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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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states for decades. china is not our friend, and they are becoming a more dangerous enemy. lou: good night from new york. trish: brand-new fallout in the pay-to-play $25 million college access scam. lori loughlin joins if he isity huffman and d others in this nationwide scheme. we have new evidence this scandal is about to grow' much more. >> this video comes exclusively today as the socialist country enters day 8 with no power.
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you can see the lawlessness that ensues because of this desperation. a former advisor to bill clinton is here on record on this show calling for military action now. he's here in just moment. retired four-star general jack keane hasek cluesive intel on reports that china is offering to help venezuela restore power. bombshell testimony from lisa page's closed door hearing revealed. covington high school student nick sandmann filing a lawsuit against cnn for $275 million following the $250 million lawsuit he filed against "the washington post." "trish regan primetime" gibbs
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right now. new developments in the scandal rocking hollywood and the academic world. actress lori loughlin released on bail. using her home to make bail. the pay-for-play scandal is indeed this one. her husband has already posted bond of a million dollars along with actress felicity huffman. they along with four dozen others paid bribes in exchange for their children's admission into elite universities. reporter: one of the most of recognizable parents even snared in this college admissions
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cheating scandal went before a judge today. lori loughlin was taken into custody. she appeared in court getting a $1 million bond. she and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to have their daughters admitted to the university of southern california on the crew team. one wealthy media executives paid to have her son represent as a pole vaulter. one wealthy lawyer paid $75 thank you for a proctor to correct his daughter's answers. a casino owner paid $75,000 to
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falsify credentials. dozens of wealthy parents funneled money to and through the mastermind of the scheme, william rich singer of california. loughlin's daughter, a rising social media star faced backlash for one prior posting. >> i care about school. >> she later back tracked, tweeting that an education is also super important to me. prosecutors have declined to charge student because some of them were unaware of the scheme. but applicants who are part of the scheme will be denied at mission and a case by case *
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investigation will be conducted. >> . reporter: education secretary betsy devos weighed in saying students should be considered on their merit. >> we are looking closely at it and we'll see if any of the regulations we are responsible for have been broken. reporter: quite a few defendants will be making a cross-country delight to appear in court march 29. trish: there are hundreds of students who didn't get into the school they wanted to. the school they worked hard to get into because some of these parents decided to cut the line. and they are outraged. >> hard work. did me best, came out here.
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>> a representation of fairness in the admin process as a whole. >> i can't believe it. who would have thought some of the kids were break their way in. >> actors and ceos do that while the rest of versus to play by the rules. trish: here with reaction is george washington student and campus correspondent abigale marine. what are the kids saying about this. >> college admissions are as difficult today as ever. most of high school students worked really hard to get into the college we got into. we did extracurriculars, we took our own s.a.t.s and a.c.t.s, what a concept. if i heard that it was rejected from my dream of school because someone bought their way in, we
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have to ask what kind of lesson are parents teaching their kids. trish: it used to be your family had a lot of money and they paid for a new library. ' maybe they are not that smart but they are highly connected and their flame donated. this, however, is different. i'm not saying other stuff is excusable. but it's not the same as having someone take the s.a.t. for your child or dressing you're child up in sports gear to pretend they are an athlete when they never even played the sport. this goes beyond anybody's possible comprehension. by the also scares me. i think there is a generation, unfortunately, you are part of
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it, there is a generation where somehow there is a spot where you don't have to work that hard. things will get handed to you and you deserve for things to be handed to you. i think parents, this is the extreme example. but parents have played a role in that. do you see a lot of kids like that at school? >> i think your analysis of that is correct. it's a slap in the face for students like me self, and students across america who worked hard to get where they are without any assistance. more importantly it contributes to the idea that once you get into a specific college, whether your parents buy that for you, you are entitled to a certain income level. it's diminishing the idea of hard work. in my generation and fewture generations, it will have a negative impact on also sights.
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trish: it's even harder for kids stuck in the middle class or lower middle class or just the bottom. they are striving and trying to figure things out. and it's not that easy for them. they don't have the people sending them in the right directions to get into the street cliques and clubs and trite school. it puts them in a bigger disadvantage. but it's a shame. i think this speaks vols about where -- volumes about where we are in society and i for one don't like it. abigale, good luck. thank you for being on the show. coming up, a major development in the hillary clinton email scandal. we just learned top officials in the obama justice department instructed the fbi not to charge hillary clinton for mishandling
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classified information. tonight parts of venezuela still without power this evening. a full week without any kind of electricity. people have no food, they have no water, they have no light, they have no medicine. a former obama advisor is here and he's calling for military action. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life,
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trish: new transyou scripts released by the house judiciary
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committee confirmed obama's department of justice made dirt clear to the fbi they should not pursue charges against hillary clinton for keeping private information on her -- classified information on her private server. peter strzok and lisa page exchanged all those text messages leading up to the 2016 election, and they talked about some kind of insurance plan. they did not want donald trump elected. if he was elected, they had an insurance plan to deal with it. joining me to unravel the implications of this. chris, good to see you. does that kind of stuff happen? the doj tells the fbi, we don't want you charge hillary clinton with any of this.
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it will get too messy, stay away. >> it's not supposed to happen. the way it should have worked is the fbi conducted a thorough investigation and handed it over to the justice department without any interference during the course of the investigation. obviously that's not what happened here. we always suspected the doj was pulling the strings along with the comey inner circle. even worse than that, they pulled back on the reins with the upon days investigation and never allowed that to get out of the starting block. that was the more serious investigation. trish: why wouldn't they allow that to go forward? if you go to any of these events. you would meet more nigerian
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billionaires there. i said to myself, i said there was an instant legitimacy these people are given because they aring with photographed with bill clinton and they are somehow part of mainstream. but you had to pay a certain amount to the foundation, then suddenly you got that stamp of approval. we don't know what that entails or how much influence all that was having on the state department. but i would like to know. >> what they cited was the doj policies not to conduct an investigation of a candidate during an election cycle. you can do lots of investigating without going overt. there were three field officers doing initial work on it and it was looking fairly promising and
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it was never allowed to get out preliminary inquiries. trish: is that because they thought it was bad for the country or they wanted hillary clinton to win the election and didn't want anything to stand in her way. >> the lynch justice department was one of the most of political i have ever seen. they ever clearly running interference for clinton. the meeting on the tarmac. i'm not trying to do committaloo -- -- i'm not trying to do political commentary here. you can read the report and see where the justice department stepped in and even the igo called that out. trish: apparently they just
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wanted to talk about the grandkids. i don't think anyone believed that. there are so many questions surrounding this that we deserve to have answers to. at the same time there was a reluctance to do that perhaps for political reasons or perhaps because they night was bad for the country. when you look at this objectively, it's someone who worked at the fbi, what would you liked to have seen? >> i would have liked to see a thorough proactive investigation, sort of a gloves off investigation, turn over every rock, not -- and let the process work its way through. man this case i have to say, they gutted that statute that governs the handling of classified information. if you took their interpretation of that statute. all is lost in terms of protecting classified
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information. the gross negligence part of it, they took it out of the statute completely. trish: do you think it should be -- that the fbi should go back to that at all? has that ship sailed? >> on the email investigation i think jim comey has forever tainted any prosecution because the lead agency head came out and said this case was not prosecutable. he created a bullet-proof defense. on the foundation side investigation ought to go forward. that's a pay-to-play scheme where they ought to thoroughly investigate whether it was a pay-to-play scheme. i saw a lot of the pay-to-play schemes. trish: we are talking one with college entrances tonight. all kinds of rare yawtions of pay-to-play.
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i think americans deserve to know that. chris, good to see you. coming up. a major blackout crippling much of venezuela for a full week. instead of trying to find a solution, what is the socialist dictator doing? he's blaming us. the united states of america. somehow he says we caused the whole thing. he says it's our fault. new reports are china is offering to help the socialist dictator fix his electrical grid. what the heck is that all about? this noise coincidence. we are on it with retired four-star general jack keane. he's here with exclusive intel for us. former advisor to president bill clinton calling for it in action in venezuela.
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trish: as venezuela faces its 7th dave no power. we have reports that china is offering mat duro dictatorship help getting its power grid up and running. not juan guaido. china is attempting to aid nicolas maduro in his brutal socialist dictatorship. once again china is trying to stick it to the united states of america, this time by way of venezuela. the united states $has made it clear that nicolas maduro is not the leader of venezuela and he must leave the country. we say this because he stole that election and he has driven
8:27 pm
his country straight into the ground. venezuela has amazing natural resources. tremendous oil reserves. i have been there to the o orknw co-region. they have invested $60 billion in an attempt to get it. now some conspiracy theorists out there, there are nose that believe the united states is only interested in venezuela's oil. i have a newsflash. more oil from venezuela, it doesn't actually help u.s. oil companies. it depresses oil prices. you put all that oil on the market and oil prices go down. it's not necessarily a good thing for u.s. oil producers. that said, venezuela is
8:28 pm
strategically important. we don't want turi, iran and hezbollah with access to all that oil. so while we may not need or want all that oil from a strategic security standpoint, it matters. it matters that the others don't get it. we need to stay committed to the independent of maduro's regime it's important that nicolas maduro step aside. important for the people suffering amid a 90% poverty rate. and expected inflation of 10 million percent. can you even imagine anything like that? we can help and we want to help. but we need to have a partner that's going to do right by his or her people. venezuela need those free
8:29 pm
elections so they can freely elect a president. juan guaido is trying to deliver that. as such the people must demand, the vendian people need to demand the resignation of nicolas maduro. when he is gone, we'll be there. and we must remain committed to helping and assisting the development of freedom and democracy in a country just three miles from our shore. it's the right thing to do for us. here with me right now to react, retired four star general, chairman and fox news senior strategic analyst jack keane. the story keeps moving along. we are going on the 8th day with no power in venezuela.
8:30 pm
i spoke with juan guy dote other night, and he said he declared a national emergency. and he does have the hour with the assembly to ask for foreign help. that would be article 187 of the venezuelan constitution. he can ask for outside foreign military assistance. given what we are seeing there where people don't have access to clean water, food and medicine, they have no lights. do you think he need to do that? and if so, will we help? >> i don't think we are prepared to help yet. i think what our country is going to take a note from is where is the region on this? have we exhausted all the alternatives before we go to military force? clearly the united states has the capacity to make a continues
8:31 pm
here militarily as we did in 1989 and panama and haiti. even though this military has more capability than what we were dealing with there. but that's not the issue. before the united states takes military intervention, it wants some political consensus among the countries in the region before that act is taken. as you suggest, the president of venezuela starts to appeal for military intervention. that will start to have some impact to be sure on the countries in the region and also on the white house. so that will be taken under advisement. trish: one would think he would wait until he had information that we were ready and willing and able to do that. we are looking to the region and
8:32 pm
say colombia and brazil, is this what you want? we saw the lima group didn't want to vote to back up what they were saying. something being circulated on the internet. something that's being said. [speaking spanish] what they are saying, if there is military intervention there will be a lot of deaths. but if there is none, nobody effectively wants to live. that's the state venezuela is now in. it's a criminal state with criminals running. , colectivos running around terrifying neighborhood. people don't have the basic necessities, so what kind of life is that? >> the united states i believe
8:33 pm
is waiting for the full impact of the sanctions they are imposing. as we all witnessed with sanctions imposed elsewhere, they take longer than just what the signature on a piece of paper implies. even something as close as citgo to the united states, it will take time for that to impact. and it is beginning to impact now. the other thing is there is a strategic struggle taking place between the united states and the democratic countries in the world, in south america and europe. and the authoritarian regimes that line up with maduro. who are they? russia? china, iran, nicaragua. and cuba. the only one that provided tangible assistance since the
8:34 pm
crisis has begun is cuba. they have provided certainly military assistance in the way of paramilitary forces and goons in leadership and mentorship to the regime. the other countries offering to fiction the utility problem in has been no direct offer of assistance from those countries, i think for obvious reasons. trish: they would have to deal with us, being annoyed by it. china is willing to help on the electricity front. is that their attempt to get in the way of things and maybe show that they have some influence, especially about they try to deal with us on the trade front? >> i think it's more symbolic than anything else. the power is beginning to come back. there is a gradual return of power. obviously venezuela's engineers
8:35 pm
are being able to fix the technical problems we had. completely discard the fact the accusation the united states committed a cyber attack here that would have direct impact on the venezuelan people. that's false and silly. the united states government has -- if anything i have been cite california our government in not responding to cyber attacks on our country by adversaries and being more offensive to what we can do to them in return for those cyber attacks. china has an investment they are trying to protect. they have $20 billion in debt they own. china has been talking to the guaido government. they did it with their officials in new york city.
8:36 pm
the reason for that is obvious. if the regime changes, they want to continue to do business with these guys. trish: at least you know you are dealing with players who are lrnlg cal and want to get repaid. general keane, thank you very much. coming up. the liberal media jumping to conclusions when this video first went viral. the left painting this covington high school student as the aggressor. of course, he's wearing make america great hat, so that must mean he's an aggressor. it fits the anti-trump narrative. we know there was a whole lot more to this encounter. one major network has been slapped with a defamation lawsuit. find out which one and how much when we return.
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trish: the high school student who came the target of total outrage is suing cnn for $275 million on the heels of his loud with the "washington post" for $250 million. attorneys for nick sandmann alleges they aggravated false claims of racial conduct against this 16-year-old. sandman and his classmates were accused of initiating this confrontation. but a longer video shows the kids were verbally accosted by another group shouting at them. >> the troubling scene many people are calling racist blade
8:42 pm
out in washington on the steps of the lincoln memorial. some students ma ration an older man, a vietnam vet. the video speaks for itself. >> it was incredibly racist and disrespectful. >> it sound like the main one standing right in the face of the independent yanl american leader is regretting his action. he does not look like someone appreciative and considerate of the clant going on. >> i blame that on the [bleep] kid. what a smirk face. trish: the family has sued "the washington post" for $250 million and the family says more may be coming next. i start with saying, how do you prove that cnn and the post
8:43 pm
intentionally defamed your client? >> clearly they defamed our client. the reason it was intentional is they had the facts at their dispostal and they continued to report false facts. the videos that showed the whole story came out early saturday. cnn's reporting indicates they were aware of the longer form video. exactly when they realized the it they had it we don't know. but by sunday they had not retracted their story when they knew that they had. trish: what about the initial production of this video coming out and the initial things that were said. i find this troubling on many
8:44 pm
levels. i don't like to see news organizations getting hit with lawsuits when they are trying to cover the news in veal time. but i would point out, this is a 16-year-old kid whose face was plastered all over the international air ways. and people said some horrible stuff about him. that's something he'll have to live with the rest of his life. and your reputation is important. and he saw his drug right through the mud. i see this from a lot of different sides. how are you going to approach this legally. what can you point to to say they were intentionally causing him harm. >> we don't have to prove it was intentional harm. we have to prove it was negligence. the facts as you flortd your
8:45 pm
introduction were false. at the initial recording they didn't do any thorough investigation. they took a short clip of a viral video and treated it as if it were the truth without anything anything more. that's journalistic malpractice. trish: if they were taking a viral video and putting it out there without understanding the context around it. we have responsibility in news organizations. you are talk about a 16-year-old child. >> that's a critical factor. being a minor he enjoys special protection. you have to treat minors with special care. and clearly cnn did not. cnn goes into 191 million
8:46 pm
households and 450 million worldwide. and they took a story and took a position on a story and ran with it without together reporting necessary and without regard for the fact that nicolas maduro was a 16-year-old man. trish: you may have more lawsuits coming. >> absolutely. we are look at additional lawsuits, as many as 10-12. we'll roll those out from here going forward once a month. trish: exclusive video coming to us from venezuela. desperate and hungry venezuelans looting a food warehouse. this video coming to us exclusively as national guard members helplessly look on. you have a food warehouse, they don't have any food.
8:47 pm
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trish: venezuela nearing a terrifying 8th day of blackouts. there is no food, no water, no services, hospitals are closed. people are dying. people are desperately searching for water. you see them on the side of the road trying to get some. take a look at this. this is video sent exclusively today. you see mass looting of a food warehouse. understandable. these people are desperate and they need to eat. there is total lawlessness. meanwhile the five american hostages and green cardholders being held in a caracas prison have not received any food there for three days. and the families are getting really worried. joining me, author of "the
8:52 pm
threat closer to home," former white house advisor under president clinton, mr. doug schoen. you have got conditions getting worse by the day. what should we do? >> we need to seriously consider a military intervention. ideally a multi national one with substantial participation by latin american nations. but let's be clear. this is a humanitarian crisis of the worst order. russians, the cubans, the chinese are all propping up maduro. people are dying. you know it. you have been singular in reporting this. we cannot let this go on. sanctions may well not be enough. trish: you see this kind of crisis. people are in the sewer right there in that raid joe we are
8:53 pm
look at trying to get water to bathe themselves. no food, no medicine, no power. and by the way, no normalcy there. the colectivos, the cuban-backed thugs terrorizing neighborhoods. you see them riding their motorcycles. he's called on them to go out and patrol things. not the actual army there. the colectivos, it's complete lawlessness. >> we should tell maduro, tell the cubans, tell the russians. tell the chinese that we and as many latin american and like-minded partners from western europe will go in with a humanitarian effort first and make it clear that we can't have five americans who are
8:54 pm
completely innocent of any wrongdoing in their jails. they can't get away with it. it doesn't work. it doesn't stand. trish: we said all that. >> we said it but we haven't followed through with action. we need to do something. remember john bolton had 5,000 troops on a piece of yellow paper for colombia? we need to embolden the colombians. we need to be able to send troops there and forcibly open borders. we need to get food in, we need to act, not just talk. trish: what do you say to those, there are a few in the democratic party, ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez who would disagree with what you are saying, none of our business, we shouldn't be bothered. >> we americans need to and for something, freedom, liberty, the
8:55 pm
basic necessities of life. we can't stand up for the basic norms of our society. then i say we are not anything. we don't stand for anything. and the three that you mentioned, they don't really stand for the kind of core values of freedom, liberty and democracy that i and for. i don't doubt their patriotism or compassion. i do doubt their compassion. i doubt their commitment to what i believe and i think it' just plain wrong. trish: and i think they are ignorant of the facts. >> they don't want to understand, trish. out, they wat me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now...
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-- her father's one of the five citizens being held in tonight in venezuela as a hostage in prison by nicolas maduro. the hostages have not had food in three days. the conditions are horrific. she will be here to talk about her concerns for her father tomorrow. we will see you then. kennedy: we've got a huge newsnight brewing. boeing 737 max 's grounded in the s. college admissions scam is getting worse by the hour and paul manafort sentenced to more jail time. first up, could be the bombshell we've all been waiting for. confirmation the obama doj did everything they could to protect hillary clinton in order to beat now president, donald trump. i guess it didn't work and the evidence is finally beginning to see the light of day. do you remember lisa paige? she's a former fbi attorney who is having a torr


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