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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EST

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accusations and she and her chief of staff used a pac as a million dollar slush fund during her congressional campaign last year. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. lauren: it is wednesday, march 6th. north korea on notice, new images reveal rebuilding of a key missile test site. the warning the u.s. just gave. michael bloomburg may be bowing out of a presidential run but he'sing taking on alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal and the coal industry. ever leave your dog in the back seat of an uber and not go back for it? ubers is releasing the craziest items we've left behind.
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good morning, everybody. let's take a look at how your money is moving at 5:00 cam. u.s. stock market futures right now, take a look at the dow, s&p and nasdaq, slightly lower after yesterday's choppy session. let's take a look at europe. 10:00, 11:00 in the morning there, the ftse up slightly, the cac index also just down slightly at this hour. asia, what happened overnight, mixed bag. the nikkei down, the kospi down in south korea, the hang seng in shanghai moving higher. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. good morning, i'm ashley webster, in today for cheryl casone. lauren: nice to be with you. welcome. thanks. [ laughtethanks.lauren: we begh korea. we have satellite images indicating north korea is restoring a missile launch site. this sparked concerns north
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korea may be wavering. john bolton told lou dobbs must completely give up nuclear weapons or face tougher sanctions. >> if they're not willing to do it, they're not going to get relief from the crushing economic sanctions that have been imposed on them and we'll look at ramping those sanctions up. lauren: this comes in the wake of last week's u.s./north korean summit meeting which failed to make headway on nuclear and sanctions issues. let's bring in riley walters to discuss all of this. riley, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. lauren: what does this say, that the north koreans are rebuilding this site, about the president's, president trump's negotiating strategy and also the possibility of a third summit? >> well, north korea has always been sort of an unreliable partner in these talks since the beginning. this is one of the reasons why
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it's been pressing that the president stayed tough on north korea, full pressure on both economic and diplomatic efforts. it's one of the reasons, one of the reasons why it was good for him to walk away from the past summit because, well, north korea -- it's unlikely that they will immediately cease their operations. lauren: have we made any progress with north korea? >> i wouldn't necessarily say that we have. we've probably taken steps backwards. we have stalled the military exercises that we have been conducting with south he korea every year. this has sort of a negative effect on our military capabilities, our readiness in the case of something happening with north korea. lauren: i'm wondering if we made any progress when it comes to the trade negotiations with china. i know we are very close to,, to quote secretary of state, we are
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close to a deal. when we look at the report on trade data that will arrive, for all of last year, the trade deficit with the rest of the world is expected to top $600 billion, which means under president trump it grew by about $100 billion. that can't be good news. what do you make of that? >> well, certainly the president's not going to like the news. the trade deficit specifically with china has been one of the targets of these negotiations. you know, there's a lot of misinformation or at least the folks in the white house believe that the trade deficit is inherently a bad thing. they usually relate it to unemployment, growing deficit means more unemployment. but this isn't necessarily true. if anything, the trade deficit is more connected with the strength of the u.s. economy. so the fact that we have a strong economy right now and the fact that china's economy is slowing means that the trade deficit is going to grow and whether a deal is made or not, that doesn't necessarily mean that the trade deficit will
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actually decrease either. lauren: let's listen to what the white house has to say about china's economy. this is larry kudlow with brett behr last night. >> i think china has been hurt more than we have. the china stock market really crashed for a while. now it's coming back on this better news. our stock market went down, had its correction, it's come back on better news. lauren: what do you make of that? >> you know, again, this white house has placed a lot of emphasis on the stock market but recent reports this week have shown that these tariffs -- from the beginning, americans have always been paying these tariffs. these taxes are only collected from american imports, consumers and producers alike. the economic cost, recent reports show the economic cost is mostly being borne by americans and not necessarily the chinese. has the chinese economy not been good recently? yes, that's a trend that's been happening over the past several
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years. lauren: they did lower their gdp forecast, beijing did, and also edward lawrence has been reporting that american companies are starting to shift their supply chains out china and that does affect the world's number two economy. we have to leave it there. riley walters, thank you so much for getting up with us this morning. also breaking overnight, former nissan chairman carlos ghosn released from prison after posting a $9 million bail. these images show him wearing a mask, glasses and a hat as he leaves the tokyo detention center. this comes after a judge rejected an appeal for prosecutors requesting his continued detention. ghosn was arrested in november and is charged with falsifying financial reports and a breach of trust of. he maintains his innocence. a date for his trial has not yet been set. lauren: this is a big deal that he's been released. usually you have to stay until your trial. all right, let's go to washington now. president trump is set to attend the american workforce policy advisory board meeting this
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afternoon. the white house has sent ceos from major companies including apl pell, walmart, home depot. it is co-chaired by ivanka trump and wilbur ross. they plan to discuss how the federal government can encourage the private sector to combat the skills crisis. wall street, it's back on the agenda for regulators. the wall street journal reporting the banking regulators are discussing reviving a proposal that would require big banks to defer some compensation for executives and take back bonuses if losses pile up. the rules are required by the dodd-frank law but never enforced because of agency pushback. three agencies are in talks to rewrite the rules. lauren: let's get to other headlines making news. we start with this. president trump declaring a national emergency in alabama. he's set to visit the state on friday. 23 people killed in the storms
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with seven members of one family among the dead. troops are staying in syria, president trump writing to members of congress, letting them know he yo agrees 100% with the troops presence remaining in the country. it was over two months ago, the president said u.s. forces would be returning home. california pushing back on the federal government's efforts to stop funding for the high speed rail. president trump slamming the project last month, calling it a, quote, green disaster. uber will not face charges. a driver for the company fatally hit a pedestrian last march in arizona driving a self-driving vehicle. the prosecutor said more evidence was needed. asleep at the wheel, a tesla driver is recorded sleeping while driving. the vehicle was going 75 miles an hour on the highway, showing the driver with his head back, asleep. tesla's not commenting on the video yet, ashley. i haven't seen the video yet. lauren: are you waiting for it.
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>> whatever it is, it does not sound good. let's take a look at u.s. futures right now as we get ready for another trading day and, well, suggesting we'll finish -- begin, rather, slightly lower. the dow off about a quarter of a percent, the s&p down 5, the nasdaq down 8, about a tenth of a percent. all right, coming up, confidence for theresa may's brexit plan is falling as a senior minister in her cabinet now says a delay to brexit is inevitable. we're going live to london for market reaction to that breaking news. and interesting, a medication associated with a club drug just got the stamp of approval to treat depression. interesting. details, next, on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ winds of change, blow in my direction. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh...
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ashley: breaking overnight, delaying brexit is now
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inevitable, even if prime minister theresa may's deal passes, that's the assessment of a senior minister who gave that interview to sky news a short time ago. the deadline for brin britain to leave the e.u., march 29th. the unidentified minister says legislation to finalize any deal could never happen in time, anyway. so what does this all mean? let's bring in michael houston from cnc markets in london. the brexit mess goes on, michael. a delay is inevitable. i've heard a growing number of people say that. do you believe it? >> well, i really don't see how the minister can arrive at that conclusion because in february 2017 when mps set the clock ticking on this article 50 process, the deadline was march the 29th at midnight. and that was done by an act of parliament. so by definition, it needs an act of parliament to reverse
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that process. so if this minister is saying that it's inevitable, then mps need to come up with a form of alternative legislation to reverse the process or the position that we're currently in on march 29th, so he's saying there's not enough time. well, they're going to have to make time. because ultimately in the absence of further legislation, we're leaving. ashley: whatever happens, if it is delayed, despite what you just said, if it is delayed, what does it mean for the markets, the uncertainty just goes on and also for the u.k. economy and the businesses who are trying to make their plans and go about their own business, what does this mean for the markets? >> well, officially you're right. it means the uncertainty continues. ultimately, i think there's a school of thought that's saying the delay is probably not the preferred option because what sort of delay are we talking about? are we talking about a delay
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that takes us up to the european elections? if the delay is longer than that does the u.k. stand in mps. march 2021, the transition period is due to expire. at the moment, this uncertainty, the e.u. would have to agree to an extension and agree on the basis of whether or not it would serve a useful purpose. as things stand, the default position is we leave and unless mps agree on a form of words or form of alternative that can get through the statute books and receive royal assent by the 29th of. ashleymarch.ashley: we are gete crunch period, so maybe we'll get answers, maybe we won't. thank you for joining us this morning. lauren: still ahead, alexandria ocasio-cortez wants you to give up air travel, so why isn't she? >> can you tell me why you're
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flying today? >> you i needed to go to work. >> and what is the difference between you -- lauren: the rest of the response that you have to hear when we return. plus, why an is aoc doing an about-face over amazon's new york exit. it could be double, double trouble for the shoe maker puma. why the popular fast food chain, in and out burger, is taking it to court. keep it right here, "fbn: a.m." ♪ we'll be coming back for you one day. ♪ i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball!
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♪ i've got a feeling. ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night. ashley: the fda approving a
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controversial new drug to treat depression. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning. while this drug could have some positive effects because of how quickly it works, there are some concerns about abuse. this is a nasal spray manufactured by johnson & johnson. it's called spravado, it's a close chemical reaction to ketamine, shown in studies to have a fast impact on depression symptoms. it is often abused as the party drug, named special k. so while this did not get -- it got mixed results in terms of the clinica cline clinical test. the fda gave its approval. it has to be administered by a medical professional, so the patient can be monitored. lauren: i guess this is good news for people who like the casual look. no more stiff suits orphan sigh dresse--or fancy dresses for t
5:21 am
work. lauren: goldman sachs changing up the trees code dress code, or flexibility. the majority of employees are millennials an. they say they have a broad and diverse client base and they want the clients to feel comfortable with and confident with the team. please dress in a manner consistent with your clients' expectations. doesn't mean you'll see employees wearing jeans to a meeting. they're asking employees to use their best judgment, what is appropriate, when it's appropriate. ashley: no shorts or flip-flops. lauren: you called them smart jeans, right, ashley? ashley: yes. lauren: i asked him what he was wearing to something once, he said smart jeans. ashley: the clean ones.
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lauren: without the expensive rips. ashley.ashley: first mayo-katc, what's next for heinz. tracee: heinz has released mayo based barbecue and mustard. they say they're putting it in a bottle, taking the guesswork out of the pe perfect condiment. people have been mixing mayonnaise and mustard, mayonnaise and barbecue sauce, now here it is in one bottle. what's next, mayo salsa, mayo relish. lauren: this week, drama over food themed footwear. tracee: puma's new sneakers were released this month. in and out chain, their colors are red and yellow, the
5:23 am
signature palm tree logo. they claim puma ripped off the trademark for the new tennis shoes, which are red and yellow with a palm tree stamped on the sneaker. they said you didn't get our permission, we asked you to stop using our look, our theme, so that's why they're suing, copyright infringement. lauren: tracee, thank you very much. ashley: let's take a look at u.s. futures right now. in and out looking futures. going to start the morning apparently slightly lower, the dow up about 2/10 of a percent, the s&p down 5, the nasdaq down a 1 0eth o tenth of a percent. michael bloomburg says i'm bowing out of a presidential bid, apparently. is that a sign the democrat party is moving too far left and too far towards socialism. and what would a mark cuban run mean for president trump in 2020?
5:24 am
wait for this. game of throne fans, game of thrones, plural, get excited. >> he's got many faces. i look forward to seeing this one. ashley: i look forward to seeing anything. that's as black as anything. someone turn a light on. more of the few trailer for the final season when we return on "fbn: a.m.."
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lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action night. we're waiting on the outcome of the u.s./china trade negotiations, dow futures down 49 points. nasdaq down 7. the ftse in london is up just 4
5:28 am
and-a-half points, the other markets slightly in the red. a brexit deal, we are hearing may be inevitable. we are watching that. and the chinese market, the shanghai com composite up 1 and-a-half percent, that's the big winner on the asia board. ashley: by most measures, the u.s. economy is going gangbusters, right? investors still remain on edge, growing i'm patient with the trade talks between u.s. and china. larry kudlow tried to alleviate the concerns on fox news last night, saying a deal is close. >> if china doesn't live up to its agreement, we have the right not only to keep tariffs but to raise tariffs and they will not retaliate. now, that's breakthrough stuff. we'll see if president xi agrees to that, but right now we are optimistic and this is probably closer than we've ever been before. ashley: well, of course there are other reasons to make investors nervous. housing of course being one of
5:29 am
them. new home sales eked out a tiny gain, reinforcing a weak market. let's bring in mitch h rochell d courtney domingus. mitch, let me begin with you, this u.s./china cloud has been hanging over the markets for quite some time. if we can get the deal done, everyone's happy, where can the market go from there? >> i think the market is pausing right now. we saw a run-up, what happened in the fourth quarter is we were oversold. beginning with 2019 perhaps we were overbought. i think the market's in a wait and see mode. we're getting closer on a china deal. i think if something happens and it looks like there's some teeth to it, looks like there's accountability in there, i think the market runs up because there's anticipation that there's growth ahead. ashley: courtney, let's take the other side of the coin. what if it turns out like the
5:30 am
most recent summit with north he korea and the president walks away or china walks away, what happens to the markets then? >> i think the markets are really pricing in right now the fact that a deal likely is going to happen right now. so i don't think that would be a good thing for the markets, if the negotiation doesn't get figured out here. in all likelihood, we're actually seeing that data is coming out that china's economy is slowing right now so they need a deal just as much as we do. so, yes, i don't think that would be great for the markets. i think the chance of that happening are pretty unlikely right now. ashley: let's get back to the u.s. economy. the end of last year, we had a terrible december for the markets but there was a talk of recession not that far away as we were heading into 2019. now, some of the data has been weak, especially housing that's struggling to get traction. how do you take the pulse of the u.s. economy right now? >> i think if you look at the gdp that came out at the end of last week, i'm pretty bullish on the strength of the economy. i think what happened last year
5:31 am
is they looked for any nugget that was negative and they sold into it. that hysteria is not happening right now. i think the consumer's very strong. you saw last week that people are saving record levels. incomes are rising ahead of inflation. i think on balance, and we could dig into housing, but on balance i believe the economy is very strong. the challenge is, other economies around the world may not be as strong. ashley: that's a good point. courtney, we've kind of heard from the fed and it's kind of a hands-off approach now. we've got doveish comments from jerome powell. we have a big jobs report coming up at the end of the week. where do we see wage growth starting to pick up? is there a concern that the fed may have to act sooner than it wants to? >> we're really in a strong economy right now. inflation hasn't kicked in. i think until we see that happen, the fed's not going to need to raise interest rates here. that being said, i think we can probably sustain at least another one interest rate increase this year.
5:32 am
but as of right now, they're really not saying they're going to have to be doing that. and that's really adding to a lot of this optimism and this bullish economy, so i don't think we're necessarily nearing that in the near future. ashley: that's good news for the market. mitch finally to you. i'm told there's a ton of money on the sideline right now, people a little hesitant to get in. do you see that trend changing any time soon? >> i think the money on the sidelines is probably the same wall that's been there for a while. they're looking for something. i would say going to what we talked about at the top of the segment, i think something on china would be the thank could break some of that cash out in either direction. ashley: all right. we'll see. mitch, courtney, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. lauren: billionaire mayor michael bloomburg decides not to run for president. he's saying, quote, i am clear-eyed about the difficulty of winning the democratic
5:33 am
nomination in such a crowded field. daily caller reporter emily larson joins us now. emily, is there a path, a viable path for independents possibly running against the 14 or so democrats that have already entered their name in the ring here? >> well, it depends on what you mean by viable. in the sense that you have these billionaires like steyer and mark cuban who toyed with the idea of potentially running. they could certainly self-finance their campaign. we haven't had a good track record of independent candidates having a chance to win the election, although they could definitely cause a lot of problems for people who want to defeat trump in 2020. there's always a concern with people who are running independent candidates, green party candidates, libertarian candidates, when you have razor
5:34 am
thin margins in swing states and people may see them as a spoiler for 2020. lauren: you brought up tom steyer, one of the billionaires that is giving trump a run for his money in 2020, not because he's intending to run for office but the money he's putting behind, trying to defeat president trump in other ways. yesterday congressman jim jordan tweeted there is zero evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign and russia. tv commercials from tom steyer won't change that. president trump tweeted, weirdo tom steyer doesn't have the money or guts to run for president. he's all talk. what do you make of the billionaire money coming in to try defeat the president with this ad campaign. >> i think the billionaires like steyer and michael bloomburg think it's better use of time and money to run activism campaigns and try to pressure, in the case of steyer, more moderate republicans and other democrats to take the initiative
5:35 am
to proceed with impeachment proceedings rather than spending all of their money on consultants and campaign staff in a very crowded democratic field. so that's a decision that they've had to make and such a crowded field it's probably going to be more effective than a presidential campaign. lauren: michael bloomburg is spending a lot of his money we now not to run, he's taken his name out of consideration for the presidency but he wrote in a bloomburg news site a long piece saying why he's not running, where he's putting his money and he targets alexandria ocasio-cortez and her green new deal. he says this stands, quote, no chance of passage in the senate but then he offers an alternative and that's this campaign he's launching, called beyond carbon, an initiative to get us to 100% clean energy economy in the next 11 years. what's your take on that?
5:36 am
>> well, the one thing that's really interesting about the contrast between the green new deal and what bloomburg is doing with this beyond carbon initiative is that he is looking for 100% clean energy, whereas the green new deal is looking at 100% renewable and carbon-free energy, which leaves out -- which doesn't leave room for things like nuclear power and in some cases hydropower, where bloomburg does support nuclear power and a lots o a lot of ther energy sources that are not necessarily supported by the far left wing green new deal activism wings of the democratic party. so i think that he thinks his money is going to be better spent trying to push for more likely solutions to climate change than the green new deal can offer. lauren: got it. emily larson, thank you very much. >> thank you. ashley: all right. here are some other headlines making news this morning for you.
5:37 am
no punishment for congresswoman ilhan omar, facing backlash over latest comments some say are anti-semetic. right now she sits on the foreign affairs committee. many are calling for her to be stripped of her seat. the chair said he's not close to doing that. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez backtracking on her position on amazon's second headquarters in new york city. now she's not ruling out the possibility of hq2. could be too late. she says local communities must be consulted. her green new deal calls for replacing planes with high speed trains but she just hopped on a flight to washington from new york. she defends her decision in a fox news exclusive. >> can you tell me why you are flying today? >> oh, yeah, because i needed to go to work. >> all right. and then what is the difference between you taking a flight and -- >> ki----
5:38 am
>> couple hours of my constituent's time. ashley: there's a high speed train from new york to dc that takes three hours. hello kitty is about to make a film debut. i'm so excited i can't even say it. warner brothers won the rights to the movie based on the wildly popular character. she was created back in 1974. it's the first time she'll appear in a movie. the hello kitty empire by the way, don't laugh, it's worth $6 billion. plus, it may be march but winter is coming. ♪ >> i promise to fight for the living. i intend to keep that promise. ashley: those dragons are cool. the trailer for game of thrones finally arriving and it's taking over the internet. it's the first extended look at the show's final season. so far, the trailer has been viewed more than 19 million times. and that is what's happening. lauren: not by me, ash.
5:39 am
ashley: nor me. lauren: i haven't watched any game of thrones. ashley: i watched the first couple seasons but got bored. lauren: those are fighting words. ashley: turned into a teenage boy's fantasy. lauren: let's take a look at futures, dow is down 47, nasdaq down 6. coming up, house democrats propose a new plan to tax the wealthy, setting their sights on financial transactions. what impact that could have on the stock market and the future of investing in the united states. and mike tyson believe it or not still has it. check this out. a video of the 52-year-old boxer that is going viral. you don't want to go up against him? ashley: no, thank you. hello kitty maybe. hello kitty maybe. ♪ voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay?
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ashley: democrats are taking aim at wall street with their new financial transaction tax. how will that affect the everyday investor? joining us for more on this is the president of diversified private wealth advisors, dominic tevela. thanks for joining us this morning. good idea? bad idea? let's start there. >> well, any time you're increasing taxes and you're increasing taxes to the average person on the street, it's a bad idea. so this is another one of those let's tax -- find some excuse to find a new tax, figure out it's not going to hurt the average person on the street, and it
5:43 am
actually does. ashley: how does it hurt the average investor, dominic? >> it's all about fees, right? if you're looking at a typical mutual fund, pension fund out there, retirement system in california or the new york state pension system, they're trading stocks, they're trading bonds, managing a portfolio for their retirees, they're managing portfolios for shareholders in the case of a mutual fund. any time there's a transaction cost, somebody's got to eat that cost. that's part of the operating expense of that -- whether it's a mutual fund or trust account. that cost gets passed on to the beneficiaries of those accounts. so instead of getting a lower cost operating entity, they're getting a higher expense. that comes out directly in a fee that they pay, or it comes out indirectly in asset management charge that they pay. ashley: also, it could hurt businesses too, right, dominic? if you think it through, business is trying to raise capital, it could hurt them in that sense, businesses that want
5:44 am
to expand and create jobs. >> look, we haven't seen the final language. we're only getting bits and pieces of it. some of it they say they might not initially impose the tax on i.p.o.s, so it's possible some of the initial public offerings might be exempt from this. but i look at the everyday 401-k participant, ira, their fees, their costs are going higher. their total return is going lower. and at the end of the day, it's just about raising revenue so they can go and spend it on pet projects. ashley: very quickly, dominic, on the other side of the argument they would say this tax over the next 10 years would raise $777 billion which would put a nice dent in the deficit. how would you respond? >> if they arrest get it for -- target it for the deficit, if they target it for social security or medicare, you could argue there's a real benefit that the average person on the
5:45 am
street is going to get out of this. this is going to go for windmills or some other project that at the end of the day will be more wasted money. ashley: goes into the greater business as they say. thank you for getting up with us this morning. appreciate it. lauren: we're midway through the week and a mixed bag from stocks around the world. here in the u.s., down arrows to start your wednesday, dow futures off about 50 points this morning. up next, more concerns mounting over the nfl's number one draft pick. why kai lettewhy kyleer murray . plus, why this guy is wanted for crimes against nature. what did he do? he looks so sweet. ashley: he kind of looks guilty, i think. ♪ let the sun shine. ♪ let the sun sh' sun shine i. all in one place. because when it's decision time...
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lauren: pongs tawny phil wanted for crimes against nature. police and fire departments across the country are calling on phil to go to groundhog jail. what did he do? he predicted an early spring. it never came, ashley. ashley: if ever there was a guilty looking groundhog -- lauren: there he is, right there. ashley: more winter weather is on the way today. janice dean is here with the latlatest. there's 15 days until spring officially. janice: is going to arrest me as well. ashley: never. janice: i look good in orange. take a look at the wind chill, it feels like winter as far soutsouth as gulf coast. it feels like 30 in dallas.
5:50 am
there's freeze warnings from texas to the florida panhandle, up to south carolina, meaning it will be below freezing for the next several hours. we warm up a little bit, 40s and 50s, and we go back to the freezing mark as we head into thursday. this is lingering arctic air as far south as the gulf. we have a storm system moving into the west coast, more heavy rain for california, more heavy snow for sierra and the rocky as the system eventually moves inland and across areas of the central u.s. over the next couple days. on the good side of this, great skiing out west. lauren: so glad you said that, janice. i was just in aspen and they expect to ski through april and maybe in june. janice: there's your silver lining. lauren: the snow has been so good. ashley: aspen, very nice. lauren: well, it's another story. we'll talk later.
5:51 am
ashley: a former adidas executive sentenced on bribery charges. lauren: what did he do exactly? jared max is here. hey, jared. >> it's part of the ncaa scandal finally unfolding. jim gatto was sentenced to nine months in federal prison after being convicted for funneling payments to families of top high school basketball recruits they bribed to attend adidas sponsored universities. adidas not accused of wrong doing. should kyler smith maybe -- kyler murray, i should say, he ditched a multimillion dollar deal with the oakland a's in hopes of being a draft pick with the nfl. his reviews left a lot to be desired. charlie casterly heard from multiple teams that he didn't meet the standards of leadership, study habits and board work.
5:52 am
arizona cardinals hold the first pick. according to the l.a. times, the angels have been in touch with major league baseball regarding harper's comments about possible tampering. mlb rules prohibit players from enticing other players while under contract. that's when trout will be a free agent. your cash no longer good here, says mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta. beginning friday, they will be cashless. they hope to speed things up and eliminate costs like counting cash and paying guards to transfer that money. and the popular $2 hot dog will now be $1.50, they're lowering some prices by 50-cents. the posted price, which was a round dollar amount, now it's plus tax. so in a way it will be more expensive. ashley: going to tax my hot dog? >> $1.50 hot dog, i'll take six.
5:53 am
lauren: you've got to pay with it with a credit card. >> you can use the kiosk. lauren: what's going on here? >> mike tyson, unbelievable, 52 years old, he's showing he still has it, obviously. former champ, look at that, i wouldn't get in the room with rh him, would you? ashley: he's moving remarkably -- >> it's mesmerizing to watch. lauren: that's been viewed 2 million times. >> over 2 million times. lauren: you can catch jared's sports reports on forks news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. ashley: kfc is cooking up more than chicken. how about a kfc hot tub? so many things you could say. uber releases its list of the craziest things people have left in a uber, that shocking list is next. ♪ every day is a winding road.
5:54 am
♪ i guess a littl get a little .
5:55 am
. .
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5:57 am
lauren: now they have taken it to a whole new level. ashley: have they ever. tracee carrasco joins us more on that. tracee: how about kfc-shaped hot tub. look at that. some things that kfc might come come up with but they are relying on fans to help crowd fund, can now be part of the process for these projects. kfc says once the projects are fully funded they will start
5:58 am
working on them, if you want to see the kfc hot tub maybe in someone's backyard, help kfc out. ashley: giant pieces of chicken. good stuff. the strangest list of items left behind in aruba. tracee: lost and found index, pretty strange things left in an uber. how about 8 week-old chihuahua, gold teeth, deer antler, pretty strange things, forgotten items, phone, camera, wallet, keys, purse, backpack, those are the top 5. lauren: i look back to make sure but i still forget things. tracee: i've left my phone. ashley: the elvis cape, where do
5:59 am
i go to get it back? tracee: you need to contact uber, might be a lengthy process but they have somewhere. tsa as well. lauren: what did you leave in grand central? ashley: an umbrella but it was a nice one. let's take a look at futures while we are waiting here, take a look at how the day going to start on wall street. we had a choppy session yesterday, today, slightly lower. the s&p down same number about 4 points. nasdaq 2, down 6, down about a tenth of a percent. lauren: hopefully we can reverse things come closing bell. here is mornings with maria. maria: hello, there lauren, hello there, ashley.
6:00 am
thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday march sixth, top stories right now before the 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news, carlos goshn is now out of jail, former nissan chairman walking out of tokyo prison after more than 3 months behind bars, we have all of the developments this morning right here. general electric lowering expectations, the stock sliding yesterday, taking the market wit on new comments from ceo larry about the company's turnaround, speaking at jpmorgan conference and hitting the stock immediately. resignation means for the fight against vaping and jewel. plus this alexandria ocasio-cortez backing track on amazon headquarters too now as she's saying as two more billboard popping up on times square sending message on green new deal. mornings with maria begins right now


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