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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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something to get the super fans who already bought the cars to buy them cheap and i'm not sure it's going to work. >> it's a nail in the coffin. not a nail biter. david: thank you very much, guys. good to see you. that does it for "bulls and bears." we'll see you all next time. president trump: the economy is very, very strong. if you look at the stock market the last few months, it's been great, and since the election it's close to 50%. i think as soon as these trade deals are done, about they get done and we are working with china, we'll see what happens. but i think you will see a big spike. a lot of people will see what happens with the china deal. liz: we are going to take you
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behind the brutally negative headlines. we are in the midst of the longest bull run. the radical left did not cause the democrats to win the house. a crisis over campaign violation charges to her charges of democrats showing a pattern of anti-semitism. and i wil ilhan omar says obamas just another pretty face who got away with murder.
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bernie sanders still refuses to denounce nicolas maduro. tonight you will hear from a former venezuelan mayor living in exile on the run. plus we have exclusive new photos coming into our show from inside a hospital during venezuela's worst blackout in history that occurred yesterday. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. back to the jobs report and the 10-year anniversary of the longest bull run in history. edward lawrence is here with more. reporter: the jobs report lack but showing bright spots. adding just 20,000 jobs in
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february. but the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.8%. it's a fluky number. it doesn't jibe with other things going opening. reporter: the solid wage growth in the jobs report comes as we hit a 10-year anniversary for the bull market. the dow was 6,547. just look at it today. investors are a little uneasy even with the gains since 2009. the chinese took the first major step forward formally introducing a foreign investment law. it will bar employees from demanding that foreign companies
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hand over their secrets. this as chinese officials are pushing back against the trade deal. concerned president trump will walk away as the two leaders meet. xi jinping removed a trip to mar-a-lago in march. president trump: if we don't make a good deal for our country, i won't make a deal. reporter: white house communications director bill shine has resigned. he is going to the trump 2020 campaign as an advisor. liz: markets snapping back big time after selling off early in the trading session. >> stock losses for the two biggest economies here in the u.s. on news that the economy
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created 0,000 jobs in february. some big disappointment there. at its worse the dow is down 220 points. the nasdaq down 13. it doesn't compare to what happened in china. the shanghai down 4.4%. china i can ports plummeting -- china exports plummeting 20% in january. meanwhile up seattle investors can focus du.s. investors can focus on. liz: let's get to the media slamming today's jobs report. it was an ugly number. it was a difficult number. here are the headlines coming in. we want to take this to bill
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mcgurn. >> it's a bad report in terms of the numbers. but to go by monthly job reports, it's like going by the market. you will have fluctuations. wage is a good deal for american workers. we talk about how they haven't gained. but they are gaining here. you know, from my informal gathering talking to businessmen, they are talking about how hard it is to find workers. i think there is still a demand out there. we won't know probably another 2 or 3 months, see if it's revised. >> grover norquist says 800 examples of pay raises, bonuses. >> that's what you have in growth. tight labor market and more
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demand for labor and wages grow with production it. that's why growth is so important. workers can't get ahead without growth. it's not just having a job, it's the competition for the jobs and the opportunities and growth and productivity. >> american workers getting slammed. but lots of companies are giving pay raises in a fully employed economy. >> attracting and retaining talented people is the big problem. the tighter the labor market gets the better it is for the workers. liz: i'm going to push you. what socialist communist country has more job openings than workers? >> more job openings thank you workers. liz: any? >> i don't know, i doubt it. that's the problem when you
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don't grow the pie. that's the problem with socialism. >> you are in recession, right? like 1% growth. >> we are about the only place that's really growing. it's not built off the rest of the world. >> we know russia and chain today have been moving to capitalists. the backdrop is the u.s. is moving in credit cycles. that's the way to look at it, right? we are in the 7th or 8th inning for that. >> the trade deal is a concern. people don't want a disruption. china is an important trading partner. so i think there are some concerns. but if you told us this is where we would be three years ago, i think people would say this is incredible. you have to look at the whole
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run. >> so your final take on the politicization and bushback. >> when you are -- pushback. >> when you are in a good administration you tout the good numbers but that's a dangerous things to do. liz: 40 moderate democrats won back the house. rashid tlaib and omar come from radical districts. >> it's so surreal what they are doing. congresswoman omar utters these classically anti-semitic tropes.
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they move to condemn her and there aren't enough votes in the congress to do that. she votes for the resolution herself. and she is out on top. where is the apology? it's a farce. the problem the democrats has is not the congresswoman. the problem is, she is speaking to a considerable part of democratic base. with the convention, jerusalem as the capital. a lot of people support the boycott and sanctions movement. that's their big problem. the next convention will be difficult. >> they make george mcgovern and george mondale look conservative. >> president trump had sufficient authority to tamp it down and so did hillary, but not now. liz: just ahead on "the evening edit." bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez
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liz: president trump surveying the damage in alabama after deadly tornadoes surveyed the region. >> good evening. the president and first lady first took an aerial tour of the damage flying by helicopter over damaged portions of lee county, then taking a walking to you one of the neighborhoods suffering
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the worst damage in sunday's twister. they include the family of sheila and marshal grimes. mr. groups' 10-year-old daughter remains hospitalized. she was not well enough to attend her parents' funeral. family and friends held a funeral service for taylor. president trump visited a church serving as a aging area. he met with first responders and thanked them for their hard work following the tornado. and he praise the governor for her handling of the disaster. coming back to our shot in beauregard, alabama. you can see the debris on the ground and up in the trees. more severe weather is forecast. even though the storms are due
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to pass by the north of us, even moderate winds could scatter much of the debris hampering this recovery. liz: president trump speaking earlier today. president trump: i think it's going well at the border. we are apprehending record numbers of people, 75,000 over the last short period of time. with a wall we wouldn't have to do it. i think we are doing fine in congress. they understand it's an emergency. liz: a quick reminder of all the democrats who voted for border bare years in 2006, they include barack obama, joe biden, chuck schumer and hillary clinton. ned ryun, what's your take on all this? >> i'm not sure i agree with president trump on this. i am not sure congress does get
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it. congress will lack the power to override the veto and democrats will tie it up in court. i have been arguing this view point that he should as commander-in-chief use the section 284 authorization which allows the department of defense to build heavy fencing and stwruk * to block known smuggling corridors. you could make an argument that the entire southern border fits both of those criteria. while democrats are tying it up in court he could literally have much of this built. he doesn't have to declare a national emergency. if he keeps it focused on national defense and national security, he has authorization and authority to do that. liz: with money already appropriated. first the democrats talked tough on immigration.
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bernie sanders slammed millions of guest workers lowering wages for middle and low-income taxpayers. he told lou dobbs who was on cnn back then, i don't know why we need millions of people coming into this country as guest workers. they will work for lower wages than american workers. he went on and on, ned. bernie sanders said he had the service industry bringing in low wage workers from abroad. >> the party line now is, basically open borders, liz. i think they realize they can import voters. the biggest part of our immigration system that needs to be fixed is chain migration. there will be 7-8 million immigrants coming in through
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chain migration. by a 2-1 margin they vote democrat because they like social well fair programs. the hard left has taken over the democratic party. they want to see this happen. they have the inability to tell the progressive base no. liz: democrats used talk blunt and they were tough on immigration. they talked about merit-based immigration. ned, congress, though, accord together mid-70s emergency declaration law, they can review what he's doing every 6 months, right, ned? >> that's right. i think congress will only act if they feel -- they are experts in self-preservation. unless they feel their political lives are at stake, i think they will continue down this path. a lot of republicans are doing it because of corporate donors.
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until they feel their political lives may be in danger, i don't see them changing their behavior on this issue. when the american people and american taxpayer understand, congress then on both parties. they may wake up and say this system of government is supposed to work to our benefit, not be a detriment. great to see you. we are tracking several other stories for you at this hour. martin shkreli allegedly is running his drug company from his prison cell, using a smuggled phone. he has 16 months into a 7-year stretch. look at these amazing pictures from the spacex crew dragon
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rocket ship. it separated from the space station before making a fiery crash into the ocean. it was bhand a dummy. but this paves the way to potentially the first piloted flight with spacex use -- using astronauts. the queen put up a picture of a letter from her great, great grandfather to computer fire pioneer, brian babbage. rescuers braved rising waters, dwindling oxygen, it saved all 12 bys and that coach.
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that could be coming to netflix soon. socialism literally ending in darkness. venezuela enduring one of the worst blackouts in its history. we have exclusive photos for you. ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders ask for your money for socialist programs that would tank the economy. but when it comes to their own operations, nothing but black box secrecy and masking questions. we'll be right back with that
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if youto get themenough to crawl to come down,ace then surely you'll check to make sure they're in the right car seat. (sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪ . >> more trouble for alexandria ocasio-cortez's campaign,
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accused of illegally funding -- let me back up. from unbalance sheet to company that she ran with chief of staff. she put her boyfriend riley on the payroll and cortez faces ethic charges for giving boyfriend a congressional e-mail account. this says socialist like cortez and bernie sanders want to take the u.s. in a rabbit hole of social mission, they are grabbing your money, they are really secretive about their own dealings, bernie sanders has been criticized for almost the same thing. he's still not releasing tax returns, hillary clinton did, barack obama did, jimmy carter and even richard nixon released tax returns, so we know that bernie sanders earns more than a million dollars, 4% income oh charity, pension from the city of burlington, he has questions about his finances too.
6:29 pm
let's bring in an expert. campaign legal center senior director, this is what's going on, we want to know why bernie sanders won't release tax returns, his campaign had his wife last decade getting thousands of dollars in consulting fees, is that why he's not releasing his returns? >> well, every presidential candidate can release tax returns, period, as it relates to spousal income or family income there are fairly strict rules about how candidates pay their spouses, family members, it has to be for certain, all of that is greater goal of limiting opportunities for corruption that can come through family members or candidates. liz: the black-box operation that bernie sanders has use today prior campaign involved the media, $65,000 over a 5-year
6:30 pm
period, she and bernie sanders' wife, so-called consulting, same thing with ocasio-cortez operation. thousands of dollars paid in consulting out of black-box companies, what's going on here? >> well, if you operate a pac, a group that's dedicated to trying to get elect today office, you have to publicly disclose how you spend all of your funds and that's an important law. that law gives voters and journalists and watchdog groups and law enforcement agents the opportunity to follow the money as it goes through our campaign finance system. what happened here is that you had a pack that disclosed how it spent the money but what the disclosure said that a large amount, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid out to a company affiliated with the pac and normally that sort of arrangement has alarm bells
6:31 pm
because what you're worried about is the pac is raising money telling people it's for political purposes and pay to go affiliate company that then pays them, in a sense pocketing the pac's money. liz: alexandria ocasio-cortez has been accused of that, the people involved in the bernie sanders' campaign accused of virtually the same thing last decade. i mean, that basically the house that's running his tv and media ad spends $82 million there, their former associates of his wife jane and jane was getting tens of thousands of dollars in commissions on the ad buys, so it felt like again that bernie sanders' wife that there was self-dealing involved there, same with ocasio-cortez's boyfriend being put on the payroll of the shell company. >> look, there are rules about and fairly strict about how a pac or a campaign can pay family members of the candidate to
6:32 pm
prevent the opportunities for corruption that arise from that and candidate to be particularly transparent when it comes to payments made to family members. liz: is the federal election commission going to step in here and if bernie sanders does it again, will it step in there? again, he's not releasing tax returns, the question is it feels like he's hiding something. >> sec doesn't have jurisdiction over tax returns but as to the -- as to the campaign finance matters, the problem is that the sec is a completely dysfunctional and broken agency. it doesn't enforce the law even in the most clear-cut cases, borderline cases the sec is essentially nonfunctional so i would not hold my breath waiting for sec action in any particular campaign finance. liz: meanwhile along the way all peculiar things are coming up, 2 years ago jane and bernie sanders formed a nonprofit,
6:33 pm
raised half a million bucks, he had nothing to show for it, no accomplishments, the family is associated with the nonprofit, your take on that? >> right, well, it's particularly dangerous for nonprofits, 501c3 to be closely aligned with candidates. huge opportunities for corruption there because unlike campaigns, nonprofit organizations aren't subject to contribution limits, so you could give a million dollars if you were trying to curry favor with a candidate, giving a million dollars and engage in serious corruption that way. the laws about coordination between nonprofits and campaigns are very weak, they need to be strengthen significantly to prevent the money from essentially bleeding over from the nonprofit side to the campaign side. liz: one of the country's top experts on campaign finance, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. liz: coming up socialism, venezuela basically claiming
6:34 pm
that the lights are now back on but only in parts of caracas, the biggest blackout in its history, we will take you behind the scenes as the chaos this the people impressed by socialism telling us that democracy in america is under assault. the story coming up some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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liz: country enduring the worst blackout in history, local watchdog groups say 79 people have died since november due to blackouts, venezuela is in its worst humanitarian crisis the western hemisphere has ever seen in modern history, maduro's regime has murdered hundreds of protestors including teenagers including children as young as 12, the regime has injured or imprisoned thousands, 3 and a half million have fled but then this, venezuelans warn democracy in america is in trouble and under assault. former mayor ramon, thanks for
6:39 pm
joining us, are you and venezuelans worried that democracy in america is in trouble? >> absolutely, we are concerned about what's going on in venezuela and we are also concerned about what the world is doing about what's going on in venezuela. this is a huge problem for us but it's a challenge for the whole world, like the u.s., europe and latin america, are right now in the moment to move forward, go ahead and help this relief of venezuelan people from the tragedy. liz: you know, we are hearing from venezuelans who continue to call us and say they don't like what they see happening in america, socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez, omar, also joining other democrats, sending the trump administration a letter criticizing the trump's white house and the trump administration's actions on venezuela, we are hearing venezuelans are worried about what's happening inside the u.s. for the push for socialism here.
6:40 pm
is that what you're hearing? >> well, absolutely because we -- we need the support not only of the trump administration but from the american people, because at some point the u.s. government may need to move and react and use power against maduro, that's why it's important for us to have the support of the republicans but also the democrats, the trump administration. liz: they are not there. they are pushing -- wait, they are pushing for socialism here and cortez and bernie sanders continue to refuse announce maduro as dictator, that's what's happening inside the united states, again, concerns, right? >> well, the thing that's persuading for us is that what's going on in venezuela is beyond interpretation. i mean, people dying really, that's a fact. it's a very hard fact so you can cannot close your eyes and try to know what's going on, you can be democrat, republican, right wing, left wing but you cannot
6:41 pm
deny what's going on there. liz: yeah, but i want you -- i want to hear your direct response to what bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez are saying here in the united states. they are saying, for example, democratic operations happening in venezuela and sanders also once applauded castro, watch. >> castro was the worst guy in the world. totally transformed. liz: your reaction to that, mayor? >> castro, like maduro, like chávez, they know what to do to keep their people, you know, under their power, under their wheel. liz: yeah, bernie sanders -- the point is bernie sanders supports that, alexandria ocasio-cortez is not condemning what's going on in venezuela, what is your take on that?
6:42 pm
>> listen, we as a venezuelan i will ask them to set the record straight, waiting for them to be able to see and relay to what's going on in venezuela. and, again, it's a human tragedy and it's not -- i mean, you cannot make politics on the suffering of venezuelans, we need help and the trump administration is willing to help. we need for ocasio-cortez and sanders to support the president. this is a problem the u.s. should resolve or risk having to deal with a bigger problem 5 or 10 years down the road including something like this happening in méxico or in colombia or anywhere in latin america. liz: venezuela is suffering under communism, marxist communism now. we want to show what's happening with blackouts, intensive care
6:43 pm
units shut down. we want to warn you, photos inside a hospital and they find the images disturbing, doctors are trying to work on patients including a toddler in the dark. your take on this, sir. >> short story, liz, there's people buying, listen, we may never know how many people die in the last 24 hours in venezuela due to the blackout. this is people dying as direct consequence of maduro's regime actions, so that's why it's so important for us to get maduro out of power, people, venezuelans will keep dying just because of maduro staying in power. we will never know the exact number but i know for sure we have -- we have people telling me, witnesses telling me how -- like babies were dying in hospitals because the power was out but the backup power was also gone, was out, so that's the tragedy going on right now.
6:44 pm
let me tell you, i just got a text from my family in maracaibo, second largest city in venezuela, they are still without powers, 36 hours without power. try to imagine that. liz: the u.s. is charging former vice president of venezuela, he's got connections with hezbollah with drug trafficking and also violations of sanctions. that's a big story, final word to you mayor muchacho. he has connections with hezbollah. >> just let me add this, the reason for u.s. to get in panamá, noriega was drugs, terrorism in venezuela and a lot of that is related, just a fact. the u.s. should either act or live with consequences.
6:45 pm
liz: thank you so much for coming on, sir, great to see you. >> thank you. liz: more show coming up. rewill be right -- we will be right back want more from your entertainment experience?
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liz: a lot of talk that nancy pelosi has lost control of the party to the radical left, that's what a lot of people are
6:49 pm
saying, the coalition falling apart. identity groups splintering it. chris bedford, you know, the question, chris, why she lost control when the radical left, could cost them 2020, 40 moderate democrats won the house for the democrats, not radical left. >> they are the loudest on the group and they make pretty interesting news and pretty interesting television and any politician who gets on television the most and gets in the newspapers the most can really impact the messaging of the party and these are folks, the democrats are dealing with what the republicans dealt with 10 years ago when the tea party came in. a lot of republicans who were resistant to tea party and much more conservative, they started to lose control, the democrats watched an laughed, they can't even control their own caucus and now the democrats are going to the same thing and are starting to deal with it.
6:50 pm
liz: here is the thing, lost in landslide, we have omar taking a victory lap today, chris, anti-semitism resolution that she sparks is the first vote against antimuslim bigotry. here are democrats excusing what happened with her, watch. >> omar is a refugee from somalia, she comes from a different culture, she has things to learn. >> i don't think that the congresswoman is -- has appreciate how it hurt other people. >> the controversial is has really allowed us to cover otherwise legitimate questions that are to be raised. liz: here is the issue, chris, we know that representative, omar, the group in minnesota have been talking to her for
6:51 pm
some time about stopping the antisemitic comments and now we have alexandria ocasio-cortez fundraising off of this anti-semitism controversy. i mean, this is -- the whole thing, you know, people worry to anti-semitism in congress, chris. >> another funny thing that came up in the courts right there that congresswoman is a refugee from somalia who was saved by the united states and now think she has save from racist country that's pretty rich and interesting, what happened here she and ocasio-cortez pushed in the last measure was that the real victims of her allegedly antisemitic criticism of israel, the real victims here were muslims. she pushed that, watered i down, they were afraid to call her out, quote, unfairly even though she had said these things. if you go to her district, i would imagine that a lot of the folks were there, recent immigrants agree with her sentiment toward israel and this is another product of
6:52 pm
overimmigration. liz: we have representative omar ripping into former president barack obama, belittling barack obama got away with murder saying his, quote, agenda of hope and change was allusion and we have the chaotic divisions happening in part because of the three democrats, your take on her comments on barack obama? >> i actually kind of laughed and agreed a little. the reason we had president trump and bernie sanders rise in polls, obama to bush, to romney, a lot of the guys had same foreign policy. liz: her comments about barack obama are causing trouble. >> i don't think it's going to calm down any time soon. liz: chris, great to see you, thanks for coming in. we will come with controversy, alexandria ocasio-cortez, we will debate that next, stay
6:53 pm
there. ..
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li people are talking about this. ocasio-cortez defending her colleague ilhan omar about the firestorm over remarks that were viewed as anti-israel, anti-semitic. but the latest controversy embroiling her. she called herb self the boss of the party. but we have an ethics complain because she got a government email for her boyfriend ebb though he's not employed by the congressional office. >> i don't really care. and i think it's a mistake for to us focus on these side issues. whether she gets her boyfriend an email address.
6:58 pm
this is a woman who adheres to an ideology that killed 100 million people. she need to obey the rules. but her real problem is that she is terrible. >> she is bending the rules. that's why we brought up the email controversy. she is not even on the payroll and he gets an email. he has no campaign experience whatsoever. she made a big show of a lightning round game in recent testimony. she was indignant about campaign finance laws and her own campaign is a black box. >> she is a hypocrite like all hypocrites are hypocrites. i absolutely want to hold her to
6:59 pm
them. i want to point out to people that it's inevitable when people embrace this leftist ideology, they will set up one special rule for the cadre and another for you and me. but the real problems with her is she embraces tyranny. a horrible, bloody-minded system that brought nothing but human misery. this is a symptom of that. liz: what your take on her threatening to put democrats on a list if they don't toe are policy line. >> when stalin did it they usual. >> i ended up being shot in the back of the head. but she is putting them out of their misery as democrat officials. if you are not toeing the party
7:00 pm
line, first you lose privileges, then you lose your life. liz: thank you for watching. lou dobbs next right here on fox business network. have a good weekend. [♪] lou: good evening, the radical dems have gone stark raving haywire. they are distancing themselves farther from middle american and the american way each and every day. this week alone the dimms have parades and celebrated the convicted liar, michael cone. they dismissed special counsel mueller's findings before they have been released. they signaled they will stop at nothing to overthrow the house presidency and they voted in support of giving illegal immigrants to vote. yester t


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