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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 7, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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proceed with construction. >> it could go to the supreme court the. great to see you congressman, come back soon. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. >> good evening everybody. the radical dimms may have which they never won control of the house of revenues. from when nancy pelosi got the gavel there been an outright disarray. descending ever deeper into the pit of hate and anger. they have unleashed venomous attacks against fellow americans and america itself. the left has it seems to become increasingly vituperative as a escalate attacks against the president, republicans and working americans. [inaudible]
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>> the fact that someone would actually use a black woman in this chamber in this committee, -- is alone racist in itself. [inaudible] >> a war on decency itself. the radical dimms unable for hours or days to agree on a resolution. to condemn anti-semitism and to rebuke the anti-semitic remarks of one of their own. freshman congresswoman, ilhan omar. democratic congressman ted deutch slamming his party for its despicable failure.>> one of her colleagues invokes the classic anti-semitic terms,
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anti-semitic language that jews control the world, they care only about money, that jews cannot be loyal americans that they also support israel. this too must be condemned. lou: seeker pelosi disagreed with concerned members of her own party giving omar well, the benefit of great doubt. >> i don't think that the congresswoman is -- appreciates how it is heard by other people. i do not believe it was intended and the anti-semitic way. lou: nancy pelosi, apologist for an anti-semitic, democratic freshman congresswoman. we take up the radical dimms and their sudden willingness to dilute condemnation of anti-semitism in their own ranks. ambassador to united nations, a top strategist among our guests
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i perform a dhs survey white house chief of staff john kelly part of the white house resist people the president's portable now, a waste of money. finding no fault, among illegal immigrants and opposing the president's national emergency declaration. we address the rinos resistance and the subversion of the president's agenda in the white house itself tonight. our top story, the radical dimms falling further into disarray and the party showing no evidence of control or constraint. or decency. the dimms introducing a resolution this week to condemn anti-semitism. in particular, anti-semitic remarks of one congresswoman. but it was not enough for some in the conference. and the dimms began working on new language. and then, again, new language. and condemning what they termed islamophobia. and white supremacy.
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diluting the resolution even further. adding more special interest groups to the language. why would any democrat, any democrat, want to be a member of a party that does not know whether or not it condemns anti-semitism? the issues within the party do not and they are certainly. there is a fracture among the dimms on the green new deal pair socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez says that she, not nancy pelosi is the boss. and party bosses have been trying to talk to on impeachment talk but they failed miserably. unable to restrain leftist lawmakers that remain hell-bent on controversies and courses with which to overthrow the president. breaking news tonight, a federal judge and the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort, the 47 months in prison. paul manafort had been
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convicted in a virginia court last summer on eight counts of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to file a foreign bank account in addition to jail time, restitution of more than $20 million. join me now former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. ed, let's start with paul manafort. the sentence, about what you expected? >> from this judge in particular, takes four or five hours as we have a should be 3:30, there were 10, 18 felonies, it is 48 months. i've known paul a long time. he worked for me in 1984. he's been that guy for a long time. i think reality is, his life is over, he spends four months, four years were 10 years in jail but reality is is not a good sign. lou: and here we have a
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sentencing that comes at the end of this, what appears to be the end of the special counsel, the witchhunt. a report expected as soon as tomorrow. more likely, the end of the month. some say. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are and again i go back to paul manafort. you would never have had this russian connection.he went in there, he would never have been touched by any other campaign. i think to some extent he was in there playing games with his former colleagues and what have you. but they still another hearing and another judgment and another sentencing next week. i think it will be more severe. lou: let's turn to the white house. this sudden departure, certainly, the president talking about bringing in more immigrants into the country. just as he restored the middle class to grow and be more
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abundant. it's been stricken over the last two decades. certainly talking about competing for the very people to put him in office. somebody is feeding this president some extraordinary, extraordinary views of the labor market. and the countries future. >> the apple, -- humus called him tim apple. at the end of the day how much does it cost to put together a phone or ipad or what have you and they charge thousands of dollars. any american could be working on this product. we give these corporations tax benefits. they come back here and they are doing that so i think it is outrageous. i think your commentary was exactly right. i think the american worker will be outraged. i don't think the president sticking up for them anymore. at the end of the he has to get back to focusing on the working
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americans. lou: working americans, the middle class. this president has done so much. if don founds me that suddenly, within a matter of 48 hours, this president has accepted a worldview that is not his. a national view that is not his. after achieving so much. and effectively, to throw it all away, because of the, this you know, the ibm ceo sitting in the room with missy. ibm is one of the biggest outsourcers. in this country, seven out of the 10 are indian. they bring in thousands of visas. people are telling him that h1b visas are an important tool to be using. and the workforce is ridiculous! are we corporations are using us to bring in foreign workers at less than 25 percent lower than prevailing wages.
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they are competing against our middle class. very people this president is helping. >> i don't know who is selling this. his own instance have always been pretty good on this issue but he is losing. every day the democrats, 25 candidates or however, many are running today, they are talking about dignity and the job place. and they will take some of these workers away from us if he doesn't get back on this track. he's the guy that fought hard for these people and if you have tom donahue and others, >> you let mick mulvaney, acting chief of staff, let's be honest and real. his bringing in his own staff. it is the rinos, there -- and they are trumpers. it is criminal. >> i don't know why the chief of staff needs a communications director that he just tired.
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there's about 35 people or 40 people working on communications in the white house staff. lou: to push out the communications director. it has to be to line up like-minded people and against this president and his very agenda. >> one of the people is a domestic policy advisor. and been the typical republican stuff that we've seen on the hill. not very effective. >> the border wall. the president continues to say the board will is being built. the border wall is in point of fact, a repair and replacement, certainly. but the new border wall is not being built. the president's decision to move the military there, were looking at the prospect of as many as a million illegal immigrants being apprehended this year by the border patrol and department of homeland security is seemingly -- they
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have not moved, there is not a single plan that seems to be working. >> kelly came out to answer you don't need to build a border wall the same way -- >> i think it's important. >> it's important. the present is to blast the hell out of the sky. he sat in there every single day and didn't care of the president's agenda. >> he is old news. john kelly is gone.what about the new guys? one of the people -- he is an acting chief of staff that is establishment as you get. >> he better find people that want to quit because a lot of people across the country want to help him. he needs to bring them in. he needs loyalists.we are in a war and it will be lost if we do not basically fight hard. i keep saying over and over. you don't want people to write books, -- lou: i don't care what the heck that they write or do anything
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else. as long as they were for the president and work for the nation. they working for themselves. and the koch brothers. and that is sickening. ed rollins, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, congresswoman ilhan omar does not seem to be fazed by her parties condemnation of anti-semitism such as it was. turned 25 [inaudible] >> we take that up with the israel ambassador to the united nations. and up next the top commander in the middle east does not see a troop withdrawal from afghanistan anytime soon. general jack keane joined me next with much more. stay with us. feel the clarity...
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armed services committee the current political conditions in afghanistan do not merit a full military withdrawal of u.s. troops. comments from the central command chief come as united states is trying to reach a deal with the taliban. there are right now about 14,000 of our troops in afghanistan advising the assisting afghan troops special forces troops, as well. still in combat.
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joining us come retired four-star general, fox business chief strategic analyst, general jack keane.general, was great to have you here. this is getting very complicated in afghanistan. we are fighting and trying to talk with still, the very same men that we defeated into 2002. your thought about how we extricate ourselves if indeed we can. >> well, i think we can to a certain degree. here is where i think we are now. we are conducting some meaningful peace talks with the taliban, largely because the pakistanis have come to the conclusion it surprises me, that the status quote - -- the status quo as it is is no longer in their decision for their tank and they have real concerns. what they want to see is a
7:18 pm
peace settlement. they have pushed the taliban to negotiate at the table. that's good. we are negotiating with them however, i think the strategy is off. because were talking to the taliban and no one is talking to the afghan government. it reminds me of the deal that we made in the vietnam war. you and i remember. some of the viewers probably don't. they weren't old enough of the time but the reality is, we negotiated with the north vietnamese. made a deal with them and told the south vietnamese government this was a deal. and two and half years later, the south vietnamese government fell when part of the deal was to be to protect they felt to innovation for the afghan government has to be pulled into these talks to the envoy for the state department has been told that.the ambassador and we will not make real progress until the afghans get
7:19 pm
involved. secondly, if we start pulling troops out of here now, we are also taking away the leverage that our diplomat has at the negotiating table. i think eventually, not having spoken to some of the military commanders on the ground, and we have a very capable ones there at the moment. they also believe that we can reduce our forces. lou: it is difficult. the situation u.s. government, this president thanks, this is trying to get out of a war that we had won almost 20 years ago. we have had a diplomatic -- we've had succeeding presidents who have managed to not only snatch defeat from victory. to spend trillions of dollars, lives, treasure, and always still to need more time.
7:20 pm
and this president has to be suspicious of that. the military establishment or the state department, and the american people i've never seen a reading on it but i have to believe that they are as 15th avenue-- they are as fatigued a can be. >> the fighting we are doing is with counterterrorism forces to bring leadership. look, you're absolutely right. the president, the new president comes in 17 years a bad deal here. why didn't you wrap this up 10 years ago? and it's right. we have to put afghanistan on hold and then obama recognized he had a huge problem. we got to solve the problem. he never give the commanders the forces that they requested. it is largely u.s. policy that has kept us in afghanistan for
7:21 pm
17 years. and it's been the wrong policy. >> wilamette get rid of the u.s. but we need to get rid of some of the policy that leads to this kind of extraordinary, long war. that is utterly futile and frankly, debilitating. we're talking six or $7 trillion. this country could have used in 100 different ways, we also have the same right now concurrent situation in syria. where the military leaders say that isis is down to a square mile. one square mile! 640 acres. and we need more time. why more time in syria? >> first of all we have 60,000 syrian democratic forces fighting isis. majority of those about 60 percent are kurds, the other 40 percent syrian arabs. what are we doing?
7:22 pm
with 2200 guys, we have been providing planning and assistance to those forces. not pulling triggers and left we have to defend ourselves. if you are in a combat zone that's dangerous, yes they are. we coordinate our support -- lou: i understand. i'm worried about that one square mile in which we know the enemy is there.the last remnants of -- >> but they have close to 20,000 that are still there. the president now understands this. isis saw the end coming. you're going to take our territory away. we will fight you and take as many casualties and post cost as possible. they began to pull away months before mosul fell. they have somewhere around 20,000 isis fighters that are waiting to reemerge. for a modest cost, you can keep
7:23 pm
our foot on their neck. just like we are doing with the guys in yemen, the al qaeda on the arabian peninsula. just like we are doing with some isis fighters in libya and in al-shabaab in africa. why are we interested in those? these are the only ones that we are pulling triggers against. because they want to come to the american people put the rest of islamists out there and all his other countries, we are not in the involved with it. because the american people are not being threatened by them. they will be threatened by al qaeda if it researches in afghanistan. and i know that you will not like this but we may have to keep a very small group of americans in afghanistan. almost indefinitely to make certain that that organization does not. reemerge. lou: you are right. >> you don't like it. lou: it doesn't amount to a damn thing. >> same with me. lou: what i am concerned with, so much less is that we have
7:24 pm
had tens of thousands of troops stationed in korea and japan and southeast asia. we've had tens of thousands of troops stationed in europe. for more than a half-century. and i am hard-pressed to find a way to rationalize that. within my own philosophy, within my own preference is certainly and my own worldview. because i know it is debilitating. i think of all that could have been done and all of the new ways we should be thinking about this world and ourselves over the course of the time. and we seem in some ways to be locked up. afghanistan or syria, we are locked up, a 20 year ago experience. we are locked up in europe. from the experience in world war ii. the korean war. in the mindset, it remains precisely the same.
7:25 pm
>> we stayed there on the wall because we have bad guys there. lou: i understand. >> prevented a major more. lou: i understand the why. >> the truth is, other than some isis inspired radicals who self radicalized themselves, there is no direct attack in the united states sponsored by any of these groups. we want to do it. and that's a good thing. >> a very good thing. always very good talking with you. general, appreciate it. >> same here. lou: john kelly undercutting his former boss. and he spent a bit of time undercutting him when he was his boss. i am joined after the break with that and much more. before break a look at the national debt.
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chief of staff john kelly, talking at duke university. and was he ever talking. proving president trump was absolutely correct to fire him. kelly called the idea of the wall along the entire border, now he says quote - a waste of money. and adds that he disagrees with the presidents decision to declare a national emergency to fund border security. kelly also shamelessly claiming he would have accepted the job offer from hillary clinton had she made it in 2016. i would have thought he would take in any job but the one that he ended up with. and of course it is not too
7:31 pm
late. maybe he can get behind clinton, for 2020. that's right, she is still thinking. we are joined by marc lotter, former press secretary for vice president mike pence. good to have you with us. and it washington times columnist, fox business contributor tammy, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: what you make of nancy pelosi, the dimms cannot even do a straightforward thing like condemn the anti-semitic words of an anti-semitic congresswoman. a freshman, ilhan omar. my god! >> astounding, isn't it? lou: it is! >> if they were a silverlining this would be it. as the speaker she says she's got this but obviously she does not. she has some trouble but her
7:32 pm
very awkward speech, the statement that she made was pathetic. as a feminist, looking at a woman in power it was embarrassing. i also noted that the moral women in the public eye and empower we can illuminate the gender stereotypes of women will always be great and the best of their jobs.not necessarily. right? we are capable of being as bad or as good as men. and we are seeing with the debacle that the democrats are facing that it is the case. lou: marc, is your campaign going to take this issue, be vociferous about it. are you encouraging republican leaders to join in doing so? the silence of the republicans here timmy has been, to say the least, surprising. >> there is an old adage in politics, when your opponents are self-destructing, get out of their way. lou: right. >> every day the democrats failed to address the issue, because it is not difficult, it
7:33 pm
is simple! we condemn anti-semitism. the president has tweeted it, the campinas book about it. the spokespersons for the campaigns have said it. somehow the democrats could not do it because the radicals, the left wing socialist progressives of the party have taken over. we have seen this happen time and time again on issue after issue. and in this case, nancy pelosi is having a hard time keeping them together. it is destroying their addenda. whatever you want to call about that. and it is just a shameful, shameful display of how our democracy works. we should have all come together immediately and condemned the words. the fact that many leading democrats supported her says even more. >> and we will say more as we get to 2020. i am sure. it is also disappointing to republicans to see mitch mcconnell and not controlling his senate. as many as 10 they say rand
7:34 pm
paul may vote against or may vote for the resolution. against the presidents national emergency declaration. let me turn tammy, to your first reaction. this is stunning stuff. >> it is. and i think this is the difference between an establishment as well in washington, still looking to enter the president. increase the republican numbers for reasons you were sending a message. in any of mitch mcconnell who i really think is in control of his caucus. and does not have an interest in wanting to make this work for the president. this is certainly a learning curve. lou: he is playing him to the senate. >> i think he always has been and i think at the same time that the republicans in the senate should send a message that they stand behind the president and certainly the
7:35 pm
american people who elected the president to get his agenda forward.>> marc you're going to get the last word. the presidents base, also sometimes complex travel for the president. the base, immigration, the wall, a lot of talk. a lid of complication here is the president now is throwing his arms wide open for the idea of more corporate immigration. your thoughts as we wrap up. we have about 40 seconds. >> is really a function of the fact that the economy is so strong under president trump we don't have enough people to fill the jobs pair the president has been clear from day one that he has wanted more immigrants but he wants qualified immigrants. people that can come here to do it legally. that's what he's talking about again and not just during our doors open for anyone and everyone. it's very important, a son of
7:36 pm
our strong economy and something i think the president can make the case to the american people and they will get it. lou: marc lotter, tammy bruce, thank you for being with us. we will be back with even more. stay with us. thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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7:41 pm
even after he was fired by the fbi. and a new piece of legislation from the house hispanic caucus. it will provide amnesty for millions, daca recipients, those are temporary protected status and thousands of liberians protected under the third and fourth departure. all would be given amnesty under the hispanic caucus. no surprise in their ambitions but the extent of the ambitions, breathtaking. we're back now with marc lotter, director strategic medication for the trump 2020 campaign. tammy bruce washington times columnist, fox business contributor. former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, republican strategist, ed rollins. good to have you all back. i appreciate the opportunity to explore further, where we are heading. tammy, this president has opened up a new avenue of concern for the base. talking about bringing in
7:42 pm
immigrants. obviously, and standing with the co 's. there were only seven but that is not because some were outsourcers themselves. this looks very bad for the campaign and for the future. >> it does. this is something all of us were in shock at when we heard the stories before through various companies. during the horrible economic environment that barack obama created, american workers training their foreign replacement and them being laid off. the ultimate indication that the forgotten man and woman really were forgotten and pushed off to the side and maybe left for dead. and the americans can't -- it certainly would not be anything something the president wants. on occasion i believe he's been very badly advised this might be one of them. lou: ed? >> i couldn't concur more. bottom line here is that the
7:43 pm
president promised to create better jobs for americans, the economy is moving strong, there are a lot of people that can be retrained here, some of these jobs.the idea that you have to bring people in from elsewhere and pay them 25 percent less, these are good jobs, american jobs and reality is, a lot of college kids coming out who can't find proper work and have big student loan debt. reality is give the gabe johnson americans. those were the president promised to do. lou: for the campaign, this will be very difficult it seems to me at least, balancing act with the base. a base that elected this man because he stood up against the very people that he was with at the white house the captains of u.s. multinationals who had outsourced millions of jobs the middle class has shrunk he's restored them, he's restored wages, not all of the wages but they are now moving higher and then to create competition,
7:44 pm
with bringing in skilled labor, for these jobs. someone has convinced him it must be filled by someone from overseas. it is mind-boggling. i can't quite get my head around this. >> i think one of the opportunities that we have is to talk about how we're going to overhaul. let's remember, we're not talking about a singular action. the presidents been talking about a broad overhaul of our outdated immigration laws. if there is an opportunity, to bring in skilled people were feeling a need the presence always going to look for american workers and american companies first. he has made that a promise. he's delivering on that promise. but if there is an opportunity to overhaul all of these things
7:45 pm
and also accomplish something by making sure that the immigrants who do come to our country, we are going to be a beacon of freedom around the world. if we can do in a responsible way that does serve our economy. not put american workers in jeopardy. then i think it is something he would be willing to look at. but let's remember, those promises keep delivering. i just saw a survey today from -- they say wages are going up one third of the companies have increased wages this year. the presidents policy -- >> the new york federal reserve bank president says the economy is soaring.we also know that we have the largest drop in net worth in the fourth quarter over $3 trillion the first, the worst since the financial crisis in 2008. >> moving more people and for these jobs that should go to americans is difficult when we realize over 70,000 illegal aliens made into the country last month. the government they are
7:46 pm
predicting that we are predicting we will have a million by the end of this fiscal year by september. >> just apprehended. >> just apprehended. >> it could be as high as 4 million illegal immigrants in the country. i will conclude if i may there, tammy. and marc, thank you. i still love the model, america first. it just has a ring and it reaches my heart. >> is not changing. >> good! >> we will make sure it's not. >> even a little bit. up next, congresswoman ilhan omar exposing the radical left 's relationship with anti-semitism. we take that up with the israeli ambassador to the united nations. he joins may next. stay with us. we will be right here. the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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representative of israel to the united nations, ambassador danny danon. great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. lou: the last time we took him anti-semitism and its rise in this country and now we have a congress, newly seated, with a
7:51 pm
freshman congresswoman making straightforwardly, anti-semitic remarks and a democratic leadership in the house of representatives who can't even outright, forthrightly and quickly, condemned anti-semitism. how is that, as you watch that, what is your reaction? >> unfortunately, anti-semitism is on the rise. in the u.s. and for example, the leader of the labour party in the uk is an anti-semite. and this we see in the last few days it is a problem. because you have an elected represent if using anti-semitic comments, the actually give a green light for bigotry, hatred, it's very important to condemn, to isolate and even remove those who preach anti-semitism.
7:52 pm
the fbi published in 2017, the jewish population was the most in the u.s.. those numbers are scary. you see even in new york, we see what is happening in schools, we have to deal with that and we cannot allow representatives using such language. >> the vast majority of hate crimes against religions in this country. they are against jews in this country and it's rising. you're right. anti-semitism is rising. and i don't think many americans are considering first of all, how obviously, they know and we know how this is within our country. but didn't we think about the world watching, our congress and the democratic leadership. there is a stain spreading within the party. and i'm certainly not
7:53 pm
suggesting that anti-semitism is limited to the democratic party. but they are certainly pushing it forward. in this new congress without any question. >> it is about politics, about policies, i think it is very important to see today in both parties supporting the resolution. and it is important. it is a message we need to send to the kids. we should condemn anti-semitism. and put politics aside.lou: congresswoman omar, not to mention also the broad resolution against hate. why is that necessary? why couldn't you not deal with the instant offense and -- >> we see that at the un. whenever i bring a resolution to condemn anti-semitism, they will add other things to that.
7:54 pm
and i tell my colleagues, it is important to condemn islamophobia, as long as we bring it together we have anti-semitism now is the main issue to deal with. it's important to face the real problem which is anti-semitism. you can and you should condemn other hate crimes. today when you look at the numbers, in the u.s. here the problem is anti-semitism. >> there is as i said, the vast majority of hate crimes are against jews in this country. not islam, not catholics. jews. and what the house speaker chose to do, is to me, repugnant and terrible mistake. your thoughts about the future? >> i am optimistic. i think that you have majority who believe in the values of israeli in america. and we are able to overcome the radicals. we have to speak up.
7:55 pm
we have to stand up against them. we should not be quiet. lou: in the country now, client is not our first problem. certainly. ambassador, great to have you. >> thank you. lou: up next, china 's huawei says china -- where acting as judge, jury and executioner. we have that next. to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. ..
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lou: huawei is suing the u.s. government for passing a law that bans federal agencies from buying their products. the president its traveling to alabama tomorrow to visit with the victims of the lee county tornado. tomorrow the former border chief
8:00 pm
joins us. asia expert gordon chang joins us as does pastor robert jeffress. good night from new york. trish: the house wimping out. passing a watered down anti-semitism resolution following a series of hateful, disgusting anti-semitic comments from ilhan omar. but in the 11th hour nancy pelosi caved to the alt-left, and she caved to this woman. we'll show you this


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