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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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u.s. em abas -- ambassador to china, market selloff this morning. comes ahead of job's report this morning coming out at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we will have the numbers. doing this business from behind bars, stunning new report on how martin shkreli using contraband cell phone. plus other stocks to watch coming up later this hour and talk about pure luck, the winner of one mega million jackpot has a stranger to think to 273 million-dollar prize, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪
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♪ maria: take a look at futures, decline better than 100 points, right out of gate, uncertainty over trade deal with china coming up. u.s. envoy with china told wall street journal that washington and beijing are not close to trade deal at all that's why a date has not been set for the summit between president trump and china's xi jinping coming out of weak economic data in china, exports plunged 20% in january. joining me congresswoman debbie, good to see you this morning, thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: my condolences as always. i hope that you're doing okay. >> it's hard, you know that, it's hard. keep going. maria: become at work, what can you tell us about the china deal and what you'd like to see?
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now we are getting information that we are not close at all. >> i'm much more worried about nafta, nafta 2.0. i saw investor lighthizer yesterday, clearly a lot of discussions going on, didn't appear that anything close there and the trade that they will try to move which is important if we get it right but it's not right yet will be the renegotiation of nafta. maria: well, the renegotiation of nafta up in the air because some of your colleagues have said, look, they don't like it in its current form, are you planning to vote yes for this deal to get ratified? >> i'm not there yet and ambassador knows that. i've talked to him a lot. you know, i know they don't like it when i say this, the industry that matters in the midwest, the state that i come from is the auto industry was terribly hurt by nafta 2.0 but i always tell
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lighthizer, i call it 2.0 because i don't want no one to forget what 1.0 did. when general motors can locate plant in méxico, 1.50 an hour and yesterday in ohio you saw closing of a plant that's devastating an entire community, something is not right there. i know the companies have to be competitive but i want trade deals that are going to make it competitive for american companies in the north american -- maria: most people would say that nafta 2.0 is better than 1.0. the unions loved it, now, all of a sudden, we want tweaks here and there. but for the most part the unions and workers got a better deal out of nafta 2.0 from the initial nafta, no? >> they said that it was incremental improvement.
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has never said that this was a good deal although there are things that they like in it the uscr trade representative was out in michigan the day before yesterday. i could not go i wish i could have. i heard he had a very lively discussion in deer born, my district, i'm myself going home to meet with them as soon as they are out with folks today and we will all keep talking about it with meeting with investor lighthizer yesterday morning and enacting legislation would be very important. maria: congresswoman, those workers have to be pleased what they have seen in the last 2 years, we have the february's report, 3.9% of the estimate, with another 180,000 jobs added to the economy in the month of february. i mean, clearly the job's market has improved quite a bit. are they at least happy,
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constituents happy with the current environment? are so numbers can be deceiving in this way, so i have lots of workers in my district and we have to make sure we are developing the new jobs, they are scared, you have seeing ford, general motors plants close. in michigan all 3 companies are letting salaried employees go. we are having to retrain, look for jobs of the future but the new jobs, you have to ask the question, how much are they paying, do they have benefits associated with them, are they contract jobs, how is the worker being treated in america, it's a very important question and i think a lot of working men in this country have a lot of anxiety about what they are getting paid, what their benefits are going to be and what the future. maria: i think those plant closings one reason why the president has been calling out marie barra. we will see what the numbers bring this morning but certainly you're looking at a much better
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situation than you justin: 2 years ago in terms of the jobless situation. let me ask you about the house passing resolution condemning hate in all forms in the wake of freshman congresswoman omar against israel. how did you vote? >> i voted for it. people are trying to divide us by fear and hatred and we have to stand up against all hatred. we can't forget what happened in nazi germany with anti-semitism. i come from deer born, michigan where hate crimes against muslims is happening daily. we have to remember that we are americans and we have to come together and we have to fight, the black community is very concerned the amount of hate crime, racism that still exists. maria: you could put everything in the same bucket but we all
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know that the reason this resolution came to the floor was because of omar's comments, nancy pelosi weighed in on omar's comments before yesterday vote, here is what she said. >> i do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words. when you cross the threshold in congress your words weigh much more than when you are shouting at somebody outside. [laughter] >> and i feel comfort that her words were not based on any antisemitic attitude. maria: sounds like a lot of pr, congresswoman. to be clear it's all about the benjamins and you allegiance to two countries including israel is antisemitic, yes? >> you know, i honestly think that there are a lot of times -- we have young people. maria: you need to call it out, congresswoman, was it antisemitic or not? >> i don't think it was antisemitic.
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i talked to my colleagues and she has strong feelings but she believes that israel should exist and i'm going to give you an example 2 years ago -- maria: that's not such a reach that she believes israel should exist. no kidding. >> but that's my point. that's not antisemitic. any member that is you talk about, the young members they will go out and fight to respect every single individual, i don't think -- i've had enough discussions now, i feel like -- i feel like a mom sometimes but they just don't understand how their words impact people but we all make those mistakes. maria: but you have the instincts and it's all about the benjamins and people have allegiance to two countries it sounds like those are two things that maybe mean you should not be on the foreign affairs committee? >> do you think the -- are you kidding me?
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maria: when talking about israel you shouldn't be talking about foreign affairs committee? >> no, we don't agree on that. i want you to know that the chair on the foreign affairs committee who is a very strong, one of the strongest importers of israel in the country believes she brings an important perspective. when you're involved in world affairs, you need to look at each different perspective and so she's learned, she's learned from this experience, we are living in a very complicated world. anybody brings different perspective to the table, we have 2 years and one mouth for a reason, we need to listen to each other, we need to take the time, forget twitter, forget social media, talk to each other, understand that words have meaning and help each other understand how you interpret or how it comes across so maybe you don't make that mistake again. maria: you they that your colleague understands that? >> i believe that a lot of work has taken place with a lot of
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mentoring, yes. maria: congresswoman, good to see you this morning, thank you. we will see you soon. stay with us, special coverage of february job's report begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning. we've got special coverage as we identify where the jobs are in this economy. meanwhile this, the shocking revelation, get this, martin shkreli reportedly running drug company behind bars, dagen mcdowell with the details now, dagen, incredible. dagen: incredible story in the wall street journal, front page, maria bartiromo, good morning to everybody, 16 months in a 7-year sentence from a top bunk and 12-person prison cell in fort dick's, new jersey, martin shkreli calling shots at former company pharmaceuticals lighting rod as the wall street journal calls for jacking up the prices of rare drugs, it's called fanexus like fenix rising from
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the ashes, he never went away, he's in prison with a contraband cell phone literally calling the shots at this company a few weeks ago according to journal, he called out hand-picked executive during staff -- safari expedition and fired him. he's running a personal vlog where he compares himself to entrepreneurs like elon musk, but this all could mean more trouble for him, according to journal he's running the company out of operating out of manhattan, the fbi has interviewed associates about his role there, a spokesperson from the bureau of prison says conducting a business in any way is a prohibited act and he clearly sees forgiving american public, this is what he told you back in 2017.
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>> i think there's a large number of american people that already do trust me. maria: okay. >> i think that's, you know, when all said and done, i have dozens of scientific inventions contributed corpus that will continue, i will keep doing that. dagen: somebody needs to track down what he's doing in prison, i will leave it at that. maria: illinois sheriff's deputy killed in line of duty. lauren simonetti. lauren: brown shot and killed mchenry county deputy who was trying to serve arrest warrant, he began shooting at them through the door, brown then jumped from the third floor window and shot in the parking lot, brown eventually arrested after a ohio-speed car chase, deputy spent 13 years on the force, known for chasing the worse of the worse and leaves behind wife and 2 children.
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eleventh officer killed in line of duty this year. the lawyer for nissan chairman carlos goshn apologizing for his guying his client in worker's uniform to sneak him out of prison, the lawyer said he was trying to protect goshn's privacy and obviously plan failed. released on $9 million after being held more than 100 days, he fears he may have harmed professional reputation. power outages giving venezuelans overnight, widespread blackout hitting the subway and caracas and forcing commuters having to walk home. president maduro blaming sabotage from the opposition at hydroelectric dam even though power outages are common in venezuela. maria: short break, china throwing support from huawei, u.s. how fear spying, details
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tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. maria: welcome back, huawe taking on the united states and has china's full support, suing the united states for signaling out the company and chinese equipment ban, chinese foreign minister told reporters this, it's quite obvious to any fair and unbias person that the recent action particularly against chinese company and individual is by no means a pure judiciary case but deliberate political suppression, we support the company and individual in question in seeking legal to support interest and refusing to be victimized like silent lambs, joining the conversation michael
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block, former nfl star jack brewer this morning. great to see you, welcome back. >> great to be back. maria: happy you're here, michael. >> job's friday. maria: chinese government is getting behind huawei and saying we are happy that huawei is pushing back and not being a silent lamb, there's no secret that this company have stolen trade secrets, we heard from the list of companies, microsoft, cisco, motorola solutions, t-mobile, the list goes on. >> silent lambs, this is innocent that's been haunting corey scarlet's dreams, huawei they know what they are doing, there are ties to chinese government, everything here is justified here and needs to be cleaned up, shakespeare might have said the lady that protests so much, needs to be fixed. maria: one of the things that huawei has gone go to a number of countries, across africa,
6:19 am
across europe and say we will set up your infrastructure and telecom and because they didn't have money for it and these countries have said yes but then later we found out that there was espionage going on, dagen. dagen: right, and i think that this is kind of a stunning turn of events, i know we will talk about it in the next block but exports in china, i think this is a warning shot for china, that it can't continue to defend this kind of espionage if it wants to play on the world stage, this is a message that president trump and negotiating team are sending and particularly the people within the justice department that have targeted huawei with indictment, exports were down almost 21% in china, the stock market there suffering its worst day in several months, they are -- they need to wake up to the fact that they will not have a role in the world stage unless they play fairly. huawei does not.
6:20 am
maria: down 4 and a half percent overnight. last week i spoke with security officer andy about the communists that are sitting on the technology giant's board. let me ask you this, andy, do you have a member of the communist government on your board? >> i don't know. i assume since there are so many members of the communist party i have to assume that some of the officials of our company are communist party. maria: that's the rule in china, you have to have a communist government official on the board, isn't it? >> i don't think so. maria: you do have members of the communist party on your board? >> i think we probably have members of the communist party, we don't have chinese officials on our board. [laughter] maria: playing with words here. the communist party governs the government, that's the point, if you have communist party members
6:21 am
on your board it's basically a state-owned company. >> huawei is not the only country where this is going on, it's time to fix this. it's a trade deal is how this is going to get done, this is how we fix this. maria: i wonder what dagen said earlier, if that's going to be enough to push the chinese to stop this kind of behavior, the fact that the economy is getting impacted. the stock market is reacting, exports are down, they've plunged. dagen: hardline from the department of justice helps too. maria: we have a full report coming up. speaking of disney, brand-new star wars galaxy theme park working ahead of schedule, we will tell you about it when we come back. this is your invitation to exhilaration.
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maria: welcome back, headlines across the board, perry high school list suspension of student in maga controversy, logan jones suspended for 10 days after refusing to give school resource officer her name while she was wearing a make america great again gear. her lawyer says drastic overreaction by logan not giving her name. the ads running today in the chicago tribune new york times and the la times, the old version reads it's a fact, budweiser has delighted more husbands than any known. the new version it's a fact, budweiser can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, the orlando sentiment has good news for star wars fans, the park will debut may 31 at disneyland
6:26 am
in california, then on august 29th hollywood studios in florida. disney ceo bob iger told shareholders yesterday that the opening dates are earlier than planned. joining us to talk more about all of that, great to see you guys this morning, thank you for joining us, i think comments needs to be discontinued, feels like a whole bunch of pr, the resolution yesterday in fact, saying that it was just -- we are denouncing hate as if that's something that is a surprise. that's so obvious. what does it mean for the comments that came out of congresswoman omar? >> it all needs to be addressed here, it's good to have voices here and she wants to uplift minorities, women and muslims, i'm all for that. i don't get it.
6:27 am
it's not speaking right to me. maria: jack, back to you. >> the double standard is killing me. every time the president opens his mouth is considered racist, now you have such a double standard and it's sicken to go see. the rhetoric that's coming out on the left, you can be racist and be liberal in america, that happens too and so we need to take a step back and do real soul searching because we have to start calling people out and keeping it 100 and not sugar coating because somebody is on your same political party or your same political views. they say something wrong, it's wrong. maria: well said, jack. tomorrow marks tenth anniversary for longest bull run in record. market up 300 points in the last 10 years ever since bottom was hit in 2009. luck strikes for mega million dollar winner, leaving ticket in the store, he left this behind but then went baccalaureate in
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, thank you so much for joining us, friday march eighth, top stories 6:31 a.m. on the east coast.
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the news weighing on global markets this morning, what is not eminent mean exactly. investors are waiting on february job's report as well, estimates call 180,000 jobs added to the economy last month with unemployment rate edging down to 3.9%, the s&p down 11 and a half points and nasdaq down 39 on the heels of china. the markets are on track to worst week of the year, all the major indices are down roughly 2% and yesterday the dow was down 200 point at the close. weakness in global market this europe, ftse 10 down 72 points, better than 1%, cac request rant is down 23 points and dax in germany lower by 76. in asia selloff across the board, we had weak data out of china on the economy there that weighed on exports, i'm sorry, weighed on markets, exports
6:33 am
plunged 20% in the month of february from a year ago, as a result shanghai composite, worst performer down 4 and a half percent. that really set the tone for global markets overnight and that is continuing this morning on u.s. futures, stocks to watch this morning, cosco moving in opposite directions, cosco better than expected quarter, up 4 and a half percent on the stock this morning, event bright down 26 person, details on earnings report coming up. major media deal, new york yankees leading group to acquire network putting charlie gasparino, broke the news last night. $3.4 billion deal coming up. talk about pure luck at this, the winner of mega million jackpot has stranger to thank for 273 million-dollar prize, all coming up top story half an hour, down day for markets, lower opening this morning following the weak data out of china, major indices are
6:34 am
expected to open down about 100 points on the dow, this is the worst week to have year so far if we end like this, s&p 500 down 11 and a half and the nasdaq down morning. tracee, good to have have you. >> thank you, good to be here. maria: where do you see places to hide when you see europe slowing down, china obviously tough news overnight with the export plunging and the market down 4 and a half percent, when you allocate capital, where do you want to do it across the world? >> certainly we are seeing a big change in macro picture right now and not really unexpected, you know, we've had such a good run so far this year with markets with 10, 20% in some cases, so we have started to peer back some equity holdings and we are holding the cash
6:35 am
until we have better entry point back into the market because we see the market up through the end of the year. maria: raise cash and avoid places like europe, asia and the u.s. >> so start pulling back on your equity exposure and put that into cash, short-term bonds is another place we like and just hold onto that and we think they'll be a better place to get back in. >> tracee, the right time to get back into say u.s. stocks, is there a level that you're watching, some sort of indicater that you're watching, are you thinking about the december woes perhaps, oh it something else? >> yeah, perhaps, we could see kind of a retracement back to lows around the december levels, maybe not fight that far but if we see another 5, 6% drop, that would be an attractive opportunity in our perspective. dagen: how long, given what mario drug by said at the ecm against pushing rate interest rate in 2020 at the earliest,
6:36 am
how long before investors here start acting, reacting negatively to the federal reserve because, again, the federal reserve has taken a posture where the balance sheet reduction is coming to an end later this year, few if any interest rate increases in 2019 but, again, i said all along that this is a sign that the economy is probably in worst shape here in the united states than people expect, how long before investors really start realizing that? >> yeah, we think that the federal reserve is taking a pause here and, you know, you mentioned winner investors going to start realizing that and pushing back on the fed, well, they did, they did that back in october, they said wait a minute you are too optimistic, autos, housing, consumer. dagen: reacting negatively to the pivot because again the pivot that it was a very
6:37 am
positive sign for the market in january, of course, best performance in literally decades. i'm saying right here right now, she said that, you know, if you look ahead, expect an interest rate reduction, a cut by the federal reserve because the economy is weak. >> yeah, so we are not seeing that. we do still see about 2 and a half% growth in the u.s. economy this year, we still see a very strong job's market and we think the strong job's market and the consumer will actually get fed to raise rates. maria: look at where we have come, tomorrow 10-year anniversary of market bottom. strategists and basically looking at all the skeptics about the economy and the market and saying, okay, i want to be in there, but you're not buying it yet, you think we will see a
6:38 am
5% sell off? >> we do think we will see a selloff here but through the end of the year we will see markets higher is what we think, we are not calling end to bull market either, in fact, i agree with jason that his assessment that view is to continue to see positive performance out of equity markets, in fact, we have seen 6 corrections over the past 10 years and 2 of them have been 19% corrections, right in the verge of bear market and we think the bull market can continue to run. >> any catalyst that you see to happen, you see the markets over the course of the year, anything that can happen with the fed or with the china trade policy or anything else that could give us a jump-start sooner? >> yeah, sure, i think we are in inflection point right now where markets could turn higher but it
6:39 am
would have to be things like a positive trade deal, it would have to be the consumer coming back in much stronger than we have seen so far. it's very possible we could move higher from here. we are just taking a little risk out of the portfolio, being a bit cautious because we do see negative red flags in the market. maria: just to be clear, in the near term decline of 5%. >> near term pullback. maria: you just said that. >> right. maria: women as household head and bread winner because this is women's -- international women's day, decline of 3 and a half percent in the fourth quarter amid stocks dropping, more women taking charge of their family's financial decision, this has been going on for some time. >> it has, actually 42% of women in the u.s. are are the primary -- the family primary breadwinner and 45% of
6:40 am
millionaires are women and nine of 10 women will eventually take care of family's finances, so it really is important for us as women to understand finance, to understand investing. maria: how are you attracting those clients? >> so we are -- we are looking at ways that we can get our women out into the media like today and we are also hiring more women advisers and we are trying to put out information that appeals to women, so number of different ways. maria: people would always ask me to speak in money conferences and i would always say to them, thank you so much for the invitation because the truth is this is just marketing, women and men want the same thing, they want to make money. >> they do but approach it differently and the way women approach it, they tend to trade less which helps with trading costs, they tend to be more
6:41 am
discipline, stick to their plan and they want to learn about investing, so that contributes to better performance for women over time. dagen: i think that men need to listen to the women on the issues but their tone deaf and stubborn, so men on this national international women's day maybe actually sit down and talk to your wife about family finances, you might learn something. >> i agree. >> that's exactly what we found, what we found single women have the highest performance and then married women had the second highest. maria: tracie, thank you so much. celebrating women today. special coverage of february's job report begins today at 8:00 a.m. eastern, join us for special coverage, coming up, paul manafort sentence today almost 4 years in prison. lauren simonetti with the details, lauren. lauren: former trump campaign chairman got 47 months for tax and bank fraud related to work advising ukrainian politicians, paul manafort will receive
6:42 am
credit for 9 months since he has been jailed since june, but he could also get additional prison time next week when he's sentenced in a separate case where he pled to charges let to illegal lobbying. we will keep an eye on shares of cosco today, posting mixed earnings of low impact earnings per share, as you can see right there the company raising minimum wage for store workers to $15 an hour, increasing pay for supervisors and started to pay parental leave for employees, online ticketing company event right down, reporting loss of 17 cents a share, worse than expected. it did beat on revenue, however.
6:43 am
shares of cosco are up in premarket trading, shares of event bright, there you go, 25%, quite a different picture between the two companies and this, mega million's lottery winner in new jersey left the 273 million-dollar ticket left it behind at convenient store where he bought it, luckily a good samaritan found ticket on the ground and gave it to store clerk. >> i was very surprised, i looked for 3 hours at home and didn't realize going back down thursday that when i went there and i looked up friday morning, well, just another thing i lost and i went down there with everything and i was just happy and i couldn't believe it. lauren: many found out he won, he said he plans to buy a truck, something he always wanted, wow. maria: incredible. lauren: i hope the good samaritan good -- got a little something from the winning. maria: the yankees buying
6:44 am
network, charlie gasparino, he will tell us more about that on the breaks news coming up. ladies rule at the box office, captain marvel hopes to boost box office after slump, we are taking a look at your weekend, back in a minute
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
maria: welcome back, spring training in full swing for major league baseball teams but the yankees ready to make a big deal off of the shield, charlie gasparino with all the details, charlie, you broke the news, good morning to you.
6:48 am
>> yes, thank you, late last night fox business exclusive reported the new york yankees are leading group of other investors to purchase the yes network, same network that televises all the yankee games, i believe it does brock line mets and a few other things, looking to repurchase and the deal is valued at $3.4 billion, remember, disney holds this asset as part of the fox entertainment purchase. so here is what we know, yankees are partnering with both sinclair and amazon and others, sinclair and amazon would be the largest minority owners and those two largest minority owners are key, the plan to distribute the yankee game in local markets obviously through sinclair and here is the big thing, maria, the plan is to essentially stream yankee games via amazon prime, that's why this thing is a big deal. it's sort of -- it's ground breaking, one of the -- amazon does some sports but now
6:49 am
specifically involved with a team and they are minority partner with yankees entertainment network. disney holds fox regional sports network after 71 billion-dollar deal to buy, they must sell to meet antitrust requirement, that bid asking going on. one other thing, from what i understand despite reports over at cnbc early on, amazon never put a first round bid in for the others, exclusively with the yankees, it may at some point but it's not there yet and a lot of people doubt they will, so i think this news will break today, it's fascinating what the price is, valuing at 3.4 billion, most sports teams aren't worth that much north of 2 billion, so says something about the yankees franchise. maria: really says something about the sign of the times, a lot of people are wondering when amazon or apple, google were going to get and try to acquire sports, of course that's the most profitable in tv and when
6:50 am
you see nontraditional like amazon getting into live sports, that's when you really have the traditional guys worried because there aren't a lot of sports-related assets up for sale. >> well, they tried to leverage the theory, right, meaning they, disney and bankers at alan company at jpmorgan. yankees let's say they are unique, you know and i know there are 3 or 4 national sports teams, dallas cowboys happened to be one and if you're in colorado, you like the yankees, a lot of people do, you know that team, that asset is easy to sell. the reason why the other ones are facing a much more difficult sales price and initially amazon wanted 20 -- 20 billion for those assets. it looks like they will sell it for no more than 10 and the reason because of core cutting, people are consuming things --
6:51 am
maria: a lot of sports teams are under contract, not a lot more to buy, charlie, great reporting on your part as usual. thank you. coming up leading ladies, audiences are looking for more female super heros as captain marvel hits theaters this weekend. box office next [nervous laughter] and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh...schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa?!... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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>> i'm not going to fight your war. i'm going to end it. ♪ maria: cool, a clip from the new comic book movie captain marvel, the first stand-alone for marvel universe, joining me today michael tomara.
6:55 am
>> good to see you, maria, box business' captain marvel herself. maria: what's your take on this film? >> i enjoyed. reviews have been back and forth on it. looks like it'll probably do a lot better than wonder woman this weekend which went on was the highest-grossing super hero origin film of all-time, over $800 million, we will see. much needed adrenaline for box office. maria: all right, i want to talk about that. people love super heros but a women super hero, i think, i love it. >> wonder women proved that there's definitely a market and a lot to see the movies on the screen, you have black widow coming out on the screen. maria: black widow will be good. what the heck happened in february, captain marvel able to rescue the box office, worst february in a long time? >> worst month in 17 years, down 24%, this time last year black panther was breaking records at box office.
6:56 am
it's all about the product, the product hasn't been great to date. that said, this weekend captain marvel will start to change things around. i think in 2 weeks, the dumbo live action movie. maria: it's all disney. >> every thing goes back and the box office will revive as we go on into the year. maria: it was really the content. >> it's all about the product. maria: michael, have a great week, michael tammero there. the job's report out in 90-minute's time, jobs in america. elon musk under scrutiny next up . t. rowe price invest with confidence. moving?
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us many i'm maria bartiromo. happy friday. it is friday, march 8th. your top stories right now. a trade deal with china apparently not meant not immine. we're looking at a selloff across the world. invelveters are waiting on the february jobs report. the estimates call for 180,000 jobs added in the month of february. futures indicating a decline of about 100 points out of the gate, that's one half of 1% lower on the dow. s&p down 12 and-a-half points now, the nasdaq down 41. markets on track for their worst
7:01 am
week of the year many all the major indices yesterday down roughly -- as you see, three-quarters of a percent yesterday, 2% on the week, for all the major averages, dow down 200 points yesterday, the nasdaq down 85 points yesterday. we're seeing weakness in global markets. down 72 points on the fq100, cac in paris down 25 points, and the dax index in germany down 86 points of. it all started in asia, a selloff across the board. we had weak data coming out of china overnight, exports plunged 20% in china in the month of compared to a year ago. shanghai come pos you it was the worst performer, down 4 and-a-half percent. hong kong down almost 2%, japan down better than 2%, that set the tone for global markets this morning. that is what is happening today on wall street as well. facebook taking more action to fight misinformation. what the company says it's doing about anti-vaccines coming up an
7:02 am
nfl career up in smoke, the shocking story of one cowboy's player announcing he's quitting on instagram live, appearing to be smoking mayor was n we've got that story coming up. steph curry's new sneakers are out. how the nba star is celebrating international women's day later this hour. all those stories coming up this friday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, michael block and former nfl star, jack brewer. great to see everybody this morning. >> great to be here. maria: good morning. dagen: china rattling the u.s. markets for sure. the chinese stock market down, having its worst day in five months on that major drop that more than 20% drop in exports that you mentioned in the open. and then news from the u.s. envoy to beijing that a deal isn't imminent, so no summit date is set at this point in terms of the trade -- us trying to resolve our trade issues with
7:03 am
china. it's given investors some pause this morning. maria: that really set the tone. as china's economy slows down, the rest of the world is slowing down as well. one of the big impacts is europe. europe is doing a lot more importing from china than the u.s. is, and that's why you're looking at the european markets so weak on the heels of the china news. >> yet another german factory orders number this morning also not good, the february number the lowest since june of last year. there was an upward revision to january. there's no growth coming out of europe. they're teetering here. in the u.s., the transports were strong for the first couple months of this year. now they're down 10 sessions in a row, that's a record, transports. kind of important. maria: when you see the transports and industrials move in tandem, it's not a good thing. by the way, yesterday, mario draggy cut expectation for growth from the euro down from
7:04 am
1.7 to 1.0%. elon musk facing more scrutiny. his security clearance under review after musk smoked polt on the joe rogan podcast. >> do people get upset at you when you do certain things,. >> there's tobacco and marijuana in there. that's all it is. maria: not sure what you was thinking there. he needed the clearance because spacex helps launch satellites for the u.s. government. joining us now is tech analyst roger kaye. roger, good morning to you. thanks for being here. your reaction to this new security issue around elon musk and the scrutiny that he tones continues to face. >> good morning, maria. well, you know, he's a smart guy, right? elon musk is one of the smartest guys on the planet. this was not hard to figure out, right, that even though, yes,
7:05 am
the states are fairly progressive and a lot of them have legalized marijuana, the federal government doesn't do that. if you have a federal security clearance, this is one of the rules for them. it's pretty obvious that he could have seen this coming and he didn't. so whoops, that's terrible. if i were on the board of directors at tesla or one of his other ventures, i would just be terrified of this guy. everything that he does, you can't predict what he's going to do. he's going to do something insane next and then something brilliant. and so you can't live with him and you can't live without hill. it's like bonfire of the vanities. he thinks he's fantastic and can do anything he wants. then he realizes one small thing can drag him down. maria: joe rogan tapes in california, right? it's legal in california but you make a good point. i mean, the federal law is not in step with where california is. i don't know why -- joe rogan
7:06 am
lured him into it. dagen: i want to point out, he is not the -- the president and chief operating officer is glen shotwell. that doesn't impact the day-to-day operations of spacex and the spacex business. i think that's important to point out. i will raise the issue with the growing number of states where marijuana use is perfectly legal among regular citizens -- maria: that was my point. dagen: are they going to lay down the law and this is going to be a line in the sand or actually a line in the asphalt, if you will, about what is allowed to get a security clearance in this country. i don't know if they want to do that publicly, quite frankly. maria: yeah. what were you saying? >> musk is putting them in a terrible position because nobody -- it's almost like a don't ask, don't tell. that's how the federal government is dealing with the states, kind of, at this moment. and under the obama administration n. were pretty clear, we're not going to bother you guys.
7:07 am
you do whatever you do. but trump administration is not as obvious that they feel that way. so if they decide to make a case out of this, they can. and it would be inconvenient but as dagen pointed out, it's not the end of the world. the company can still operate. y long can't go --y long can't o into secure areas. >> we know that marijuana is more accepted. if you take a position and you get a security clearance and working in a public school or job where you have to get drug tested, i mean, at the end of the day you have to get drug tested and so they've got to clamp down on this guy. i'm a marijuana supporter. i've had 10 surgeries, played in the national football league, seen guys on opioids, i'm not one standing against smoking marijuana. if you're a ceo of a company that requires you to have security clearance, you better abide by the rules. dagen: by the way, he's abiding by the rules in the sense that
7:08 am
elon musk refiled his security form that requires a federal employee or contractor to seek clearance acknowledging any illegal drug use over the previous seven years. he refiled that. >> do they ban him for that? >> dagen: remains to be seen how they handle it. >> there needs to be common sense here. we have this clip, everyone thinks it's funny. he's in a haze of smoke. i don't care if it's legal in california. how would you feel if you had the ceo of gm downing martinis while they have an interview about the company's business? how do you feel about that? maria: that's a good analogy. >> there's a matter of discretion and -- i mean, for example, in most places employees don't have to wear ties anymore. but the ceo often wears a tie because it's appropriate, it shows a certain kind of lead rship and so on. musk is not that guy. he's not leading people into
7:09 am
some very carefully orchestrated view of what a ceo is should be. he's like elon musk, the wild man. i think people have come to accept him. one of the other issues is, this could begin to push the issue of the states and the federal government having to figure it out among themselves about what's going on in our country with marijuana. dagen: by the way, i wish people would actually watch the podcast or listen to it. he basically blew smoke once. i think the thing lasted about two hours. it was questionable whether he even inhaled. can we not act like the guy -- he was also sipping whiskey. are we going to get our trassers in a knot about -- trousers in a knot about that. the issue is you have federal law that makes marijuana illegal and you have three dozen states in some way, shape or form that moved to decriminalize it. it's up to the justice department, the federal government, and the states to come together and figure out what is illegal and legal.
7:10 am
maria: there is white expectation that that's where it's going, right? when you see all of these states that have it legalized already, whether it's medical marijuana or even -- dagen: i didn't think it was funny when it happened. the discussion we've had here continuously is that was a mistake, why would you do that, if you're the founder of these various companies that require you to have security clearance so at least the federal government's on the case. maria: you made the point a long time ago, jack, on this program that you think nfl players are getting the shaft because these doctors are giving them opioids they should be giving them marijuana. >> we talked about this before. we have an epidemic of opioids in our country. we're losing 150 people a year, in particular a population like nfl players or the military, guys that got to go in and go to battle and they're hitting their heads and going through all this trauma and then you push back against them smoking weed.
7:11 am
i think it's wrong. maria: tesla announced an agreement with chinese leaders for its gig factory in shanghai, the loans valued at $521 million. your thoughts on this as the country is right now pretty much in economic warfare with china. >> it's a little inconvenient to try to open a factory in a foreign country when you're having a trade war with them. musk has been looking forward, he's been investing in future technologies and he's trying to branch out around the world. the chinese market is a great market for vehicles, for other things and it's also great supplier and i think if we can get over this trade war, it would be helpful to both sides, frankly. so you know, i applaud musk for moving ahead with his plans. i think it's important to keep trade open. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. roger, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. maria: coming up, cracking down on misinformation, facebook takes new steps to fight the spread of anti-vaccination data.
7:12 am
details after this. and then steph curry celebrates international women's day with a brand-new sneaker, the touching story coming up. back in a minute. ♪ i just want to feel this moment. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle,
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back. markets are under pressure this morning. it all started overnight in asia. dow industrials down 100 points, down half a percent, s&p down 11 and the nasdaq down 40 points. the chinese economy showing real weakness and of course we've got u.s./china trade tensions undermining the markets. february jobs report out in over an hour. that should be a good number, 180,000 jobs expected to have been added to the economy. the shanghai composite overnight was down 4 and-a-half percent because exports plunged in china and that is the issue for the month of february. we're watching china.
7:16 am
asian markets and the u.s. this morning. the white house wants access to a north korean missile base. lauren simonetti with headlines now. lauren: the u.s. plans to ask north korea to let inspectors in at a missile launch site after the satellite images emerged that show a rebuilding process already underway. the north korean activity is raising concerns because this is the facility that produced kim jong un's first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. this comes after president trump and kim failed to reach a deal in their historic summit in vietnam last week. vietnam -- north korea wanted sanctions relief. we wouldn't give it. the justice department launched an attack on financial scams that target the elderly. 260 people have been charged over the last year for scams costing victims an estimated $750 million. one older man with dementia sent $350,000 to scammers to correct a fake security alert on his
7:17 am
computer. u.s. banks reported more than 24,000 suspected cases of elder financial abuse to the treasury department last year alone. hackers reportedly also targeting younger people, reaching college application databases, demanding money from potential students for admissions files which contain notes, ratings and possible acceptance decisions from the university. the hackers are requesting one bitcoin. the schools affected are overland in ohio and hamilton in new york. and this story, three women on the u.s. supreme court are being honored on international women's day. an arizona k- company is giving each justice the own supremely hot sauce. each five ounce bottle costs $10 or can you buy all three for $27. i love this story.
7:18 am
maria: good stuff. thank you so much, lauren. coming up, jobs in america, the february jobs report out in a little over an hour from now. we'll bring you the numbers talk about the state of the economy coming up. facebook's new plan to stop the spread of misinformation of anti-vaccinations on the social media site, details right after this. ♪ the only boy who could ever teach me. ♪ was th the son of a preacher . ♪ he was, he was, yes he was. ron! soh really? going on at schwab. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs.
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. maria: welcome back. facebook taking steps to stop the spread of anti-vaccine misinformation across the social media platform. the decision comes after a senate hearing where an 18-year-old testified about how he defied his mother and got himself vaccinated. he joined me yesterday.
7:22 am
here's what he said earlier this week. >> in my testimony i said that change is taking place and more steps could be taken to make sure misinformation didn't spread. the plat forms have been used to spread the misinformation and that's concerning. maria: joining us now dr. jeanette neshua. your reaction to all of this about vaccinations? what can you tell us? girls o>> first of all, vaccinee lives. i commend facebook and mark zuckerberg for taking action. this affects everyone many this affects our children, it affects adults. look at the measles outbreak, the biggest outbreak in decades with measles. that's no joke. measles can cause brain inflammation, pneumonia, hearing loss and death. it's about time they're taking action. i hope other social media platform will follow suit and do the same thing. dagen: i know that pinterest
7:23 am
has done something similar, that facebook might be a little late to the party and they're probably embarrassed. as they often act after they're embarrassed, after ethan went in front of congress and said my mother was reading this anti-vax propaganda on facebook and the facebook groups. what's the role in government in all this? i want to point to a story in the new york times, there was one student inexpected with measles who went to a school and at least 21 other people came down with measles because of this. this is despite repeated warnings from public officials, health officials that do not allow a student in school if they have not been vaccinated against the measles. >> i agree. you're putting unfairly -- you're putting other people, other children, other teachers at risk. i think the government should have mandates where if you're going to go to a public school or even a private school, you need to be vaccinated against
7:24 am
meningitis, hepatitis, measles, that can spread to the rest of the community and could cause some serious harm. it begins with education, parents need to be educated, doctors, healthcare providers need to educate parents, the children. and it's important to understand, vaccines -- some people think it's a money maker hoax. it's not. vaccines are free. you can go to the health department and get them for free. it's a myth that vaccines are linked to other diseases. that's not true. maria: it's all a myth you say. >> people can have side effects, that's a possibility. vaccines overall, study after study shows they save lives. we eradicated polio but we recently saw a polio-like illness paralyzing children. when we have the ability, the advanced medicine and technology to save lives, as a doctor i've got to advocate for that for my patients. >> and get our reality back. i just got back from africa.
7:25 am
i can tell you, that's a country of 15 million people who wish they had vaccines and the mamas to give their babies. we've got to get our reality back and realize again where we are. i think we get comfort in our comfort zone in america and feel like everything is bad for you and there's always a big governt ploy. dagen: we were all supposed to become smarter and better educated because of the information on the internet. and this has made people dangerously dumb where they gravitate to what they want to hear, whether in politics or information about their health. i can't tell you how many conversations i've had with people, somebody on twitter with a blue check mark next to their name telling he m me that therea nerve pain drug gab a apenton that my mother's on that is misprescribed.
7:26 am
it's used to treat cancer patients you dumb dumb. why are you spreading these lies? >> i'm glad you're blocking and banning anti-vax information. maria: the price of let care, a new article, titled trump administration weighs publicizing rates negotiated with insurers. it could reveal the cost of care for the first time. when you put out there the amount of premium hospitals and others put on drugs it's going to be bad for them. >> drugs and procedures. why are drug prices so high? why is there such a variable in the cost of an appendectomy at one hospital versus another? i'm a little iffy about this. i'm concerned about unintended consequences but at the same time could potentially lower copays and deductibles and maybe create more competition in the market? maria: shine a light on it. >> that's a possibility of
7:27 am
exposing these exuberant drug prices and procedural costs that might benefit patients but i think that we need to focus more on transparency, listing upfront the prices of drugs, the prices of procedures. it's really not so much a secret. you just -- patients don't find out costs until after the fact, until they get the bill in the mail and they see the cost of $300, insurance covers this much, you're responsible for this much. they need transparency to make the decisions to have more options to decide where they want to go and get healthcare. maria: great insights from, thank you so much. president trump just tweeted on the border wall this morning, this what is he said. the wall is being built and is well under construction. big impact will be made, many additional contracts are close to being signed. far ahead of schedule despite all of the democrat obstruction and fake news writes the president this morning. more pleas to amazon, we're talking to one pennsylvania congressman who wrote a letter to jeff bezos about bringing headquarters two to his
7:28 am
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7:31 am
maria: welcome back. good friday morning everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 8th. your top stories, 7:31 a.m. on the east coast. a trade deal with china apparently not imminent. those are the words from the u.s. ambassador to china. the news weighing on global markets this morning. it started in asia but it has continued throughout europe an
7:32 am
the u.s. investors are waiting on the february jobs report. the expectations call for 180,000 jobs added to the economy in the month of february. the unemployment rate is expected to tick down to 3.9%. markets are under pressure this morning. futures indicate a decline of 115 points on the dow. s&p a 500 is down 12 and nasdaq down 40 points. on top of another day of declines yesterday, the markets on track for their worst week of the year this week, all the major indices on the week down about 2%. yesterday the dow was down 200 points, the s&p down 22, the nasdaq down 84. global markets taking a cue from asia. european ind indices down acrose board. cac down 23 and dax index down 76. as saa selloff across the boardn asia after weak data came out of china. chinese exports plunged 20% in the month of february compared to a year ago. the shanghai composite was the
7:33 am
worst performer, down 4.4%. the others down about 2%. in japan down 2%, down 2% on the hang seng. german economic data was below expectations. working beyond 9 to a 5, the trump administration looks to expand overtime coverage. find out the new salary level to start making time and-a-half. and an nfl career up in smoke, the shocking story of one cowboys player announcing he's quitting on instagram live while appearing to be smoking marijuana. and nba's steph curry celebrates international women's day today with a new sneaker. the story behind the new kicks coming up later this hour. turning to amazon leaving new york city behind, the company decided to cancel plans to bring headquarters 2 to the big apple after opposition from local lawmakers including freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. now one member of congress has written to amazon's ceo, jeff bezos, asking him to bring those jobs to his district. joining us now is pennsylvania
7:34 am
congressman dan user. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. maria: what's the sales pitch to amazon for pennsylvania? >> the sales pitch to the fastest growing company in the world, don't settle on something that's good or even great, come to the best. the ninth congressional district, the corridor is becoming the distribution and fulfillment center hub to all of north america. we're within an 8 hour drive to 60% of north america's population. we've got logistically the best location, we've got low cost of doing business. maria: are you prepared, congressman, to offer the same terms that new york was offering, $3 billion or such in tax breaks and give us a sense of why it's so important to have a new amazon headquarters 2 in a district, aside from the 25,000 jobs, what do you think that would bring to a neighborhood? >> well, first of all, it's got to be best for the company and it truly is a logistic outstanding location for them.
7:35 am
amazon already has a fulfillment center there as does lowe's, home depot, mattel and others. the sales pitch will have to be -- the offer would have to be up to the governor's office, the general assembly, all of us working together. it would be the start of a renaissance truly of new businesses, of other smaller businesses providing for amazon, certainly the jobs, wage increases. it's a long-term great play for companies such as amazon and we plan to make a strong pitch. before they looked at cities and cities are fine and even virginia, but the idea of being in queens, new york or right outside of washington, d.c. versus an area which would deliver for them just great value, great fulfillment and great people. >> good morning, congressman, mike block here. obviously there are some on the
7:36 am
left who notably helped push this out of new york, unfortunately for us in the new york area. how do you answer the charges that this would be bad for a community and disrupt a community? what can you offer and what's the pitch to your constituents and everyone else including yor colleagues across the aisle that this would be the right thing to do? >> first of all, have you to have a welcoming government. i'm confident that pennsylvania will be very welcoming and certainly from a federal pennsylvania delegation standpoint. it's got to make sense for the company, delivering value, reasonably cost labor, great geographical locations. we have natural gas, so their energy costs would be extremely low. the advantages are there. i think the people are ready for something like this. we are a former coal area. we have so much potential. one of my big focus as a member of congress, even though we're in the minority, are revitalization efforts for great
7:37 am
small cities throughout. we've got the interstate highway systems, interstate 83, 78, we've got rail. again, it's not just a good place, it's the ideal place. maria: let me switch gears, ask about the house passing the resolution condemning hate in all forms, after ilhan omar said some politicians push for allegiance to a foreign power. nancy pelosi said before the vote that she did not believe omar meant it in an anti-semetic way. listen to this. got to get your reaction. >> i don't think that the congresswoman is perhaps appreciates the full weight of how it's heard by other people. i don't believe it was intended in an anti-semetic way. the fact is, if that's how it was interpreted, we have to remove doubt as we have done over and over again. maria: congressman, you voted no on the resolution. can you tell us why?
7:38 am
>> well, i will tell you, that was a little bit of a difficult choice i had to make because of how they handled the bill. this was an intended to be an anti-semetic legislation which is very important to people in my district, people throughout the united states, to our relationship with israel, certainly many members of congress, by extending it further as the leadership did they greatly watered it down and made it virtually meaningless. you know, congresswoman omar's constituents and voters will perhaps take care of that in the next election as to who is going to represent them. but the idea that the democrat leadership right now, the steering committee keeps her on foreign affairs is really unacceptable. you saw it in the republican end, things like that get handled very, very swiftly and they just did. it's a real shame. maria: sounds like a p.r. move
7:39 am
yesterday, bringing a resolution to the floor, co condemning hatf all forms. we know the only reason they brought the resolution is because of omar's comments. >> that's exactly right. maria: what are the democrats doing here? >> well, they're engaged in spin and some -- trying to mislead the general public and i'm glad people are seeing through it. it was hate against jewish faith and israel and the resolution did not direct it towards that at all. maria: we have to call this out, dagen. we have to call this out when we see it. dagen: otherwise they're normalizing anti-semitism in this country as it's been festering on college campuses for years and years and years. that's why we've gotten to where we are right now. by the way, congresswoman omar retweeted a tweet, attacking senator john mccain and also attacking his daughter, referring to her faux outrage
7:40 am
because she was upset about anti-semitism on the view yesterday. that congresswoman retweeted that. whawhen is this going to stop? the democrat versus to answer that. maria: nancy pelosi has to deal with this and not make believe this is not happening. >> that's what they're doing, they're hoping the general public doesn't become aware and that's one of the reasons we've got to message and get the truth out. maria: good to see you this morning. thanks very much. we'll see you soon. president trump just tweeted on the media writing this. i cannot believe the level of dishon sunny the media. it is totally out-of-control but we are winning says the president. he tweeted presidential harassment. well, it's been a week of news certainly on this program. we had a really busy week. take a look at some of the top moments from the program this week. >> we opened up completely to the u.s., that's really good flus for us as well. thing the end when you get trade right it's great for everybody. >> been very clear about his concern about the trade
7:41 am
imbalance and other issues with china and japan. in this particular issue, huawei is the embodyment of all those concerns at once. it poses a huge national security risk to the united states. >> bob's the longest held american in history, saturday will mark 12 years many we have to do everything we can to bring the world's attention to bob's case. that's why we're reintroducing a resolution to get the entire house of representatives on record, speaking as one to bring bob home. >> it's been several years since we actually got the proof of life but we're just meeting with anybody who has information. we learned from experience 12 years dealing with iranians that they only respond to pressure. we'll have to keep up the pressure. we're hopeful the president and his administration will keep doing that. maria: you don't think she should be removed from the foreign affairs committee. >> i think she's a new member of congress learning the ropes. in learning the ropes she made the statements and she you
7:42 am
apologized. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is new at thisms she's very young. i say this respectfully. i'm glad she's willing to take a second look at amazon coming to new york and i think maybe it's because her constituents are saying to her what did you do? i hope she learns, you can't respond to every problem or anything that happens in public life idea logically. >> this kind of technology actually is able to print a house, believe it or not, in a short period of time for amazingly little money. >> the way for us to get information out there to those who are anti-vaccine, to create a level of common ground, a level of compassion, so we can influence someone's view, influence them to make the right decision exactly howie than has done -- how ethan has done. i never received vaccines until
7:43 am
i turned 18. i think it's very important. >> the first selfie billionaire, it's extraordinary how successful she's been. up until november, all of the sales were online. in november she wept into i'll take and in six -- went into ulta. maria: would prohibit continuous barking, ho howling r yelping it. fines could range from $100 to $1,000 followed by community service or prison. of course as i told you guys, my new rescue baby, bella dusty, has been barking so i've got to get her to learn not to bark at people that are in my world. there she is, she's so cute. i'm shower she's going to learn it. >> she better. maria: she's very smart. will she figure this out? dagen: she will.
7:44 am
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maria: welcome back. the trump administration proposing making more workers eligible for overtime pay. lauren simonetti with the he details now in headlines. lauren: the labor department issued a proposal to extend mandatory overtime pay to a million additional workers. raising the legal threshold to just about $35,000 salary. current salaried workers are entitled to oh o.t. only if then less than $26,000 a year. the labor department tried to
7:48 am
double the threshold to $47,000. a federal judge in texas shot it down, saying it was too high and could sweep in some management position as well. in sports, dallas cowboy's dave irving said he is quitting football while appearing to smoke marijuana during a live stream. in his video, he criticized the nfl's stance on marijuana, claiming it's a safer alternative to pills for treating injuries. steph curry is debuting a new shoe for international women's day, inspired by one of his young fans. the 9-year-old, riley morrison, wrote a letter to curry about how his curry 6's weren't made for girls. since then, the two have teamed up on this new shoe to empower girls. riley helped design the liner inside, with phrases like girl power, be the change and rock the curries, baby.
7:49 am
like that? maria: i do. international women's day. dagen: underarmor women tweeted an awesome photo of riley morrison this morning. it's a great photo of her. maria: how about that irving story, jack brewer, former nfl-er yourself. >> have him call me, please. this kid, domestic violence, he's had a lot of things going on in his life, i hate to see this. i'm an advocate for marijuana. there's ways to do it. this poor kid worked so hard all his life and has given up his career. i've got to talk to him. >> maybe he can get on spacex's board now. maria: coming up, we're celebrating international women's day, taking a look at the gender gap, how empowering employees can drive innovation and growth. back in a moment, right here. ♪ fly away. ♪ i feel it more than ever. ♪
7:50 am
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i know so many people who are managers or directors who say until imperfect, i'm not ready to leave. i'm not going to raise my hand for that promotion or opportunity until i know i can do it right. men will apply for a job if they meet 60% of the qualifications, women will only apply if they meet 100% of the qualifications. maria: that's incredible. that was girls who code ceo and founder, talking about the leadership gap. that interview will air tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. joining us now is julie sweet. great to see you, thanks for joining us. we want to talk about women leadership. how would you characterize women in the c-suite, women in terms of leadership today? >> well, there's a lot of discussions about how there
7:54 am
aren't enough women. but at the same time, what we're seeing is that there's more women -- there's more focus on getting women into the c-suite than ever before. there's a huge commitment. we have 200,000 women around the globe and we're extraordinarily focused on not only having women in the workforce but making sure we're doing the development so they can advance. maria: look who is the ceo, a woman. you've got new research highlighting how a culture of equality can spark innovation and growth. tell us about that. >> well, this year we wanted to look at is there an impact on culture of equality. we found strongly there's a huge impact. companies that have a robust culture of equality where men and women are advancing also have a much higher innovation mindset among employees which is willingness and ability to innovate. it's five times higher in companies with a robust culture of equality. dagen: why are technology companies arguably the most progressive industry in the country, in the world, why are they still struggling and in
7:55 am
some ways failing in terms of making sure that they have more women working there, more women in leadership, more women in actual technology jobs, less than one quarter of the women who work at apple, of the total global workforce, only less than a quarter are represented by women in technology jobs. that's woefully sad and pathetic. maria: i think that's across the tech sector. when you look at technology, very few women have leadership rules. >> it's true across many industries. one of the things we've seen is that there is a disconnect between the commitment and certainly the tech companies have a commitment and actually making plans and so we did research earlier this year that said less than 40% of plans across a company -- companies across industries actually have a plan to get women to leadership. they don't collect data. so while not specific to the tech industry, what we're seeing is that companies really need to take action, not just have
7:56 am
commitment. they need to collect data. they need to have plans. they need to treat it like a business priority. which is why this research this year is so important because innovation is a top priority for the c-suite. it moves the conversation from creating creating culture of eqy because it's the right thing to do, to creating a culture of equality, the key to success, you need the culture of equality. maria: congratulations, julie. >> we have incredible women. maria: catch my full interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern straight ahead, the february jobs report out in a half an hour many back in a minute.
7:57 am
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start. . . maria: good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is jobs friday this morning, march 8 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, 30 minutes away from february jobs report this morning, we are expecting 180,000 jobs added to economy in month of february, we are expecting unemployment rate to edge down, to 3.9% the numbers in about 30 might be these time trade deal with china apparently not imminent according to u.s. ambassador to china news weighed on global markets started in asia but in u.s. as well, futures now low of the morning down 139 points one half of a percent, s&p 500 down 14 nasdaq down 46 this morning,
8:01 am
also seeing weakness in europe take a look europe is certainly a bigger i'm poster from china than u.s. as a result, european indices down sharply ft 100 down 1% cac quarante in paris down half a percent dax in germany down two-thirds of one percent we had equivocate factory orders in germany asia overnight -- sell-off acrosss board weak data in china plunged 20% in february, compared to to year ago shanghai composite down 4 1/2% the worst performer in all of asia, as you can see, japan down 2% as hong kong hang seng index president trump headed south touring devastation from tornado in alabama this morning. and big results from one big box trailer costco up better than 4% better-than-expected earnings more and stocks watching rarity this hour, tim took changes his name on twitter. >> stories coming up friday
8:02 am
morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, third seven advisors michael block making money with charles payne host charles payne. >> good morning. >> when i see charles i know jobs friday! thanks for joining us. >> you got it great to about here. >> coming out in 30 minutes. >> big time interesting some of the other executives some zufz solidarity with tim cook perhaps president changed their name on twitter, funny we are watching. >> going to talk about it this morning top story jobs in america, the february jobs' report is out 30 minutes' time, the unemployment rate expected to edge legislator this morning, just 3.9% we are expecting 180,000 jobs where, added to economy in month of february. this would be good numbers this morning joining us, stephanie pomboy wall street global economics editor jon hilsenrath thanks for being here. >> jobs friday kick us off
8:03 am
what do you think we will learn this morning on jobs. >> i think the -- december probably lower since two months where the -- reports supply upside better than average, and then you have the -- we talk about this time of year in january, the economy is expected to lose 2.5 million jobs, and then supposed to gain 500,000 in february. so data tend to surprise on upside versus the expectations in january, disappoint in february about. >> o you do about the don't think economy all that great right now. >> i don't, and i think the trend we have scene in weekly retail sales since shutdown ended just gone straight down suggests that things are not so great a lot of data we've seen recently sports that obviously you know, i think dagen reinforced people missed message something was awry the
8:04 am
economy obviously, wasn't strong enough to handle a 3% 3 and a quarter percent treasured yield says a lot about how far we have come in 10 years unprecedented monetary stimulus, after the crisis. dagen: oh hell moment from fed -- >> oh. >> sorry. >> first of all, dagen absolutely right there was important shift that happened at fed in january, as far as today's numbers go, i agree with stephanie i wouldn't be at all surprised if we see a payroll employment number on soft side, the consensus is around 180,000 we average 250,000 plus over the previous two months, exceptionally strong numbers i think we get payback, you know, this is this is happening in environment where the global economy is slowing down, ecb, just really knocked down
8:05 am
growth forecast. china getting worried, they are all stimulating right now the forecast for u.s. first quarter will come down between 1 and 2% i think we've got a soft number today don't you maintain time to panic we've gotten a lot of payroll growth over the last several months, so i wouldn't overraebt to the number the other thing i would say is that on that unemployment number we seem to have settled in to unemployment rate, between 3 1/2, and 4% from the fed perspective, that is a pretty comfortable place to be, we are there without signs of inflation or major wage pressure. so you know, i -- some people talking about unemployment rate getting down to 3ors or lower several months ago that is not happening that is not necessarily a bad thing. it means the economy is may be in a stabilizing point. >> to add to point if this
8:06 am
overall job number comes in soft the range has gotten wider in recent days, the economists economists expectations from 94,000 jobs added to 263,000, so again a lot of disconnect among individual economists where we are going to come in. >> i think a fair point to mention europe, and asia, yesterday, when we heard mario draghi take expectations for the eurozone economy down from 1.7%, china exports plunged 20% chinese economy slowing down what did you make of recent report last week on gdp where we saw, capex so strong people pointing to go capex as really the indicator that look businesses are spending money. >> capex -- >> 13% vested in information technologies. >> that was -- by the way, that is -- >> in capex.
8:07 am
>> the direct reflecting new tax policies the ability for companies to make investments a remarkable comeback from 2 1/2% third quarter, again, i think it is phenomenal. >> you think things are going really well. >> yeah, you know, they are slowing down from a torrid pace last year i till i think talking about juggernaut of economy still. >> what about that. >> -- >> i think, you know we're going to have to look at profits. at as key input for capex and employment development since talking about it this morning, that is the number one input into businesses decision how to spend money. >> they are slowing down big time. >> going from 22% last year, to plus 5 estimated right now, via minus 2 first quarter going to see a slowdown in activity -- >> that is against tough comparisons, still there is still earning a lot of money particularly from historical level -- >> you don't have.
8:08 am
>>. >> and putting money in capex, you know i think. maria: 13% number you can't -- >> i think that was out of -- absolutely strong i am obviously, focused on where we are headed so this is you know talking about fourth quarter what was -- was, and moving forward, the real driver is profit growth and not the level it is rate of change that determines the rate of change, in employment, capex all those things are going to slow alongside deceleration i think a good chance profits end year down you out for full -- >> new talking point on bullish side very soon start focusing on 2020 earnings right this is what talking point is from the bulls. >> look over -- look ahead. >> 2020 -- >> 2020 numbers look good, catalyst in trade, the u.s. envoy to china told "the wall
8:09 am
street journal" that washington and beijing are not close on a deal backache blake at the white house with that angle good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you as we'll president trump said on recent days trade discussions between united states and china modifying along but they are going pretty well, however there are fresh concerns this morning as relates to the possibility of the u.s. and china striking a trade deal there is some pushback in china among government officials against chinese president xi jinping on the possibility of a deal among the concerns, there is a worry that president trump would he potentially walk during summit without a deal like hanoi with north korean dictator kim jong-un. speaking to "the wall street journal" u.s. ambassador to china said a possible trump-xi meeting both sides agree there has to about significant progress meaning a feeling they are very close before that happens. we're not there yet, but closer than we've been for a very long time, now over here
8:10 am
at the white house we are told that a date has been identified for a possible meeting, but it is important to also say nothing officially has been announced, the senior white house official telling me go-to line yesterday quote we'll see what happens if those two meet, later this month remains a very real possibility. the headlines coming out about new concerns with china along with weak export data you have been talking about sent china markets down in a big way earlier today. maria: big time down 4 1/2% shanghai composite, march 27-28 red flag that no date has officially been identified for this meeting at mar-a-lago between two leaders thank you. reporter: that nailed it i am told they have identified it nothing official until it is official. >> joining us there at the white house special coverage february jobs' report continues, about official numbers out in 20 minutes from right now a short break then we are just 20 minutes away from jobs' report breaking down what you need to know going into the number the
8:11 am
markets are lower going into number down 140 points on dow heel of sharp sell-off in china plus what is in a name? apple ceo tim cook changes his name on twitter next up right here. ♪ former nissan
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
chairman carlos ghosn lawyer apologizing. >> ghosn attorney says sorry for disguising his client to sneak him out of prison trying to protect goes onnen's privacy thatting his plan obviously, failed ghosn released from prison nine million dollars bail wednesday after being held more than 100 days lawyer says he fears he may have harmed his professional reputation. >> costco says soaring 4 1/2% posting mixed earnings yesterday blowing past
8:16 am
earnings per share estimates narrowly missing revenue expectations, shares of the online ticketing company down sharply almost 25% premarket company reporting a loss of 17 cents a share worse than expected, also issues weak revenue guidance, slipup from president trump meeting with apple ceo tim cook going viral. >> you really have -- really put a big investment in our country, we appreciate it very much tim apple. >> but tim cook is embracing new persona changed his name on twitter to tim apple you can see right there apple is actually the apple emoji how cute. maria: thank you so much. >> i did speak with last night about carlos ghosn pass on what i have learned in last 24 hours as markets trade lower carlos ghosn waiting for trial he continues to maintain innocence, in this, there he is leaving jail yesterday, he
8:17 am
said as i have reported, on this program, many times, there was a coup inside of nissan did not want him to merge nissan, with renault exactly what he was planning, the ceo of nissan was his number two, worked hand in hand with the government according to my sources, and basically they were afraid another profit warning was going to push carlos ghosn to consolidate lines, and to merge two companies, because the performance according to my source was pitiful of nissan they had three profit warnings three quarters, and there was a a feeling within the company that another profit warning was going to push ghosn to consolidate lines and go forward with the merger between nissan renault sources say a trial could be a year away he is meeting with lawyers said the system my source said the system is very harsher but treatment within
8:18 am
jail was not. carlos ghosn there seen leaving jail yesterday, after being in prison since november 19 now looks forward to fighting back, and declaring his no one else. we are a few minutes away from jobs' report, for the month of february, we are looking at marketed that is lower ahead of that number down 140 points on dow industrials, 14 1/2 on s&p, nasdaq down 47 points what you need to know ahead of the release right after this. i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab.
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8:23 am
numbers, joining us capital founder jonathan honor egg, career brewer group jack brewer entrepreneur himself as well everybody else, jon hilsenrath, dagen mcdowell michael block charles payne stephanie pomboy jon hilsenrath we are watching markets trade down ahead of this number so let's take a short break do the analysis, we've got the ahead of the number dow industrials down 134 s&p down 13, nasdaq down 42 february jobs' report on heels of the very weak report out of china overnight where exports plunged 20% back in a minute.
8:24 am
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for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today. maria: good friday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome back friday march 8 breaking news jobs in america, the february jobs' report moments away the expectations call for 180,000 jobs added to economy month of february in unemployment rate expected to
8:28 am
about down to 3.9% futures legislator ahead of the number largely due to international weakness this morning, china, as far as exports plunged better than 20% overnight sent shanghai composite down 4405% don't forget the dollar is strong as we'll post ecb meeting yesterday jonathan hoenig your thoughts. >> the economy is tremendously strong the price forward looking we have seen breadth of stock market negative for basically last week, that is why i actually expect we are going to a miss, 180,000 jobs expected i expect that to see 150,000 or less, the dollar has been exceptionally strong as you said bonds strong as well why you will see number come in weaker than we expect. >> jack brewr you are an entrepreneur how do you see the economy right now. >> i think the economy is doing well considering all of the trade mess, everything else that we have going on
8:29 am
globally, you know the so strong right now i think u.s. has nothing but good things down the road may tee a trouble hiccup near tomorrow long term the prospect for hiring workers, is good in america. maria: charles payne do you worry the dollar getting stronger is a negative for the economy. >> absolutely. is a negative for the stock market, that is for sure, i think the biggest negative last year outside of all headlines spent is a lot of time on, every ceo you measured every earnings period that was number one concern, still number one concern, is to, you know, we need to see it pullback a little bit. >> i think that is one of the reasons we've got weakness the dollar, strengthened after ecb comments, yesterday. taking the growth number all the way down to 1.1% down from 1.7% dagen huge move. dagen: huge the "the wall street journal" editorial page today notes that mario draghi has no cover from the government there is only so much monetary policy can do
8:30 am
for-profit up economies fundamental flaws. >> the interest rates as low as they are this is telling us where we are let's get to edward lawrence at labor department with report 20,000 jobs created in february 25,000 in private sector government sector lost 5,000 unemployment rate dropped to 3.8% down 2/10 number unhe will ployed down 300,000 revisions up december up 5,000 jobs, january, up 7,000 jobs, that revision up 12,000 jobs on two reports, the u6 february 7.3% long term unemployment 20.4% unemployed average hourly wages rose .4 hearsay month over00 was up
8:31 am
3.4% past 12 months participation little changed 63.2%, average workweek went down, .1 hour, to 34.4 hours nonsupervisory wages rose 8 cents, light unemployment to 3.3%, black unemployment 7%, his fannick unemployment 4.3%, asian unemployment 3.1% health care gained 21,000 jobs last month, over last year, they rose 361,000 jobs, manufacturing little changed mining retail all little changed, wholesale trade 11,000 construction jobs lost 31,000 jobs in december, in february, the last time that happened, was december 2013 offset gains 53,000 jobs, that they had in january there, so again, the job numbers only 20,000 jobs created, big gains in some sector in terms of he
8:32 am
professional business retail services 42000 jobs gained but 21,000 construction jobs lost where the really big losses came in this one back to you. maria: wow huge miss market has worsened as you were talking edward thank you so much down 220 points on the dow jones industrial average look we are expecting a weak number a lot of you predicted weaker than estimate 180,000 but not this weak stephanie pomboy you are spot-on. >> there were two major contributors to the increase in january, construction and retail and we saw both of those reverse not surprisingly this number construction down, going to get -- retail employment fairly flat retail interesting a huge increase in layoff announcements but we hadn't yet sense that translating into actually employment numbers i think maybe we're starting to see that he die veteranens i don't think this itself surprising would i do three-month average
8:33 am
last three months around 180,000, frankly isn't that much far off from the average that we had seen throughout 2018 jay. >> january numbers revised up yards dagen 311,000 versus what it was not big of a difference your reaction. dagen: if you look at wage gains wages rise 3.4% from year earlier faster than expected you will also fastest pace since april 2009 so almost 10 years of taking this prolong to bet to wage growths like this, this is hugely positive. and you have to question with this 20,000 job number jobs created that was even well below the lowest expectation from economists, maybe we could expect upward revision next month the following month, but also this does speak to the difficulty that employers are having filling jobs that are open, because you see that broad gap between record number job openings, and people who are unemployed
8:34 am
most recent surveys more than a million people might speak to some of the actual job creation. >> i don't look at nonfarm pay roltz as a big focus dagen mentioned it i am going to talk about another focus average hourly earnings number up 3.4% dagen points out biggest year-to-year increase almost 10 years for a month, what i will say about that is this good to see wages going higher but talking about, first quarters earnings comparisons what is this going to mean for corporate profits corporate margins i am worried about i daresay that is what the futures are telling us right now. >> exactly what talking about in terms of earnings weak earnings story charles. >> wages up four months you in a row over 3% i don't know what percentage was for none supervisory workers but up six months in a row four of last four months nonsproovr wages grew faster than total what i like about this number is wage number and the fact that fed
8:35 am
is indicated that they won't stop finally get middle america get a raise a sustained raise and i think i agree with michael to me, the two things i was most concerned about, was the wages, and participation. i want to see a little bit more participation but remember 63.2 still highest since september 2013. we want people coming into labor force getting paid. those are underpinnings or any economy. >> much is a follow flu from that government shutdown jon hilsenrath? because the reports show jobs loss in the construction, mining and retail last month just wondering if some jobs were to about planned in january didn't have any of that 35 day shutdown was that part of this in february p, follow-through from that january shutdown? >> well, i think that the data have all been real noisy because of shutdown that play of played a role i think a firing factor seasonality of the numbers as we said payback
8:36 am
in construction, and retail. you know, i think what this number tils is a couple of things, one is, fed hit the the pause button on interest rate increases possibly stop button we night might not see another rate intro he have this year kind of plays into that. the other thing i would say we are getting a slowdown in the economy right now, let's not overreact, and unemployment rate 3.8 is is good we have had 101 straight months job creation averaged 190,000 jobs -- 190,000 jobs a a month over the last three months, so it is a slowdown not the end of the world and the fed noticed it responding. >> stephanie you were asking about participation the participation rate. >> 63.2%, but participation apparently has fallen since early 2000s as women entering
8:37 am
slowed, baby boomers retiring from dow jones. >> unemployment rate ticking down can happen about two things unemployment goes up or line force shrinks in last month in january we actually saw a decline in the labor force, i am curiosity what happened there on labor force participation you know disappointing, as charles said kind of stuck at this level we would like to actually see that number tick up. but -- you know, i guess maybe that also addresses the skill gap too. >> definitely an issue, jack we talked earlier when you were here on set employ black unemployment, give us some stats that you mentioned what you were pretty impressed with even though we are seeing a lot of loss in jobs in the month of february here. >> yeah, i mean right now, it is historic, 65% working black women working white collar
8:38 am
jobs compared to to 42% black men international women data a powerful step i also make another point that we have to keep in mind. working visas in the country at backlog i talked to a couple close friends in business owners can't get working visas can't find people to fill positions, so i mean i think that is also the reflected in numbers from what but if you look right now, i mean a lot of companies that need people to work, and they just are not plowed to bring them into the country. maria: the best part of this report is pages up 4 a/10 of a percent very good number on wages. >> again, the margins but think about what jack just said the size of labor force factors the beige book out wednesday here i go with beige book. dagen: i am reading productivity growth have at it. -- >> challenged you can't -- you are a wonderful --
8:39 am
dagen: continue. >> you know, what i can say is this they are word noted shortages comes free in every district not just tech jobs construction jobs trucking jobs, but in things like retail, and things like restaurants, the labor force there is a lot of disconnect here, and the economists say you have a model -- perfect movement mobility. there's not. we are starting to see effects of that there is disconnect here as you know as model builds itself. >> i will say with wage only negative for this, and we saw in adp with category, 19 employees -- >> had a decline in workers they cannot keep up costco last night raised minimum wage again second time six months only problem now itself because we've got -- by the way, fi. nfib for the first time all-time high that labor right the labor cost and finding quality workers you are right labor shortage
8:40 am
driving helping drive up wages, the jobs. >> -- growths -- we talked about that, waited for productivity to grow in this country, it is important driver of wage and output growth in this country in terms of of our ability to keep economy growing to continue to grow wages at high evident fastest pace in a decade this statistic in the journal output per hour nonfarm business sector workers showed strongest nine month stretch of growth between april and december he going back to 2010. >> -- >> even if it is all good wonderful but the market all good and wonderful the market the stock market at least for now seems to take miss a good reason to sell and you know with all talk about dollar, not too much talk trade maria you talked about entire hour one of the reasons we are seeing infuriatings sun on so sharply worries about trade and china those issues are not
8:41 am
going way regardless how many jobs are created trade war continues servers signatures on hands saying what is the deal with trade war that has gone on and on and on. >> to that point, challenger grey christmas to laif announcements you drill down to laif announcements huge in february, to jonathan's point, there was an normal increase in lay-offs in the industrial grid sector interesting, and suggests that maybe all this trade tension is actually starting to have a real impact on hiring decisions now which is -- pretty meaningful so better get that deal put together, and put the to bed -- quickly. >> why we watch capex uncertainty on part of the ceo the managers of businesses going to sit on cash not going to put that cash to work, it is all cycled back-and-forth. >> jack brewer reaction in terms of where jobs are right
8:42 am
now. >> you know, this that is where that is the difficulty here, i mean, when you look at the job market across the board particularly small he businesses i think those are ones getting hit right now construction, retail, you know, a lot of small businesses are having trouble finding people. because they don't have the resources in h.r. the resources in recruiting so there is a lot of other things farthers we've got to take into account. >> services, much job creation was so far. >> did you want to jump in? >> maria services, that is exactly with a we're seeing job is asking job creation situation hurt by higher minimum wage seeing reports around the country higher minimum wage zrig job creation especially on low end so, yes, services are where the jobs are but that is exactly where difficulty is creating new jobs specifically because of higher minimum wages. >> michael brought up margins
8:43 am
instead of a talking earnings market down was down ahead of numbers things worsened after these numbers dow industrials expected to about down 200 points opening of trading this morning gerries on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> par 4a that is right, interesting reaction down here on the floor nofrj initial number 20,000 payroll number took braet away nobody expected it after piling through the report, going through the details i got to tell you taking it with a grain of salt here one trader telling me hey gerri this is an aberration webrief, they are looking at other numbers, in this report besides that top line including average hourly earnings, up 11 cents, part time employment positive as well, actually, labor force participation that didn't change they like that, too. i am surprised there is not a bigger negative reaction down here to this number. a lot of people saying wait
8:44 am
and see. let's take a look. of really taking a -- grain of salt look at numbers so many down here, maria i got to tell you they tick other numbers like the adp report more seriously because based on hard data not surveys sort of circumspect about this piling through numbers looking at details, and taking a look with a grain of salt. >> average hourly earnings up 3.4% year-over-year biggest annual increase almost a decade good news in terms of wages but from investment standpoint what do you do charles stephanie, on a day you wake up see jobs number paltry as this market down 200 points. >> the market i would say -- >> -- [laughter]. >> you see jonathan talks about breadth i watch closely yesterday we had more 52 week
8:45 am
new lows on nasdaq most since january 24th, so tide is shifting. i say something profits and things i raised cash position not panicking at all but we are in a market where, it is to extremes this is this way since 2003 straight up, down straight up, down, so you let emotions run out i am pretty sure this will be revised to something relatively decent to gerri's point maybe more from adp i think you have to about slef for most ram 2019 over 470 stocks up until this week amazing of s&p 500. >> you are selling -- >> i think the reason why the market goes straightforward up, down, straight up, down straight up down, is because the market like the economy has been entirely dependent upon continued liquidity pumping cheap credit by the fed and other central banks. >> i guess -- >> we know that is not going
8:46 am
away. >> the question now is the point that dagen and i come back to at what point does distribute risk solicit to credit risk when do people recognize that being dependent on continues monetary stimulus as a support for the economy, in the markets, is not a sustainable long-term model. correct plea if wrong quickly high yielded enviable comeback. >> it has but up substantially. . >> to varne thoughts stuart not good number here 20,000 jobs created in february. >> if you want to concentrate on that one number, i have to agree with you. 20,000 jobs is not good. but if you look elsewhere, by the way, i think that that is very low number is probably explainable by special factors i am thinking weather for example i don't know for a fact but got to about special factor to account for that look outside that part of the
8:47 am
report, and is there is good news, wages, are they rising fastest pace in dikdz up 3.4% past year, that is pretty good. u6 rate dropped from over 8% to just 7.3% we used to call it the real unemployment rate, takes a drop like that i've got to say that's got the to about good nice revisions to december and january, okay not huge revisions but upside realizations i call that good news too i would expect 20,000 number to be revised sharply higher some point in the future. >> i got you i agree with you on 4/10% increase month over month .4 increase year-over-year on wages but therein lies an issue for markets, because that perhaps impacts margins as michael pointed out earlier i know you have a lot more talking with larry kudlow right. >> we are, what is he going to say about 20,000 jobs. >> exactly tuning in for that
8:48 am
larry kudlow president's chief economic adviser with stuart on "varney & company" on the of the hour jon hilsenrath before you go your analysis here. >> i mean this con firm, what we're seeing all over the world, a global economic slowdown in first quarter, u.s. not immune to that slowdown, we are seeing some of it. but, also, a, not the end of the world we have had 101 straight months job growth average 190,000 last three months, wages are rising, and global authorities have noistedz, stimulus coming from ecb, the people bank of china, and now you know, this puts the stock up on fed for stop on fed for any rate increase next few months fed in the game. >> good point maybe we see no increases in '19 we will talk about 2020 i think pretty much priced in have a good day thanks so much jon hilsenrath there we've got more on february jobs' report right after this short break.
8:49 am
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maria: welcome back. breaking news this morning, the february jobs report coming in way below expectations. the economy added a palfry 20,000 jobs in the month of february. the unemployment rate did tick down to 3.8%. markets are lower and futures have worsened. we are expecting a decline at
8:54 am
the start of trading this morning of about 200 points on the dow jones industrial average. jonathan hoenig, what happens now, as an investor, as you are, what do you want to do with a market as weak as it is after this huge beginning of the year which was quite strong? >> i think you have to respect price. look, for the majority of the year, the breadth of the market, the majority of stocks have been doing well. we have been seeing new 52-week highs week after week after week. that changed the last two days. you are now seeing more 52-week lows than highs. i think there's a time to go long, a time to go short and a time to go fishing. meaning now's the time to sit, wait and watch and get a good sense. is this simply a correction or is this the market due for a bigger move downward than we have seen already. maria: we knew housing was under pressure and we knew housing was sort of one of the weak spots of this economy. we have known that for some time. i'm wondering if this construction decline in jobs is largely just 100% due to that, in terms of housing.
8:55 am
you had a loss of 31,000 jobs in construction in the housing market that has been showing real weakness for several months now. >> i think so, maria, especially when you take into account places like florida and texas that have seen an influx of people who are really leaving these high tax states, to see those construction job numbers be so low is a little bit surprising. but at the end of the day, if you look at the global economic landscape, just the fact we have rising wages and unemployment rate being so low, given what's going on around the globe, i'm not that concerned. maria: we will leave it there. thanks for joining us. we have the a-team on set. stephanie and dagen, michael and charles. there are expectations rates are going to be cut. back in a minute. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? ♪ ah, i'll look into it. [phone ringing] [beep] lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades?
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maria: so who on this all-star panel thinks the federal reserve is going to cut interest rates?
9:00 am
>> me. maria: wow. hey, this was a great show, you guys. weaker than expected jobs numbers. best analysis in the business. have a great weekend, everybody. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: it was a great show. let's see what i can do. maria: seize the day, will you? stuart: well, good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. all right. here's my headline on this jobs friday. wages are rising rapidly. in fact, we are seeing the best wage gain in decades, up 3.4% over last year. that's a big jump. the surprise in the report was the mere 20,000 new jobs created. there may be some special factors that brought that number down. there were 31,000 fewer construction jobs probably because of a major snowstorm. the unemployment rate, that dropped to 3.8%. that's only a smidgen above the


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