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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 11, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and two that we would have the will to use it. lou: that's it for us good night from new york. trish: utter chaos and desperation in venezuela as this blackout stretches into its 6th straight day. juan guaido, the man the freed world recognizes as the president of venezuela says socialist dictator nicolas maduro is to blame for the many deaths caused by this blackout. juan guaido is here in his first u.s. interview since returning home to his country. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez that
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selfish and ignore rant that they would peddle anti-u.s. conspiracy theories that cause so much suffering. i'm setting the record straight tonight. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. >> they are blaming one of the anti-government protesters of burning the humanitarian aid that was to go to venezuela. instead of talk about a video that is not conclusive for what actually happened at the border, they should be talking about the actual situation at in venezuela. 95 hours without electricity. people are starving to death. >> they are trying to use the
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maduro regime to wash their hands of burning the aid we stoanlt venezuela. why the "new york times" would stay out of the topic of what is actually happening right now in venezuela? we are here desperate to know ways happening our people. we are here to know if our families and relatives are dying right now in hospital. trish: venezuelans gathering in new york city to protest the "new york times" suggestions that nicolas maduro was not responsible for the blowing up of a humanitarian aid truck. a witness says a maduro protester was the one who ignited the truck.
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regardless of who threw what, what matter's here, what matters more than anything is that people were understandably rightfully enraged because the man that is supposed to protect their country, their so-called president, refused the entry of so much needed humanitarian aid. food, medicine, and commit, it gets worse. the likes of socialist freshman congresswoman ocasio-cortez, and ilhan omar, who is seemingly anti-american, if you ask me. they are joined together tonight in peddling conspiracy theories that this tragedy in venezuela is all driven by the united states of america. wrong it's driven by socialism. it is driven by nicolas maduro who has deprived his people of
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dreams. these women are so anti-trump and so naive and ignorant and i will add so inhumane that they would prefer to see millions of people suffer than show a little generosity and help someone else. because sometimes in life it's the right thing to do. they are showing their true colors tonight and they are clearly nothing but selfish, socialist political operatives. and all this power, all this power is going very quickly to their heads. as it typically does in a socialist style regime. joining me right now, american majority ceo, ned ryun. the two of them are teaming up, i guess you can add rashida tlaib to the mix. they are saying all this
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tragedy, 96% poverty rate, an inflation rate of 10 million percent predicted this year, and a regime depriving its people of basic necessities is the fault of the united states of america. >> i'm glad you said it. what they are promoting, what they are talk about is deeply un-american. somebody has to call a spade a spade. what omar, tlaib and aoc are talking about are deeply un-american ideas whether domestic or foreign policy. this is another taggerringly stupid comment by aoc. it doesn't matter who started the fire on those trucks. the fact of the matter is the brutal dictator maduro is denying humanitarian aid to his starving people who are starving
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because of his awful socialist policies. with the aocs and omars and the bernie sanderses of the world who refuse condemn maduro, they refuse to condemn this behavior because they think if they do so it will undermine their arguments and ideology of socialism. but this is the end result of socialism. it destroys nations, it destroys people and it brings what the chaos your seeing in venezuela right now. trish: they are out there trying to protect socialism at the expense of people's lives. trish: i wants intend to go do this story on the "new york times" report because there are so many things to do in any given so on any given day. but what pushed me over the edge was when i saw ilhan omar was trying to use this as evidence
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to support her theory that it's all about the i.s. interfering and not about the brutal deck day orship of nicolas maduro. then aoc piled on by retweeting omar's tweet saying how brilliant she is. that's when i said it's important to call these women out. i will give the "new york times" credit. they are trying to figure out who actually ignited that truck on fire. it's still unclear. we don't entirely know. but i don't have a problem with them saying maybe it wasn't the maduro-led forces. maybe it was a venezuelan in frustration. but to me, big picture, is that people would never have been protesting in the first place if nicolas maduro said my people need food and medicine, brit in,
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thank you very much. >> the trucks wouldn't have been stopped if he wasn't trying deny the humanitarian aid. going back to the "new york times." you can be generous to them. the post said democracy dies in darkness. democracy dies because we are not being honest about facts and objectives. you take some of these stories. they are trying to undermine the trump administration. trump doesn't want to intervene in venezuela. he wants to bring stability to the region, to the united states. for them to try to undermine the trump administration and for aoc and omar to take the side of maduro. trish: socialists pretend they
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care about the little people but they only care about themselves. look what happened in cuba. the same story in the see yet union. they are drunk on power. i see it in their body language and tweets. if they get further with this process, they will get worse and worse. it's important for americans to call it as they sight. we have juan guaido coming up tonight. exclusive tonight. my interview with juan guaido, the man the united states and the rest of the free world recognize as the president of venezuela. hear his message to dictator nicolas maduro as this massive blackout continues, crippling a country. penal have no electricity. they are going on six days of no electricity. guaido says nicolas maduro has
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trish: homeland security officials telling fox they are expecting a record number of migrants to cross our southern border this year. this news coming as a surge of crossing are expected in the coming months. the white house unveiling its 2020 budget proposal which includes a formal request for $8 billion in funding for the border wall. can we anticipate or expect anything different this time
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around? could we see $8 billion being approved for the wall? >> they were opposed to this president's budget before it came out. if you look at the funding. he's asking for $8.6. the cost of illegal immigration is over $116 billion per year. so it pays for itself in a short time. i was talking to mark morgan who used to be with the obama administration. he says the narrative has changed where you had primarily men. now you have 700,000 people going to mexico from on dur as, guatemala and el salvador. i have been to the border. i have seen the we were there wet illegals actually were apprehended and the comments of the border patrol, let's see if a drone catches this one person.
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the facts were there and it's beyond me why they are opposing it. trish: you are talking about how it's not just men, but women and children crossing the border and in doing so, being put in harm's way. there is a school of thought that perhaps if we had the symbol of the wall. don't forget, it stand for something as well. that it in and of itself might be a detrac detractor. if people knew they were going to come to the united states and be turned away, they wouldn't be incentive tides make that journey here and would not be putting themselves or their children in harm's way or danger by allowing these groups to escort them north. >> that's why the coyotes export women and children.
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we talked to the border patrol. it's sad what's going on. we have seen the visuals on these people. they are not carrying girl scout cookies over here. we had 15,000 people die of heroin overdoses. the illegal dollars on that alone are reason enough to build a wall and stop this tragedy. trish: i would emphasize this is not something that has been an exclusively republican thing. this was put forward in terms of building a fence back them whether you are talk about hillary clinton, chuck human were, barack obama, bill clinton. this was once considered necessary and normal. what's changed? >> that many the question. what changed? the border patrol agents we talked with have no reason to
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lie. it's time to get something done. i'm sure they are going oppose it. trish: you have got your work cut out for you. good to see you. coming up, every one. exclusive video come towlings from venezuela. widespread looting happening as conditions continue to deteriorate. floils food, medicine, electricity or water. in just minutes, my exclusive interview with juan guaido. man the united states and the rest of the freed world recognizes as the president of venezuela. hear his message to the world as his country deals withing this massive blackout now entering its sixth day. one major u.s. city business to go bankrupt. find out which one. financial experts say far left policies are to blame. i hope you are listening, all you socialists out there.
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trish: the man the united states recognize as the rightful president of venezuela, juan guaido, he joins me in just seconds. he's asking his opposition party to declare a national emergency for venezuela as blackouts devastate his country. five full days of nearly zero power resulting in many deaths. the blackouts are forcing many venezuelans to demand something different. they are growing quite literally sick of the socialist dictatorship of nicolas maduro. joining me in his first interview since returning home to venezuela, the man the venezuelan constitution and the free world recognize as the
11:24 pm
rightful president of venezuela, mr. juan guaido. welcome back. >> [through the interpreter] hi, trish, good evening. trish: there is no power in most of of the country. you have no light in venezuela. how are you and your flame surviving? how is everyone survivors? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] well, what's going on today in venezuela is a catastrophe. unfortunately also the provision of water. there is no transportation system in the case of caracas and the city at this point and five other principal cities of
11:25 pm
the country. and there is looting and they have nothing to eat. in addition to the existing humanitarian crisis in venezuela and of course a health crisis as well generating over 25 deaths so far due to lack of immediate medical assistance and power in a majority of venezuelan hospitals. some power has been restored, but we are seeing severe crisis affecting our entire country right now. trish: you are declaring a state of emergency in your country. i believe this enables you to ask for international help. [speaking spanish]
11:26 pm
>>er * yes, today [through the interpreter] yes, we immediately proceeded in the national assembly. it was just enacted seconds ago, and we requested international aid on the technical and humanitarian from the so we can attend to this crisis our country is undergoing. i represented the entire country before the parliament and the country. it was the first national election in 20 years where there has been this call. we are requesting the parliament that they suspend fawbl because of the supply oil in venezuela and crude oil was being financed
11:27 pm
for intelligence which were also traded across the military -- fritsch is the interest. trish: is the international community willing to help? will nicolas maduro alight, given the behavior we have seen from him? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] the world has seen how maduro's government has burned medicine and foodstuffs. how they blocked trucks to enter medicine through the country. there is a plant producing emergency supplies for hospitals. as long as maduro's government
11:28 pm
is in place, it will be difficult to get the supplies. but our responsible is to attend to our people's suffering today. trish: what happens if he refuses to allow the aid? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] we must insist. this has been an effort years in the making of peaceful resistance of massive protests. and at this time it is the moment of truth. it's time to insist. we need to insist and renounce the promotion going on in our city, and the demand of our people of for food or water in our capital city who have to
11:29 pm
bathe in the river with recycled waste water as there is no water. we must have these provisions and the situation venezuela is suffering. they blocked assistance to stabilize venezuela's situation. trish: there is video of what you were talking about with people trying to bathe in that sewage. [speaking spanish] there is a section in your constitution that says you can ask for outside military help, that's the video we were talking about. i believe there is a section in the constitution where you can ask fear military help. but my question is, will you ask for it? [speaking spanish]
11:30 pm
>> [through the interpreter] yes, that's part of article 187 of our national constitution. only for venezuela. but it allows for an outside country to cooperate or assist in venezuela as we stated in this art california our constitution which empowers me as the person in charge to employ whatever measures are necessary to enact this cooperation and assistance for venezuela. trish: there are some politicians in the united states, aoc, ilhan omar, who don't believe this crisis is real. what would you say to them? [speaking spanish]
11:31 pm
>> [through the interpreter] well, shortly it's about knowledge, it's about a lack of information. if you want to talk about the economy, we are seeing 53% rate, a thousand percent in inflation, a lack of basic products, medication and food. if we look at day-to-day suffering of the venezuelan people it's not about numbers, it's about human beings. people suffering who see their lives in danger and cannot provide for themselves as human beings. so regarding the crisis going on in venezuela, i invite everyone to see what's going on in
11:32 pm
venezuela. and the displaced persons in our country and the drama that's to come on the day-to-day living seeking out food, water or simply having power in our country. trish: have you had conversations directly with nicolas maduro about his leaving? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] well be the usurper in venezuela today, maduro, he can stay in hiding two days since he's emerged. there isn't even a technical report on behalf of the government. they use the excuse of a $cyber attack against electric plants which cannot be had. so there is not the possibility
11:33 pm
of engaging him when extracted himself from the reality going on with venezuela and does not even face the venezuelan people. trish: have you had considerations with high ranging members of the military about switching sides? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] we have spoken with many officials both civil and military for them to abide by the venezuelan constitution. our actions are within the framework of the venezuelan constitution. there is a lot of fear along the members of the armed forces due to the persecution going on at the core of the military forces. and due to the intelligence undertaken by cuban agents in venezuela. and some have taken action.
11:34 pm
but we need them all to pronounce themselves in favor of our transitional government and conduct free elections in venezuela. trish: let me ask you this. this is touch to ask. since maduro has been in power. he has jailed or exhiled or far worse many of his rivals. how is it that he hasn't done anything to you? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter]
11:35 pm
well, again, trish, this was a victory with the national assembly, before this dictatorship of a party. you have been seeing images and videos on the streets. there is massive popular movement going on right now to restore democracy and regain our freedom and also international backing from president trump and other states, lima and europe, and countries. and these are factors that are weren't frame work of our constitution. they have no excuse to embark on this dictatorship. they don't like to call it as such. but in terms of international
11:36 pm
backing and support, i think that is continuing despite the risk. there is risk involved in maintaining our political freedom and our lives. but we are take on this civic endeavor and this international aid which keeps us going. trish: i have a technical question here. [speaking spanish] how is it position for us to be speaking right now on the television? >> [through the interpreter] we are located at an electrical plant with a generator. and we could not find a site to talk to you friday. we have to rig it up to maintain a connection.
11:37 pm
there is intermittent power sources. there has been an absolute blackout in 23 states across the country with intermittent power today. but it's due to the lack of knowledge of the grid. there has been damage which has made restoring power more difficult. and really we do need a government that has the public trust and can provide qualified technicians, definitely. trish: [speaking spanish] i got to traps late in english.
11:38 pm
>> [through the interpreter] they keep making excuses. since 2009, it was a loss of electrical power and they blamed the environment. in 2013 they injected $100 million in the electrical grid that was stolen theft from the national treasury. now the new excuse, than was also a power outage in 2013. they blamed an iguana for having eaten through a cable. now the electrical power plant is an analog system is being blamed for hack. there is no possibility. those are protected from this phenomenon. we are not connected to the internet it's a ridiculous
11:39 pm
excuse before the world. there has never been such a precedent in venezuela or anywhere else for subjecting the most of vulnerable populations for subjecting venezuelans and isolating them from democracy. trish: [* speaking and i shall] i am so sorry for you and your country. season year juan guaido, thank you so much. >> [through the interpreter] thank you very much, trish. thank you for listening to us, and we'll continue to fight. trish: a major u.s. city is on the verge of bankruptcy. find out which city and why far
11:40 pm
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♪ ♪ trish: new york city is heading for financial ruin. experts are warning that the city's high tax burden and sky rocketing public spending under the leadership of none other than democratic mayor who also likes to think of himself as a socialist, bill deblasio, could cause it to go bankrupt for the first time in 40 years. joining me, pete hegseth. if they don't get the message by now, i don't know what will drive it home. but the mayor of new york city thinks he's going to run for president. you have aoc and kamala harris, now sudden little trendy.
11:45 pm
>> they need to watch the interview you just did with juan guaido. fantastic job understanding what socialism does to countries and people. new york city is the number one city tax rate. pension benefits they cannot keep with. the debt burden, $81,000. bill deblasio is taxing the rich who are paying 50% of the income taxes and driving them out of the state. what did nicolas maduro promise, a socialist utopian future he could never deliver on. new york city is about to go bankrupt, maybe the federal government will bail them out like they did 40 years ago. trish: i don't know. we saw governor cuomo go hat in hand to washington asking for some kind of reprieve.
11:46 pm
but the salt issue did it to new york city, and it's voiferg these states that are so tax happy to have a reexamine their whole budget. >> blaming the feds when they should be blaming themselves because they are taxing people out of where they live. you have appreciatemen congress one even like oac driving business opportunities out of their state. deblasio is focused on meatless mondays because that's apparently better for kids in elementary school. of course, his wife spending $900 million to help solve the homeless crisis and we don't know where the money is being spent and the crisis has gotten worse. trish: the guise on top running the place are multi millionaires if not billionaires. all that wealth gets
11:47 pm
concentrated into the hands of the people in charge of the government. >> that's right. they do well, yet they drive out people who would make their lives bert. they ride the trains and get all the benefits. socialism. they don't get. they have been indoctrinated to believe it's right. even bill deblasio didn't wants amazon to leave because he knew he need those jobs. he's driving them out of his own city. he's about to go bankrupt. he tried to cut spending but he spent 32% more. trish wher -- trish: i love talk to you. we'll do it some more. late-breaking details on the blackout crippling venezuela. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean will share her story
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trish: how american women feel
11:52 pm
with it comes to fairness in getting respect, we are getting the shortened of the stick. 59% of women say they are twreetd respect and dignity. that's a 9-point drop over last year. that's an alarming number. but perhaps it's because women know exactly how much they are worth. we are going to take a positive look at things. one of those women who commands so much respect certainly at fox is fox news senior meteorologists janice dean. she has been on quite a journey. and she details it all in her fantastic new book. i love the title. mostly funny. like that glacial always half full. >> when i thought about the title it was going to be partly sunny. i thought no, i'm going there. mostly sunny. trish: tell me about the book and why you decided to write it.
11:53 pm
>> almost 15 years ago was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. that was a very dark time. i didn't know much about the illness. people were telling me don't tell your employer. i thought my boyfriend was going to leave me. i thought it was going to be in a wheelchair and hope was not around the corner. and i was look for hope. i was look for books that told me tales of people surviving and thriving and doing well despite challenges. so in a way this book was believed 10 years ago when i had one of the biggest challenges i ever faced. trish: you are up really early in the morning. way earlier than any human being normally is. janice is on the morning show on "fox and friends." you are up and making lunch for the kids. you have got a full the job. full family life, and i love to
11:54 pm
look at your instagram posts. she sales writes these great little notes to her kids in the lunch boxes. i thought i didn't even make one will much today. >> i'm not there in the morning. that's one of the reasons why i wanted to write the notes. i don't get to see my kids in the morning when they are the cuddliest. one of my girlfriend said write them a note and put them their lunch. so that's why i do those notes. i do them on the weekend, five or six of them in advance. that's my brother craig and i. look at you. i love that. trish: i have got the opposite problem. i have got three little ones and i'm not there for dinner or bedtime. we face time before the show. but there is always a trade-off.
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is manufactured to see it for themselves, we're about to enter day 6 with no electricity in that country. the crisis is increasingly getting worse. you can watch the entire interview on-line. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. kennedy: nancy pelosi. she said impeachment is off the table. and alexandria ocasio-cortez claims capitalism is irredeemable. but first. budget, president trump promises to slash record 2.7 trillion. but democrats announcing it is doa, because the president's budget calls for 8.6 billion in wall funding. is it good policy or big government stand fest that will bankrupt -- or spend fest, so much spending and standing. thank you for coming. budget proposal, 4.7


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