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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 14, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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work in a general election. >> kristin tate, we love having on. come back soon. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. our top stories, 12 rinos in the senate joined radical dimms to block the president emergency declaration. the effect of the rino votes against president trump as all 12 of them on the side of radical dimms in favor of open borders, unrestrained illegal immigration, deadly drugs and sex trafficking. president trump vows to secure the southern border. and to defend america and americans. >> under legal scholars they all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important, the border security vote.
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it is pure and for border security, low crime, this was put in by democrats and the republicans did not fight hard enough. it was a long time before me. we have to catch and release, chain migration and all things that are horrible and the world is laughing at the laws that were passed with respect to us. and we're going to have a very strong border very soon. lou: those 12 reckless disloyal rinos in the senate rendered all the more senseless because they cannot override the president veto. senate minority leader chuck schumer threatened to wage an unending war about the very border wall that was demanded by the american people. >> the president should be proud that he stood up to north korea. and walked away. he will be proud if he does the same with china. unless president xi jinping
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makes enduring, verifiable reforms.of china's economic and trade policies. lou: we take it all uptight with house freedom caucus member, congressman buck. republican strategists ed rollins joins us in -- newly released testimony shows just how corrupt fbi agent, peter strzok was. he was willing to go to cover up democratic crimes and subvert the president and doug collins, the congressman who made the strong testimony public warns that the plot against the president continues and the mueller witchhunt goes on. even after his investigation concludes. if it ever does. attorney -- dylan joins us to talk about the deep state corruption, the russia witchhunt and also israel seems on the verge of war. after palestinian rockets from gaza fired on tel aviv.
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former white house national security council chief of staff, with us tonight. our top story presented rinos go rogue on capital. 12 republicans in name only, defected to vote with open border radical dimms to vote against the president emergency declaration. the final 59 ã41 vote, the resolution to the presidents desk where he vows to use his first veto to defeat it. and while the house is expected to hold an override vote on the 26th, there at least he will be 40 votes short of the two thirds majority required to reversed the decision. tonight the president said quote - i look forward to vetoing the just passed democratic inspired resolution. which would open borders while increasing crime, drugs and trafficking in our country. i think all of the strong
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republicans that voted to support border security and are desperately needed wall. in the oval office, with the prime minister earlier, the president said the highest number of illegals are being arrested at the southern border in the decade proving the system is at a breaking point. >> the border patrol, they are at capturing, catching, grabbing, they are doing whatever they have to do. thousands of people, thousands of illegal aliens a month. and we are catching then and keeping them. we are not doing release. we don't have the bed space. we don't have the room and we do not have the funding to build this space because we have ridiculous laws. >> joining us tonight, congressman -- also member of the house freedom caucus, congressman, good to have you with us. first, your reaction to the vote, the senate vote. 12 republicans are casting
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their vote with radical dimms that oppose border security. enforcement of the immigration laws, call for the removal of the immigration and enforcement agency.the list goes on. your reaction? because i'm disappointed. i'm not surprised because i've been here four years and i've seen the senate act this way on a number of occasions. i am disappointed republicans did not stand with the president. we clearly have an emergency at the border. congress delegated this authority to the president. just such a circumstance where drugs coming across, we have dangerous gang members coming across. we need border security. the president has tried his very best to work with congress and has not succeeded and i think the president made the right move by declaring emergency and congress should support him on that. lou: what is wrong with the republican party? we look at these 12 senators, they are rinos, they are
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contemptible. as well because they are betraying the president, the party, they are making really no sense whatsoever. and they are vowing to the force of expedient politics. it is really sickening to watch how it is to -- how is it to be there on capitol hill with them? the price is sickening. a number of them have voted against the president because they believe that there is a constitutional fix that needs to occur. a number of other republicans that voted against the president just believe that we should be more lax in our treatment of immigration in this country. either way, the effect of the same. more drugs will come across. more dangerous people come across and the country is put at risk. lou: congressman, let me go to doug collins who has had the courage to release without the equivalent of the justice department transcripts from the testimony of peter strzok, lisa
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paige, the bruce ohr transcripts this is a remarkable bid for transparency. and the american people i think should acknowledge -- well, his courage in doing so. your thoughts? >> i agree with you. collins is the ranking member of the judiciary committee. he made a very courageous move. i think the american public needs to understand that the senior leadership at the fbi, not the rank and file fbi agents but the senior leadership at the fbi was biased against president trump and for hillary clinton. that is absolutely something that has to be rooted out and changed. we rely on law enforcement to be unbiased. we rely on them to be fair.i sat in all three of the depositions and i can tell you from the demeanor of the witnesses, as well as the statements, it was clear that they had an agenda to go after this president during the campaign. lou: it is clear and also
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clear, congressman collins today saying this about what is likely to ensue following the pending mueller report. if we can listen to this. >> i have heard a lot of my colleagues across the aisle talk about what they believe should be in this report. well maybe i have a problem and maybe what happens when it comes back and says, none of this was true. the president did not do anything wrong. then the meltdown will occur. lou: and jerry nadler, adam schiff, will go absolutely nut . your thoughts? >> i think the democrats have overpromise to their base. over promised there constituents on this report and the president's actions. it is clear to me that if there was true collusion between the president himself and the russians or agents acting on behalf of the russians, we
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would have heard about that by now. there may be some interesting things that come out of the report. i do not believe we will see the type of evidence that the democrats have been selling for the last two years. and it's really disgraceful. we have tried to move good legislation in this congress and have been distracted by the kind of nonsense that democrats are trying to create to go after this president. sometimes we had to say this is a legitimate president. he's doing great things for countries economy and otherwise. and we need to as americans, get behind him. lou: we said all of that. on january 20, 2017. >> yes. lou: it seems to be nothing but a ruse for the radical dimms that me to subvert this president and overthrow him as president. congressman, it is good to have you with us. we thank you for being steadfast and a leader by example for the party. thanks so much, congressman buck.>> thank you. lou: up next the left-wing national media seems to have a
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preferred candidate for 2020. i wonder who that could be. >> he is in. beto o'rourke and nothing is entering the 2020 race. what shake up the democratic primary. >> if he's able to sort of bring up all of this energy and really excite people. >> he's had a glowing start. >> the candidacy, winning the endorsement of celebrities like beyoncc. >> seeing him is like a jesus christ superstar seeing him in front of people. it's like a celebrity about him. lou: all this missing was the -- after the break we will take up this awe-inspiring, extraordinary superstar that has just landed on planet earth. we will be right back.
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i know you thought i would never mention his name again. he never supported president trump. he actively worked to undermine, undercut and betray him at every turn. and the president is now willing to acknowledge it publicly. president trump telling breitbart, the former speaker blocked subpoenas of radical dimms during the first two
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years of his administration. ryan shut down numerous attempts to investigate corruption and collusion. by the democrats before finally turning over the gavel, some nine months after he resigned to radical dim, nancy pelosi that he helped put in the job. joining is now former reagan white house political director, fox business clinical analyst, ed rollins. new york post columnist, fox business contributor, did i mention pulitzer prize winning columnist? you like when i do that. >> no, i love it! [laughter] lou: i like it too. good to see you. thank you gentlemen for being here. let's start with the house. this house is right now lost. we are watching these incredible votes to release the mueller report, before it is given out. the senate, there is some question there including lindsey graham.
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what do you make of it, ed? >> bottom line is you need to 18 votes to change a law in the house. they want to change the special prosecutor laws. they cannot make the justice department basically change the rules. the special report, that goes to the attorney general and he goes and makes the determination. lou: this is a resolution to break the law. >> absolutely. but look at what's happened. the present yesterday, they voted against the policy, basically today, 15. lou: they were going to run foreign policy. >> all members voted against the proposition. and on the cusp of doing that, you know my sense is that they have to get them bike choke collars and get them back in the game. lou: who's going to jerk mcconnell 's color?
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they are talking about taking the presidents powers or declare an emergency throw back in 1876 act that so empowered him by the congress and senate of the united states of course. what is going on in washington d.c. on capitol hill? >> well, lou, the other part of that interview that the president gave breitbart, he talked about, not just the subpoenas but how the democrats stick together and they are tougher on these issues. republicans talk about it but then they always sort of fold at the end. democrats are more united at the end of the day they really tougher. and i think all the more reason why the president himself has to start getting tough about some of the documents. that he's been sitting on that go to the -- to release the because i think -- lou: doug collins example here. do it! >> yes! and for the life of me, i do not understand why the president has not done this. because he has said -- lou: you know as well as i, there are a number of theories about lying and he things it
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will be politically advantageous. whatever it may be, has to be the president of transparency. >> yes. lou: has to be the man standing for the american working men and women. the forgotten american, the middle class. those that aspire to it. if i need see another picture of him with -- and to watch him sitting next to tim cook, these phony baloney co's, it infuriates the base and annoys the hell out of me for the record. he just -- >> and you can see -- lou: that's who put him in office and that is where he has a natural affinity and natural talent. >> even to the premise of the beginning of the campaign, they are encouraging him, to go out and do rallies.
7:19 pm
>> he spending of geniuses table in the white house that will undercut everything. >> he is invigorated, he invigorates them and that is what he needs to do. he needs to take the 30 states that he won last time and make sure everyone of them again. >> when he was 12 senators like he did today on a real signature issue, at a crucial moment, it is a sign of weakness. i think he needs to recognize that he does not have control of the party. and -- lou: the cowards that they are here they are not standing up for their president. their nesting effort principal, they are not standing for the safety of the american people. they are supporting sex trafficking across the border. >> all the more reason why he needs to go out and rally the people that do support those things. >> and layout for every person who those guys are.lou: and this cute s.o.b. that walked in
7:20 pm
with a great idea that walked in with this mumbo-jumbo about another solution to an economy that is roaring. people who are ready to achieve their destiny. tell them to go away. gently. and just do it nicely. but get them out of your office. who are these people? >> this is his strength so let's go get it. lou: what should he do with these 12 turkeys that voted against him? >> look at everything in the district and make sure they don't get what they want. for starters. >> putting them through primary if they're close enough. several potentially in the primary. >> three of them were worried about the primaries. >> i think though, he has to be careful not to lose the senate in 2020. i think that is such --
7:21 pm
lou: he lost the senate today. >> he lusted on this issue today. but i don't think is necessarily lost -- lou: the security and the sovereignty of the united states and he lost all senators who i think ought to be held accountable. >> i do too. but here's the lineup -- lou: the american people have got -- this is a president that is historical, he has achieved so much. someone in the last 60 days has gone to the president and convinced him to experiment with the base. and it is a terrible -- >> cannot experiment with the base. his margin is a small margin. he has to make sure every single person that -- he goes and does again. >> i think this has unnerved the white house. i do not think they know how to handle it yet. have not figured out their responses. the president has talked about various things but i think there is not a consistent follow-through on anything yet. lou: well, with that. you get the last word. >> it's up to him. he got elected, he'll get reelected.
7:22 pm
all of the policies including the tax plan that ryan raises his. reality is, this issue is the number one issue and all of the republicans argue about constitutional issues, it is bs. let's get the job done. lou: i think the president should invite ryan back to the white house for a quiet talk in the oval office. [laughter] just joking. just kidding, of course!thank you very much michael, thank you very much. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments, follow me on twitter, follow me on instagram. ever so gently. always gently! up next, peter strzok corruption and testimony to congress and how it further undermines the integrity of the fbi and the department of justice. and attorney joseph s. before the break the u.s. national debt has not gone away. 22 trillion and rising. stay with us.
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committee member, congressman doug collins today released the transcript of disgraced former fbi agent peter strzok. he defended lisa paige and it made him vulnerable to possible recruitment by intelligence services. the anti-trump text messages led to their removal from special counsel robert mueller 's legal team. during his tonight, managing partner at the dillon law group, rnc committee woman for the great state of california, great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: first, your reaction to the congressman releasing the transcripts, it looks to me
7:28 pm
like not only transparency but for the american way. your thoughts. >> absolute. real glad to see the information. it is shocking at multiple levels what went on. but it's great to finally see in their own words what these folks did and what they were up to. was really striking to me is that we have seen the lower level players here where we see andrew mccabe. we have not really gone to the ringleaders of the whole conspiracy and andrew mccarthy had it piece today where he points out that president obama had communicated with hillary clinton and his emails were likely on that server and the fix was in early in 2016 ray before it got down to the lower level characters. and so we still have not seen the end of the story. lou: and important, the white house making it very clear to the top officials at the fbi, certainly, through it invalidated some of the text that the white house wanted to be kept completely informed. on their operations. so a lot of questions that had not been pursued that bag for
7:29 pm
that pursuit. your judgment about andrew wiseman, the lead counsel for robert mueller and the team leaving. your thoughts and what it might signify. >> good riddance. he should never been involved in the process to start with. he has a history of prosecutions that have run over justice. folks like arthur anderson and united states supreme court reversed 9-0 on that. this could mean the investigation is winding to an end and second, he was in charge of some of the successful if you will, parts of the prosecution with rick gates and paul manafort and maybe also sort of move before the real mess opens up in the investigation with the report and what it finds or doesn't find. i think that's what's going on there. lou: i want to underline part of what harmeet dhillon just said. arthur anderson.
7:30 pm
wiseman, michael chertoff, their decision to go after the firm and indict them, destroy the jobs of 85,000 americans. it is a calamity and a tragedy that they authored. in this team of lawyers that robert mueller sound bold, including mueller himself, very checkered background of aggressive prosecution and not a lot of regard for in my opinion, constraint in the law or prosecution. >> i totally agree with you. the history of the entire team our people with this type of background. the department of justice, it is not the department of convictions, prosecutions and plea agreements. prosecutors are meant to use their discretion and judgment
7:31 pm
to go after only crimes and criminals where they believe that justice will be done. the author anderson situation is one where they made up a law to notch their belt with a win regardless of the human carnage that occurred. this situation is the same. you know, sending paul manafort to jail for the rest of his life effectively. for doing something that the podesta brothers do every day and many other in washington do every day. it's outrageous and it is not just. so you know, we will see what happens with the investigation but it reeks of injustice from day one. lou: we are going to find out how much justice william barr can bring to the attorney general's office. and the department. speaking of criminals, gavin newsom, the governor of the good state giving a reprieve to all of the death row inmates, hundreds of them.
7:32 pm
your reaction? >> this is wrong on multiple levels, lou. i mean that is an understatement obviously. even in just his recent election, he just got elected. he did not run on this issue. he said he would leave it up to the voters and then he did not do that. in fact, he's had a pattern of doing this. he did this with the gay marriage situation, proposition eight when he was the mayor in san francisco, the voters of california rejected the position that he announced this week, twice in the last six years. he is ignoring the will of the voters.he's ignoring the victims. california has strong statutory rights for victims.victims and their families, they were present in all of these murder convictions.there are special rules to protect the guilty and the accused with juries. during all that aside, 700 people on death row getting this gift from the governor. it is an outrage and travesty of justice. lou: harmeet dhillon, thank you. always good to have you here.
7:33 pm
>> thank you. lou: up next, an israeli city on high alert. rockets fired over tel aviv. we'll have the story. also taught american brass saying technology companies like google are supporting china's military. that's interesting. google does not want to support hours. we take it up after the break. national security expert, ben flight is with us. stay with us. him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. (get-together, especially after ibeing diagnosed last yearto go with my friends to our annual with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.
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action lawsuit filed over a massive college admissions cheating scam. the lawsuits targeting the confessed conman at the center of the scheme, nick's singer is always more than a half-dozen universities. arguing that qualified college hopefuls paid admission fees while unqualified students were being let in through fraud, bribery, cheating and dishonesty. huawei pleading not guilty to charges of relating u.s. trade sanctions against iran. the indictment filed in a
7:38 pm
brooklyn federal court the chinese telecoms giant accused of using a hong kong front company to conduct their business. their cfo remains in vancouver canada awaiting extradition to the united states. and for the first time since 2014, two rockets fired at the israeli city of tel aviv triggering air raid warning sirens, the israeli defense forces confirming both rockets were fired.from hamas -controlled gaza. they said they have just started strikes against those terror sites in gaza just minutes ago. joining me now, the national security expert barrett, present for security and policy fred, great to have you. a lot to consider tonight in national security. and that is what's let's begin first with, the strikes that the israelis are now conducting against the terrorist sites in
7:39 pm
gaza. your reaction? >> first of all, lou, do not mess with israel. second of all, this is the same israeli government that congresswoman omar and rashida tlaib are defending. israel spun by enemies they fight aggressively to defend their security. thus we should think about when we hear from ill-informed people in congress saying otherwise. lou: and in counterpoint, the united states without response to our relentless cyber attacks by the chinese over the course of the last five years. during period those attacks they did not respond, did not carry out counter strikes and defense contractors as well. many cases, some of those defense contractors not even acknowledging or reporting that they had been under cyber attack by china.
7:40 pm
is that because in your judgment, fred, the united states is incapable of responding? a counterattack, and effective counter attack and cyberspace against china? >> i think there's a lot to go around. first of all according to the wall street journal story on the issue, defense contractors for the navy were supposed to self-report the cyber vulnerabilities and compromises. can you imagine that? lou: fred, actually, the obama administration, the united states navy, the defense department responsible. what idiot would think that a defense contractor would automatically comply with such a voluntary suggestion of reporting when in fact, billions of dollars are on the line and they would not want to jeopardize it. it was a fools incident if you
7:41 pm
will. >> exactly repute is not the worst part of this article but you know, i'm really concerned about our intelligence agencies. we stood up four separate intelligence offices since 2009 to defend us against cyber attacks. the pentagon has one, the cia, dni, department of homeland security, nsa, fbi involved. do these guys dropped the ball? and are they cooperating? we are spending tens of billions of dollars on cyber defense and we need to get to the bottom of, is the money being well spent? lou: well, i can answer that, i believe! the fact is that there has been no penalty for those constant, unrelenting cyber attacks by china. there has been no consequence. there has been no punishment. no counterstrike. my god! what in the world of their government doing? >> you know, i do not know if you remember the story about an air force counterintelligence
7:42 pm
officer indicted last month for defecting to iran. a great article was written in the wall street journal about how outrageous this was. and how this case was bungled so badly he entitled the article, and indictment exposes america's witless intelligence agencies. the head of our counterintelligence service, wrote an angry little referring to the article as, uninformed and say is just an occasional know, it is bad enough these things are happening. but when -- lou: so like the british aristocracy in the 19th century informing that -- >> is not just that it happens is that our officials are in denial. i mean this guy -- lou: we cannot have -- we cannot afford to have those officials what can we do? the american people have to know they have time for their chiefs to go entered the mystic
7:43 pm
politics attacking the president of the united states but not sufficient time nor talent to effectively defend the nation against cyber attacks. >> overall, bill gertz says we are spending $60 billion in counterintelligence a year. that money has to be accounted for. and i think more than that, we have to look for the entire u.s. intelligence program to see where the counterintelligence is prioritizing. i can tell you my working intelligence i was a cia analyst for 19 years. counterintelligence was not a party. it was with some considered an annoyance to intelligence officials. lou: well, bless the little darlings heart. nice to have that capability. and for the president to have at his disposal and arsenal of resources with which to respond to china. fred, thank you so much as always. we appreciate it. fred fleitz. up next, toyota planning a multimillion dollar investment in the united states.
7:44 pm
that story and more good news right after the break. the trump campaign, marc lotter. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪
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7:47 pm
closing, the dow done
7:48 pm
someplace, s&p down and the nasdaq also down 13. on the big born a modest three and half billion shares. crude oil however, up a full percent to $59 a barrel. gold down a present, silver also down. down in nearly 2 percent. toyota upping the investment in the united states. toyota pledging another $750 million adding 600 new jobs in five u.s. factories. toyota invested nearly $13 billion over the next two years.a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. doing this now, marc lotter, director of strategic communication for the trump 2020campaign. former press secretary to vice president mike pence. great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: the parties struggling right now. 12 senators .12 senators
7:49 pm
voting against this president. voting against border security, voting against the wall, voting for sex trafficking, human smuggling, the corruption of the cartels up and down a 2000 mile god! what is the republican party going to do? >> is definitely disappointing but many of the senators also say they support border security. they support the wall. this is more of a procedural thing. lou: do you think they are lying? >> in fact, it has the impact of nothing. it is meaningless, it will be missing one key signature. that is the president of the united states. basically, it is a piece of paper that's not worth anything right now.the wall will continue to be built. the president will hold strong. and he isrocksolid on the legality of the national emergency . there was, i've seen a letter from legal experts from state attorneys general. all backing up the president's position on this. he is rocksolid on it. lou: i'm not worried about the
7:50 pm
president. i'm worried about the 12 senators who think they can lie about being for border security. they think they they can lie about being for the wall. who think they can lie about the constitutionality issue. when in point of fact, national security is the purview of the president of the united states. i'm worried about a party that is not punishing of that kind of betrayal of the president and leader of a party. >> i take a look at the overall record, not just this one individual vote. you know, we've had our republicans on capitol hill -- lou: i am tempted to say to you is there anything that you cannot rationalize?[laughter] you have a 30,000 foot perspective and a granule perspective. >> we look at the overall results we're approving justices and judges, the tax reform, rolling back regulations. so many great things. there are areas where he definitely in lockstep with a
7:51 pm
republican friends on capitol hill. there are areas where sometimes we don't quite get where we would like to be. that's why you have such a strong leader in president trump who says, i'm going to do it anyway. and here is the legal way to do it. i told the american people is going to build a wall. secure the border, stop the drugs, stop trafficking and he's going to do it. lou: you know he's been betrayed all the way through the process by the republican party. by paul ryan, who without question, lied to him. he finally acknowledged publicly, the president did. the party is filled with these rinos who are working against the countries interest. working for the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers, wall street. i mean, where is that going to end and what is the party going to do? what is this president going to do? 2020, because he cannot put up with this kind of nonsense. >> i think we've seen especially here in recent times, that the candidates
7:52 pm
stand next to the president, stand with our president, are the ones that are most likely to be elected and reelected and when you have candidates who tried to distance themselves from the president, the voters react negatively. this is going to be another one of those opportunities. but i will tell you, the president will continue pushing forward. he will continue pushing his agenda forward and you will have areas of agreement moving forward. this again was more of a gesture, it is not worth the paper it was printed on without the president's signature. he's not going to have it. we will continue pressing forward and will continue looking for those areas where we can continue to act on the president's agenda and move forward. lou: all right, well that is reassuring. especially when you see a phenomenon. i mean a magical figure that has descended upon -- onto the earth in the form of beto o'rourke. i mean -- the, the hyperbole was just working overtime today. on the left wing media, they
7:53 pm
seem enthralled with the fellow. should all the other democrats just step aside and let him be the nominee? >> i'm sure that he would prefer that but i have a feeling none of them are going to do it. lou: he says he was born for this! [ácustomá the thing is it really doesn't matter. the president eluded today, it doesn't really matter who they vote for. especially when you're people like you to work and you have all of the others out there who on day one are endorsing the green new deal, socialism. when you have the leadership of the afl cio coming up to see the green new deal will cost millions of hard-working americans their jobs, impact their families. we are against it. and on day one that's what you endorse? lou: get with the times!you
7:54 pm
don't need to worry about jobs if the government is paying for everything. if all of that is free, it's a whole new paradigm. you have to work at this new vista that has been created. the architecture of the future. >> is a magical place, a magical place where jobs -- they said it would take magic. the president is just bringing jobs back, manufacturing, auto jobs. [laughter] lou: referring to president obama had a magical wand to create this growth. excess of three percent. this president obviously with all of the powers necessary to unleash this economy. marc lotter, always good to talk with you and have a little fun. [laughter] thank you so much. we appreciate it. up next, senate rinos just love to betray the president and subvert his agenda. including his declaration of a national emergency.don't worry about the national security. do not worry about sovereignty.
7:55 pm
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lou: 12 rinos in the senate voting with the radical dems. >> i'm disappointed that republicans didn't stand with the president. we clearly have establish emergency at the border. congress delegated this authority to the president in just such a circumstance. we have drugs coming across. we have dangerous gang members coming across. we need border security. lou: the white house says president trump will likely veto the resolution tomorrow. president trump says we'll have news on china, the changa trade deal over the next 3 to 4 weeks.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. social media stars diamond and silk. general jack keane among our guests tomorrow. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: the first of probably more lawsuits has been filed in if the nalsive college scam that rocked this country. a pair of stanford students claimed the scam has cheapened the value of their degree. venezuela tonight still in the dark. nearing day 9 of no power. you heard former advisor to bill clinton doug schoen saying now is the time for military action. >> we need to do something demonstrative. remember john bolton had 5,000 troops on a piece of yellow paper f


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