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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 6, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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smyrna on the show, look at his back! three of the greatest people that i know. buck sexton, emily campania and brian -- let's get rational. have a beautiful night! good night. lou: good evening, everybody. illegal immigration is surging and so is the nation's trade deficit. the deficit in fact the highest ever. the deficit with china a record high as well. the national emergency is worsening. the border control calling it unsustainable a as record number of families have been apprehended breaking the yearly record just five months into this fiscal year. the department of homeland security expecting a million illegal immigrants to be arrested this year, in addition to what could be, as many as
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3 million illegals who avoid apprehension all together. white house press secretary sarah sanders calling out the radical left's ignorance on border security. >> it is absolutely abhorrent that democrats are still refusing to acknowledge the crisis on the border, particularly when barack obama himself even called it a crisis in 2014. we know exactly what it is and it's time they start doing their jobs and actually fixing it. they should follow the president. he is actually leading. it's time that somebody step up and follow the president and fix this problem. lou: and i would nominate first of all to follow him the secretary of the department of homeland security. tonight we take up the national security crisis at the border, the president's unceasing fight for border security, and, oh, yes, let's not forget the wall. congressman matt gaetz, jim jordan, republican strategist ed rollins, former dh special agent
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tim ballard here with us tonight. the radical dimms couldn't find themselves voting against the stain in the democratic party. instead they're defending congresswoman ilhan omar. omar's inflammatory anti-semitic rhetoric apparently not much for the dimms to renounce nor remove her from the foreign affairs committee. listen to how committee chair elliott ingle responded to question as to whether he was close from withdrawing omar from the committee. >> no, i'm not close to it. first of all, it's not up to me. this is done by the leadership. i don't know that that would be anything except exacerbate the situation more. i'm looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody.
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i think it's very important that we keep our eye on the prize. lou: remember those words, "keep your eye on the prize." we take it up tonight, charlie hurt trump 2020 press secretary, kelly mcnelly join us. and the u.s. trade deficit sore to a u.s. high as exports to china decline. what would that deficit has been unless president trump had put tariffs on chinese goods. perhaps the tariff should be higher. what do you think? is high, for example what china puts on u.s. exports to china as the president said time and time again, only fair and reciprocal trade will expend the runaway. why not act accordingly. tonight i'll talk up what appears to be a profound and defining change on the president's policies on the workplace, immigration and
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support for working men and women in the middle class. this is a sad day without question. we take up that and of course much more here tonight. our top story, the democrats waldemocratswol lowing in disard in sight. the dimms hiding kowtowing within radical groups calling on the radical party to water down a resolution that would condemn anti-semitism. president trump slammed if feckless dimms tweeting it is shameful that the house democrats won't take a stronger stand against ant semitism in their conference. it's inconceivable they will not act to condemn it. but fail to act they did. the dimms actively subverting the president as well on national security, ignoring the crisis at our border. more than 2,000 illegal immigrants are being apprehended
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each and every day at the worder. since october more than 268,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended. a 97% increase, almost double the same period a year ago. despite this the radical dimms are committed to a pretense that the border crisis doesn't exist at all. joining me now on the shocking and per vase i dysfunction on capitol hill and what is going on with those radical dimms, congressman matt gaetz, a member of the armed services committee. congressmen, as always, it is awfully good to see you. let's turn to the house dimms. unable to condemn anti-semitism? >> something is going on right you in thnow in the democratic . you eve got new pipe swinging progressives that are not like those in the early '90s and they're driving the message and the agenda and the energy within
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the democratic party right now. and when one of their own, ilhan omar was concerned that one of the older more established democrats were singling her out, she was able to rally the progressives to her cause. this is a group of people, they're going to lead with the farthest left ideas that they can because that's where the energy is in that party. lou: what is the republican party going to go as a counter vailing party that will be seeking votes as we approach 2020. i don't hear the republicans standing up loud, proud, tall and strong. >> well you see the president doing that, tweeting about the dangers of anti-semitism today. lou: he tweeted. congratulations, mr. president, you tweeted. can we rise to a higher level than that, congressman? >> the highest level this president rose to in sup of
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israel showing the world they're standing against our dissh. lou: i understand. >> moving the embassy is the most -- lou: i'm talking about -- if i were not clear, i know you interpreted me correctly. this specific moment of anti-semitism, the awful remarks of this congresswoman and the absolute failure of the democratic party. we should be hearing from every republican in my opinion, loud and clear. >> i got to -- look, republicans have stood strongly with representative lee zell den who has led the effort on if republican side to condemn anti-semitism and -- lou: the congressman is terrific. but again. >> he's taking action and we're standing with him. what we don't want to do is unite the democrats by making this a republican versus democrat issue. lou: here's what you've got to
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do. you've got to unite the republican party. let the democrats take care of themselves. that's a what you want to do. >> i hear that, but right now you video a have an internal fin the democratic party tearing them to pieces. this is one manifestation of that. my view for republicans, let's tell people what we believe, back up the believes with strong action like the president did moving the embassy to jerusalem and let's make our case that we're a party with tangible things making the world a safer place. lou: congressman, let's turn to the disarray within the republican party. you've got as many, according to congressman rand paul -- senator rand paul, as many as ten republicans who are going to vote against the president, vote for the resolution condemning the national emergency declaration. and you're talking about
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division within the democratic party, congressman? what's going on with the republicans. >> the coyotes and traffickers and terrorists who are taking advantage of the southern borde. >> lou: congressman, i don't need you to persuade me that there's a national emergency. we've been talking about the national merge on this broadcast for 20 damn year. >> we have a challenge in the republican party when people don't see this as the emergency it is. when you start to see ms-13 gang members -- lou: congressman, i so stipulate. there is a crisis, as i said. no doubt about it. what i'm asking is a crisis within the republican party in which ten senators would line up against the president of the united states who is trying to secure the border and to protect our national sovereignty. >> of course it is. that is a terrible betrayal of the american people who voted for this president and who expect this wall to get built and illegal immigration to stop. by the way, it's not just the wall, it's e-verify, cracking
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down on sanctuary cities, ending chain migration and i think it's looking at the issue of birth citizenship. lou: sanctuary cities. merit based immigration as the president has suggested. i have to tell you, i watched something today that i found sickening and that was this president sitting next to tim cook at a ceo conference in the white house on the workplace to be led by the advisory board led by ivanka trump and commerce secretary wilbur ross. and if what i heard were more labor arbitrage, more immigration and more competition against the american worker. and just the time the president's policies are paying off with higher wages for our working men and women and a strong economy. i found that disspiritting and i found it an absolute reversal that, to me, is inexplicable.
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>> i find it similarly disconcerting that a lot of the big technology companies are the very people who line up against the president's policies for reciprocal trade. i'm one of the sponsor os f the reciprocal trade act. we can't invite people in to help us serve our workforce challenges who then are lined up against us on the critical issue of making sure that we put american workers first and that we don't hollow out our middle class by sending jobs overseas because we're too foolish to make trade deals. i think having reciprocal trade and having people buy into that is really important to dealing with the long term work challenges that question have in the country. lou: you and i get to agree one more time. i thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman matt gaetz, one of the great americans representing faithfully his constituents and the nation. still ahead, congressman jim jordan joins us, we'll take up the dimms never ending harassment of this president. up next, the president holds a white house meeting with
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first economic initiatives have produced higher wage growth in this country, higher productivity for american workers and business. the president's policies have forced u.s. companies to pay workers more money and to boost productivity. what are the numbers? american wages have risen 3% in the past year. they're projected to rise again. rise into 2020 by those projections and at the same time productivity projected to rise still. tonight i would like to share a few thoughts, however, about what i fear is a new direction for the president and his administration and what could very likely be a catastrophe for the working men and women, small business and spre preneuroers, the middle class, the very people this president has represented from the very moment he announced he would run for
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the presidency. i try never to overstate let alone indulge in hig high pesh . the white house billed a meeting with ceo who will serve on the president's board, the board to be chaired by ivanka trump and wilbur ross. their concerns? here's the president on both issues. >> we're going to have a lot of people coming into the country. we want a lot of people coming in and we need it. we want to have the companies grow and the only way they're going to you is if we give them the workers and the only way to have the workers is to do exactly what we're doing. lou: to be clear, the presence of the chamber of commerce president tom don shoe impossible to misinterpret. d.c.'s biggest lobbyist wants
10:18 pm
to reverse the direction of rising labor costs and return to the cheap labor policies of the 20 years that preceded the trump presidency. i don't know why this white house would let him in the door. he is the enan enemy of this administration and absolutely tries to reverse every policy in business and economics that the president has advanced. the white house could ont muster, by the way, seven corporate ceos for this big event. in what should have been a reminder to the president's advisers and counselors in politics as in life, it is important to never forget who your friends are. and if this white house thinks that listening to the beguiling prattle of tim cook, tom donahue, susan collins is helpful to the president, then the battle of the forgotten men and women in this country will
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be decided by the very establishment that if president ran against, an establishment that spends vast sums of money and energy every single day trying to destroy him and his policies and historic presidency. presidenthis would be a tragic l on any day. but today on the same day the commerce department reported the united states had the largest trade deficit in our history, the same day the president of the new york fed said straightforwardly that economic growth is slowing, the certain border is being overrun by record numbers of illegal immigrants, it means that the white house has lost its way and that the nation's heart will be, after all, broken by the very same people who brought 50 years of consecutive trade deficit and the export of middle class jobs and who have fed the swamp for
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decades. i have a request tonight. please let your congressman and this white house know what you think about all of this. and please be very honest with them. i'd make the same request of the advisers and the counselors to this president in this have served him and the nation so poorly. joining me now were tim ballard, the founder and c ex-rks of operation underground railroad who specializes in stopping child trafficking. also a former agent with the des. it is great, an honor to have you ca with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're hearing that the secretary of the department is saying the crisis is unsustainable and a president declared a national emergency and a party has decided to avert its eyes and pretend this is all
10:21 pm
about politics, particularly 2020 instead of national security and the well-being of the people, including the children that you work so hard to protect, citizens of mexico, central america as well as american citizens. it is tragic. your thoughts about where we are right now. >> you know, my thoughts are this. look. we have the highest -- one of the highest demands for child sex in the united states right here. and so traffickers with these millions of kids that they control throughout the world, they're trying to get these kids into the united states. and i've been combating this as an undercover operator for over a decade along the southern border. i know how horrible the problem is. i have these child victims, these survivors who i'm taking around, they want their voices heard. and they're being ignored. you know, the concept of a wall and a barrier, this would save their lives. this would drive the traffic into the ports of entry where
10:22 pm
law enforcement can save their lives and they feel this is so sad. it's being so politicized that these kids, their lives are in danger because we're losing potentially one of the greatest tools we have to rescue them. lou: have you ever heard the president of the chamber of commerce or the head of the round table or a wall street ceo talk about child sex trafficking, sex trafficking across the border? have you ever heard one of them? because i haven't. >> i certainly have not. this is off people's radar and it should be the most important thing. there's more children today -- there's more people today in modern day slavery than ever before in the history of the world. this is a crisis of epic proportions and it's happening at the southern border. lou: and i listened to kreesen n nielsen say this is u unsustainable. the president mentioned
10:23 pm
yesterday, 30,000 women and children who are being smuggled into this country for sex trafficking, along with the 80,000 opioid deaths fro death m the smuggling of the drugs. all i can think of is i'm listening to the woman responsible for the security of that border and the agency that employs tens of thousands dedicated to protecting us from that border. i'm wondering where the hell the military is, i'm wondering where the border patrol is. i have to tell you, where the hell is all of that wire that was strewn. i've heard a lot of talk about a border wall being started. and if you take the measure three to one, for every apprehension three get through the border, we're talking about 4 million illegal immigrants entering the country this year. what is going on? >> i testified today before the
10:24 pm
senate judiciary committee and we talked about the stats. the numbers. there's been a 3460% increase in adults who are smuggling children who are not their children. these are unaccompanied minors. they're using the children as pawns because if you can bring a child you can claim amnesty, believe it or not. these kids are being kidnapped, taken. they don't belong to the people being smuggled. the cartels get control of them, smuggle them in and turn it into a sex trafficking situation right away. they can make a lot of money. these children are so vulnerable and it saddens me that it's being ignored. lou: what can we do for the children? >> we need to be loud and tell the truth and listen to the facts. the facts that, you know, 1700 children were brought in in the last ten months without parents. you know someone pretending this is their child. it's not their child. if we care, if we have a heart as a nation, we're going to put the kids first, the children who are vulnerable.
10:25 pm
they're being abused. the "the new york times" is reporting this week that several women who are being smuggled in, they had to pay for their transport with their bodies. and you know, infrastructure would have curve curbeds there,o question about it, a wall, a barrier with curb this. it forces the traffickers to take those children through the ports of entry where they can be rescued. lou: as you know this president is the only one that's had the guts to talk about the cartels. the only president i've heard even mention who is behind the human smuggling, the sex trafficking, the corruption on both sides of the border. thanks were everything you've done and will do. we'll do better making certain that your message is heard loud and clear. we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. lou: politics. two mean for the likes of former
10:26 pm
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obama is back making snarky comments in canada. yes, in canada. about unnamed political leaders. the president apparently did noe was being principled or perhaps, well, let's say reluctant to mention the name. but he said politics now is too often about, quote, being louder, noisier, more self centered, greedier, being more aggressive. he did mention self centered, did he? that makes sense. he also claims sarah palin's vice presidential run paved the way for president trump's
10:31 pm
election. thank you, sarah palin. joining us tonight, republican strategist and savant, ed rollins. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: do i really want to start with, no job , i don't, a former president. let's talk about a president on the workplace that seems nothing more than a pretense for labor, arbitrage return to cheaper labor instead of rising wages in this country and rising productivity. and frankly it's not only a reversal, potentially a betrayal of the forgotten men and women in this country this president ran for and i am not in any way exaggerating. >> you noticed there weren't any working people there today. this was a group put together by ivanka and jared keus kushner.
10:32 pm
lou: this is a disaster. >> jared is running around the hill saying he's a relations person. they're now basically trying to -- lou: i want to compliment the trump administration on the legislation, on the deal. but let's be clear. >> it's not a deal. lou: the deal making, what they did was ask for the democrats to support the democrats' idea of what should be. >> right. and -- lou: that's a pretty. >> and the truth of the matter is president obama could have been at the head of the table when they had the executives talking about the same thing. it's not what trump was about. not what trump got elected about. he got elected by working peopl- lou: where the hell is his staff. forgive me for swearing. i got to take that back.
10:33 pm
my wife will have a fit with me. where are his advisers? where is he director of communications, bill shine. where are his political advisers? who in their right mind would have this president put in 180-degree opposition to what he ran on and promised american workers, what he's delivered. he's an historic president. >> at a time that the two most important issues that he's fighting for are the wall, which they're all opposed to. lou: why didn't he fire kirstjen nielsen. she's supposed to be guarding the border. i don't want to hear how tough it is. where the heck is the military. where is all of the conste wire. where is the enforcement. >> you've had people on the show, the kinds of people who sit on the border and know the reality of it. and his message and every other
10:34 pm
guy on that border know the problem. it is a disaster. it is a catastrophe. something that's going to destroy this country long term and this president is 100% right. the second issue is the trade issue. none of these guys are for the trade policies. the group up there today are totally opposed to trump on every issue. why let them in the white house. lou: he's forgotten who his friends are, he's forgotten who the hell his enemies are and i put that at the feet of his so-called advisers. if the president doesn't start firing people for incompetence and absolutely just anti-trump conduct -- i mean this goes beyond not doing the job. they're fighting this president. >> they're in a war and the war is every democrat is going to throw every hand grenade out him that they can and he needs to fight back. lou: our country is depending on it. >> absolutely. lou: ed rollins, good to see you. thank you. up next, the mueller report
10:35 pm
quickly becoming a top seller book. we're being absolutely serious. long before it's released. and there's a harvard former professor who is going to do very well at it. i hope he donates to several charities that i chair. tonight congressman jim jordan joins us in just a moment as the dimms and rinos work to subvert the president and apparently some are succeeding given what i witnessed at the white house today. stay with us. we'll be right back. blk you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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lou: head lines tonight, fbi correcter christopher wray, my gosh he's surprised this country has enemies. he told us a cybersecurity conference in san francisco that he was shocked by the scale of china's counter intelligence cyberthreat against this country. apparently this is the first time that he's learned that the united states does have enemies. if he had been paying attention
10:40 pm
to the last five years he might have known that. one wonders about this fellow. and amazon already taking preorders for the robert mueller special counsel witch hunt report. taking orders is selling by the way for less than 10 bucks. it comes with the forward by professor alan dir dirs witch. the release is march 26. i would like to know how they know that. they're pretty well informed. apparently. joining us tonight, congressman jim jordan, great american ranking member of the house oversight committee, member of the judiciary committee, cofounder of the house freedom caucus. congressman, first of all, have you put in your order for the mueller report? >> no. lou, good to be with you. i didn't know they knew already for goodness sake. you think it's coming anytime soon. and just by the fact it's been
10:41 pm
almost two years it's got to be sometime soon. i didn't know they could be this specific. i don't have an any order in ye. lou: i thought it would be coming pretty soon last fall. i'm over projecting when it's going to arrive. i want to term to the department of homeland security secretary talking about the crisis at the border is unsustainable. i don't know what the military is doing down there. i don't know what happened to the wire. i don't know what's happened to the border patrol. i saw pictures today of border patrol and i know there's got to be more than these border patrol agents that i witnessed standing around as illegal immigrants are crouched on the ground, sitting on the ground in many cases. it is not a good picture and i cannot understand why she cease not been held accountable if are the department she's running. >> and i can't understand why the they're going to vote against the president's
10:42 pm
emergency declaration. i would argue that the republicans in particular who are going to vote against it are the same republicans who didn't want to do it last congress when we had a majority and controlled the house and the senate. and this is most certainly an emergency. i think the "the new york times" reported yesterday 70-something thousand last month alone illegal crossings. last month alone. so the two things that have to happen. we've talked about that. you've been great talking about this. two things that has to happen, build the wall, reform the asylum laws. you're going to have an endless caravan. the incentive is going to be to get inside this country and then the catch and release laws lawst is what's incentivizing much of this. if we do those two things that would be the most important effort that we could have right now and then we could get to the issues of immigration. lou: but then as you well know, there would still be the obama and clinton-appointed judges particularly in the ninth circuit, particularly up in
10:43 pm
northern california who would be working against every policy, every initiative of this president to block him from securing the border, stopping illegal immigration, stopping asylum seekers. what happened to the return to mexico policy to i stop asylum seekers. they're ens forcing nothing of what the president says. why not challenge the courts and the activist judges -- by the way, what about chief justice roberts who said there were no obama-appointed judges or bush-appointed justices or trump. they're just good ol' judges. what kind of nonsense are we being fed by the man responsible for the fisa courts and the united states supreme court. >> you had a lot in there and it was all good. lou: i'll do it by segments. >> in spite of all of these
10:44 pm
entities and efforts against the president, think about what has been accomplished in two years. this list could be a lot longer, taxes down, regulation down, economic growing, lowest unemployment in 50 years, core such agoresuch and kavanaugh one supreme court, hostages home from north korea, new and a halfty agreement. i mean the market growing it's been an amazing two years. lou: historic two years. historic president. >> what we have to do is continue to do what we said, keep fighting hard, keep pushing in spite of all of the opposition that's against us. and if we have that attitude, this is america. we'll get it right eventually. we'll get the good policy outcomes that we need in spite of the left, i in spite of the mainstream press, we'll get there and that's the attitude that the president has, the folks in the freedom caucus have, the republicans in the house have. we have to keep the attitude and keep fighting away. lou: to quote a great legislator
10:45 pm
and great american, you put a lot in there, it was all good, and frankly, congressman, i needed that. i am sitting here still boiling over what i saw this president contend wit with in the white he reversing his immensely successful historic policies on the working man and woman in this country, the forgotten man. and to buy the bull that's been fed him by the likes of tom donahue and the other phonies sitting in the room with him. >> now look at what the president is up against. 81 different letters nadler sent out two days ago to 60-some individuals. they're coming after the white house. it east interesting to me, the two individuals that they didn't sent the individuals to, the two most important in any judgment, glen simpson paid by the clinton
10:46 pm
campaign to put together the dossier and christopher steele, the guy simpson hired to write the dossier that started this crazy ordeal this those two didn't get a letter. the mueller report is not going to say what they wanted. they put all of their eggs in that basket. i don't think it's going to say what they wanted. it's going to say there was no collusion, i think. so they've got to figure out something else. they're going on a fishing expedition but they don't go after the two people to get information from the two most important people that started this whole thing. lou: congressman, i particularly enjoy it when you and i talk past each other. i'm talking illegal immigration and trade and the working mane and woman and the middle class families and you're talking truth, justice and the american way. and i like that as well. >> i'm talking about the forces against this president, the forces against the american people. that's what we've got to keep
10:47 pm
fighting against and make sure we get the right things down. lou: amean, brother. thank you, congress mapp. up next, rebuke of anti-semitic remarks by congresswoman ilhan omar leading to rising discord amongst the radical dimms. we take that up and more with the washington times charlie hurt, trump 2020 press secretary caylee knack ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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lou: joining us tonight, charlie hurt whereby washington times opinion editor, fox business contributor, kayleigh mac mcena. good to have you back was. let's start with the trade deficit. this president has been working hard to eliminate those trade deficits and applying tariffs and 2018 record trade deficits. kayleigh what is going on? >> hereby's what's going on. this president inherited a trade disaster on inauguration day. no president before him had the courage to take on the trade deficits which increased year after year. this president is going after it. he's torn up and a halfty, renegotiated the mca, working
10:52 pm
with china. we know there's a global recession or global retraction in the economy happening. the u.s. dollar is strong. lou: kayleigh? >> yes. lou: the deficit for 2018 was an all-time high. all of those, particularly in business, the multinationallists who said, and the fed by the way, who said that those tariffs would create a problem. charlie, your thoughts, if you want to offer them up on the trade deficit. i know it's an exciting topic and i apologize to you both. >> i failed math. although as bad as i am at math, i'm not nearly as bad at math as everybody in washington. these people, they're beyond stupid when it comes to math here in washington. but hey, you know, if people want to criticize donald trump for a booming economy, have at it. i mean, there's nothing -- there piece nthere's no way around th.
10:53 pm
lou: i want to turn to -- i know that you excelled in decency in the fai failure of the democratc party to condemn congresswoman omar, withdrawing that resolution. were you stunned as i was? >> yeah, quite frankly, the really scary part is this woman, she's not just representing herself. i think she's representing an increasing, a growing part of the democratic party that really does question israel and questions or loyalty to israel. and it's not -- this is not just sort of a seat of the pants kind of thing. it's part of a growing political belief on the far left and it's terrifying. lou: kayleigh, she's got the democratic party scared to death of her, watching ingle, the chair of foreign affairs. he was a frightened man.
10:54 pm
nancy pelosi is understanding that she may be in some considerable trouble here. she obviously doesn't know what to do. how about the right thing study is not the right thing. >> that's exactly right, lou. i've had so many democratic commentators say to me, no waoc doesn't rule the party, the radicals doesn't rule the party. we have moderates in the house ruling the party. clearly you don't when you can't pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism. guess who rules the party, ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio ca ocasio-cortez. lou: charlie, speaking of aoc, your thoughts of how much liability faces her for her fec problems. >> goodness, i certainly hope so. i don't think the media, who is in the thral of her crazy
10:55 pm
socialist ideas as much as the democrats are i don't think they're going to take her to task over it. lou: i think you're probably light. kayleigh thanks for being with us. charlie, thank you. we continue in one moment. stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst. lou: the white house today blasted conscious for failing to act on the border crisis. congressman gaetz talking about the betrayal of. >> rinos opposing the president's emergency declaration. >> that's a terrible detrail of the american d betrayal of the american people who voted for this president. lou: that is it for us tonight. please join us tomorrow. former state department advisor
11:00 pm
christian whiton. remember to follow me on twitter ralt lou dobbs and instagram @loudobbstonight.good night fro. [♪] trish: breaking right now. a major warning from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen as the number of migrants at our boarpder hits a new record. nancy pelosi trying to cover up for congresswoman ilhan omar's anti-semitic comments. the brutal socialist dictatorship in venezuela detaining another american journalist. venezuelan thugs rating cody


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