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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  March 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reporter: 1991 dodge ram van that broke down on my daughterris. connell: another story. melissa: that is amazing. connell: thank you, jeff, thank you for joining us, bulls and bears starts right now. david: breaking news in scandal that is welcoming country actress lori loughlin surrendered to authorities, she is to appear in los angeles federal court at any moment to face charges in connection with the sweeping college admissions scam. this is bulls and bears, i am david asman. with me, my panel, lori loughlin known for her role as aunt becky, on full house with her husband designer mossimo, they allegedly paid $500,000 in
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bribes to university of southern california for their daughters to go to school on the crew team. some say if lori loughlin is found guilty and others as well, is there jail time? >> significant. loaf loalori loughlin is accuse0 thousand dollar bribe, that could be up to 4 years in prison. what is interesting, the big fish is cooperating, william singer, the mastermind, the collegiate recruiter. he also has a new crime added to his roster of crime, obstruction of just is. it is reported he tried to tip-off the families to be careful. which is why there was a new crime charge post plea.
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you don't see that often. david: they are after headlines. >> certainly, they are looking for really -- these are significant crimes, wire fraud, lori loughlin husband had a 1 1 million dollar bail, there are individuals charged with murder who don't have that big a bail. >> one of college. applicants in current admission scandal connected to scheme alleged by the government will be denied admission to usc, we'll conduct a case by case review, and makin formed -- informed, appropriate decisions 1 the reviews have been completed, some of the individuals may have been minors
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at the time of their application process. what does it mean if they were a minor when they were applied? >> it will depend on the complicity of the child. there are some students they knew their s.a.t. scores were being fixed. there is evidence of complicity by the minors, depending on prosecutors, they could be charged as an adult. but some may have not known. >> i have a 1400 -- surprise, i am so smart. >> 1400 will not get you in any more. >> this is bigger than misdemeanor impersonation of a water polo player. based on what you say. i hope this am spawn a discussion -- this will spawn a discussion over what the heck is going on in college, that sensible people commit crimes to get their kid in the door?
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the finest colleges in america boast about how few of the kids they let in. they are learning institutions, the prices are spiralling upward, people are getting too dispretty tdesperate to get then college. >> our publisher has a book coming out, on how harmful this is, corrupting the kids, you have to do the sport if you don't like it, you have to do 10 hours a day, and right extra rick lacurricular activities anr activities and s.a.t. coaching for what? >> ai 8 they are starting at "eh
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grade." >> and sport, corrupting for everything. >> if this was a wall street market we would be talking about bubble territory. is there a crash coming for this set of assets, in this age of technology, someone will come up with something to break this lock of endlessly higher prices, not like there is a shortage of available knowledge. david: there is an old phrase. no capital crime, but if there is jail time that focus one's attention. i think if there is jail time when inn what happens as a result of these indictments, they are innocent until proven guilty, but if there is jail time, i suspect a lot will stop in its track. >> 4 years, you have to think about it lori loughlin 4 years that is a significant penalty.
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>> she is be starring in full jail house. >> no one thought -- she has been so wholesome. >> even if they cut corruption, whole system is morally corrupt. we grind the kids, stanford quoted in this book, people coming in to that university now are brittle as never before, that is why college suicides go up, the system has to be reexamined. david: mercedes, another part of the indictment, focuses on the fact this guy, singer, the guy helping prosecutor get people, she in deep water, that he helped parents lie about their ethnic identity so take advantage of affirmative action programs. >> this is call for change, to the universities, create some sort of due diligence, a checks
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and balances. you will have to dig deeper. we don't know -- this is the tip of was iceberg. the thing with singer wired, all of these individuals are part of this mess. this is just one part of the criminal inter price. >> this can't be the only scandal out there, when it comes to admissions people and coaches, this is 6 colleges mentioned here, there are thousands in united states of which many kids want to go to. how many more mercedes scandals are out there, the feds got this one, now they maybe can expose others. >> that is what a lot of defense attorneys tell you, a great question, once feds get involve it started this big then it expanded beyond boundaries, they
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will look at other colleges, and where did the individuals work beforehand? maybe these coaches and athletic directors, and university officials worked at other universities. all -- whether there is a continuation of fraud, william singer, we're focusing on him, but how many other collegiate professionals are helping families as well. this may be the best way to make a quick buck he made 25 million dollar. >> a multimillion dollar industry, coaching parents and kids to get into the school. >> tim cook, or tim apple said the other day. >> a rotten remark. >> oh,. >> lovely, one a day. >> but anyway. if you look at about note needs to hire people who have college degrees, i wonder if 2k4r-8 b wa change in corporate america, looking at value of the degrees
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differently, they should. a lot of schools, return of investment is not that. >> universities and professional pooled are being seed for that. >> this case shows that it is not about the money, these parents were rich people. this is about ben shapiro wrote a piece this is not the money but power that comes with degrees, ability to influence people, you don't have to prove anything, you show your certificate then you are in the elite. >> that is turning out to be a myth. that is good for a couple years after school, but after that you have to show your real chops, more and more employers' certificates when you show your competency.
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they want to know, what actually coyou bring to the table. david: thank you very much, mercedes. >> good to be on. david: president making a big announcement this afternoon, ordering grounding of boeing 737 maks. we'll get reaction and more from new york congressman gregory meeks. that coming next. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪
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>> we're issuing a emergency border to ground all flights of the boeing 737 max 8 and max 9467.
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boeing is an incredible company. they are working very hard right now. hopefully they will quickly come up with the answer. but until they do, the planes are grounded. david: president trump issuing an emergency order to ground all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 aircraft. following deadly crash in ethiopia sunday. u.s. was among last of a few major country to not ban the max jets. faa saying that decision was result of new evidence found at ethiopiaian crashsite. bringing congressman gregory meeks. did the president make the right decision? >> i think he did. you have to error on the side of caution. when you hear the last piece as a result of some findings in
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ethiopia, there was a concerning. and add that to fact there are two since dents in 5 -- incidentses in 5 months with brand new planes and hearing pilots say they have had difficulty, the best thing is to have them grounded until we find out what is going on. >> why do you think it took so long for u.s. to do this. >> o was boeing putting pressur? >> you know, i think that we should have done it much sooner. sooner than we did. but i do -- i am in a strange position, that i agree with the president thaboing is a -- boeing is a great company, we want to make sure they get it right, they compete all over the world, it happened, i think best thing to take place right now is for those planes to be on the ground, make sure every
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passenger is safe. i should add that you know, flying is the safest method of transportation that there is. i want to make sure people on the plane, as you indicated in opening, i represent jfk airport the people on the ground. >> this is cheryl roth -- caroll roth. 2020 democratic president at candidate elizabeth warren has been continuing her push to break up big tech company, and getting help from key republicans and conservatives, like texas senator ted cruz and head of news corp. rupert murdoch, they were saying that strangely enough they agree with warren. some of these companies have too much power in their opinion. so do you think that having bipartisan support will now make it more likely for the big tech companies to get broken up? >> i don't know, i don't think
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so. technology moves so fast. so quick. i think that there is a role for congress to play. but i also think there is a huge role for the regulators to play. key here is, that we need to regulate to try to keep up and be as innovative as the tech companies, and staying in front of them to make sure we're dealing with new issues and new problems as they develop, so that issues and concern that you hear. some in a bipartisan voice, have talked about. is resolved. something has to be done. we know that they are getting big, but what, let the regulators look at it. we have to be fast, they have to be fast on their feet, everything is at a faster pace now. >> this is jack from baron's magazine, facebook, like the most hated company in america, i call on the new tobacco stock.
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it is comforting to me to hear a push back on notion to break them up, this is a social in. big is the whole point of this. people want to hang out where every else is. this seems like a business that would tend toward monopoly control. if you break it in half i think that everyone would do to most popular piece you broke off and you would end up where you started, would you agree? >> i see that. i had a conversation with some of my staff members, i said on facebook for example, i know they have united many friends and family members, andet, they have on -- et cetera they have on going dialogues and conversations if not for facebook. there a question then, advertisers and et cetera, do you get too big? i don't think that we need to use old solutions to resolve new problems. that is why i think we have to be in regulator have to be as
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inventive and innovative as technology is. i'm not sure right now, i don't think that we should break them up, i think that we need to play a role in congress and regulators play a role. >> congressman this scott from chicago. the last elect, 62 new democratic members in congress. something to i guess celebrate if you will. has not brought the party together it seems, what do you make of that as far as maybe some of the new members more divisive than unifying? >> well, you just said it, 62, 63, new members. and folks are only talking about three. i think that the majority of us work together, we're talking together. and i think some you know, newer members, and they will learn. but what is great for me, about the democratic party is we're a diverse party, there are different thoughts and
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ethnicities and genders from you know largest female population in the united states house of representatives ever. and so, we will have some disagreements, if we were a monolithic party it would not be good. america is diverse. and so yes, we will get our work done. we have some disagreement, and compromise. we will do as families do, i don't know any families that don't have disagreements at times, but you talk them out and you stay together. >> congressman, bring it back to tech for a moment. and present company excepted. do you really believe that congressmen understand technology well enough. >> that is why i said regulators should play a bigger role. david: do you think they understand enough technology, they of just bureaucrats and people in silicon valley know more about tech than they do,
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don't that. >> you know, i think what we had and some regulators and some people, i am a financial services guy. you look at someone who heads fed for example, generally they have expertise, a lot of regulators when they're called in, they come in because they have a expertise in that particular area. they call is giving service back to their country, to stay ahead. i think that competency of those regulator is important. and i think that you need to then tug on those with that expertise to come in and to utilize their services to stay ahead and make sure we are doing -- >> congressman, do you agree with speaker pelosi on the impeachment of president trump? not on the top of her list? >> it is not on top of mine either. as i said, i am a former
5:23 pm
prosecutor. it is the wrong thing to go and to indict someone just for the sake of indicting them, and you don't be the res know rest of t. you wait, then you make a determination in you indict or not, if you, indict, you indict because you believe have you enough evidence to convict. it is far too early to talk about whether or not you impeach of president you don't have evidence, you don't know what it is. we need to calm down, let the facts speak for themselves. let the mueller investigation conclude, and southern district attorneys do what it does, its work. at some point you determine. but this is immature to talk about impeaching the president. >> i have to go to tech regulation for a moment, seems that juxtaposition of slowing moving group of people congress,
5:24 pm
versus fastest moving group technology, it funny, the thought by time they come up with regulation in congress that technology has already moved in a different direct, it may not even be relevant any more. is there another potential solution than just government regulation. >> look, we have to even congress has to move quicker. i do often times, as a member, i try too listen to some of the experts in the field. i can make those determinations, i know i am not a tech person myself. so, bridge this tech -- bring in tell peak from both sides to determine what is the best thing to do. that is why i want regulators and make sure we have qualified individuals in those positions so those decisions by them can be made and are recommended and then i know what to follow. people talk often about whether or not you should have this
5:25 pm
lobbyist or that lobbyist. i will be honest, it is important they are in the system, but you listen to both sides as a member of congress. so then you can make the determination of what you think is the best way to go on behalf of the people of united states that is what made our government successful. it is not easy, it is never easy, any big bill is always difficult, i don't know of any perfect bill, we have to go back, correct it, fix it move it. that is a democracy, that is the best thing we have going. that is why we have the best government and best sim of any - system of any place on planet. david: congressman thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. david: former starbuck cho -- co howard schultz shedding light. we'll have more on a interview with neil cavuto after the break. >> i'm not running as a
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david: despite not yet decides to join the 2020 presidential race, former starbucks ceo howard schultz talked with neil cavuto. >> we're sitting with a 22 trillion dollar debt. this president added a trillion dollars a year, for all republicans that watch fox news, where are the republican leader should banged on obama for 8 consecutive years with regard to fiscal discipline, reducing debt and deficit, not one word over last two years. >> you are right both parties have adanbandonned. david: he said two party system is broken, they are not willing
5:31 pm
to work together on this what do you make? >> david he has good points. he is a long shot. he will impact the democratic party more than republican matter if he ran. but he does have a points, both sides of the aisle do have a spending program. he could perhaps bring in additional perspective how to run a be and make changes in system to mitigate spending. but reality, howard schultz has a long way to go and he needs to make a lot of friends in washington. he comes from a very limited political background. he is a big long shot. >> fact that he is coming from a nonpolitical background is one thing that i think would be in the voters' minds in his favor. not part of the corrupt system that is why bernie sanders and donald trump is so well in 2016.
5:32 pm
they are not part of the 2008 debacle. >> if debt is his pet issue, he should be be aware that absolutely no one cares. i care. i am told i am not a normal person. on the right they don't care, they are in power, on the left, new argument saying 1 10-year treasury, rates are so low. so i don't see any big movement to get control of the national debt. >> i have to push back on fact that bernie sanders is not part of the establishment. he keeps trying to tell us he has been in government since the beginning of time. he is part of the problem and reason we're in this much debt. i love that howard schultz is bringing this up, this is a serious issue, and one thing to republican side they say, we're fiscally conservative, and they
5:33 pm
are in power it goes out. i think that there are people who are fiscally disciplined and do care. they think about future as much as people think about environmentalism and that issue. i think that people think about debt. >> a key thing to do is make it relate able to people, say, youu want to know why washington is funk functional -- disfunctional look at what they do to national debt. >> put it on a coffee cup, #toomuchdebt. >> that is the the point. to jack's point, as numbers have gone up, and by the way, the tax revenue has gone up, treasury department, and yet debts and deficits have ballooned. that is interesting, running as
5:34 pm
an independent is limited political back ago. >> remember donald trump had no political backing other than a senator congressman or two. >> he ran as a republican. melissa.>> and high won. he is first third party candidate to win the white house could he did a hostile takeover. david: he was not first businessman to run for president, i can think of someone to my right. >> you have to bring that up, my failure to make a career change, otherwise we could have broadcast this from high presidential library. >> if i too much of a conspire -- the republicans will be loving howard schultz. >> i think -- >> make no mistake, there are a lot of republicans that look for a new home.
5:35 pm
not enough to win knock out president trump, but, they howard schultz don't underestimate his candace. david: last word, thank you very much. alexandria ocasio-cortez facing fresh criticism. this time by a major supporter, democrat party. we'll debate that coming up. ♪ i think i found my dream car. it turns out they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can! [ laughter ] [ groaning ] hey! want to drive? really? [ engine revs ] do you think we can do this, rob? things will be tight, but we can make this work. that's great.
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5:40 pm
deal was not ready for prim prit was half baked. there are colonels of good -- kernels of good ideas but it was so terrible a proposal we'll do nothing. >> i agree there were some kernells in there, this is turning, this is like really hurting the party in my opinion. because of point you made, that this did get out in to public. it did get to see the light of day unfortunately before it was the fully cooked and vetted. to me this type of thing, this news out of the afl-cio i would not take it lightly, now we're seeinga alexandria ocasio-cortez impact on the party come to light it is not great. >> it under scores the increasing divide between traditional trade unions, and
5:41 pm
government unions. a lot of those union worker voted for donald trump, they don't like the idea of this looking down on manufacturing, things like airplanes, and cars. they want no part of it. they are up for grabs now politically. >> it is making strange bed fellows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. have you some saying, i agree with the afl-cio, it has changed the dynamic of who is on whose team. david: donald trump began that with energy, he spoke out for cold companies that were going under -- coa l companies because of obama restrictions. and even they within with him, if you add all of these points, i am wondering could you have a situation where the afl-cio goes
5:42 pm
with a republican rather than a democrat? >> i won't do it publicly, but privately they will. you saw that in 1972 during that era. publicly they stayed with the democrats, privately the union special construction trade union went for richard nixon again mcgovern. david: you had reagan pick up the teamsters union, first election. >> i want to give just a bit of push back on notion that obama has somehow killed coal. natural gas killed coal because it chea cheaper cleaner and bet, but there are market forces at work that help our environmental concerns we. >> but coo coregulation jus -- n
5:43 pm
plants that had now business shutting down. >> are democrats going to shy away from people who bring these ridiculous things forward. >> they should, once some adults get in the room, like the afl-cio, and make comes how they work uwork out, and medicare fol is also out there that is costly. there is a lot of these promises that are starting to fall apart. they are impacting the party. >> don't for a moment discount the ability of democrats to screw up this upcoming election. >> they have time. david: robert lighthizer trying to sell democrats on president trump's nafta replacement. do they have valid concerns on trade with canada and mexico.
5:44 pm
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david: u.s. trade rep robert lighthizer has been meeting with democrat lawmakers trying to
5:48 pm
address concerns over the new nafta deal, worried it does not do enough to protect workers, environment and consumers. congressman sean duffy is joining us. are there legitimate concerns? >> problem is we have a group of democrat that hate the president. no matter what deal he strikes, they will come out and say we have problems with what donald trump negotiated. they are not afraid to move the goal post. at one point they said they loved obamacare, they hate it now, and they want single payer. they don't have the same goal post had. post. we'll have a har hard time getsn board for usmca . what they look on hill you will see a lot of democrat get
5:49 pm
onboard, realize this is better than nafta. >> this is caroll roth. speaking of moving goal post, it is really bad t to retrade a del once you have agreed, this is a nonstarter. what is likely hood people don't really understand this. it seems this needs to get past, then go back -- get passed then go back and try to redo some points. >> you are right, if they go to renegotiate, it is hard to do in ordinary circumstances, we'll roll in to 2020 elect, canadians are going into election, to renegotiate a deal is almost impossible. i think that point will be made clear to a lot of democrats as the conversations happen. it is this deal or no deal. i will make a points, i have the
5:50 pm
reciprocal tradeack tha act, ife raise our tariffs to match theirs if they mess with us, this a great backstop for us to make sure there is fairness and equity with canada and mexico. >> congressman, do your colleagues in both parties understand in terms of biotechnology, biopharmaceutical this new agreement has protections that were not there before, and this is a pro future agreement. >> i agree, this is good with regard to dairy as well. i think there is a lot of good things that a lot of americans, republican or democrat like, but again, i think that taint on this package is that donald trump negotiated it. and hate for the president, i think -- that -- >> which strange since lighthizer went out of his way to negotiate with people like brown to try to bring him
5:51 pm
onboard on job protection. >> right, and even on auto industry, we guarantee salaries. it will not leave america to go to mexico for cheap labor, all good things. looking at outside labor groups, i don't think if they have been supportive, but they have not been negative, that a good sign for the deal. >> it will pass congress? >> i feel good about did right now. socialists and that wing will try to create a firestorm but most sound minded democrats will get onboard. >> what do you hear from the business leaders you talk with. i hear about people talk about an incremental improvement or more substantial improvement. >> we hear, that they want certainty, you know i'll take -- we'll argue whether incremental or more than.
5:52 pm
but bottom line cans that we're improving our deal, it would not have happened but for president trump say i'm going to renegotiate nafta and make a better deal for american workers, it is that. in the end. the unions and other democrats will come in say this is important, get onboard, get it done, this not about trump, this is about america. >> this is scott martin, improvement is word of the day hire, and reciprocation, thank you, i grew up in ohio they got ravaged by nafta, jobs, economic growth taken away. we're buying almost 80% of canada's and mexico's exports. don't we have the ability to work went that statist call range to lean on them a little bit to buy more of our stuff? >> absolutely, we're the biggest market, the biggest player. so again, i think that president did a good job negotiating it.
5:53 pm
you could always say, you could have done better in this space or that space. in the end we want improvement. this deal does that, bob quite e hizer -- quit. >> lighthizer and navarro are good on this. >> good luck, sean, thank you, sean duffy, congressman great to see you. >> thank you. david: forget new york city looming financial crisis, democrat mayor bill de blasio has a beef with public school lunches. what he wants to change, he says will save the whole planet. you don't'' to miss this, coming up next. to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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>> thinking about our kids individually, we want be them to be as healthy as they can be and
5:58 pm
learn as much as they can learn. we are talking about climate, the existential threat of global warming. this is something we do, another contribution to addressing global warming. david: bill deblasio connecting his meatless monday with saving the planet. >> i'm getting tired of all the new york this stuff. the government should stay out of our dining room and lunchroom. we all want to eat healthier but i cannot tell -- i don't want the government telling me what to eat. >> isn't this the hottest thing
5:59 pm
on the internet? keto. you have got to have your protein. >> see this extra children? this is from eating carrots. >> the real threat of cows is not the flatulence, it is the threat of people like him. >> i don't live here. but is this what you want your mayor focused on? do you have issues with transportation or anything else he should be focusing on? >> this mayor has increased the budget of new york more than any mayor in the history of new york city by 35%.
6:00 pm
the winner of the pun contest is steve forbes. he gets a free hamburger compliments much bill deblasio. >> i have no beef with that. david: thanks for watching "bulls and bears," we'll see you next time. president trump: we are going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and 737 max 9. any plane in the air will go to its destination and be grounded. the safety of the american people and all people is our paramount concern. liz: president trump ground all 737 max airplanes. both the dow


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