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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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their principles. >> caylee thank you both for being with us thank you, lou have a good night from new york. trish: socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez with some rather fascist-sounding rhetoric. she is threatening moderate dems. if they don't vote with her, she says they are going on a list. the left being forced into socialism. congresswoman ilhan omar accusing the u.s. of using humanitarian aid in venezuela as a guise to invade the country.
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the colectivos. the cuban-backed thugs that support nicolas maduro's regime. they are marking the homes of anyone who opposes nicolas maduro or his dictatorship. they are marking their homes. let bernie sanders refuses to call nicolas maduro a dictator? wow, we are on this for you. vice president dulcy rodriguez just flew to russia to cozy up with them. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking tonight, more evidence there is no roll for moderates in the democratic party run by the likes of fast-left socialist
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alexandria ocasio-cortez. in remarks behind closed doors aoc reportedly threatening to put her democratic colleagues on a list for primary challenge. speaker of the house warning her caucus they better get on board. pelosi saying we are either a team or we are not. madison, what's this about? i get that people want to stick together and have their teams. but increasingly in wash it's more about poll -- in was wash. it's more about politics. >> people like ocasio-cortez could potentially be the end of the democratic party as we know
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it. she is driving a wedge between democrats themselves. the people of this country both republicans and democrats, we want to see people coming together, we want to see compromise. bewant to see results. she has a false sense of authority. she works for the people of new york in district 14. so it's very, very frustrating for people of has district. people like her are going against it for the simple fact it had something that said illegal immigrants if they try to get a gun, then i.c.e. must be notified. they claim the expanded background checks would work but they will protect the none existent right of illegal immigrants to buy guns? trish: kevin, that's really whacked. she said i don't care about a
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major company willing to offer jobs in my district. i don't want them. she is turning away business because she would rather tax and spend and somehow in her head thinks she can come up with the government jobs. i imagine as a democrat you might be starting to get concerned. are you right? >> i would not say concerned. i appreciate you having me on. i support what ocasio-cortez has done so far. in a short month she has been able to wield great influence over the democratic party. trish: you what are having influence? she is a socialist. >> i think her passion and her energy has been infectious and has generated a lot of enthusiasm about the democratic platform.
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trish: don't you think it would make it harder for you guys. by the way, i think it's music to madison's ears that you guys are screwing up so badly by putting the likes of this one out there, aoc. it divides your party. so it makes it harder for to you see success in 2020. doesn't that concern you? >> i disagree it divides the party. this speech behind closed doors was more of a. he talk. there is a reason she had the floor. it's clear why she has become a leader in just one month. she as a magnetism about her that people are talking about. i think she'll learn on the job, it may be easier in her district to vote consistently for far left progressive policies than
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somebody in new mexico in a swing district. and she'll learn those things along the way. trish: madison, is it music to your ears? as you look at a party that's increasingly fragmented. let's say she gets her way and she succeeds in bullying everyone, threatening to put them on a list for a challenger on the far left. you then are left with a party that's so far left, i think it will be so far out of step with mainstream america, and that's good news for you. >> when it comes to 2020, it's good news. she has a lot of energy and that's infectious. i think it's great she is a young woman. and she is not doing that. she is putting forth idea that
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would be extremely detrimental to our country and the democratic party. when we talk about democrats specifically and it isn't with her, it's with the moderate democrats. trish: i always say joe biden would have been a much tougher candidates to beat than hillary clinton. if he can keep that middle of the road platform the dems might have a chance in 2020. kevin, i'm giving you my advice now. this comes from wanting to see a fair and even playing field in what's best for the country. and that's not to in the far left. that's not where america is, where it ever was or where it will be. vice president mike pence he can keying familiar theme at cpac
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about the dangers of socialism. iewnd the guise of medicare for all and a green new deal, democrats are embracing the same old policies that have stifled liberties for centuries. the moment america becomes a socialist country is the moment americ -- is themoment america e america. trish: it' the reason why i not it was so important for juan guaido, the man the united states and the free world recognizes as the free, rightful interim president of venezuela. when he said to me, trish, freedom is fragile. i thought, you know what? he sure is right. it is fragile. it's something we must always
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guard and always protect. and the more you go count socialist path the more you lose it. even if you buy the idea of socialism. ultimately socialism leads to corruption. socialism is not a sustainable economic system. it just doesn't work. even the new york governor andrew cuomo is figuring this out. he's a self-titled progressive. he's trying to salvage that amazon deal that was buried by alexandria ocasio-cortez and extreme leftists. he's trying to get amazon to tree commit to build their second head quarters in new york. you know what? you need jobs. you need private enterprise. you are not going to get it all from the government. if you are smart, you understand it's the jobs and the private enterprise that create economic
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success which if you are a government crony type like alexandria ocasio-cortez, it gives you more money to spend because you get more tax revenue. joining me right now, adam johnson. you know, i worry about the country right now. look at venezuela, look what happened. we cannot allow it here. yet all these people on the left -- i don't know if it' the roman d if -- i don't know if ie romanticism or what. >> the pendulum has swung so far from the left. where in the world is it coming from. in my business i identify wonderful countries change the way we live, lifting people up.
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that's what capitalism does. socialism is the opposite. would you rather be somebody who takes money up here and sends it down or lift people up to where the money is. that's the difference it's a fundamentally different way of look at the world. trish: there are some out there like tore ke -- like ocasio-cor. she is right in recognizing the middle class is getting squeeze. even though they are doing things the right way, they can't manage to get ahead. you get a lot of people on the bottom and they get government handouts. it's the people in the middle that are trying to earn an honest living that get short changed in all of this. she identified that problem. but her prescription is flat out wrong. >> when we talk about what's
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happening with amazon, prescription. there are three components to it. it's prize, partnership, prescription. the prize, jobs coming into queens it's a total of $28 billion over 10 years. thats the prize. partnership. i have to take my hat off to democratic governor andrew cuomo for reaching out saying we both have bruised egos, but let's fiction this. limits not let the aocs and socialism get in the way. trish: if that's the climate he's walking into, he can't guarantee aoc will be there but if you get that rhetoric, why do you want to be there? >> am zone is one of the most of innovative companies this country ever created.
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new york city is one of the most of creative capitals of capitalism. governor cuomo knows that. aoc apparently doesn't. but she is getting schooled on it. now the objective is to get these two wonderful institutions, new york city and amazon back together. the prescription, prize-harn prize-partnershipping. let capitalism left people up. trish: this is what happens with socialism. it's not a sustainable economic system. eventually the leaders turn to corruption. we are seeing the colectivos,
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cuban-backed thugs out there terrorizing anyone who is against the regime. the dictatorship. they are putting these markings. see that red circle with the line through it? anybody who opposes maduro is getting that on their house it's intimidation. if this is not the work of a dictator, i don't know what it is. far-left democrat ilhan omar who is joining sanders says she does not recognize juan guaido as the president of venezuela. she would rather recognize the dictator who starves and kills his own people and who kills his opponents. and this woman has a prominent job and a prominent committee in congress. i'm setting the record straight on ilhan omar. she is no friend to the united
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smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. trish: reports that the house oversight committee will seek under views of close trump associates and family members following their marathon hearing with former trump attorney michael cohen. we knew the democrats were going to do this type of thing when they took control of the house. we knew we would see the flurry of investigations that would follow. you know what struck me about all this? michael cohen came out and said forthright that there was no
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collusion. he said i my suspicions which i consider this get out of jail free card. but the headline was there was no collusion. and yet we didn't see that reported in the media. >> i was look for it. i didn't see it anywhere. it's funny. there were a couple of things, no collusion. that's huge, right? that's what we are supposed to be looking for. and it's not there. and we heard michael cohen say donald trump didn't direct him to do a lot of stuff. he just assumed he was supposed to do this and did them. i'm confused. i don't think we learned too much from him. trish: you are an attorney and you go to trial quite a bit. if this is your star witness in a case, how would you feel about your case? >> i would think my case was toast. we have someone who does not
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have credibility. i think that's why we are seeing this flurry of additional investigations, everybody is grabbing at trues to corroborate what he's saying because you can't just believe this guy and take him at his word. he lied for his own self-interest. this guy time and time again has lied for his own -- to get more powerful and for financial gain it wasn't until he got caught red-handed lying that he decided -- it's kind ridiculous. trish: the democrats are proud that we are going to see a lot of investigations. >> we have got about five committees look at different aspects of the trump administration. >> there are four or five areas
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where there is credible evidence that the president committed serious crimes. >> the trump people thought they could get away with anything, and we are introifg this to light now. >> the american people deserve to know if donald trump is a president or organized crime boss. >> we are moving into territory that is perilous for the president and cannot be ignored by the congress. trish: i get like it's politics. but if you are after the truth, i don't know, maybe you shouldn't be acting so happy. >> way was going to say is we are suppose -- what i was going to say is we are supposed to see what role russia played in the election. it's not to sink donald trump. trish: i think that is their goal. >> i don't disagree with you. the sound bites we just listened
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to clearly show the exuberance or participation by a known liar. quite frankly i don't think we learned that much that wasn't already out there in the media other than michael cone said it. trish: is the president vulnerable? is anyone around him vulnerable? >> it will take time to see what others know when they testify, when they are under oath. the whole issue will be, what's in the written responses that the president has already provided to mueller, and is it consistent with everything that's out there. that's what matters. what's under oath. as of now, there is no reason to think it isn't consistent with the truth. that's what we have to look out for. as it unfold we'll keep an eye on it.
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trish: just days after bernie sanders refused to call nicolas maduro a dictator, another far-left dem is taking a radical stance. ilhan omar says she does not recognize juan guaido as the leader of venezuela. wait until you hear what she is accusing america of doing. this one you have got to hear. it makes you wonder who her allegiance is to. it certainly doesn't seem like the united states of america. nicolas maduro's second in command. delcy rodriguez this russia. we have details on this -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah.
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-please. -okay. so they can do what mthey want offline.ine social security, securing today and tomorrow. see what you can do online at trish: we -- >> with we are sending aid in
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the guise of literally invading the country. >> we aren't supporting the as being the president. >> humanitarian aid is somehow an invasion? i have to tell you congresswoman, actually so the aid packages myself. there is rice and beans, toilet paper. i mean -- because you know what? these are things people don't have right now. who is this woman? ilhan omar. who is she? who is backing her? because i will tell you one thing she is clearly no friend to the united states. clearly no friend to american values. do you know what? we stand for something this country. we stand for freedom! there are those in the world that you know, would prefer to see millions of people starve. live under
8:30 pm
know what? we americans have a problem with that. i find it disgusting that i even need to address this woman's point of view. but for any small minded person that might actually agree with her, i am setting the record straight for you tonight. america stands for freedom. we are not okay with a regime manipulating an election. buying votes with food. we are not okay with a regime that starves its people.we are not okay with a regime intimidating terrifying and murdering its opposition. and we are not okay with the likes of russia, iran or hezbollah taking over a country just three hours from our shores. she ought to learn what she's talking about before she goes spouting stupid stuff like that. out into the airwaves. she's wrong. and there are a lot of lives at stake.
8:31 pm
join me run a fox news contributor and founder of the weekly standard, fred, good to see you. >> good to see you.trish: what is your reaction? [laughter] >> well, i agree with what you said and i think that we have learned a lot about this new congresswoman from minneapolis. you know, earlier we thought, she is just a strong opponent of is a lot more than that. she's a committed, hard-core, leftist.and she's taken leftist position, socialist position, the cuban position as well which it is. the communist position.that is, we have a socialist leader there no matter what he does, starving his people, locking up opponents. when an economy and all these things, she's going to back him. she is backing nicolas maduro who is no longer the legal president of the country. trish: she is backing maduro. here is the thing.
8:32 pm
leftist, are these the people still having bleeding hearts? you know big, bleeding hearts. liberal. >> we know better. trish: i don't know how you can look at what's going on the ground there and not feel something. not feel something for the people. and you see the intimidation, that they are dealing with. there was video on the show these cuban backed dog groups basically that are mafioso like. terrorizing the town riding around on motorcycles. in a neighborhood in caracas from a couple of days ago. they are there with all of their weapons. and now, we have gotten word tonight that they are going house to house in neighborhoods in venezuela and they are drawing red circles on the houses with a line through them to mark them as people that support the opposition. they kill members of the opposition.
8:33 pm
they jail members of the opposition. you're not allowed to have a different thought in venezuela. if you do, they take everything away from you including possibly your life.and fred, this is what representative ilhan omar thinks is okay? >> it is.because it is one of her allies is -- maduro, the man that had been the official president of the country. and claims he still is. and look, you said, oh, don't these leftists worry about how the people are doing and so on? no, they don't. they will stick to their position. reminds me of the communists. remember back in the late 30s , the communist in the u.s. and elsewhere backed stalin. then stalin made a pact with hitler. and what did they do? do they abandon stalin and russia? not at all! they stuck with him! and she is sticking no matter
8:34 pm
what maduro does. no matter how bad things are in venezuela, she is sticking no matter how, how bad he is. trish: i wonder where backing is coming from. because we did learn that recently, she did take a trip on behalf of some latin american leftistgroups, paid for by them . to travel through the region which perhaps, may have helped form some of her crazy, horrible opinions about things. but i do question this exactly, you talk about the collusion stuff. who the heck is backing this woman?>> that's a good question. if you are a far leftist, socialist or communist, you're going to do this on your own. you do not need a lot of backing. and no doubt, she can get some from leftist groups. but you know what is interesting? particularly, there is one
8:35 pm
major american politician who hasn't gone quite as far as she has but says the major issue in venezuela is whether the u.s. is going to invade or not. do you know who that was? bernie sanders. trish: bernie sanders will not recognize nicolas maduro for being a dictator either. bernie sanders seems to -- he is, it's not good there but people need to be able decide their own fate. you cannot decide your own fate when you cannot feed your family. and they are standing there and we've got the video, i have showed it, i can show you again. but they sit there with these boxes of food and they say hey, we will give you this box of food so long as you sign this petition saying that support nicolas maduro and all that the movement stands for. and what are you supposed to do?if starving kids at home. this is how they are manipulating things. don't tell me, bernie sanders,
8:36 pm
that somehow people are electing nicolas maduro from their own free will. >> mhm. one of the ways people are reactive, nearly 3 million left the country. i was in south america last year. and wherever you go particularly in argentina, you run into people all over the place in venezuela. they've abandoned the country. millions of them! trish: i know. i met many in columbia when i was there earlier this week to interview the vice president. it really, it's tragic and this is, you want to talk migrant crisis. this is a migrant crisis of epic proportions. it is actually the worst we've ever seen in the history of the western hemisphere.venezuela itself, is the worst economic crisis in modern history. are we going to do something about it?i do not know the answer to that, fred. i think we are going to have to get a lot of people on board
8:37 pm
for that within the region. but if you look at just exactly how bad a problem it is down there in columbia, in argentina, and brazil and every other country dealing with these refugees coming in, i think at some point they will want maduro out very soon as well. >> he's on a slippery slope. he's going to be gone. he is running the country. and he just can't last. the socialism doesn't work. it hasn't worked there. and neither has all the terrible stuff they've done to crush the opposition, ruin the economy. you know the first thing they did, what happened when they took over the oil business they are which had been free market. the first thing that happened was, production started going down. because they didn't even know how to run it. trish: i know the story very well. chavez put them that they do know to do. and now they cannot get oil out of the ground.
8:38 pm
so they are functioning at a fraction of their capacity. fred, it is good to see you. thank you for your commentary. coming up, disturbing images again, from venezuela. the cuban backed thugs. marking all of the homes of anyone that opposes the dictatorship. some comparisons online right now between this and nazi germany. i mean, they you in this type of intimidation that these in the 1930s.these are techniques that thugs are using to scare people, to threaten freedom fighters. in them by marking their homes. and bernie sanders still is not calling maduro a dictator. we have the latest on the humanitarian crisis. much more as juan guaido attempts to get back into his home country. and delcy rodriguez, the vice president of the regime visits russia ♪ limu emu & doug
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let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. breaking now, venezuela, vice
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president delcy rodriguez there receiving a warm welcome in the moscow tonight. she said the country will continue to rely on supplies of food and medicine from russia. let's justget this straight. venezuela , she says, will take supplies.she's relying on supplies of food and medicine from russia. and yet at the same time, her socialist regime is denying any kind of humanitarian crisis saying it does not exist. in fact, she told me it was all fake news when i suggested 90 percent of the population was living in policy. she said no patricia, you should come see for yourself. so now joining me rebecca heinrich, good to see you. what do we do now? because we're in a situation where juan guaido, the guy we
8:44 pm
recognize in the free world recognizes as the president of the country, is not recognized -- by his own country.i mean maybe he is by the people itself. but being able to move in and be recognized by the actual military, he does not have that down. how does this change? how do we transition to juan guaido that can call for an election? free election. >> american leadership is necessary and thankfully, the united states is exercising leadership. 50 countries are recognizing juan guaido as a present. it means that maduro is a wrongful dictator who is occupying venezuela. the russians still obviously, recognize maduro as the legitimate president. there recognize an illegitimate man occupying the state. i find it really interesting trish, he mentioned that
8:45 pm
congresswoman that recognizes nicolas maduro and not the united states position. she is supporting russian saying that this aid from the united states is a precursor to a military invention. that is what the russians are saying and it is lies. the people being provocative and aggressive here are the russians themselves, the united states supports a peaceful transition of power. trish: they don't want to transition of power. maduro certainly doesn't. and by the way, the russians do not either. because they have a good sweet deal going on. right? and the minute, they do not have the deal anymore, they're going to be kind of upset. i think in a new government, the actual democracy there, it will be much more competitive landscape and they won't get the same kind of deals that they want. they also want be able to hang out in an area so close to the united states of america. it is strategic for that reason. but rebecca, again, how does this move forward?
8:46 pm
because juan guaido is kind of in a holding pattern right now. he's going around latin america, trying to get the support of different countries but i was just at a meeting in bogotc colombia on monday and you know, basically expressed an unwillingness to use any kind of force. if you're not going to use force, where do you use actually change this equation? >> well, you have to dry out all access to funds of maduro and his henchmen that the united states is working on doing. you continue to buy the economic squeeze on these people. continue to put pressure on russia.russia talks about how it was to get aid to them. they just bought a un resolution that would provide aid to the venezuelan people. they are trying to weapon is a to prop up maduro. but time is not to send the russians or maduro and i think the president is right.the american position is right to offer maduro this out. if you want to retire, you want to survive this, you want your family to be safe, here is a
8:47 pm
peaceful exit. let the venezuelan people have spoken and want to be a sovereign and prosperous nation in the backyard of the united states, this is the way to go and it is your only option. i really do think time is running out for maduro. trish: i would agree with you. take the deal. problem is, the cubans may kill him before he gets the opportunity to do that. because don't forget they have a big saying all of this and effectively are running the country right now. rebecca heinrich, very good to see you. we will talk to more on this. the debate grows over transgender athletics. two girls sparking a big controversy for what critics controversy for what critics say is there unfair advantage.v something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad.
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transgender connecticut athletes sparking controversy on and off the track as critics say their transitioning status gives them an unfair advantage over the competition. you know because, they are men trying to become women. and if you are competing in women's athletics, but yet, you have all of the muscles of being a man well, then it makes it harder for the women to
8:52 pm
compete. the two athletes recently placed top two and state championships. they compete in the women's category despite being born as biological males. they are one of the states that allows transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions. joining me now for their thoughts, angela and independent women's forum director of policy, -- manning. i can imagine what it must be like to want to be a woman. when you are a man. and i have a lot of empathy and a lot of sensitivity to that. it is not to be a miserable, horrible thing. but i also feel very bad for the young women that are getting shortchanged in this as
8:53 pm
well. because there are two young women that are missing out on an opportunity. an opportunity to get a college scholarship because they're not going to be able to move onto the championships. because there are two people that were born as men and are in this transition process. you know, they have male muscles. and look, that is just the reality of it, right? it will be harder to compete against demand and track and field. then if you competing against another woman. what are we doing in a case like this? >> well, you said it, trish. when we allow the athletes to compete the biggest losers will ultimately be women and girls, they have always competed separately because of the natural differences between the sexes. giving men the advantage in size and strength and speed.
8:54 pm
and so while we all want to provide the maximum degree of accommodations for individual students, we also have to balance the concerns with consideration with what is therefore all students. and therefore, i think there is not an easy solution here but certainly, it is unfair to ask girls, born as girls and continue to pitas girls to race against people born as a male. >> do you agree with that? >> i do. the most ethical thing we can do here is set up a system where everyone gets to play but everyone has to play fair. right now, when you people who are born in male bodies competing against women, those who are born male no matter how they defined themselves, they will win every time. entrance athletes are allowed to compete alongside other athletes it would be great but biologically is just not the
8:55 pm
reality. and when transgender women compete against them they winner will always have a xy chromosome. >> i hear you. here's the young woman by the way. one of them is getting shortchanged. watch. >> i missed out on qualifying for further meats and showing off what i can do in front of college coaches and furthering my career and track. >> it is frustrating and a way demoralizing when you're at the start line of her race and you know what the outcome of the race will be before it happens. >> it is hard to compete, i guess. against the different chromosomes, as you say. anyway, we will keep following anyway, we will keep following i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds
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9:00 pm
i can use some time at home. anyway, juan guaido is heading back to venezuela. his home. >> amid the terror of hitler's bombs... >> the airpower of the nazis was turned against britain. >> unmistakable voice rallies the brits. >> i have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. >> you think churchill saw his lisp as beneficial? >> what hitlerism is suffering in libya is only a sample and a foretaste of what we have got to give him and his accomplices. >> it was such an inspiring speech that it just worked magic on people. >> his dental tech worked magic, too. >> churchill said to my father, "you're not going anywhere. you're staying here with me." >> how did he earn a place in history? >> when you opened the box, what did you see? >> well, i saw some teeth


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