade representative also diligently working to successfully negotiate what would be a historic trade deal with china and agreement to reset what has been decades of a deficit with china that resulted in et agreet wealth transfer from one country to another in recorded history. the president's goal and that of his trade team is to balance trade to create a trade relationship that will ensure american prosperity for decades. by eradicating unfair chinese trade practices and the trillions of dollars the outright chinese theft of u.s. technology and property. robert lighthizer today made it clear to cock the administration
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will not accept any agreement that doesn't achieve the president's goals and purpose. tonight we focus on the president's mission to denuclearize korean peninsula commit to further national security and negotiate fair balance trade deals. republicans strategist ed rollins among our guests. and while president trump makes history half way around the world, the radical dems staging a sorted spectacle in the washington swamp. the dems scheduled their salacious attempt to savage president trump this week to coincide with his foreign policy mission. and the republicans allowed them to get away with it. the national left wing media today devoting themselves to covering this sickening sorry radical dem show with a convicted liar michael cohen as their star witness, the first and only witness of the radical dems 116th congress. the republicans fighting back
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led by congressman mack meadows rank aring committee member jim jordan. >> mr. cohen how long did -- how long did you work for donald trump? approximately a decade. mr. cohen how long do you work in the who white house? >> i never worked in the white house that point mr. cohen. yes it is no it is not sir. >> you wanted to work mt white house. >> no, sir. you didn't get brought -- >> i didn't want to go to the white house. j here's what i see a guy ho worked for ten year answer trash the guy working for ten or years didn't get a job in the white house, and now and now you're behaving just like everyone else who has got fired or didn't get the job they wanted like andy mccabe about like james comey same kind of selfish motivation after you don't get the thing you want. that's what i see here today i think that's what the american people see. >> our top story tonight president trump's first day in vietnam. a busy one, president trump signing a 20 billion dollar deal with vietnam for vietnam to buy
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boeing aircraft and technology. which would significantly reduce the 37 billion dollar u.s. trade deficit with vietnam. president trump then met with north korean leader kim jong-un that's where we lead off a tonight. chief white house correspondent john is roberts reporting from hanoi. >> the president is under pressure from both sides of the political aisle to make progress on kim's promise at last june's first summit that dismantle his nuclear program. it is unclear what the president and kim will sign. and the substance of a deal could shift during today's meetings. ideas that have been kicked around are, opening liaison offices in united states and north korea to facilitate ongoing dialogue. closing down the nuclear facility, and agreement to finally end the korean war and some modification of sanctions. president trump has been tried to sell kim on economic benefit he could reap if he gives up had his weapons of mass destruction
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ends north korea isolation, and joins the global economy. >> as i've said many times say it to the press and anybody who wants to listen. that i think your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable. unlimited. and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it -- to happen. north korea experts tell fox news it is unlikely that kim jong-un would give up his nuclear program all at once there's deep distress that the united states in north korea which is why president trump will in his meetings today and one-on-one meeting with kim last night try to build trust between the two countries. lew. >> john than very much john roberts from hanoi. robert lighthizer on capitol hill today he told the house and means committee too early to predict trade talks with china more we go to ed lawrence washington. ed. >> hey lew yeah u.s. trade representative says he will
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submit to the federal registry formal notification to suspend until further notice an increase in tariffs from 10% to 25% worth of chinese imports there's no deal, in fact, light how has perseid too early to tell if there will be an agreement but he testified to progress. >> if we can complete this effort and again i say if, we might be able to have an agreement that helps fuss turn the corner or in our economic relationship with china. >> and lighthizer sayings that china agreed to buy more agriculture from the u.s. they're deciding on amount now. he told weigh and means committee they agree to stop is manipulation he says they made significant progress on financial services, letting banks and credit card cards into chinese market and working on nontariff barriers and add spervetion on protecting intellectual property of companies as well as ending cybertheft an light houser saying that is 27 pages and the
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most important. >> if we end up losing that technological edge wring we're number two in technology, then, then the world will look very different for our -- about for our children. >> he says just about every agreement china has made with the u.s. they have broken but adds this president is the only one with the grit to use the tariffs to bring china to the table. >> we use the tools we have. we know that just sitting around lathering hasn't worked for 25 or 30 years so question of to try something new and i think we've got about to a point where we might have success. >> enforcement l will lay a huge part of this agreement he said both republican ares and democrats on committee commend to hold the chinese accountable. some republicans saying that tariffs hurt their district but still people support the president's trade action. lew. >> eld thank you very much. dems catching up with a new reality in washington. and reality that has been unfortunately one sided for the
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30 past 30 years. in deficit after deficit. ed lawrence washington. as the president and hi administration work to contain the nuclear nation of north kreag and broker a fair in reciprocal trade deal the washington swamp today averted their eyes from history -- or around the world. in instead obsessed with one thing, the testimony of a convicted lice yarr. michael cohen his appearance before the house oversight committee lasted a little more than five hours today. but the opening testimony was a clear indication as to how it would go. for those who question my motives for being here today i understand i have lied but i'm not a liar and i have done bad thongs. i'm not a bad man.
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thing. >> cohen didn't fool anyone on the committee certainly not republicans led by ranking member jim jordan. many of them calling out cohen for as he has throughout this entire sorry episode . >> the first announce witness for the 116th congress is a guy who was going to prison in two months for -- lying to congress. let that sink in he's going to prison for lying to congress and he's the star witness to congress. >> i'm going to prison as a result of it. >> you're a con. a convicted felon -- pathological liar. convicted perjury, a liar about, a cheater, convicted liar are. plncht cohen you claim you've lied but you're the not a liar set the record straight if you lied you are a liar. >> radical dems he's admitted liar with ax to grind dems
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remaining hell bent in their efforts to smear the president and no better example than the circus it was today's hearing. elections do have consequences. and while you certainly can blame the radical dems and we do. you can also thank paul ryan for making today's sorted spectacle possible. still ahead here tonight, congresswoman carol miller trashing michael cohen hearing as a total waste of time. >> i'm very disappointed to have you in front of this committee today. i find this hearing not in the best interest of the american people. this is another political game with the soul purpose of discrediting the president. up next, we take up the political effect of this eventful day with the dean himself republican strategist ed rollins stay with us we're coming right back. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. radical freshman congresswoman today accused african-american trump staffer being a prop for republican med koas. just someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they
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aren't racist the fact that someone would use a prop, black woman in the chamber in this committee -- is alone racist in itself. >> meadows turning remarks against her accusing her of being racist for even making the comment. >> this is nothing more personal to me than my relationship my nieces and nephews are people of color. not many people know that. you know that mr. chairman. and to indicate that had asked someone who was a prnl friend of the trump family who is worked for him who knows this particular individual coming in to be a prop it is race arist to suggest that i ask her to come in here for that reason. >>over sight chairman cummings trieses to defuse situation,
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calling med toes one of his best friends on that committee. joining us tonight former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst ed rollins, that is one of the sorriest spectacles i've ever seen and i've seen these radical dems have reached -- a low that i didn't even think they were capable. >> first of all i'm ashamed of having hours watching this idiotic show today and that diminish the congress and diminish ables to investigate. >> to hell with congress they were pretty diminished it was the republican are party who -- who permitted this and secondly, with the rad cam dem who is carried it off. they should be ashamed and everyone who voted for everyone of those ignorant fools awlgt to say i'm sorry to the nation. >> they should you have a guy who basically is violated he's being prosecuted in a tax evasion of lying before congress and nothing to do with trump.
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he basically called trump a liar, race arist what have you without any evidence whatsoever. and basically the whole thing about the russian he had no evidence whatsoever of any russian collusion. and a said i think because he wanted to win i think he would do something like that just a ridiculous hearing all day long. and -- i just felt like i wasted a whole day. >> well, credit to meadows, credit to jordan. for trying to -- for trying to respond. but for the republicans not to have stopped this, do the republicans know how to fight at all? they look like damn punching bags they were. >> they basically didn't, nothing about this guy who basically lied went out and took a enormous sum of money to cash it in. and he wants to blame trump for all of this, and there was nothing, nothing to move the ball forward. the investigation forward. >> the ball forward to hell with the investigation. think about this the president is sitting --
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with kim. trying to get a deal done, to stop the nuclearization of korean peninsula, the national left wing media is focused on this -- sick circus that they democrats successfully staged. and meanwhile, the response of the republicans let's listen to senator lindsey graham todayed. responding to this -- >> i just think it's poor form to have it while the president is literally talking with kim jong-un about giving up nuclear weapon program if we have people like this people in the media business would be pretty outis ragous for a good reason. >> i don't know senator graham -- thanks senator graham for at least speaking out but when you use strong language i'm sure radical dems knees start shaking
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this is criminal the response of this republican congress and senate to what is front to entire nation by the democratic party. >> the fact that president has to be distracted the country has to be distracted and important, important meeting in the -- in vietnam with the north korean leaders and talking about things and reading that or long-term to the country. it is just absurd, and i think to a certain extent, the more you see this how many time dos these guys it is my five minutes my five minutes, no interest whatsoever -- now remember you're the fellow who stuck with it. you know, go easy here. take it easy on yourself. >> you know, i try. i try to make a difference and didn't. so at the end of the day it is still a big club they want to be loved by each other they don't want to fight. and democrats -- radical dems want to fight. they have had to fight and they're going beat us if we with don't get in trenches. >> the -- alexandria ocasio-cortez she's a socialist that's vicious you republicans calling her a socialist.
7:20 pm
yo do you think harry reid is, what do you think -- the democratic party is? god all mighty. >> draw a line in the sand otherwise get wiped out. >> you know, you watch this congress and think about the millions of people who have elected it these congressmen and congress women. you've got to worry about about this country because it means -- it doesn't look good if they're representative we're a country in deep, deep trouble. >> i couldn't agree with you more. but you know, we have another year and a half before elections so question of to fight hard. somebody better figure out how to fight without an election because they can't get elected thank you very much paul ryan. you know, that's the kind of idiot they put up and encourage men gates attacked by florida bar for the -- for tweets. the tweet that he made yesterday. he apologized for it yesterday. now, the radical dems in
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congress are going after a him. they liberal led florida bars trying investigating as they have to do. but, i mean, it is just they're trying to intimidate a u.s. congressman who is exercising his right to speech. i mean, if you as a congressman i don't care how silly what they say, i mean, if -- they ever say or write or tweet, how the hell can these people try to intimidate him? >> i just don't -- this is a good -- >> roll over quick last night that gave them more grounds to think they could intimidate him so concern if you fight you have to throw a punch you have to expect a punch back and -- you start once you start fighting you have to send us the fight that's the best republicans aren't in that mood. >>st there's a republican party. i mean, responding to that kind of an effort by those -- radical dems. well they're trying -- >> they sit around on hands clucking. jesus.
7:22 pm
>> trying to do tweets. >> frifer me for saying that. >> well president is over there fighting for us that's what matters at the end of the day it's these -- lucky to have him. >> absolutely. matt gaetz one of the good guys, great guys along with -- with jordan with med toes. meadows andy biggs a handleful of them and most in the freedom caucus who are actually trying to make a difference. and to watch what is happening these sorry rhino i get so annoyed i apologize for -- anyway. >> today was a -- waste of time and surgery nothing to basically never a waste of time when we find out the truth and truth about these radical dems is they're lower than snake bellies always will be. appreciate it ed good to see you. >> thank you. thanks so much. we like it hear your thoughts about all of this share your comments follow me on twitter lou dobbs follow me on instagram
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a three-judge d.c. court of appeals panel rejected to special counsel robert mueller two of those judges appointed by president obama and clinton the third hwb the plaintiff ronny and andrew miller who may appeal the case to the supreme court. joining us tonight joe former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia founding partner of the delaware jenva law firm i want to start with with the judge and the -- ninth circuit court of appeal whose vote counted by colleague in a ruling overturned by the
7:28 pm
supreme court and i love the way they put it together a judge is appointed for life but not eternity. what -- what is your perspective on that? >> the 9th circuit tries to do everything it can to get itself reversed and here, they counted a vote of a dead judge to get a ruling that they wanted. pretty embarrassing for the 9th circuit i thought the supreme court which issued unsigned opinion in which they said as you just noted judges are appointed for life but not for eternity was a marvelous smack down to the left wing nuts on the 9th circuit. >> what kind of smackdown do you think awaits adam shift who wants to s&p robert mueller who he thought was a terrific person to be in the job. and wants to subpoena as well the report that the -- special counsel has as far as we know written yet your thoughts? >> well first of all, if he had tries to subpoena robert mueller mol orer is an employee of the justice department.
7:29 pm
he's not his own justice department. he works for bill barr, so bill barr will determine whether or not he responds to the subpoena and he will decide that he will not respond to the subpoena. because he's not allowed to talk about his investigation and he's not going to go up on capitol hill and describe his investigation the grand jury information which he can not discuss by law. and the classified information which had he can not disclose. as far as whether or not he's going to win, if he issues a subpoena and ryes to go to court he's going to lose. so i have no -- shift just wants publicity. he's -- he's just an appalling individual. >> an appalling individual you say, he and it seems to me that there's another part of the decision tree. he's an attorney. you would think he would know better which means he's either an idiot or a prop. which is it? >> i think he's both actually i don't think you have to make a choice there. but -- [laughter] bill barr is a very serious lawyer, and he's not going to by
7:30 pm
the way the report is given to him confidentially by mueller it is not for the public it's not for congress barr will decide what if anything is made public. >> and what is made public we're listening to andrew mccabe confess to the -- the cue of the attempted overthrow of a president day after day and yet none of the people who were involved in that attempted cue have been so much as prosecuted. will they ever be in your judgment? >> yes i think they will be. i think bill barr appointment was a milestone in accountable for the obama administration, fbi and department of justice they broke the law. they got fie fisa mrns and leaked that investigation to the press all crimes they violated espionage act i expect people to be charged including mccabe and others.
7:31 pm
it is not going to happen overnight. but mr. barr is a very, or very serious attorney general, and they are scared to death of him inside the department of justice and the fbi at the highest levels. >> does he have -- potentially a -- a colleague, a confidant or -- a colleague that will work who will work with him? in the oig? michael? >> i think mr. horowitz see he doesn't have subpoena power. he can't make former employees, for example talk to him. he can't bring indictments he keact use a grand jury. we he will work with barr and some material never made public and it will turn it over to barr new attorney general and what we will have a very good serious federal investigation. i expect that to happen relatively quickly. >> i hope it is quickly because i think --
7:32 pm
the american people have had a belly full of the justice department being -- where truth goes to die, in a report is -- well continues to be written, investigations go on in perpetuity nothing is ever revealed do you think that will change? >> i do. i do. i think that presence of barr sent shutters across the street at the fbi headquarters. but also shouts of joy from people in both the fbi and department of justice who realize what had a horrible thing james comey loretta lynch sally lynch and group of those who did institutions he'll set it right and good people in both of the build thrilled there's one thing they're sad about their new fbi director is empty suit and they are all embarrassed by chris ray who had has never once made a speech to his employees about what a horrible thing happened to that institution and how it was going
7:33 pm
to be fixed. you be the last speech he gave to them as group of people he said he was never madder he had never been angrier to miss a paycheck during shutdown that's the only general speech he's given to fbi employees. what a disgrace. >> you can just feel the fashion and his deep -- concern for truth and justice. [laughter] it was -- it was he's a game show host. he's a game show host. might well be -- but we don't want to insult game show host do we? joe thanks so much. joe -- good to have you here. up next white house consulting some surprising groups in their push to secure our borders -- there's a national emergency. it's that straightforward. but nothing is straightforward for the radical dems or meet dylan attorney joins us next.
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>> headlines we're watching tonight breitbart reporting senior advisor jared kush abouter in leaving white house and white house has been consulting concerns breitbart with chamber of commerce the george w. bush center and groups tied for koch brothers for input and kush abouter in holding talkses with saudi arabia crowned prince muhammad ben in riyadh saying topics included increasing cooperation between two nations. pakistan, announcing shutdown to indian fighter jets over disputed tear tear of cashier captures pilot who does aircraft went down and shooting down a pakistani jet both countries nuclear powers and tensions are not -- not sub siding joining dylan manager partner and woman for great state of california. at least it used to be. no it still is.
7:39 pm
great to have you here in person we talk through airwaves quite often good to have you here. your thoughts let's start with the -- start with the committee hearing which the national left wing media is going to, you know, continue to focus on instead of the the president initiative in hanoi. >> i agree with what you said lew it is saddest i've seen as a citizen and when you see that charade and people see lan any davis puppeteering whole thing and lobbyist for foreign power you realize that these people are not interested in what is best for america but best for their own party and it was a disgrace. >> and -- and the news media, it's just spotless. one news organization sepgding out an alert that the president coordinated this was an alert.
7:40 pm
it coordinated with michael cohen to pay off porn star. >> i saw that in wall street journal sent out that alert. first reaction we've known about that for months -- >> my reaction was big whoop and second reaction as an attorney is -- people like donald trump get accused of stuff by women like stormy daniels all of the time and settlements occur all of the time. it is a nothing -- >> and it's been already well established in the -- even the popular media, legally there's no -- there's no liability whatsoever. either under election law or general statutes. >> that's right and follow-up questions weren't asked or pressed on the question how often did this occur he simply focused on the ones that happened around time of the election so that doesn't phase me as support of the president. >> and talking about about this -- about the president is in hanoi
7:41 pm
one doesn't know what's going to come of this. whether it will be much or little or nothing. but for the national left wing media to ignore what is being attempted there, is to really insult the intelligence of the american people and the responsibility of the media to meet the public's right to know what's going on this substantive issues of our time. >> lew ting they're worse than ignoring it and doing a scheme to immediately directly undermine the president with this charade sham of a hearing at the same time the president is trying to do something important for the world. >> without question. and you know, i just as i sit here -- watching the republican party, i mention meadows we've shown meadow jordan and congresswoman miller and a handful of others who went after this committee and its chairman cummings for putting forward this sorry
7:42 pm
spectacle but the republican party has great responsibility here. because mccarthy and mcconnell the leaders on capitol did notho stop this hearing. coinciding with the president's diplomat pick foreign policy initiative potentially historic. republican congresswoman you keapght be too pleased with that coif leadership from the party they're not scrappers they're not fighters. what in the world are they? >> well we wouldn't be having this hearing as everybody knows if the congress had done a better job of fulfilling president's agenda and what they've promised regarding obamacare regarding the wall regarding many other things so i'm very disappointed in that sense but we have some fighters and hopefully at least in the -- senate they'll be some opportunities when it is the senate's turn to address these issues. to shut it down. you know, we've seen yeah i think you and i agree some
7:43 pm
failures on that side so i hope we see better now that fakes are very is clear what's very clearly at issue here is -- is sort of an impeachment windup for the democrats and -- you know, another waste of time. the another waste of time because the result is forward gain but i think the goal is to bloody our president enough that one of their lame candidates gets in. >> the michael cohen -- excuse me was asked what is by one of the members. what is is the truth of president fears most cohen couldn't answer that and i've heard a number of people say they were surprised that he couldn't respond to that i wasn't surprised at all i don't believe this president is afraid of a damn thing do you? >> i don't that's the thing that we love about him so many people would be embarrassed by the type of lies that are being told about him and ting he's -- you know stood up he tweeted about it even from -- from vietnam. so he is a fighter. i wish we had more of them in our party. >> he deserves -- he deserves some help i've got to say.
7:44 pm
i wish the party were worthy of his -- of this president. because right now the party is not. and i want to point out dylan has been from the very beginning straightforward about the necessity of the party in its opportunity to stand behind this president and his policies and succeed and had they listened to you for a split second for crying out loud and others -- the party would not have been this responsible for whatever of this today was that hearing. outcome of that election would have been significantly different. dylan it is great to see you. >> thank you lou. i will. move here to new york and we'll talk all of the time. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> up next darling nikki haley has a new job in corporate america and making lots of money on speemps is there any correlation? well with the trajectory of her career and perhaps -- the way in which she conducted herself? we'll fake a look at that.
7:45 pm
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>> republican candidate mark harris says he won't run in new election for north carolina's 9th district cited serious
7:49 pm
health condition an they unanimously decided to hold a new race. former u.n. ambassador nikki haley joining boeing board of directors for new -- job comes after a recent report that she's now charging 200,000 dollars in the use of a private jet for her speeches it seem she's found a friendly environment in the corporate establishment we wonder how that happened what is the reason for that? those answers to follow in the days and weeks ahead. british prime minister theresa may says she'll give parliament the chance to delay brexit that is to overturn the vote of the british people. may considering we're told a short limited extension if a second brexit vote fails, the u.k. is scheduled to leave the european union on march 29th there's no chance of the world that they could do that. under this establishment leadership many britain. a little authoritarian don't you think while trade talks
7:50 pm
continue, the united states sent two u.s. navy vessels to uss s and cesar chavez to taiwan straight a show of support for ally tige wan this fourth time since october that u.s. navy vessels sailed through the straight demonstrating free navigation for all the world to be hold despite threats by china. big news tonight, radical dems in the house joined by 13 rhino republicans passed resolution to block president trump's national emergency declaration to secure our southern border. that resolution even if it were to be passed in the senate, it will be vetoed by president trump no matter what. it will amount -- doesn't last more than a gesture, rad cam dems in the house and a so doing, however, have undercut the president while he's abroad on most important affairs mission. of his presidency, the dems, obviously, far more concerned
7:51 pm
about 2020 politics than national security or the national interest. up next with, fred chairman jerome powell back in the news. he just can't bring himself to defend the president's economic policies and oh, by the way, the president's spear or your understanding of markets, interest rates and impact on economic growth. the president is schooled him but it looks like another tutorial will be in order and take up radical left on the trump presidency next. stay with us. we'll be right back. oh, you gu. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> joining us tonight charlie hurt washington times opinion editor fox business contributor joining us haley national press secretary for the trump 2020 campaign. great to have you with haley. >> let's begin with sherrod brown talking to the -- to the head of the federal
7:56 pm
reserve many not the nicest way i don't think. here that is. >> yesterday your predecessor janet yellen doesn't think that president trump has a grasp of macroeconomic policy is she right? >> i won't have any comment on that for you, senator. >> haley do you think that they worked -- how many hours do you think they worked rehearsed that particular exchange? [laughter] your best shot. >> i'm sure quite some time but what an absurd proposition that president trump doesn't understand macroeconomics you would think they would level against barack obama who oversaw worst economic recovery in history and every administration and we've seen prosperity, like we haven't seen in quite some time. so that was absurd exchange that we just watched. >> your thoughts charlie. >> these people have been at it around here in washington for decades now. and it took somebody like donald trump to come along and get as grasp of the actual macro
7:57 pm
economic picture that regular americans feel all of the time which -- in the focus, of course, was on unfair trade with china, illegal immigration and spend gobs of money on foreign wars. and he understand that. and has reverse ared course on all of that if haley said, and ushered in an entire new economy so you know for these guys that have been around here forever to complain about stuff like that and not appreciate the fact that donald trump and donald trump alone was the first guy to realize these things that matter a whole lot to regular american voters it is just kind of astonishing and in a moment for both powell and sherrod brown because both ignoring fact that this president the school the federal reserve on its rising rates over a three-month period and the destruction of equity. there was just -- the market cap that they blew
7:58 pm
away in three months still hasn't been recovered. and the reality is where would we be if the fed had had had sense not to raise rates? while rolling off assets from the balance sheet? it goes on and on -- let's start with -- our capitol hill house vote haley 13 rhino join with democrats to vote a resolution that condemns the national declaration of emergency. >> right. only in congress do you see congress actually delegate a power to the executive as they did. the president the executive uses the power congress gave him and then they rebuke him for doing what is constitutionally and lawfully within his prerogative but what this shows is these individuals have zero understanding of the lawlessness on southern border, with drug pours across illegal entry and national security crisis we face by having open borders, to our
7:59 pm
south and it shows a fundamental misunderstanding. >> misunderstanding. i'm starting to wonder charlie what radical dems understand at all. [laughter] >> no kidding and you know what part of -- you know we're talking at least 11 million is most conservative estimates are there are 11 million illegal aliens in country today. what part of -- 11 million is not considered an invasion and not to mention, of course, all of the drugs things like that pouring over border if this is not a national emergency, i don't know what is and we can have a great debate about whether or not congress as caylee pointed out whether congress ought to give the president that authority many in the first place for this to be first time illegal immigration to be first time they stand up and get principalled we don't want to delegate that authority well you did in the first sen second place you have a stand on all going to get wash withed out in next election and i feel very confident that president trump is going to prevail in the argument.
8:00 pm
as are -- republicans in conservatives who stick by their guns stick by their principles. >> caylee thank you both for being with us thank you, lou have a good night from new york. trish: socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez with some rather fascist-sounding rhetoric. she is threatening moderate dems. if they don't vote with her, she says they are going on a list. the left being forced into socialism. congresswoman ilhan omar accusing the u.s. of using humanitarian aid in venezuela as a guise


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