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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 11, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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that budget proposal out this morning. it is set to spark another showdown on capitol hill this morning and then it this grounded china keeping all of its boeing 737s max 8 jets on ground after deadly crash yesterday, boeing the big company to watch this morning. the stock is down almost 9%. that is really the story of markets this morning. dragging down it dow industrials right now. we've got a lot on boeing coming up. the risk of recession where are we? federal reserve chairman jay powell with the biggest threat to u.s. economy in a new interview last night what he said about global economy and president trump coming up and then tesla doing u-turn to keep more stores open and raise prices that comes as ceo elon musk faces deadline to explain why he shouldn't be held in con tempght of court over his tweets. morningses with maria begins right now.
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♪ all right taking a look at the futures this is morning start of the week where we stand dow industrials down 150 ponts right now that is our market. impact of boeing shares down about another 9% our top story this hour is the border wall funding showdown. president trump's budget proposal set to be released this morning. in it the president will ask for 8.6 billion dollars of funding of barriers on southern border. on sunday morning future i spoke with wyoming smart about what the president decided on that number.
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how does he arrive at 6.8 billion? >> he asked experts where we should be putting our best efforts they've come up with ten specific locations along border and said these are the spots where if we could put barriers it would make a difference in protecting the -- in protecting border. the border is about 2,000 miles and so the president is not asking for the full 2,000 mile he's saying give us ten locations that the experts say are the key locations. that's where he's getting his numbers. >> joining me right now texas congressman and caucus co-chair, dr. brian, good to see you congressman thanks so much for joining us. >> great to be with you maria. lay out the case no president gets everything that he wants right, but this is his proposal, largely about the border, how do you see it? >> you know this case is very easy to lay out. there's a absolute disaster happening at the border right now. they are quarantining 2,000 people because of 276 cases --
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76 thousand illegals across border of last month awe're headed it a million to come across by the end of this year, and we hear ms. pelosi saying there's a manufacture crisis that we can't suppress the vote and last week they voted to allow illegal aliens so if you don't want illegal aliens voting so i think the cat is out of the bag the democrats don't make a secret of it anymore. they want a million of illegal aliens to come in, give them the vote and then give them a leg up and every election from here, here on out, and the president is doing exactly the right thing. there's an emergency there. 8.6 billion is not way over the top my goodness. you know this is national security. he wants to repay what he's taken out of the military construction funds he's asking for 3.6 billion there.
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i think it is very reasonable maria. >> what about the spending in the face of this 22, trillion debt that country is facing i know discretionary spending expected to be down. but are there other areas that you can identify that you can cut back and spending while you raise money and raise spending for military purposes. >> absolutely. we can find plenty of that. there is -- we have so many entitlement programs right now, it is -- you talk about suppression -- this suppresses work force . question let millions and millions of people coming here illegally and suppresses the wages suppresses jobs for americans. this will be very easy to find, of course, the democrats are not going to agree with that. they want to continue the domestic spending and 22 billion dollar national debt will continue to go up unfortunately we have a -- real good opportunity over the last two years to secure is this
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border. and we were unable to get votes i voted for it every single time maria but unfortunately we didn't have that now but it is time to what how we say in texas fish or cut bait but we have to make sure we secure this border. >> you have to prepare for a potential surge the trump administration preparing for increase in crossings at that southern border predicting 180,000 migrant families will cross southern border into the u.s. by may. that's according to the journal congressman. >> well absolutely. as they're on track to have a million crosby the end of this this year. and i've been to that border four times, over the last several months. to see from san diego, california, through southern arizona, and twice into southern border of texas, and it is an absolute disaster down there. and you know, for the democrats to say it is manufactured, you know, you're either ignorant or
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you are just simply not telling the truth and i think again i want to say it right out. the in thes want this to be happening. they want -- they keep saying it is -- manufactured is it possible they could continue ignoring this and a tell a complete different story than colleagues on the right? >> yeah. i think so. you know, it is never been more apparent maria the differences between the parties. i think americans are not stupid. they can see the extremist positions that these democrats have taken not just on open borders. but the new -- green new deal -- a socialism, our medical turning our medical industry into a single payer and abolishing insurance, everything that they are proposed is so far out there. i think the american people are going to -- there's going to be a day of reckoning in 2020. >> all right we'll be watching good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you maria . brian joining us there meanwhile
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tesla reversing and automaker keep more stores open and it will also raise prices. plus ceo elon musk with a major deadline today what's the story? >> less than two weeks ago announced that tesla was closing it stores and cutting the price of all of this vehicles by 6%. well the sound that you're hearing is tesla slamming on brakes and throwing this baby in reverse. because in a blogst post and e-mail to employees, tesla is now planning to raise the price of most of its vehicles by 3% and keep more of its stores open thans previously expected. here's the quote from the blog post here's part of what had they dumped overnight. over the past two weeks we have been closing every -- we've been chosely evaluating every single tesla retail location and we have decided to keep significantly more stores open than previously announced. as we continue to evaluate them over the course of several
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months, as a result of keeping significantly more stores open tesla will need to raise vehicle price by 3% on average. in another words this is what elon musk says in blog post we'll close about half as many stores but cost savings are therefore only about well half here's the good news that prices only go up after march 18th so if you buy now you get the lower price. and there will be no price hike for the base model 3 which stays at 35,000 dollars. you want to point that out and then all -- all sales by the way will still be onis line you have to go into a store to order the vehicle online like on your phone even. and then today march 11th is the deadline for elon musk to prove to a federal judge that his tweets that he sently did not violate the october settlement with exchange commission we'll see what tesla has to say about that. but i would not expect any severe punishment if anything is handed down. maria. >> yeah. all right thank you dagen
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meanwhile a major story this morning developing around boeing after another major crash. boeing new 737 max 8 jet has been groupedded by several airlines and the chinese government. cheryl casone with the details in headline it is now. cheryl. welcome back. >> thank you maria you know the 737 is known as one of the workhorses in the aviation industry boeing, though, is nows i paing intense scrutiny 157 people including 8 americans killed when a max crashed in africa. now unclear what caused that plane to go down just six minutes into flight this is the same boeing model that went into a nose dive back in october killed 189 people. you've got china now grounding all 737 max eight planes ethiopian cayman airlines also have grounded aircraft this is affecting dow and premarket boeing in premarket is down more than %. and that is pressuring the dow
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in premarket this morning. now, to this -- venezuela massive power outage has turned deadly. opposition leader juan says at least 17 people have died as hospitals are struggling to assist patients. telecommunication networks also wiped out experts say blackout likely occurred because of a high and high voltage transmission line after years of government neglect. he is calling for a state of emergency there. well a japanese court rejected request from normer nissan guest to attend the board meetings tomorrow. there are reports that his attendants could put pressure on nissan employees. nissan dismissed cohn as chairman following his arrest in november. but he still remains a board member he was released from jail on nine million dollars last week that was the bail maria so he's out. but still in indeed struggling to communicate and to get his message out maria as you know. >> still a board member, and
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he's out why would he be able to go to the meeting? >> again another question mark how company handled this scndle and the japanese government is as well. >> cheryl thank you. we'll take a short break when we come back sad and focused this morning jay powell spoke out last night on global economy, and the risk of recession in the u.s. what he said about president trump coming up in that new interview. then breaking up big tech presidential l hopeful elizabeth warren revealed her plan to take on amazon and google among others. she wants to make them much smaller. that's all coming up right here. stay with us. ♪ (butcher) we both know you're not just looking for pork chops. you're searching for something more...
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we have a brig program coming up right here former speak of the
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house and author of trump america, newt gingrich with us this morning former reagan advisor and art laugher join us this morning along with author of the coming collapse of china, jordan chang is here. fox news senior joining and saturday night live alum is here as well. plus the ceo of c trip, chinese company this morning joining us as well. we've the got a lot coming up do stay with us. breaking up big tech is where we kick it off right here with a plan from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. watch. >> giant tech companieses right now are eating up tiny business startups and competing unfairly. look at it this way they run a platform where you buy a coffee maker get it delivered in 48 hours and that's great but in addition to that they're sucking up that information about every
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purchase, every sale and every one of the other little businesses that are offer aing their products on amazon, and when a.m. son sees one that's profitable they say -- think they'll go into business against them with extra information. so -- what i'm saying is we have to break these guys apart. you want to run a platform that's fine. you don't get to run a whole bunch of the businesses as well. stop selling app on app store joining kfs with more on all of that wall street journal global economic senator is here along with pollster and president and partners lee carter great to see you this morning. flghts great to be here. >> thanks for joining us this was an important topic because we talk a lot about proif privacy issues with companieses that they have gotten biggers than they have before but you would like to see competition fix the problem and be the the solution rather than elizabeth warren big government ideals.
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>> well, but i think what some conservativeses and liberals qowld say is that you might need the government to introduce competition that these guys are becoming so big and so dominant in their market that government has to get involved to, you know, to break them up but there's bipartisan concern the way that they're may behaves ths different than big banks postally coming from left and not the right now we have it from the right and left so they better look out. >> what's different in materials of tech company and the talk of breakup versus bank. >> well i mean i think what one of the things is different is that big tech companies you know, amazon facebook they dominate their market so exclusively. i think -- we have to i think there was more competition in the banking space than there is in the --
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>> one thing government can do is -- and i think that this is coming. that they will stop allowing these very large tech companieses to continue to buy up all of these small businesses in niche areases say -- what facebook has done is you buy up all of these -- all of these companies for town and then shut them down so you're buying technology an they control it. i think that -- sooner rather than later you will see that government intervene and prevent anymore even small acquisition by large tech companies because if you look they've turned a blinked eye to growth in companies through ac acquisition just with facebook. and now they're so big and it is kind of dawned on these ding bats down in washington that these companies have gotten too large i think that is something that is going to happen. >> you see -- they all have investment arms as well. i mean, they have enormous funds that are, i mean, amazon has had
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investment -- arm and investing in. >> this is what elizabeth warren wases looking at a how products are are doing on its site and goz to get into those markets that is watching. >> but also give to be clear it gives an avenue to -- small businesses across the country to sell their goods through a.m. son so where they wouldn't be able to grow otherwise. >> i think it is an important fact to look at that to grow but also a lot of goals of companies now is to get acquired by amazon and that you know success to a lot of folks. i think we have to be careful how we're going to look at this whole thing. thing i'm worried about is that conservative solution is coming out, and they sound good to a lot of people that is save a little guy. it is a big or narrative on the left and i think that we're going to on right they need plans to address these -- >> dagen point to one where are there's some resident had is preventing further growth through acquisition from some of
6:20 am
these companies. >> well there's no doubt they've become more powerful than ever before. and -- you're hearing you're hear aing this push b.c. on right and left it is interesting to hear conservatives even believe that these companies are too powerful and would like government to step in. >> reversal for conservative so market to total reversal for free market conservative. >> but if a company wants to sell out to macey or amazon and whatever and it is your businesses that my choice that's my decision not elizabeth juan. >> that's right. we've got a developing story request this ethiopia crash, we're going to bring you the headlines on the screen right there. and, of course, boeing is the big story as result of the impact from the 737 jet. we'll talk about that coming up investors are also waiting on u.s. china deal and soring on trump teal an one national security advisor john bolton say otherwise what he told me yesterday coming up. and then going out for donuts
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how it jump started donut sales and sent sales through the roof. stay with us.
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welcome back u.s. china trade i spoke with national security advisor a, ambassador john bolton how enforcement in a deal is critical. >> what is the enforcement action a that could be possible here to make sure that beijing follows up with these promises? >> they're going to be more talks next week. certainly at the highest levels of the government, we're working as hard as we can to pursue the president's -- >> back in place if they fail short -- >> that would be sure that would
6:25 am
be a possibility that's one way of doing it that's one of the options that's out there that's one was reasons honestly look i'm a free trader. but one of the reasons that president i think, was right in imposing tariffs on china, is that it got their attention and i think that's been all to the good. >> now growing skepticism on president trade policies weighing on global businesses according to a pailgd did i international survey research finds that 45% of fatality analyst believe trade policies are cause of any business gloom out there. that's up from last year's 13% joining us right now is path trading partners chief market vat gist in ahead of research and principle bob, bob good to have you on the program this week an you agree this china deal is important for markets you're with looking at copper as an indicator of where we are. rk yeah as trade deal sort of became both sides talking positively about it you saw a run for copper seven weeks in a row basically straight up and copper not only being important
6:26 am
part of chinese economy but used as currency when they're really up there with that 8, % greet they'll actually trade copper as well as trading currency and other things so it becomes kind of a coal mine for how the deal is going. sm right because copper is an economic indicator from making cars to a home to tell come john. >> so i want to ask you about an area so -- walks through what happens many copper market or any other market for that matter. if a deal gets done in next few weeks versus what happens if it is, if it doesn't what's priced in right now? >> priced in a deal that's for sure why copper has gone over say last ten weeks it has been down two over last three but it has been a strong runoff to lohse it came when you saw that sort of -- talks were canceled larry kudlow denied they were canceled that's
6:27 am
where it made this low but there was a coordinated effort between u.s. and china to speak mostly positively about how the trade talk are going. that's when copper took off so when i see copper slow down, it is almost as if there's radio silence between the two governments. how vulnerable are markets the deal doesn't get done do we see a big selloff or modest move? >> you know what's interesting, to me, the geopolitical disaster of no deal has been priced in. so in other words, there's going to be a deal in the markets opinion. the last few days what we've seen in s&p for example, is a selloff where -- we have 70% of companies who reported guidance last, last earning season report negative guidance that wasn't all a of the companies. but that was about 99 s&p companies i think they need to get that deal sooner rather than later in order for analyst companies also to ratchet their forward guidance back up i think that's the fact. >> switch over to federal reserve because fed chair jay powell on "60 minutes" last i
6:28 am
thought new on cbs he talked about broader economy. watch this. >> we have high levels of employment low level of unemployment wages are moving up. consumer confidence is aside business confidence aside we've seen a built of a slowing but i would say principle risk it our economy -- now seem to be coming from slower growth this china, and europe, and also risk of such as brexit. overarching question is are we headed to a recession? i think growth this year with will be slower than last year it was the highest growth that we've experienced since financial crisis really in more than ten years. this year, i expect that growth will continue to be positive and continue to be at a healthy rate. >> bob in addition to china news this is oh big question for markets right what's going to happen to economy given that weakness in europe and slowdown in china? >> i like jay powell whaing he said is a lot of what you have been saying all morning. he basically said economy in
6:29 am
u.s. is strong and could be strong we are a china deal and even without the length of time it takes to get the deal done i think that was his way of commenting on that. we're going to see slower growth but there's going to be growth. u.s. is doing very, very well the jobs numbers to me were great. take that headline misout everything behind the headline missed was really, really strong was really positive about the jobs number. >> on 20,000 jobs. yeah but look at 12,000 over last few months with wage withs when you looked at labor participation rate steady with unemployment rate drops everything behind that headline number was -- really good which led me to believe that 20,000 number was more about companies not finding people to e hire rather than not wanting to hire -- >> we have an important indicator this morning at 8:308 when retail sales data come out we have a really bad retail sales number out a month ago. what are you expecting to find out today? >> i think there's going to be big revisions on retail sales you look at what we've seen
6:30 am
everyone seemed to do better in term of that holiday sales number, i'm not sure where that came from. i would be really disappointed if we dpght get revision that number in new release. >> a lot of people questioned it. seemed strange you saw -- a lot of positive comments out of the company. outside of black friday. last night in that interview i was dying to see as we move on what you thought about that interview because it was unpress unprecedented in time of not a crisis and interview on "60 minutes." >> maybe a message to president trump, in that interview, that he's got a voice too. >> so in the face of all of this you want to put new money to work this market then sound like you're -- bullish. >> funny we're underinvested we have been all year and part that have reason is because we don't have a deal. and even i think there's going to be a deal i'm not at the table signing it. so until that actually happens, i would rather play catch-up with market. we buy discounted company when is we buy companies so i would
6:31 am
rather continue to use that plan and when we get a deal in place then we play catch-up. >> on commodities? >> yes we're low on copper crude oil those are what we look. we want it will keep stable. >> great to have you on the program thank you so much. joining us there quick break and then dangerous selfie a woman is attacked by a jaguar after crossing over a barrier at the zoo to take a selfie. unreal. and then politics at south by southwest congresswoman making more waves drawing huge crowd and a blasting fdr reagan, capitalism and others -- all next. [laughter] back in a minute. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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the unique challenges in that sector? coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. >> wng back good monday morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo it is monday march 11th your top stories right now 6:35 a.m. on east coast. markets are kick off week mixed take a look at futures dow industrials getting hilt by a huge selloff in boeing dow industrials down 165 points right now. futures are indicating the s&p and nasdaq will be up. at the start of trading but boeing is the story certainly set to shave nearly 300 points at the opening up trading following the ethiopian airlines crash, using boeing 737. ethiopian state tv is reporting that black box has been recovered plus indonesia becoming latest country to ground boeing 737 max 8 jet. china also doing the same. markets are are extending last
6:36 am
week decline better than 2% on week last week as you can sew there global market this is morning look like this. and the dax index are all higher and up about 1% and in paris up a quarter of a percent. dax index in germany up 26 points also a quarter of a percent higher. in asia overnight gains across the board former in china. once again shanghai composite up almost 2% overnight. a big change coming for european central americans soon required to register online and pass a fee. what you need to know before booking your next trip . a scary scene in arizona zoo a visitor attack bade jaguar after she climbed over the fence to tick a selfie. we have the very latest developments coming up this morning. and one doctor get his wish, cvs changing hold music for the first tomb in 20 years after he complained. [laughter] plus using social media for good
6:37 am
a posting struggling donutshop in texas leads to sellout heartwarming story coming up this among and we begin this half alexandria cortez blasting capitalism this weekend and congresswoman on southwest in southwest in austin, texas. >> capitalism isn't to me is an ideology of capital it means that we seek and prioritize prort and accumulation of money above all else and we seek it at any human and environmentals cost and to me that ideology is not sustainable and cannot be redeemed. >> aoc also said that fdr new deal racist is moderate is not a stance, joining us is jason nichols thanks so much for joining us excuse me do you agree with alc? >> i think it is much more complicated than the way she stated it. i think that capitalism and element of socialism can
6:38 am
actually coexist and i think that'ses one of the things that people aren't talking about. we have almosts of socialism in our society right now from social security to medicare, and these are socialist programs that exist within a capitalist framework so ping -- that her -- statement about fdr as well although there were new deals that didn't work out well he established what was called black cabinet that had mary mccloud -- who was a really important figure in african-american history so i think -- she needs to actually do a little bit of study, a little bit and tamper it down just a bit. sm you know it seems like this is one of the major issues for the 2020 election. socialism issues versus capitalism and you can't really tiptoe around what she's saying she's saying it can't be redeemed so she might be confusing certains but blasting
6:39 am
capitalism and we have a capitalist society not a socialist society so -- i mean you say she needs to study up but what are her colleagues going to do who have also endorsed many of her plans -- going into 2020 up against president trump who was, obviously, a capitalist? >> yeah. i mean, i think that some of herren plays are not he isly bad there's some that had, obviously, needs some work i think she would agree with that i think the green new deal for example with something that was put out there. but obviously needs a whole lot of tweaking. i do think again, that nordic model is social democracy that's different than democratic socialism that's what they don't have an understanding of the term they're using but again having medicare, having health care for people have a clean environment, those can exist
6:40 am
within a capitalist framework and we doapght have to scared of socialism. >> spes she has specific plans this is for medicare for all and insurance industry green deal, you know 4 trillion dollars this is a specific plan not just oh we can have some parts of this. you know, so all socialist programs lee carter. >> i think you know, one of the things that is interesting to me about ocasio-cortez people are dismissive saying she needs to read up xepght underbeneath all of this there's a movement right and we're seeing -- polling bernie sanders is up there with polling and a up there with cortez her policies are capturing the hearts and minds of a lot of young people a lot of voters out there. and so i don't think that we can just be dismissive of them say she has to read up or they're incorrect but i think we have to
6:41 am
have alternative and strategies. alternative is to basically encordial poses is fuel production in this country of naturals gas, and gasoline because you know what, it is inexpensive that helps poorest of the poor by keeping costs low and creates literally millions of job miss this country and with natural gas it is reduced emissions out of power plants in this country. so that's why we focus on this specific -- well i think what we've seen -- >> you can't just say this broad stroke and you know she has the right idea and we have socialism already. this is specific plans that make no sense. but what really what we're looking at is bumper sticker politics by the way that's how a lot of candidates win and so if you come up with term of sound good medicare for all that's like me i'll be able to get the same insurance that any grandmother has everything is paid for that sounds fantastic without implication.
6:42 am
all you say is medicare for all is abolishment of all private insurance in this country that's all of the people need to hear who were going out to vote. maybe some other candidate comes up with a plan but bernie sanders and a the plan that most of these democratic candidates have signed on to it does abolish private insurance in this country ands that's not what a medicare is. no it's not. when you have that -- it is not. it doesn't poll that way it polls 20 percentage points almost 20 percentage points less when you tell people it gets rid of private insurance. >> it doesn't get rid of private insurance it doesn't -- it doesn't get rid of private insurance medicare for all can coexist with private insurance look if you want a nose job or cosmetic -- thing, you can certainly get you use your private insurance pay your private insurance to get kinds of things done. medicare for all and private insurance can coexist this kind of deal something that she's talking about. >> you can keep your doctor right. >> absolutely.
6:43 am
but i've read the bernie slam. this is a joke maybe that somebody else comes along with another plan. but the bernie sanders bill that kamala harris elizabeth warren, cory booker signed on to it does make private insurance illegal in this country. if it competes with the government plan it shall and that is chapter and verse, so that's the way it stands now and by the way no insurance pays for plastic surgery trust me on that you have to pay out of your pocket. [laughter] >> jason, i want to ask which way are democrats going in 2020 primaries are they going to end up with someone very much on the left or are they going to end up with a moderate like joe biden that's your prediction? >> i think we end up with somebody who was on left with strong ideals i think joe biden is going to struggle actually if you get into this thing. they say he's 5 a% in i think he's going to struggle with issues that go back to the 90s. so i think we're going to go
6:44 am
with somebody on left. >> you say radical somebody with one of the plans. >> somebody with one of the plans yes. whether that's radical, that's something to interpretation jason nichols we'll be right back. after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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welcome back new details this morning on eli straus plan to go public. cheryl casone with the details a lot of interesting ipo's coming. >> this is kicking off the season to think about this.
6:48 am
last month levi announced now it also about it and plan to offer nearly 37 million shares price between 14 and 16 bucks per share. after a the offering class b share hold percent hold 99% of voting power and the company intends to list as yes, levi knew that was coming all right visiting europe getting a little complicated for americans. u.s. citizens are beginning to be required to undergo a registration process called the european travel information and authorization system this will start in 2021. new eu roll ties to 22 countries that includes france, with germany, italy, and spain that is going to cost about $8 for individuals over the age of 18 and it is e free for those if you're under 18 travelers also needed e-mail and detect or credit card to get approved valid for three year. does allow multiple entries while fans. and then there's this --
6:49 am
the jaguar that attacked a woman tries to take a selfie will not be put down. officials at the wildlife world zoo in arizona are considering extra security after the jaguar clawed a wol's arm when she entered its enclosure as in she wasn't supposed to go past barrier and she did it anyway. onlooker pulled two safety as one distracted with a water bottle she's oak and actually she's all right returned to the zoo to apologize. for her actions -- nowst there's this. as kind of a feel good story about the power of socially media out of texas. a man newly opened texas donut shop empty and son went to social media and said my dad is sad because no one is coming to his shop and posted the address. well that tweet went viral nearly a quarter million retweets droves line up to try billies donuts father and son ended up selling out of the donuts and pastries it was a
6:50 am
good day for the family. >> the power of promotion. fun right, thanks. that looks good. coming up, 50 second career victory for kyle busch plus a fistfight the nascar details all ahead right here. >> that's my guy. ok look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> a big win for kyle busch at the nascar cup this weekend. hey, jared. >> good morning gnar ya two big wins and race this year, this weekend outside of phoenix, the drought ended. 50 second career cup victory, for kyle busch, toyota --
6:54 am
get out the broom boy. kyle busch won saturday infinity race made it a weekend sweep at the 500, 199 career win in nascar top three series for kyle busch. michael mcdowell got into a brew ha-ha this weekend took a bunch of crew members to separate them over mcdowell with fastst lap on qualifier ride together in a truck touring a pregame race ceremonies. 36-year-old italian for frans began final round five shots back and reigning british open championship fired eight under 45 foot putt for final hole to win it good and then some. phil mickelson at tpc and he tweeted this photo getting ready for players championship along with his long tile business manager and his attorney and
6:55 am
also sunday we learned that tiger woods who did not play the arnold invitational because of a strained neck will be playing this week at the players championship and that will be teeing off on thursday so good to see tiger back in the mix. >> yeah. how about this brown raid to -- to the raiders who won this or raiders? >> raiders win definitely they get somebody with a real talented wide receiver one of the best in mfl when his head is screwed on straight and playing and all about football not off a the field stuff. and then steelers also pay a lot to get rid of him so i think raiders are big winners in this one. >> danny and michael mcdowell fight that's what nascar need is not just fighting but passion. danny suarez here's a quote what a take down and then michael mcdowell all you've got mcdowell is tugging on he has leg pulling on his leg right there. how weak you get somebody about to hold him down and tugging on his shoe give me a break.
6:56 am
>> here's the quote if you don't give me rpght, i'm gong to kick your -- yeah. there you go. those are words to live by. >> hockey comes to nascar. >> always been like that. 1979 -- brothers and -- what were they riding in a truck together? smg that's the driver intro before a race you need to watch nascar that's how driver is around in the track in the back of the truck with the fans. >> yeah. it was how they qualified so they put the qualifying order in the truck -- >> thank you. on fox news headlines 24/7 or sears radio the chrysler building sold for much less than it was worth. be right back. firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service.
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you can earn $100 off your deductiblee, for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible.
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♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet. maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy monday day. it is monday, march 11th. your top stories right now. breaking news this morning, the ethiopian airlines plane crash, the airline says the cockpit voice recorder an recorder and l flight data recorder have been found at the crash site. boeing's stock is plummeting this morning. news of the crash taking a toll on the shares. the stock is set to cut 300 points from the dow jones industrial average. it's down 8.5% on boeing.
7:01 am
you rarely see a large company like this trade down to this extent. there's futures, if it's cutting 300 points from the dow industrials, the dow is down 150 points, so there is strength and gainers within the dow this morning. the s&p is up 3 and a quarter points, the nasdaq is up 17 points. we are going to see a big selloff in the dow because of boeing at the open. markets are extending last week's declines. the major indices were down last week, better than 2% apiece. global markets look like this. the fq100 is higher in london, up 53 points. real-time trading here, cac in paris is up 10, and the dax in germany is up 29. asia overnight, markets were higher across the board, take a look there, as you can see you've got the nikkei average up half a percent. the battle for border funding is on. president trump is asking congress for more than $8 billion today as part of his 2020 budget proposal.
7:02 am
it's set to spark another showdown on capitol hill because he wants $8.6 billion for the border wall. tesla doing a u-turn this morning. the company will keep more stores open now it says and raise prices, the opposite of what it said a few days ago. elon musk explains today why he should not be held in contempt of court. time is running out to use payless gift cards. what you need to know before heading to the store. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, john hilsenrath and lee carter. great to see you guys. >> great to be here. maria: a lot happening. >> the boeing story is a big one. the big question is what's the deal with these boeing 737 max airplanes. there's this erratic flight path we saw in ethiopia and other crashes. maria: there was a lion air
7:03 am
crash that had the same issue. when the ceo of boeing joined us, he said we made a change and maybe that change needed to be communicated to the pilots better. but we don't know if that's the same issue on this ethiopian crash but it's the same plane. >> it's an important airline for boeing and emerging markets. we saw today china grounded i think something like 96 of those airplanes. so there's a lot at stake. maria: lion air was back in october. and now we're looking at this in ethiopia, the same exact jet, the 737. we have breaking news on the plane crash right now. according to the airline, the cockpit voice rodder and digital flight data recorder have been found at the crash site. more countries are grounding the boeing 737 max 8 jet. mike boyd joins us now, to give us aerospace expertise on this. what can you tell us about this particular jet and the issues
7:04 am
around it? >> between the max 8 and max 9 you're looking at under 3 a 500 airplanes on order for boeing. this is not inconsequential. in the us we have just under 80 of them flying, the max 8 and the max 9. if these get grounded, and that could happen, even temporarily, it could be a real hit on the airline industry going forward. it's going to be a bit on boeing terribly. china's our biggest market for this airplane. if china grounded them -- remember, china's aviation regulations are a direct ringer for american. they copied ours. if they think it's serious, it's going to be the faa's conclusion as all. maria: the stock is down 9% as a result of this. how much do you think is about china saying you're messing with huawei, we've got this news happening today, we're going to ground all the planes from boeing. known that boeing is such an
7:05 am
important exporter of the united states to china, boeing jets. >> that might be in the background somewhere. look, china knows they need us more than we need them in the long, long term. so i think this has to do with safety. their federal aviation regulations effectively are the same as ours almost. they're looking at this the same way the faa is. looking at just about 80 air plains flyin80airplanes flying e serious about this. maria: you've got all passengers dead, the airline went down just after it took off whavment do you yooff. what do you think happened? >> it looks like a carbon copy of what happened with lion air. at the first point, lion air could have been a number of other thongs. we know now it probably wasn't. it could be some auto pilot issue that just comes up irregularly and if that's the case, i think it's going to be very serious for u.s. carriers as well as for boeing.
7:06 am
>> can we dril down drill down ? what's described is there's a pass descent, a descent, another fast descent. what technically speaking might be driving that kind of erratic behavior of an airplane? >> the way i've seen it explained is the airplane senses that it's going to go into a stall where the nose is going up and it's going to slow down and crash so the airplane says we're not doing that and it slams the nose down and the pilot has to fight to keep the nose from going down to gain speed. i think what we have is we're fighting the computer from the movie, this hal is doing what it wants to do, the computer. maria: i know that other airlines within the u.s. are using this same jet, the 737 max 8. are you expecting those jets to also get grounded? >> well, i mean, when you have 34 at southwest and 24 at american and 14 of them at
7:07 am
united, that's not a huge chunk but it's going to be something that i think, yeah they're going to be looking at those airplanes, whether grounding temporarily or a period of time, but they're going to do something with the airplanes, probably within the next six hours. maria: we'll be watching that. this has major implications for boeing and we'll be watching it. no wonder we're looking at such a strong reaction on wall street. we want to look at the connection to u.s./china trade. we're waiting for the ongoing trade talks to continue with uncertainty over what happens next the tariff negotiations. this comes as huawei is syning the u.s. government over -- suing the u.s. government over the law passed last year which bars the company's equipment from certain networks. i spoke with john bolton. here's what he said about the lawsuit. what's your reaction to the lawsuit against the u.s. government? >> there are a couple of aspects to this. yonumber one, the united statess
7:08 am
well as other countries, allies and friends of ours, sometimes back decided not to procure huawei equipment for our national security related telecommunications systems and i think for very, very good reason. the justice department also indicted the chief financial officer of huawei. that was not a political act either. she was accused of financial fraud. the extra dig extradition procee begun in canada. if an american company with an american cfo had done what the justice department accused huawei of, we would throw the book at them, as simple as that. maria: joining us now is author gordon chang. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: where are we on this? say want to get your take on whether or not this boeing grounded situation that china's grounding the 737-8 jet -- max jets is anything to do with this
7:09 am
trade story. >> on boeing, first of all, i think it is a safety issue. you've got to remember that china has a brand-new competitor for the 737 max series and that's their komax919 which is about to be sold. so i think clearly that's in the back of the chinese minds which is the reason why they were among the first to actually ground the plane. so there are political considerations as well as safety ones. maria: where are we on a deal? >> who knows. it changes day by day. i actually think that everyone wants a deal but a deal's not going to stay together because the communist party genetically cannot honor trade obligations. we're going to see a series of difficult, i think discussions with the chinese because they're not going to enforce it and we're going to want to go back and snap back tariffs and all sorts of things. what we should do is keep the tariffs on until they actually stop stealing our stuff and they stop these trade violations which have gotten worse under xi-jinping. >> do you think the trump
7:10 am
administration if it does a deal and the president in particular are kind of losing this negotiation if they go and do a deal without strong enforcement mechanism have they given in? >> of course. i don't know if they're going to do it. on the other side of this we've got a lot of democrats running for president and there are three states, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, you've got a lot of blue collar workers there. they're going to say i've been betrayed, if the president does that. i'm not going to rush to judgment and say the president's going cave. i think there is a run of stuff on the other side that will force him to do the right thing. >> if a deal doesn't get done, then everybody's saying what's going to happen to the market. it's like a lose, lose scenario here. >> he cares very much about the stock market. maria: he can't cave on these issues. there's been a tipping point in this subject. people understand what china has been doing. people understand how they're sucking up our intelligence at
7:11 am
every point, whether it's through academia or acquisitions or just transferring technology. he can't cave, just from what you said, just from the constituents in all those states. >> going back to huawei, this is a fight for the first half of the 21st century when you combine 5g and a.i. and huawei is 5g. clearly, they have been engaging in activities like downloading data from the headquarters of the african union from 2012 to 2017 and the chinese did that with huawei equipment that they donated to the a.u. when they gave them the building. clearly, this is not some sort of theoretical issue. this is something that the chinese have already been doing. we've got an ftc case against qualcomm. the star wins o star witness ont day of the trial was huawei. >> we've got weak car sales data
7:12 am
out of china overnight. what's your assessment of how the economy is doing and how much pressure is on the chinese to get a deal done. >> i think there is certainly a lot. the chinese economy probably started to contract in december when you start looking at not only car sales which are down 13% in december -- maria: contract or grow slower? >> no, no, this is contraction. january and february they were down, which makes months seven and eight what'. maria: what's the 6% number, china says their economy is growing 6%. >> you had a well-known chinese professor in beijing created a sensation across china when he said look, our economy's growing no more than 1.67 and it may be contracting. you look at car sales, they clearly show that retail sales were not up in the month. you saw exports and imports
7:13 am
crumble in december. they were down in the combined january and february period. maria: that's pas fascinating. >> you look at the pmis for critical manufacturing sector, they've been negative consistently. >> how much pressure is on xi-jinping to get a deal done? >> i think there's a lot. there's a lot of sniping from the sidelines. he owns the trade war. he owns the slumping economy. and when you're chairman of everything as the people say, he's accountable for everything. so he could actually be i think in a vulnerable position right now because of these two issues. >> he's promised his people prosperity. what happens if they don't get it? what's the outlook for social unrest? maria: unrest in the streets which is what he doesn't want. >> this is a big year for sensitive anniversaries, 100 years of the may 4th movement, 706 years since the founding of the people's republic. maria: are they going to put an enforcement issue in there? how will they enforce that china
7:14 am
keeps promises. >> there will be an unsubstantial enforcement provision like snapback tariffs. that's not the way we need to go. the chinese violate every agreement. maria: keep the tariffs in place and -- >> we're putting tariffs on already. why do you need snapback? >> we should ban the import of products that benefited from the theft of u.s. intellectual property, 3 to $400 billion a year, some say more. maria: some say it's up to 600 gordon, great to have you on the program. coming up, the. u-turn at tesla. the company announces they are keeping more stores open. elon musk has until today to respond to the securities and exchange commission. time is running out for payless customers. today is the last day you can use the store's gift cards, coming up, right here. ♪ when i come through.
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maria: welcome back. another budget battle is brewing as president trump seeks $8.6 billion for the border wall in his 2020 budget proposal. fox news' kevin cork is at the white house with more details. good morning. >> reporter: always great to be with you, my friend. as wish lift lists go, no chancs going to pass budget but it's a reasonable snapshot into the priorities of this particular administration and by the way, we also can learn a lot about how they're thinking for the years ahead. let's talk border wall. that's going to be all the headline today. people are talking about the president looking for billions more to fund border security along the southern border. we're talking about $8.6 billion, 5 from dhs, $3.6 billion from defense military construction. that would complete 722 miles of
7:19 am
border barrier. yes, democrats are pushing back. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi in a joint statement reads in part, congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat. and reopen the government. same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. here's larry kudlow. >> i would just say that the whole issue of the wall, border security is of paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. i think the president has made that case very effectively. it's a crisis of economics. it's a crisis of crime and drugs. it's a crisis of humanity. >> reporter: a crisis of humanity. by the way, we also expect the white house to lay out a plan for congress to cut 5% from the nondefense spending. that will start a fight, maria. we'll have details for you at 11:30 a.m. now, back to you. maria: kevin, we'll be watching that. thanks so much. coming up, a shale revolution, a new report shows the u.s. is set
7:20 am
to become the net petroleum exporter, the largest within the next two years. details coming up. and then tesla's u-turn, the company announcing it will keep more stores open and it's also raising prices. back in a minute. ♪ walking with his head down. ♪ i'm the one he's walking to. ♪ call it what you want. ♪ what it what you want to.
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xfinity, the future of awesome. maria: welcome back. the second wave of u.s. shale revolution is on the way. the u.s. set to become a net petroleum exporter within two years accordin according to the international energy agency. joining us now is andy lipow. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. maria: that's a big deal, the net exporter of energy.
7:24 am
tell us how that changes the dynamic for the u.s. in terms of what we'll be buying from overseas markets and selling. >> well, it's a very big deal for the u.s. so to put things in perspective, the u.s. oil production is exceeding 12 million barrels a day, making us the number one world oil producer. in addition, we're producing another 5 million barrels of natural gas liquids. so we don't really talk about that very much but that goes into petrochemical manufacturing. what's happening is with the increase in oil production, our imports of oil is going down. that makes us a more powerful person to be reckoned with on the oil market, tends to keep oil prices at reasonable levels. >> andy, this report says net oil producer within two years. aren't we already close to being a net oil producer, exporter right now? i think there was a week last -- in december where we exported
7:25 am
more than we imported. the national data suggests that we were close to it in december for the month as a whole. >> well, it is. and that's a reflection of the fact that we still continue to import crude oil but our refining industry has grown to make us a large exporter of gasoline and diesel. so the net difference between imports and exports has now swung into the export favor. dagen: when will we be completely self-sufficient in terms of the energy we produce? >> well, if we think about it as crude oil and natural gas, we're really approaching that right now because we are producing so much natural gas, not only for domestic consumption but for the export market. you look at all these pipelines delivering natural gas to canada and mexico as well as the liquefied natural gas facilities on the gulf coast, we really have swung i think pretty close to being a net energy exporter.
7:26 am
dagen: so these green new deal proposals, specifically the one from alexandria ocasio-cortez, it would basically destroy all of that, would it not? >> well, it certainly has a big impact on fossil fuel. you have to ask yourself on the new green deal, where is that energy going to come from. because the consumer is still demanding affordable energy. if we are translating the energy from oil to electricity, that power has to come from somewhere, most likely natural gas electricity generation and we're going to have to put in transmission facilities to get it from the power market to the consumer. dagen: it's going to come from unicorns riding little stationary bicycles, that's where it's going to come from. [ laughter ] dagen: sorry. >> you certainly see a lot of local opposition to building more transmission lines, whether it's transmission lines, say, into long island or across texas or even across anke arkansas and
7:27 am
louisiana. you see public opposition to building more wires that are overhead. it makes it more difficult to transition to an electrical type of energy source. maria: we'll leave it there. andy, great insights. thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: coming up, the final day to pay less, payless shoes won't honor company gift cards of after today if you've got one. then, a snow stunner, one nebraska cop shocked to find a mustang made entirely of snow. check this out. ♪ to be loved by you. ♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, march 11th. your top stories right now. we have breaking news this morning, indonesia is following china's lead and grounding the 737 max 8 boeing jet after the ethiopian airlines crash yesterday. this coming as investigators have recovered the flight data recorders. we're following the latest developments here this morning. news of the crash taking a toll on boeing stock, take a look at where we are here. down better than 9% right now. at these levels, this company is set to shave nearly 300 points from the dow jones industrial average. as you can see, futures are
7:32 am
indicating a selloff at the start of trading this morning for the dow. the dow is down 156 points, boeing representing 300 points, meaning there are a number of gainers within the dow as well. we're looking at the dow down 155 points this morning, two-thirds of 1% even as the s&p and nasdaq are up this morning about a quarter of a percent higher on nasdaq. markets are extending last week's declines. major indices were down last week across the board, better than 2% apiece as you see. global markets this morning mostly higher. european indices higher across the board. fq100 up a half a percent, 38 points higher, the cac in paris up 14 points and the dax index in germany up 36. in asia overnight gains across the board. best performer was china, shanghai composite up almost 2%, apparently exports surging in the first few days of march in china according to government officials there. time is running out to use payless gift cards. what you need to know before heading to the store this morning. a snowy surprise, one nebraska trooper was shocked when he
7:33 am
tried to pull over this mustang but it was all snow. somebody made it. it really looks cool. the story coming up this morning. [ laughter ] maria: two captain americas in one room, how congressman dan crenshaw pays tribute to the superhero played by chris evans. all those stories coming up this morning. we begin with elon musk, the tesla ceo facing a deadline today. he has to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court over a tweet that he sent last month. here's what he wrote in the tweet. tesla made zero cars in 2011 but will make around 500,000 in 2019. the securities and exchange commission says the tweet violates an agreement that says musk's tweets about the company must be vetted. joining us right now is judge andrew napolitano. vetting, judge. >> good morning. you remember last year he tweeted that he had an extraordinary amount of money in the hands of an investor ready to invest in his company and that had an effect on the market. maria: on funding secure.
7:34 am
>> funding secured. maria: take the company private. >> he leaked out the number and all that stuff. the s.e.c. came down hard on him and was not a judicial proceeding. it was amicably resolved. a $20 million fine. he had to have his tweets about tesla vetted by a team in the legal department. he did not do that last week. so they moved to hold him in contempt. his papers are due this morning. i checked before i came in. they're not filed. lawyers file everything at the last minute. they're not due until 9:00. they're not going to be in court this morning 67. they will articulate their argument. what will the argument be? the tweet is what everybody knew already. is he going to go to jail? no? is he going to lose his position as ceo? no, he's a majority shareholder. there will probably be some sort of fine and maybe tightening of the screws a little bit.
7:35 am
the s.e.c. cannot go lightly on him because he's a character and celebrity as well as a fabulously successful entrepreneur or they will lose their clout when they want to regulate other people who do the same thing but are not as well-known. maria: can you make this a law, you've got to get your tweets vetted. dagen: you can if you foul up and get fined by the s.e.c. when they go after you and essentially with charges and you come to a settlement and you agree that your tweets will be vetted by somebody legally within the company and then it doesn't happen -- one thing he did correct this production level tweet right after, that first tweet. he issued kind of a correction or clarification. but he's continuing to poke the s.e.c., that's his biggest problem. he referred to them as the short seller enrichment commission. >> you know what, it's funny and there's an argument for it but you don't taunt thea the alliga.
7:36 am
you don't taunt the judge that can control your freedom. dagen: is the s.e.c. really anil gator. they're more like a panda bear. >> whatever you want to call them. dagen: or koala. >> in can get in the middle of his business and regulate him out of it if they can show that his behavior was inconsistent with the requirements of the securities and exchange commission. >> how would they have known the tweet wasn't vet inned the first place? are they monitoring every single tweet he does and who vets it? >> that is a good question. there must have been some acknowledgement that it wasn't vetted. maria asked a good question a few moments ago, is it a law that your tweet versus to be vetted. no, it's not. maria: part of the settlement. >> when you enter into a settlement agreement you do some things that are not necessarily what the law requires but what your adversary requires in order to end the dispute. that's what happened here.
7:37 am
dagen: and at a publicly traded company you would think that every tweet is monitored if it's a tweet by an executive at the company, one of the top five executives because it's considered public communications. maria: you would, that's true. it's public communication. >> public communication which can affect the decision of investors and the value of their equity and it can't just come off the top of his head. it's got to be something consistent with company policy. dagen: speaking off the top of his head, the latest thing too. maria: you're pricing a announcement. dagen reported at the top of the show, tesla says it's going to be keeping more stores open and it's going to be raising prices. this is just two weeks after the company said it would do the opposite. dagen: the last day of february tesla came out and said we're shutting most of the stores, we're going all online for sales and we're cutting prices on all the vehicles by 6%. and now it's going to do the opposite, it's going to keep stores open and raise the prices on most of the vehicles. >> question, can they change
7:38 am
their minds on something this profound? answer. yes, of course they can. they must reveal to the public, to consumers and investors immediately as soon as they have made that decision. so investors are not diluted into accepting what the original statement was. so that statement we're now keeping our stores open would make the s.e.c. happy. they couldn't care less about the economics. they care about the truthfulness of the statement and the speed with which it is released. dagen: they did that last month. it was an e-mail and a blog post that was available to the public that was released roughly the same time. >> you must have had your iphone set that if something came from tesla it woke you up in the middle of the night. [ laughter ] dagen: not quite that big of a dork. [ laughter ] dagen: who's not rooting for tesla. maria: he likes to poke the
7:39 am
short sellers. that was what that initial tweet was about, funding secured. then he decided he wanted to poke the s.e.c. as well. >> right. that's dangerous. 20 million came from the corporation, not from him. he's the biggest shareholder. >> he's a big risk tar. >> i think this will cost. dagen: we talked about this last week with the pot smoking on the joe rogan podcast, via spacex, his security clearance, he had to reapply for security clearance and publicly acknowledge that he has smoked marijuana. >> right, even though it's about to be lawful everywhere. dagen: that's another story. >> almost everywhere. dagen: federally do you think it will be he legal? >> no. i think the feds will as they did in the obama administration not interfere in states where it is. >> what are the next five states that will legalize it or the next few. >> new york and new jersey which will be huge, it's legal in
7:40 am
california, legal in the nation's capital. maria: cuomo has suggested he would like to go that way. >> new injury sigh i new jerseyy close. the issue is taxes. maria: what kind of revenue was raised as a result of hickenlooper making it legal? >> not as much as they expected. a nice number but not as much as predicted. maria: thank you so much. coming up, stars in his eyes, the incredible way congressman dan crenshaw wowed captain america actor chris evans during a visit. one nebraska cop was shocked when he pulled over a mustang made entirely out of snow. back in a minute. ♪ because you're hot then you're cold. ♪ you're yes then you're no. ♪ you're in and you're out. ♪ you're up and you're down. ♪ you're wrong when it's right. ♪ it's black and it's white.
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maria: welcome back. nvidia winning the bidding war for melinox technologies. cheryl: nvidia paid $6.8 billion for the chip maker. it trumped a bid from intel. they make adapter, switchers and chips. deal would lessen nvidia's reliance on the gaming industry. shares of nvidia down 1% -- excuse me, up 1% in premarket trading right now.
7:45 am
the bid is a little bit over 1%. today is the last day to use gift cards and store credits at paylespayless shoe source. they're offering discounts up to 5% as they close 2300 stores. well, the iconic chrysler building in new york city just sold for $150 million. austrian real estate company agreed to buy the building in partnership with rfr holdings. priced about 80% less than what the investment council peaked in 2008 to own 90% of the building. a nebraska state trooper was in for a surprise when he came across a car made entirely of snow. in a video posted to twitter by the state patrol, the sergeant is shown finding what he thought was a ford mustang. he said some people make snowmen but not the people in the northwest corner of the panhandle, they make snow cars
7:46 am
and thre it threw him. it's pretty good, actually. it does look like a car. >> looks like someone put a ticket on the windshield. >> that would be funny. maria: all right. eye on the usa, dan crenshaw's tribute to captain america as chris evans pay as visit. joe piscopo weighs in. back in a minute. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home.
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what is it? >> it's um the number one -- number one -- number -- yeah.
7:50 am
one. two. >> yeah, yeah. >> as well as it's musical guest. >> featuring goop. >> what does goop stand for. >> gwenyth opens our paycheck. maria: that was begin ne pokinf the goop lifestyle brand. joining us right now is joe piscopo. joe, great to see you. thanks for being here. "saturday night live" gave president trump jokes a break this weekend. what's your reaction? >> first of all, great to he see you and great to talk to you on "mornings with maria." i'd like to be known as joe piscopo but giusepi ocasio piscopo.
7:51 am
it will be free mayo m a ari en- marnara for everybody. i watched "saturday night live" this weekend. the writing was pretty funny. the opening was great, leslie jones, keenan thompson, doing the r. kelly stretch. it was really funny. they always have to do the donald trump jokes. i wish they woul would just be . they can do that. i don't know why they always have to pick on the president. maria: the r. kelly interview was insane. how about the dan crenshaw meeting, another hero on friday, showed off his captain america glass eye to the man behind the shield, actor chris evans. we know what happened with snl here where snl made fun of the congressman, crenshaw and he went on -- i guess it was good, he went on, they made fun of it and they all ended up friends at the end. >> that's what i love to see. that's what i love to see. there are things happening in
7:52 am
the world, yesterday on futures, on sunday morning futures on fox news. maria: yes. >> that was brilliant discussion with john bolton, national security advisor. it was brilliant. you were talking about china. if anybody is thinking about what i'm talking about, you have to check out the show yesterday with john bolton. china is taking over everything. they're so obsessed with russia, everybody's obsessed with russia. russia, due respect to the russians, they're small fliers the chinese. now, that's a sketch that the chinese are taking over everything. we were thinking the chinese were take -- we were talking about the chinese taking over the italian restaurants in brooklyn, you know what i mean. maria: that's not going to happen, joe. >> [ laughter ] >> brooklyn girl. but there's fodder there. it's something that is happen. that's news worthy, you know. maria: i do think this is the biggest issue of our time. i mean, really. i wonder if the democratic candidates are talking about this as well. i mean, 2020 is here, right,
7:53 am
joe? i know you're talking about it all the time on 970 am, the answer, your program that we're on now live. there's a new poll of likely democratic caucus voters from the des moines register, 27% say that former vice president joe biden is their first choice for president, bernie sanders is their second at 2 a 5% and then you've got elizabeth warren in a distant third at 9%. what's your take on the dem lineup? >> no one can beat donald trump. donald trump's going to win. if this is the -- due respect, by the way. this isn't pro trump. it's not pro trump. no one's going to beat the president. he will win in a landslide. he will win in a landslide. mariawhydo.maria: why do you st 1234. >> you need somebody from the outside. bring in oprah, bring in mark cuban. those are the people that would give the president a run for his money. i'm only telling you what the audience is telling us. maria: what about biden beto. >> i never like to be mean. we put aside the divide on this
7:54 am
show. i don't think biden beto makes it. i don't think you beat president trump. i think he walks away from it. when they make fun of the president on "saturday night live," that's okay. i was thinking about when danny akroyd, when he did richard nixon, that was funny and john belushi did henry kissinger, let's pray, henry, let's pray and john belushi would say i don't want to pray, mr. president. i don't want to pray. you have to laugh at it. we can have some fun with it. i think president trump should have fun with it. again, you hit the nail on the head when you were talking about china, that's something i would love to see on "saturday night live." i would love to see cesily strong do more ocasio-cortez on "saturday night live." maria: she played me after the debate. >> i saw that. that was great. maria: that was awesome. >> that's what i want to he see. when we followed the original
7:55 am
"saturday night live," we had to follow belushi and gilda and our producer said just be funny and they did it this weekend on "saturday night live." it was funny and it was great. especially with leslie jones and hkeenan doing the r. kelly kell. when you go to the president, you don't have to do that. when you want to pick an issue, it's china taking over everything. maria: i'm surprised they're not doing more on the dems. is there anything to make fun of with aoc. you started the conversation calling yourself joe ocacio piscopo. >> absolutely. i keep saying this over and over and over again. leslie jones, you've got to -- maxine waters is material that writes itself. she really is. i'd like to see them play thunderstorm watch. i always talk about adam schiff. he looks so -- [noise]. they should do something with
7:56 am
adam schiff. so much on the left that you could do. maria: whe what did he intervw michael cohen for 10 hours? that sounds like coaching to me. talking to michael cohen for 10 hours before he testified. what was that about. >> he was trying to brainwash him with those laser eyes. look at me. ben stiller is fantastic as michael cohen. there's a sketch right there. i would like to see them broaden that. maria: it's great to talk to you. >> i love you maria. maria: love you back. don't forget to listen to joe, am 970, the answer. fed in focus, jay powell speaks out on the global economy last night and the risk of recession in the us. what he said about the president, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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i that's the retirement plan.e, with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. >> good monday morning thanks for joining us happy monday i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, march 11 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. . breaking news the ethiopian airlines plane crash investigators have recovered the flight data recorders as more countries ground the boeing 737 maximum 8 jets, news of this crash and grounding of this jet, is taking a toll on boeing's stock it is down almost 10% right now at this level this stock is set to cut nearly 300 points from the dow jones industrial average, this morning, boeing export a third
8:01 am
of 737 fleet to china. and china has grounded those planes, futures a decline start of trading in dow industrials as a result dow industrials expected to be down almost 2 pun points, three-quarters of a percent 138 points lower futures indicating s&p 500 up four points nasdaq up 21 markets are extending last week's declines, last week the major indices all down about two per kraebtpiece a nasdaq down 2 1/2% global markets this morning like this, they are higher, ft 100 up 30 points inlon the cac quarante in paris up 14, dax in germany up almost 40 points, in asia gains across the board as well, we did have news, from the government of china, that export are oscaring in early weeks of march shanghai composite up almost 2%, overnight. the battle for border funding on president trump will ask congress for 8.6 billion dollars part of his 2020 budget proposal this morning,
8:02 am
this is set to spark another showdown on capitol hill, he wants money for the wall, risk of recession federal reserve chairman jay powell speaking out about economy in new interview saying things are going well in the u.s. >> eventually, stngs come to an tends business cycle has not been repealed i would say there is no reason why this economy cannot continue to expand. . >> what he said president interest coming up, plus tesla u-turn the company will keep more stores open and raise prices comes as elon musk faces a deadline today to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court. >> breaking news, cockpit voice recorder digital flight data recorder discovered from deadly ethiopian airlines crash 157 killed in that crash more following china's lead grounding boeing 737 max 8 jet flef flock live in chicago
8:03 am
midway airport with the very latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you midway in chicago because southwest is by far biggest consumer for this aircraft in the u.s. 737, first to the crashes, this one coming yesterday, follows the earlier one in october. and indonesia, and aviation experts say this tremendously unusual to have two very similar crashes both on takeoff, on this new he relatively new aircraft boeing 737 max a tremendously popular aircraft for boeing, take a look at numbers on this, orders over 5,000 of them now on order. 350 have been delivered by far most of them to china but here in the u.s., as we report, southwest biggest customer ordered 280 flying 31 american has 22 in the air united 12 in
8:04 am
the air, as we said, aviation experts concerned about this, the grounding now, china, ethiopia indonesia grounded them what mike had to say about this. >> -- if grounded that could happen, even temporarily it could be a hit on the airline industry going forward going to be an a hit on boeing i think it could be some auto pilot issue that comes up irregular larly if that is the kay very series for u.s. carriers as well as boeing. >>. reporter: maria aircraft sell for between 100 million and 140 million dollars, p a third of boeing's profit, derived from this 737 max. maria: incredible story thank you so much jeff flock we will come back as news develops joining me right now in fox o
8:05 am
business exclusive thanks for joining us. >> tanks for having me. >> you have done incredible job i want to ask about business let me kick off with this testiculars news th-- terr news what impact have you seen. >> we heartbroken to see in china what airlines happen is -- will be needed we should also a put, passenger's lives first we have developed a global sos program when this kind of disaster happens our team will talk with customers make sure opener shelters get back to homeland as soon as possible. >> you've got lots of partners i mean some partners are using, the 737 others using, chinese aircraft. >> right, zexactly, no matter
8:06 am
what what happened the airlines are taking right steps to make the right investigations, and secure you passenger's life where -- make sure, every passenger who reservation understands impact. >> we are getting news they found black boxes getting more how this occurred let me ask you about the china-u.s. trade situation have you seen impact on your business as a result of this back-and-forth between two countries. >> not immediately. but chinese teaching has always been when two people work together you collaborate, both ways, when you fight, both lose, so very hopeful that people in both countries of intelligence, and wisdom to find a common ground i think we have so many shared interests we can focus on, so, yeah, hopeful. >> i want to ask you about that also the a impact on chinese economy, how your business is doing one of the
8:07 am
big divides in trade dispute has been intellectual property trade theft, theft of trade secrets i spoke with john bolton this weekend national security adviser to the united states "sunday morning futures," who said this about those issues, watch. >> i've got a list of companies here sued huawei for stealing trade secrets then seltdz lawsuits with them cisco motola,microsoft, et cetera, how do you move the needle on that. >> i will say this i think president trump identified exactly central issues you referred to norms damage done to the united states over a period of decades by chinese stealing intellectual property, and forced technology transfers criticality to reversing the pattern get this right in negotiations so i don't think it should be surprising, but complex, and china is faced with very difficult choices here. >> you are saying issues need
8:08 am
to be involved in terms of theft forced transfer technology before a two countries can do a deal right. >> yeah i think in terms of the response from huawei,but if our mind it is something that is nonpolitical very much -- put together to enhance understanding between different nations and enhance the international exchange and promote peace, so i think to an extent can help with definitely love to bring people all under the work together. >> you have an enormous opportunity because of majority of the people in china have never been on a plane, right tell us about the growth expectations that you see. >> wonderful. i joined company 14 years ago, when we startling our company, we only have one or two customers at the beginning, this year, it is going to be our year now we have 300 million, active, the most --
8:09 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. the most expensive tour costs 200 k, per person per trip very expensive tour guess how long it take us to sell packages. >> how long. >> take a guess? >> half an hour? >>s 17 seconds. so that -- >> that tells you the applying power for the chinese consum increasing we very much like to bring customers to the different parts of the world, in opportunities for countries that tell me about strategy because we've got three brands -- you have done a number of acquisitions you've got different brands you've got a lot of different you products and services at you've seen that you've got an opportunity to expand in lower tier cities that he is part of the strategy.
8:10 am
>> correct. >> tell us about that. >> so both campaign very successful, so far. first of all as gdp per capita increasing we have seen tremendous potential for chinese customers to say abroad future in china we have a brand -- outside of china we call -- triple come, easy for international travelers, and then we also made a very good investment, in -- a company that is very strong in technology, strong in price comparison for air tickets they are also very good as well. >> what is potential then for the growth in china because you know we've got all numbers earlier we had one guest on said we have seen contraction, in china. whereas you know the public numbers are growth of 6% or so what are you seeing from your business in terms of economic growths in china right now. >> yeah, so, what we are with age for us that if gdp around
8:11 am
6 to 6.5%, travel will download growths. >> travel will doubling gdp growth. >> yeah, when we will be doubling the travel business our package is at least 3 to 4 times gdp growths, the most recent number among we grow -- to 3% year-over-year growth i think china still have a long way to go. because a couple reasons. first of all, although the gdp in total amount is the second in the whole world, gdp per capita is only 8,000 usd per person much, much behind european countries and united states. secondly in terms of organization, china is still behind many, many countries. the level of organization, is about 40 to 50% whereas 70 to 80% in the most advanced country the third one is
8:12 am
investment in education, as you know confucius teaches every family pay lots of attention to education that is the investment into the future generation. so we are very confident china in the next 10 years will grow well. >> i said earlier you've got this incredible runway that potential growth, because so many chinese have never even been on an airline. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> so of you three brands sea trip sky scan rz people use these mostly on mobile device. >> that is right. >> tell me about that different than here in the u.s. where basically the chinese skipped over the pc right to mobility. >> exactly, 80 to 90% of our transactions are conducted on cell phone the cell phone will buy to enable us to have one-stop shopping platform, so
8:13 am
if you are flying from new york to london we know you are taking a business class or first class we push four seasons hotel to you when you land in london heathrow airport we are calculate thedance between airport to four seasons push a limousine for you. >> very -- >> very smart, we've got data chinese the chinese do, let me ask you about ai quick we've got to jump in terms of your use of ai how does that impact your business. >> a great facilitator to find what customers wanted we are positive in ai what they can do for our customers. >> you are in an exciting business a growth story good to see you. >> thanks for having. >>. >> thanks for joining us ceo of sea trip a short break on funding battle president trump
8:14 am
setting up another showdown over money for a southern border wall detail on the political battle next as he releases his budgets proposal today then sets in focus schairm jay powell sounding off from interest rates to potential recession for the president, the comments coming up.
8:15 am
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schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning full service? if not, talk to schwab. maria: welcome back, border funding battle to the hill president trump budget delivered to the capital moments ago is asking for 8.6 billion dollars to funds the wall, blake burman at the white house now with more on that blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you 8.6 billion dollars for brurld funding ask for fiscal year 2020 according to budget to about released in a few hours time, the argument that you are going to hear, from the trump administration today, and in the days to come, they say when you add up all money from years past all the money that they are requesting going forward, that will amount to 72 the 2 miles of new border wall they say what the president has always wanted keep in mind this is a request
8:18 am
to congress, doesn't have to follow a single word of it. that is exactly what chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are already threatening saying of the president joint statement quote congress refused to fund his wall he was forced to admit de'reopen government same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again we hope he learned his lesson. >> budget will he project trillion-dollar deficits for many years to come, the balance itself according to projections 15 years down the line in 2034 maria also calls for defense spending to about up to 750 billion dollars cutting nondiscretionary defense spending 5% much with divided congress is likely dead on arrival. >> maybiwe will watch federal reserve jay powell commenting on risk of recession, as well as comments about president trump new interview on 60 minz
8:19 am
the highlights course reversal tesla planning a price increase on model 3, coming up. ♪
8:20 am
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maria: high levels employment low levels unemployment waimz moving up consumer confidence high business confidence is hi we have seen a little bit of a slowing, i would say at a principal risks to our economy now seem to be coming from slower growth in china, and europe. and also risk events as brexit. >> o overarching question is are we head to a recession.
8:23 am
>> i think growth this year will be slower than last year last year was highest growth experienced sense financial crisis in more than 10 years, this year, i expect that growth will continue to be pof continue to be health rate. >> jay powell on 6 0 0 minz did say president could not fire him, joining us farmer a regular adviser art laffer the section with you and joe piscopo most entertaining in ages he is great you are too, by the way, you really played right with it, it was great. >> thank you art let's talk about the economy here, because it looks like things are going well, and yet you still have that off chance that we are going toe to see a recession recession in 2020 we know earnings have slowed down quite a bit. what is your take on where we are right now given the latest numbers art?
8:24 am
>>s i think kevin hassett is correct much slower growth first quarter for sure what you got with jay powell what he said last might on 60 minz is connect slowing down, but i don't think the u.s. is i think the u.s. has a long term prospect of great growth with tax cuts monetary reform regulatory reform if president does that wonderful proposal making hospitals come clean hospitals, doctors on what operations what medical care actually costs in transactions, that would be unbelievebly positive for the economy i am looking forward to very strong 2019, i think recovery whatever you want to call it -- >> i have been focused on the second quarter because april 15 tax day i am wondering when people pay taxes high tax states like new york, new jersey, if they are getting
8:25 am
sticker shock saying i thought my taxes would be up because of salt deduction elimination didn't realize up this much maybe pull in after april what do you think. >> you have already got census bureau numbers from 2017 to 208 june-july come out already seeing acceleration, people are really understanding the impact of what happens when you get rid of that -- when you get rid of the salt deduction at least limit it, that will have a huge impact. >> you say you are going to have a good 2019 you are not really thinking this is going to have won't be that big of a deal. >> it will be a big deal but negative for new york great positive for tennessee where i live, i know two balance out, change the constellation of u.s. straights dramatically i don't think will affect i maintain i think positively affect u.s. growth in total it will have negative state effects. >> i want to ask you about the growth rate again we had
8:26 am
growth north rate north of 4% second quarter 3% third quarter 2% in the secretary -- in fourth quarter now looks like it's goinging to be 1% in first quarter of this year, looks like the growth rate is slowing, you are saying we are going to have a really good year what drives it what is driver of the acceleration that you are expecting after deceleration. >> last 12 months. >> fourth over fourth if you get that you get a number in neighborhood 3.1% but let's say 3% for the year, what you have is the tax cuts the longer they are in place the more they will impact economic growth. the less tax evasion you get the las tax shelter you will get more he efficient tax codes, that you will stuff is going to be accumulative active what i think happened first quarter shutdown had big impact hurt economy you will get that recovery from that
8:27 am
first quarter in second quarter i believe, and i think it looks really great for 2019. >> the recovery for 2019 what happens if no china deal gets done. >> well, china deal would be a huge plus, i would be disappointed if no china deal got done but a china deal will be very, very booed especially for markets, i i mean i think the stock market has a number i used sort of a -- thumbnail approach is that it will cause 4,000 on dow about the number you get from a good china deal that will lead to faster economic growth as well you can't underestimate the importance of china, to u.s. trade how much it impacts u.s. economy, it is norms. >> what happens if we say we get to may 1 there is no deal? >> well i think that will be negative for the economy for the country. but i don't think it will be a killer as long as prospects for a deal later on. >> talking about mar-a-lago
8:28 am
meeting going into april they haven't set a date to meet with xi jinping, obviously feels like something broke down here -- i don't know if china is balking at idea it needs to stop stealing ip or what. >> apparently reporting in "the wall street journal" "the wall street journal" xi jinping was dlon off by president trump walking away from north korean summit did not want to go into any meeting at mar-a-lago with president trump without a deal that was ironclad. >> yesterday -- sunday, when they did get thrown off because of the north korea summit break don, you have to wonder if president would have same kind of attitude toward xi jinping if they don't if they say look we have this meeting set, i am going to come to maria lag heo do it the president decides i will cancel it, and -- then xi jinping gets embarrassed, so there is some truth to that. >> i think there is a lot of truth to that in fact, i think he is very smart not to come
8:29 am
to mar-a-lago without having good deal in hand, larry kudlow was on show this weekend said, you know there is no deal that we will do that is not the a good deal that is correct way to be, we waited a long time, for this deal with china it has been a long, long time, you know, why rush it not get the right deal? if we're six months later who cares in lung run all of that doesn't matter what we really need to do is have free trade with china free trade with china incorporates for u.s. without china there is no walmart no walmart no -- >> waiting on retail sales in about 30 seconds, and estimate right now is for retail sales month of january unchanged. those numbers are coming out literally imminently the consumer or business growing the capex number was impressive. >> i think a supply-side driven model we have business tax rate reductions personal
8:30 am
income tax rate instructions all increase incentives to work and produce increase output why you are seeing participation rates rise, growth in the economy continue, it is because it pays off to work, and that is really -- what you want. >> reaction to the retail sales number imminently coming out would you say consumer is strong right now or -- what -- what up 2/10 of a percent the number better better we were expecting unchanged retail sales month of january up 2/10 of a percent reaction. >> i think great, i think right in line with what i expect i expect a long-term period of economic growth in u.s. all people who say a sugar high from tax cuts all that are plain wrong tax cuts are not going back up again, we are going to have tax rates in place a long time, and they will increase economic growth for a long time. >> retail sales better than expected jon hilsenrath -- >> we have to see any revision in december numbers but
8:31 am
january number, 2/10 that is good news commerce. >> going in in the january, when we had a government shutdown a lot of people thought that could even push numbers down. >> i will ask you waiting for december numbers to show up, about the outlook for government spending a budget out today from the white house, calling for 5% discretionary budget cuts, looks like just the opposite is going to happen in washington it looks like, you know, the budget caps go back, in place on october 1 if there isn't a new budget deal looks like it's going to be a new spending deal more spending not -- cuts in spending. as white house is proposing. what do you -- >> you are ruining my day, the president obviously would love spending cuts that is one area of economics that there has been no progress spending straighten key to economic prosperity long run.
8:32 am
>> -- cuts in entitlement spending. >> well 5% cut across the board i thought nondefense spending what i thought he would ask for, in this. and you know congress will do what they will do but i think he is laying this up for political issue in 2020 because ultimately without spending cuts you are not get long term prosperity you need. >> what happened in december, the revised retail sales number, is not good, december was down 1.2%, and we've got a revision here for the month of december now showing a decline of 1.6%, was this an outlier or did something i mean was this just the market volatility that we saw at the end of last year? >> we did see a lot of market volatility, which would push retail sales down i mean that is true i think an outlier i can't see that is correct number long term, i mean if it is there may be a timing of the month whatever the seasonals are off but that is
8:33 am
not a normal number. >> great to see you, sir we have got breaking news retail sales markets are still lower, not a major reaction, we are expecting a decline almost 200 points on dow, largely due to boeing. stay with us. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, monday, march 11 top stories 8:36 on the east coast, breaking news this morning, january retail sales up two-tenths of one
8:37 am
percent above expectation was unchanged, the december number actually declined further than expected, but the markets stayed steady dow industrials expected down 195 points the open this morning, futures indicating a sharp sell-off due to sharp selectively in boeing this morning s&p 500 up for you points nasdaq up 25 european indices higher across the board. ft 100 up 23 cac quarante up 11 dax in germany up 36 in asia overnight gains across the board and chinese market was very strong, shanghai composite up almost 2%, tesla doing a u-turn will now keep more stores open and raise prices. comes as ceo elon musk faces a deadline to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court, over his tweeting. to the securities and exchange commission trend in real estate coliving taking a look how it works later this hour coming up right here, we kick this off this half hour border wall funding showdown on the president budget proposal,
8:38 am
arrives at capitol hill moments ago, in it the president is asking for 8.6 billion dollars for funding of barriers only southern border surn sunday i spoke with wyoming senator john barrasso about how the president i asked decided how arrive at 8.6 billion dollars. >> he is he asked experts where should we put best efforts they've condemn up with 10 specific locations loorng border these are the spots if we can put barriers would it make a fundamental significant difference protecting the border, the border 2000 miles not asking for full 2000 miles saying give us 10 locations that the experts say are the key locations, that is where he is going to be his numbers. maria: joining us right now former speaker of the house fox news contributor newt gingrich a pleasure to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you.
8:39 am
>> i know presidents don't get what they want all the time whether they propose a budget this is a story that is going to the on until the president is out of office, this money for the border wall this resist already we have heard from chuck and nancy who say don't shut government down again this is not going to work how will this play out based on your experience newt? >> well, i think a year long appropriations struggle, i think if the president can do it will try to isolate bills that directly involve border let the rest of government be funded the president said consistently since 2015 that he is worried about the number of people coming over the border illegally. this year, maybe a million people coming over the border illegally experts department homeland security under obama, and trump who have a professional duty have all said they need this kind of help, that current laws are
8:40 am
disaster, congress is incapable of acting so i think the president will continue his commander in chief to pound away at this, and we will see what happens, but i don't think anybody should be surprised. this is a fundamental difference between democrats who believe that walls are triffic for prep school private home but terrible for the country, the rest of the country i think going to be a major issue in 2020. >> snoout it is dagen mcdowell. speaking of terrible as we get into the heavy part of the democratic nomination process leading up to 2020 election, are you worried about the economy because you are going to have every single democrat when running or not talking about how horrible u.s. economy is. and does that hurt the way people perceive it does it ultimately hurt spending as we look at retail numbers worse than couplexpected in december. >> i don't think it does i think there is a reality out
8:41 am
there that a wages have been going up overall employment going up february number is anomaly based on the government shutdown i should will come back be adjusted dramatically, the household survey indicated actually 250,000 jobs created last month, so the economy is growing going to keep growing, we are the most entrepreneurial creating society in the world. i have been working very hard for example on 5g next generation of technology, explosive job tuns, dramatic changes, by the way, i laffer if administration can force hospitals, doctors to actually tell us what things cost the impact on rationalizing health system waste out of the system enormous boost to the economy i am pretty bullish on america this group of flats are so
8:42 am
crises i think average normal american shrugs them off. >> i don't know how they keep doing this. >> -- the latest nutty comment. >> hillary clinton says facing crisis wrote other day liz peek had a great column about this how can they keep saying crisis when we keep getting more numbers after more numbers how about how very well things go. >> a mass perception on left we are about to go into doom and gloom scenario a lot of things masking what is really going on. >> wishing. >> i think. >> they want -- your life to stink so they get power that is the message! >> newt go ahead. >> maria, every morning p hillary wakes up and not in white house there is a crisis. [laughter] she is sharing their sick therapy nothing to do with real world it has to do with hillary clinton. >> thank you so much. >> great to see you --
8:43 am
>>s check out newt's podcast newt's worlds excellent check out new podcast, out there right now quick break then reversing course tesla changing tuna planning a price increase on model 3 new cost ahead a millennial commune one a cohort for different type of living before all that special update from en theis channel right now. >> -- welcome back to tennis channel court report for fox business. two major champions in action at paribas open mixed results 23 major champion serena williams forced to retire due to viral illness american lost seven in a row before calling trainer the end of first set it was all over just a game into the second. >> many times, always to -- very exciting numbers, maybe not feeling well on the court
8:44 am
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maria: the economy on "60 minutes" last night the host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in bullish. >> i do i think -- put a solid picture of the economy for this year, not going to raise interest rates going to about patient we have heard that before, no recession this year, the economy looks good for this calendar year i got a lot out of it as investor, somebody interested in money, i thought that was a good interview and i was interested by it also interested in the way scott pelley and "60 minutes" approached him it seemed to me they want to get dirt on president trump. they were -- it just seems to me that looking to me like scot pelley kind of a little arrogant con descending wanted to use jay powell getting at president trump cbs has history of this i saw very clearly in that "60 minutes"
8:49 am
interview but did not spoil the deal i think i got a lot out of the jay powell interview. >> jay powell wasn't going there didn't say much about president but did say he can't fire me. >> the question, every single question almost every single question was a negative, what about this seven million americans behind in car payments what about this, what that another catastrophe? on and on and on a good journalist you got to do it but behind that, behind that if façade i could feel contempt for president trump. >> we will hear your views "varney & company" top of the hour after morning morning join stuart 9:00 a.m. real estate for millennials new take on american dream wait till you hear about it. back in a minute. ♪ i got a -- ♪ ♪ i got a woman i am trying to i
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maria: welcome back new trend in real estate, to combat high prices, coliving the story in los angeles. >> maria coliving is latest trend in california to address rising rent high housing prices, this apartment looks a lot like other complexes in the area but there is a big difference, the main area like kitchen living room shared between several tenants may or may not know each other one thing i actually like, by the way, everything in one not looking at a bunch different numbers, who is -- whatever, it is all flat rate, for me that was a plus. i know what i am paying can budge it out very reasonable.
8:54 am
>> tenants rent a bedroom get the access to upscale amenities dog walking laundry services made service rooms completely furnished with a bed mattress nightstand kitchen and living rooms furnished with tv, a creative way to reinvent shared living spaigs into a luxury concept at affordable price point. >> there is subsidized housing for low income population lurks high rises, nothing in between, so our goal is to really bring back that -- workforce economy to they can enjoy all opportunities that are afforded to folks sort of in the upper class. >> one bedroom goes for 1800 dollars a month compare to other apartments in the area that rent for 2500 dollars a month, huge success two locations here four locations in the bay area, with a wait list over 1,000 people long. maria: california coliving hillary vaughn l.a. quick
8:55 am
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maria: welcome back. we have been telling you tesla made a u-turn on store closures. susan li on the floor of the new york stock exchange. reporter: that's right, bit of a
8:59 am
backtrack from elon musk and tesla last night. in an e-mail statement, tesla says they are going to keep more stores open than they expected. so far, 10% have been head but they will review 20% of the stores that are currently open so it's not over just yet in terms of closure us but they are raising prices on their vehicles, up some 3% around the world starting march 18th. today is the day that elon musk has to respond to the judge in the contempt case. remember that s.e.c. deal that he basically agreed to back in december? well, some say he was in contempt of that after a recent tweet of 500,000 car deliveries this year. tesla shares were supposed to be up 12% in the premarket. now they're down, because 50,000 shares will be unloaded today by a stockholder. we don't know who that is just yet. we will see how the stock performs. looks like a bit of a u-turn for tesla. back to you. maria: thanks so much. great show today. lot of news.
9:00 am
>> always. maria: without even a president trump tweet. what's going on? >> not a single trump tweet. maria: waiting for him to tweet on retail sales and they were pretty good. great to see you. thank you so much. have a great day. seize the day. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. boeing has a problem and so does the market after the second fatal crash in a couple of months. china and indonesia have grounded all 737 max 8 jets. some airlines are following suit. that new jet makes up two-thirds of boeing's future deliveries and 40% of its profits. boeing is america's champion exporter and china is a big market. now the stock is absolutely tumbling. a major loss for such a huge and respected company, it's down 11%, $48 down. by the way, boeing is a dow stock. so today's drop shaves more than 300 points off the


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