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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 5, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, everybody. radical dimms and some rino republicans warring on the president and his administration. rino senator and koch brothers booster rand paul now says as many as ten republicans may well vote to oppose the president's national emergency declaration to secure the border in the senate. some of the sniffling rinos wants to go even fut, we're told. they would like to act texts that would reprimand president trump in that resolution. apparently they can't stand the idea that our president is fulfilling his presidential duties. the war rages in the d.c. swamp tonight as tens of thousands of
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illegal immigrants are poised and ready to rush the southern border. customs and border protection commission today laying out the dire situation at the southern border. >> we are facing alarming trends of the people illegally cross our southwest border or arriving at our ports of entry kowt witht dockses. this is both a border security and a humanitarian crisis. 76,000 total apprehensions and inadmissible arrivals in a four-week month in february. the highest number of encounters in any february in the last 12 years. lou: and the radical dimms taking subversion a step further, trying to bog down the trump administration with document requests because they're disappointed by the mueller probe's failure to find collusion. president trump addressing the
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radical dimms partisan persecution. >> the witch hunt continues. the fact is that i guess we got 81 letters. there was no collusion. i.there was no hoax. no anything. and they want to do that instead of getting legislation passed. 81 people or organizations got letters. it's a disgray to our country. lou: tonight we take up how the president and republican party will fight congressional radicals and ryes with harmeet dildilllil' loharmeetdhillon he. juan guaido trying to oust nicolas maduro and tonight we take up the trump administration's fight for democracy and assertion of the monroe doctrine in this
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hemisphere with national security adviser john bolton. and ar ling alexandria ocasio-cortez, reports that she may have used a pac as a million dollar slush fund during her congressional campaign last year. how much trouble is she in, what problems does she face. we'll be talking with former congressman jason chaffetz about that and more tonight. the radical persecution of president trump. the president today calling out the radical left for their political attacks. >> i'm not surprised it's happening. they're started the campaign. the campaign begi begins. it's been going on for two years. no administration has done in the first two years what the trump administration has done. so what the democrats want to do, they cannot stand a loss.
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they could not stand losing in 2016. it's too bad because i'd rather see them do legislation, we negotiate legislation, where so many things, actually thing that we agree on like infrastructure but they want to focus on nonsense. lou: president trump has been restrained, patient in the face of outright subversion and obstruction by the radical dimms and some rinos. joining us tonight, former reagan white house strategist ed rollins good to have you here. >> the president talking about the little darlings on the left. they're behaving like, i don't know, russian revolutionaries. this is more than that. this is a war on this president, this administration and the person system of government. >> well the chairman today said this is not about partisan. this is about finding all of the facts lpped isn't hfacts.
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lou: isn't he cute? >> the reality is we've been going through two years of this stuff, done everything to handicap the president and he's still conducting world affairs. but the reality is two more years of this is not what the american public wants and the democrats better understand that quickly. lou: you've seen a lot of partisan politics on the hill, from the white house, maybe three or four of them. at this point shouldn't there be some basic discussion between the leaders of the senate, the house and the president to say this is either not going to continue, it's going to be resisted in court in every way we know how because this has nothing to do with anything but 2020. >> no. we're going to tie up four or five committees. the judiciary committee went off first. there are a few more putting
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their list together controlled by democrat to do the same thing. absolutely nothing will get done in the congress in the next two years besides this kind of stuff. none of it is productive. the american public deserves government. they wanted governing. they want this president 0 to move his agenda forward and they're going to do everything they can to rerun the 2016 campaign to get ready for the 2020 campaign. lou: what should they do? how should the president respond? how should the administration respond to this committee? >> i think what they ought to do is order everyone that's worked for him saying thank you very much but we're not going to cooperate. if you ask us something that you already -- lou: what would the thank you be for? this is a war. nadler, warner and the senate, they're talking about an outright war here. no good faith interest.
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>> none whatsoever. lou: secretary wilbur ross' conduct. i understand from various sources that the committee, the oversight committee in front of which michael cohen famously appeared, it wants to broaden the questions for the commerce secretary from what was to be the census and the issue of citizenship which is being litigated right now. they now want to expand the number of documents from the tens of thousands of pages that have already been sent. he was -- the secretary was to have testified in two weeks, less than two weeks now, the 14th, and he has to have more time. the committee is unrelenting. >> you're going to keep capable people from going into government in the future. someone like wilbur ross, a successful businessman, done an effective job. lou: he voluntarily testified. >> and the issue, a legitimate
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issue of whether you're a citizen or not a citizen is a question on the ten-year census is a pretty legitimate question that's been answered in the past and obviously the courts will make a decision here. but to go back and go through every one of his items. lou: you mean the courts that run the country right now. the judiciary is a hot bed of angt vism. iactivism. it is acting with executive powers. >> it has to make determinations here as to who has the power. i'm a political science professor. i teach it. i think the presidential powers are very very clear. when you see something like this going on at the border, if this is not an emergency, i don't know what is. and he needs to have the resources to live up to his obligation to stop this terror coming in. lou: well, turning to the presidential politics because that's what all of this is about, folks, the president's poll numbers are rising and that has got to terrify. they're not going to show it but that's got to terrify the
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nadlers of the world withi, the schiffs and the pelosis. as the president's numbers rise were their fall. >> the 30 states the president won she's still very strong in and a couple of others in play. my sense is that he, among the republican parties twb strongest of any modern president and i think to a certain extent he se deserves to be reelected. lou: if he doesn't i can't imagine what any president would want to have-to-do. >> who would want to be president after what we's gone through in the past two years. lou: the med jobbingtie ones wht of the house and the senate. really, you got to put up with that? >> the country is watching saying, the heck with this. why are we doing this. why are we bothering. lou: you're telling the president tonight that she
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should resist in every way. >> absolutely. this is politics. 2020 campaign politics. go fight and go win. lou: ed rollins, good 206 you here. >> thank you. lou: new reports, north korea is repairing a partially dismantled missile site. i'll take that up with national security adviser john bolton, what it means for future negotiations with kim jong-un. up next, trump says the dimms investigating him have gone what he calls stone. cold crazy. the president i think just described their mental condition. we'll take that up and more with california's republican national committee woman harmeet dylon. we'll be right back. stay with us. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies.
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lou: white house lawyers today rejected a house oversight committee request for documents on security clearances. the white house calling the committee's demands intrusive. this comes as house intelligence committee chairman adam schif announced daniel goldman as his new hire for director of investigations. gold mand is a former assistant attorney in the district of new
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york me worked as legal analyst for msnbc where he made comments like these about the president and the mueller witch hunt. >> right now giuliani and mr. trump have the stratosphere to themselves. at some point before we get to impeachment, we're going to learn that everything that bob mueller knows. it's a one-sided argument right now but i guarantee you if and when we get to impeachment it will no longer be one-sided. it will be strong and per sways i anpersuasiveand damning. lou: another mind expwroing in the political persecution of the president and his administration. joining us tonight is harmeet dhillon, republican congresswoman for the great state of california. great to have you here. does that make your blood boil to know that the chairman of the intel committee just hired that
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partisan activist? >> on a political level, lou, it doesn't surprise me at all. it's par for the course. and schif has bee shich has schg about this since day one. from a legal point of view this is particularly outrageous. it's yous ray yous for a lawyer to make this kind of slanderous remark that he does on msnbc. an on top of that, if he's hired as an investigator to announce the conclusions before the investigation begins is also outrageous and really undermines hi client's job, which is adam schiff and his committee. i think schiff has lost credibility from the beginning for his investigation. lou: i don't think he had any. to be honest, he had none to begin with. >> even on the left i think that the prosecutors and lawyers will look at this saying how do you announce your conclusions before television before you begin your investigation. it's really not done. lou: he is no more compromised
7:17 pm
in anyway than devin nunes when he was chairman of the same committee. >> that's right. lou: they're in precisely the same position. >> exactly. lou: yet schiff demands that nunes step down from the investigation and meanwhile schiff is just ramping up. what kind of recourse do the republicans have? and why are they sitting on their hands? and why are they so mute and impotent? >> well, i think devin has done a good job within the bounds of his obligations. for example, he's refused to talk about some national security issues -- lou: i'm talking about the other republicans. nunes is one of the heros of the piece. i am talking about why no one, including nunes, is demanding that this guy step down. i mean, demanding. >> well i think step one for the republicans is to resist, which is what they're doing. but i agree with you, many members in congress should be a lot more vocal in protecting
7:18 pm
their turf and protecting our president. lou: at some point the republicans have got to be more than a bunch of very careful studied folks, you know, in their very sunday-go-to-meeting duds being so passive. at some point they have to be human beings who really give a damn about what's going on and act like it. >> i agree. lou: these people act like they're going to fold up and walk out the door, and perhaps they should. >> perhaps some of them should. i can't agree with you more. but we have seen talk of a bunch ofsubpoenas and people to come before congress to testify and they have the right to push back and a lot of them are going to, i hope, push back and decline to go along with this. lou: well we've pointed out, 81 entities, individuals, with the
7:19 pm
demand letters going out from the house judiciary committee and the chair, why not tell them to go, to go away, that you just don't have time -- if you are the administration, the president. because this is ugly partisan nonsense. nothing more. >> well, lou, as you know, people in washington fall into the swamp category and then those who are not from the swamp. and people in the swamp are going to want to play the game nap'.that's the reality of life. quite a few came to washington to help the president and those are people that are most likely not going to play along with this pep it's like they're sending a subpoena for everyone who had a burger at the canteen in the white house. totally inappropriate. fishing expedition. lou: where do we go from here? you have committee after committee sending out the same nonsense, the administration, the effort is to bog the administration down, obviously
7:20 pm
to obstruct. what should be the response? >> i think there should be -- i think a lot of the response should be no response, ignoring them and going about the business of doing the people's business, which is what the president has been doing a great job of. it would be great many more criticized the power that's going on, an abuse of power. so far the hearings that the new democrat congress have had have looked pretty bad for the democrats. in some ways, the more they're talking, the more people like maxine waters and adam schiff, the more they took the worse they look, good for all of us. lou: good seeing you in new york. >> it was great. thanks, lou. lou: share your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on instagram. up next, a former white house attorney says he has a totally different view of robert
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lou: under the heading of good grief, former white house attorney ty cobb finding it necessary to heap praise on special counsel robert mueller. cobb talking on abc news voiced no concerns about the nearly two-year-long investigation that continues without evidence of collusion. >> i think bob mueller is an american hero.
7:26 pm
i think bob mule ser a guy that, you know, even though he came from a very privileged background has a backbone of steel. lou: see what i mean? good grief. joining us tonight, victoria toensing, former deputy assistant general for the criminal division of the justice department, joe digenova, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. great to have you back with us. ty cobb, what in the world is the man thinking ? >> good grief was not quite the term i used last night when i heard it. what an unforced error. bob mueller is not a hero. he is an idiot because he hired andrew wiseman and democrats, not one republican to investigate a republican. what bad judgment. andrew wiseman is a legal thug. lou: and this is an extraordinary special counsel because it's gone on for almost two years, preceded by an
7:27 pm
11-month fib investigation. 11-month fbi investigation and we don't know in that was a longer investigation when the president was a can date in the earliest days. what are we to do here with what the president describes as a witch hunt because it looks, smells and acts just like a witch hunt. >> well i think ty cobb made a very bad mistake. first of all, the president used to be his client. you don't contradict your client. if you disagree with your client, you tell them that privately and you don't comment on their comments publicly. that was an unprofessional thing to do. with regard to bob mueller, his investigation has been anewelty from the beginning because it was born in error and in conflict and in illegality. everything about it is wrong. now, big bar bill barr is goingd out what happened with all of the fisa warrants and all of the unmasking. that's going to be investigated by him.
7:28 pm
and mueller is going to be a nullity. he's not going to be able to conclude anything about collusion because there was none. lou: no collusion yet the persecution goes on. now it's expanding with the southern district of new york, we have whispers in every which direction from unnamed source that the southern district of new york is the real problem for the president. meanwhile there are six democratically-led house committees that are going to send out -- they probably will try to exceed that of the house judiciary committee seeking only 81 responses from individuals and entities. your thoughts. >> well here's another legal term for you. witch hunt was one that the president uses. this is a fishing expedition. a very good legal term. it means that the democrats are saying, okay, president trump, and your family, just hand me everything that you've done for the last decade and we're going to go through it and see if we can find anything wrong.
7:29 pm
lou: walled they not be absolutely foolish to turn anything over at this point? >> i think so. what's clear what people should do is refuse to produce information and if they get subpoenas, they should take the fifth. and it is now saintly to take the fifth when you see what mueller did to michael flynn and george papadopoulos, they created phony cases about lying when there were no lies. what the democrats are trying to do is embarrass people. this is a vindictive abusive investigation. people should resist it. now the republicans should resist. resist in every conceivable way, produce nothing, testify to nothing and be brave americans and take the fifth amendment and make them get nothing. lou: nothing is what has been produced by an ongoing $25 million to this point special counsel investigation. it sounds like it would be cheaper for a white house to
7:30 pm
simply say no. and what does happen to executive privilege here. as i understand executive privilege, it means exactly what joe is saying. nothing. thank you very much. i have to go on with the business of running a country. >> i believe there's a president called obama who said no all of the time. fast and furious, did those documents get turned over? they said ep, executive privilege. that's one of the problems with the mueller report. there's a lot of executive privilege material in there. lou: that's an interesting point. the obama administration politicized the justice department, it's responsible in large measure of what we're witnessing. >> the worst in history. lou: to even think about spying on a president of the united states. >> and they did it with ease. lou: so it should be very easy for this president and his administration to say no.
7:31 pm
>> yes. >> yes. and bill barr should say yes to opening a grand jury or getting a special counsel to investigate the previous justice department. lou: lindsey graham should respond in time, sort of moore roar the tone and the energy of seeking documents that the house judiciary. >> i think he's gonna. lou: it would be nice to see a republican or two show some, well some sand, as they say in texas. joe, thanks. victoria, thank so much. appreciate it. good to have you with us. up next, venezuela's juan guaido takes new steps to tighten pressure on nicolas maduro. we take that up with john bolton. we'll be talking with the ambassador. he's at the white house too night. tonight. we'll be right back.
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lou: head lines to night. a new report finds george sore rus' foundation doing business in what it calls occupied lands. "the wall street journal" reporting chinese hackers targeted 27 american universities trying to steal military secrets, high-technology, intellectual property. the communist hackers targeting maritime technology specifically with military applications. juan guaido saying h he's in talks with unions to organize a state workers right. working o>> joining us tonight,l security adviser john bolton.
7:37 pm
ambassador, good to have you with us. appreciate you coming out in the cold. to turn to the subject at hand, let's began with north korea. reports that we're starting to see some remedial work on what we thought were sites in north korea that were long gone. how serious is situation is this? >> well, i think in the wake of the president's decision not to agree to a bad deal with north korea and hanoi, we're going to see a lot of potential decisions coming out of north korea, whether they're serious ac about the talks, whether they want to get back into them and fun fund mentally whether they're going to give up nair nuclear programs. if they're not willing to do it i think president trump has clear. they're not going to get relief from the crushing economic sanctionsanctions that have beed on them and we'll look at
7:38 pm
rumping up the sanctions. lou: it's worthy of note that this president has given the north koreans nothing except the opportunity to do the right thing and that is denuclearize the peninsula. at this stage, let's take your temperature on it. how do things look with the north koreans and the prospects for the next phase of what is obviously going to be a long process? >> whol well i think the north koreans have got to go back and reassess their strategy. i believe they came to hanoi thinking that this administration would buy the same pony they've sold to previous administrations, that we would accept a partial deal in exchange for very significant lifting of sanctions, which would have given north korea a lifeline, giving them a chance to get their breath back economically while still concealing a lot of nuclear weapons capabilities, missiles and the rest of it. look, lou, the president opened
7:39 pm
the door for north korea in singapore to a completely different economic fe future. they didn't walk through it then. he's opened it again in hanoi. they didn't walk through it. the president is ready to make a deal. ready to meet again. he's pointed to the bright future and if kim jong-un wants to take advantage of it, the president is ready to talk with him. lou: and the president is ready to talk with xi jinping which they'll do at the end of the month as trade talks with china continue. is there, do you believe, significant lin linkage between china and north korea and ultimately the decision of president kim to walk through the door, as you put snit. >> i think there's a close relationship. we believe kim did not stop in beijing on his way back to north korea to talk to xi jinping. i'm sure he'll want to do that before we hear back from him.
7:40 pm
but overall china's approach to the trade talks i think has real national security significance as well. this is something that president trump has viewed for a long time. if he can get china to change its practices in terms of protecting our intellectual property, avoiding transfer and many other structural issues, there will be a real change in the economic relationship between china and the united states. and that h will have profound influence broadly on national security shis bu issues but espy on north korea. lou: do you believe that china is interested in seeing north korea walk through that door, to use the metaphor further. >> i take china to be sincere when they say, as they've said for a long time, they don't want north korea to have deliverable nuclear weapons. what we could use from china is more action to get that done. china has a unique economic and
7:41 pm
political relationship with north korea. the chinese have long said that north korea nuclear weapons would be destabilizing in northeast asia which would warm chinese economic growth. that's exactly right. china could do a lot more to explain to kim jong-un that you would see a lot more interest by china if kim jong-un would give up the weapons. >> lou: as we approach the talks between president trump and xi, the economy of china, as you well know, certainly is deteriorating. there's no other word for it. and it's going to worsen, it appears now, from all of mie my sources by the month, whether they can sustain their markets through continues, let's put it this way, supported rhetoric in media is another question. but the reality of their economy, it seems inevitable if they do not change the way they
7:42 pm
do business. >> yeah, look. the president's tariffs have really gotten china's attention for the first time in the trade area in a long time. and it's forced them to recognize that we're simply not going to accept the way they've manipulated the international system. when they cam into the world trade organization the line was that china's behavior will change because they're now part of the wto. that has not happened. in fact china spent nearly 20 years taking advantage of its wto membership, manipulating the rules in its favor and not behaving the way we expected. president trump says we're not going to accept that any more. the tariffs are a token about how we feel about it and i think it's brought china to the table in potentially very serious talks. lou: ambassador, turning to this hemisphere and particularly venezuela, juan guaido, the opposition leader back now more than 24 hours in venezuela. how concerned are you for his
7:43 pm
safety? how concerned are you for the improvement for the veb venezuea people? >> his return was significant. there wowz no effort by the military to arrest him because maduro and his gang felt if they had tried to arrest him the military may have disobayed the order. and that would have be a crisis for maduro. the effect of our economic sanctions is still digging and i can tell you i've just come from a meeting of the national security council principle prins committee. we're looking at new sanctions to tighten our grip on maduro's wherewithal, to deny his regime the money they need to stay in power. we're going to continue our effort. president trump is very clear, we hants a peaceful transfer of power to juan guaido. we think that's what the
7:44 pm
venezuelan people want. we're going to continue to press to get that done. lou: twhaipg you very much. good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. good to be with you. lou: cam bas tore john bolton. and up next, aoc and her chief of staff under fire for moving nearly a million dollars in donations off of the books. complicated this politics stuch. we'll take that up and more with jason chaffetz after these quick messages. stay with us. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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lou: congresswoman ocasio-cortez denied allegations today that she violated campaign finance laws. >> do you have any comment on the sec violation filed against your. >> there is no violation, so. >> do you think that's a sign of you taking dark money? >> oh, no. lou: you would think she had been in washington forever with that walking denial. the denial follows a complaint to the federal election commission by the nonprofit legal and policy center charging aoc and her chief of staff with transferring 885,000 dollars from two pac to a delaware registered comp ration where expenditures don't need to be reported. the heritage foundation's legal
7:49 pm
fellow explaining what that really means. >> anyone who contributed the maximum amount to her actual campaign organization and then contributed an additional amount to the political action committee, it means that she accepted contributions in excess of the limits. not only that, she didn't report those to the fec. lou: and joining us tonight, jason chaffetz, former republican congressman from utah and former chairman of the house oversight committee. author, fox business contributor. good to have you with us. how much trouble is aoc in? >> well, those that violate all of those laws that are alleged can go to jail and pay significant fines. i think a lot of this is really going to focus on her now chief of staff. there are five entities involved, her cession thal committee, her campaign, then you have two different pacs and
7:50 pm
two llcs. from what i read, you know, one of those is registered, the other one they can't find it. but what's highly suspicious here, lou, is that this person goes on television in advance of the election and says hey, we're doing something that's never been done before. this is really different. well there are very stringent laws on the books about campaign finance and you can't just throw 885,000 dollars through a pac and then do et for strategic consulting to bypass all of the transparency laws. you can't do that. lou: almost a million dollars. that really is a new green deal that she's authoring. >> that's right. lou: why in the world are we looking at these 81 requests for documents from the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler doing precisely what he promised and that is trying to bog down the trump administration.
7:51 pm
this is a partisan, without any question, a partisan attack on the president. >> no. absolutely. look, they have presupposed the conclusion, they've told you where they're going and what they ultimately want. they want to rewrite the 2016 election, they want to impeach the president. they want to do anything to disparage his character, those around him, the entities involved. they're going to want to go after his tax returns and they want to get all of the comes possible from these 80-plus people and various entities because they're just convinced there's something there. they can't name it but they're convinced, lou, that there's something in there. lou: well, or they're convinced they can get away with pretending that they're convinced. right now i don't understand why the republican aren't asserting themselves, even though they're in the minority in the house, they're in if majority in the senate. and we're hearing from rand paul, excentric on his best day,
7:52 pm
claiming that ten republicans are going to vote in favor of a resolution against the president's national emergency declaration. this party looks pathetic right now. >> i agree with you. remember, it was congress that gave the president the authority to declare the emergency. lou: right, 1976. >> if the president uses that authority, don't get mad at him and vote against him. this is clearly an emergency on the border. if a member of the house or senate wants to introduce a bill to take away that power, mark meadows and others would support him. i think it's a good idea to limit the ability of the president. but it's a law on the books and given to the president and for him to use it in this matter seems wholly appropriate. lou: especially since president obama in the two terms preceding mr. trump's said no n to the congress, told them to go to hell ever so quietly but it was
7:53 pm
a definite go to hell administration. is there anything that would restrain or constrain the president, president trump from saying exactly the same thing to the democratically-led congress? >> well you can look at the congressional budget office and they'll tell you in the final year of the barack obama administration there before more than $300 billion that was spent on programs that were not authorized by congress. and the secure fence act was authorized by congress and now the president wants to spend a few billion dollars to protect and secure the borders. it makes no sense. and these ten senators may not like that the president is trying to shift some funds, but it happens every month in congress and none of those senators can tell you that it's anything but that. it happens all of the time and they tacitly approve it month after month. it's a regular way of doing business. i'm not saying i like it, but it
7:54 pm
is a regular way of doing business. lou: and a regular way of doing business on capitol hill is bizarre indeed. jason chaffetz, good to have you with us. thanks so much. good to see you. up next, more on the radical dimms 24/7 efforts to bring down a president. stay with us. we'll be right back with more. i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, .. super poligrip.
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it's the most wonderful life on earth. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health lou: president trump accusing radical dimms of going as he put it, stone cold crazy. joe dip general extra says they
7:59 pm
resisted, resist, resist. >> people should refuse to give information. if they get subpoenas, take fifth. when you see what mueller did to michael flynn and george papadopoulos. they created phoney cases about lying when there were no lies. lou: disgraced, disbarred attorney michael cohen going back to capitol hill tomorrow. he'll be appearing before adam schiff's house intelligence committee. his fourth day before various committees over the past week. but he's convicted of lying to congress on top of everything else. socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez is denying accusations and she and her chief of staff used a pac as a
8:00 pm
million dollar slush fund during her congressional campaign last year. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow. [♪] trish: socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez facing new accusations much campaign finance fraud with a million dollars in question. where did it go. the many lying sides of the dem's star witness, michael cohen. he can't seem to keep his lies straight, so why are the democrats trusting anything he says. socialist dictator nicolas maduro speaking for the first time since juan guaido reentered the country. the new threats he made towards guaido as the country


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