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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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that's it for us tonight. social media stars diamond and silk. general jack keane among our guests tomorrow. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: the first of probably more lawsuits has been filed in if the nalsive college scam that rocked this country. a pair of stanford students claimed the scam has cheapened the value of their degree. venezuela tonight still in the dark. nearing day 9 of no power. you heard former advisor to bill clinton doug schoen saying now is the time for military action. >> we need to do something demonstrative. remember john bolton had 5,000 troops on a piece of yellow paper for colombia?
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we need to embolden the colombians. and we need to be able to send troops there, forcibly open borders. we need to get food in. we need to act, not just talk. trish: we are going to talk to a retired general who agrees with doug schoen. mr. strzok in his closed door testimony saying the fbi did not have access to the private emails because of a deal she struck with the justice department that blocked access to her server. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. trish: students fighting back, filing the first lawsuits in
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that scandal with rich and famous parents. the pair of stanford students suing these eight elite colleges say their degrees are now tarnished by the scandal and worth less. they claim future employers may question whether they have been admitted to this university based on their own ability or their parents' payout. >> the class action complaint was filed in federal court in san francisco. you have two original students claiming they were victimized by the rich and famous students who bribed to get their children into the school. one student said she would not have paid the application fee
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had she known about this bribery scandal. the schools took the admission fees without failing to take adequate steps to make sure the admission process was free of fraud, bribery, cheating and dishonesty. you you have the colleges on the flip side casting themselves as victims as well. there is a usc statement saying illegal activity was carried out by individuals who went to great lengths to conceal their actions from the university. one such student from usc is olivia jade. the daughter of actress lori loughlin, accused in the case. olivia jade said this on her youtube channel. >> i don't know how much of school i'm going attend. i want the experience of game days and partying. i don't really care about
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school, as you guys all know. reporter: that's one example of young students who was able to benefit. she is still a student. if you applied to any of the 8 schoolings named in this loud between 2012 and 2018 you may qualify to join this class action complaint. trish: we are getting reports that both of the daughters of lori loughlin have pulled out, left the university of southern california on their own accord. realizing if they didn't leave, they were going to get kicked out. one of the universities wrapped up in all this, carson is a freshman at yale. first of all to you on this breaking news that both girls have pulled out of usc. i'm betting you are not
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surprised. >> i'm not surprised at all. i think meritorious student have been disinfran chieds from their roles in the universities. in their application process. these two girls took part in the bribing scheme. and i think it's less than fair to he withdraw from the university. they took more from a lot of the students that applied than just their admission spots. hopes and dreams. trish: a couple of girls who could actually row crew. they pretended they could row and they became recruits to the usc crew team. this is bonkers. i say wait a second. did they have any responsibility? do we just blame entirely the parents? what about the kids who took an
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s.a.t. test knowing it wasn't actually them taking the test. at this point we don't know what the kids knew and what they didn't know. but it sound suspicious. >> they did not go through the standard process. a lot of students spent hours and hours. i personally dropped tons of hours on my application. i participated in so many extra character lars, and all for this process. it's quite unfair these students got in because of money or bribes. many students just feel left out of the fair treatment they were told they would get. trish: you are at yale, which is a wonderful school. but you got rejected from georgetown. so if you hadn't gone the into yale, you might say wait a second. maybe i would have had a spot
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sat georgetown had it not been for somebody else greasing the wheels. i'll bet a lot of kids who didn't get into the schools might come forward. but people are suing because they are saying maybe my degree is not as prestigious. maybe it won't be worth as much when i try and get a job because of this scandal. do you think that case will have merit? >> i do. the main academic challenge comes in getting into the university itself. i think a lot of students feel the same way. that's why we see a lot of societal pressure on students from parents and societal norms saying getting into college is the dream and the ticket to success? trish: i don't buy that. i went to grade school and got a
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great education. but i said the other night, that and $5 will get you a latte at starbucks. it's really what you make of that education. you can be led into something where you have certain connections and a path and assumption. you went to yale, you are probably smart. but it's what you do beyond those four years in college. don't you think? >> i think you are absolutely right. i think some core values of integrity, honesty, dedication, grit, these are the things that get you far in the real world. if you think otherwise you are living in a mysterious forum in college. it's certainly not realistic. trish: the hollywood types think, i guess, they can buy their way into anything. they will have to prove to the
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world there is something going on upstairs. carson, it's good to see you. coming up. nicolas maduro's socialist regime spreading more lies this evening. claiming electricity has been fully restored. you want to know the truth? it hasn't. it hasn't. basically in half the country. are you surprised he's out there lying? that's all they do. they spin and they lie and they around much people in some cases to death. they jail their opponents. now they are going after this show for exposing the truth. wait until you hear what the head of the military in venezuela is saying about "trish regan primetime" on his weekly television program in venezuela. the guy who is the head of the military has a tv show. only in venezuela. a new bombshell in the hillary clinton email scandal.
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trish: the power is still out in venezuela. they are looking at the 9th day as of midnight tonight, of no electricity. that's video of people trying to get some water so they can bathe. they are doing that at a sewer. people scrambling for food, water, medicine. hospitals are closed. nicolas maduro's head of the
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military has taken a jab at this very show because we are exposing the corruption and the incompetence of his socialist boss nicolas maduro. he took a shot at us on his weekly television program in venezuela last night. only in venezuela does the head of the military have time to host a five-hour-long weekly television program. it's five hours long while the rest of his country is suffering without basic necessities in the biggest humanitarian crisis we have seen in this hemisphere. although the show is primarily propaganda, i have got to say he's not that bad a performer. if he were smart he might think of surrendering and just doing the tv gig thing full time.
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but as he talks and talks and talks and talks, because that's what the show is about, him talking and occasionally cuts to some tape. the power is still out in venezuela. the people are still starving and there is massive looting and hospitals are closed. former advisor to president clinton, doug schoen, says the united states needs to engage our military. >> i think we need to seriously consider a military intervention. ideally a multi-national one with subjecting standings participation by latin american nations. let's be clear. this is a humanitarian crisis. we can't let this go on. sanctions may not be enough. trish: retired bringing tear
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general anthony tata. >> i agree. i think secretary pompeo saying all our diplomats left the country, that's a kind kateor there is a military option in the mix brewing. in my point of view, what we need to do, this is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. we have a nexus of cuba and hezbollah. they are enemies of our nation. so we have compelling reasons to be there. we need a sophisticated plan much like we had with the haiti invasion where we had a peace keeping force 0 offshore with the 82nd airborne in the air, and it was brinksmanship right up until the 11th hour. something of that nature where
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we can come in and provide humanitarian relief. we have the armed teeth of the 18th airborne corps bearing down on caracas and known places where maduro hides out. we can target those surgically. and we need to protect guaido and bring him into power and help in a big way the venezuelan people. that is the number one purpose here. and then number two would be to get rid of iran, russia, hezbollah and cuba out of that area. that's a four-hour flight from the united states. we have enemies knocking on the door there that are not far away when you talk about some of these intercontinental ballistic missiles. trish: walk we through the first part, getting ma truro out and
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guaido in. maduro isn't going anywhere. i spoke with his so-called vice president who said we are not going anywhere, trish. if they are not budging. how do you influence this from a military perspective? does this mean special forces? >> he can watch the movie ""zero dark thirty"." he can watch what happened to noriega. we have the capability to get in there and do what we need to do to remove maduro. it would be better to apply the diplomatic element of tour, some diplomats negotiating with him and telling him it's a lost cause. they are trying that. but he needs to understand you a bullet to the forehead may be his way out of venezuela. that's just the bottom line.
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and we have that capability. if we removed our diplomats, that's a key indicator of warning we are getting ready to tightn't screws on the maduro regime. trish: you mentioned "zero dark thirty." you mentioned osama bin laden. the navy seal shot killed bin laden was here and he predicted a bloody ending for nicolas maduro. i hate to see it get to that in any way, shape or form. way don't understand is why people can't be logical players. why they can't understand that it will be a whole lot better for his country, for himself, for the people around him if he took an amnesty deal and went, you know, to live happily ever after some place that's not venezuela. but robert o'neill said he didn't think he would do that.
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he said i think it's going to be a bad ending. you sound like you agree. >> noriega chose the bad ending as did bin laden. noriega got captured, and this could be an issue where we capture maduro or if he chooses to resist, and he chooses to fight and every soldier, sailor, airman and marine has the right to self defense. one thing for sure is this is a humanitarian cry cities in our hemisphere. it's in our national interests to do this. i believe president trump has done everything he can to have a feesable ending to this and
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showing the guaido contingent that we support them and showing maduro that he has no support. all around the world, president trump was the first mover on this. it doesn't get much play other than your show. you have a lot to be proud of in this regard. this is the big issue happening today other than some rockets in israel and some other things. this has been persistent for the last several months, years, actually with pla doir and his purging. -- with maduro and his purging. he's a terrible dictator and he's terrible for his country and the world. he's allowing our enemies to plot against us in an ungoverned space. trish: and you five americans are held hostage in a venezuelan prison. i'm in the news business, and this is news.
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coming up, a new bombshell in the hillary clinton email scandal. we just learned the obama justice department blocked fbi agents from accessing any emails from hillary clinton's server because of an agreement made with the clinton team. what the heck was clinton trying to hide? we are on it. beto o'rourke officially throwing his had into the 2020 race. o'rourke says our democracy is under attack because of president trump. here we go again. they can't just seem to figure out, americans wants something to vote for, not against. i'm setting the record straight when we return. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some!
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>> everybody share this. beto o'roirks on a skateboard in a what a burger parking lot. trish: it's official, the skateboarding punk rocker from texas is the latest to enter into an extremely crowd democratic field. i should say skate into. some are excited about him. they say he represents youth. the skateboard thing. he resonates with hispanics. but i don't get. i don't see it. i'll tell what you i do see. a boarding school preppy boy type who loves the spotlight. but has actually no substance.
8:29 pm
none. and entirely lacks any kind of economic plan, which matters to people. he basically has no experience whatsoever and as of now no platform so he can skateboard. he has a vague interest in the environment because it's trying to right coat tails of aoc. he endorsed her green deal. but the environment isn't going to cut it. americans are wise to the chicken little the sky is falling. wasn't it al gore who said the world was supposed to end five years ago. mr. o'rourke's other big claim to fame is he wants to alter the supreme court by adding justices. sorry, beto. your party lost to donald trump. if you are going to engage in recreating the court just because you don't like it, you are following in the footsteps of some dubious leaders.
8:30 pm
mainly socialist hugo chavez who did exactly that in venezuela. beto o'rourke doesn't stand for anything. he's like most of of them, running for the presidency on the democratic side as anti-trump. it's not enough. you can't just say i don't like trump. americans, we want something to vote for. and not against. joining me right now. former senior advisor to former u.k.:00 p.m. david cameron, steve hilton. you know, that is sort of his spin. he's new, he's edgy web's young. he was a punk rourke an can skateboard. but does he understand policy? dose understand the economy, and does he really believe in
8:31 pm
anything? >> i will tell you what he does believe in houston himself. that vanity fair, the glossy vanity fair profile that came out yesterday that launched his cam panel. i want to read you something from that interview. i think it captures the essential emptiness of this guy. this is a quote. he's talking about his message at his rallies. every word was pulled out of me by some greater force which was just the people there. everything i said, i was like watching myself being like, how am i saying this stuff. where is this coming from? this guy is so phoney and fake. the thing that makes me angry apart from what he said correctly in casually endorsing the green new deal. a few months ago was clear in a
8:32 pm
60 minutes interview he said he would not run for president. he spoke about how much he had been away from his wife and family on a campaign trail in texas. i missed the birthdays and anniversaries. i could not run for president. think about what that would do to my family. then a few months ago, i don't care about it. i don't trust him at all. trish: it's a very, very crowded field. they decide to go with like a sanders. then they basically just insure four more years of donald trump in the white house. because americans at the end of the day are not going to vote for a socialist. you know that's fundamentally everything that we are not. but this guy, is he vague enough or hip or cool enough that people will say maybe i will give him a shot? >> to be honest, i think he is
8:33 pm
going to get somewhere. if he ends up in the general election web's a fatally flawed candidate. he said he would not only not build any more wall, he would take count wall that's already there. see how that goes down in the general election. i think he'll get somewhere because he does make people feel good. you and i might see right through him and think he's a fake and phoney and ridiculous. but he makes people feel something. he makes them feel optimistic. he has a big event announcement in a couple week's time. he makes people feel good and that's why i think he'll be quite a threat to the other candidates. unfairly because there is no substance there exactly as you said. trish: at least he's not a self-declared socialist. my bar is very low.
8:34 pm
each, it's good to see you. i know you will be reporting more on him and the' landscape sunday. we look forward to that. >> i'm excited to get stuck into him on swamp watch. trish: you can catch steve hosting "the next ref solution." the obama justice department blocked fbi agents from accessing any emails connected to the clinton foundation. the same doj that instructed the fbi not to charge hillary clinton for mishandling classified information. wow. a major update on the five americans the socialist dictator nicolas maduro is holding hostage in a caracas prison this evening. details when we return.
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trish: transcripts from fired fbi agents peter strzok's closed-door testimony just released. boy, does strzok reveal some bombshells. one of the shocking revelations is clinton's lawyers reached a deal where the fbi could not look at any clinton foundation emails. you know that soup for questionable so-called charity that the clintons started even those fbi was trying to figure out if hillary clinton broke any laws with her emails? they weren't allowed to touch or go anywhere near anything having to do with the foundation. joining me, robert patello. it seems to me if you are trying to do an investigation into or email you might want to know
8:40 pm
these things. >> it goes back to the hypocrisy and dishonesty from james comey. his book, higher loyalty. he cleared her name, even though 152 classified email changes, just brushed that under the rug to pave the way for the presidency in 2016, and trump still managed to get that win. we continue to look for the bogeyman in russia. we haven't seen the mueller report. when that comes out, we'll see where to go from there. but this is collusion within our own department of justice with the clinton campaign. trish: americans don't have answers. why aren't we getting any? >> strzok said the fbi did not have probable cause to get ahold of former candidate clinton's
8:41 pm
email server by court order. what happened was clinton voluntarily turned over information as part of an agreement with the department of justice. she could have said bring back a warrant or court order. she voluntarily surrendered the information and they investigated to the fullest extent. comey was a scum bag, but in the other direction he even tension alley released information intended to hurt the clinton campaign. i don't think james comey comes out a hero for either side of the aisle. trish: you blame james comey for hillary clinton's loss? >> we have seen it was improper for him to have press conferences that close to an election. we have never seen scene fbi director meddle in elections the way james comey did. i agree with president trump.
8:42 pm
he's lying james comey. trish: it might have had something to do with her personality or lack thereafter. let's not forget in politics not only did she not resonate. she didn't campaign in places where she should have campaigned. >> bill clinton came out and criticized the 11th hour strategy. she is just not relatable. we have seen for decades the hypocrisy. the money. there was a tweet ned hillary put out saying we need less money in politics. i agree with her, but the clintons aren't the people to say that. trish: did you ever wonder why there were so many questions surrounding the charities? the clinton foundation? >> i think what the u.s.
8:43 pm
government is investigating is what the clinton foundation did in haiti. all the money that was raised after the earthquake. where did the money go and why did they not rebuild hate he. i think the evidence former agent strzok presented shows they didn't have probable cause. if you believe in the constitution and the limits and if you believe in court orders. trish: do you think we should revisit it? do you think the foundation itself needs to be investigated? >> i think if there is probable cause for an investigation and we are not wasting taxpayer fund and we believe there are actual crimes that took place, then we should investigate. if there is not information to
8:44 pm
indicate that, then we do not need to be wasting taxpayer money going on a wild goose chase. trish: look at this whole mueller thing. that looks like we wasted taxpayer money going on a goose chase. >> as republicans have said for the last two years, we need consistency in communication within the fbi. this just proves those weren't soundless complaints. stuff was going on that wasn't right. thank you so much. robert, good to see you. trish: venezuela's humanitarian crisis worsening by the day. but nicolas maduro claims everything is just fine. next, a major update on the five americans the brutal socialist dictator is holding hostage. they have been there for more than a year and a half. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
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trish: colectivos, cuban-backed armed gangs are out and about terrorizing venezuela as the country struggles with 8 solid days and nights without power.
8:49 pm
juan guaido rallying the people in caracas as thousands of citizens are arrested by the maduro regime, including journalists maduro considers a threat because they report the news. and five dual american citizens are being held captive in venezuela by the embattled dictator nicolas maduro with no due process. no power, no food. desperation reaching new heights for the american hostages in this inhumane prison in caracas. joining me is the son of one of the five americans being held hostage. i know how hard you are working to try to get word out about your dad and the rothers stuck there. i heard they didn't have food
8:50 pm
for three days. can you update us on their condition to the best of your knowledge? >> just like millions of venezuelans right now. we are having a lot of trouble getting any feedback about how they are doing at all. what we are hearing from the people down there that help us take care of them is, their food was rejected and maybe they were able to get some food from the jail itself. and then -- trish: what do you mean it was rejected. you and your family have been paying people to go in on the side and give them food because you learned your father lost so much weight because for quite a while they were effectively being starved to death. you have someone going in and giving them food. >> that's the only way they can survive. they would not be able to survive on the less than 500
8:51 pm
calories a day of carbs provide in this basement. we had to get doctor's orders to give them food. it's a crazy and insane system i don't know how we have been able to navigate but for the grace of god. the new guards said you can't bring them food. so we were terrified all weekend. just to feel like your family member is trapped with no food and no electricity in the darkness. it's been like a living hell for us the past week and for millions of venezuelans. trish: any sense of whether the power is back on in that particular prison? there are reports there is sporadic power coming back in different areas throughout the country. though half the country is totally without power. what about this prison? or do you not yet know? >> the information is unclear.
8:52 pm
the power comes and goes. i have heard word there might be some sort of generator. like all the information coming from venezuela, it's hard to tell what the status is because they are getting the information delayed by several days. we have no idea if they are receiving even the food that gets dropped off. we don't know if they are okay. and it's been horrible. it's been horrible to not know and feel like you can't do anything. trish: it's got to be the worst thing that you have been through. what is it that you need from the united states of america? >> we continue to meet with leaders from the united states, senator cruz actually recently brought someone in to he'lliate abrams to ask what can be done. our officials are standing up for these guys publicly and
8:53 pm
holding citgo accountable to make sure the men and families are being taken care of. they are an american company. we are hoping with this new board juan guaido appointed, nell be able to help us out. we are struggling to support our family members. trish: what's your favorite story about your dad? >> sorry, trish. trish: okay. >> sorry. trish: i am sure you have a lot. >> this has been a really bad week. trish: i know. it's been a bad year and a half for you. >> yes. trish: we can save that for another time. i look forward have much to the day when you and your dad and the five others that are being
8:54 pm
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. kennedy: that was retired general anthony -- earlier this hour, talking about how he believes if nicolas maduro does not go soon, this is not going
8:59 pm
to be very happy ending for him. someone also suggested that as well is the man who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill. former navy seal, robert o'neill is here with his predictions on what needs to happen in venezuela. you heard from alexandria whose father is tucked in prison. tonight there are five americans that nicolas maduro is continuing to hold for no reason. they were duped into going to caracas. over a year and and a half ago. and he locked them up. and he is not giving them any kind of trial, and he is holding them. five americans. they deserve to come home. i hope you have a great evening. we'll talk some more about that with robert o'neill tomorrow. kennedy begins right now.
9:00 pm
kennedy: is a big night. we have a news alert. the president has one word. just one word to rebuke senators who voted against his national emergency declaration. drumroll please. the word is -- vito. there you go. vito o'rourke. -- they voted 59 - 41 against the present. most republicans say they did so on


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