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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bolton, and former congressman jason chaffetz. thank you for joining us tonight. tonight from new york cheryl: it is tuesday, march 5th. here are your market movers. china's national people's congress kicked off overnight. will this meeting put pressure on xi jinping to get a deal done that is better for the chinese. in the united states, retail earnings in focus, you've got kohl's and target reporting before the bell today. could we be in for an election day deja vu, what hillary clinton said about a 2020 presidential run. and talk about a cat fight, starbucks customers get into an all-out brawl over a limited edition mug.
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tracee: here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. stock market futures moving higher this morning, dow futures up by 62 points as investors wait for a u.s./china trade deal. in europe slight gains as investors keep a close eye on the global developments. stocks in asia right now, let's take a look at that screen, you can see mixed on the board as china lowers its growth target. cheryl: we would like to welcome all of you to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. tracee: good morning, i'm trace trace in for lauren lawn. cheryl: it's fat tuesday. tracee: is it? where's our king cake? cheryl: didn't bring the king cake but mardi gras is wrapping up in new orleans or i guess it's going on right now. they're partying still in new orleans. go figure. tracee: and we're working.
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cheryl: a lot happened while you were sleeping overnight. china's annual meeting of the country's parliament, this is big there, it kicked off amid its trade war with the united states in full gear. the country has decided to shore up its slowing economy through billions of dollars in tax cuts and infrastructure spending. china's economic growth at its weakest in almost 30 years as this trade war with the u.s. continues. now they're targeting economic growth there of 6 to 6.5% this year. but that's actually below last year's 6.6%. china's premier said the environment is more complicated an more severe, we must be fully prepared for a tough battle. investors will be watching as to whether the meeting will put pressure on x xi jinping to soly a deal with the u.s. that is better for the chai.
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traceechinese.tracee: carlos ge released from jail soon. bail was approved overnight. it was set at $8.9 million and ghosn p must remain in japan. prosecutors say they will appeal ttoday's decision. ghosn is charged with failing to report $80 million in deferred compensation and using nissan to pay a saudi businessman who helped ghosn a personal financial problem. cheryl: investors will be showing impair own impatience oe u.s./china trade deal. investors will shift their focus to retail earnings today. target and kohl's are reporting today. target is expected to post a profit that's 10% better than this time last year. kohl's forecast to earn $2.18 a share despite a weak holiday
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season overall. how will markets digest this? let's bring in melissa. i want to start with this china trade news because we're starting to see kind of this shift in the analyst community. they're saying there could be a sell on the news situation when the u.s. and china finally we think sign something later this month. we think it's going to be at mar-a-lago. are you doubtful that this is going to be a good deal for the u.s.? >> i absolutely do not agree with the sell on the news. all of the information that's been coming out, no one really knows what's going on behind the scenes, and a deal hasn't been made yet. yes, the market has rallied on an anticipation of the deal happening. i would say the market's going to sell off if a deal doesn't happen. if a deal is solidified, i believe the market will take off like a rocket. we're 5% off the high as of yesterday. yesterday was a big selloff day. i would say yesterday sold off more because the democrats
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subpoenaed 81 people and entities and they're going after trump's finances of. i think that is the reason that the market sold off yesterday. cheryl: we'll have a report on that later on in the show. that's a good point. there's a lot of political turmoil at home. that certainly has affected the markets. >> absolutely. cheryl: i'm glad you brought that up. speaking of the president, he took a swipe at jerome powell over the weekend. the attacks have continued. does that worry you? it seems that jerome powell found his footing in his testimony and measured his words a little better. >> it was nice swipe, though. i wouldn't say he attacked him. it was a tiny reminder about to keep rates low. we don't he know what's going to happen this year with th with t. trump has a point. cheryl: let's get back to some of these numbers that we're watching, construction spending fell 0.6% in december, so a little bit of concern about the
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housing market and also the commercial space as well. you've got earnings coming out today from some of the retailers. what are you expecting from target and kohl's? there's been a lot of concern about target now going direct against amazon because that grocery business has been so good for walmart and target. now amazon is like oh, not so fast, folks, we're jumping right in. >> i think target's the one to watch this morning that could really do it. i don't know. i believe if target gets up over $78 a share, even $80, target would look phenomenal. the chart would be not far off the highs. as far as competitors with amazon, walmart and target are the only ones that can really go head to head with amazon. target is doing same day delivery in certain cities. again, that's what amazon does. and free day delivery. kohl's is another one to watch. the stocks are in up-trends. if either one falls today, that could pull everything down.
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this morning looks good, the marketer's up. if one of these stocks reports well or both, they could look like nice longs to. cheryl: futures are higher this morning after a selloff yesterday. it's been a crazy day. melissa, always great to have you on the show. >> thank you. cheryl: great points from you. remember, folks, "mornings with maria" is going to have all of the earnings news as it comes in today. maria's going to have the numbers for target, for kohl's as soon as they report later today. tracee: president trump is opening a new trade front in his trade wars. the new targets, india and turkey. the president plans to end preferential trade treatment for those countries. the program allows duty-free entry for up to $5.6 billion worth of india's exports to the u.s. and in 2017 the u.s. imported about $1.7 billion worth of goods from turkey under the program. cheryl: well, hillary clinton
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putting those 2020 rumors to bed. the former 2016 candidate has ruled out seeking the democratic nomination in 2020. >> i'm not running but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand, i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. what's at stake in our country, the kinds of things that are happening right now are deeply troubleing to me. cheryl: okay. sounds like she may be pretty vocal through 2020. clinton said she isn't planning for office in her home state of new york either but one new york politician, who may have their eyes on the white house, andrew cuomo. the new york r governor is suggesting a decision on entering the race is based on whether joe biden runs. cuomo said in an interview with local media when asked what he would do if biden does not run, he said, quote, call me back.
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tracee: attorney general william barr says he will not recuse himself from overseeing special counsel robert mule's mr rush'russia's investigation. they're concerned about a memo he wrote explaining why president trump's firing of james comey was not obstruction of justice but a justice department spokesman said barr made the decision not to recuse himself after the doj's ethics team cleared him. meanwhile, matt whitaker, has left the justice department. his last day on saturday. it's not clear what his next career move will be. cheryl: maker of oxycontin is preparing a possible bankruptcy filing. the wall street journal reports that purdue pharma is studying the idea as a way to contain liability from hundreds of lawsuits suggesting it fueled the nation's open yo opioid epi.
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some say the aggressive marketing helped hook the nation on opioids. perdue denied theal he lee gas . tracee: here are other headlines making news this morning. walgreens in hot water, the fda demanding a meeting with walgreens' leadership, saying the company is a major violator when it comes to selling e-cigarettes to minors. walgreens telling the new york post they would welcome a meeting. a may mayor breakthrough for te aids virus. researchers in london say they may have potentially cured a man of hiv. volvo putting a 112-mile-an-hour speed limit on all of its cars in all of its markets next year. the ceo saying it's to cut back on accidents. >>.and after four months, the ly
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winner of the $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot has claimed the prize. the an an mus anonymous winner a one-time payout, the largest payout to a single winner in u.s. history. the commission said an act of kindness is the thing. the winner let another customer go ahead while they were in line for tickets in south carolina. cheryl, that's what's happening now. cheryl: paying it forward? tracee: that's a good. cheryl: let's take a look at how you might get paid today from your money and your markets. we're higher in the premarket after yesterday's volatile trading session for the dow. we lost more than 200 points yesterday. dow is up 56 in the premarket, s&p up 5 and-a-half, nasdaq up 17 and a quarter. another move by democrats to take on wall street, the new way they want to tax it and it's being led by none other than alexandria ocasio-cortez.
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(danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. tracee: sha has decided to shore up its slowing economy through billions of dollars of tax cuts and infrastructure spending as the trade war with the u.s. continues. president trump now targeting india and turkey in his trade war. joining us now, eric lund, a senior economist at the conference board. i want to start with china, the annual meeting of china's parliament underway right now, china saying they're in for a tough struggle, and they're
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lower their growth target to 6.5%. how do you think this is affecting the u.s./china trade talks? >> certainly china's slowing economy is one factor that the trump administration is taking into consideration as they move forward on all of this. china's economy in general is much more dependent on the u.s. economy than the reverse. the fact that the u.s. economy is still performin performing py well while china's economy slowing is a good thing for the u.s. tracee: the president announced he would end preferential treatment for turkey or india. what do you make of this? >> i was surprised by this. they are not large trading partners with the u.s. we've seen the white house engage china, canada, mexico and the european union over the last two years. so it is a bit of a surprise to
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see them pivot into that direction. the indian economy is closed off in many ways. it's not easy to get foreign exports into the country. it's difficult as a foreign business to operate there as well. so these are some of the aspects of the relationship that the white house may be trying to change. tracee: so how do you think the countries are going to react? >> i think that the relationship that india and the u.s. has is a relatively friendly one. so i don't see the kind of aggression that we've seen with other bilateral trade relationships between the two. the relationship between turkey and the u.s. is much more complicated. it remains to be seen how this is going to be received in turkey. tracee: so who do you think the president's next targets could be? are there any other countries? >> there was loo lot of action n the european union and germany early in the tenure of the administration. that has by and large gone away.
5:18 am
that having been said, now that the north american u.s. and mexico and canada issue has been resolved, if the u.s. and china trade issues are resolved, perhaps we could see the president pivot back to europe as well. tracee: eric, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. cheryl: coming up next, democrats launch a sweeping corruption probe. they're targeting president trump as anticipation mounts over robert mueller's final report. we're going live to washington for how the president is responding this morning. plus, why google is handing out pay raises to some of its workers but those workers, it's going to surprise you. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ money changes everything. ♪ i say money, money changes everything. i can't believe it.
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cheryl: the white house is accusing democrats of attacking the president to distract from a, quote, socialist agenda, as leaders in the house launch a series of wide ranging investigations with impeachment on the horizon. tracee: griff jenkins is live in washington with how the president is responding. griff. >> reporter: good morning, tracee and cheryl. gerald nadler is not holding back, launching a broad investigation that goes beyond the scope of the mueller probe, demanding documents from 81 people associated with the president, from the white house, to the campaign, in the family business, saying it's clear laws have been broken. >> well, our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power and the corruption. our goal is to vindicate the rule of law, protect the rule of law in this country.
5:23 am
>> reporter: when asked by reporters, president trump says he will cooperate. >> are you going to cooperate with mr. nadler? >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing, no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: chairman nadler says it's too early to start talking about impeachment before they have all the facts. however, members of his own party disagree, maxine waters tweeted this, saying for the faint of heart who have been waiting for every t to be crossed and i to be dotted, now is the time to demonstrate patriotism, support impeachment. kevin mccarthy blasting nadler's probe. >> they know there's no collusion. they're saying we don't have to worry about that. we need to start our own and throwing mud anywhere they go. >> reporter: in another development, the new attorney general announced yesterday he will not recuse himself from
5:24 am
oversitoversight of the mueller investigation, which we believe is wrapping up but no indication of when we might see it. cheryl: waiting patiently or i'impatiently depending on who u are for it to wrap up. tracee: after yesterday's selloff, we are seeing dow futures falling slightly this morning, dow futures up by 39 points. still ahead, 2020 democratic hopefuls are pushing a socialist agenda and warning that the u.s. is i in a crisis. does the strength of the trump p economy prove otherwise? ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market acs shu actions morning. after yesterday's volatile 400 point swing, we may recover today. the dow is up 39 in the premarket, nasdaq up 13 and a quarter. investors waiting for any news of a u.s./china trade deal. europe, slight gains, investors for london, they're keeping a close eye on theresa may's continuing effort to get a deal done for the u.k. to leave the european union. stocks in asia mixed, china is lowering their growth target for the year. a major political event is taking place there, it will last for two weeks. tracee: democrats are reintroducing the wall street tax act with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez a takes lead co-sponsor. joining us for more on this is president and chief investment officer at a & g capital research, hillary kramer. good morning, hillary. >> good morning. tracee: i want to ask you, this
5:29 am
wall street tax act of 2019, it's a financial transaction tax on bonds, stocks, derivative deals. who do you see this impacting the most? >> first of all, it's an absolutely ridiculous proposal to try to bring in $777 billion of revenue via taxation of all sorts of these equity bonds, derivatives, instruments. it will never work. it's going to just hurt everyday people, every single person who works and is part of the united states, because the trading is only going to go outside of the united states. if there's a tax on buying one share of stock, that means that that stock will end up being traded on the london exchange, frankfurt, tokyo. alexandria ocasio is egregious,
5:30 am
ridiculous. the amazon deal that fell through has cost new york city tens of billions of dollars in potential revenue. she doesn't know anything about tax, capitalism, prosperity. tracee: do you think this is just the beginning of a new wave of taxes from democrats? >> this is one of what we're going to see, yes. that's absolutely right. of a whole string of taxations that are proposed. senator warren obviously she's been proposing all sorts of taxes on the ultra wealthy and the idea here that brian shats and this particular group in the house, they think this is going to prevent any kind of flash crash or any kind of high frequency trading and they think they're doing well for main he street and small investors. they're not. it's just going to hurt investors, the fees are going to be passed on. when this taxis defeated. there will be another one more ridiculous that will be
5:31 am
proposed. tracee: representative peter di difazio tried to get a similar 34erb youmeasureto the floor pr. it didn't pass then. we have a lot of outspoken democrats when it comes to the financial industry. >> well, it failed then because obviously there was enough republican votes to just eradicate this and we had at that point still the impact of the 2016 passing of that particular bill that came through and the impact. so that was a good reason to be able to defeat in 2017. in 2019, this needs to be defeated again and you'll see the market go down if this becomes any kind of possibility. tracee: which we do not want. thank you so much for joining us, hillary. cheryl: well, the field of
5:32 am
democrats trying to unseat president trump in 2020 keeps growing. former colorado governor, john hickenlooper, saying he is running because of a crisis in the country. >> we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for. i've stood up to my fair share of bullies. cheryl: taking a subtle swipe at the president there. with the economy moving and the national relative peace what crisis is he talking about. let's bring in jose. good morning. jose, we're hearing this from a lot of the democratic candidates now, even former candidate hillary clinton about this crisis in the country. i don't know, the economy grew at 2.9% last year, unemployment's pretty low, the stock market's doing well. i'm trying to figure out where the crisis is. >> i think part of it is maybe more of a moral crisis and when we see a president that would
5:33 am
shut down the government for 35 days, 800,000 people out of jobs because he wants to build a wall, it's a lot to say about where we're headed as a country. the economy is growing. it could do better. it's not just the economy. we're talking about healthcare. we're talking about pharmaceutical prices and things of such. we see it with the unapproval president, over 50%. there's a lot to wish for when it comes to republicans currently. cheryl: i'm glad you brought up the approval rating of president trump, it's at 46% right now, up from 43% in january. that's the wall street journal, nbc news poll and also ashton, he's up in the real clear politics poll as well. the approval rating of the president seems pretty solid right now. >> exactly. the president is actually doing very well right now and really what this boils down to is the democrat party is being led by
5:34 am
ocasio-cortez out of new york city and nancy pelosi from california, the two most liberal places in the country, separated. while everyone that's trying to run for president needs to be campaigning to middle americans that live in iowa, new hampshire, the carolinas, and so the only way to distance themselves from what's actually taking place in their party and washington, d.c. is to create a false narrative that there is some kind of crisis here in the country. the reality is, is if any democrat president had the economy that donald trump has today, they would be celebrating it as if it could never be better. cheryl: the president is going to have to defend himself against -- there's obviously the political storm brewing from michael cohen and we have the mueller probe coming up. the one trend we're seeing, this is within the democratic party in particular and the polling that we've seen from wall street journal, nbc, is that socialism doesn't rate. that's the cleanest way i can say it to you. the least desirable
5:35 am
characteristics for a presidential candidate, socialist, 72%, being over 65 years of age, 62% and you've already got bernie sanders in the race. what does that say to the deemss now? you want to win the opinion pre. how do you do that when this what is the american people are saying, they don't want socialism. >> we have to be careful the way we're framing the messaging when it comes to socialism. the socialism in venezuela is much different than the socialism in some european countries, for example. republicans did this to an grew gill a am in florida, they tried to frame him at the next nicolas maduro. we know he's far from that. there's no question that democrats are trying to advocate for social programs, when it comes to education, when it comes to the medical system, the healthcare system and s i think it's ridiculous for republicans to try to frame us as venezuelan
5:36 am
socialists when in reality we're much farther away from that. cheryl: i don't think it's republicans that have done that, to be honest. it's aoc, it's bernie sanders, that this is their platform. they use it in a certain context, in particular healthcare for all. >> i understand. cheryl: these are your candidates that are saying that. it's not the republicans. >> well, i understand that. there's over 12 candidates in the democratic party that have announced so far. some of them aren't and left as bernie sanders. we remember historically when we get to the nominations, some of the candidates will start talking to the left and they'll get more to the middle. we see this time and time again. cheryl: you wonder if people will come to that middle. a lot of folks in the country do live in the middle. >> they will. cheryl: the president isn't going to be off the hook. can he only run on the economy? the border wall, the emergency funding for the border wall, the executive order, that's in
5:37 am
disarray frigh right now. these are campaign promises he may not deliver on. can he just run on the economy and win with that one snoint. >> no, he can't. the reality is, his polling shows us the economy is a top polling issue but border security is a very high polling issue and then, frankly, international security is also a high polling issue. the president does have some work to do before 2020 but he is sitting very nicely looking at any other democrat that's looking at running. when you look at the green new deal that's being proposed by aoc, i mean, that cost on that i think last week was estimated at $91 trillion. that would triple our national debt. that is socialism and changing the lives of american people, every day. but you're right, the president has some issues that he needs to address but i think as far as where he's at today, he's actual sitting really well for
5:38 am
re-election. cheryl: to be fair, i don't think aoc will be running for president. we are waiting on joe biden. there does seem to be a lot of traction for him right now. hillary said she's not going to do it. there's a lot to talk about it. we've got a couple years to do it. should be fun. thank you very much. tracee: here are some other headlines making news this morning. following a rash of controversial tweets from minnesota congresswoman, ilhan p omar, house republicans are putting together a resolution to condemn anti-semitism. she has been blasted for her allegedly anti-israel stance and a dozen groups calls on the minnesota congresswoman to be removed from th the foreign relation socia's committee. jewish groups have just sent a petition to speaker pelosi asking her to remove omar from foreign relations committee.
5:39 am
omar's colleague, alexandria ocasio-cortez, has defended omar's comments. speaking of alexandria ocasio-cortez, and her chief of staff, they could be in some serious trouble with the federal election commission. a new complaint accuses aoc's chief of staff of funneling $885,000 from political action committees to private companies that he controls to support other candidates. this allowed the campaign to dodge reporting the money to the fec. the pac says the payments were for strategic consulting. aoc's office has not commented. michael cohen said he never asked president trump for a pardon at his hearing last week. the wall street journal r reporting that his attorney did. cohen's attorney reportedly raised the issue with the president's attorneys after the fbi raided cohen's properties in april. in his testimony last week, cohen said he never asked, nor would he accept a presidential
5:40 am
pardon. in a stunning turn of events, google, a company attacked for not paying women as much as men, has to increase the salaries of thousands of salvers after -- staffers after realizing men were underpaid compared to women. they will pay out almost $10 million among 10,000 employees to fix the disparities and that is what's happening now. cheryl: didn't see that one coming. tracee: no, did not. cheryl: taking a look at u.s. futures this morning 6789 dow is up 44 in the premarket after yesterday's big loss. s&p is up 4 and-a-half, nasdaq is up 12 and-a-half in the premarket. still ahead, up close look at utter devastation in the wake of the deadly tornado outbreak in the deep south. we're going to go live to the disaster zone in alabama where rescuers are ramping up a search for dozens that are still missing this morning. and major fallout for the san
5:41 am
francisco giants' ceo after his public fight with his wife. yeah. that's next on "fbn: a.m.."
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5:43 am
cheryl: the extent of the utter devastation in the south fully realized this morning. homes flattened, lives destroyed after the deadliest tornado outbreak in six years.
5:44 am
now desperate search for anyone who may be buried in that rub bell. tracee: let's get to a live report from alabama, with a first-hand look. asia. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl, tracee. to see this up close, firsthand, is absolutely horrifying. i want to walk you through what i'm seeing right now. take a look, beyond the tree line here, there used to be homes and you can't see them anymore because they're gone. basically all of the pieces of the homes are all over the place here, just thrown across what's left of the streets. i want to show you to the right here, i don't know if you can zoom in on that, but you see that's a refrigerator on top of a pile of debris. come closer here. you can see this is of course a child's seat, a baby seat, and it tells you the story that, you know, whoever the family was that was living here, they had a baby. they had a child and we're just hoping that they're all okay. and then down here on the
5:45 am
ground, cushions, cushions from the couch, a pillow from a bed, blankets, these are all personal belongings of the families that lived here, their lives just destroyed. and then over to the left, another appliance, this is a drier. if you can actually believe it, if you can tell. it's just been crumpled up, like nothing. and that's how strong this tornado was, just absolutely devastating, throwing debris all over the place. this drier just a complete crumpled mess. and it's just sad because we're talking about now 23 people dead and so many more injured and then, again, we're still looking for people out there, victims out there that are buried in the rurubble and that continues into this morning. back to you. tracee: thank you. cheryl.let's take a look at how.
5:46 am
futures are trading this morning after yesterday's volatile trading session, futures trying to recover, up slightly in the premarket, dow futures up by 34. cheryl: up next, march cuban for president? it's not a slam dunk yet but the mavericks owner said he's giving it serious consideration and the latest spacex mission carried no humans into space but it did have one piece of cargo that's filling out here on earth. details next on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ tell me, did you sail across the sun. ♪ did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded.
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tracee: cold temperatures spreading into the eastern u.s. cheryl: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest cold news for us this morning.
5:50 am
good morning, janice. janice: good morning. freeze warning's up, we're going to break some cold records over the next 12 to 24 hours. these are wind chill as far south as memphis, it feels like 17, mobile, 25, minneapolis, minus 2. 12. we've got cold arctic air from texas, florida panhandle, south carolina. satellite, radar imagery shows a dryedrier pattern by the areas t hard by the tornado outbreak. our next storm system moves into the west. that's going to bring heavy rain and mountain snow. great news for skiers but the flooding potential is going to be high, especially across the burn areas. there's the forecast today, so fairly quiet for much of the country but it is going to be cooler than average also for much of the country. tracee, cheryl, back to you. tracee: yesterday snow, today
5:51 am
freezing temperatures. cheryl: it's march. thanks, janice. well, a domestic argument has led to one baseball executive taking a leave from his team. tracee: jared max is here with the story. jared, tell us all about it. >> governing, tracee and cheryl. san francisco giant's larry baeh has stepped away from the team to take some personal time. tmz sports published this video friday, it was recorded by a bystander, larry and his wife pam arguing, tries to get his cell phone, pam falls over, yells oh, my god, no. behr apologized publicly. giants executives will oversee day-to-day operations. tiger woods has withdrawn from this week's arnold palmer invitational because a strained neck. he said it bothered him for a few weeks.
5:52 am
he hopes to play the player's championship next week. president mark cuban? owner of the dallas mavericks and co-host of shark tank told the new york daily news last night that he could see himself running in 2020. a reported net worth of $4.1 billion, cuban said it would really have to take the exact right set of circumstances. if you have a message that people want to hear and will grab onto, it doesn't matter if you're an independent or one of the two main parties. if circumstances were right, i would. cuban cited current uncertainty because of, quote, what's going on with the mueller report before he'll make a decision. president trump compiling quite a collection of champion sports jury sighs, this one -- jury-je, this one given by the buy son bn team. like the big boys in trea clems,
5:53 am
they were treated to some fast food. >> chick-fil-a, he knew better than i knew. >> 150 people from the bison program attended. tracee: what do you think he does with the jerseys. >> i would get those jersey frames and put them on the wall. that looks so cool. nobody has a cooler man cave than president trump goes as far as sports jersey. tracee:s can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: well, hollywood is mourning the loss of actor luke perry. he most recently starred in the cw drama, riverdale, but was really famous for his 1990s bad boy role on beverly hills 90210. >> what you did to those two nimrods back ther there was gre. >> yeah, well, i don't believe in winning through intimidation,
5:54 am
unless of course i'm doing the intimidating. cheryl: perry died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke last week. he was just 52 years old. tributes have been pouring in from perry's 902210 cast meats and friends. >> shannen doherty saying, quote, i am in shock, heart broken, devastated by the loss of my friend, i have so many memories with luke that make me smile and are forever imprinted on my heart and mind. ian yeaian zeiring posting thisn instagram and molly ringwald tweeting my heart is broken, i will miss you so much, luke perry. john cryer tweeting luke pair prperrywas a character actor ine body of a heartthrob. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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cheryl: okay, talk about a cat fight this 30-dollar limited edition starbucks is causing fights in china. customers pushing, pulling each other trying to get their hands on the limited edition mug, wait for the video, there it is. starbucks only made 1,000 available. remaining 3,000 were put online, they sold out in under 1 second. tracee: oh, my goodness, that's what happens when you don't get our coffee. the fastest car has been invented.
5:59 am
top speed 250 miles per hour, powerful street legal car ever and can rival other super car. cheryl: i'm not a car person but that's pretty school. while there were no humans aboard the recent spacex flight to international space station, it did have a plus toy on board. yes, a toy. the company that makes the toy, they had no idea it was going to go to space, they've sold out of the mini earth completely. don't worry, it'll be back in stock but there's a toy floating around in space. pretty cute, right? tracee: very cute. cheryl: starbucks, they need sell that cat cup in the united states, 1 second. tracee: i want to know how it sold out in 1 second. cheryl: i know, they have to come up with it.
6:00 am
that's why it's so cool. the cup is so cool. the claw was like a colored liquid. the cat pat emerges, completely clear cup, so i thought it would have been in japan, people in japan love their kitty cat. >> no cat fight over our mugs. cheryl: there it is. tracee: that's pretty cool. cheryl: sound effects, appreciate it. real quick, let's take a look at this before we send it over to maria bartiromo. hopefully in the green today, dow premarket 40, s&p up 4, nasdaq up 10 and 3 quarters, that's it for us. all right, let's send it to maria bartiromo, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: hey, there, ladies, thank you so much, good morning, thank you for joining us, happy tuesday, tuesday march fifth, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, china's economic outlook has weakened, the government setting growth


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