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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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remember to follow me on twitter ralt lou dobbs and instagram @loudobbstonight. good night from new york. [♪] trish: breaking right now. a major warning from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen as the number of migrants at our boarpder hits a new record. nancy pelosi trying to cover up for congresswoman ilhan omar's anti-semitic comments. the brutal socialist dictatorship in venezuela detaining another american journalist. venezuelan thugs rating codywedy
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weddle's home and taking him into custody. are we inching closer to u.s. military involvement in the region? four-star general jack keane is here on that. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. tonight the crisis at our southern border reaching a breaking pointed with more than 76,000 illegal migrants crossing the border in just the last month alone. border patrol agents are struggling to deal with this surge of migrants arriving at a rate of 2,200 a day. the homeland security secretary delivering a warning to lawmakers saying these numbers are not sustainable. >> the projections are dire.
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at the current pace we are on track tone counter close to 1 million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. our capacity is already severely restrained. but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. trish: joining me, mercedes schlapp. when you are talking about a million people potentially at our border. she is saying it's a national crisis, the democrats say it's made up. >> not only did she say it wasn't just a crisis but an emergency. wire in an emergency status at this point. what is striking is you have the democrats, the homeland security chairman, representative thomas saying this is a non-existent emergency.
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democrats are in complete denial of what's happening at the border. secretary nielsen made a strong case before the committee saying we are at a breaking point where we are losing operational control of the southern border because of the mere fact that you have these individuals, these illegal aliens that are basically taking advantage of our broken immigration system and it's why we need to insure not only do weed build the wall, the barrier, and have the technology at the border, but also close these legal loopholes so that our border patrol agents can detain and remove these individuals who are entering our country illegally. trish: do you think people will try to rush the border in part because they think it's harder to do. if you consider the way the system works and the way the laws work, it's easier to come in if you have a child with you.
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so of course one of the things i worry about is kids being put in harm's way because they may be a ticket in, at least to less of a detention period. >> that's a very good point. if we have seen in terms of family units is an increase of 300% in the last two years. the unaccompanied minors are coming at a dramatic rate. why? because we have a law in place that basically -- which is a problem. it treats different allows unaccompanied minors to come into the united states it's focused on the central americans more than anyone else. if you are mexican you come in illegally, agents detain you and return you back to your country. if you are from central america
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it's a whole new set of rules. this was passed years ago when senator feinstein introduced this bill. since the process takes longer to get through, in essence basically we do not have the resources or the capability or facilities to hold these individuals coming in illegally. so it's a broken immigration system and congress needs to fix it. they need to make it change legally. trish: we run the sound over and over again for the viewer. but basically all the democrats at one point supported more security. i quoted dianne feinstein because she said we can't be the welfare system for mexico. there was a school of thought in the democratic party that you did need to protect our borders.
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where, it gone? >> the democrats have adopted an extreme agenda to abolish i.c.e. the democratic contingency are looking at what i would call extreme ideas which are harmful to our national security. they have no desire to close the borders. they have no desire to help our border control agents gain operational control of our southern border. they are putting politics in front of nag tall security. trish: you are going to bring all these people here and they are going to vote? if they are here illegally they are not supposed to vote. >> the democrats are in fewer denial. they are the ones saying this is not an emergency. they are saying it's a manufactured crisis. president trump has listened to
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secretary nielsen and our career border patrol agents saying what do you all need. we need to build the wall, when need to make sure congress closes the legal loopholes to insure they have the resources necessary to deal with the problems at the ports off entry and between the ports of entry where illegals are coming through, and women taking this dangerous journey, one in three are being sexually assaulted. it's a national security and humanitarian crisis the democrats continue to deny. trish: the drum beat of the democrats impeaching the president is going farther. rashidrashida tlaib says she plo
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introduce impeachment by the end of the month. >> bullies don't win. and i said, baby, they don't. we are going to go in there and we are going to [bleep]. trish: she is not only one. >> there are voices all over america crying for impeachment. and they have a right to do that. that's a voice that will be heard. >> i do think there is enough there for impeachment. if asked, i would vote on it. >> i'm one of just a few who have insisted he's unworthy, he's deplorable, he's despicable and he should be impeached. trish: do you have any idea how irresponsible this is? what is one of the things you learned as a kid about what makes this country great?
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we have a transition of power. you have democrats so mad that hillary clinton didn't get elected that they are trying to do anything they to be impeach the president. if i'm vladimir putin i'm pretty darn happy that all this animosity is being directed at the president of the united states. my next guest says democrats are use their control over powerful house committees as a tool to impeach the president of the united states. chairman of the republican study committee. make johnson. good to see you. walk me trite. >> i would say it's dangerous. our chairman and house judiciary committee have weaponized the oversight responsibility of the congress. and that's a dangerous development for our republic. this is an important part of our
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uniquely important system of checks and balances. that oversight responsibility was not meant to be used as a weapon for political retribution. but that's what they are doing tonight and for many weeks to come. trish: we have been doing a lot of reporting on venezuela. when you look some of the these governments that have deteriorated in latin america, you see an example of this. venezuela is perhaps the worst example of socialism. but completely dysfunctional. their governments are completely dysfunctional, and that's the track we are heating on. but we do have a senate, and hopefully there are more responsible players within the senate. i realize you are in the house and you guise have rogue player there that want to push this for political reasons. do you think the senate would go along with what the house does?
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>> i don't believe the senate will go along with it. but they have to get through the house first. i told the president myself yesterday. i told the president on house judiciary we'll dosing we can to uphold the rule of law and make sure our processes are not abused. if chairman nadler and other senators are about the rule of law, they will defend the integrity of our institution. they will defend the proper exercise of your constitutional responsibility. what they are doing right now is the opposite of that. and we'll take them to task every single step along the way. trish: does it backfire on them come 2020? i don't think americans deep down like it? >> they don't. there is a radical fringe element in the democratic party that is literally taking over. they are driving the agenda and
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they are making it difficult for the moderates to do their job. we have important work to do for the american people. it's so unfortunate. trish: bad for the country. but perhaps good for the president come 2020. congressman johnson, thank you so much. dictator nicolas maduro detaining an american journalist in venezuela all because of his positive coverage of opposition leader juan guaido. "trish regan primetime" has exclusive details how this all went down. reaction from retired four-star general jack keane. and house speaker nancy pelosi coming to congresswoman ilhan omar's defense saying her tweets were not intentionally anti-semitic.
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tub * nicolas maduro's regime just detained another journalist. 29-year-old american cody weddle. he had been living in caracas for nearly five years. the state department is calling for his immediate release. i just spoke with alexandra forsyth. her father is in custody in caracas. she says the same counter-intelligence group that
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picked up her dad raided cody weddle home and took him. juan guaido has emerged as a superstar in venezuela. he's calling on all venezuelans to launch a national trike to show their displeasure for the nicolas maduro government. the question is when does this socialist dictatorship actually fail once and for all. choing me now, retired four star general jack keane. what is it going to take? how does this progress here? nicolas maduro is hanging on, yet we are doing sanctions. he's again financially put off from the free world but he's still there. >> he has something of a
8:19 pm
lifeline. i think our approach is right on the mark. there are two things we are doing. one clearly is to find every lever we can in terms of economic sanctions to apply to him. we listened with some encouragement when ambassador bolton talked about more sanctions on the countries and bakes still doing business with maduro. a step in the right direct. the state department is looking for any possible lever they have to keep this pressure on him. that's step one. number two is the leadership inside of venezuela. the opposition leadership, now the president of the country. and him as popular as he is, it's going to take civil protests likely by the hundreds of thousands taking risks to themselves to put the added pressure not on maduro so much,
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but on the military. and begin to create more an erosion with that military. i still think while a mill opening is on the table, i don't believe the united states will seriously consider a military option until such time as this consensus in the region to do it. trish: i was just in bogota last monday, and the lima group said we don't want to see this military action there. but that makes sense to me, general. who wants to go trait to that. you and i talked about this before. you would rather be in a position of being able to use sanctions and economic force rather than actually have to use real force. but i guess the question is at what point does the population say enough, let's not forget,
8:21 pm
it's not just maduro, it's the people. >> i think if you get the civil protests at the level they should be at, and he up leashes the military on that. he has held his military back because he doesn't want them directly involved in harming the people. he used his goons, the para-military force to do it. that would be a turning point if something like that happened. he wouldn't hesitate to do it if he thought the sill protests were strong enough to threaten him. he would use force like assad and the iranians used force. trish: they have hurt a lot of people and intimidated a lot of people. they are using fear as a tactic. fear and food, by the way. the on way you get to eat in
8:22 pm
venezuela right now is if you say you are going to support that regime. >> think of the people that advise them. the chinese, the russians, the cubans. they are all part of this. the hostage taking. they are taking a chapter out of the iranian playbook. the iranians have always had hostages. they want them for political learn when things aren't going their way. obviously things aren't going maduro's way and he's using that. the iranians use force successfully on their own people. assad used force. he killed 500,000 people using force and he's still there. trish: at what point do we say this is not right, it's a humanitarian crisis, these people need help. at what point do we commit and should we commit resources.
8:23 pm
>> to commit military resources, first of all this is not syria or iran. this is south america. this is the americas. we are part of that. so we look at that completely different than we do other places in the world. trish: because it's part of our hemisphere? >> yes. and we have been -- we have taken military action in this hemisphere. we took noriega out in 1989. and we went back again in 1994 to get rid of a military dictator in hate he. so we have taken action before. but i think in consult with the other countries in the region, when the consensus is achieved that well, nothing else is going to work, then the us us -- thene united states is in concert
8:24 pm
willing to take some action. trish: i have some good news. i can confirm for you that cody weddle has been freed, he's heading home to the united states of america on a flight very soon. that's some very good news there. the 29-year-old journalist for miami 1010 out of florida has been freed. why are they taking these people is beyond me. coming up. house speaker nancy pelosi coming to ilhan omar's defense saying her anti-semitic tweets were not intentional. she is making anti-semitic remarks over and over again, and you want to tell me none of that was intentional. we were not born yesterday. please show some leadership. hate speech is hate speech.
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>> it's omar from somalia. she is talking about the benjies. and they are trying to make her apool jies. sweetheart, don't do that. you have nothing to apologize for. israel and aipac pays off senators in congress. >> in this country that says it's okay for people to push for allegiance to foreign countries. >> we'll answer questions later after the press conference. >> do you work for israel? how much do you get paid?
8:30 pm
trish: nancy pelosi refusing to condemn ilhan omar. she said she didn't think omar's tweets were intentionally anti-semitic. do i have to remind pelosi that this is hardly the first anti-semitic comment from the congresswoman? let's be honest. because no one believes that i will than oh mayors doing this unintention alley. -- unintentionally. shame on the democrats for not calling out this hate. they refuse to call out ilhan
8:31 pm
omar who has made her hatred of israel abundantly clear to the world. the democrats refuse to call out lewis farrakhan. and yet he's held up as a leader by the women who organize the women's march. they are telling high school students they can't wear the maga red hat. colleges are out there banning trump signs during presidential elections. the candidate that has been chosen as the republican nominee is hate speech if you support him? why are the democrats determining what hate speech is when they cannot recognize the hateful anti-semitic rhetoric of their own party. the dems have many problems
8:32 pm
right now from socialism and their fascination with it from anti-semitism. if they continue on this path, they should be shunned by all of america. israel is, will and should always be our ally. and we are lucky that the nations have so many extraordinary jewish americans. my advice to nancy pelosi, be very careful of this moment. show some leadership, please, and call omar's rhetoric out for what it really is. here with me to react to all of it, marc lotter. mark, let's be intellectually honest. if you see what she is saying and read her tweets, then you say she didn't might and start to defend it, i'm wondering what you think, nancy pelosi, where
8:33 pm
your loyalties are. this anti-semitism creeping into the left right now, it's not who america has ever been. >> trish, one of the things we have to realize, this is not anything new. the democrat party is the partist louis fa farrakhan. this is not a new phenomenon with the democrats. it's something they have been dealing with, trying to keep undercover. and it's coming to light. they can't even get their own members to stand up and condemn anti-semitism. meanwhile you have got president trump who is probably one of the most of pro-israel presidents in united states history on the other side. the people of israel know where
8:34 pm
america stands with president trump. and most of americans know we stand with israel under this leadership. trish: they paint this president as anti-semitic, or try to. >> they try to payments him as something every single day that he wakes up in the white house. but israel knows it has a friend in the trump administration. it should not be difficult for congress to come together, for democrats to come together and condemn anti-semitism. trish: if you were nancy pelosi, wouldn't you say there is no place for this kind of receipt flick this society. and you are off that committee. it's too important? >> you would think that would be one of the easiest steps she could take. but it shows the tenuous hold she has on the democrat caucus
8:35 pm
and the fact the radicals have taken over. she is more tied to what does aoc and others say. it just shows you how far to the left the democrats have gone. trish: it's good for you and good for republicans. >> while it's politically, it's bad for america. trish: we are getting to the point where it's highly ungovernable. it's good to see you. thank you so much. lots more coming up. italy officially launching its universal basic income. and some far left democrats like it. warning how government handouts and socialism would destroy america if they succeed. -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie.
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trish: breaking tonight. italy attempting to appeal to the masses. a universal basic income $900 a month. >> we should explore ideas like universal basic incoming to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas. >> it's not socialism. it's capitalism where income doesn't start at zero. >> a 1,000 a month income. that's the way the economy works. trish: they give you money, then you go spend it. except that it doesn't work. venezuela is proof.
8:41 pm
joining me now, hugo gordon. i get a kick out of this, yet i don't it's serious that this is gaining traction. every wants something for nothing. what is the price the society and political system pays should they go down this road? >> it would be an enormous price. there is an old maxim if you may people to do nothing, that's what they will do. there is an incentive for people not to work. the way i am been introduced in italy. your story about italy introduction it just today, they introduced it in a way that discourages work. in the united states it would cost between $3 trillion and $4 trillion a year. trish: you are talking about an economy that's $19 trillion. if you are going to spend $4
8:42 pm
trillion of taxpayer money on this hand outsystem, that's a lot. >> it's a huge amount. there are some theory you could introduce it instead of the other benefits. you would give everybody a basic income. but you would have to eliminate social security. if anyone believes the democrats would eliminate all the other benefits and include this in their green new deal, they are dreaming. >> part of the problem with government and we have seen this over and over again it was the mantra where i group new hampshire. you have to keep government on a short leash. what government has, government will spend. once they have got it, they keep weren'ting more and more. i could see a scenario where you say we are going to get the universal income. wait will mean is more than more government has control over this
8:43 pm
redistribution of wealth and it stops an economy right in its tracks to get back to venezuela in less than 20 years you have seen an economy literally collapse to the point where streets are on fire and people are starving to death, and they are desperate for some kind of change. but the economic system could not support the people, and thus politically the leaders became very oppressive because they knew that was their only way to stay in power. >> that's one of the fascinating things about venezuela. we are watching socialism destroy a country in real-time. all the people who say the probably with socialism is it wasn't tried properly. and at the same time they are actually want to go introduce it here in the green new deal.
8:44 pm
we are just watching what actually happens which you do that right now in venezuela. >> it should be a warning for all of us. very good important political case study that ended so tragically. it's good to see you. thank you. coming up. socialist dictator nicolas maduro forging closer ties with russia as he desperately tries to cling to power. i'm talking to the american man venezuela owes a lot of money to. but he's optimistic and he wants to help rebuild this country. exclusive details on what dictator maduro is trying to do at this very moment safeguard his assets and why it's never going to work when we return. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one!
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trish: nicolas maduro is finalizing a plan to move some of the say the-run oil operations to moscow. hans, good to see you. talk about how cut off maduro is
8:49 pm
financially. >> with the new sanctions u.s. put in place, it's extremely difficult for the maduro regime to get cash flow. which is why they are moving pdvsa to moscow. they have to look anywhere they can get it. so the indians, chinese and russians are their only source of revenue at all. so until that cash gets blocked off, they may survive, but not for long. trish: how does it work? if they are so heavily sanctioned. no player we are friend with can do business with them. for the oil to get from venezuela to cuba or wherever else it's intended to go, i imagine some money has to exchange hands. do they not send them oil
8:50 pm
anywhere? >> the open they send to cuba is basically bartered. they send 60,000 barrels a day to cuba. cuba can process 50,000 barrels and the rest they sell to the market. that's in exchange for health services, sports training and mostly because of the intelligence cuba provide the maduro regime. the oil shipments that go to china and india. it's expensive to export it but they can get paid for that. my sense is the sources of revenue will be crimped further with additional sanctions coming up. trish: you have basically two sets of people running -- if anybody is running the country, pdvsa. you have these parallel boards,
8:51 pm
parallel teams running pdvsa. who is really running it? >> i think in this case, kit go is an american -- citgo is an american company. so the guaido board is moving into the facilities. and i expect the next few weeks it will be effectively managed by the people president guaido has put into power. trish: we saw juan guaido calling for a national strike, a million-plus workhorse would not be going to work, but would be protesting the maduro regime. could that be a tipping point? >> absolutely. when you thrift philippines calling for a national day of prayer stopped the country in its track. if guaido can get the unions to go on strike. the few pdvsa workers who are
8:52 pm
actually productive don't show up, that will have to be the beginning of the end for the maduro regime. they will not be able to operate if they have no cash flow. trish: how long can they lost in this interim space where they are turning to the likes of russia and china. i imagine in due time less so because of the sanctions we are putting in place that will make it more difficult for some of this money to transfer to some of those bank accounts. but how long do they have? >> who knows. they lasts longer than people thought in were expectations by much of the world when juan guaido came out that the -- the maduro regime would crumble quickly. but you are dealing with people in the regime who are relatively well practiced at doing this kind of thing. we have to expect they have more
8:53 pm
staying power than we would think given their financial resources. along those lines, if the plan would be that maduro decides even if i have few resources and revenues i will starve the people to keep generals in power. we'll have to come up with a well fleshed out amnesty package. if you leave now, you get this. otherwise, who knows. trish: they have golden parachutes in the business world. a ceo screws up but they still get an exit deal. as we heard rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden. he said last night on this set he's convinced it could be a horrific ending for maduro if he doesn't take an amnesty deal.
8:54 pm
>> it's not just the horrific ending for possibly ma dur i, it's the horrific ending for the country if it gets really bad. if you don't figure out a way too get an exit ramp for the military guys underneath him to step aside and join with a new local process, new democracy, you could end up with you a civil war in the country. trish: you are saying you still need a voice at the table and maduro will have a role going forward in venezuela? >> it depend on who you talk to. you still have 20-25 percent support for maduro. they probably need some representatives in their electoral process. i don't think they would win.
8:55 pm
trish: that's part of the amnesty deal as well? >> you will have to get something like the truth and reconciliation process in south africa to build these bridges. the venezuelans i have been with the past few days are looking for the united states to be the voice of reason in this. i think internationally people are looking to the united states to provide guidance. at this stage it means having a thoughtful process what to offer to the maduro people to get them to transition out of power. trish: thank you so much. more "trish regan primetime" next. ything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain.
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the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid.
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this evening from new york, the american journalist, turn on your old -- heading back to miami tomorrow. a little good news there. we are continuing to follow the story. have a great night.kennedy is next. kennedy: thank you, trish! hey, democrats, this shouldn't be tough, condemn anti-semitism and its forms individually and as a party. first, because obviously it is the right thing to do. second, because if you don't, the moral high ground will be totally erased. and the unfortunate situation stems from more comments made last week by minnesota freshman democratic congresswoman ilhan omar take it away! >> in this country -- push


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