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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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social media stars diamond and silk. general jack keane among our guests tomorrow. cheryl: a fox business alert this morning, mass murder inside two mosques, at least 49 people killed in coordinated terror shootings in new zealand. the developments breaking right now as four people are arrested. more fallout over the boeing crash. the faa facing its own backlash. major shake up at facebook, two top executives stepping down, what it means for mark zuckerberg's shift to private messaging. elon musk unveiling the highly anticipated model y. are all the bells and whistles worth the hype? it is friday. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.
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lauren: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. eastern. optimism on the u.s.-china trade deal as well as britain's exit from the european union, let's take a look at u.s. futures. it's been a great week for the stock market, dow futures higher by 79, nasdaq gaining 34. in europe, let's a take a look at the ftse 100 in london, it is higher by half of 1% as theresa may keeps her brexit deal alive. stocks in asia in the green, shanghai composite you up 1% as reports say that president trump and xi, that meeting might get pushed to april now. cheryl: a lot of news breaking this morning. we'd like to welcome you to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, everybody. i am lauren simonetti. it's a tough morning for us as we have news from overseas. cheryl: the breaking news, terror in new zealand, 49 people have been killed a gunmen opened
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fire at a mosque. dozens more have been injured. lauren: four people are in custody. one of the men has been charged with murder. no motive for the attack has been determined. >> let's not presume the danger is gone. so we want to make sure that we are right across that community, we're as visible and equipped as we need to be to make that happen. lauren: authorities say they have uncovered an 87-page manifesto filled with anti-immigrant as well as ante anti-muslim ideas and explosive devices were found attached to a vehicle that was stopped. one of the mosques was full for friday afternoon prayer when the shooting occurred. >> i saw that some people were running out through my room where i was in and also i saw some people had blood on their
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body and some people were limping. at that moment, i realized that it was really serious. cheryl: the prime minister called the violence a well-planned terrorist attack. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly, what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. cheryl: we'll keep you updated on any breaking developments as we get them from new zealand. lauren: also breaking overnight, north korea considering suspending nuclear talks with the u.s. the country's vice foreign minister says kim jong un will soon deliver -- soon decide, rather, whether to continue negotiations. she says kim was deeply disappointed by the failed summit in vietnam last month. she blames secretary of state mike pompeo and national security advisor john bolton for hardening the u.s. position.
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cheryl: two top facebook executives stepping down. chris cox, facebook's chief product officer and chris daniels, the head of what's app, quickly resigning as facebook is looking to focus more on private messaging. the resignations come days after zuckerberg announced a shift to private messaging and less on public sharing. taking a look at shares of facebook, they're lower in the premarket, down almost 2% right now. lauren: the securities and exchange commission suing volkswagen over the diesel emissions scandal. the s.e.c. says volkswagen issued more than $13 billion in bonds and asset backed securities in u.s. markets at a time when senior executives knew the diesel vehicles exceeded limits. they claim they reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits by issuing the
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securities. the company said they will contest it vigorously. cheryl: now to the scandal rocking boeing. halting deliveries of their 737 max jet, this move coming after dozens of countries grounded the jet following two fatal crashes in just five months. the of most recent one last sunday in ethiopia. the 737 max could be grounded through at least april. meanwhile, a source telling fox news that the black boxes from sunday's crash have still not been examined in any way by french officials. in fact, arguments have broken out and protocols for the investigation according to faa oofficials are not being followed. lauren: the stock is down 12% since the crash. that's $20 billion in market cap wiped out. so there it is, folks. let's go a across the pond. we have another dramatic
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development in britain's divorce battle with the e.u. u.k. lawmakers voting to postpone brexit. cheryl: we get the latest from our very own ashley webster. >> reporter: cheryl and lauren, good morning to you. well, british lawmakers by 210 votes agreed overwhelmingly to he delay britain's exit from the european union. that means that the british prime minister, theresa may, will try to get the divorce deal approved by march 20th. two previous attempts have resulted in humiliating defeats. if successful, the prime minister will ask the e.u. for a deadline extension until june 30 to put the plan in place. if the government's divorce deal is rejected again, the e.u. will then decide if an extension will be granted and for how long. theresa may was not in parliament as the vote was taken but president trump weighed in earlier in the day, saying he was surprised by how badly the brexit negotiations were going. >> i gave the prime minister my
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ideas on how to negotiate it and i think they would have been successful. she didn't listen to that. that's fine. i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner, frankly. i hate to see everything being ripped say part right now. i don't think another vote would be possible. >> reporter: the president saying he looks forward to expanding the trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. once brexit is decided. the question is, when will that be. cheryl and lauren, back to you. cheryl: , well back here at home the senate has voted to block president trump's declaration of a national emergency over a border wall. the 59-41 tally was led by defections from a dozen republicans. >> a question about the balance of power that is core to our constitution. this is not about the president. >> it's a sincere conflict of the conscience for a lot of people as relates to separation of powers.
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cheryl: the president tweeting i look forward to vetoing the just-passed democrat-inspired resolution which would open borders while increasing crime, drugs and trafficking in our country. i think all of the strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. lauren: let's get to some of the other headlines making news. the israeli military launched air strikes on terror sites in gaza in retaliation to a rocket attack on tel aviv. this happened 15 miles south of gaza city. here at home, families of the sandy hook victims can sue the manufacturer of the ar-15 used in the horrific shooting. the connecticut supreme court said remmington can be sued over marketing practices that made it the weapon of choice for mass shooting. in 2012, 26 people, most of them union children, were killed at sandy hook elementary school.
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amazon is facing claims of poor working conditions in its warehouses following a report that numerous 911 calls were made from the warehouses in 17 states. a former amazon employee telling tucker carlson the hostile working conditions in the warehouse where she worked drove her to consider suicide. >> the excessive pressure that you feel when you're at work, the constant hounding from the managers, you can't take bathroom breaks, you can't take water breaks without it counting against your rate. i mentioned something about driving my car off of eagle mountain dam because i was worth more dead than i was alive. lauren: shannon allen describes being on camera 24/7 and she criticized jeff bezos for valuing money over his workers. emergency crews reportedly responded to 189 calls over suicide concerns at amazon warehouses in the past five years. the creator of oxycontin maker,
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perdue pharma, is considering filing for bankruptcy. they have faced hundreds of lawsuits that allege the company triggered the opioid crisis. those verdicts could cost perdue pharma billions of dollars. and this, two astronauts who survived a failed rocket lawn of, they docked at the international space station overnight. there they are, hugging it out, two americans, one russian, launching from kazhakstan. they will do three space walks this month to perform upgrades on the i.s.s. in october, a damaged sensor forced a rocket to make an emergency landing two minutes after blast-off. that's what's happening now, cheryl. cheryl: let's take take a look at u.s. futures on this friday. right now, you do have a positive start so far, being indicated for markets, dow up 82, s&p up 7 and three quarters, nasdaq up 32 and a quarter. still ahead, as boeing works to restore confidence in its planes, the faa now facing criticism over how it handled
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its response. the agency and the airlines will face consumer backlash. elon musk's new electric suv revealed, details of the new tess la model y -- tesla model y. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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lauren: boeing is in full damage control following two fatal crashes involving its 737 max jet. what is the toll on the airline's reputation and what is the company and the government need to do to reassure the public about their safety in the skies? tom aioli is a branding expert and he joins us now. happy friday, tom. >> how are you? lauren: can you quantify the hit to boeing' boeing's reputato deadly crashes in five months time. >> it's amazing. it's going to be a big crash, no
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pun intended. i think boeing needs to -- numbi commend the president for grounding the aircraft. boeing needs to get with the faa and put corrective action together to make sure the public knows they've done everything they can do to make the aircraft safe. they need to come out with a marketing campaign, focused around the history of all of their safety -- you know, there's 4 billion travelers aday that travel on the airlines, 50% of those planes are boeing and at the end -- they're safe. and they need to use that as a marketing campaign. it's still the safest form of travel. they need the faa -- they need to work in conjunction with the faa to come out with a corrective action and just show the consumers that they're safe. lauren: i want to talk about the hit to the faa's reputation in a second. you spoke of p panic and confusion among passengers. we're hearing stories that even if you weren't booked on a 737 max 8 or max 9, you can see your
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flight change and canceled. so there's chaos at the airports. when you mess with people's travel plans, and we saw that with the partial government shutdown and delays at the airports, tensions get heightened. >> it's mass confusion. people are scared. i was on an airline to miami with my daughter. she was concerned about -- daddy, are we flying on one of these 737 max planes. people are concerned. and they -- the faa and boeing need to come out and let consumers know that they've performed the corrective action, the aircraft are safe and, again, i think they need to focus their marketing campaign on the history of the safety in the travel industry and the amount of boeing planes that land every day in airports. it is still the safest form of travel in the u.s. lauren: that's what cheryl always say, as a former flight attendant. >> it is. lauren: why do you think -- tom, i only have a minute here.
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why do you think the faa was so late to ground the 737 max jets? why were we late to the party, because boeing is an american company? >> i think the faa was unsure why the accident happened, why the crash happened. now i think they have her arms around it. i commend the president. i think he did a great job, grounding all the aircraft. i thinthey put the corrective an in place. they need to come out with a voucher program. if i were on their board, i would tell them come out with a voucher program, get people back on the aircraft, get them to feel safe that they're on these aircraft and they can travel safely. lauren: the black boxes are not in u.s. control, they're in france, the bea expected to go through them this morning. as we wrap this up, tom, the grounding of these popular -- once pop popular jets expectedo last through april now.
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>> billions and billions of dollars to boeing and the aircraft industry and travel. lauren: thank you very much. have a good weekend, sir. >> thank you. cheryl: well, a powerful bomb cyclone leaving blizzards, floods and tornadoes in its weak. lauren: wow. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center for us. what can we expect, janice, as this massive storm now heads east, heads our way? janice: it's weakening, which is the good news about this. but yesterday, we had hundreds of wind reports and hail reports and tornado reports in an around the ohio valley, up towards the great lakes in michigan, so a lot of damage, a lot of destruction with this storm. it will go down in the history books as one of the strongest areas of low pressure in march that we've ever had across the central u.s. still dealing with wind gusts in excess of 25, even 30 miles per hour. but again, the storm is weakening as it moves eastward. it is going to really start to lose its punch, which we are
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very grateful for. still the flooding concern, a lot of these streams and rivers are at record levels across nebraska, up towards the great lakes, and the interior northeast and as this front moves through, the temperatures will come down but they will bump back up as we head into the first official week of spring next week, ladies, back to you. cheryl: you think so. janice, there is breaking news this morning to tell you about. mostly sunny has made the new york times best seller list. congratulations, janice. janice: thank you, thank you for all of your r support, my goodness, fox business has been so good to me. it's incredible. cheryl: we are so proud of you. it is such a great book and the stories that you share with people are just personal stories that just -- some of it has brought tears to my eye as i've been reading.. i found out about the breaking news on instagram. you were his tear l cal l call n you -- hysterical when you
5:20 am
discovered you were a best selling author. janice: that was not staged. that was when i found out i was a new york times best selling author. i'm going to a appreciate the moment right now. lauren: first you see your book in the book store. then you find out it's a best seller. janice, awesome. cheryl: congratulations, janice. lauren: have a good weekend. cheryl: congratulations. love you. all right, let's take a look at u.s. futures and how they're shaping up this morning. maybe it is the janice dancing effect. the nasdaq is up 31 and three quarters. coming up, another u.s. city embracing alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. the latest place to explore universal basic income. and we've all been talking all week about the rich bribing their way into colleges for their kids. but one struggling student proves you don't need money to land your dream college. that story's ahead on "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: just a few hours ago many of you were sleeping, actually, elon musk unveiled the highly anticipated tesla model y. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and why the mo l demodel y, tracee. tracee: elon musk says he expects this model y to outsell all of the others. the model s, the model x and model 3 combined. he has high expectations for this. he says that the model y has the functionality of an suv but rides like a sports car. it can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, got a 300-mile range, seats seven people. there's different price ranges, $39,000, $47,000, $51,000.
5:25 am
the long range model y available starting in fall of 2020. the standard range starting in 2021. investors i think are concerned. what's this going to mean for the model 3? is this going to cut into sales there. elon musk said during the presentation that the company will allocate all resources to the model 3 production or, quote, we're going to die. but we're seeing shares in the premarket, tesla down more than 2%. cheryl: they had so many production problems over the last year and also he's got to i would think be careful about his estimate, what he says and whether it's in a tweet or whatever, because he's got the s.e.c. all over him right now. lauren: they're using the same platform as the model 3 for this, right? tracee: i'm not sure about that. lauren: it's expected to be easier to produce because they're not making anything whacky. tracee: someone said hey, it's something new, investors ignore, focus on this.
5:26 am
cheryl: tracee, thank you. lauren: looks like we're going to end an up week on an up note for investors. we're seeing gains for all three major averages this friday morning. the dow is up 87, consumer sentiment and industrial production data on tap later this morning. still ahead, an update on the mass shooting in new gle new ze9 people killed at a mosque, four people in custody, the breaking developments when we return. ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action on this friday. optimism about trade talks between the u.s. and choug chind britain's exit from the european union, that delay has futures up. the ftse as you can see here is about a half a percent higher. cac 40 and the dax also higher as well. he theresa may's got brexit deal still going as for now.
5:30 am
taking a look at asia, as you can see it's a green day for all of those markets. lauren: let's get to the fox news alert, one of new zealand's darkest days, dozens of worshipers were gunned down inside two mosques. police charging one man with murder. cheryl: kitty logan is live in london. she's got the latest for us. kitty, good morning. >> reporter: sadly now, police in new zealand confirmed that as many as 49 people are known to have died in this mass shooting and it also appears that the target of this attacks were migrants and refugees who were praying in two mosques. the shooting start add around 1:45 p.m. local time at the two mosques. the attack lasted for around five minutes. 41 people died at one location alone. a lot of people there praying, lunchtime on friday. witnesses say they saw a heavily armed man dressed in black
5:31 am
military style clothing and they hearheard gunfire. police found two explosive devices attached to a car. other weapons were recovered after the incident. the prime minister of new zealand has condemned the shootings as a terrorist attack. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly, what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> reporter: now, an australian man in his late 20s is being linked to the attack after claiming responsibility for it online. he is said to have written an extensive anti-immigration manifesto, also a video of the attack was posted online. it has been removed. it is being widely circulated on social media. police have not named this man or any of the other suspects but they say one man has already
5:32 am
been charged. >> one person, a male in his late 20s, has been charged with murder and should appear in the christ church court tomorrow morning. three other people were apprehended. we believe one of those persons who was armed and was at the scene may have had nothing to do with this incident. >> reporter: at least 20 people were also injured in these shootings. they were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. police have cordoned off the area. they're urging people to stay indoors for now and new zealand remains on high alert. authorities have emphasized they don't believe another incident is in the planning. this is normally a very tolerant country that's been welcoming of refugees so people here are pretty shocked about it. cheryl: kitty, thank you. meanwhile, facebook has confirmed that it deleted a video that appears to be a live stream of that shooting.
5:33 am
it also deleted the account of the video it was posted. lauren: social media these days. u.s.-china trade talks continue, treasury secretary steven mnuchin says a summit between president trump and chinese president xi will not happen this month because more work needs to be done but mnuchin telling reporters yesterday that the presidents are still prepared to meet. >> we're working through this as the president said, it's more important we get the right agreement and not rush it. we're working diligently to try to do this as quickly as possible. lauren: fox news contributor gary b. smith joins us. happy friday, gary. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: charlie gasparino reported the white house is optimistic, they believe a big trade deal could send the dow up 2,000 points. is that optimism warranted? >> i don't think so. i think a lot of the rise in the dow is already baked into any
5:34 am
potential agreement which quite honestly i think it's just going to be kind of rounding around the edges, kind of what we see now, maybe back off some tariffs, some increased promise to do trade. short of -- there's no tariffs on either side and all trade is free, i don't see any real pop in the dow. any permanent pop in the dow. i think there will be some on any kind of good news. i don't think you're going to solve the intellectual property issues. they're too complex. they're done on a company by company basis anyway. so, you know, i appreciate the optimism. i don't think there's much behind it. lauren: the national people's congress wrapping up in china but they did in some of the policies that they announced and decisions they made show somewhat of a consideration for the u.s. and our demands in this trade deal that we're working on but stalbut still, gary, you'ret optimistic. >> i'm not.
5:35 am
remember, the whole reason we started the trade negotiations was to solve the intellectual property, cyber security experts say you can't solve the cyber security part. a lot of the arm twisting has to be done on like i said a company by company basis. if a company doesn't want intellectual property theft in china then they shouldn't do business with china. short of that, you're not going to solve it. the macro issue is people forgetting whether there's trade or not, china is a slowing -- i wouldn't say declining economy but their peak years are over. they've already moved to an industrial society. there's an inevitable slowdown, like there is for any country. whether there's tariffs or not, there's going to be less economic activity across the board. lauren: yet their stock market's up 20% this year. i wanted to pivot. i want todd ask you about facebook. the stock is getting hit right now in the premarket, it's been a very tough week, a very tough year or years for the company.
5:36 am
but now we're seeing more of their executives leave over privacy, the switch to the privacy platform. >> yeah, i think, look, top executives in any fortune a 500 company don't leave unless, a, they can go to a better job or, b, they sense the ship might be sinking. i think that's the case with facebook. look, it's still got over a billion users, so it's not going away tomorrow. but i think with the privacy concerns and the other thing to look at is -- i'm not talking about what's app and instagram but just facebook itself. millennials are starting to sign off of facebook. i'm wondering if that kind of fad that's been going on for however long facebook has started to decline anyway and that facebook might not be around 10, 15 years from now. lauren: gary b. smith, thank
5:37 am
you very much. >> thanks, lauren. cheryl: here are some other headlines making news for you this morning. freshman congresswoman ilhan omar could be in more hot water. some democrats from her home state in minnesota are considering challenging omar in the 2020 primary. they are considering finding someone to run against her. omar has been criticized for making several remarks considered to be anti-semetic. meanwhile, fellow freshman democrat congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing back against big labor, saying her green new deal would be a job killer. fox news' peter does doocy caugp with her. >> there's so much work to do in transitioning to 100% renewable energy. we have to do that work with union labor, by reinvigorating the entire workforce. cheryl: a aoc is getting help
5:38 am
from beto o'rourke who is backing the plan. he said yesterday, quote, literally the future of the world depends on us right now. and newark, new jersey embracing some of the green new deal as well. the mayor says his city is considering testing universal basic income. he says a third of newark's 280,000 residents live in poverty. no word yet on ho each resident would receive. meanwhile, one new jersey high schooler overcoming homelessness to be accepted to 17 colleges. dylan shinic i'c i'm greated frm trinidad when he was 7. he's holding out for an 18th acceptance letter from his dream school. the first choice is the college of new jersey. he says he believes education is the key to the world. his famous quote is from his
5:39 am
mom, the word can't should never be in your vocabulary. what a great kid. lauren: i hope the admissions officers at t c & j are listening right now. the largest ever college admissions scandal keeps getting bigger. the lawsuits are pouring in and they are massive. do they stand a chance? plus, the financial fallout for all of this. keep it right here on "fbn: a.m.." ow you're not just looking for pork chops. you're searching for something more... right this way. you thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. well, you've come to the right place. the road is yours, dig in.
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cheryl: new developments in the massive college admissions scandal. students now suing the elite universities involved. university of southern california, yale, several other schools accused of denying fair admission and the students allege is devaluing their degrees. the fallout starts to get real for the family of actress lori loughlin. the hallmark channel announced they will no longer work with her because of her alleged involvement. olivia jade feeling the backlash, sephora ending their partnership with her. tmz reporting that olivia and her sister rose dropping out of usc, they're afraid of being bullied. i want tlet's bring in attorneyy meris. a class action lawsuit was filed. what do you make of -- they're alleging they want their fees back, if not more retribution from the schools, that they were denied access to the schools.
5:43 am
>> like you, i was not surprised to see this. what this case is going to turn on is the level of knowledge that the schools had. so keep in mind, that in this criminal complaint we didn't see anybody from the actual universities outside of the athletic department implicated. we didn't see the schools themselves, admissions folks or any other executive. however what this lawsuit is based on is a negligence theory, that there weren't proper vetting and protocols in place to make sure that people weren't getting into these schools under false pretenses. so this lawsuit is saying that these schools knew or should have known that this was going on. so whether or not this lawsuit is successful is going to turn on the level of knowledge that individuals at the university actually had about the situation. cheryl: it's amazing too that the story has been already politicized, elizabeth warren coming out and saying this is an example of the rich, the privilege getting away with
5:44 am
things that the average american does not. and also we've got this new york post report this morning, i want to get your take, this ceo, marketing ceo, jane buckingham actually just had a fundraiser for kisser ten kirsten gillibrt week. >> first of all, i hardly think this is getting away with it. we're talking about a long-term investigation by the federal government, resulting in an extraordinary amount of criminal charges. so certainly this is making an impact in every aspect, not just in hollywood, but also politically too. cheryl: what do you think about these charges against in particular the high profile, tpg, that executive has left the company, the fallout is getting -- they're already being hit in their wallets pretty hard. what about prison terms, do you think that's a possibility? how long do you think a judge
5:45 am
would put felicity huffman in jail, for instance, or lori loughlin. >> when you're talking about this type of case, there's going to be a lot of factors. first of all, you're going to see the highest sentences for those that were actually involved in profiting from the fraud and conspiracy. we know singer, he's pled guilty. we have some of the athletic coaches, they're going to see larger sentences to the extent that they're not cooperators. now, as far as the parents, cheryl, we could absolutely see jail time here and that's because i don't think prosecutors are going to go lightly on the situation. however, the factors that are going to matter, how much money they contributed towards the fraud. so you could see loughlin with a $500,000 bribe as opposed to felicity huffman with 15 serving more time ultimately. but the judge has a lot of latitude. cheryl: i'm curious what happens to the ring leader, to singer as well. we'll learn more as the information and the tapes are
5:46 am
revealed. misty, i'm sure we'll have you back on this story. good to see you. >> thank you, cheryl. lauren: as we say in the bis, this story has legs. cheryl: it does, yes. lauren: everybody's talking about it. coming up, the college cheating scam rocking the sports world too. jared max is on tap. also, a slam dunk hole in one at the players championship, for more on this incredible shot, stick with us here on "fbn: a.m.." cheryl: it went right in. look at that. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else...
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lauren: good friday morning. the college admissions bribery scandal hits home for a couple sports legends.
5:50 am
jared max is here with the details. jared: some big names involved here but not in a bad way. so they say. hall of fame quarterback joe montana, phil mickelson said they hired rick singer to help guide them through the college admissions process for their kids. montana tweeted there was nothing more than consulting services that were provided to help his kids, they got into school you throug through hard d merit. micmickelson said we're shockedy the revelations. obviously we're not part of this fraud, our kids bodie would din us. tiger woods is tied for 35th on the back nine yesterday. he hit five birdies and had three bo bogeys. he is five behind the leaders. what is going on at santa anita
5:51 am
park. after the track was shut down for two weeks for racing to investigate why so many horses suffered ca catastrophic injuris it happened again yesterday, a 22nd horse since december 26th had to be euthanized after breaking both ankles in a training run. track says no more use of medication like lasix on racing days and limited use of whips for the jockeys. after he missed nearly six full games after his foot tore through his shoe, zion williamson roughe returned last. he said he couldn't hit the ocean with a tennis ball from the charity strike last night. duke wins and they'll play north carolina next. hey, from slam dunk by zion to a slam dunk in golf. ryan moore, 17th hole, boom, right in. 120 yards away. lauren: what do they wall that? jared: that's a slam dunk, a
5:52 am
hole in one, that's an ace. the fifth one of his professional golfing career. lauren: seriously? jared: the slam dunk is pretty cool. lauren: is that skill? is it luck? a little bit of both? jared: when you've done it five times on tour, there's probably a little something, it's probably a little bit of luck. lauren: luck of the irish. jared: happy st. patrick's day. lauren: you can catch sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm, 115. shake shack, the new way it's trying to attract and keep employees. with st. patrick's day a couple days a away, tracee carrasco wearing green, has the best deals that you can score this weekend and one of them, but of course, includes free booze. but it's not green. ♪ ♪ dear tech... ♪ ♪ dear tech...
5:53 am
let's talk. we have a pretty good relationship. you've done a lot of good for the world. but i feel like you have the potential to do so much more. are you working for all of us, or just a few of us? can we build ai without bias? ai that fights bias? ai that helps us see the bias in ourselves? . .
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lauren: innovate burgers and ice cream shakes but trying to innovate workforce as well. tracee carrasco is joining us with what the chain is doing now. tracee: unemployment at lows that we have never seen since decades or so, they are trying to recruit workforce, they are testing out 4-day workweek in las vegas to see how it would work out, doing this across overseas other countries but never really in the food industry, so it's not something that we've seen here really with fast-food restaurants but they are trying it out to see if it will keep their workers in this industry. lauren: workers have to like it. tracee: i think it's a great idea, they do it with offices and other industries and i think with this type of job, long hours, you're on your feet a
5:57 am
lot. lauren: a lot of people here at fox have 4-day week, you have to work longer for days you get. tracee: there is a whiskey deal i want to talk about, this is from irish whiskey, you can get a free whiskey cocktail on st. patricks day. go to neighborhood restaurant any days and you can see the map there, cost less than $8, take picture of the receipt, send picture to jameson or visa gift
5:58 am
card, sounds like a lot of work. lauren: you need a map. i'm covered. tracee: yes, we are covered here, of course, we want everyone to be safe whatever they are doing st. patrick's day, not just days highlighted there but other states. not just for st. patrick's day, jameson offering to march 31st. lauren: any news on green beer. tracee: you know, i haven't seen any specific deals on green beer but green beer is always typically offered on st. patrick's day, local establishment. lauren: green begals. tracee: several locations, $2 off bundle on st. patrick's day. lauren: speaking of green,
5:59 am
beautiful plan. tracee: not planned, not planned. lauren: i got an e-mail this morning saying i'm wearing green, the market is green. tracee: maybe for that. lauren: up 3% phenomenal despite facebook that we have been telling you about. dow futures up 86, we continue to monitor the status, we are getting conflicting signals from u.s.-china trade talk, meeting will be pushed to april and won't happen at the end of this month. european markets in green, paris as well as london as we monitor the future of great britain in the european union. that does it for us, have a great weekend, mornings with maria starts now. maria: hey there, lauren, covering the breaking news this morning, terrorism in new zealand, i'm maria bartiromo, what we know now at least 49 people have been killed, dozens
6:00 am
others injured in two mass shootings in mosques, attacks streamed live on facebook, we are following the latest development as four people are now in custody. boeing helps deliveries of 37 max entirely, what's next for the jet maker? elon musk, tesla ceo unveiling model y and suv, find out how much that would cost you. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: breaking news this morning, at least 49 people are dead this morning, dozens others injured after gunman opened fire at two mosques in new zealand, cheryl casone with the latest details, cheryl. cheryl: brea


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