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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 16, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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twitter and facebook. i look forward to seeing you again next week here on the "wall street journal" at large have the weekend. [♪] lou: good evening. president trump standing up for the safety and security all americans. his courage and commitment to national security in stark contrast to the cad rall dimms' denial of the crisis rampage on our southern border and the unforgivability weak kneed rinos. the drugs and guns and sex trafficking across the border. for the first time in his presidency the president exercised his veto power.
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president trump slammed congress for opposing his constitutional power and obligation to protect the american people. >> as president, the protection of the nation is my highest duty. yesterday congress passed a dangerous resolution that if signed into law would put count best americans in danger, very grave danger. the democrat-sponsored resolution would terminate vital border security operations by revoking the national emergency last month. rarely have we had such a national emergency. to defend the safety and security all americans i will be signing an issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution and that's what it was. lou: the president's veto and his determination to end the national security crisis at the u.s.-mexico border. former i.c.e. acting director
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tom homan and diamond and silk join us. a north korean official warning kim jong-un may end his talks with president trump and resume testing of icbm missiles. secretary of state mike pompeo says he believes kim will keep his word, the promises made to president trump in hanoi. >> in hanoi on multiple occasions he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment not to resume missile or nuclear testing. we have expectations he'll live up to that commitment. lou: chain today's unrelenting cyber attacks -- lou: china's unrelenting cyber attacks against the united states the last five years. the president offered his
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support to the new zealand prime minister after a gunman killed 49 people at two separate mosques, leaving dozen more injured. the killer chose to carry out the senseless violence against muslim worshipers during friday prayer services. greg palkot joins us with the latest. >> along with 49 people killed in this aacross. 87 people are said to have been injured. five heavy duty weapons as well as explosives were involved. new zealand and the world comes to grips this far right carnage. two mosques in the city of christchurch the target of terrorist attacks. white nationalism supposedly the
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motive. one man burst into the mosque going room to room. then another shooting at second mosque three miles away. more carnage. >> he came through the back doors. we hide behind the cars and under the cars. when we see the fighting we tried to jump the fence. reporter: the attack was live streamed out gunman on facebook and twitter and other platforms. he used a body camera to show all the gory details. the police are investigating whether they are involved. none of the suspects are on terror watchlists. >> the gunman is identified as an australian. according to the prime minister that country reflects on this chaos. lou? lou: president trump today
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addressed the massacre in new zealand. he offered his condolences and the full support of the united states. president trump: earlier today i spoke with the prime minister of new zealand to express the sorrow of our entire nation following the monstrous terrorist attacks at two mosques. it's a horrible, horrible thing. i told them the united states which them 100%, whatever they need, we'll be there. lou: the president surrounded by members of law enforcement, border protection, angel parents, standing up for american security and proudly vetoing a resolution that opposed his national emergency declaration. >> consistent with the law and the legislative process deintiend our founders, today i have vetoing this resolution. congress has the freedom to pass
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this resolution, and i have the duty to veto it. and i'm proud to veto it. lou: in an emotional signing ceremony, thanking the president, attorney general william barr and vice president mike pence, both of whom strongly endorsed the declaration by the president. >> the humanitarian and security crisis we have on the border is exactly the kind of emergency that presidents are permitted to address under the national emergencies act. as you alluded to yourself. the past 40 years, there have been 59 emergencies declared. many of these have dealt with political conditions in countries like sierra leone and bella ruse.
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the' emergency we are dealing which on our own border. >> with your strong support for the men and womb anyone law enforcement, borden and customs protection, the department of homeland security. what i know is your love and your heart for these angel parents. you are yierpg word by vetoing this legislation. by finding the available resources to build the wall and address this emergency and secure our border. lou: president trump doing more to secure that border than any president. keeping his promises to prioritize the safety and security of the american people. the president's veto goes a long way towards securing that border and protecting american community from the influx of crime, drugs, sex trafficking. nobody knows that better than our next guest, tom homan.
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it was an emotional ceremony at the white house. could you see the president's support in his appreciation for law enforcement for everyone in that room, the angel parents reciprocated. it was a stirring moment. your thoughts? >> i think one of the greatest presidents of my generation did exactly what he should have done, did exactly what he said he was going to do, and did exactly what the american people expect of their president. do what they can legally to protect the nation and respect the citizens. he proved he's a great president. he basically said i will fight whoever i'm going to fight, including those within my own party to do what's trite for this nation. that's what a president is supposed to done that's what makes this man a great president. lou: it's not lost on anyone in that room in law enforcement
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serving the nation any way, angel moms and leaders of communities, that the radical dims and 12 rino senator hospital opposed this president, oppose his fulfillment of his duties and obligation to the american people, his responsibilities under the constitution to secure the nation. he had to fight to ask secure that declaration. this is going to have huge ramifications. don't you think? >> well, look. he's a fighter. if people think they are going to back this president down, he likes a good fight. this man will fight to do what he thinks is right for this country. as far as the 12 republican senators. would i like to know, did they talk to one border patrol agent or any experts? i spent 34 years on the border. i'm telling you, there is a crisis on the border. anybody who doesn't believe that is ignoring the data and video
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and the men and women on the ground who do this every day. if they think they are going to beat this man down, they are not. >> i don't know they were trying to beat the man down as much as further injure a country that is trite now wound and in considerable pain. the radical dimms, the rinos greatly responsible for what pain we are going through. the american people understand this. without this president, i believe his base, the supporters throughout the republican party, his numbers are 90 person * support among the republican party. he cares about them, he cares about the american people and the nation. this is to me, it's a travesty he's hounded. he's besieged by the left-wing media, the radical dimms while he's the only one it seems at
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times trying to do the right thing for this country. >> his approval ratings are a hell of a lot better than congress'. i have done this for three decades. congress has failed for three decades to address the national security crisis on the border. he's going to dosing he can to secure this border. but i still say a big group are trying to beat this president down. i see all these articles on the wall saying everybody is aghast president trump said he might not accept the results of the election back in 2016. all these stories. and guess who didn't accept the results in the end. the people who said shame on him for not accepting the results. they are trying to beat this man down and they are not going to do it. lou: saij moan was and
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hypocritical who challenged him on this question. some in the republican party as i recall rather clearly. he is the one who has been betrayed and they are lacking the integrity and class to stand by an election that actually was the right result for this great nation. tom homan thanks for being with us. still ahead. more on president trump's veto of congress' reckless emergency resolution. president trump: congress' vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality, against reality. it is a tremendous national emergency, it is a tremendous crisis. lou: kim jong-un, could he
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to suspend talks with the united states and resume nuclear and missile testing. secretary of state mike pompeo says that will be a promise broken. he expects kim to live up to his word, promises made to joining us tonight. general jack keane. let's start with mike pompeo's confidence. do you share it? do you share mike pompeo's confidence? >> i don't believe in taking kim jong-un's word on much of anything, to be frank by the. and i believe history is on my side. but i was not in the negotiations either. but i do believe this. kim jong-un miscalculated at the hanoi summit.
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he went there with the same essential game plan that he and his father and grandfather used with previous administrations. that is give up a nuclear facility, promise to give up nuclear weapons but ask for sanction relief in return. i can't believe he didn't understand trump would not take that deal, given the relationship he established with him. he went home, i believe, with his tail between his legs a little bit, and he has to deal with his hardliners. he's trying to regain leverage. he's saying we may not continue negotiations. we may resume ballistic testing and nuclear testing. i frankly believe that he is going to resume negotiations, because it's in his national interest. i believe if he starts the missile testing, i think he knows president trump will double down at that point. we are right back to the crisis
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on hostility mode. and we'll double down on sanctions. i don't think he wants that, so i don't believe he's going to do it. lou: israel may have provided a clear window into the future and real politics. when hamas unleashed two rockets against tel aviv there was no question what would happen in the security meeting called by the prime minister. 100 hamas targets attacked in gaza. that kind of clarity does not exist for the united states whether it be with north korea, one does not know what the president's choice would be. if kim we resumed missile or nuclear testing. we do know for the past five years the chinese have been unrelentingly attacking, carrying out cyber attacks
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against u.s. interests and the u.s. navy and u.s. military without counter attack. how in the world is anyone to figure out what will be the appropriate reaction of the u.s. government to what is clearly an act of war. >> we can take some of the page out of the israelis. the navy secretary said when he put his review on the table. it was stunning and alarming in the penetration the chinese have been able to achieve in absolutely taking some of our most of classified secrets we have are now in their hands. what is happening to us here? we are losing the cyber war. yet we have the most of sophisticated offensive cyber capability. lou: do we really? >> we do. but we don't use it. so when we get attacked by the chinese. let's say they went after one of our defense industries and stole
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something that's highly classified from us. we can track that. we should conduct immediately a cyber offensive operation to destroy the source from which that came. the next time when they are thinking of doing something like that, they have to calculate what is the cost of doing that if the united states is going to attack for having done that. we have been risk averse to a fault. lou: risk averse are word i don't expect to come from your lips at all, talking about the u.s. military. but it's clearly that. it's also clearly a legacy of the obama strategic patience, the passivity that was rationalized nocturnally. people have to be wondering what is happening to our government
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and our country when we are watching this without a response. ways happening to the generals and the admirals who make up our military leadership that they have become incapable of victory, whether it be in afghanistan, whether it be in cyberspace, or mustering a response that would be respected by the chinese who are picking our bones clean right now. >> we have been slow to recognize the seriousness of this cyber warfare. as a result, because we haven't been responding addresseely, everybody is -- aggressively, everybody is upping the game. the chinese, the iranians and the kim jong-unians ar kimdand g their game. the president was in the pentagon today.
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i hope this was on the table and we'll see some action. lou: general dunford pointing out that the chinese government is in effect benefiting the chinese military from google directly. this is the same company, big tech company that didn't want to be associated with u.s. military. what should the president do? >> certainly the president has a pulpit and he can use it. and he has got a lot of leverage. the fact that the employees in that company go to the management and say we don't want to be involved in a company that may be contributing to acts of war. and yet they are doing business with the chinese and assisting them at least indirectly in their war time development.
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the u.s. defense industry is powerful. and certainly the dotcom industry we still dominate, losing some of that to huawei for sure. we always had a close relationship with these industries. it's shameful that's taking place and more importantly it puts us at risk. lou: general jack keane, thank you very much. up next, president trump stands firm on the need to secure our borders and protect the country despite the radical dimms and the rinos. president trump: the national emergency i declared last month was authorized by congress under the 1976 national emergencies act. there haven't been too many that are bigger emergencies than we have right at our own border. lou: guess which political genius, high energy created, a doer. jeb bush. he challenged the president in
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2016. he thinks there should be another one in 2020. before we go to break, a look at the national debt, $22 trillion and climbing. that will be an issue in 202. > this is your invitation to be our guest. this is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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lou: jep bush crawled out into the public to tell america anti-trump cnn could benefit through a republican primary challenge in 2020. listen to the savant. >> i think someone should run just because republicans ought to be given a choice. it's hard to beat a sitting president. but to have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative is important. the democrats are proposing new
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ideas, some of which are way out there. if republicans say that's bad and not offer a compelling alternative, that could be bad for us. lou: jeb bush is ignoring everything the president has done, accomplished and achieved in the first two years of his presidency. it's one thing to be low energy, it's another to be low retention. the former chair of the nevada republican party wp. and david bossie, from citizens united. let me apologize for kicking your name. your thoughts about jeb bush and how much he brings to the republican party and how revolting is it he would even suggest he's a conservative?
1:31 am
>> i found it extremely comical. you said he's low energy. lou: i stole that from president trump. >> how pathetic. please clap. he's a sore loser. it's so easy for other people to stand at a distance and say someone else should do this. why don't you gene run. it's a lot of hard work to run and it's a lot of work to fundraise. he fundraised up to $130 million and didn't have much to show for it. he needs to take a seat and go to a country club and hobnob with his buddies in florida. lou: could you hear axlerod cheering him on. knowing he's just a tool of the left, for crying out loud. david, this president stands up
1:32 am
for the american people. had to fight 12 rino senators, and the radical dimms, and thank god we have got this president. he has a party that's so splintered and disgustingly weak. it's sickening. >> he's a tool of the left. it's a pathetic excuse for him to show his sour grapes. lou: i am moving on from jeb bush. i can't take any more of that. >> he didn't say the in 1992 when his dad was president or his brother in 2004. lou: what about the dems. what about the party that splintered? these are egg-sucking spineless
1:33 am
pathetic creatures. they really are. >> this president made a promise to the american people to secure the border. and these 12 senators are let down the american people. the republicans who voted against the president. where were they with it was barack obama or bill clinton? they didn't do that then, and they are doing it today to undermine this president. it's an unfortunate set of circumstances. lou: unfortunate like a national emergency and these are deniers. amy, your thoughts as the president stand up for the american people. what do you think are the likely ramifications for the country, for the party, going into 2020? >> i would like to know why aren't we listening to the experts? this is the second time he has had sheriffs from across the
1:34 am
nation, border patrol, and angel moms come out and plead to the american public why this is necessary. lou: and today in the white house as he signed the veto of that ignorant resolution. >> absolutely. this is mind-blowing to me. i think the general public has had enough of it. i'm from las vegas but i'm currently in northern nevada in the reno area. we had an illegal alien murder four innocent people from the gardnerville and reno area. >> it is a national emergency. the amount of drugs pouring over our borders must be stopped. this president is standing tall for border security and it's terrible when republicans don't support him in his effort. we have to have an answer for
1:35 am
that. lou: i think it's called a primary. you raise as much money as you can and beat every one of them like a drum. thank you very much. always good to see you both. up next the president spells out the true scope of the crisis at our border. president trump: last month 76,000 illegal migrants arrived at our borders. we are on track for a million illegal aliens to rush our borders. people hate the word invasion. but that's what it is of drugs and criminals. you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie? yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance?
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launched by mistake. despite assessment by the i.d.f. that they fired hundreds of missiles. the warning, it won't be quiet in gaza fit' not quiet in tel aviv. the u.s. shoulders 70% of nato's expenses in 2016. nato's secretary-general says he expects more increases in the future. and we know the president does as well. former white house economic advisor gary cohn says the trump administration is desperate to bring their trade dispute with china to an end.
1:41 am
cohn is perhaps ignoring the white house when they say they will walk away from think bad deal. cohn seeking attention and we thought we would give him a little tonight though undeserving he may be. joining us, diamond and silk. it's great to see you guise as always. welcome to the show. i have got to ask you. this president standing up, vetoing the resolution despite the rinos, despite the radical dems taking care of the american people and his constitutional duty. your thoughts. >> the president is committed to making sure we have border security and making sure the american people are safe in this country. we say shame on those 12 republicans that sided with democrats. we call them the new swampettes
1:42 am
because they went along with democrats. the president had to veto this because of their dog. i'm glad the president did it. we'll have a secure border once and for all. we can't have drugs pouring into our country or rapes at the border. -- we have to solve this issue once and for all. lou: i can just imagine tom donahue and the koch brothers wringing their hands, what are we going to do? they are going to secure the border. that will screup our financial plans for years. the business communities in this country should apologize to this country where they have led his president through. >> they continue to kick the same can down the road. administration after administration. they say it's a crisis, we are
1:43 am
going to do this, and we are going to do that. i am so glad to have a path, donald j. trump who says enough is enough. let's do something about it finally. i am so glad he vetoed everything he did today. and he should have vetoed the other 12 republicans that went against the american people. lou: jeb bush today returning to the limelight. i am sure you are just as excited as i am to hear that there should be a challenger to the president in 2020. your thoughts? >> you have to remember, low energy jeb bush has probably been asleep for two years. he don't have a clue about the magnificent job our president is doing for our country. president trump has the ability
1:44 am
to fix every one running against him. when he talks none of them will be able to put themselves back together again. if you don't believe us, ask crooked hillary. she is still running around asking what happened. even if it's a republican going up against president trump. president trump will win in 2020. >> jeb bush said someone else needs to run against him because jeb bush isn't man enough to do it himself. lou: diamond and silk telling it like it is. thanks so much. president trump said we'll find out about a china trade deal. he thinks it may take three to four weeks to get some clarity. we'll take that up with gary cohn next. stay with us.
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lou: on wall street today, stocks moving higher. the dow rallies. volume on the big board picking up on a friday. 3.9 billion shares. the s & p gaining 3.
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the nasdaq up 4%. can that be right? crude oil up 4%. we are talking $59 a barrel. silver gaining a percent. what's going on with the metals? what's happening? listen be to my report coast to coast on the salem radio network. i said what's happening. to let us know what's happening fox business contributor, gary, good to have you here. it's a signal moment it seems in the moment. let's start with equities. >> just watch technology stocks. they have been leading the market up and down forever. what hasn't happened is some of the big, big names are starting to get going again. apple which was dead money for a
1:50 am
while and amazon, starting to move. lou: they are starting to to talk about a march june focusing on profit. >> getting near trillion dollar -- i own the stock in 2001. why did i sell it? that's all i have to say. lou: i think the news would be good enough to carry you through it's striking to see amazon talking about margins and profit built. bezos has never said that before. that should be worth a few points alone in the stock. >> it used to move stronger when they had losses nobody could define. they are making big money right now in a lot of things, and the guy seems to have done a lot of things right.
1:51 am
the on issue is valuation. erption are growing well and sales are growing well in a market where sales haven't been so strong. lou: jerome powell, everyone is excited about this guy. suddenly he's learning lessons, is that too optimistic an assessment on my part of the august fed chair? >> the 180 powell learned his lesson. i will tell what you helps him out. we have a 10 year at 2.6. 30 year at 3%. he's not going above that. you have europe and china easing. that's what the mark ets have been loving for 10 years. powell is now on the market side again. lou: everyone has been turned into somewhat of a globalist no
1:52 am
matter what their market strategy. china's economy cratering. exports fell 30% and import fell 5%. and there is a one-day reaction and now everything is fine and people are talking about the president three to four weeks before we know what's going on with china. >> china invested non-money into their markets. when they import 6 per, i call it 2. japan is contracting. we are the best by far. i was worried we would be taken down by them, but now i'm starting to see europe is starting to stabilize. i think we go back to 3% to 4% gdp. lou: the president is confident
1:53 am
at 3%. i'm going to follow his forecast because he has been right and the professionals have been wrong. and the fed disastrously wrong. if he had not interceded, had the 90-day nightmare inaugurated by jerome powell, do you think that would have continued? >> i complained about trump complain being powell. i am no longer complaining about trump complaining powell. i was wrong. powell was going too far too fast. the bond market was telling him so an was not listening. sometimes the markets are yelling and screaming and he answered back. part of it was trump. part of it was mnuchin right around christmastime. there was no coincidence they had the big phone call and the big meeting. lou: mnuchin, i believe he recommended jerome powell to the
1:54 am
president which i thought was an interesting choice. >> he's on the good side now. lou: as long as he stays there. i think they need to pay close attention to markets. they will lead you to where you need to go. >> i say less is more from fed chairs. lou: up next, the president earns high praise from law enforcement for securing our southern border and supporting them. >> this is not political propaganda, we have a dire crisis on our southwest border. america stands behind the president of the united states 100%. he has had the americans' backs. this is my president. i commend you and i salute, sir. lou: more on that when we come right back. stay with (bird chirping)
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lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪)
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lou: president trump using his veto power for the first time of his presidency calling the resolution passed by congress to block his emergency declaration dangerous and ignorant of reality. angel mom, marianne mendoza by the president's side with heartfelt appreciation. >> angel families come forward to tell our stories, not because we manufactured a crisis. we want to show you what's happening on our doorsteps, what's happening to your anybodies and fellow americans. there is a way to address this. there is a problem it's a national emergency. and thank you. lou: that's it for us tonight. the "washington examiner"'s byron york, harmeet dhillon and the british ambassador to the united states join us monday.
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follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. have a great weekend >> sometimes, you got to face it. >> they were in a storage room, in our spare bedroom, in the attic. >> a house full of guests who never leave. >> i would wake up in the night and think i heard them talking, you know. >> hollywood people, world figures, dictators. >> and tv stars. >> welcome once again to "masquerade party." >> an artist's secrets unmasked. >> sounds like he was talking to you. >> i know. >> are you ready for some face time? >> do you think it looks exactly like me? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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