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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 15, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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others injured in two mass shootings in mosques, attacks streamed live on facebook, we are following the latest development as four people are now in custody. boeing helps deliveries of 37 max entirely, what's next for the jet maker? elon musk, tesla ceo unveiling model y and suv, find out how much that would cost you. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: breaking news this morning, at least 49 people are dead this morning, dozens others injured after gunman opened fire at two mosques in new zealand, cheryl casone with the latest details, cheryl. cheryl: breaking overnight, good
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morning, officials in christchurch new zealand, gunman live streamed in facebook after he fired multiple shots inside the mosque, 1:30 p.m. local time, witnesses describe what they saw massacre unfold before their eyes. >> went on about -- i could hear screaming and crying. cheryl: australian prime minister says he's australian citizen, police have charged him with murder. at the same time another shooting 6 miles away, police said they defused explosive device and another man arrested outside of high school, two people in custody, the police say one person is not connected
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to the attack, none of those arrested were on terror watch list. at least 48 people are treated for serious injuries and officials asking all mosques in that country to shut doors for the rest of the day. new zealand prime minister says it is one of the darkest day the country has ever seen. >> it is clear that this can only be described as a terrorist attack. there are currently 4 individuals who have been apprehended but 3 connected who are currently in custody. these are people who i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in new zealand and have no place in the world. cheryl: facebook confirming the shooter live stream the attack, deleted the video and the account as well as the instagram account, maria.
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maria: we will keep following that and come back to you with what we know further, thank you, cheryl, we will be watching the story all morning, we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. i want to turn to markets, futures indicating the markets will open higher this morning as investors are watching and waiting for any developments on u.s.-china trade negotiations, secretary of state -- i'm sorry, secretary of treasury steven mnuchin telling reporters no deal in the month. president trump still optimistic. >> we are doing very well with china talks, china talks are doing very well, we will see what happens, if it's not a good deal for us, we will not make it. i will say we are moving along at high level. we are getting what we have to get and we are relatively quickly, so the china talks are moving along as to whether or not we will strike a final deal, i would never want to say, they are moving along very well.
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maria: british lawmakers are voting to delay uk's exit from the european union, the delay joining us now wall street journal jon hilsenrath, jon, good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me, maria. maria: what do you think is most important this morning in terms of driving sentiment? >> well, i think the two most important things are this week trade talks and how they are progressing and next week, looking into next week we have a fed meeting and obviously a lot of people are gearing up for that, what the fed will say about the outlook for interest rate and importantly what the fed is going say about the outlook for its balance sheet, holdings of u.s. treasury and mortgage security. maria: yeah, i mean, at this point not a lot of expectation that we are going to see one rate hike in 2019, has anything changed in terms of economic data to change the fed's pivot?
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>> well, the numbers are coming in overall soft, i mean, the growth expectations for the first quarter are looking like somewhere with a one -- 1 and 2% which is a pretty soft number. the wall street journal does a survey every month, the economists about their expectations for growth and for the fed and they just came out with a survey yesterday. there were really interesting highlights one of which is a growing number of economists that we talk to say that the fed -- the fed's next move won't be a rate increase, it'll be a rate cut. growing number of people think the fed is done on the fed increase front for the foreseeable future and if the economy doesn't bounce back from first quarter slowdown, we could be talking about rate cuts later this year. maria: i'm wondering about that, is that a stunning move as to what we have seen the last year or so that people will think
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maybe things are a lot worse off than what i expected given the fact that we are looking -- we are looking at a cut in terms of -- in the face of the slowdown globally? >> well, i don't think anything on the cut front would happen until -- if it were to happen until, you know, well into the second half of the year and it would have to be after an accumulation of data convince the fed it can hit 2% inflation target in current environment. after the fid it was convinced that growth had slowed and wasn't bouncing back so, what i'm trying to point out is people are talking about this, it's a little early to say it's going to happen, but i think it's emblematic on just how much the environment has changed. the fed fought back in september that rates -- target short-term rate would be up to 3 and a half percent by 2020, you know, now it's not all clear they will get
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to 2 and a half. maria: you're right. this week on the program, several people actually predicted a cut as well, this week even the slowdown in europe and impact on the u.s. let me ask you about europe, in particular britain voting to extend deadline from departure from european union, setting another attempt by prime minister theresa may to get deal pass, the uk would need other eu members to grant extension. president trump weighed on this yesterday, listen to this. >> i'd like to see that whole situation with brexit work out. i'd like to see -- we are talking to them about trade, we can do a very good trade deal with the uk, we are also renegotiating our trade deal with the european groups and, you know, literally individual nations and also -- maria: yes, this may very well be the big issue when the president starts negotiating
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with european countries, what's your reaction to happenings? >> first of all on brexit, you know, this is one of many uncertainties that's holding back the european economy. the european economy was the big disappoint on the global stage last year, it looked in 2017 that it was ak accelerating andl screeched to a halt last year, one of the reasons is uncertainties about brexit, about what's happening with italy with fiscal policies and also about trade which leads me to the second point which is the president is very engaged in the trade negotiations with the chinese. up-- one has to look at automobe trade with europe, he wants european to lower tariffs on our cars and if he plays hardball with him, succession of trade uncertainty that the market has
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been dealing doesn't go away. maria: yeah. jon: i think 2020 elections at some point start to play into this. he doesn't want a stock market, economy going in 2020 elections, if you have to do something with europe, i think it's got to be over -- it has to be this year. maria: he has said that europe is worst than china when it comes to the way the view america, he said that many times, we will see -- we will be ready for that. have a good weekend. jon hilsenrath joining us from the wall street journal. meanwhile more fallout from the college cheating scandal, dagen mcdowell, what's your take. dagen: firing fast and furious starting with the hallmark channel has fired lori loughlin, so no more movies like mysteries for lori loughlin or shows,
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popular figure on the hallmark channel and movies and histories channel, this after lori and husband were two of 33 parents charged in this sweeping indictment, lori loughlin allegedly paid $500,000 to get two daughters in ufs faking the fact that they were on the crew team, her daughter olivia had presence in social media, youtube channel, instagram he has been dropping by sephora, t treseme as well, we can't hear the sound, but this is a video where she was talking about -- she didn't really care about school an wanted to experience party. she was influencer despite that. the daughter according to tmz are dropping out of uffc, they
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are word about being bullied. don't tell anybody where i'm going to school because i'm worried about users attaching to my fame. famous for the wrong reason. the scandal, one of the alleged college scammers in the indictment, she was a cohost of a fundraiser just days before these indictments were handed down for senator kirsten gillibrand, there you go. by the way, most of the corporate executives have stepped down, stepped aside, taken leave of absence, a lot of people out of work. maria: i'm sure kirsten gillibrand doesn't want to talk about the story after having been with the organizers. dagen: big money in hollywood and some of it might be going to jail. maria: thanks, dagen, staying grounded, boeing is halting delivery of 737 max jets as the u.s. raising concerns over the
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company's military plane program. tesla model y making debut yesterday, what elon musk had to say about the company's next big bet, back here. this is your invitation to a higher standard of luxury. this is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. maria: welcome bag, big show, coming up capitalism in america, alan greenspan, jeff is here, talk to congressman about whole host of things, new legislation ideas, elevation partners, managing director, earliest investors in facebook, former mentor to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, roger with us this morning. along with the 5 cohost juan williams. don't miss a moment of it. a lot coming up this morning. we want to kick it off here, tesla big bet, elon musk unveiled model y, suv he's
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hoping will enter production next year. >> all right. the model y. [cheers and applause] >> has the functionality of suv but will ride like the sports car, the thing will be tight in corners and we expect will be the safest mid-size suv in the world by far. maria: new vehicle has a starting price of $39,000, musk says it would have the range of up to 300 miles per charge, joining the conversation this morning kevin kelly, along with founder of cheddar, john steinberg. >> he got 500,000 preorders, a thousand dollars, half a billion, who knows when he will ship this car and what price it's going to be.
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>> the important thing for him he has to round out product because he has competition and that's the biggest threat coming to tesla. they have to have every option available and think about what americans want. they want crossovers, they want suv's, he's giving a car for the demand that's out there. >> running out of money and nice way to get a few hundred million dollars but deposits $25 million versus model s. kevin: chief legal counsel left, issue is they need to keep coming out with ideas like this. maria: what about that? burn in terms of cash. >> he shouldn't be running the company, he's a genius, he's the thomas edison of our time but no no way equip today run a company. kevin: wasn't tomas edison and
6:18 am
nicklaus adversaries? dagen: please. [laughter] dagen: you said sec is -- [laughter] maria: he's poking them. >> i didn't mean it literally. kevin: the nice part about tesla is they are great cars. >> i love mine. i have the model s, i will preorder so i'm going to help with that. kevin: georgia back to it, they have great cars but having him there is distraction, he should be chairman or the coo or chief visionary officer or something like that. maria: you mentioned competition, real quick tweak from ford, ford motor posted electric blue version of mustang logo with line, hold your
6:19 am
horses, electric in ford. this is an important unveil if that's the case. >> yeah, emblematic with what's happening, every car will go to electric vehicles or half electric vehicles and they know how to produce, the production can be done by them because they are car companies, i mean, if you look at tesla, it was a start-up that didn't know how to make cars, they had production line issues rand now here you are the incumbents coming and they don't want to see more share to tesla. dagen: john hits on what's important, the customers onto musk, are they willing to give him those interest loans short-term. >> a lot of cancellations on the model s, people know that he delivered the cars sometime and never, yes, i think the customers are onto it. dagen: again, so the scheme of this financing scheme might be
6:20 am
running out of legs, that's the danger. >> it's cocktail party, i put my 2500 down. dagen: these are cool cars. >> i can drive the car with my phone. maria: incredible. dagen: they are not there yet. >> not where close. he does have the apple of cars and apple play end up buying it. maria: if apple acquired this it would be amazing. when first responders needed to be rescued. the 2020dnc convention, milwaukee residents want to put their home on airbnb ahead of dnc could set a very high price, we will tell you how much and what's going on there, stay with us, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, louisville writing louisville will open after sink-hole closure, week of inspection, investigators are not sure why the sink hole opened in the first place, milwaukee journal reporting that milwaukee residents who put their homes on airbnb during democratic national convention can expect more than $1,000 a night, dnc is expected to bring in estimated 50,000 visitors to the city, some estimates say rooms could go to $200 a night but others say 2-bedroom rentals could hit 1200 a night. houston chronical reporting driverless grocery in houston, debut automated deliveries at
6:25 am
several kroger locations and no exact date given but the company says operation will begin before the summer. good stories there, air bnb. dagen: liberals party harder than conservatives do. you better get a big deposit on cleaning up the house. [laughter] maria: all right, we will take a short break, when we come back staying grounded, u.s. officials are raising concerns over the pane's military plane program. plus seeing double, beto o'rourke vanity fair cover giving people serious ronald reagan vibes, take a look when we come right back, stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. maria: welcome back, breaks news this morning, terrorism in new zealand, at least 49 people killed and dozens injured in two mass shoot negotiation mosques, attack reportedly streamed live on facebook, we are following the latest developments as four people are in custody, markets meanwhile showing markets will open higher this morning, take a look, dow industrials up 90 points, s&p 500 up 9 and 3 quarters and the nasdaq up 31 -- 36 after markets finished with little change, concerns over the
6:30 am
china trade deal and britain's exit to european union weighing on investors. gains across the board, cac quarante in paris up 28 and dax index in germany up 51. in asia overnight, best performer china better than 1%. boeing halting deliveries of 737 max jet, what's next for jet maker as it faces growing crisis? beto o'rourke vanity fair cover drawing comparison to president ronald reagan on his cover of times, that's not the only gop connection people are talking about this morning, perfect shot, unbelievable hole in one at the player's championship yesterday. pretty cool. and a new number one find out who will be taking packers quarterback aaron rogers quarterback as highest-paying player. we begin with president trump national emergency, blocked, the senate passing resolution, president trump's emergency
6:31 am
declaration at the southern border, legislation heads to oval office where president trump is expected to veto it. the president tweeted this yesterday, i look forward to vetoing the just passed democrat inspired resolution which would open borders while increasing crimes, trafficking in the country. that was more than expected, 12gop senators voted against the president making the final senate vote 59 to 41. joining us now weekly standard deputy editor kelly jane, kelly, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us here. we were expecting this resolution to pass the senate, but actually it was more republicans going against the president than we thought. >> yeah, you're right, maria, the last i had heard really right before shortly before the vote was that 5 republicans were going to join, but it seems that once enough joined that they know the resolution is going to
6:32 am
pass, that others you know, there's nothing to lose, no one can blame them for being the single vote that puts the resolution over the edge, i find that very interesting, this is, you know, a very big issue, big stark issue and you think the senator would know whether he or she will vote for something, wouldn't depend on who else is going to vote, that really shows that this is partly a big political game, people are looking to make up statement rather than think about what they actually believe and vote that way. interesting. maria: will it survive the veto, the president will veto this but will they be able to override the veto? >> i don't think so, no. i mean, maybe at this point some people saw what happened and other senators might decide to join in but i doubt it. i think that we are going to see the people who voted -- it's interesting, you'll see -- you saw afterwards some people that were surprised did not join the vote, ben sasse, never been been
6:33 am
afraid to criticize the president in the past, he did not join democrats with this, issued a statement about it. so i think his moment if he we wanted to join this pack, i do not expect the senators to be able to override trump's veto. >> maria, basically the veto doesn't get overridden, funds are appropriated, wall construction continues on and that's basically -- that's basically it, right, doesn't seem like this is a political hot potato that it was months ago? >> well, that's good question, i'm not sure that it stops here, keep in mind now that the president releases budget proposal this week, that's not going to become law, the president's budget never becomes law but the president not only asked for money to replace some money, he's taking from pentagon funds to pay for the wall with this emergency declaration but he's actually asking for additional, i believe, it's
6:34 am
around 8 billion more for the wall. now, clearly he's not going to get that but i think he actually wants to pick a political fight over this, he knows he's not going to get it. more money than he's asked for this last time but i think he relishes the fight with democrats and i think he wants this going into 2020. maria: this is a political calculation because the president has to appear in his reelection that he did everything he possibly could to get the money for the wall. this is also about 2020, what about 2020 kelly because former texas congressman beto o'rourke announced candidacy, new reports indicate that democratic primary battle might be hurt because of past involvement with the gop when he began political career in texas relied on group of republican supporters to give boost to career opposing obamacare, calling for raising the social security eligibility age and even voted against nancy pelosi for speaker of the house according to wall street journal.
6:35 am
>> yeah, i find all of this very interesting and one place that he's sort of demonstrated how he's different from all the other democratic presidential hopefuls, running this term, he looked -- he sounds like obama, obama didn't have a lot of experience when he ran for president and slogan was yes, we can, when you look at announcement yet and tweet that summed up his motto, it was the country is facing great parrel, i can't fix it alone, i need your help, please join me, that was actually in contrast to president trump who ran a lot during the campaign saying we have big problems, only i can fix them, beto o'rourke is we need to do this, and because of that -- maria: the other side keeps saying we have big problems that's a crisis, i'm trying to figure out what crisis. dagen: exactly. maria: what's the crisis? dagen: exactly that's not the tone that you got from beto o'rourke in his announcement that he's really trying to walk
6:36 am
the same path that president obama did when he was running for the nomination, what's really interesting is are the democrats going to vote for their nominee based on very left-wing policy ideas and social justice identity politic issues or are they going to vote for the person that can beat president trump and there's a lot of polling that's been out there, the wall street journal found in most recent poll that they democrats were voting based on issues and not against president trump, but if they are voting for somebody who they think could give president trump a run for his money in terms of authenticity and social media presence and fundraising with $80 million that he brought in to take on ted cruz -- maria: no policy that i see from beto. sit just about resist?
6:37 am
dagen: policy proposal the only thing that we have heard is tearing down the wall on the border and john was looking at website no policy proposals, but he doesn't really need to get ahead of candidates on this, i think it's going to hurt the likes of elizabeth warren who is advocating a wealth tax in the country which is unconstitutional which is completely -- >> beto could go there. as of right now, it's skate boarding, no policy whatsoever, it's doing selfies while you're at the dentist's office, i use a lot of social media, i'm 42, he's 46 year's old, people will find skate boarding exciting or find it embarrassing for an adult man to be skate boarding to campaign rally. dagen: if you really want to fit in the generation, you to have some sort of weird hairdo. >> rock band, skate board. he's like my 8-year-old son.
6:38 am
[laughter] dagen: went to all boys elitist school in virginia by the way. maria: resemblance on the cover, similar to president reagan's time magazine man of the year that was in 1981. i guess this is intentional, what do you think? >> i think it is, i think they are trying to give him -- as some of your other guests pointed out he might have. his connection to people are personal. people are right, he's not made very policy pronouncements, in some ways he hasn't angered a lot of people yet. some will be angered, willingness to work with republicans, democrats maybe don't like that, maybe a lot of americans are going to like it. beto got in trouble, he actually refused to endorse democrat in texas who is running against his
6:39 am
friend republican will hurd, this was the guy who doesn't see things necessarily always through a party lens but a more personal lens and, you know, i think the democratic base is not going to like it but americans who are sick of all this polarization and democrats refusing to work with republicans because they don't want to give president trump a single win, they might find it refreshing. maria: we will see if he does in fact, want to work with republicans. the one policy that we have found as dagen noted, he wants to tear down walls. >> that's the huge -- that's huge problem, that is where least with the other democrats. suddenly democrats think that we shouldn't have borders in this country, it's certainly a new thing for me and how to deal with the people who would come here if we didn't have walls, they've never word about how the pay for any proposals in the past. maria: kelly jane, thank you.
6:40 am
>> thank you, maria. maria: group of first responders rescued after deadly flooding, cheryl casone with details in headlines, cheryl. cheryl: first responders pulled from flood waters in eastern nebraska as boat capsized. safely rescued the group last night, on their way to a family trap in their home, nebraska governor declaring national emergency, the massive flooding you are seeing pictures on the screen, at least one death has been reported. well, boeing now halting all deliveries of its 737 max jet, the move comes after dozens of countries grounded the plane following two fatal crashes in 5 months, the most recent one last sunday in ethiopia, according to faa max could be grounded till at least april. well, two americans and one russian have successfully docked the international space station,
6:41 am
they took off in rocket yesterday at 3:14 in the afternoon to honor pi day, the crew will do 3 space walks and upgrades on iss and what's cool, maria, two astronauts survived failed rocket launch back in october, for them it was a pretty bittersweet arrival. maria: thank you, cheryl, coming up, what a shot, check this out, unbelievable hole in one after at player championship yesterday, more on that coming up. packing it in, green bay packers rogers maybe unseated as the nfl's highest paid player, we will tell you is set to take the top spot, back in a minute right here.
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maria: welcome back, the college admission scandal hit two legendary sports players, jared max with the story. jared: joe montana and golfing great phil nick -- mickelson, tweeted, his kid through hard work and merit were able to pick from a number of schools. nickelson says we are shocked of revelations of the events, obviously we are not part, our kids would disown us if we tried to interveer, mickelson, 114th in championship.
6:46 am
tiger woods was 5 off the lead, bradley, hey, how about ryan moore, watch the slam dunk from 120 yards away. 120 yards golf slam dunk. eli manage inwill be starting this year. age 28, 17 million this season, first to go over 250 in career earn negotiation the nfl. two robots will be used at 2020 olympics were unveiled yesterday, made by toyota, they'll be 16 of them at game day and help workers and athletes, carry food and other items, also the historic sport information might be available for the public at around 2030,
6:47 am
early 2030's, the type of robots, 16 of them. maria: robots in sports as well. jared: yeah, i guess so. >> who is the top paid athlete? maria: that's coming up. >> eli 250 million in career earnings. >> has been active free agent season for the nfl, been pretty crazy, the giants have gotten rid of their best receiver. >> they bring one in. dagen: nascar is just at the beginning of season, speedway in california this weekend to tune in and hat to tony stewart who earlier this week was one of the nominees to nascar hall of fame, voting is later this spring but much deserved. jared: congratulations, one of six. dagen: exactly, shout-out to stewart. maria: jared -- >> williamson played last night. >> had a great game.
6:48 am
>> blow up again. maria: catch jared sports reports fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. movie round-up for your weekend, coming back up. like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! (click). wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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>> that's what this is for. >> thanks, birdie.
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>> at least we have dinner. maria: clip from the new film wonder park, the family animated feature debuting in theaters today, joining me michael tammero. >> happy friday. geared towards family and children, animated movie that come to life, the reviews have been eh about it. spring break season as we head into easter next month. 8 to 10 million at the box office. maria: 8 to 10 million, you have thriller captain, the aftermath, i know you saw, tell us about those. >> we can't overlook captain marvel which has come in number one, 70 to $80 million, biggest
6:53 am
march box opening of all times. the big story this weekend, the aftermath -- the aftermath is opening in two theaters, screened it in london, fantastic, it's post world war ii germany during british occupation. maria: she's so good. they are good together. >> the chemistry is fantastic, married to jason clark, getting over a tragic loss during the war. so a lot of drama, a lot of romance, surprise twist. maria: that's going to be good. let's get to prequel of sopranos called newark to hit theaters in september 2020? >> 2020 for those copping the answer to what happened in finale, won't get it because as
6:54 am
you said it is a prequel starting and michael who plays late father's character tony soprano. maria: when he was younger? >> yes, six seasons, 25 emmy awards, there's a lot of anticipation about what -- maria: against the series, it was pretty iconic. >> a lot of built-up anticipation to revisit characters again and positioned it in the fall, sign that there's confidence that it may go all the way up towards award season and do pretty well. maria: the other characters must be thrilled to be able to do this again, but are we going to see like falco, when he was -- >> some characters that they alluded to who got knocked off just before the sopranos. maria: yes. >> stay tune, maria.
6:55 am
maria: have a great weekend. >> you too. maria: thank you so much, michael tammero, more fallout from facebook, two top executives leaving roles all of that in next hour mornings with maria stay with us
6:56 am
. . . us as people.
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they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between
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buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. my dream car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . maria: breaking news this morning, terrorism in new zealand, at least 49 people killed, dozens more injured in two mass shootings in mosques. the attack reportedly streamed
6:59 am
live on facebook. four people are in custody. a new threat from north korea, kim jong un reportedly rethinking talks with the united states and resuming nuclear testing. the news sending defense stocks higher this morning. a rough week for technology giants. apple, google and facebook hit with outages. we have the latest there. tackling the tight labor market, shake shack is cuting back on the five day workweek. markets are higher this morning, futures indicate the market will open higher. this is the high of the morning with the dow industrials up 115 points, almost one-half of 1%, s&p 500 is up 12, the nasdaq up 45. the markets finished little changed yesterday. there were concerns over the china trade deal and britain's exit from the european union. the dow industrials was off just 7 points, the nasdaq down 12. european markets this morning higher across the board fq100 up 50 points, cac up better than
7:00 am
1%, dax index up 110 points. in asia, markets finished higher across the board with the best performer in china, up better than 1%. at least 49 people are dead this morning, dozens others injured after shootings at two mosques in new zealand. cheryl casone with the did details now. cheryl: officials in christ church, new zealand, say a gunman allegedly live streamed himself on facebook as he fired multiple shots at worshipers inside the mosque. this happened about 1:30 p.m. local time. australia's prime minister says the alleged gunman is an australian citizen. police charged him with murder. police say there were i'm improd explosive devices attached to the attacker's car. nenew zealand'sprime minister se of the darkest days the country
7:01 am
has ever seen. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. there are currently four individuals who have been apprehended but three connected to this attack who are currently in custody. these are people who i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in new zealand and in fact have no place in the world. cheryl: facebook reportedly confirming the shooter did live stream the attack and it says it has deleted that video and that facebook account and the instagram account that were attached to it. so those are the developments we have as of now. maria: we'll talk more about that facebook element of this. cheryl, thank you. joining me right now is the co-founder and managing director of elevating partners, he's the author of zucks, waking up to the facebook catastrophe, a author roger mcthat me andnamee.
7:02 am
let's talk about what went on in new zealand and the fact that it was live streamed on facebook. they took it down, roger, quickly and they also deleted the account that the video was posted on. >> maria, this is a tragedy and in my mind the facebook angle of it is -- pales by comparison to the fact of the thing. to my mind, the culture we've created, getting attention at any cost, is obviously a factor here. right? and you see this -- i mean, the same thing was true with at least one of the kids in the college scandal, the college admissions ca scandal, this is l about getting attention, all about projecting yourself into the world, creating a false persona or in this case, a true persona that is truly horrific. in my mind, facebook didn't create that culture, but it is
7:03 am
promoted extraordinarily effectively, to create this whole community of influencers, this world of influencers, and obviously that can apply for ill as well as good. maria: yeah. let's talk about facebook in general. the company now more news, losing two of its top executives yesterday, the head of what's app, chris daniels, leaving the company. this comes after mark zuckerberg said the future of facebook is private messaging. this is what i want to get your take on. we talked about the business model of facebook and the fact is, they have really let down a lot of people, you included. you've been very vocal about this, in terms of what they do with all of our data. >> so maria, mark's announcement was nonsense. there was a piece of it that was great. his commitment to stop hosting operations and having data in countries with bad records on human rights, bad records on
7:04 am
privacy means he's not going to go into china. that's a really big deal. it means he would have to exit countries like vietnam, philippines and cambodia. if he follows through, that's a big deal and very positive. i will support it hugely. the whole thing about private messaging is a dodge to get them out from under the responsibility for all the hate speech and the conspiracy theories and disinformation that have become a problem on the platform. i don't actually know if this is why chris cox is leaving. chris has been there from the beginning and he's an immensely important person there and his departure means something significant. i wish i knew exactly why he's going. i don't want to pretend that i do. i just know that facebook brought this on itself. the company's had more than two years to recognize that it is responsible for the consequences of its actions and to embrace the mission of protecting shareholders and sacrificing the business model to do that, the
7:05 am
failure there in my mind is it's just a tragedy because this is a great company and a wonderful product and one that i was really proud of for a long time. when i reached out to mark and cheryl sanberg in 2016, it was as a friend to say guys, you're in a business based on trust and you've got to do what johnson & johnson did after the tylenol poisoning scandal. maria: have a mea culpa. >> the first thing you do is protect the people that use your product. the failure to do that in my mind, it's just really sad. there are all these other people that should have been giving them good advice that didn't do it. maria: isn't this the business model? they have people's data, advertisers want that data, advertisers are going to pay for that data, that's the business model. so what -- >> it's really scary, maria. what they've created -- it's not just them. google invented this model. google's the best at it. facebook's the second best at
7:06 am
it. others are trying to get a piece of it. the notion was that they would gather data everywhere which means they're buying our credit card transaction records, they're buying health information from health apps. maria: this is incredible. >> they're buying our location from cellular carriers, they're buying our web -- everything we do on the web. you look at all those things. they're putting that together with what they have on their own sites and they basically act as a portal. if you're a marketer and you want to reach people, have you to pay them. if you do pay them, you get perfect information. the customer is at a total disadvantage. we're also limited by the data they let us have. it's like we have no information. the people selling to us have perfect information. that is not capitalism. that's really unfair. maria: all of this so that you can get an. -e-mail from whatever's pizza place, to say roger, you're on sixth avenue in new york city and there's a pizza place around the block similar to what you ate last week, go there now.
7:07 am
that location data, i'm just trying to understand what advertisers are doing with the day a take. >> to me, it's this whole notion that we are merely a source of data. we're no longer customers. we're no longer human beings. i want to ask the question, why is it legal for a company that offers you e-mail to scan the content in order to gather data on what you're doing, why is it legal for the credit card processors to sell our trans a transaction history, why is it legal for an internet company to sell the data about what you do on this. maria: and how come we didn't know about this beforehand. all of a sudden customers are fooled. >> they worked really hard to cover their tracks. i look at this and i go, look, now we know. we've been through this before. what these guys are doing is no different than what the robber barons did at the turn of the 20th century. we needed d need teddy roosevo come back here and put balance
7:08 am
in the economy. artificial intelligence should be th the the penicillin of thet century. they go to every university and hire whole departments so there's nobody available to do startups. they basically block competitors from coming along. we see this with google in china now. you've got this situation where google says to the defense department, you can't regulate us because you need our a.i., right. and then they go to china and say hey, would you like our search engine, based on the same a.i., right. maria: you're hitting on a lot of really important things. yesterday joe dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, he tells the senate panel that google is helping the chinese military indirectly through its work with the chinese government and leading statleadingstate owned companiee communist nation. google says we don't want to be near the u.s. immigration
7:09 am
policy, we're going to walk away from a deal with the pentagon and yet they're willing to help china, the communist country. >> this is the thing that makes me sad. after 9/11, when everybody was terrified, right, it was very convenient for our security services to have google doing surveillance on everybody, right. but they didn't think through what's the downside which is they're a corporation, they're going to sell to anybody. maria: that's incredible. you would think that america could rely on its leading technology companies in this race with china -- china is about to overtake america in a.i. i want to talk to you about this. this is according to a new study by the allen institute. researchers find that china will publish morpublish more of the d papers this year. >> let me tell you why this doesn't worry me as much as the issue in china. and that is because what china's
7:10 am
doing with a.i. is behavioral modification. they're a communist country, they have centralized control. they're trying to modify the behavior of their people. maria: they have data on everybody. >> what facebook and google do is also behavior modification. that's not what we should be great at. we should use a.i. to empower our citizens. we should have a.i. companies doing different things with it, not behavioral modification. i want to make sure that facebook and google and the others can't gather all the a.i. resources and focus all our energy on the one place where china's not only going to win but where we shouldn't want to win. we shouldn't want to win in behavioral modification. instead of using -- here's one of the things that scares me. these guys track your mouse movement and the first day when i get older and my hand slows down and gets wobbly, maybe i have parkinson's, they'll be the first people to know.
7:11 am
maria: wow. >> they're under no obligation to tell me. not only that, they're not under an obligation to keep it secret. they can sell it to the highest bidder which will be my insurance company which which either raise my rates or stop my coverage. they could have an insurance product that says we're tracking your mouse coverage, you need to go to the doctor. that would be the right thing to do. if all we do is get tech companies to look at us as human beings, as customers, instead of looking at us as a source of data, all of this would be fine. there's a good version of every one of these technologies, it's just you have to treat the people as the customer instead of as like an oil well of data. maria: how do they get away with this? >> there are no rules right now the business world. can you do whatever you want. maria: where is this going? you've got elizabeth warren out saying maybe we need to be thinking about breaking these companies up. you've got last year at the end of last year kevin mccarthy calling all these guys down to
7:12 am
testify. where is this going in terms of legislation? >> let me tell you what i'm doing. i spent part of the day tuesday with the anti-trust division of the justice department. next week i have conversation was the federal trade commission that have been going. i'm working with the administration. they know there's a problem. they want to get on top of this. i don't know where they're going to come down. we're working together because i have a perspective and a look at this. warren is absolutely correct, that the notion of people who make a market shouldn't allow it to also -- shouldn't be allowed to participate in it. that's unfair to everybody who is in it. you shouldn't be able to use monopoly power to hire all the a.i. guys or to prevent start-ups from happening. so what warren's doing is classic teddy roosevelt. you can say -- people put labels on all that kind of stuff. in an economic sense, it's so obviously the right thing to do. i don't think this is about right versus left, i think it's about right versus wrong. i think you'll see people across
7:13 am
the whole spectrum, once they understand the issues, i think everybody -- i mean, this was, again, teddy roosevelt was a republican. i mean, anti-trust is an american concept because we always used to believe that monopoly was part of monarchy. and we're in favor of entrepreneurship and letting 1,000 flowers bloom, that's where i'm coming from. it happens that warren's right on this issue. maria: google has 90% market share in search. >> yeah. maria: 90%. if we were to see competitors come in, that would be good but there haven't been any that actually stick. they're not sticking. >> they don't have the economic value. maria: they don't have the market share. >> that's true. there are alternatives. i use duck, duck, go. maria: you do, okay. >> they do not track me. right. maria: you've talked about duck, duck. >> i talk about all these guys. i use apple products because they protect me from google. i use duck, duck, go. i use ghostery. i try to avoid google all the
7:14 am
time. i've got a podcast later today and the guy requires you to use chrome. i had to -- anyway, i treat it like a video game. maria: apple has tried to let customers believe that it is really protecting their privacy, that it's a priority. the company's debuting a new commercial yesterday with the tag line, privacy, that's iphone. here's a piece of it. watch this. ♪ >> lead me see that. ♪ maria: of course, it comes following apple's facetime
7:15 am
privacy bug. do you buy this? >> oh, definitely. apple's not perfect. their manufacturing strategy in china is flawed. there's all kinds of issues. on this issue, they're not just sincere about it, they've been walking this walk for a long time and if you're on an android phone you're giving away everything. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonde(bird chirping)rth.
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7:18 am
in the transportation industry without knowing firsthandness the unique challenges in that sector? coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. maria: welcome back. north korea is considering suspending nuclear talks with the united states. cheryl casone with this news now. cheryl: north korea may resume its missile and nuclear testing. the country's vice foreign minister said kim jong un will soon decide whether to continue negotiations with washington. she's says kim wa was deeply dia appointed by the failed summit. she blames mike pompeo and john bolton for hardening the u.s. position. following the news, defense related stocks in south korea and japan surged by more than 20%. well, the securities and exchange commission is suing volkswagen, accusing it of defrauding u.s. investors during
7:19 am
the diesel emissions scandal. the s.e.c. says the company issued more than $13 billion in bonds and asset backed securities in the u.s. markets at a time when senior executives knew that its diesel vehicles exceeded legal emissions limits. the s.e.c. claims volkswagen got hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits by issuing the security. volkswagen says the complaint is flawed and will contest it vigorously. the burger chain shake shack is testing a new incentive to attract workers in a light labor market. the company is trying out a four day workweek at a restaurant in las vegas. restaurants have had to boost wage as a recruitment tool. average hourly earnings rose 4.5% through january, outpacing the national average. a four day workweek and you get to eat shake shack burgers, sounds like a great gig. maria: coming up, trade talks
7:20 am
in focus president trump sounding optimistic on a deal with china. what that means for markets and where are we with this deal. a major recall, butterball recalls 80,000 pounds of ground turkey over salmonella concerns. we've got all the details right after this. ♪
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back. markets this morning are higher. we're at the highs of the morning right here with the dow jones industrial average up 120 points, 122 points, one half of 1%. the s&p 500 us up 12 and-a-half and the nasdaq up 43 points. we are watching ongoing trade negotiations between the u.s. and china, that's a factor for the u.s., plusen. laurenplus uncertainty overbritn union. katie nixon, thanks for being here. you still want to put money to
7:24 am
work into equities? >> we're still risk-on maria with our tactical mo l del. if you're a long-term investor, now is a good time to be in equities. maria: whawhat aboutm what abo. >> two things. first of all, on sort of the risk cases around some of the geopolitical issues, you mentioned brexit, clearly the china-u.s. trade talks, those are risk cases. we believe the next recession will be a man made issue, if these things don't get resolved it will turn the economy south and probably earnings south. on the earnings front, we're actually pretty optimistic about earnings this year. we see a 5 to 6% earnings growth without making any sort of herculean assumptions about margin. >> isn't one of the reasons you want to be long and strong into the market, we have an acday continue fed, they did a an
7:25 am
about base from december. the next thing, we're going to see buybacks come in -- maria and i have talked about this before, buybacks are going to overtake capital expenditure spending. you're going to see an underlying bid for earnings because the companies are going out there and making sure they're going to meet their marks. maria: the buyout blackout window begins at the end of the month. >> right. maria: the 25t 25th. >> on the central front, it's not just the fed, we have the ecb very doveish. we have powell coming out doveish. those things are positive for financial conditions and risk assets globally. dagen: why isn't is scaring the you know what out of investors, central banks around the globe, even the fed here is saying whoa, we got it wrong four months ago. maria: now they're talking about a rate cut. >> it seems to me, china, china, china, any investor i talk to, they agree with everything you said, the economy is
7:26 am
fundamentally strong. it seems if a deal of any kind is reached, if he gets xi down to mar-a-lago, they play golf and the sun shines, they agree to something, it's clear skies ahead, right? maria: before you go there, what dagen was bringing up is important. are people nervous we could see this enormous change that the fed is maybe cutting rates. do you think the fed is going to cut rates this year. >> it's possible. maria: doesn't that scare somebody who thought we're seeing higher rates and now the economy is slowing so much, to such an extent that we have to chain entirely and lower rates. >> that's the risk, maria, that the fed has painted into a built of a corner here. even if they want to lower rates -- lowering rates right now would be an acknowledgement they went one too far in 2018. >> or the that it's so bad out e they have to stimulate the economy. cutting rates would scare me to death because the macroeconomic conditions aren't supportive of where rates are. >> that's the risk. instead of taking a walk-back, saying wait a minute, they scare
7:27 am
the market into thinking conditions are worse than they are. i think as long as they are neutral or cutting rates for the right reason -- the right reason is inflation is anish shiewvment growth is shrugging along just fine. we'll get 2%, maybe slightly higher if we get a resolution to some of the issues, whether it's china or brexit, growth is going to be okay. the issue is that we have very, very low inflation, so to the extent that the fed isn't fighting inflation, there's nothing to fight. maria: so the issue that john brought up, the china deal, do you think there will be a deal? >> i do, maria. the bar is set pretty low, actually. just get something done. >> i so agree with you. i think the president will get something done. you and kevin are bullish in saying now is the time to leg into the market. i agree. something is going to happen and the market's going to react. maria: if they have the important issues covered like the transfer of technology, i.p. theft. >> state owned enterprises. maria: structural issues that i don't know that china is going
7:28 am
to agree to. >> for the market, they just want a deal on the tariffs. maria: they just want a deal on china buying more soybeans from the u.s.? >> that's the low-hanging -- maria: i don't think the markets will be happy with that. i understand what you're saying. i don't think the markets will like a deal that's not an actual deal that includes some of the important things. >> it will be a deal to make a deal. we'll have a resolution on some of the low-hanging fruit. you'll have a clear path forward on how to make a deal. it will be short on details. it would be great if we get these things done. they're so complicated, they're not going to get done in the next six weeks. >> any time the meeting is schedule, th the market goes up. people just want them to get together. maria: we'll be watching. katie, thank you. great insights from you. coming up, fighting back, one lawmaker is introducing a bill targeting illegal robo calls, the plan coming up. an he elite gamer turning his
7:29 am
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maria: welcome back. breaking news, terrorism in new zealand, at least 49 people have been killed, dozens other injured in two mass shootings in mosques. the attack reportedly streamed live on facebook. four people have been taken into police custody.
7:33 am
joining us right now is u.s. ambassador to new zealand, scott brown. ambassador, thanks very much for calling in this morning. incredible that i'm talking to you today, after this horrific event. what can you tell us, sir? >> maria, certainly it's surreal, came out of left field. you don't expect this type of thing in new zealand. and you saw and you've been following 49 dead, others injured, and probably the death toll will rise and the fact that this coward could walk through a mosque and stroll through chrit church and drive through assassinating people is unconscionable. people are upset as we are as well. maria: the face nai national sy threat level has been raised to the second highest levels. was terrorism high on the alert
7:34 am
for most people? >> certainly, maria, they're always diligent, anticipating trends, especially what's happening in australia and other parts of the world. so i know for a fact obviously that they pay great attention, but it's difficult to determine what's coming and who's next, especially when allegedly this person or persons were not on any type of watch list. so there will be a lot of certainly deep-diving into the who, what, when, where, but right now they're trying to anticipate if there's more to follow, doing a deep dive into this -- the person who is being arraigned tomorrow, accomplices, trying to find out how to prepare better. maria: what are they looking at, scott? the police say they're investigating whether there was more than one attacker. you've got four people in custody so far. what are the kinds of things that the police are looking at
7:35 am
to indicate whether or not there was another shooter? >?another attacker? >> maria, you of all people know it's an ongoing investigation and it's just everybody, all hands on deck. i mean, everybody's offering help and assistance. the police have been doing a good job. the prime minister and her team have been working diligently to find out. so they're going to look at everything, social media, go to his place of residence, you know, look at his phone records, the stuff a that we and anyone else would do to see, okay, who is this person associated with if anybody. he could have been a loa lone wf or not. they're working hard to figure out that and focus on the victims and families right now. maria: the white house just released a statement, ambassador, the white house releases this, the united states strongly condemns the attack in christ church, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we stand in solidarity with the people of new zealand and their
7:36 am
government against this vicious act of hate. what do you want to see from the white house, that statement from sarah sanders, what would you like to see at this point, scott? >> well, listen, i've been in communication with d.c. since it happened, obviously. we have a free flow of information as a five eyes partner and as a friend of the kiwis, we do a lot together and we'll continue to do that. so we're very comfortable as to what we're doing and what we will continue to do. but right now we're focusing on gathering information and making sure that the victims and the families are accounted for. our teams and all our citizens in the united states are in program, make sure they're accounted for, it's an ongoing, free-flowing situation. i understand that maybe one of those four that were arrested were released. so i don't want anyone to jump to conclusions, but listen, maria, you know me. you know, this is a great place, it's one of the most amazing
7:37 am
countries aside from our country and to have this happen in a beautiful friday is a little -- we're shaken, gail and i are shaken. we're like, okay, we're looking over our shoulders and wondering what's next. but we also know that we're not going to change our routine and we're going to just look at it in the face and drive on like we do back home. maria: ambassador, great to talk with you this morning. our support for you, be safe, ambassador scott brown. >>.thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> i know that, maria. miss you. say hi to everybody. maria: will do. scott brown, obviously a friend of this program for years during the election, scott joined us many times, obviously you heard him now, living in new zealand, dealing with this tragedy. turning now to taking on robocalls, my next guest recently introduced legislation in congress to crack down on those calls. joining me right now is new jersey congressman, house agriculture committee member and author of the robocall enforcement act of 2019, jeff
7:38 am
van drew. it's good to see you again. thanks so much for joining me this morning. >> great to be here with you again, thank you. maria: you just heard ambassador scott brown. your reaction, what do you see in terms of necessary moves at this point from the u.s. in light of what we know took place in new zealand overnight? >> well, obviously as we find out more, it's going to be important that we help in any way and i know that we wil intelligence gathering to make sure any assistance they need, technical and otherwise is there. i would also say, i think that -- all of us have the same reaction. there's just too much hate in the world, too much hurt. you know, it starts with social media. we feel that we can speak to each other a certain way. it starts with politics and the way that we behave and people deal with each other and it's just extended into these horrible hateful acts that p happen. some day i hope that we really truly realize we all have the same blood flowing in our veins,
7:39 am
that we are all human beings, and that we should love each other a little bit more. this is a bad day. maria: i'm so glad you said that, congressman. you've been among those who are very much wanting to work with the other side, willing to work with the other side on policy and you don't see that enough in the congress. i mean, you're from new jersey. i want to get to the robocall bill in a minute. you're from you new jersey, high taxes, salt deductions top of the agenda issue. numbers out estimate that over 10 million people will lose out on deductions for state and local taxes cue to the 2017 tax overhaul, being felt the most in high tax states like new york, california and your state of new jersey. what do you want to see here and how hard will the bite be come april 15th, if your view? >> the bite's going to be hard for some folks. you're right, for some folks it won't be as much. unfortunately, new jersey is a high tax state as well as the
7:40 am
other ones that you mentioned and i would just like to see taxes cut. i hate when we say okay, we have a tax cut, i support tax cuts, and i'm not faulting anybody for this but the reality is, when we cap that deduction it hurts a lot of folks and they really don't get the tax cuts. so i think we need legislation and there are various pieces out there, nothing is moved forward yet but i hope at some point it does because if we want to cut taxes, we should for everybody, particularly the middle class and -- maria: what do you want to say to some of your colleagues in the democrat party, like an elizabeth warren, who is calling for a tax on wealth? right? i mean, you've got ideas from aoc of 70% tax rates. you're talking about cutting taxes because you see that people are hurting from the high taxes in new jersey, state taxes and local taxes, new york the same thing. how are you dealing with all these proposals from some of
7:41 am
your colleagues on the sharp left? >> well, i respectfully disagree. i mean, the answer is not always more taxes. that certainly is not where we need the to go. when you get to rates of 70% and higher, then you are no longer a capitalist country. you are then becoming a socialist country and as i've said to you before and i say he very often, i am not a socialist. i am a capitalist. i am a compassionist capitalist. which means that at times, i think you would agree, we need a safety net. there is a place for government. but we just can't run everything and tax everything then we lose initiative in the country. maria: i'm very impressed with you, congressman. you've got the right ideas because you understand the economy clearly, kevin kelly. >> it's kevin kelly here. i think we're tip-towing aroundg around the main point when it comes to taxes. our tax code is 75,000 pages, right. and so the salt deduction is hurting people because the
7:42 am
wealthy can find loopholes and they can get out of it. we've seen what happened in new york where amazon's not coming here, why, because people viewed it as corporateism, right. people saw it as giving basically subsidies to a company that actually didn't need them, right. that's crony capitalism at its finest. how do we pinpoint and address this? can we simplify the tax code? is there anything being done? s. >> we can do anything we want to. if we work hard enough, of course we can and if you get both sides to agree that we should, we can. that's the question. this has been spoken about and debated for a long period of time. i agree with you. i'd like a simpler tax code. i'd like to make sure that middle class folks, working people, small business people are really getting the break that they need and the opportunities that they need. that's what this country has been about. it's always been about hard working people in the middle. that's what drives the united states of america. and also when it comes to amazon, certainly i said before,
7:43 am
you know, i don't love that you have to incentiveize companies that are doing well to come to your state but it's the way that it is now. so until we change it, you know, they're not going to be where they originally thought, obviously, in new york. they are welcome to come down to atlanta county or down to south jersey where i am because i have different countys in my district that would help them and incentiveize them and i know there are other areas that would as well. the name of the game is jobs, business, and good healthy competition. maria: what about the row bowl calls, congressman. you're introducing legislation aimed at combating annoying robocalls. tell us about your proposal. >> we're speaking about huge issues that are over-arching. it also comes down to smaller issues that affect our everyday lives. i don't know about you, but i think most people are really tired of this and we did a no
7:44 am
call list. i was the author in new jersey of the no call liss. we thought that would be the end of it. the problem is, the enforcement. we don't have the proper enforcement against these robocalls and telemarketing and spoofing for those that don't know what spoofing is. it is simply when a number comes up and you believe that it's a certain number but when you pick it up it's not. it's a robocaller again. maria: these calls have picked up. i'm getting them too. >> a lot. maria: it's so annoying, you're right, congressman. >> they've picked up a lot. and they interrupt people's lives. we are bothered enough. people are quite frankly tense enough and just have this on top of it. this increases the statute of limitations, increases the fines and i would love to see that we could actually increase the enforcement to finally stop this. maria: that's the key. >> it's getting worse, not better. maria: that's the key, enforcement. good to see you, thanks so much. >> great to be with you. maria: president trump just
7:45 am
tweeted about the terrorist attacks, he writes this my warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of new zealand after the horribles massacre in the mosques. 49 people have so senselessly died with so many seriously injured, the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all. and we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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maria: welcome back. a massive power outage in venezuela causing a major water crisis now. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: maria, clean water is
7:49 am
running low there and some desperate venezuelans are swarming sewage drains. you can see a long line of people including children that are searching for clean water. the trump administration is considering imposing new sanctions that could prohibit visa and mastercard from processing transactions in venezuela. check your freezer. butterball recalling nearly 80,000 pounds of ground turkey, a after five people became sick from sa sam salmonella. it has a use or sell by date of july 26th, 2018. consumers are advised to toss it or ru return it for a refund. budweiser is teaming up with coleman meets to create bu budweiser infused pulled pork and spare ribs. the barbecue sauce is made with the beer.
7:50 am
breathe anbeer and brats, there. maria: thanks, cheryl. coming up, $200,000 at 14 years old, a teenage gamer turning skills into a mega salary. we've got the story right after this. driver: sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? um ah, i'll look into it. lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? laughs/umm.. and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! (click). wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. the big business of video games, 14-year-old griffin spikoski, known by skeptic earned $200,000 playing the video game fortnite. griffin is with us right now to tell us how he did it. congratulations to you. >> thank you. maria: this is incredible. how much did you do it? >> i started off on youtube around eight months ago. i killed a big streamer.
7:54 am
i put it on youtube. it got 9 million views. maria: then what? >> it took off and i kept the hype up. >> in order to be the best, you beat the best. >> kind of. >> the bulk of your money is coming from twitch. you get 50% of your subscriber fees on twitch? >> and youtube. >> which is bigger? >> usually youtube. >> most of the audience would think that everybody watches gamers on twitch and would be surprised youtube is doing so well. is that across the industry? >> usually across the industry youtube is superior. maria: take us through your strategies that you use to make money. >> i take videos, i record them on my own, i upload them on youtubyoutube. people like to watch them a bunch of times. i do daily streams on twitch and caffeine. >> misfits is a professional gaming team. what games do you professionally
7:55 am
play? >> just fortnite. >> are there other games you're looking to expand to? there's other games from other provide that everyone is looking at moving to. >> i play a couple other games but i mainly play fortnite. >> you've got to master that one game. >> definitely. >> what other games are you playing? the two big public companies that investors trade are ea, makes apex legends and activision makes overwatch. are either of those games doing anything good these days? are they crushed by fortnite? do you see them as being a big deal. >> apex legends sponsored big streamers. it's huge right now. i played it for a while. i think fortnite is still the thing. maria: you still like fortnite better? >> definitely. maria: why? >> upcoming weeks there will be a $40 million tournament that 13 and older can win in. >> what about call of duty. >> fortnite crushed it. maria: are you hoping to win that $40 million. >> i hope. dagen: are you going to end up
7:56 am
going to college? >> depends where i am in a few years. dagen: that's a good answer. >> we'll see. maria: do you want to turn this talent into something in college that you'll be doing as well? >> it depends if i'm still at this position in like four years' time, then probably not. >> who makes the best keyboards, who makes the best headphones? >> i'm not sure, it's called am pro the, a slimmer keyboard. >> who makes it? >> type wreck. >> these are your two favorite brands. >> sort of. >> are they sponsors? >> no. maria: how did you dye your hair that color? what is that. >> so you i got it because i said once i had 100,000 followers, you guys choose the color i dye my hair. they chose blue and my mom did it. >> good mom. maria: congratulations, griffin. we'll be right back. u to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪
7:57 am
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maria: breaking news terrorism in new zealand good morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. at least 49 people killed dozens others injured in two mass shootings in mosques in new zealand streamed live on facebook as hang, we are following the very latest developments as four people are now in custody, one person has been charged with the murder, boeing halted deliveries of the 737 max jet what is next for the jet maker as it faces a crisis this morning, as you can see the stock bouncing this morning after losing 25 billion in market value, since that crash. elon musk big veal last night
8:01 am
the ceo unhe valed model y , suv find out how much it costs. >> college admission scandal costing jobs and sponsorship more on this markets higher futures indicating a rally start of trading dow industrials up 118 points one half of a percent, s&p 500 up 12 1/2 nasdaq up 40 points have to after the markets finished yesterday little changed, concerns over the deal with china, a china trade deal exit of britain from europe europe uncertainty, dow industrials yesterday up 7 points s&p 500 down two and a half nasdaq down a fraction european index higher ft 100 up 43 cac quarante in paris up 48 will become 1% dukes in germany also higher almost 1%, in asia overnight, markets finished higher across the board, as you can see, the shanghai composite the best performer up better than 1%
8:02 am
stories coming up joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell benchmark managing partner kevin kelley founder ceo, brian steinberg. >> important to note the stock market sxaerngs quexperiencing quadrup ill. >> last time we had this december 21 a down day we know what happened on december 24th monday after, we had capitulation almost bear market territory down 20% so we could see exacerbated to buy side this time seeing it happen. >> i am glad you mentioned this often when we see quadruple witching hour it is volatile. >> servers need to about conscientious. >> you think upside bias. >> i think upside bias now in december was downside bias right? so i don't want people so what happened then people got scared and started selling,
8:03 am
the monday after, and that would have been bad move you have seen we've come back day if upside don't go in chase things. maria: we are going to follow that important story as we see the market, poised to open higher this morning, of course, the top story of the morning breaking news, terrorism in new zealand. 49 people killed, two mass shootings no mosques we have reaction from white house this morning edward lawrence at the white house with details good morning to you. reporter: good morning. the reaction at the white house stern sarah sanders released a statement says united states, strongly condemns attack in christchurch thoughts prayers with victims families we sand in sal darity with people of new zealand and government against vicious act of hit a the president tweeting this morning, in part, saying that u.s. stands with new zealand for anything that we can do, in this it happened in christchurch, new zealand here is what we know this hour two mosques were involved in
8:04 am
christchurch, new zealand gunman opened fire during afternoon prayers 49 dead 10 wounded four in custody three men one woman one may have been released still trying to sort so it one has been charged with murder already, a manifesto reportedly posted only before this claims done because of concern for white genocide new zealand prime minister says two explosives were found in cars disarmed. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. >> from what we know it does appear to have been well planned. reporter: again as you said spatter of the tactic streamed on facebook since taken down in -- mike pompeo will be at state department speaking no doubt this the will come up then at the white house for lunch, later this afternoon with the president, again, they most likely will also talk about this incident. maria: edward thank you.
8:05 am
we will be watching edward lawrence at the white house to boeing jet maker has announced it is in fact grounding deliveries of the 737 maximum jet following ethiopian airlines crash jeff flock in chicago midway airport with more. reporter: big hug for southwest air also 246 more planes on order from southwest, but as you report, deliveries halted southwest yesterday form of gary kelly if you will throated defends a missive sent out to all subverts pass juniors our experience with max with u.s. operators has been fell on we have operated over 40,000 flights, and almost 90,000 hours we have had absolutely no problems, despite that however, air canada today announcing that it is suspending guidance going forward because of concerns about the plane, and what did this cost boeing one said yesterday this could cost the
8:06 am
company a billion dollars, a month, in cash flow from payments that won't get. president yesterday, president of the united states that is expressing hope this will be over ina and a fix in place soon. >> they have to find out what it is the biggest thing they have to find out what it is i'm not sure that they know but i thought we had to do it we had to take a cautionary route great company truly great company hopefully they allfying if i go it out quickl. >> there is speculation could be weeks may be months as long as six months before the plane is back in the air, i leave with you some information about the crash. some information about what was coming out of the cockpit, the captain the pilot i should say asking to get back home quickly, the plane was he apparently oscillating up and down rapidly with increase in speed. that is latest on the crash, still that black box full of
8:07 am
information from that not known. >> thanks so much, in chicago this morning, there are also new reports, this morning, that a piece found at ethiopian airlines crash site could give a clue as to what happened, joining me aviation analyst former pilot kathleen, thanks very much for being here. >> good morning. >> what is your take you are an expert in this jet, in this industry. how do you see it? >> well, this is -- you know another piece of the puzzle that they found called jackscrew long device kind of looks like a spring they are saying it shows that the tail was in a full up position stabilizer indicating the plane would have been in a full nose down pindication into the ground now that we already know from the debris field but this is one more piece of the puzzle, more that is going on today is that the black boxes are in france being looked at today, the flight data recorder unfortunately was damaged but
8:08 am
there is a possibility that as soon as perhaps by end of day we will get something from french authorities if they can get any clz from voice recorder or the data recorder that they have in their possession right now. >> i just want to point out fascinating story i tweeted this in "the wall street journal" about this newcomer in tracking aircraft -- >> movements. >> aep. >> exactly their data, basically can show the pied heading and altitude of aircraft taking off. and this date distributed around the globe it is partnership between iridium and canadian air traffic controllers this advancement has been beneficial in making safety decisions. potentially save lives. >> right this is a fascinating company, that what they are using getting what is called
8:09 am
adsb date from transponder able to track exactly where that airplane was, gps coordalternates altitude what they have been able to do is take that vertical flight parting after departure for the six minutes we know ethiopian airmz was airborne abling to overlay that against the vertical flight path from lion air october before they crashing when in flight 12 minutes what they saw striking similarities up and down roller coaster path with ethiopian ones saw sort of 15 to 20 second cycle in pitch oscillations probably makes us suspicious about m-cap system that operates 10 seconds then a five seconded break kicks in again for 10 seconds, sort of lace up with that 15 seconded period that we are seeing on data from arayan. >> one thing to attention faa touted they waited until they
8:10 am
had data daniel elwell acting administrator keeps using the term we had to have data but many of us in the industry saw as early as last sunday afternoon hours after the crash, that there was data out from a company called flightaware, showing the same thing basically that arian is showing plane had fast, fast speed i mean hitting the ground super high speed impact, it showed that the airplane had vertical oscillation from altitude changes a little disingenuous to ask that question how the administration a little disingenuous many including former faa inspectors saying as early as monday they could already see from flight path the aircraft had problems probably related. mechanical system. >> what is this doing to air travel in united states 737 max does this effect other 737s or kayak allowing people to search by aircraft are we
8:11 am
having people not willing to fly all 737s, what is going on at airports. >> i hope that -- because 737 wonderful plane been around over decades 10,000 flying this is 737 max 8 and 9 modelsive in the u.s. not even 100 those flying i believe 93 or 94 flying, around that, i don't think it is ebb going to have to be huge impact for spring break travel. >> i want to point out somebodying might be obvious to viewers we talk about speed these planes were flying the oscillations, in the air, you know, how terrifying that must have been for passengers to about on aircraft moving that way. and i think that really resonates with everybody deeply frightening. >> what should boeing's next motive be kathleen? >> well what they are saying that they are going to have a
8:12 am
software patch, and possibly more sensors because right now they only -- what we're getting reportedly that there were only getting angle of attack indication from one sensor not using systems redundancy the within we have not had a fatal crash almost a decade is sum's redunnedancy saying might have something by end of april boeing has to get it right we don't know when they are going to have it if another crash boeing maximum, after putting this airplane back on the line could be game over for that airplane. >> good to have you on the program thanks for insights this morning. >> thank you. >> quick break then tesla big debut the stock is down this morning, last night the company unveiled model y suv we will tell you all about it what is behind 3% sell-off this morning the latest on college admissions cost jobs
8:13 am
deals school all ahead right here.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
reconsider her exit plan hurdles to go in brexit. >> artificial intelligence track down remove revenge porn you have to flag content to the company before it can be reviewed many are reluctant to do that following foois's privacy scandal you discussed a.i. -- >> right now you've got this problem artificial intelligence should be the penicillin of 21st century nobody can start up google facebook, has hired every artificial intelligence person in the country go to every university hire departments nobody available to do service they block competitors from coming aalong. cheryl: facebook down one and one half percent premarket right now, well, uber, is reportedly planning to launch ipo in april according to report by reuters public offering on feels of lyftine
8:18 am
expected by end this have month uber is seeking a valuation as high as 120 billion dollars. maria: that will be something a bitt oto otos betos ties to g the plans next. >> tesla model y makes a debut what elon musk has to say about the car company next big bet he why investors are not impressed this morning. back in a minute. ♪ want more from your entertainment experience?
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to the gop when he began political career relied on a group of republican supporters to give a abuse to the career often posing obamacare called for raising social security eligibility age voted against nancy pelosi for speaker of the house according to "the wall street journal." joining us now the five co-host juan williams good to see you what do you think about this is this is going to hurt him in the race for the white house. >> i think potentially, brings into question his -- pleas for authenticity i think yes announced from housewife next to him in dentist chir which i thought was obnoxious. >> with it a seconded what is the reality now we live in era donald trump went from being a democrat to a republican shifted on many positions and we know for example, kamala harris is a prosecutor who yesterday came and in favor of the death penalty yesterday
8:23 am
assisted to join with gavin newsom opposing death penalty shifting going around playing politics. >> he was so dament nadamant nog to run for president in 2020 why do you think he do you think he planned to lie or had some reason to reverse himself so dramatically? >> o i don't think so i would ever characterize a lie i think that is a little harsher but i would say the pressure from within the party for him to run against john cornyn for senate i think people see texas trending purple if not blue cornyn was vulnerable very well against him, he had astounding campaign fund-raising session running for senate, and the reason for that was again, the authenticity i am a real glat in texas, begins unpopular ted cruz so that would help if he has no political positions on issues at this point. the fact that that money that
8:24 am
80 million dollars came from mostly small donor contributions, though the little guy little gallon in texas when you have other people running for nomination out there, trying to you know, shaking hands doing fund-raisers with big money donors i points to kirsten gillibrand one of the people hospitalized a fund-raiser for her caught up in this this college admission scandaling one of the parents has been charged with a co-host of this little party that they had -- right before the dooilts handed indictments handed down if he can appeal to individuals he can say, hay i am in nobody's pocket. >> have is he going to appeal to dems feels like if you are not all the way to the left, lunching in radical ideas not the getting anywhere in the party. >> we know own board what he said yesterday announced that he has positions for example,
8:25 am
he is pro-choice, he is someone says get back into paris climate deal someone all about national health care having the government reason i a health care system so now taking the positions you are referring to as lunlurch to the onboard. >> we -- on web site. >> there is nothing there. >> there is nothing there. >> i did bring up him wanting to staff the supreme court so i guess my question to you, is do you think the supreme court is going to be at forefront of this next election because i think a lot of conservatives didn't like donald trump but as like hey we need to vote for him because of the supreme court. >> holtz said that on this program do you they on forefront beto i am in favor from nine justices to 15. >> i think it is crazy idea you go back to fbi, didn't work out for him he legendary figure in politics about it
8:26 am
nerz over merrick garland. >> and kavanaugh. >> i am talking from left perspective i agree kavanaugh worked very much, there was question whether it worked for suburban white welcome but in general a point of grievance term of conservative politics to this moment. >> medium call me how great is beto when i ask her she won't be able to tell me the "vanity fair" cover, let me show that -- >> he looking handsome picture incredible i wish would take a picture of me it is a marketing campaign. >> is it really superficial marketing a candidate the candidate wants to about in tradition of ronald reagan also barack obama john kennedy hope and optimism when country is polarized he says i will
8:27 am
bigger than positions i am about bringing country together i want to about a pragmatist young handsome --. >> if we put cover up again drop lower third drop banner you will see his dog his dog is in that photograph with him, again, there you go. what makes somebody more likable than anything being a dog lover. maria: i agree i agree. >> run for president -- inside did that hurt him. >>. >> gets into. >> what hurts in pits. >> mitt romney story about him -- with the dog on -- that and -- that and mitt romney as we witnessesed him blowing out birthday candles one by one the worst politician on planet earth. >> has he endorsed medicare for all. >> beto. >> yeah. >> a that is what he says
8:28 am
government run health care. >> green new deal. >> i said that yesterday. >> come on juan. >> come on what? >> our d-day, he was saying it was like whoa -- >> said that he mischaracterized. >> that he is -- taking liberal positions. maria: yeah. >> i agree but -- >> okay, but aoc green deal, there has been enough criticism and fact about the cost about it doesn't make sense to give for his get rid of fossil fuse 12 years he is endorsing it. >> he is not alone most candidates for the nomination are into endorsed it see it bold vision to income and equality. >> you think just say i want to not have to have a plan on the way. >> i want to save this show -- >> we got -- >> juan williams, there you go the economy is doing well,
8:29 am
under president trump futures gain start of trading this morning as you see highs of the morning up 129 points former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan will weigh in next here live. >> have tesla model 3 makes a debut we tell you what elon musk has to say about the next big bet, back in a moment. ♪ what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ ♪ dear tech...
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breking news at least 49 people were killed dozens adjudicatory in two mass shootings ins mosques in new zealand attack rallier streamed live as happening on facebook we are following latest developments four people in custody one person has been charged with the murder, turning to less tesla elon musk unveiled model y , suv find out how much it will cost down almost 3% take a look at why the college admission scandaling worse costing lori laughlin and daughter lucrative jobs and sponsorships futures is expected to rally futures indicating a gain start of trading with highs of the morning right here dow industrials, up 132 points one half of a percent s&p up 12 and three quarters points nasdaq up 42 futures indicating a gain start of trading this morning in one hour's time, in europe this morning, money moving into equities, ft 100 up 48 cac quarante up 48 dax in germany up 104 points that is one
8:34 am
percent higher in asia overnight markets higher across the board china best up better than 1% kick off a half hour with push for socialism, article in "the wall street journal" this morning from alan blinder, titled democrats stop plea tending to about socialists the vibrancy magic of capitalism entirely capable with strong safety net. >> the author of cap list a.m. in america alan greenspan coauthorizing that book joining me great to see you dr. greenspan thanks so much for joining us. >> you are he welcome maria good to see you. >> interesting to see us talking so much about socialism alan blinder worked with you two years being your vice chairman of the federal reserve, you are out with a book capitalism in america is it possible that we are actually baebdz whether or not capitalism is better than
8:35 am
socialism? >> that is not what the debate is. i think alan blinder has got it right. let's define our terms exactly. what people call socialism is not -- not what socialism is and always has been historically. the ownership of the means of production by government. that is nots what they are talking about here. maria: when they talk about green new deal, dr. greenspan 90 plus trillion dollars, basically, of federal program huge a federal programs medicare for all huge program going to practicable wipe out insurance industry do you see those socialist programs? >> concerns me mostly he is the fact the problem we have excuse me -- the problem we have at this particular stage
8:36 am
is fiscal policy not monetary policy, it is not even debate over whether it is capitalism or socialism or the like it is really an issue of somewhat similar to more narrow issues namely what is the size of entitlements. and i think the problem that we have itself that the substantial forces driving the budget deficit to triple-digit levels is the fact that we're trying to create more in the way of social programs meaning social security medicare the like without funding them you cannot do that indefinitely without en gendering major imbalances which undercut the whole system if you are going that direction the thing you have to do first is make sure you are funding it the swedes ran into very serious problems
8:37 am
back 199 1, had very much same sort of structure that we have only a little bit more advanced. their interest rates went up to 500% the system collapsed. they made major changes now driving very significant way so we have the solving this problem. >> i want to -- >> to get to that because we are talking about 22 trillion-dollar debt obviously a major issue so let me hold on on the entitlements because i know you have done so much work on this, and we still have not seen a plan to reign in spending about o socialism subject dr. greenspan are people understanding that these programs may not be what they are intended? you are saying this is not the
8:38 am
debate capitalism versus socialism i know a lot of democrats don't want moniker socialism. >> june hickenlooper was asked if you a capitalist he wouldn't say he was capitalist even though capitalism worked beautifullyly in this country can people separate things like proposals the green deal medicare for all say they are not solvency when in fact they are government takeovers of serious industry? >> look it is a matter of degree. pure socialism means all of the means of production are owned by the state. but we have various, different versions of socialism when get all the way back to almost indistinguishable from capitalism, in fact, most of the socialists experiments start with capitalist base and
8:39 am
work from there. that is not socialism. that is social welfare whatever you want to discuss it, social security scarcely socialism so a definitional issue questions nothing to do with policy, it is just got to do with the language. maria: what about the trump economy? we saw a very weak jobs' report in the last month, 20,000 new jobs created dr. greenspan national debt obviously, you mentioned hitting a milestone of 22 trillion dollars, one way ray of hope i know you have studied a lot capital expenditures seemed a pickup in capex last report you look at gdp numbers how would you characterize the economy today? >> well, i think we are going to find that after the pickup largely a result of the tax cut we are going to see the first quarter is now running
8:40 am
well below the growth in fourth quarter -- comps have been having a terrible problem with seasonal adjustment in first quarter the economic analysis never able to get rid of it but at the this particular stage running far short of where we were in growth rate in fourth quarter. and it shows no signs having improving. maria: then you look what the atlanta federal reserve said they think the economy is going to grow just 4/10% first quarter analyzed rate is it that we didn't have wind at back because of last year because of tax cuts or why are things slowing down so much? is it, it europe an china impacting u.s.or something else? >> no it is basically that
8:41 am
we've got such an overloading of entitlements that we're not funding, and i will get to that in a minute that is creating odd imbalance in the system the best way to solve this problem is to fund our benefits get a balanced budget and system will work. people in the political system don't really respond to deficits. it is a bookkeeping item, it is only when deficits turn into inflation which they invariably do politics begin to move richard 23450ikson imposed price controls in 197, when the inflation rate was 4%. that was a very big deal. so we have to be very careful with our language, and basically what it is we're doing, but the main issue that we ought to about doing is
8:42 am
finding a way to resolve the -- the social security system let me say one thing about that which is very important the actuaries of the social insurance system say that in order for the actuarially solvent through life of the programs, we would have to cut benefits by 25% right now, in extendeding into the future. that is such a politically difficult problem when annual report last year -- they put on page 200. it is a fascinating problem which is what politics should be about my judgment is that theyale ought to come to grips with this issue, because at the end of the road is very serious trouble. >> nobody wants to touch it.
8:43 am
any politico certaining not election year coming up for election year taking away something people were promised expecting how do we get out of this dr. greenspan? short of reorganizing this entitlements? where should sharp spend heing decreases come from? >> well, let's first recognize that sweden had very much the same problems we did. what they did first to resolve them was go from a defined benefit program what we have now, to a defined contribution what we have 401 k's, 401 k's cannot go broke you can only spend what you get, the fund benefits have been very much the problem. >> quick before you go do you think we are going to see a recession in 2020? as many people are expecting?
8:44 am
>> it is very steadily to say maria, because we are going at a very slow rate. i mean for -- i can basically argue productivity growth has slowed down dramatically because in effect, as i said many times, social benefits cried out gross domestic saving and capital investment which is at the root of what productivity growth is, we've got to solve in a problem. >> i know you are my special guest this weekend on wall street we continue conversation then thanks so much sir. >> you are welcome. >> alan greenspan joining us a short break with more on the other side. back in a minute.
8:45 am
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maria: welcome back, elon musk big valley tesla ceo unveiled model y last night suv robert gray in los angeles with details good morning. reporter: hey. good morning maria that is right elon musk taking center stage unveiling molliy in front of fans media of course how he described the model y . >> it has the functionality of an suv, but it will ride like a sports car so this thing will be really tight in corners we expect it will be the safest type suv in the world by far. . reporter: looks like model 3 built on same platform
8:49 am
panoramic glass roof 300 mile range optional third row ought pilot technology not delivered until fall 2020 later than anticipated, tesla may have to go back to markets to raise more money to pay off debted, meanwhile, a new rival my enter crossover suv market ford tweeting last night during the tesla event hold horses with electrified version pony logo for mustang many expect a mustang based platform crossover surf of their own competition picking up back to you. maria: that is going to be the coal, good to see you thanks so much, robert gray joining us at tesla fired from fuller house actress lori laughlin pulled from tv show a special up tate from tennis channel. >> welcome to tennis channel court report for fox business
8:50 am
i am jonathan, the women's semifinal is set at paribas open in indian wells. >> -- could become first german champion since steffi graf in 1996 dispatchied venus williams in say it sets. >> fired 29 winners reached final four in desert for the third time, face rod het for a place in the wig one after star came through three set marathon. after lifting the he o trophy in dubai on a 12 match win streak. >> don't forget tennis channel live coverage fifth major continues friday 2:00 pm eastern mens' final quarter action i am jonathon novak. ♪
8:51 am
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maria: more fallout from college admissions cheated scandal, lori laughlin dropped from netflix program fuller house, hallmark channel her daughter also a youtube star dropped from sephors contract both dropped out of usc dagen the hits keep coming, after this sick story. >> olivia i tresemme cut ties a warning to corporations betting on idiot twit influencers you are put the he go corporate money behind teenagers done nothing other than learn to put make-up on -- >> i really don't like college, i just want to party.
8:55 am
again, what this what are these companies doing? >> you are so right i sell advertising all at a a 14-year-old floursinfluencer ses brought this upon themselves. >> fire festival influences got you -- >> the guy in priz. >> what a story ahead oracle stock sliding despite earnings above expectations what is behind the sell-off in oracle? next up.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
maria: welcome back. let's check oracle. the stock is sliding, down 3%. earnings beat expectations but it was the cloud business that was the issue. >> the biggest issue is their guidance on cloud and the revenue going forward is actually not good. so they should have seen more attribution to their cloud business than they did because they have a key hold in data bases. maria: it's not impacting the broader markets. susan li on the floor of the new york stock exchange? susan: oracle again, away because of the cloud business and the growth of it. they reported a third straight quarter of $10 billion in share buy-backs so that's what's propping up the stock, not a growing cloud business. that's a concern to the markets. back to you. maria: you have breaking news this morning on snapchat. >> snapchat is launching a gaming platform that comes on
9:00 am
the heels of the greenfield update yesterday. a little light for snapchat. >> facebook can copy it like they have done everything else with snapchat. maria: wow. ouch. good scoop, john. good to have you on the program. always great to have you. good to see you, kevin. charles payne in for stuart varney today. take it away. charles: good morning. i'm charles payne, in for stuart. we have a bunch of big stories we are following for you. we will start with that terror attack in new zealand. at least 49 people killed after shootings at two mosques in christchurch. four people right now in custody. this is the worst mass shooting in new zealand's history. the whole thing might have been streamed live on facebook. we have details on that coming up. speaking of facebook, two top executives abruptly leaving the company. chief products officer chris cox and chris daniels, head of what's app's division, both resigning yesterday. boeing announcing they are pausing delivery of the 737 max. no halt in production, however. shares of boeing actually up in the


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