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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> geerng everybody. illegal immigration is surging and so is the nation's trade deficit. the deficit, in fact, the highest ever the deficit was china a record high as well. the national emergency is worsening the border patrol calling crisis on southern border now unsustainable as a record number of illegal immigrant families have been apprehended breaking the yearly record in just i five months to this fiscal year. the want of homeland security expecting almost a million illegal immigrants to be arrested this year. and in addition to what had could be as many as 3 million illegals who avoid apprehension
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altogether. white house press secretary sarah sanders today calling out the the radical left the ignorance on border security. >> it is absolutely abhorrent that democrats are still refusing to acknowledge crisis on border particularly when barack obama himself even called it as i crisis in 2014 we know what it is time and fixing they should follow the president he's actually leading it is time somebody step up and follow the president and fix this problem. >> l and i would nominate first of all to follow him secretary dpght of homeland security tonight we take up national security crisis at the border, the president unseeing fight for border security. headlines tonight a new report finds george's open society foundation donating almost 300,000 dollars to an anti-israel organization. the group critical of panes
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doing business and what terms occupied lands. "the wall street journal" reporting chinese hackers targeted more than 27 american universities trying to steal military secrets high technology, and a intellectual property the communist hackers targeting maritime technologies specifically with military applications. venezuela opposition leader juan saying he's in talks with unions to organize a state workers strike this move targets a key support group working on behalf of nicks last maduro. >> joining us tonight national security advisor john bolton ambassador good to have you with us appreciate you coming out in cold. to turn to the subject at hand let's begin with north korea reports that we're starting to see some remedial work on what were sites in north korea. that were long gone, about how
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serious a situation is this? >> well, i think in the walk of the president's decision not to agree to a bad deal with north korea and hanoi, we're going see a lot of potential decisions coming out of north korea whether they're serious about about attacks and whether they want to get back into them an fund mentally whether they're committed to giving up their nuclear weapons program and everything associated with it. that's what we think they need to do if they're not willing to do it, then i think president hn very clear they're not going to get relief from crushing economic sanctions that have been posed on him and look at ramping sachss up, in fact. >> all right, and it's i think worthy of note the president has given north koreans nothing except an opportunity to do the right thing and that is denuclearize the peninsula. at this stage, let's take your temperature on it. how do things look with the north korean and prospects for
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next phase what is, obviously, going to be a -- a long process? >> well i think that north koreans have got to go become and reassess their strategy. you know, i believe that they came to hanoi thinking that this administration would buy the same pony they've sold the previous administrations it is that they would accept a -- we would accept a partial deal in exchange for very significant lifting of sanctions which would have given north korea a lifeline given them a chance to get their breath back economically. while potentially still concealing a lot of nuclear weapons capability missiles, and the rest of it. look, lew, the president opened the door for north korea in singapore. to a completely different economic future, they didn't walk through it then he's open to again in hanoi they didn't walk through it are the ball is in their court the president is ready to make a teal and meet again and pointed to that bright economic future and kim jong-un decides he wants to take advantage of it.
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president is ready to talk to him. >> and president is also ready to talk with xi jinping on which apparently they will do at the end of this month as the trade talks with china continue pace. is there if you believe significant linkage between china and north korea and ultimately the decision of president kim to walk through that door as you put it? >> yeah, i think there's a very close relationship that's interesting -- we believe that kim did not stop in beijing on his way back to north korea to talk to xi jinping. i'm sure he'll wants to do that before we hear back from him. but overall china's approach to the trade talks, i think has real national security significance as well. certainly this has been something that president trump has viewed for a long time if he can get china to change its practices and terms of protecting our intellectual property avoiding force
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technology transfer, and many other structural issues, there will be a real change in the -- in the economic relationship between china and united states and that will have profound influence broadway on national security issues but i think -- especially on north korea. >> and do you believe that china is interested in seeing north korea walk through that door. to use the metaphor, further? >> yeah i think china to be a sincere when they say as they've said for a long time they don't want north korea to have deliverable nuclear weapons what we can use from china is to get that action done of they have a unique and political relationship with north kreag, the chinese have long said that north korea nuclear weapons would be destabilizing and northeast asia which would harm l chinese economic growth. i think that's exactly right. so china could do a lot more to explain to kim jong-un that you would see a lot more interest by
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china if -- kim jong-un would give up nuclear weapons. >> and as we approach those talks between -- president trump pane xi. the economy of china is deteriorating no other word for it and a it's going to worsen it appears now from all of my sources. by the month -- whether they can sustain their markets through continued let's put it this way supportive rhetoric in media is another question. but the reality of their economy -- it seems inevitable if they do not change the way they do business. >> yeah. look the president's tariffs have really gotten china's attention for the first time in the trade area in a long time and it is forced them to recognize we're simply not going to accept the way they've manipulated international system when they came into world trade organization, the line was --
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that china's behavior will change because they're now part of the wto that has not happened, in fact, china spent nearly 20 years taking advantage of its wto membership manipulating rules in its favor and not behaving way we expected. president trump said we're just simply not going to accept that anymore. the tariffs are token of how we feel about it, and a it's i think has brought china to the table in potentially very serious talks. >> and ambassador turning to this sphere and venges la, juan, opposition leader backed now 24 hours and venezuela, how concerned are use for his safety? how concerned are you for the -- for the improvement of -- for the people? >> i think effort i think no military because maduro and his
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gang feel if they try to arrest him the military might have dis obeyed order and that really would have been a crisis for maduro. popular support for gad dps uo offensive and i can it will you i've come from a meeting of the national security counsel, principles committee we're looking at new sanctions, new measures -- to tighten our grip on maduro's financial ware withall to deny his regime the money they immediate to stay in power so we're going to continue our effort president trump has been very clear he wants a peaceful transfer of power to juan we think that's what the venezuelan people and continue to press to get that done. >> ambassador great to talk with you. >> lou glad to be with you, up next holds a white house meeting with elites what in the world is going on? we take that up --
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>> president trump's america first economic initiatives have produced higher wage growth in this country. higher productive productivity for american works and business, the president 's policies have forced u.s. companies to pay workers more money and to boost productivity. what are the numbers? american wages have risen 3% in last year. projected to rise again, rise into 2020 by those projections, and at the same time productivity projected to rise still. tonight i would like to share a few thoughts, however, about what i fear is a new direction for the president and his administration . and what could very likely be a catastrophe for our working men and women small business and entrepreneurs our middle class the american family and very people this president has represented from the moment moment he announced he would run
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for presidency. now i try never to overstate let alone indulge and hyperbole but what we watch unfold today at the white house was to me a disastrous policy turn, and heartbreaking. what the white house billed is meeting of major corporate ceos to serve under president work force advisory board that board to be co-chaired by presidential advisor ivanka trump and commerce secretary wilbur ross their purpose, their concerns, here's the president on both issues. >> we're going to have a lot of people coming into the country we want a lot of people coming in. and we need it. we want to have the companies grow and only way they're going grow is if we give them the workers and only way to have workers is to do speact exactly what wii doing. to be clear the president of the chamber of commerce, president tom donahue is impossible to misinterpret. he sees biggest lobbyist wants
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to reverse the direction of rising labor cost and return to the chief labor policy of the 20 years that proceeded trump presidency. i don't even know why this white house would let him in the tore he is the enemy of the administration, and -- absolutely tries to business and economic and they have advanced and white house could only muster 7 ceo for the big event could have been remindinger for advisor and counselors as in politics and in life it is important to never forget who your friends are, and if this white house thinks that listening to the of tim cook tom donahue and suzanne kol seasons helpful to this president then the battle for forgotten man and woman in this country will be decided by the have
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establishment this ran against an establishment that stands vast sums of money and energy every single day try aring to destroy him and his policies and his historic presidency. the mr. trump are would advance the interest of the globalist elite ahead of our citizens a tragic reversal on any day but today the same day that commerce want reported the united states had the largest trade deficit in our history -- the same day that president of the new york fed straight fordly said economic growth is slowing that southern border is being overrun by record number of illegal immigrants, it all means the white house is schismly lost it way. and that the nation's heart will be afterall broken by very same people who brought 50 years of consecutive trade deficit and the explorative of middle class jobs and who have fed the swamp.
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for decades -- i have a request tonight please let your congressman and this white house know what you think about all of this. and please, be very honest with them. i would make the same request of the advisors of the counselors to this president, in this have served him and the nation so poorly. joining me now tim founder and ceo of operation underground railroad, who specializes in stopping child trafficking. tim is also a former special agent with the d.h.s. it is great it is honor to have you with us we appreciate you being here. >> thank you, lou. we are hearing from the -- secretary of the department of homeland security that the crisis on our southern borders unsustainable. the president is declared a national emergency. and a major political party has decided to avert its eyes and to pretend that this is all about politics and particularly 2020
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instead of national security and well being of the people including the children that you work so hard to protect citizens of -- mexico, central america as well as american citizens. it is -- it is, it is tragic. your thoughts about where we are right now? >> my thoughts are this. look, we have one with of the highest demands for child sex in the united states right here. and so traffickers with these millions of kids that they control throughout the world they're trying to get these kids into the united states and i've been compacts this as a decade along southern border i know how horrible this problem is i've got this. i have these -- these child victims these survivor who is i'm taking around they want their voices heard and they're being ignored. you know, the concept of -- wall and barrier this would save their lives. this would drive the traffic into the ports of entry where
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law enforcement can save their lives, and they feel like this is so politicized these kids their lives are in danger. because we're losing potentially one of the greats tools we have to rescue them. >> have you ever heard the president of the chamber of commerce or the head of the round table or a wall street ceo talk about child sex traffic aring sex trafficking across border? have you ever heard one of them because i haven't -- >> i certainly have not this is off people radar and should be most important thing there's more children today there's more people today in modern day slavery than ever before in history of the world this is a crisis of proportion and it is happening at our southern border. >> did i listen to -- christian neil son the secretary of homeland security, you worked for dhs, say that this is unsustain thabl it is a crisis and you know all i could think is -- president had just mentioned
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yesterday 30,000 women and children smuggled into this country for sex trafficking, along with, you know, the 8,000 ownership i did deaths resulting from the smuggling of all of those drugs, all i can think of is i'm listening to woman who is responsible for the security of that border and the agency that employs tens of thousands dedicatedded to protecting border and wopgdering where the hell the military and border patrol is. i have to tell you, i'm wondering where the hell is all of that wire was thrown. i've heard a lot of talk about border walling with tarted and yet i'm looking at prospect if you take old measure for every apprehension three get through on that border we're talking about 4 million illegal immigrants entering this country this year. what is going on? >> i testified before the
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judiciary committee there's been a 360% increase adults who are smuggling children who are not their children. these are unaccompanied minors using them as pawns because if you can bring a child you can blame amnesty so kids are kidnapped they are taken and they don't belong to people being smuggled cartels get control of them smuggle them in and they can turn it into a sex trafficking situation right away to make a lot of money. we are making the children are so vulnerable and it is saddens me that truly it is ignored. >> what can we do? first with those children? we need to be loud until the truth and listen to the facts, the facts that you know 1700, 1700 children were brought in in the last ten months without parents. you know someone pretending to be this is their child this is not their child you know if we care if we care if we have a heart as a nation. we're going put kids first, these children who are vulnerable, they're being abused
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they're being raped "new york times" is even reporting it this week that several women who were being smuggling in they have to pay for their transport with their bodies. and -- you know, infrastructure qowld curb this no question about and a barrier a smart wall -- and it forces and to take those children through the ports of entry where they can be rescued -- and this president is only one with who has guts to talk about cartels only president i've ever heard even mention who was behind the human smuggling, the sex trafficking, the drugs -- the corruption on both sides of the border. tim thanks for everything that you have done and will do, we will do better ourselves. at making certain your message is heard loud and clear -- we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. tim ballard, thank you. politics -- too mean for the like of barack
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obama, ed rollins join me next to talk about meanness, but i also want to talk with him about just well -- inefficiency ineffectiveness. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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president obama is back making snarky comments in canada yes in canada, about unname political leaders, the president apparently did -- well i don't know if he was being principled or perhaps -- well let's say reluctant to mention a name but he said politics now is too often about, quote, being louder, noisier, more self-centered greedier being more aggressive -- he did mention self-centered didn't he that make sense he also claims sarah palin vice presidential run paved way for
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president trump's election thank you sarah palin and then joining us tonight fox business political analyst republican strategist, ann, ed rollens good to see you. >> thank you. let me start do i really want to start with -- no. i don't. former presidentlet talk about current president in a white house advisor group on the work place that seems to be nothing more than a pretense for labor arbitrage, return to cheaper labor instead of rising wages in this country and rising productivity. and frankly it's not only a reversal potentially of the trail of the forgotten men and women in this country this president ran for and i am not in any way exaggerating. >> well, didn't working people there today the bottom line is this was a group put together by von ivanka and jared kushner now want everybody to love them and
4:30 am
trump got elected on. >> this is disturbous. >> disaster and that reality is -- jared is running around hill now, with a congressional relation person not sign on a criminal justice bill that was a democrat bill, but now basically trying to advocate that -- >> i want to compliment the trump administration on -- on the legislation, on the deal. but let's be clear in terms of deal making, what they did was ask for the democrats to support the democrats idea of what should be. >> right. and -- that's a pretty tough -- and truth of the matter is that president obama could have been head of that table today with exactly the same thing it is not what trump was about or lengted about trump got elected by working people who -- >> where the hell is his staff? i forgive me for swearing i have to take that back. my wife will --
4:31 am
with me but the truth is -- are his advisors and director of communications bill shine where are his political advisors? where in the -- who in their right mind would have this president put in 180-degree opposition to what he ran on and promised american workers what he's deliberate he's a historic president. >> at a time that two most important issues he's fighting for are the wall which they're all opposed -- >> why doesn't he fire deer stand neil son fire his secretary she's supposed to be guarding that border and i don't to hear about how you have it it is. she's got tens of thousands of people -- where the hick heck is military and -- where is the enforcement? >> you've had had people on this show including fast guess of people that have sit on that border and defended it and know that the reality of it. and his message and every other
4:32 am
guy who have been on that border -- know that problem. and this president will never -- the trade issue none are for trade policies that whole tbrowp that was up there today -- are totally opposed to trump on every issue why let them on the white house. forgotten who the hell his enemies are. and that -- i put it at the feet of his -- so-called advisors, if the president doesn't start is firing people for incompetence and absolutely just -- anti-trump conduct, i mean it goes yongd beyond not doing the job they're fighting this war. >> they're going to throw every hand grenade and get one to fight back with him. >> a country is depending on it or is the shame? elle rollins good to see you. thank you. >> up next the mueller report
4:33 am
becoming top seller long before released by the way there's a harbored -- former professor who is going to do very well at it i hope he donates to several of charities that i chair. tonight congressman jim jordan joins us here in just a moment as dem and rhinos work to support this president apparently some are succeeding given what i witnessed at the white house today. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> headlines tonight fbi director christopher ray moi gosh he surprised this country has enemies. he told us cybersecurity conference in san francisco said he was shocked, shocked by the scale of china's counterintelligence threat against this country apparently this is first time he's learned that the united states does have is enemies. if you've been paying attention
4:38 am
to the last five years you might have known that one wonders about this fellow and amazon already taking preorders for the robert mueller special counsel witch hunt report. taking orders it is selling by the way for less than ten bucks. it comes forward it shall byes profess alan by the way, the listed release date is 26th, i would like to know how they know that. i -- they're pretty well informed apparently joining us a man who is always well informed kim jordan great american rick, ranking member of the house oversight committee, member of the judiciary committee a cofounder of the freedom caucus i have to turn to first of all, have you put it in your order for the -- for the mueller report? >> no, good to be with you i didn't know that they knew already for goodness sake. i think it is coming any time soon and by the fact that it has been almost two years it has to
4:39 am
come some time soon but i don't have my order in yet. >> by the way i was thinking it could be coming some time this fall so i'm over my projecting when it is beginning to arrive. i want to turn first to -- to the department of homeland security secretary, talking about the crisis at our southern border unsustainable. yet i don't know what the military is doing down there. i don't know what happened to the wire, i don't know what is happened to border patrol, i saw pictures today of border patrol and i know there's got to be more than these border patrol a agents that i witness standing around as illegal immigrants are -- are crouched on the ground sit on ground and many cases. it is not a very good picture and i can't understand why she's not being held accountable for the department that she is running. and i can't understand why the united states senate is going to society for emergency vote against the president emergency declaration. i would argue that --
4:40 am
that the republicans in particular who are going to vote against it are same republican who is didn't want to do it last congress with a majority when we control house and the senate. and this is most certainly an emergency i think that "new york times" reported yesterday 70,000 last month alone illegal crossings last month alone -- so the two things that have to happen we've talked about this you've been great talking about this two things that have to happen. build border security wall, reform our asylum law you have to stop incentive or we have an endless caravan because it is there to get inside this country and then to catch and release policy because of our asylum laws that's what is insent vising this and those two things we do two that would be the -- most important effort we can have right now. then we can get to all of the other issues about immigration. j then, of course, as you well know there would still be a obama and clinton appointed judges particularly in the 9th circuit particularly up in northern california.
4:41 am
who would be working against every policy, every initiative of this president, to block him from securing the border stopping illegal immigration, stopping sigh lem seekers what happened to the return -- the the return to mexico policy to stop asylum seekers, about if this -- homeland security department is enforcing nothing of what this president says and why not challenge those courts and challenge the activist judges and by the way, what about judge chief justice robert who is said there are no obama appointed judges or-- bush appointed justices or trump, they're just good old judges. what kind of nonsense are we being fed by the man responsible for the pfizer courts and the united states supreme court? >> yeah. you have a lot in there lou it was all good but i'll tell you what in spite of -- >> do it by segments in spite of entity and efforts against the
4:42 am
president, think about what has been established in two years and i just this list it could be a lot longer but tax is down. regulation is down economy growing at unbelievable road gorsuch and kavanaugh out of the iran deal and hostage held from north korea, and market going -- growing like crazy. this has been an amazing two years. and -- it is fact that door in spite of the fact so what we have to do is we have to continue to do what we said, about keep fighting hard keep pushing in spite of the opposition that's ahead of us and if we have that attitude we'll get good policy outcomeses that we need inspite of the left inspite of the mainstream press in sprite of republican who is don't want to support the president we will get there and that's attitude that president has and folks in the freedom caucus has and freedom and house have so we have to keep that fighting away. >> well, to quote a great --
4:43 am
great legislator, and great american, you put a lot in there. it was all good, and a frankly congressman i needed that. [laughter] i am signature here still boiling over what i saw this president contend with and advocate today in the white house reversing his immensely successful as i said historic policies on -- on the working man and woman in this country that forgotten man and to the bull that's been fed him by like of tom donahue and other phonies that were sitting in the room with him. >> now look what the president is up against, 81 different letters jerry sent out to 60 some individuals this is -- they're coming after the the white house and every way they can, but those 81 letters 60 some individuals it is interesting to me that two individuals that they didn't send a letter to most important in my judgment glenn paid by the clinton foundation and
4:44 am
christopher steele guy glenn simpson hired a foreigner in to write dossier that start ised this whole crazy ordeal. those two didn't get a letter from jerry which shows what these guyses are up to. the mueller report is not going to say what they wanted or put their egg miss that basket i don't know it will say what they wanted with say there was no collusion i think, and so they've got to figure out something elsing and they'll go on this phishing expedition not after a two people to get information to most important people that started this whole thing. >> congressman i particularly enjoyed when you and i talk past each other i'm talking -- [laughter] i'm talking illegal immigration, and trade and -- working man, and woman and middle class families. and you're talking -- you're talking truth, justice and american way. and like that as well. >> i'm talking about you, though, forces against this country the forces against american people that's what we have to keep fighting against
4:45 am
and make sure or we get right things done. >> amen brother. thank you congressman. >> appreciate it. thank you. take care. up next rebuke of anti-semitic remarks by congresswoman omar, leading to rising discord amongst radical dems we that i can up and more with a washington times charlie hurt trump 2020 press secretary caylee, stay with us. termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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urngdz the heading of good grief, former white house attorney making it necessary to heap praise on special counsel robert mueller. cobb talking on abc news voiced no concern about nearly two year long investigation that continues without evidence of collusion. i think bob molar mueller even though came from a privilege background, you know has backbone of steel. >> up next, a formerrer white house attorney says he has a totally different view of robert mueller than president trump and by the way it is a newly arrived at view doesn't quite square with record as they say take it up with attorney and joe here
4:50 am
tonight, we're going to go to break it is a quick break. but there's a mountain of debt to show you 22 trillion dollars. 22 trillion dollars. that's -- substantial part of the global economy. we're coming right back after this.
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>> joining us tonight victoria former deputy assistant attorney general, for the criminal division of the justice department. joe former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia there founding partner and law firm and great to have you back with us ty cobb, what had in the world is the man thinking?
4:55 am
>> was not quite the term i uses last night when i heard it. what an unforced error bob mueller is not a hero. he is an idiot because he hired andrew wise man and in thes not one republican to the state of republican how what bad judgment, and andrew is a legal thug. >> and this is -- an extraordinary special counsel, because it has gone on for almost two years proceeded by an 11 month fbi investigation, and we don't know for sure that that was not a longer investigation for a longer period of time while the president was a candidate in the earliest days. so what are we to do here with what the president describes as a witch hunt because it looks, smells acts just like a witch hunt? >> i think ty cobb made a very bad mistake first of all the president used to be his client. you don't contradict your client. if you disagree request your
4:56 am
client you tell them that privately. and you don't comment on their comments publicly. that was an unprofessional thing to do in -- now regard to bob mueller his investigation has been nullity from the beginning because it was born in error and in conflict and in illegality everything about it it is wrong. now, bill barr is going to find out what happened with all of the fisa warrants and investigated by him and molar is going to be -- not going to be able to conclude anything about collusion because there was none. >> no collusion. yet the -- the prosecution goes on. now it is expanding, southern district of new york and we have whispers every -- and every which direction from unnamed sources that the southern district of new york is the real problem for the president. meanwhile there's six democratically led house committees that are going to sending out they probably will
4:57 am
try to exceed that of the house swriew dish judiciary seeking 81 responses from individuals your thoughts. >> another legal term witch hunt was one and this was a phishing expedition a very good legal term it means that the democratses are saying, okay, president trump and your family hand everything you have done for the last decade and we're going to go there and see if we can find anything wrong. >> would they not be absolutely foolish to turn negative over at this point? >> i think. i think so. i think lou what clearly what people should do is refuse to produce information and if they get subpoenas they should take the fifth and it is now -- faintly to take the fifth when you see what mueller did it to michael flynn and george popular papadopoulos and lying when there were no lies they were embarrassing people this was a
4:58 am
vindictive investigation by knadler people should resist it. now that republicans should resist. they should resist in every conceivable way produce nothing, testify to nothing and be brave americans and take the fifth amendment. and make them get nothing. >> the -- nothing is -- what has been produced by ongoing 25 million dollar to this point special counsel investigation. it was found sounds like it would be cheaper for a to executive privilege here, i just -- as i understand exactly privilege it means exactly what joe's saying. nothing. thank you very much i have to go on with the business of running a country. >> i believe there was a president called obama who said no. all of the tomb fast and furious to those documents ever get turned over they said ep executive privilege. and by the way, that's one of the problems with the mueller report there's a lot of
4:59 am
executive privilege material in there. >> now that's an interesting point the obama administration politicized that justice department it's responsibility in large major for what we're witnessing. in history and worst political and unimaginable level of political corruption at the top of the fbi. the justice department, everyone think of spying on a president of the united states, and they can did it with ease. >> yeah. so it should be very easy for this president -- and his administration he is to say no. >> yes. yes, and bill barr should say yes. to opening a grand jury or getting special counsel to investigate the previous justice department. >> lindsey graham should respond in a mirror the tone and the -- and the energy of seeking documents that the -- house judiciary. >> i think he's going to. >> that will be nice to see a republican or two show some --
5:00 am
well some sands as they say in texas. joe thanks. victoria thanks so much. appreciate it. good night from new york. >> it is monday march 11th here are your market movers 5 a.m. president trump set to ask congress for more than 8 billion dollars for the border wall in the 2020 budget and democrats ds are already threatening another government shutdown and alexandria taking another hit at capitalism this time calling ire irredeemable if you fear that robots are taking over american jobs there may be one human job they should stay away from how a man found out he was die from a robot.


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