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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 5, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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that's why it's so cool. the cup is so cool. the claw was like a colored liquid. the cat pat emerges, completely clear cup, so i thought it would have been in japan, people in japan love their kitty cat. >> no cat fight over our mugs. cheryl: there it is. tracee: that's pretty cool. cheryl: sound effects, appreciate it. real quick, let's take a look at this before we send it over to maria bartiromo. hopefully in the green today, dow premarket 40, s&p up 4, nasdaq up 10 and 3 quarters, that's it for us. all right, let's send it to maria bartiromo, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: hey, there, ladies, thank you so much, good morning, thank you for joining us, happy tuesday, tuesday march fifth, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, china's economic outlook has weakened, the government setting growth
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targets overnight taking more measures to boost slowing economy, retail stocks in focus this morning, target and kohl's ahead of opening bell, we have all the news that you need, what to expect and what are losers and winners in retail. carlos goshn was granted bail, there's questions from the insideers, 3 and a half months behind bars, the very latest coming up for carlos goshn in nissan. jackpot finally claimed, one lucky coming forward, largest single-winner prize ever. mornings with maria begins right now.
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firmer tone in the markets, futures indicating higher opening, investors are waiting on updates on a possible u.s.-china trade deal, but there's a lot of conversation about it this morning. meanwhile beijing cutting growth forecast this year to range to 6 to 6 and a half percent, yes, that was below estimate. measures to boost the economy including tax cuts and how does it impact the u.s.? the president and founder, mark avelon. >> good morning. maria: does it impact the way you allocate money for the u.s. or expectations for the u.s.? >> continuation and they will do whatever they can to keep a
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strong economy not only to stay in power but right now they will do it so they have more leverage and stronger position against president trump and trade talks. i think the china moves short-term in focus, they're a net positive for stock, the stronger the chinese economy, the stronger the trickle in merging market and valuable trade partner it is for us. so for stock investors it's always good seeing china doing this, long-term we are not sure how it all plays out. maria: we are seeing the markets reaction, any talks of trade deal or impact on the economy there, do you think we we will t a trade deal and do you think that will move markets? >> i think we will get a deep, we don't know how deep or meaningful it is. president trump and chinese counterparts want a deal. the chinese want their economy to pick up.
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president trump wants a victory in a big way so i think we will get a trade deal but what happens with the run-up in stocks in january and february, first it was a federally when powell backed off a little bit but this last leg of this 2019 burst in stock market has been because of optimism on trade, the risk now to trade is to the downside, if the market doesn't really like what comes out of trade talks, i think the positive news is baked into the numbers and the risk now is a little bit to the downside. maria: downside. let's talk about a retail for a moment, target, company expected to post earnings of 1.52, revenue of $22.98 billion, kohl's, also out today in an about, retail giant expecting revenue $6.58 billion, 2.18 cents, mark, characterize what we have seen from retail sector so far and what you might be expecting today and how the
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consumer is doing? >> well, first of all, the consumer is doing great and we don't hear enough about that but consumer, household disposable income is up, strong wages, the debt-service ratio that households deal with, the lowest in over 40 years, consumer balance sheets are strong and a little bit of stock market effect, people are saving and all in retail sector and what we are seeing company by company basis, who is executing, amazon and wal-mart. are we going to have a big 3, is target going to join the list or are they the leader of the also red and the determination is not renew growth, we know top line will be strong, what are the margins, wage cost that they have to incur high, is their product mix hurting margins, we want to see what the profitability is to go along
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with increased revenue. maria: mark, you want to put new money to work? >> it's tough, i think we will have point to point, we will wind up with mid-single digit market, a lot of volatility along the way. i think people should realize that stocks are fairly valued here and with single-digit earnings growth for the year, minimum gains from here on until the end of the year. maria: we will leave it there. mark avalon, google revealing new details this morning about pay gap and it's not what you would expect, dagen mcdowell with the story, good morning, dagen. dagen: good morning, maria, google does an annual we will call it equity wage analysis and in most recent analysis google found it that more men were underpaid than women as part of 2018 analysis of how much employees get paid, 10,677 google employees had salaries
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adjusted, majority of which were men. the story reported by the new york times first and confirmed by the company in a vlog post, this is very interesting given what google is facing, the tech industry has a history of underpaying women and, in fact, the labor department has been investigating whether google systemically underpays women, it's been pseudoby former employees that claim they were paid less than men with the same qualifications and then thousands of google employees protested the way last year that the company handled sexual harassment claims, all that pointed out in new york times story, one issue that the company talks about in the vlog postsomething called leveling, human resources term, but essentially employees assign pay grade for qualifications, something that women at the company at least a few have claimed that they had experience, lower level when they came into the company. here is what google had to say
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in the vlog post, leveling performance ratings and impact pay, this year we were undertaking a comprehensive review of the processes to make sure outcomes are fair and equitable for all employees, this is google's lead for industry. women are just wildly underrepresented. look at the statistics, 31% at employees at google are women, 31%, 69% are men. if you look at leadership that falls close to just one quarter of the employees there. it's the same thing assay apple where if you look at technology at apple, less than one quarter are women, women represent half the u.s. workforce, maria, more women need to get tech jobs, science jobs, are we educating women in the country to take those positions. maria: good question. carlos goshn could soon be released from jail, cheryl casone with details, cheryl. cheryl: a court there did
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approve bail for the former nissan chairman who has been in custody for 3 and a half months, bail was 8.9 million and goshn must remain in japan. the prosecutors say they they will appeal today's decision making it unclear if goshn is actually going to be released. charged with failing to report more than $80 million in deferred compensation and using nissan to pay a saudi baseman that helped goshn with a personal financial problem. well, the maker of oxycodone is preparing for a possible bankruptcy filing, a way to contain liability from hundreds of lawsuits alleging that opioid epidemic from 1600 municipalities have sued the company saying it's aggressive marketing and have helped put the nation on overuse. blowout fourth quarter beating
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estimates by large numbers, investors are not happy, profit of 70 cents a share, but the company forecast for the next quarter that has wall street's attention. first quarter is going to miss estimates. shares in the company, maria, are down about 2% in the premarket, having rough go at it. maria: right, i'm just wondering if that's going to impact other cloud companies because that's typically the case, we will see about that today. cheryl, thank you. coming up fighting words, freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has surprising reason as to why people scrutinize her. this as her own mother actually moved out of new york, she said it was because the taxes were too high, she went to florida and then brand-new billionaire, the winner of october, finally claimed the prize, why did he wait so long to pick it up?
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straight ahead.
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maria: welcome back, big show this morning, coming back kentucky congressman andy barr is here and hailey barber along with fox news senior strategists analyst retired four-star general jack keane. big 3 hours ahead. lots of breaking news this morning, we kick it off with this, leaving high-tax new york, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's mother spoke with the daily mail, freshman's representative's mom said she had to get out of new york due to high-property taxes. she went from paying $10,000 a year in taxes to 600, that's a
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94% decline, she said it was a no-brainer, of course, i'm going to leave new york and go to florida. professor brian brendberg, chairman of business and finance at king's college in manhattan, lindsey bell. great to see you, thank you so much for being here. we are happy you are here because this is a conversation that dagen and i have about taxes and we have evidence that alexandria ocasio-cortez's mother says she wants to leave new york. >> listening to your mother is a good thing to do. [laughter] >> she should get the memo here, i'm out of here because property taxes are so high, she's one of many new yorkers that made the decision to move to florida, andrew cuamo has lamented this. maria: summon mobile.
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>> governor cuomo and many liberal leaders in this part of the country they are not lamenting the fact that they jacked taxes to our eyeballs and then mismanaged that tax revenue where subways don't even work in new york city. they are blaming president trump and the republicans for getting state deduction and capping it at 10,000 and now that's the big burden on new york and the surrounding area. it's hogwash. maria: it's evidence, why wouldn't alexandria ocasio-cortez know just watching her mother about the impact of when you make it so difficult for people to live somewhere because of the tax spike. >> well, she chased out all of the jobs, high-paying jobs from amazon, her maybe could have gone a job there and covered taxes easier, but, i mean, it just goes -- maybe she should be focused on local issues than green new deal.
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extraordinary. maria: a lot of news from aoc, making the rounds herself, she tries to get to the heart of criticism levels against her. the idea that a woman can be as powerful as a man is something that our society can't deal with but i'm as powerful as a man and it drives them crazy. it's all about her power then. >> i'm allow today -- allowed to criticize. it can only be because she's a woman. i said the same things about bernie sanders and his ideas which are similar and yet it's not because of the ideas, it's just because she's a women. maria: it's a women thing, dagen, come on. dagen: this is not a clever way to shut up her critics, try to shut them down, right, that they use whether anything about your identity, whether it's your gender, you name it and they
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say, well, you know, can't deal with me being a woman. i'm a woman and i completely disagree with most of your policies and i think that part of the criticism firmly in my opinion is to be better, you know what, if you're going to push a new green new deal you're not doing any favors to democrats because it's so ridiculous and so economically and financially stupid, so be better, yeah, maybe we are -- maybe women have to -- maybe we do need to be smarter, but, again, she's not making any effort and then expecting people to just ignore stupidity because, o i'm a woman and she's going to accuse you of being a sexist. maria: she got real criticism from the former head of green tea basically saying what the green deal will do to the world and basically going to cause deaths and cause people to go
6:19 am
starving because of the implications of getting rid of fossil fuels. >> she has a massive platform too and she should be using it for good and smarter aides helping, you know. dagen: i forget who was on the program but my father and his buddies are even talking about how there's no -- you can't fish for flounder off the coast of virginia because of water warming and they were talking about that, there's incredible opportunity to reach everybody and communicate the need to do something, but make it -- her idea is to eradicate the use of fossil fuels which would inturn raise prices and be smarter and stop playing gender politics. maria: have an understanding of what you're talk about honesty of what it would require.
6:20 am
dagen: she has an economic's degree and doesn't know how the unemployment rate was calculated. maria: short break, when we come back, the deep freeze to tell you about, yes, it is freezing out, millions of americans are waking up to freezing temperatures this morning, another storm is take in at the west coast, we have all the forecast coming up next. elle brands under pressure, reportedly facing calls to break up and spin off, we will take a look next up right here. ♪
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maria: welcome back, millions of americans are wake up this morning to deep freeze, fox news meteorologist janice dean with the forecast. janice: spring is going to happen, i promise, just not today, look at the current temperature as cross the country, 22 in dallas, 30 in houston, 28 in atlanta, georgia, that cold arctic air has sunk as far south as gulf coast, currents across the northern plains, yes, windchills below 0 into minus teen range, we will see warm-up over the next couple of days, long range until we get until 2 weeks, things more spring-like as far as temperatures, right now freeze advisers, freeze warnings from texas all the way to florida panhandle. all the way to south carolina where it's going to be freezing for the next several hours. so here is your forecast windchill radar and again all the way down to bell coast, it is going to be cool and potentially set record lows,
6:25 am
satellite radar, dryer day across areas, devastated by the tornado outbreak, the worst tornado outbreak since 2013 and we are dealing with a new system moving into the west coast, another story we have been following, heavy rain and mountain snow for much of the west and california as well concerned with burn areas for flash flood. otherwise story is cold air, the storm system across the west will be next weather-maker over the next couple of days, we will keep you posted. maria: i know spring is on the way because this is spring forward weekend, daylight savings. >> thank you for reminding me. maria: cool, i will see you again on the program, we will talk about brand-new fantastic new book, how i learned to keep smiling, hit shelves today and
6:26 am
we are excited to hear all about it, janice. janice: thank you for your support, maria, can't wait to see you in studio. maria: janice comes back at 8:50 p.m., target set to report in a few moments, as soon as they hit the tape we will tell you impacting markets, southwest is launching service to hawaii, details on the incredible deal coming up right here back in a moment. val, vern... i'm off to e and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son.
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maria: thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday march fifth, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. retail earnings countdown, we are expecting target results any moment here, the stock yesterday 72.67 a share. markets are looking good, we are expecting a higher opening, s&p is up 3 and a half, nasdaq up 8, right now. dow was up and then down 206 points, 3 quarters of a percent lower at the close, s&p 500 down 10 and nasdaq down 17, looks like we have a beat on target earnings, we are going to get the numbers out right now.
6:31 am
european markets are mixed, take a look at the european indices in realtime. cac quarante is up 10 and dax in germany lower by 12. in asia overnight, mixed performance it is report. take a look at you see neighboringia average is down a fraction, the hang seng and shanghai down a fraction. >> earnings per share of adjusted basis 153, estimate was 152 so perhaps very slight beat to target but 3 of four quarters but bet on revenue much on line as expected, 22.98 billion. now target already released their november and december sales numbers over the holiday period early, they did that in january, same-store sales were
6:32 am
up 5.7%, so we will dig into more of what they are saying, maria, we will get back with you on more facts from target. maria: more important numbers to look at because that gives you a sense of what's going on within the stores obviously, joining us right now to go through numbers burt, good to have you on the program. the numbers look better than expected even penny a share. >> units are up, dollars are still up slightly and you referenced plus 5.5% store compares. maria: let's talk about that, the comp sales 5.3%. estimate was 5.1%. >> minus 5, you mentioned elle brands, so target really good year and a lot of momentum going
6:33 am
forward especially today investor's day for them. >> the investment target is making over the past 2 years be in stores and commerce has been enormous but that's been a challenge, the compressed market, investors haven't like that, we are starting to see that pay off a little bit in terms of revenue boost and even in the bottom line number? >> they have invested technology as you have referenced, brian, better fashion, more foot traffic, sustainable leader nationally in solar and our survey worked particularly in the high-tech state show that 23 to 35% of consumers were switching majority shopping to solar leaders and target is really a quote, unquote eclipse to everybody on solar. >> when you look at the overall retail landscape people like target have been able to compete and wal-mart also with amazon, seems like the people winning in
6:34 am
e-commerce and innovating are the ones that if you're seeing stocks do well is that what you expect to continue to drive in retail stock going forward because the definite bifurcation with department stores and discount retailers? >> the other thing is brian corn isle and target board improved leadership team more diverse leadership team of probably any major retailer anywhere in the world with diversity of thinking and better leadership from the stores, the buying merchandising creates much better results and much stronger consumer connection. maria: forecast is pretty good here, forecast for first quarter, let's get back to ashley webster. >> yes, year ahead is so much in line, maria, certainly on the earning side, traffic was up 4 and a half percent and the digital sales, the online
6:35 am
business up 31%, you know, this is a company who has revamped the supply line, they do same-day delivery in some locations and opened smaller stores in college town and online pickup and delivery has started to pay dividends and take on wal-mart and amazon but up 31%, i'm sure burt is impressed with that. dagen: sales were up 36%, 5.3% in the fourth quarter is overall comp sales, same-store sales were up 2.9% in the third quarter, i mean, the fourth quarter, excuse me. best comp sales in a decade. incredibly turnaround after it was flat on its back after data
6:36 am
theft. >> alberto gonzález inner 07 and the one 8 years later and as you and ashley referenced target was dead leadership for about 15 years, the last two of ceo's so really dynamic team especially facing a consumer that's more debt constraint than ever before and as lindsey referenced a lot of competition, target is still winning, the real credit to overall team from the stores and the corporate offices. maria: stock is up 3 and a quarter percent. does this tell us about broader retail environment, tell us where you're seeing strength and weakness right now. it's bifurcated still, right? >> still bifurcated and we are still seeing price impact as you referenced earlier, wal-mart, cosco, bj's also especially the discounters, burlington, olives. dagen: let's talk about the other retailers, if you look at the other economies you say
6:37 am
discounters are doing well, the gallup poll on american's optimism on personal finances, it's climb today -- climbed to levels not seen in years, better off at this time next year, why is it the discounters, higher-end retailers can't get it right in terms of digital, is that what's going on rather than reflection of the overall economy? >> really important points you're bringing up, dagen, in terms of consumer confidence and the disconnect and what we are seeing lack of investment. much more digital in south korea and across asia and those stores are doing better, the london store, harvey nicoles doing extremely well, that's the big miss for u.s. merchandising, online, retail, but they haven't digitized the stores to make them exciting for student
6:38 am
shoppers and people entering the workforce for the first time, but you're right, consumer trends in terms of the gallup poll provides some good news in overall tough retail ice age over the last few years. >> 31% online sales is that impressive? wal-mart is more in the 40's, i look at these numbers, is target doing better in terms of catching up or lagging. dagen: what have you done lately, 31%? just kidding. >> a combination of the two, brian, target online sales trailing 12 months, we are up 1.5 billion, the sales 4.6, total 6% total, when america told online sales about 12, target to your point is halfway where it should be the momentum is going in the right direction. maria: burt, great analysis.
6:39 am
meanwhile we want to look at elle brands under pressure to break up. cheryl casone with the details on that. cheryl: staying with retail, maria, reportedly planning to urge elle brands to split, bath&body works from victoria secret, the activist investors are arguing that victoria secret can be rejuvenated but updating, plan to go close more than 50 stores this year, shares of elle down 40% from just a year ago. southwest airlines is finally fly to go hawaii and low-cost introductory sales sold out, hawaiian air is offering 218 one way. southwest will start fly to go hawaii back in october 2017, started selling tickets in 2018 but the government shutdown
6:40 am
delayed a lot of plans as they waited faa approval for all of us, shares of southwest up slightly up in premarket. finally after 4 months the winner to have $1.5 billion mega million jackpot, yes, i said billion has claimed the prize, anonymous winner took one-time payout, $877 million, that's a lot -- the largest payout to a single winner in u.s. history. get this, the commission said act of kindness is to thank, so the winner let another customer go ahead while waiting in line for ticket, this happened in south carolina and, yes, the person is remaining anonymous. maria: that's funny, they let somebody go ahead of them and that's how they got the ticket. cheryl: yeah, they waited obviously to get themselves before they went and claimed prize. maria: they can stay anonymous,
6:41 am
right? cheryl: some states will make you -- will make you by law, you to give the name. lawsuits now in the last couple of years, depends on the state but this person in south carolina is good to go. maria: yeah. >> when you're driving a toyota carrolla one day and you're driving a lamborgini another day. dagen: don't buy a lambo. your nephew will wreck it. >> 1970 corvette. >> maybe. >> camaro, late 60's camaro. >> i can respect that. maria: the miami heat reaching
6:42 am
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this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today. maria: welcome back headlines across america this morning, seattle times, hiring bonuses for trained police officers and
6:46 am
$7,500 for new recruits, moved aimed to detract trained officers move into the area, 70 open officer positions today. set to propose a 45-cent hike, nearly trip until fuel tax to fund michigan's roads, the tax will be proposed today in budget, it would be fazed in one-year period with goal of raising $2 billion from the fuel tax. amazon will open a cashier-free-go store in former chevron headquarters in san francisco. third store in san fran with no cashiers, pay with smartphones to avoid lines. this is where we are going. >> target's competition. they better get better on online sales and not having to go in
6:47 am
stores. >> 45% gas tax, that's a great way to upset people. [laughter] dagen: federal gas tax hasn't gone up since mid-90's. what has happened is the state are raising gas taxes, one of the most regressive taxes out there. >> that's right. dagen: it's unfortunate. when anybody talks about infrastructure on the right and the left, well, guess who pays for it? maria: you talked about this a lot, the gas tax, something that hits people and you really feel the hurt in terms of the cost of gasoline. dagen: that's why it hasn't gone up federally because no politician has the guts to -- to essentially pay for the roads that need fixing and pay for the bridges, you talk about bridges falling apart. the gas tax is not index to inflation and the cost of road construction has gone up faster
6:48 am
than inflation has, like the materials and actual construction costs and the gas tax has been flat. still talk about it and you get hate mail. >> the gas line is the price that everybody pays attention to. you know the price of gasoline. maria: true, coming up dewayne wade milestone giving up jersey to opposing team. very own craft beer, we have more on that and sports coming up back in a minute right here. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? ♪ ah, i'll look into it. [phone ringing] [beep] lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades?
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maria: welcome back, dewayne wade breaking michael jordan record. jared: good morning, maria, dwayne wade blocked the shot of atlanta hawks b.j. johnson, dewayne wade moved past michael jordan of blocked shots by a player at the guard position, d. wade, 14 of 23 points in fourth quarter, big shot to help to win by 1. after the game wade exchanged jerseys with hurder who grew up idolizing wade. rapper snoop dogg ripped into his favorite team, fire coach,
6:53 am
he's also offering seats for only 5 bucks. tiger says that the strain neck bothered him for a few weeks, and hopes to play championship, plan in the making for the next few years. brand manager david introducing official alcohol beverage of the houston astros, crawford back, very smooth, very clean, and when you take a sip of it it's reminiscent of cracker jack. hits the market. if president trump has man cave, this has to be the best in america. this one from the north dakota state bison football team
6:54 am
national champ 7 time in 8 years, being treated like boys of clemsen, a lot of fast-food. >> chick-fil-a they say. [laughter] not only chick-fil-a, whoppers and big macs, around 150 poll for example the school got to go. congratulations to the bisons. it would have been interesting if it was bison burgers. dagen: can i explain to people who were upset sometimes when the players get served fast food, it was during the shutdown, president trump does this, i suspect because melania, first lady his wife probably doesn't let him eat that much fast food when he's in the white house. he loves fast food. he's notorious for getting trump jet when he was on the campaign trail and asking people where are you eating, where is the
6:55 am
nearest jimmy jons. this is his excuse to eat. he's not disrespecting the players. jared: mom wanted the chocolate shake. dagen: exactly. maria: is there a man cave in the white house? jared: i was wondering about that, you imagine the collection and the jerseys and frames on the wall, 6 different football teams, you have the red sox, a lot of teams that are there. dagen: still bowling alley. >> nixon was a good bow her, ting it was there before. dagen: we will google that. maria: he has a golf area, i don't know what it's called. dagen: he upgraded and it is my understanding that president
6:56 am
trump is a great deal than president obama. maria: there you go. jared: trump versus obama in golf. dagen: president obama has a lot more time to play golf but i think president trump is best golfer, living president. maria: jared max, catch jared sports reports fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, still ahead good day for retail, kohl's to report in a few minutes, we will have the numbers as soon as hit the tape, target better than expected. new game in town, apex legend getting huge amount of players in first month, we will tell you how much next mornings with maria i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
6:57 am
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talk to your doctor about chantix. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 5th. your top stories right now, 7:0. retail earnings in he focus this morning, target reporting better than expected results for the holiday quarter, the earnings guidance coming in above forecast. the comp store sales better than expected and the stock is up better than 5% right now on target. we are waiting on kohl's. we will bring you those numbers as soon as they hit the wires. we are expecting kohl's to report earnings of $2.18 a share on revenue of $6.58 billion for the quarter. broader markets this morning are hire. the indices are adding on today
7:01 am
to what was a really volatile session yesterday, although the markets ended lower yesterday, wild session. bees this morning the dow industrials up 51 points, s&p 500 up 4 points and the nasdaq up 10 and three quarters. take a look at the reversal yesterday. the was up strongly for much of the day and midday complete reversal, dow industrials finishing down 207 points, three quarters of 1%. s&p was down 10, nasdaq yesterday down 16 down 17 point. fq100 is up 18 points, a quarter of a percent. the cac in paris and dax index in germany both lower by a fraction. the breaking news is hitting right now, kohl's coming up better than expected on earnings, $2.24 a share, versus $2.18 a share. ashley webster is looking at the numbers. revenue is a miss. >> a beat six cents. revenue a little shy, coming in at $6.54 billion.
7:02 am
the comp numbers for the fourth quarter, up 1%, not exactly going gangbusters. the outlook for 2019 comp sales, 0 to 2%. now, kohl's of course is really trying to strengthen its relationship with amazon, using it as a pick-up center, driving traffic into the stores. thahasthat has helped a little . they've been trying also to expand their fulfillment centers on the e-commerce side. a beat on the earnings, a miss on the revenue and, again, the comp store outlook for 2019, the comparable sales outlook, 0 to 2%. so interesting to see how this plays out. the debt reduction expected to increase the annual interest. their selling, general and admin expenses have been growing each quarter which has hurt their profitability as they try to adapt to the new retail landscape. a miss on revenue is not going to help.
7:03 am
maria: the stock is surging. stock is up 4% on these numbers even though we've got a revenue miss. lindsey bell, your reaction? >> i think this was one of those things where it was better than bad expectations. this is a stock that was flat going into the report. maria: better than lowered estimates. >> exactly. for the outlook especially. the retail index was up over 10% on a year-to-date basis. this was a stock that was flat. they struggled with the online presence. they're making investments. they're dealing with higher wages, increased shipping costs, so there's a lot that is going on for kohl's and they haven't benefited like a target that we talked about earlier and some of the other discount retailers that have really done well. maria: the comp store sales here, up 1.7%, is that the way you're reading it, fourth quarter comp sales increased 1%. let's be clear on what the comp store sales are versus the same store sales, because that was two different numbers for target. you said earlier -- >> so the comp store sales
7:04 am
include digital sales, where same store sales is for physical stores. maria: just brick and mortar. >> brick and mortar. >> kohl's is an interesting story because for the past several years they've been trying some very new things to try to break out of the dying retail rut and so i think it's interesting here the projected comp sales, little bit lower than you'd expect but they've got a lot of new initiatives going on including expansion intuse the grocery business many they're taking a lot of their footprint, reducing it, bringing grocery in there. i think investors might be excited about that because it creates a more holistic shopping environment. dagen: is that a fight you want to take on in this environment, though, thinking that grocery is going to be the key to success, given -- i'm just curious. >> can i add onto that? who is kohl's big partner right now? amazon. who is interested in getting into groceries? amazon. i don't think it's a coincidence. inches you'll see amazon and kohl's grocery stores going
7:05 am
forward i think investors get excited about kohl's. maria: it's been surging in the past five minutes. >> this has been a trend across retailers. you've seen good earnings. guidance has been better than fear. better than fear gets you a 5% % pop in your stock, especially when your stock is flat, trading deep discount to five year average. department store sec stor secton weak. we saw similar reaction to macy's when they reported earnings last week. they announced cost cutting ya testifies, restructuring that helped them. dagen: looks like investors were excited they had any comp sales. >> that wasn't negative. dagen: 1.7% for the year in comp sales growth, 1.7 compared to other ones, but again, it's expectations. maria: you had a miss on revenue and yet the stock is up 5%. look, obviously we had a very good retail environment.
7:06 am
we've been seeing better and better numbers. the economy doing well. ashley webster, thank you so much for those numbers. we'll come back to you as news develops. one of the reasons we saw this better tone to the economy is the tax cut plan last year but will that change? because we are talking about new proposals to tax the wealthy once again. house democrat peter difazzio pioneering a financial services tax to discourage high frequency trading he says. he's got a new he co-sponso co-d it is alexandria ocasio-cortez. they say it could bring in $777 billion in revenue over the next 10 years according to a joint committee on taxation. joining us right now is congressman andy b a arr. tell us about this wall street tax. >> a lot of people attribute the volatility in the markets in december to uncertainty around trade, maybe monetary normalization, other factors, but really if you think about it, this new socialist mindset
7:07 am
with the new house majority may be one of the reasons why you saw so much market volatility in december. now, fortunately we're seeing good growth numbers, strong growth, capital expenditures, business investment continues to move forward, predominantly because of tax cuts, because of corporate tax reductions, exons because of the expensing provisions and the financial sector deregulation, legislation encouraging more capital formation, encouraging more businesses to access affordable capital and invest in their businesses. what you're seeing here with this proposal to impose a new tax on financial transactions is exactly in step with the democrats' new lurch towards socialism. you can't have capitalism without capital and this is a direct punishment of capital formation. maria: that's incredible. what are you doing about all of these new programs on the left? you're colleagues want to change a lot of what your colleagues on
7:08 am
the right have put in place. >> part of this also, part of what's animating these tax increase proposals, the he rever sals of progress -- reversals of progress, they're proposing huge new spending. we're concerned about the national debt. you're talking about the green new deal which would add $93 trillion in new spending, new costs to the federal government. a government takeover of healthcare system, $30 trillion over 10 years. so they're trying to figure out a way to pay for it a and the way they think they can pay for it is to punish success. dagen: republicans don't have a leg to stand on for this. president bush never met a spending bill he didn't like. the debt has continued to soar. it's north of $22 trillion as we've talked about on the show, as maria pointed out. you don't have any legs to stand out. now you really quite frankly opened the door to these people on the left and say, well, if the republicans are going to spend on this, then we're going to spend on that and everybody's going to benefit from our
7:09 am
socialist ideas. >> well, it's a fair criticism and certainly both parties share blame on this. but remember, when the last time nancy pelosi was speaker of the house, domestic discretionary spending was around 9% as a percent of gdp. domestic discretionary spending when nancy pelosi took the gavel back was down to 6%. so republicans when we were in charge actually did a pretty good job on discretionary spending. the reason why the deficit continues to be at a trillion dollars a year, right now, is because of unreformed mandatory spending. don't forget what republicans did in the last congress, we voted for the most significant historic entitlement reform in american history that failed by one vote in the senate. maria: whose idea was it to do this dollar for dollar, do a dollar increase in defense spending, you get a dollar increase in discretionary spending. that's one of the issues. >> that is one of the issues. we need to disconnect those two.
7:10 am
we're fighting to preserve the disconnect between defense spending which frankly we're spending less as a percentage of the economy on defense now than we did 10 years ago. and the threats are continuing to grow. dagen: in a couple of years you're going to be spending -- we as a nation are going to be spending more on the interest on the debt than we spend on national defense. maria: we'll probably see the wall street tax materialize. >> that's why the debt is a national security issue. >> wall street tax, we started talking about aoc's mob moving from new york city to florida because of high taxes. maria: $600. >> there's a similar dynamic with these financial transaction taxes. first of all, we have very little evidence it does anything about high frequency trading. we know in places where it's been implemented it moved capital transactions out of that country. same thing. >> it hurts the consumer at the end of the day as well. you're aiming for the high frequency traders but the consumer, we don't have that many lower income people
7:11 am
invested in the stock market but this also makes it much more difficult for them to get involved in the stock market and see their capital gains grow. maria: i like what you said, brian, it doesn't do anything for high frequency trading. >> there's no evidence is solves that problem. >> in the united states, we enjoy the deepest, most liquid competitive capital markets on the planet. that helps everyday consumers. this punishes liquid at this, impairs liquid aity. this makes u.s. capital markets less competitive. that hurts growth, that hurts jobs. maria:y lon.maria: ilhan omar,t that, congresswoman omar suggested pro israel groups are promoting allegiance to a foreign country alexandria ocasio-cortez, i she is defendig her. ocasio-cortez writes, i'm curious if representative vargas
7:12 am
will further explain his stance here that it's unacceptable to question foreign policy. many have said the discussion is fair and merited. is this stance a departure from that. 11 jewish groups are calling for nancy pelosi to remove omar from the committee. because they're coming up with a resolution condemning it, that doesn't change anything. she's still on foreign affairs. >> correct, this is an attempt for democrats to cover up what's really going on which is a rise of anti-semitism, not just in the world generally, but in the democratic party here in the united states. maria: in the congress. >> and in the congress. and absolutely representative omar should be removed from the foreign affairs committee. i just returned from israel. i was in israel a week before last and the israelis, our number one strategic ally in the middle east, imagine the middle east, that dark part of the world without ani an ally like israel. they're questioning what's going on in the united states, what's
7:13 am
going on with anti-semitism in the democratic party. we need to stand firm. there is bipartisan support for removing representative omar from the foreign affairs committee. anti-semitism has no place in our country, no place in the world, and certainly no place in the congress. maria: you're colleagues when steve king said something stupid he was relieved of all of his committee assignments. >> that's right. that's right. we need to hold all our members to a high standard, particularly in the foreign affairs committee. we're dealing with important issues. we need to stand with israel. israel is an important counterweight to iran and other terrorist proxies in the middle east. dagen: nancy pelosi is on the cover of rolling stone with congresswoman omar and ocasio-cortez and another female congresswoman. maria: yeah, i know. >> it is shameful. maria: congressman, thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. andy barr. we'll be right back. ♪
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back. papa john's reached a settlement with the founder. cheryl casone with the details in headlines now. cheryl: a long, drawn-out story. under the settlement, papa john's' founder says he will resign from the company's board after an independent director is appointed. he has also agreed to dismiss two lawsuits against papa john's. he stepped down as chairman last year after reports he used a racial slur in a conference call. shares of the company are down 30% from a year ago, stock to watch today, papa john's. the food and drug administration is calling out 40 retailers for allegedly selling tobacco products for minors, walgreens, walmart, 7-eleven, among the chains accused of making illegal sales walgreens is charged with 1800 violations. the fda wants to meet with the
7:18 am
leadership teams from the retailers to start combating the problem. the fastest road car in the world has been revealed. talk about guilt-free. it's an all-electric car. it can go 30 to 62 miles per hour in less than two seconds, reaches a top speed of 250 miles per hour, it's got those butterfly doors on it. it's the most powerful street legal car ever. it can even rival other super cars that aren't allowed on the road. this one is yours for 2 million euros. back to you. maria: bargain. thank you, cheryl. coming up, trade weighing on the markets, investors are waitin wa potential u.s./china trade deal. where does that stand. markets are losing some of the momentum this morning and we're looking at the business of gaming, apex reached an agreement against fortnite. the staggering numbers. back in a minute.
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back. we're expecting mixed opening this morning from markets. take a look, dow industrials having given up a much higher indication earlier. we're looking at a gain of 6 points on the dow right now. the s&p is barely in positive territory, up just 1 point. the pass dabbing has turned negative. it is down 2 points right now. we are wait offing on a trade deal with china, the u.s. and china expected to do a deal on trade soon. overnight, china announced measures to boost its economy. it cut its growth forecast this year to between 6 and 6.5% in an attempt to boost the economy, the country is planning stimulus, planning to cut taxes
7:23 am
and increase lending. joining us right now is global chairman, mark weinberger. thank you for joining us. i know you're on your way to beijing in a couple weeks. what's your take on how the economy's doing there right now and its impact on the u.s.? >> we've been really bullish on china. we continue to grow double digits for the last several years in china. in the long-term it's going to be a great market. it's definitely hitting slowness due to a lot of the reforms they put in place. we're seeing more consumption led growth as opposed to investment led growth. that's not as stable. the country is more front and center. the private sector continues to do well. it is slowing. >> the point you make about consumption versus production given economy is really important. the communist party wants to have their hands on the lever of the economy. you can't do that when it's a consumer driven economy. it's much harder control. >> it's not as directly
7:24 am
straight-up. you can't control it. the other element is really china is part of the issue here. they did some positive things. they came in to control some of the debt, tightened up some of the lending. we're going to see that open up again. they have a lot of levers they can pull to get the economy growing by freeing that up through state owned enterprises. you may see some reforms reverse. >> back to here in the the us, you're seeing some mixed economic data points. the picture is in the same when we think about the global slowdown picture, brexit is on the table. we don't know what's going to happen with the china trade deal. we're going to probably get noise on that over the next month or so. what are you telling your customers right now, how to operate in this type of uncertain environment. maria: mo mohammed lio nsaid e zero said will get lucky to get 1% growth this year. >> we're seeing the u.s. grew 2.9% last year, 3.1% if you look
7:25 am
at fourth quarter to fourth quarter. maria: year over year. >> it' it's projected 2.5%. the he global economy was reduced from 3.7 to 3.5. we're seeing india growing over 7%, china closer to 6%. i think we were overly optimistic last year when we saw the g-20 all growing. we're overly pessimistic now. u.s. investment, since tax reform, we've had $3 trillion of investment last year, the fastest growth in 11 years. 3.2% earnings increase which is putting more money in people's pockets and creating 2.6 million jobs over the last year. we're seeing inflation tame. we're seeing a very strong u.s. economy right now with a lot of opportunity. maria: i'm glad you looked at the 10-year period. this is actually a historic day for the markets today. this is the 10 years from the market bottom that took place on march 9t ninth ninth of 2009. markets up 300% in the last 10 years. it's ban real growth spurt from
7:26 am
the bottom. >> it has been. especially with the deregulation and the tax reform. i've always said this. i don't look at tax reform, in never did as a stimulus. i'm not saying it should be used to grow the economy in a particular quarter. we haven't seen the major benefits from tax reform. the share buybacks come first. you could argue good or bad, share buybacks. it's easy to do, it's quick. to change your supply chain which is what the tax reform was aimed at to put more marginal dollars back in the united states, to invest in long-term cap ex, that takes longer. that takes quarters to put that together. you need a business plan. we're working with businesses all over the world that are modeling on increased investment in the united states. that has result in higher wages, higher capital expenditures and eventually increase productivity. that's going to take another or two to field that. are you saying that we don't have a recession on the horizon because of that very thing, because you've got a year or two of a long runway from this
7:27 am
corporate tax reform, that the u.s. economy's in this incred illy solid -- incredibly solid position. >> i believe the stimulus from tax refor rewill run off. the change in the dynamic has changed for the next several years. that is a positive. there's other factors that could lead to a recession. that's a harder question to answer. dagen: people are looking at the calendar saying you know what, we're due for a recession which seems a little ridiculous. maria: i don't like looking at it that way. dagen: a lot of people do. maria: they're saying this is long in the tooth, it's 10 years. >> corporations are putting known work. wages are increasing the last four months over 3%. we're just starting to see that. cap ex just starting to increase in the latter stages of 2018. this could be -- maybe there are legs. >> in the fourth quarter gdp growth as we saw, 0.7, 0.69% of
7:28 am
the gdp growth was attributable to business cap ex investment. that's a huge component of growth. maria: we've been seeing that. >> we won't see the returns on that until productivity goes up. that's going to take another several quarters. so i think your point is spot-on. i do not believe we're going to see a recession at least not for the u.s. standpoint. europe is a tougher situation with brexit, you've got the german situation with the change in control, the italy situation. maria: can things change that quickly that here we are in 2019, expecting 3%. kevin hassett was on the other day, he said 3.2% growth for 2019. are we going to see two quarters of negative growth in 2020. >> we saw five quarters in a row of double digit earnings growth for businesses, we've never had a recession when we have growth in businesses. certainly if the trade war continues to escalate -- we hope it's going to deescalate. that will help a lot.
7:29 am
maria: congratulations, you're looking at the end of an incredible run at e.y. come july. >> yeah, it's been a great run. maria: 13, 15 years? >> on the global board for 15 years, the ceo for the last six and-a-half. it's amaze just t amazing just 0 more people in the last six years we've added. maria: you've been able to talk to so many companies across the world and get insights on what's going on. >> you want to leave a business stronger, more stable than when you got there. i feel terrific. it's been a great run. maria: great to have you. coming up, keeping an eye on huawei, the chinese technology giant trying to ease fears over spying, was the company is doing now. we'll talk about the latest after my exclusive interview with andy purdy from huawei last week. kiley jenner making history, find out where the social media star and model ranks on the forbes world billionaires list and how she built her empire.
7:30 am
wait until you see this list. back in a minute. ♪ custom kitchen delivery. ♪ we've got to move these refrigerators. ♪ we've got to move these color tvs. this is not a bed... it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time.
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we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 5th. your top stories right now 7:33 a.m. on the east coast. retail stocks on the rise this morning. check this out. target and kohl's both surging
7:34 am
this morning ahead of the open. kohl's up almost 5%, target up almost 6%. earnings guidance beating expectations, earnings and comp store sales also looking good. broader markets this morning look like this. here too we have seen volatility. we're looking at a higher opening for the broader averages, this is off of the best levels of the morning, dow industrials up 1 a 5, s&p up 2 points, nasdaq up a half of point right now. this after a wild session yesterday with real volatility. the dow reversed early gains and finished down better than 2 200 points on the session. nasdaq was down 17 at the close. fq100 is up 14 points, cac in paris down 11, the dax index in germany down 22. in asia overnight mixed performances there as well. as you see. best performer was shanghai, in china, up about 1%. the country coming out with new stimulus moves overnight and taking their growth rate for the economy down. volvo hitting the brakes this
7:35 am
morning, setting a speed limit on its own vehicles. we'll tell you why. kiley jenner has made history on the forbes world's billionaire list. we are taking a look at how she built her empire and where she is on that list. we've got the list here. gaming battle royal diss e. apex ledge ends taking on fortnite in a big way, adding a legendary amount of users in its first month. the big business of video cames coming up -- games coming up. the fight with huawei, the chinese telecom and technology company is looking to win over government leaders and fight back against u.s. allegations that its equipment poses a national security risk. today the company is launching a cyber security lab in brussels which will allow huawei's customers to review the source code running the network gear. here's what mike pompeo told me about the risk from huawei a week ago. europe is pushing back on this idea that president trump and your administration wants to ban or potentially stop, slow down the use of huawei technology.
7:36 am
is that what you found in europe? >> we've been out around the world making sure everybody had the same information, that countries understand the risk of putting this huawei technology into their i.t. systems. we can't forget these systems were designed by -- with the express work alongside the chinese p.l.a., their military in china, they are creating a real risk for these countries and their systems, the security of their people. if a country adopts this and puts it in some of their critical information systems, we won't be able to share information with them, we won't be able to work alongside them. maria: big news from secretary pompeo on that. joining me right now is general jacjack keane. thank you so much for joining us. what do you make of all this, general? the company, huawei, is opening this cyber security lab in brussels, the heart of the european union. europe is with huawei, they're using their telecom equipment. how do you see this story?
7:37 am
>> what's at stake here obviously is the 5g global wireless network system that's going to replace 4g. europe is china's second largest market other than china itself which is their number one market. and they're going after this because nobody has really ever pushed back on them before. the united states has got the goods on china. china is the most prolific cyber hacker in the world and what they're doing is acquiring data and data for what? data for military technology, intelligence, and personal data. why do they do that? because they want to be able to advance their own geopolitical goals and they want influence and control and they recognize what a 5g will give them is a dominant position in terms of information gathering from one country to another. and the united states clearly national security interests are at stake because these are our allies and we want to obviously share information and do
7:38 am
business with them, but they're tied to a system that's providing information to the chinese government. that's going to tie our hands. of course, huawei stands right in front of us, they roll out their ceo at the mobile world congress and he stands up there and just like they've done time and time again, they lie right to a world audience. maria: we had andy purdy on last week and he was basically saying, look, there have been no cyber intrusions, no cyber issues with huawei and i thought what, i just looked at a list of companies that have sued you and you've settled with and we know that the senate has come out with a report about these confucius centers. this morning the news is that chinese hackers targeted more than two dozen universities in the united states and around the globe as the scheme to steal research about maritime technology being developed by the military, meanwhile the founder of huawei, he said the company has never and will never share information with the
7:39 am
chinese government. so how does that work? this is a chinese state company, andy purdy, the company's chief security officer was with me last week and he says huawei needs to be more transparent to address technology risks. watch this. got to get your reaction, general. >> have you ever given any information to the chinese government in any way, shape or form? >> for the past 30 years, we have never done that and the next 30 years to come we will never do that. >> there are at least five nations they the world that can virtually implant malicious functionality in products. we need to do a better job of coming up with objective and transparent mechanisms to address those risks. we support addressing those risks and look forward to working with the u.s. government and other governments we've been working with, the u.k., germany and others, believe there are ways despite what the warnings from the u.s. they're among our closest allies, they believe the risk can be addressed. i think the major carriers in the world know that.
7:40 am
maria: i've got an issue with him saying major carriers trust us. i don't know that that's true, major carriers trusting huawei. also, how do you have this separation with chinese government when you've got the communist party on your board of directors, general. >> there is no separation. the company answers to the chinese government and they clearly provide data to assist the chinese government and it is the communist chinese party, to be clear, in terms of what we're talking about here. and that's -- these statements on the surface are objec an obs. they are the most prolific hackers in the world. i applaud this administration. the previous administration was asleep at the switch, so-to-speak, as china is advancing to compete and dominate the 5g, global mobile network system. this administration is recognizing the danger and the threat that that presents to us and that's why they're out there educating nations about it so
7:41 am
they clearly understand what the risks are here. maria: general, this is like economic war fare. that's also military issues. they're setting up islands in the south china sea. they're putting military bases on those islands, they're putting military bases across the world. give us in your sense what the military risk is, the national security risk is as a result of what china has been doing. >> well, china clearly wants to dominate and control the asia pacific region, militaryizing the south china see is certainly about that, intimidating allies in the region is part of the flay bricfabric of the story. they're the fastest growing military in the world as we speak today. they have more combat ships in the chinese navy than the united states navy has. they have dominance in offensive missiles and other specialty areas which make our ships and also our bases in the pacific
7:42 am
very vulnerable. they're expanding, a base in the middle east, 60% of their oil comes out of the middle east and they don't want that tied up by the united states in event there was a conflict. they're also interested in pakistan, they're running the r port at panama. they are expanding globally because of geopolitical influence and control that they want. maria: i mean, i know that the u.s. military and the u.s. is the largest and strongest military across the world but is it only a matter of time before china overtakes? they've got 1.4 billion people. we've got 300 million people. is this just slowing them down? real quick, general. >> well, we have to work against them comprehensively with our allies. when we're pooled together with our allies, standing against the economic giant and the growing menace of its military capacity, we can be okay.
7:43 am
maria: yeah. >> we've got to stitch that together and really tie it up, much tighter than what we're doing right now. i think secretary pompeo is trying to do yowman work. maria: good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, a major change for volvo, we'll tell you why the company is limiting its cars' top speeds, they're instituting a speed limit. gaming milestone, millions sign up fo for apex legends. the incredible number. back in a minute. ♪ crazy girl, you know that i love you. ♪ i wouldn't dream of going nowhere. ♪ my dream car.
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maria: volvo is imposing a speed limit on its cars. cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl: volvo says it wants to bring attention to the dangers of speeding so all of its new cars are going to be limited to 112 miles per hour. they're also considering technology that could put stricter speed limits on cars driving near schools and hospitals. safety advocates say one of the quickest ways to reduce fatality rates on the roads is to lower speed. speeding us blamed for a quarter of all crash deaths. an ohio teen's battle over vaccination is heading to capitol hill. ethan lindenburger is set to testify before a senate committee after he defied his
7:48 am
mother's wishes and got vaccinated. >> my message is clear and simple, which is that misinformation which spreads lies and evidence that is not scientific or true is dangerous because when people don't vaccinate you have a higher risk for preventable disease outbreaks. for my family, such is the case because of myself or my family not getting vaccines we were at a higher risk. cheryl: he's 18 years old and in ohio he is old enough to get shots without his parents' permission. well, new video game apex legends has exploded. it gained 50 million flares then the first month. the game developer announced the staggering numbers. fortnite has more than 200 million players since the launch. apex legends can be downloaded for free on playstation 4, x-box 1 and windows pc. shares of apex publisher
7:49 am
electronic arts is down in the premarket a little more than a quarter percent. maria: that's incredible, what numbers. thank you so much. kiley jenner making history on forbes' world billionaire list. we take a look at how she built her empire, plus revealing the top five on the list, right after this. ♪ money, it's a hit. ♪ don't give me that good, good, good bullshit. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't.
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♪ money, money, in a rich man's world. ♪ money, money, money. always sunny. maria: welcome back. forbes magazine releasing its annual world billionaires list.
7:53 am
the top five are jeff bezos, bill gates, warren buffet, bernard arnott and carlos slim. joining us right now is louiesa kroll. nita-aways from the issue? >> the big take-away what a down year it was. everybody's talking about welt in the country. even billionaires are not immune to market force, particularly around the world. earlier in the show you were talking about china, huge drop. there were 102 billionaires from last year's list who fell out of the ranks in china. all together, there are 49 down. there were a lot of newcomers. europe took hits as well. the u.s. was actually one of the only places that was steady and had more billionaires than a year ago. maria: that's interesting. a lot of the billionaires in china are women. >> a lot of them are women. there are a lot that are self-made. maria: we have the youngest billionaire to ever join your list, is kiley jenner.
7:54 am
>> it's crazy. maria: i had no idea she was so successful. dagen: she's richer than all her sisters. >> she certainly is. when we did a story earl in the year, the headline was money for nothing and clicks for free. she is the first selfie big fair. billionaire. up until november all the sales were online. she went to ulta and she sent more products. it's a money making business. dagen: does she own the company outright? >> yes. dagen: is itsel it self-fund. >> she went on instagram, she had a huge following. there's a big debate about is she really self-made. clearly, she used her fame but she didn't use -- she had money from modeling gigs which was all she needed to start this business. dagen: she rose to fame on the
7:55 am
coat tails of her sister, kim, kim being the most famous, and her mother, her mother the momager. >> her mother gets a cut of profits from all of her kids' businesses so she's doing well. >> how many women are on the list overall, the top five are all men, we saw. >> there are about 252. again, it's a tiny percent. the number of self made, i think it's 68. it's tiny. so we d do have to celebrate successes wherever and whenever they come. maria: is she invested in ulta. >> ulta rolled out her lip kits. maria: that's it? >> i think it was just her lip kits. she's looking to expand. until then, everything was sold online. she had a few pop-up shops. that was the bulk of it. she's starting to get mass distribution. all these people that aren't teens on instagram are able to
7:56 am
buy that product. dagen: i hope that's an inspiration for all young women, they can look at that their last name might not be kardashian but you can build a business using social media. >> maria: mark zuckerberg dropped three places, watching his fortune shrink by nearly $9 billion. >> he's number eight now. prior to kiley, he was the youngest billionaire ever to make the ranks. he debuted at 23, i think 11 1 years ago. maria: -- 11 years ago. maria: thank you so much. not ruling it out, billionaire mark cuban weighs in on a potential 2020 presidential run, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." back in a minute. ♪ beautiful girl. ♪ investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence.
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. thanks so much for joining outstanding i am maria bartiromo. tuesday, march 5 your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast china economic outcome weakening the government setting growth targets and taking more measures to sometime slate the economy taking a look at that technology threat from chinese telecom giant huawei, broader markets, searching for direction, take a look we have been up, down and now hanging out in flatline dow industrials up 2 points right now s&p 500 up a fraction, one point the nasdaq down a quarter of a point wild session yesterday dow reversed
8:01 am
gains finished down better than 100 points s&p down 10 nasdaq down 17. in europe this morning markets are mixed take a look ft 100 up 26 points, cac quarante and paris down 12 and dax in germany down 30, in asia overnight mixed pomdz take a look best performer shanghai composite in china up almost 1%, retail stocks, the focus today and they are on the rise, target kohl's both surging, ahead of the open at any better-than expected stocks guidance, as well as some strong numbers comp store colmes up almost 5% target better than 6% not ruling out a run mark cuban deciding whether or not the path to take on president trump in 2020. hillary clinton is giving her final answer meanwhile. >> plus a grande for ariana grande teams up with starbucks for a new brew coming up this tuesday morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, kings college professor chairman of the
8:02 am
program business finance brian brenberg cfr investment strangling lindsey bell great to see you -- >> -- not ruling outs -- run for president. >> -- actually. >> dagen: hrc hillary clinton, said i am riling it out not ruling out running for office again i think after that speech she gave in alabama over the weekend -- people like why is she still is there? i said yesterday, that people look at hillary clinton and anybody who voted for president trump even people o who disagree with some of his policies some of the things he has done they look at hillary clinton when she gets on the national stage and say "man i am glad she is not the president! ". >> she says i am not ruling out office, what office does she want to go to -- >> mayor of new york city? >> they live in chappaqua allegedly maybe not new york city but i have -- i have no idea. it is she is gasping for
8:03 am
relevancy moved from hrc bill dana perino said people not seeking them for advice and guidance, and you know she lost really embarrassing way for the democrats. >> moving all the way toward aoc, obama, and elizabeth warren bernie sanders all socialists i think bernie sanders has done a number on fellow democrats booked them into a corner where they cosponsored medicare for all outlaws private insurance in this country now have to stand up for that. lunacy. >> what type out stroo i. >> cuban not ruling it out. >> don't worry. not ruling it out. >> take a look at that. secretary of state pompeo o optimism about china trade talks blake burman at the white house good morning to you. reporter: refuses confidence at the white house a deal between united states and
8:04 am
china on strayed deal could potentially be coming here in upcoming week, and secretary of state mike pompeo, echoedents? yesterday traveled to iowa told report one point quote never over till it is over, but they've made a lot of progress. and so i'm very hopeful that coming days and weeks about there will be a significant announcement. but the secretary of state also acknowledged that deal is not done yet hurdles remain was asked in a speech to iowa farm bureau what are the remaining obstacles his answer was structural challenges quote the riching of ip stealing forced technology transfer is real and difficult, and not something chinese are going to give up easily you attach on back side you need more than a promise to undo those structural things, in china today they lowered economic growth outlook for 2019 downward revised, to a range of 6 1/2%
8:05 am
down possibly to 6%, among uncertainties maria cited quote trade friction with the u.s. maria: wow really had an impact on their economy, blake, thank you so much blake burman at latest there joining us right now former mississippi governor foreigner rnc chairman founding partner of bgr haley barbour are. >> good to see you thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me again. >> happy to see you let's pick it up where blake left off with china story, we are seeing a deal possibly happen on trade but what about those structural issues what enforcement policy does u.s. need to put in place, to make sure that they don't make commitments promises to stop zeelg ip stop forcing technology have to stick to it. >> there will have to about ways to guarantees behavior, look the chinese joined the wto 2001, two administrations
8:06 am
republican administration, democrat administration chose to not try to do anything about it. >> wow. >> this administration, takes position i think rightly i am a free trader, that if we don't do something now, pretty soon we won't be able to do anything. their economy is predicted by some as large as ours in 2025. of the we've got some advancing right now that we can put real pressure on them showing, so -- i hope that this is successful i think in everybody's interest including chinese, if they would abide by the rules, do what they say they are going to do, built you are right. president reagan, my old boss used to say trust but verify there has somebody mechanism. >> i am with you a huge story covering it will every day, deeply, let me bring you back to u.s. governor house democratics attempting to reintroduce a bill shot down two years ago calling it wall
8:07 am
street tax act 2019, congressman defazio pioneering with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez his could sponsorship this promises to discourage high frequency trading say will bring in 770 billion dollars in revenue next 10 years according to joint committee on taxation, your thoughts on what is happening? >> well, the problem in america is not that we tax -- it is that we spend too much democrats mefr met a tax they didn't like here is another way to go into the private economy, and take money away from the private economy give it to the government. i mean their idea is all money belongings to the government, and the government lets you keep some of it you ought to about grateful they don't take all of it. i don't think this is going to go anywhere. i don't think the senate will pass this. but it is typically of democrats almost everything
8:08 am
they talk about has a big, big price tag, and a big, big tax increase attached to it. >> governor dagen mcdowell, there are also trying to pull the wool over your average person's eyes they talk about taxes we are going to tax the rich. we are just going to tax wall street we are going to have high frequency trading tax. when plans that have been -- announced by these left-leaning democrats really will involve whether green dream or medicare for all going to involve taxing everybody in this country, including lower income americans. to their eyeballs. >> way that is devastating to legislator income americans truly regressive in many ways. >> when you get into something like this, and so much money, that people have, that is invested is actually invested
8:09 am
in funds invested in things that are note personal trading, that a lot of that trading in these big, big funds is done in this way they move money and slightest uptick downtick can have a very big effect if you are investing hundreds of millions of dollars, so i think it is you are right, that a lot of people who never dreamed this about affects them actually because of the way that they invest which is a smart way to invest if you are not an expert but going to getting caught in this they are going to be their money going to be some money taken in new taxes. >> tax reform act that we passed recently was intended large part to bring capital back to the united states when you talk about this high frequency trading taxes, what you are really doing now is actually encouraging capital to flee the country, again, i mean are you concerned that if we continue to see this move left, that you actually see
8:10 am
businesses kind of about-face and say united states isn't the place to do business, because we punish we punish investment rewarding of investment. >> brian you know better than i. but capital money goes to where it is most welcome. and if we become a country that takes a whack through taxation or through regulation, every form of investment everying that attractings capital we of most attractive company in the world for capital would about the be if we keep chewing away like this. >> lindsey bell here just a question what do you make of this aoc being a key supporter or the one presenting a lot of outlandish bills? is it democratic party pointing to her using her marketability in a huge bass or them making her villain because they are raising taxes? >> what do you make of it?
8:11 am
>> i mean, i think you have to assume that people that are agreeing with her actually really agree with her. and she wants to move the democraticed party as far to left as she possibly can. and there seems to about a real market for that, not only in the grassroots but among elected democrats among people that rush to be for medicare for all rush for green plan in a rush to wealth taxes, rush to any tax anybody can dream of. and, of course, she is proposed a -- a plan that is so unbelievably expensive and then never met a tax she didn't like being. maria: -- it doesn't make any sense you are not getting rid of fossil fuels in 10 years we haven't spoken about this at all two political action committees founded by representatives alexandria
8:12 am
ocasio-cortez top aide funneled over a million dollars in political donations into two of this is private companies i know she is dealing with this day allegedly this is reported by the washington examiner the cash transfers from the tax overseen by her aide the freshman socialist democrat chief of staff, certainly runs counter to everything talking about in terms of increasing -- >> she is under a great deal more scrutiny "new york post," of doing -- exposé how much she spent or how many like upper lyft rides took during campaign, she is going to says oh you are attacking me because i am a woman -- >> but, again, if you are going to be star of the party be a super star on instagram, you can expect this kind of scrutiny. maria: of course what about the 2020 field, i mean so let's look at the democrats here, governor because now mark cuban says not ruling it out not ruling out a potential run for the 2020 white house, dallas maverick owner told fox
8:13 am
that quote the tea leaves o would have to align perfectly in order for him to run we know that hillary clinton has now made it official says she is not running in 2020. that is it. of the she made it clear she is not stepping out of the public eye though, here is what she said watch this. >> i am not running but i am going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe i want to about sure people understand i am going to keep speaking out i am not going anywhere, what is at stake in our country the kinds of things that are happening, right now, are deeply troubling to me we have gotten not just polarized we have gotten into really opposing camps unlike anything i have seen in my adult life. >> it is funny called crisis the other day governor i don't know what crises about record low unemployment -- job opportunities, growth of 4.2% second quarter 3 1/2% third quarter 3%.
8:14 am
2.9% fourth quarter i mean, like two different worlds has what is your reaction to all of that? >> well, i mean, if i were being asked the same question i would look at -- when i grew up in the american politics, the out parties referred to itself as loyal opposition today this out party from the day trump was inaugurated refers tois as resistance as if a civil war and for a lot of them that is where they are. i mean look at congress. you are going to see in terms of legislation, in this congress primarily constipation not much getting done but in terms of investigations they are going to about not one or two or three they are going to to be guys after investigation after investigation she doesn't do very good job of explaining that, i might add. maria: i wonder how that place in 2020.
8:15 am
dagen: haley barbour we would accent hillary clinton putting on in alabama over the weekend, not. >> haley barbour good to see you thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. >> see you soon retailer earnings in focus we've got it right after this p. stay with us. my dream car.
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grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . . . maria: president trump is tweeting this morning he said this about, house democrats now they realize the only collusion with russia wi "crooked hillary clinton" and democrats nadler schiff demonstrate heads stone-cold crazy 81 alerts sent to innocent people to harass them won't get anything done for our country, of course, referring to letters that the heads of the committees have sent out, trying to get more information about what we don't know just going under every rock to figure out where problem is normally you see a crime you follow the crime but here, they got their guy, donald trump, and they are sure there is a crime going to keep looking at everything. >> keep the fire smoldering as
8:19 am
long as you can you go through 2020 right, isn't that strategy? >> yeah. >> forget about -- fire keep it smoldering. dagen: also a way -- they are going after individuals that make it possibly bankrupt people can't handle legal bills attorneys' fees essentially sends the message of trying to discourage anyone from going to work for this president i wonder message sending to people we don't want you to serve your country if you are. >> er the president we will come after you -- >> they don't like him. >> even after apparently his former his not former but the lady worked for him his assistant, in new york. >> ridiculous. >> we will see how this plays out in 2020. that is that will be interesting we are watching retailers this morning kristina partsinevelos on the floor of new york stock exchange looking at host of companies rallying good morning. >> good morning, maria. kohl's latest to give out
8:20 am
earnings what we saw that they did beat the profit and sales you are seeing revenue come in a little bit more than expectations 6.54 billion dollars you are seeing on your screen, right now what happened with kohl's that is they have been stepping up the game when it comes to promisingl promotions working on papers with amazon applying back 500 million shares to target target had a double beat today reason seeing their share look at that up 6.85% climbing higher, earnings per share beat a penny revenue almost 23 billion dollars, they took advantage of otherwise toys because of toystize bankruptcy pushing hard to beat amazon dom home thoem announcing 80,000 jobs on web site seasonal full-time part-time back to you. >> see rest of the country
8:21 am
thank you china, huawei prepares to launch cybersecurity lab in you brussels latest attempt to fight back against claims it poses a national security threat all details after this car prices on fast track large kelley blue book data showing average cost of new cars hitting all-time high right here. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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maria: sticker shock to americans kelly blue book average price of a car approaching 37,000 dollars last year all-time high, the average monthly payment is now 551 dollars, ten percent bump up in three years author of everyday mill i don't know airz chris hogan thanks for being here. >> thank you good to about have you. >> tell us why some so many
8:25 am
americans paying so much more a sticker shock. >> a massive sticker shock, what this boils down to not able to do math appetite for debt, and especially when it could especially to car loans look at this 75% increase in m car debt since 2009. and so this is an large trend where people are throwing 550 more dollars away per month toward an asset that is going to depreciate as you drive a car off lot if you roll window down you can hear 15 to 25% value leaving the car. so we have to slow down. learn to save up pay cash for our vehicles, so you can being drive this car without a payment. >> at a chris part of the reason people spend more on cars is not only is price of the car going up, but they have way less mortgage debt now than they used to nobody buying homes as much doesn't this make it more okay consumer debt auto debt percent of consumer debt only
8:26 am
nine percent, 13.5 trillion dollars. >> i am not trying to justify people taking on this amount of debt over almost 40,000 dollars 550 dollars a a month i mean the bottom line is boils down to math really not understanding how debt works, you see when you pay interest you are paying a penalty for using some won else's money regardless whether applying homes or not i would rather save up pay cash, then own the car outright drive it without a payment. >> all right. that is hard for people to get up that cash though, to pay. >> out is but you have to slowdown maria people can slow down if they start to save 550 dollars a month in money market account save up and drive the car they have a little bit longer trade it in, it is a matter of working our way up, we have to slow down when we get impatient costs money. >> the latest there, coming up a tokyo court approved bail for former nissan chairman carlos ghosn will he be
8:27 am
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8:31 am
i'm north americama. tuesday, march 5 your top stories right now 8:31 a.m. east coast threat from huawei telecom the chinese company trying to shore up trust across the world, we have all details coming up, markets this morning, searching for direction, futures a fractional gain doss doss up 20 points s&p up 3 nasdaq up 8 1/2 right now after a wild session yesterday, complete with volatility the dow reversed gains midday finished down better than 200 points tlaefrts 1%, nasdaq down 17 yesterday, markets in europe, this morning are also mixed ft 100 up 48 points right now, in london but cac quarante in paris down 6 the dax in germany down 15. in asia overnight mixed there as well best performer china lot of news on china overnight with the country trying to shore up its economy, up almost 1% shanghai composite. >> carlos ghosn granted bail
8:32 am
could be released from prison soon, after three and a half months behind bars there are questions about whether or not they will in fact let him out or come up with a new excuse to hold him there in jail since november 19-billion-dollar mega millions jackpot climbed one person came forward the largest stienl winning prize ever, grandee for ariana grande teamed up with starbucks for a brew we will do a taste test, coming up, on that macchiato, waiting on trade deal with china secretary of state mike pompeo says president trump will walk away from a trade deal with china if conditions are not perfect, in interview with sinclair pompeo says this, it has got to about right and if it doesn't work we will keep banging away at it, we are waiting on any details of the potential deal but, you know, the issue forced transfer it can ip theft usual things
8:33 am
structural cultural. >> you've got to have enforcement china is notorious for saying we will fix all things figures fix nothing president can't take tariffs off until indication china is doing something china is not going to like that want tariffs gone, once a deal is stayed on i think one of the big sticking points is exactly that when do they come -- of will me snap back if we see evidence of cheating china not going to like that i think the only way to enforce it. >> i agree with you i tariffs have to stay on until this enforcement is figured out can't be figured out next couple week, taking longer time period to figure it out you are seeing pressure in china look, manufacturing pni under 50 are expansionary territory over 3 months investment on downswing retail auto sales significantly
8:34 am
negative right now feeling heat in china. >> you've got a story like this in "the wall street journal," that chinese hackers have targeted more than two doed universities in the united states, and around the globe part of elaborate scheme to steal research about maritime technology, mit, this is research going to about published this week, by a cybersecurity intelligence unit of accenture security this is what united states is trying to fight back on, just like the theft of technology and trade secrets by huawei you have hammered for -- years! maria: academia another sort of wind in to american intelligence, and we have been talking about these confucius centers as well we know today huawei opening cybersecurity lab in brussels, this is part of efforts to shore up trust
8:35 am
and win over global leaders it will allow huawei's wireless customers to review source codes running network gear see what happens this issue, of the confucius centers i brought this to attention recently had, that the senate has come out the with a report senate investigators warned that chinese state run centers at more than 100 u.s. colleges these are learning centers operating at 100 colleges in around ask silicon valley senators portman crawford believe chinese spying on american u.s. confucius centers pose a huge risk "sunday morning futures" i asked congressman nunes about spying here is what he cede. >> not just the 100 universities involved in it is with a they do bringing? what are likely intelligence officers or people that are working with chinese intelligence. they are doing more -- people into companies recruiting people things that are in
8:36 am
senate intelligence report rob portman i inordinatelying all viewers take a sunday and read it. >> this is really incredible, the -- efforts that china has used, to sap up american intelligence. >> you put tuts in a college setting it creates legitimize if there is a proper disbanda bent to it that creates these are about expression impressionable people formed as good guy when the stories -- >> the tide turning on confucius institutes a number completed last year or so close to a dozen i think, by one count. of you have head of fbi last year telling senate panel fbi was kindergartner about the-- d
8:37 am
concerned about these marco rubio strong you have seen closures at universities in florida at least last year i see texas a&m shut down two at campuses in state of texas. >> i wondered know what we have learned about china it is cultural to blow up patents steal ip to sap up information from u.s. universities, so that china can become number one and number of industries u.s. wants to be number one with will u.s. be able to get china to agree in a trade deal to stop this when in fact this actually cultural just seats in culture. >> ideological roads in communist governing policies your point is good not going away in a detail is signed this is a years long decades long march. >> neither need intovment i
8:38 am
think tariff continue feedback an issue don't expect that to go away because there is a lot of work to build that trust obviously, lacking right now. >> also, educators making the decision whether these c confucius institutes are good 90 at peak only around in u.s. for roughly 15 years. tide turning. maria: you know. >> a month ago we talked about how the education industry is actually benefiting from it connecting teachers in china to students in america, and american teachers to students in china, share information -- >> i read. >> investing in that that company. >> so starved for revenue demographics so bad looking for money from anywhere this is china's opportunity you be the why -- >> that is a good point because another thing china is doing buying up energy companies financial services lots of technology companies,
8:39 am
lot to talk about we take a break after months of missing winner he merged has come forward stuart varney has thing or two about that. >> brewing up a collaboration starbucks teamed up with ariana grande we have it in the studio with a taste a test, stay with us. ♪ ♪ you've got the best of my love ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, wifrp of one massive-billion-dollar mega millions jackpot has come forward stuart varney good morning. >> he is it you? >> i am terribly sorry, if you can hear me i can't hear you. >> is it you? have you are you the mega millions winner. >> i am going to respond to the question i think you asked. >> okay? >> there you go it is the lottery deal i want to talk about, point one, lotteries are a lousy deal i know i am defined as captain no fun i understand that nonetheless a lousy deal. maria, you are too young to remember great days of the numbers game. that was when you bet on the last three digits of the closing level of the dow jones industrial average there are three numbers you couldn't fix you couldn't put in place by some kind of corruption. so you bet on last three
8:44 am
numbers it was run by mob kept 10% compare to lotteries the government takes half winnings in taxes the state government takes another piece out of your money in taxes, and i don't think a good deal but call me captain no fun if you like i don't care i am opposed to legalized gambling most efficient way of taxing poor people that is all i got to say. >> i mean, at the end of the day, you still put a dollar in there and getting back 800 -- >> a deal. >> if you win pretty good deal. >> yeah all those millions of people shelled out their hard earned more than with no return of any kind, i don't think a very good deal at all. maria: all right. >> i'm sorry. >> we can dream "varney & company" begins top of the hour i know a lot mere on that stu thank you. and 15 minutes' time we are talking about that but first
8:45 am
goesen granted bail tokyo court allowing former nissan chairman released he has to stay in japan the very latest. then a very special guest to share new book on life outside of the spotlight janice dean with a new book out mostly -- [applause]. -- ♪ ♪ you.
8:46 am
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maria: welcome back, you know next guest sr., meteorologist at folks new book called "mostly sunny" how learned to keep smiling through rainiest days joining us author janice dean, congratulations. >> thank you so i am used to
8:49 am
being on green screen. >> i love the idea us there about it how do you stay "mostly sunny" during rainy days. >> a good question i think, you know, for most of my life tried to look for a silver lining blessed to be at fox news channel 15 years now, that has been a part of my life that has been so special, but i am from canada, ottawa ontario canada girl from ottawa new york city precinct big step talks about how what job brought me here how that wasn't exactly favorite job about should have been on paper had everything i ever wanted in a broadcasting career as doing radio and television, on big cable news channel i didn't enjoy that job, and how i got here, is part of my book, how i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 15 years ago i know you know love neil cavuto here a hero to me
8:50 am
because he had come out with his diagnosis, and i went to him for advice, he just i remember the day very well, it was only about a week or two after i was diagnosed and just turned off tv, brought up a chair had kleenex with him listened to me after just said you are going to be okay. we got you you are at a good place going to take care of you, from then on, i -- i have had a wonderful career here, i have i married my husband sean i met when i came to new york city a new york city firefighter i talk about that love story could make a lifetime movie a romantic story after some shaky relationships before him and, you know, just how blessed i feel and people that you meet on your journey along the way a testament to those people. dagen: we have talked about this privately not to go into detail you look back at experiences wouldn't from not
8:51 am
just ms but rough patches professionally but this is your personality comes through in the book you don't have regrets about looking forward, and looking to future i think that this is really a guide book for young women,. >> how do don't make a decision that you and i made in some ways, and but how not to have regrets about ones you did screw up. >> right it wasn't for the job that was not my favorite job if it wasn't for that job i wouldn't even have mote husband or had children i try to look at the bright side of these things. and i had someone other day saying going to give it to 7-year-old daughter that to me biggest compliment you could give me, because you know we all need a road map sometimes, i wrote the book to sort of be a book that i would have liked to have read, on my journey and career and coming to new york city, just to feel like you are not he alone. >> how did you stay some of the otherly sunny through job
8:52 am
you were unhappy in to get where you are today. >> i agree things happen for a reason. >> really do i feel like we are predestined on path supposed to go on good or bad so that is that is the way i try to look at it and at the time i it wasn't a great job i wasn't he most sunny it is through good people i met along the way, i talk about therapy how therapy has helped me. i have had same they were therapist 15 years yoid crisis people numb with drugs alcohol i could have gone down have to route i chose to protect my mind, and really work on myself to about accepting of things and become mostly sunny. >> you lean heavily on relationships, to get through those times i think wise counsel. >> a bode rock for a lot of women who work here who used to work here, and she has a
8:53 am
very, very wide range of friends who are like sisters. >> it is true i think that it is. >> that is how you signed my book my sister. >> you are, we've been here a long time, and we have to stand up for each other we have to help each other out, right now, by the way, there is no politics in this book at all at all. i feel like we need to read about good things and good people helping each other along the way you know what that is the bottom line we are put on this earth to help one another, and to be good to each other. >> empowering book thank you so much congratulations. >> love you -- >> janice dean thank you so much janice start your engines world's expensive new car making debut eye-popping price tag coming up sigh thank you next to boring coffee order starbucks launching new coffee grandi beverage with pop star ariana grande we have it here in studio with a taste test,
8:54 am
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maria: finally, some good news for carlos ghosn. he could be released from jail soon, we're told. cheryl casone with the details there. >> a tokyo court approved bail for the former nissan chairman who has been in custody for three and a half months. bail set at $8.9 million.
8:58 am
ghosn must remain in japan but prosecutors say they will appeal today's decision, making it unclear if ghosn will actually get released. he's charged with failing to report more than $80 million in deferred compensation and using nissan to pay a saudi businessman who helped ghosn with a personal financial problem. well, bhugati unveiling the most expensive car ever. it sold for more than $12 million. with taxes that's about $19 million. it was created for the company's 110th anniversary with a 16-cylinder engine, 1500 horse power. they have not disclose ed buyer. you have to order this new drink grande sized because starbucks is teaming up with ariana grande for a special version of its mochiatto. it's got a specially created foam on top. it's available in cinnamon or
8:59 am
caramel. it's not going away like so many other drinks we had on set. we have these on set this morning and get ready for a lot of sugar and caffeine. get ready to be buzzed. maria: you can make it with non-dairy. i have coconut milk. i like it. it's really sweet. >> foam is the thing that's new in this? >> it's the way they created this new foam. it's all about cold brew. they are trying to up their game. this one stays on the menu which is interesting. they must know this is going to sell well despite the ariana grande -- maria: it's called the cloud. how much is it? >> good question. >> it's all worth it. it's all worth it. >> does it matter? is that important? maria: not as much as that car.
9:00 am
i could drink this thing down in about two seconds. maria: thank you, cheryl. really delicious. great show, everybody. have a great day, everybody. seize the day. "varney & company" starts now. stuart: good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the new leader of the democrat party has emerged. it is alexandria ocasio-cortez. she is everywhere. she dominates the party. after a couple of months in congress, she's running the democrat show. just today, on this one day, here she goes on tax policy, she's co-sponsored a new wall street tax, on foreign policy, she's opposed to any u.s. intervention in venezuela, won't condemn the dictator maduro, on anti-semitism she supports ilhan omar. on campaign finance she's got problems with the transfer of $800,000 to her chief of staff. and turns out her mother fled to


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