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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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home, lou dobbs i is next here s the fox business network, have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening. >> i am david asman in for lou dobbs. the red storm is no longer rising, it has arrived, china caught launching extensive hacking attacks again u.s. navy and its contractors, what what can be described as an act of war. the plot to steal national security rhett, leaving -- secret leaving little doubt china can no longer be negotiated or reasoned with on defense or trade. we take it up with walid phares
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and fred fleitz, and house speaker nancy pelosi saying she does not' to impeach president trump. republican strategist ed rollins predicts she will likely have no choice on the matter. alexandria ocasio-cortez is joins the chorus calling for impeachment. >> a lot of members in congress have a different opinion. that is why we caucus. >> do have you a different opinion? >> i happen to yes. >> each member of the house has a prerogative to bring impeachment to a vote, i intend to bring impeachment to the vote. >> that does not mean we're doing it.
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we take up that with ed and this. >> rino losers paul ryan and mitt romney together again. he is sharing his pearls of wisdom on the 2020 election. >> and romney's lack of common sense in full display. the "wall street journal" today, reporting that united states navy and contractor are under cyber siege by chinese hackers, in national security rhett stolen threaten america's standing at world's as world's top military power, there is no way to excuse this act of cyber terror by the chinese who are intent on becoming a dominant force on a global gail. it said united states will
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respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country, recognize it could compel actions under commitment we have with hurt military treaty partners and reserve right to use all necessary means, asappropriate and consistent with app bliapplicable internat. and contributing to lack of american cyber security by 2021, a staggering 3. by 5 million cyber security jobs are estimated to be vacant in private and military sectors, trump administration's 2020 budget requesting 9.6 billion to enhance defense deputy cyber mission, is just more than 1% of total defense budget, clearly,
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more is needed. we bring in fox business national security, foreign analystd dr. walid phares, and fred fleitz. would you call this an act of war? >> absolutely, it is undermining u.s. national security, it is stealing, a technological edge that u.s. taxpayer spent billions of dollars to development and making us much more vulnerable to china, and raises real questions about the trade talk with china. this is an act of war. how can we trust china in the trade talks with such a massive attack on our military secrets. >> waleed, i would advise everyone reading this to -- watching this on read the "wall street journal" piece, it is well reported, well reserved. a naive officia navy official ca
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deadly viewer us what is hopping happening, he is saying if we don't do anything we could die. >> that is pretty plain, the bigger question. other question, what is china doing? why is china conducting those attacks specifically in terms of espionage. but targeting electronically our navy. because china's expansion fear is only in the pacific, only force in the pacific blocking china from japan to south korea to taiwan to philippines is u.s. navy. china is outside china it is -- northeast africa, latin america, we have to understand what the chinese are trying to do, we need to design a counter strategy. some had be counter electronic, but there are other fields to confront this as well. >> for a long time, fred, we said just the south china sea.
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we understand they have imperialistic instincts with regard to take over that part, perhaps take over key -- taiwan, but this goes beyond that one thing this report reveals, they stole secret plans that navy had to build a supersonic antiship missile for our submarines, this is key warfare they have stolen from us that we need not only to defend the south china sea, but everywhere else we're involved. >> yes, that is right. and the problem with submarine defense secrets stolen, if there a conflict with china, we'll rely heavily submarines, because surface ships are vulnerable to missile attacks, china is building an ain't -- anticarrier missile, and to this day, china has weak submarine defense
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capabilities, this is a very serious breach. >> walid phares, what do we do know? we know about the breach, we know how devastating it has been to our military. i assume it goes elsewhere not limited to the navy. >> it is not limited to the navy. and they showed it clearly. they are trying to to they go to our private sector to steal information, they target military installations in terms of electronic warfare to see how far our defenses are working. remember reaction ain't time --in reagan time, soviets building long range missiles, they were almost beating us, he went to space, we don't always have to respond with putting money in the same. we look at weakness, and chinese apparatus world wide, they are spread very thin in the world, they are building basis, they are funding country in africa for example, our allies, we need to have a different strategy to
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confront them, exprm on and reme thing, they do this 1 the once a us sends forces in north korea. we will win and defeat with the north koreans. >> can we go further with the trade talks without addressing this within the trade talks or eliminating the trade talks until we get assurance that we've attacked their attacks again us. >> it has to be brought up in trade talk. another point, this article said that navy was allowing our defense contract to self report their cyber vulnerabilities and violations, think about, that. these contracts were policing themselves. we have -- we have 4 intelligence agencies charged with doing this and others doing related work. did they drop the ball here? i think that president and
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congress immediately need to roolook into what happened here, and why we spend billions in cyber defense, and why done they stop this. >> walid we have to be clear about who is responsible, it was not only build up and neglected, the chinese interference during obama administration, but first part of trump administration as well, right? >> it is true. you don't change bureaucracy overnight. you need to have a good review of our strategic projects across bauea--bureaucracy that is a sit cooperation between the white house and congress, which is not the best right now. >> we also need money, this article points out, it is clear we could die as a result of some of the cyberattacks we're incurring right now from china. >> ride, bill quarters -- girts
7:10 pm
with washington time said china has 100,000 cyber warfare officers, they are with chinese military, they to war games to steal passwords and break into web sites, the chinese are very serious about this and we're lacking. >> you have deal can so call private sector in china, almost eentirely controlled by chinese communist government, there is nothing that a business could do in china without some interference with china, there you have huawei and others, with the question how that fits into the trade talks has to be 41 and center. >> you have summarize very well. private sector in china is controlled by chinese government. there is also a younger generation, they are tech-savvy, they are rising, that is why the chinese government is nervous
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about what is happening on inside, they want to control everything technological, i assume next change in china will come practice that field -- will come from that feel. >> is it time to walk out of these trade talks because of this. >> it is possible, i believe there is a connection between china, north korea and maneuvers on ground and those cyberattacks. i think that negotiations with china, and president trump, are the field where the president with move forward, he has skill in negotiations. that is connected in my view. >> fred it is clear, from the "wall street journal" article, laid out for all to see what they have been doing, you call it warfare, i believe "wall street journal" that is only conclusion you can lead to after reading this article, is that grounds for walking out of the talk. >> i don't think we should walkout of the talk, we should proceed with the talks, but this element, as well as intellectual
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property theft has to be part of the talks or we will note get a meaningful -- not get a meaningful deal. >> future of our country at risk, that is clear from what "wall street journal" laid out for us, thank you both. >> still to come, nancy pelosi may be reluctance to impeach president trump, but she may not have a choice. we take up dem's baseless calls for president's removal, and more with judicial washington's tom fi fitton. >> they will have a good resolve or we'll never have a bad resolve before too long, i'm not sets a pacific time frame. >> that and more who we come back.
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david: u.s. trade represent lighthizer, he stopped short of predicting a successful out cam, edward lawrence is in washington with latest. reporter: a big but, u.s. trade representative lighthizer said we're in final weeks of knowing if we'll get a trade agreement
7:17 pm
with china or note, the chinese have specific demands with u.s. to get an agreement finished. >> focus is removing of 301 tariffs. if that is a concession that is something you were de-- under debate, they have specif, market access provision we also are considering. reporter: if it is finalize, it will cover intellectual property theft, force transfer of technology, state owned enterprising, opening market to u.s. financial services and other nontariff issues. manipulation, now light house hr said it would have different seconds for reinforcement. talking about intellectual property alone. how we got to this rough patch. u.s. trade delegation went to batobeijing the week of februar, the talks within well.
7:18 pm
it pointed to a face-to-face meeting between two presidents at end of march, thin the north korea summit. president trump walked away from deal, that caused concern certain that president xi jinping would be embarrassed on world stage, the finish line has been moved down the road. >> i'm not setting a specific time frame, i work as hard as i can, president will tell us when time i is up or the chinese wil. >> lighthizer would not say if it march or april it could be finished. david: we now have this report from "wall street journal," that is striking, concerning the navy review shows there was a huge cyberattack. it is on going some most closely guarded secrets. any suspiciona your part it is
7:19 pm
brought up? >> cyber theft of intellectual property has been brought up, flat out theft, lighthizer testified said that has to stop. that something they will layout for chinese, i am sure that will be a topic of converytation tomorrow when u.s. trade representative lighthizer talks with vice premier in china, that is to happen via teleconference, that has come up, and u.s. said must stop to have a deal, they said enforcement provisions would cover this part. there could be sanctions if there was a trade deal in place, based on the deal, if it is done. david: knowing about how journalists get information, i suspect they got this navy review, "wall street journal" did, because of the fact that a lot of people working in this trade deal want to get it out, to pressure chinese, we'll see how that plays out, edward thank
7:20 pm
you very much appreciate it. >> robert lighthizer today also confirming our new trade deal with mexico and canada will come to congress next month for ratification. and adding that white house is working with the canadian and mexican officials to find a compromise on u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs. we want to hear your thoughts, share your comments, follow lou on twitter. and facebook and instagram. >> coming up, after walking away from president trump's agenda, american people paul ryan is projecting a loss for the president in 2020. we'll take up that, next with ed rollins. but before a break, a look at u.s. national debt, 22 trillion dollars, and climbing. we're back right after this. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪
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david: former lame duck speaker paul ryan, giving his take on president trump's chances in 2020 election, saying that person that definds that race will win that race. if it is about donald trump and his personality, he is not going to win it. from the man who oversaw a republican loss of 40 house seats in 2018. joining me now, fox business political analyst, ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. david: in addition to paul ryan you have jeff flake, speaking of rinos talking about joe biden, plugging him. what do you make of that? of the -- these are not exactly never-trumpers but they became never-trumpers. >> ryan became a never-trumper before trump got elected. he was a speaker. and trump ran into problem to end of campaign he walked away, from tried to recommend -- it
7:26 pm
was nef never a real comfort zo. paul ryan understood tax policy well, and his goal was to chairman of ways and means committee. but reality speakership with boehner left, another weak speaker. he was not a fighter, he never disciplined it is troops. he could not count votes well in the end. the end was day things he was for, time reform -- entitlement reform remember contrary to the base. romney people sort of gone by the way side. it trump's party now, and they are not comfortable. david: who owns or has influence over the democrat party now? this is so fractioned.
7:27 pm
eric trump on fox news thursday. he made a it clear if it comes to biden and trump, it will be all about track record. >> you run on policy of obama administration, have you weakest economic growth in history since great depression, giving 150 billion to iran a country that hates our guts,. david: joe biden was a cheerleader for these policies that done work. >> for that and many other policies, i never found a biden person outside of delaware. my sense is he is not a great candidate, he is a good talker, but he makes a lot of gaffes, i wish high would have run last time. david: if not joe biden, it may
7:28 pm
be someone far to left, than nance and rah--nancy pelosi andl have been trying to reel the left in a little bit, taking impeachment and socialism off of the table, i think they are too late. >> they are both liberal democrats. idea that nancy pelosi, whom i have known for 50 years be, she is now viewed as moderate. she represent the 82% democrat district of san francisco, there is nothing about her. she is not as extreme at congresswoman from queens aoc. she knows it is a trip over the cliff. david: if that trip over the cliff, most of the presidential candidates for the democrat party have gone over the cliff. we have not ebegin begun the race. >> i promise you by the time
7:29 pm
we're done, they will be as far to left as any candidate in modern times, they -- their policies can't stand up. you know the economists, you understand, none of this makes sense. we now have a trillion dollar deficit of year for the foreseeable future, every one of these programs cost big money, they want fr free that and freed free more. david: you know they go to the meetings, a crowd of several thousand people, they cheer you on, you don't stop, you get build up. congressman ilhan omar got in trouble for makin make anti-semc communitiecomments.
7:30 pm
then within after president obama saying he was just a pretty face. have you people like beto, he was a congressman, they are all losers. show me a winner, you are a governor, or senator, you provee on. everyone wants to run for president in democratic peter, thparty,the way they do that, te further and further to the left, promise more. david: thank you, ed. >> thank you. david: also, congressman adam schiff dodges questions about these meetings with michael cohen, stay with us. i can't believe it.
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david: good evening, i am david asman sitting in for lou dobbs. >> european authorities ban boeing 737 max 8. following two crashes, united states not banning the aircraft. >> theresa may's brexit plan failing a vote, losing by 149 votes, this is second rejection of her plan, 17 days remain before britain is scheduled to leave the irk u. >> -- e u . congressman doug collins releases private testimony by fbi lawyer lisa page. about 10 hours of testimony, collins saying that american people deserve to know what transfired in highest echelons of the fbi. joining me tom fitton, president of judicial watch. what did you think of page's
7:36 pm
testimony, i bet you read of page. >> i read as much as i could before the show, this confirms you have key fbi officials who were bending over backwards to protect hillary clinton. by having this cramped view of the law. only investigating her for the e mishandles of the classified information and that confirming what text-messages said, when they said they didn't like donald trump, they meant it. lisa page would say, just because we believe that, did not mean it impacted our handling of the russia investigation targeting him. i don't think that anyone believes,es -- that? shows to russia investigation needs to b stopped because it ws
7:37 pm
compromised. david: i don't think that russia investigation deserves to be shout down, because we have not come to a conclusion about twa -- what happened between fusion gps. hillary's campaign and russian intel. if you look for any evidence of collusion there you go. >> well, you are right. russia investigation means that mueller's targeting of president trump over something they know never happened, we have known that since the begins of last year. there is no russia collusion. there should not have been an appointment to begin with. but he is still operating, it is outrageous, looks like he is budgeted through september, the question, it will offer end. david: too you think it is budgeted for 6, more months or
7:38 pm
are you expecting a report sooner. >> i have no reason to believe anything will change, they do not want to shut it down, they will keep it going. >> hillary is not in the political picture right now. but adam schiff in the middle. >> are we sure about that. david: well not sure. but we're getting more. could about adam schiff's connecttion to group of people trying to keep trump out of white house then trying to get trump out of the white house after election. >> they had a tarmac-like meeting out in colorado before simpson testified and before mr. schiff went to the mat to protect fusion gps for many
7:39 pm
inquiry, then we found out schiff talked to cohen and his staff 10 hours prior to his outrage usually false testimony about president trump. there is a rule in the house, you can't act in a way to bring discredit, month will -- among the house. it was an issue that deserves attention. david: this is, round the time, when fisa wa warrants were being prepared or talked about and fusion gps was trying to send trump dossier. i am wondering if adam schiff was a part of that? >> i think if you look deeply to schiff's relationship with fusion gps and simp son you will find coordination that has been
7:40 pm
going on since the beginning, it continues. question i have it fusion gps still working with mueller operation, and democrats congress, are they still using fusion gps to pick updater to president trump and is mueller utessing them? i would like to know, we're told that information about gps could now the be provided because it might impede the mueller operation. so isn't that interesting. david: chuck grassley from iowa had his sights on fusion gps for a while, is he at least looking into questions about whether or not they are still working behind the scenes? >> i hope so, you know simpson has not been questioned in some time. he was the questioned about what his communications were with the clinton campaign, and her lawyers. that hired him as a you know, cut out mrs. clinton used to hire him, she refused to answer
7:41 pm
those questions. a lot of additional questions need to be asked. david: quickly. you have suing for information communiques when rod rosenstein was a part of the whole justice operation. is any luck in getting that information? is it leading you anywhere? >> we just sued for information about 10 days in may last year, after comey was fired, talking about invoking 25mm, wearing a wire with the president. we asked for communication around those specific days,. fact that we had to sue for 10 days, shows that justice department is protecting rod rosenstein and coop attemp coupt against president trump. david: thank you tom. >> thank you. david: to our southern border, agents have arrested 750 illegal immigrants trying to cross into
7:42 pm
arizona in yuma. the particular section of border is seen a massive increase in family apprehensions. reporter: large groups over 100, whether or not yuma, tuscon, are part of surge that began in 2014, with more central americans than mexicans, more families than single men. now monthly apprehensions are at highest level in 11 years. because of gridlock, animosity, partnership in congress, an agent said it is like a run away train, and no one is applying brakes. surveillance video here in in yuma, migrants turning themselves into border patrol, many requiring medical attention. they walked over vehicle barriers over colorado river or scaled fences, and through the sonora desert, a mexican highway runs parallel 20 yards from u.s. border, agents there see more
7:43 pm
central americans. >> there is a crisis, hundreds of people are crossing the border unimpeded. >> would a wall help. >> infrastructure helps it is a tool, it can slow team down or keep people out. reporter: mexico is offering asylum to central americans, my migrants say u.s. offers more opportunities, and central americans know they will not be deported. they will be released. and el paso, and mcallen, agents apprehended 900 migrant families per day in february, most will be ordered removed but never leave. and secretary said this problem is getting worse with congress. offered her no help in getting around outdated laws, and her opinion bad quote decisions. david: william thank you so
7:44 pm
much. >> coming up next, hollywood elites among big names caught up in a college admissions scam. >> and dems have a new plan to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants. we take that up after the break with daily caller's christopher bedford and freedom work's adam brandon. sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions...
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david: on wall street stoke -- stocks closed mix. nasdaq up 33. volume on big board, 3.4 billion shares, crude oil up a half percent. gold, up a percent. and silver gaining over a percent as well. >> reminder to listen to lou's report three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> largest college admission cheating and recruitment scheme ever prosecuted by different of justice, hollywood actresses felicity hoffman and laurie hawf -- laughlin among 50. >> the parents are a catalog of wealth and privilege, we're not
7:49 pm
talking about donating a building, we're talking about fake test scores, fake athletic credential, fake photograph, bribed college officials. david: joining me now editor in chief christopher bedford, and adam brandon. chris. does this scandal puncture that holier than thou altitude a lot of universities have. >> that everyone should get an equal chance, the university system is krup corrupt through . we're not talking donating a building so our kid gets a leg up, that does happen. the problem is the folks were lying. they have not implemented the university in this scheme, it looks like it was outside
7:50 pm
consultants, but it speaks to idea that ivy leagues are not that obtainable unless you have money and background that fits narrative. david: we don't know how long it has been going on, there may have been some that previous administration and justice departments did not see. >> i have a question, is this just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. so when you hear these things this like just a cancer into the institutions, people see this someone got a degree from a big name school, you wonder, did they really get it on there are own? or were they moved in because they paid a hundred thousand dollars to get them on a water polo toom. team. david: you have colleges in disarray, and democrats in disarray. extraordinary fights that are occurring now between the
7:51 pm
leadership nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, all old regulars, again the newcomers, that is unprecedented. i have neverrine i seen it befo. >> never in democratic circles, sometimes i a little bit in g.o. with tea party came in. but right now have you leadership actively tries to put it down, saying, you are not in charge, that is not what we stand for. but the new up and comers are arrogant. they are not taking marching orders, and they have a cul culf followers among the young, they give them something that old democrats would not say on paper. david: ad adam, have you leaderp saying publicly, we're not going to let socialism happen. but i think they have unleashed it. it is out there, it hard to pull it back. >> the democrat leadership, they are talking about they are based in dc, they are spending their time on capitol hill, an going o
7:52 pm
cocktail parties. the new democrats, they are connected to the democratic base, that is democratic base getting their pound of flesh after losing to donald trump, they are -- socialists. david: christopher it is clear, despite the rinos we talked about before. donald trump has unified party behind success of his economic program and his foreign program. we mentioned some threats that still exist, particularly from china, which are very reach i wonder how many voters want to put it in hands of people who were asleep at wheel. >> having a president in charge helps a party unify. but there is a worry among g.o.p., a lot of leadership is paying slip service, there -- lip service, there is up likely there is real drive, for mccarther or moc mcconnell orioo
7:53 pm
get a wall built, the same for issue like abortion, republican leaders are freaked out by, that saying we should fight for it but they don't top hole hard hod votes. democrats have no leader right now, a bernie sanders or alexandria ocasio-cortez is nancy pelosi in the middle. not a great spot for them to make a pitch to the american people they should be in charge. david: how do they do it. >> president is on home team, and democrats are away team. let's start you talk about challenge with china, and look at economy, he has a lot of things to bring to the table in this elect, and democrats are a mess. you look at different factions they will battle it out between beto, and i think that biden will get in kamala harris, this will be a blood bath, and the base, the base wants big
7:54 pm
government program. >> adam and christopher thank you so much. >> thank you. david: and coming up next, the video of mitt romney that people just condition really wrap their -- can't really wrap their head around, wait until you see it, we'll show it to you when we come bark, yocome back, you dono miss this. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms,
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david: the u.s. navy is quote understood cyber siege by chinese hackers successfully accessing national security secrets. >> this is an acts of war undermining u.s. national security it's stealing a edge logical edge u.s. taxpayer has
7:59 pm
spent billions of dollars to determine that makes u.s. vulnerable and raises problems with the tornado talks with china. david:ed the bill to block trump's knowledge declaration over border fund. senator mitt romney is being mocked on social media after sharing this video. he's sharing a unique one by one technique of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. picking up each individual candle and blowing it out one by one. to each their own. that's it for us tonight. we are so glad you can join us. louis back tomorrow. ronna mcdaniel, congressman matt gaetz, and morgan wright
8:00 pm
whereare among this guest. bulls and bears are here sat 5:00 p.m. eastern fox business network. good night from new york. trish: a nationwide college admission scam expose be hip credit i at its work. all generated to get these people's kids into some of the country's best colleges. lori loughlin and felicity huffman are just two among those arrested. it comes at the expense of all of us. the rest of the country. we have new developments for you on this breaking


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