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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 16, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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osome of these episodes, these incidents that he will be charged with could relate to what he's already been charged with federally. all right, remember if you have your own hit or miss tweet us. we hope to see you right here next week. >> good evening everyone. the red storm has arrived. china carrying out acts of espionage and war. aggressively targeting the u.s. military and defense contractors and massive cyber attacks over the past five years. and without cyber counterattacks from the united states. without any response, whatsoever it appears. our intelligence agencies asleep, perhaps helpless as a worlds largest nations at this very moment, streaming some of our most sensitive secret information and technology. threatening america's status of the worlds only superpower.
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with the aid of trillions of dollars of u.s. intellectual property. stolen over the past several decades. we take it up tonight with congressman matt gates, age expert gordon chang, cyber security expert morgan right. also tonight, senate rinos as the president fights to secure the border. others said the opening the idea of limiting the presence use of emergency declarations. president trump says his declaration is about one thing. making america safe. >> this is really about not unconstitutionality because it is constitutional. this is a vote on border security and a vote on drugs and trafficking and all of that. i think most republican senators fully understand that. i think it's bad for a republican senate.
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also thing is bedford democrat senator to vote against border security. and to vote against the wall. i think if they vote that way it's a bad thing for them. long into the future. >> we take up the presidents commitment to secure our border on the failure of the republican party in congress to respond to the demands of the president of the non-american people. and president trump today announcing that he was grounding boeing 737 max jetliners after deftly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. >> we are issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9. boeing is an incredible company.they are working very hard right now and hopefully they will very quickly come up with the answer. but until they do the planes are grounded. lou: we dressed the president's decisive action and his order. the likely consequences of it
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all here tonight. our top story, the red storm is here. china launching major cyber attacks against the u.s. military and defense contractors. incredibly without a counterstrike by the united states. many u.s. intelligence agencies politicized by the obama administration utterly failed to carry out effective counterintelligence operations against china and russia. after years of neglect, president trump is demanded better performance from these intelligence agencies. and cyber security forces. while the president has succeeded in changing the course of events, much more is required. no better example than the chinese tech giant, huawei. which has become the corporate focus of u.s. counterintelligence operations. one of their subsidiaries, has quietly and without interruption effectively become a dominant force in undersea
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fiber-optic cables.there which the world internet traffic travels. huawei marine has built or upgraded many undersea fiber-optic cables which gives china control of almost 1/4 of all underwater cables. u.s. has come up with no strategy to counter chinese influence. and can only warn now that china could disrupt, divert or spy on data crossing through all of these lines. joining me now in the national security risk posed by china and fight over control the internet grid as well as u.s. navy now under siege by chinese cyber attacks, congressman matt gates. member of the house judiciary and armed services committees, congressman great to have you with us. this is an extra nearly disturbing report. >> it is. in five years the country has done absolutely nothing, effectively to counter the attacks, cyber attacks by the
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chinese and particular. >> president trump is the first president in the modern era to understand the fusion between china's military and strategic interest and the economic gain that they have played with united states for decades. china is not a friend and they're becoming a more dangerous enemy. but many reviewers would not know that today, don is actually connecting rural america to telecommunication systems. here's how they do it. they don't have an innovative sector. of their economy because the government runs the economy. so they replaced innovation with theft. they come and steal intellectual property from american innovators pay they do not have the upfront cost so they sell the technology cheaply in the united states and if you're a rural community and you want conductivity, you are taking the cheapest option. just yesterday and house judiciary committee, with a an admission that the principal world civil communications professional association even allows huawei to have a -- on
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their board. a foreign company have a seat on the board of the people that are supposed to be connect their country to information. this is a very serious issue. president trump impose $50 billion on chinese intellectual property for this reason but as you laid out is not just an economic battle. this is a battle that has national security and strategic consequences. lou: those consequences are becoming more dire with each passing day. we know that the chinese are stealing and have been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars a year in intellectual property and technology from this country. as he said, laying a foundation for another superpower with which to contend. at our expense. it is mindless, it goes on. we are negotiating apparently now in our trade talks with china. to ask them to pretty please with sugar on it, don't steal our stuff instead of showing them what happens when you do
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steal our stuff. >> absently right, lou. when you look at the attacks that china has put on the supply chain in our defense industries, they are going after our areas of most significant importance. also keep an eye on china as the venezuela situation unfolds. china has substantial assets in venezuela. i don't think they have asses there because they are betting on the future of venezuela. i think they want asses because it is geopolitically strategic for them to be able to have a force multiplier or capabilities in the western hemisphere close by to us. we have to keep a close eye on that. lou: for the very same reasons that russia is still maintaining cuba and also taking what you call laughably, security sources to protect nicolas maduro. nicolas maduro is without question, in place for a while
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so as russian forces are protecting him. your thoughts about the future. >> i don't want to see u.s. troops on the ground in latin america. but i do think that we cannot allow the foreign actors to come into the western hemisphere with no consequence. i think in your opening of the segment, you raise the right question.what are we going to do now? my belief is that we have got to be able to create coalitions that keep china contains because they have this one belt, one road strategy that is a strategy for global dominance from china and we've got to wake up to that threat. and by the way, while democrats in congress cannot stop telling the russia lies, that are all unfounded, the real significant competitor we have is china and there laughing at the democrats want to keep us focused on russia instead of the real activity that is going on that threatens americans. lou: and the radical dimms continue to do everything they can to subvert the president in the face of all of these existential strategic
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matt gates, always good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: up ahead, we take up the rise of the radical left and their socialist ideas. with economist thomas -- the president reminds everyone what his emergency declaration is all about. >> the massive surging flow of illegal immigration trafficking drugs and crimes. threatening the safety of all of us. lou: we take that up and more after the break. rnc chair ron mcdaniel joins us after this. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most --
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in the republican party. mitch mcconnell, saying this. quote there is a lot of discomfort with the law not that the president doesn't have the authority to do what he's doing. when the what does that mean? today senator mike lee becomes 1/5 republican to announce that he will vote against the president likely forcing a veto. joining me now, rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel. who is i think, the best head of the rnc in decades.good to see you. >> always good to be here.
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lou: explained to me, in your party, these rinos.i say with as much discussed as i can emanate. they are just ridiculous. in their thinking, their performance and failure to support a president who in most cases, is the only reason these people have been reelected. >> i will tell you, i've been traveling the country. i'm in touch with the grassroots. i'm also in touch with the donors and they're saying, democrats do one thing. they are in lockstep with each other all the time.why can't we do as a party? obviously, there's room for discussion but we all ran on border security.will recognize we have an immigration issue. all these centers recognize that. we know the president is doing the right thing to keep our country safe. he needs to be supported. lou: i will take straight up, i think every senator that was against this, should absolutely beremoved from office. i mean , i think the rnc should
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work to get rid of them. because they are standing in the way of a president who is the most successful in the first two years of his presidency since fdr. is that straightforward. >> i've heard a lot of feedback from our voters. and they are saying why can our people support our president? we elected him and it will be an issue for those especially in 2020.the president deserves support. he ran on this. and by the way, congressionally he has a lot of the power to declare a national emergency. this is something he's doing well within his capacity as president. lou: a 43-year-old act! >> it's been used 58 times since then but we also have a serious serious problem at the border. he ran on it, we know it's a problem. 260,000 people so far been apprehended this year at the border.lou: we are looking at a million that will be
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apprehended. the ratio of those who are not apprehended to those apprehended, it means it could be as many as 4 million illegal immigrants cross our border this year and these fools are saying that there is not a crisis of the border? >> the president will veto that. it will go to the house, they will not have enough to override it so we will go forward. but i do think as i travel is the one thing i hear. what do democrats always stick together and why can't republicans stick with this president? lou: let's start with paul ryan is a talking but he didn't think the president could win if it was based on the president. i mean, what kind of in remiss is he? >> backtracked out today. he has backtracked that. lou: that is actually an accelerated evidence. >> here's the reality.what do we want? do we want -- [inaudible] every time he attacked the president were helping the democrats. lou: ryan is a speaker of the house.
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he did nothing but lie to the president, lie to the american people and represent the chamber of commerce every day in every way. why is he even considered? >> i'm glad he has backtracked. he's done the right thing. we need to support our president heading into a presidential year. a president has grown jobs, cut taxes, taken on national security, made a stronger, -- [multiple speakers] he deserves our support. look at where the democrats are! every time you tuck the president you are helping the democrats. that's what i say to our party. pick up the phone, call the president. but let's make sure that we recognize the endgame. we want to reelect donald trump, let's return majority to the senate and when the house back. lou: the make it your sense of things right now. this president working every day, almost single-handedly to stave off his attackers and left-wing national media, the radical dimms and the rinos in
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his own party. how can you turn this around, fight for the president, make it clear. the house, the leaders. start fighting because this is ignorance. the witchhunt, the revelations that continue to this day. the only ones who have been found culpable of anything in all of this, collusion bowl had been the investigators. >> and future gps and the democrat party who paid them and hillary clinton. i mean this is just ridiculous. lou: so i can't the republicans turn the table? >> the rnc members recently put a unanimous resolution forward supporting the president. the rnc is in lockstep supporting the president. i work with them every day. i worked with the campaign and it's because of the great things he's done to save our country. he has taken on every single obstacle. he has so many headwinds coming against him and we do need to
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rally around the president because he is making our country great again. lou: single-handedly. he gutted the very premise of the democratic party. he has raised employment for minorities, for african-americans, hispanics, asians, women. he has this economy growing at three percent. he has unwound all of the regulation that was put in place. not all of it but most of it put in place. questions from the republican standpoint look at what he's done to the bench. with kavanaugh, circuit court judges, it will transform the nation. we need to support this president and i hear this all the time from grassroots. they want to see our candidates and 22 are up in 2020 peer they have got to support the president. lou: do you call a chuck grassley that's lost his mind, a michael he that has lost his, ted cruz -- i mean who -- >> i will not share my
7:20 pm
conversations on t.v. but listen, i have to make it clear, here are some of the conversation that i'm hearing. this is what i'm here from the grassroots, from the donors. they are very upset and they say time and time again, why do democrats always dandelion together and why can't we do that for this president? lou: in this from one of the president's greatest defenders and advocates. not just a defender, an advocate and an important one. thank you so much for all of you do. ronna mcdaniel, leaving the party. i hope the damn fools follow. >> i hope so! [laughter] lou: thank you, ronna mcdaniel. we would like to hear your thoughts share your comments follow me on twitter, instagram.coming up the radical dimms says that there witchhunt will go on no matter what. special counsel, no matter what robert mueller says about the facts, the hell with all of that. they will continue witchhunts and more witchhunts.
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ed rollins joins me next with all of that and much more. before we go to break we will take an amusing look at the national debt $22 trillion. and climbing. we will be right back after this. stay with us. oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®.
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investigation of the president. the department of justice investigating. are you ready for this?where there $100,000 donation the president reelection committee in 2016, was made by a foreign donor. the donation suddenly underscoring by the department of justice. as it was allegedly from a fugitive malaysian businessman. two years later, suddenly, you cannot make this stuff up. during a former reagan white house political director,
7:26 pm
leading national republican strategist, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: iso enjoy talking with ronna mcdaniel. >> she is great. lou: at the republican party was led by folks with her, democrats could just go home. >> she is a great role model. a great party person. my sense is that she's done a superb job. this is an absurd ãwe one of the bestelection lawyers we can . chairman of the -- lou: he knew about -- >> he knew every law here the president is supposed to know everything that goes on the campaign is just not the way it works. you've lawyers, accountants. lou: but we are two years beyond. >> and then they still never touched hillary clinton who had i mean bill clinton had them, she had them. they had all kinds of foreign -- lou: when will republicans have had a belly full.
7:27 pm
no more of this nonsense, go on the attack and by god, at least make it fair! >> we need to do it. lou: but republican saying it but -- >> they are not fighters. lou: is time for the little darlings to get out of the way. >> it seems to be -- it is better not to vote against the president but to decide you will change the law. this was put in place by the democrats it is just ridiculous. this is his priority. lou: let's not give it more time than we need to because it is just stupid. let's talk about mitch mcconnell. he apparently wants to undercut the president on the issue of his emergency declaration. his powers to declare an emergency. what in the world is this man thinking? >> he's trying to play to his group that he has there and it's ridiculous. when i was in the war his age to handle the emergency you
7:28 pm
know, it could be what have you. it's very important to be able to react quickly as he did today on the boeing thing. we have a crisis on this border. congress will not act, the president has to act and they have to basically give him the money to do what he has to do. for mcconnell he ought to be leading the charge on that.. lou: mcconnell does not seem to lead anything except the rinos that want to undercut the president and align himself with the idea of coming back the presidential powers right now firmly being if we did not have a president who was decisive, strong, knew where he wanted to take the country. >> would be in terrible shape and it is hard enough as it is to make this game work. but my sense is, -- out a new favorite full screen but -- all of these
7:29 pm
eccentric, unreliable, rinos who are not deep thinkers. let's be straightforward about this. they seem to come out of the woodwork. at every instance in which you actually need a vote and they use their votes as a way to differentiate between themselves and the republican party. it's, these are preposterous individuals. >> you have a small majority which we do. every single vote. you have to have the discipline to make sure everyone votes with us. you'll from -- find the same names. bottom line here, they need to vote with him. they need to make his agenda their agenda. we need to get it done. lou: and ryan comes out attacking the president yesterday and today tries to walk it back like nothing happened. this is the most disgusting, appalling political figure on capitol hill. and now just on the list.
7:30 pm
>> i assume he got the daylights beat out of him when he came out with that statement on the president. causing a reversal, is not all of a sudden he has clarity. he wants clarity because he's getting beat up on.lou: he wants clarity, what are you talking about? >> he give a statement the other day that he didn't when on his personality. policies, the bottom line is that donald trump won on the strength of his personality. lou: he comes out today and acknowledges -- he is so ignorant, he is so dense and so out of touch. >> is no longer there and we should not have to listen to him anymore. lou: i agree. where do i sign up for that! please, no. say it's not true. let's go to the full screen real quickly. no, let's not. we haven't got time. and, do you want to do is a thought about how this is going to wind up, the emergency declaration. >> is probably going to lose the vote in the senate by the republicans listed here.
7:31 pm
he will have his first veto. it is a good place to put your, draw the line in the sand and fight for the border wall. and that is the key thing. lou: by the way we have a full screen i want to put this up for mitch mcconnell 's benefit if i may do that. the majority leader. if we could put up the trump versus mcconnell in kentucky. the approval ratings. 53 donald trump and 33 for mitch mcconnell. for the life of me i don't know how he got that. >> thank you very much. >> nevermind, whatever. thank you so much. join me after the break with much more. stay with us. portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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billion increase in spending for defense. this is a military stands and something of dire straits. losing more than 800,000 service members since america's 1975 draw down in vietnam. recent department defense numbers show our air force has just 71 percent of aircraft that are still mission capable. think of that. only 71 percent. just 270 of the navies 546 f-18 super hornets are said to be mission capable. in the heritage foundation report shows just eight out of 31 of the armies brigade combat teams are fully ready for combat. joining us tonight come retired four-star general, vice chief of the united states army, fox business chief strategic analyst, general jack keane. great to have you with us. i'm pulling these numbers up because i think they should scare the hell out of people.
7:37 pm
we are in a lot worse shape than people really i think are being told. where the military is. your thoughts, general? >> absolutely. the joint chiefs testified last year, lou, before the senate armed services committee and all four confirm that if we had to find a high-end conventional war against russia and china we would be at great risk to be able to win the war. and two commanders just recently the one that took over the pacific admiral davidson, at the assumption of command a few months ago so there's no guarantee you can win a -- against china. and they say they are challenged by war with russia and europe and obviously it could have been a lot further the next statement. i know what the facts are. how did we get here? we got here because 15 years of involvement in 9/11 wars and afghanistan and iraq and we let
7:38 pm
our conventional high-end capability atrophy as we were fighting people of low technology and those forces were not necessary. second is the budget control act. it was absolutely irresponsible, recklessness that kneecap dust. lou: and what do we do now? the president is mercifully, elected a president who is deeply troubled by what he would list as a civilian now as president trying to make it right. how long do you estimate it would take to make certain that we regain the superiority we had at one time over russia and china? >> it's going to take us 5 to 6 years of these kind of budgets to dig us out of the hole. to achieve dominance again it would probably be three years
7:39 pm
more. we needed bipartisan effort and commit to the united states maintaining its responsibility i believe as a global power. in achieving peace and stability in the world. what this is about when you really get down to it, is, we want to have the deterrence against these rising powers in china and russia. as we did with the soviet union for all those years. we don't want to have to fight that war in the way to avoid the war as history has proven, is to have a capability that they see that's real and would impose costs on them and we would have the will to use it. and that's really what deterrent is all about. that's what we want. >> and north korea. what is a country to do as we see kim jong-un apparently preparing to bring back into action, at least one of his missile bases. we don't know whether it will be a missile or a rocket.
7:40 pm
reportedly civilian satellite launch. but right now that is what they are doing. >> yeah. well, i wouldn't make too much of it right now. obviously, it's been reported by private intelligence sources. obviously the united states government has the full story. kim jong-un, had to save some face because i think he blew it at the conference. he went in there with the same deal on the table with previous presidents and expected this president to take it when clearly the signs were that he was dealing with a very different president. and this president walked away from him. i think this is largely face-saving on their part. i don't know for sure. we will have to see. lou: do you think that they will save face right across the trajectory of an icbm flying over japan? >> i think if that's the case then we are returning to the crisis and crisis management. return to a policy of
7:41 pm
aggravated hostility. that's where we were in the past. i don't believe he will go there because i think removing these sanctions at some point is clearly in his interest. it's what brought them to the table. that is his national interest. the weapons will preserve the regime but he also wants to move on from that and get some economic remains to be seen if he will denuclearize. hopefully we are not going back to that kind of policy of hostility and crisis. lou: and hopefully xi jinping has a good judgment to use every influence at his disposal to make certain that kim jong-un does not go backwards. general, good to have you with us as always. appreciate it. jack keane. >> good talking lou. -ah, the old crew!
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congresswoman, democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez criticizing capitalism. over the weekend in austin, texas. you want to hang on every word here. >> it means that we seek and prioritize profit and the accumulation of money above all else and we seek it at any
7:46 pm
human and environmental cost. that is what that means. and to me, that ideology is not sustainable and cannot be redeemed.lou: well there you have it! aoc comments, many of us from the mainstream -- a new poll finding almost 50 percent of young voters would quote - prefer living in a socialist country. you put that within the margin of error and it could be a majority as well. headline set, president trump grounding all boeing 737 max-8 and nine aircraft in the united states. until more information is gathered about the cause of the deadly ethiopian crash. the faa also saying enhance several images and no evidence found at the scene of the ethiopian crash led to the present decision. paul manafort sentenced to an additional 43 months in jail. previous convictions in
7:47 pm
virginia mean he will spend a total of nearly 7 years behind bars. next, china using companies like huawei to infiltrate key digital infrastructure opposing significant threats to the united states. and guess what? the united states until now, not doing anything about it. gordon chang, morgan right join me after the break with much more. stay with us. to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. lou: joining us tonight, morgan
7:51 pm
wright former senior advisor state department antiterrorism assistance program, lumbar law enforcement advisor to the rnc, sub security expert and columnist, author, asia expert, gordon chang. good to have you let me start first with this undersea battle we just reported on tonight. and we are talking about 25
7:52 pm
percent, china is in control 25 percent of under sea cable octave in the world. >> in his groin. they just completing a project to connect asia, europe and africa. 95 percent of all intercontinental data, data that flows between chemicals over undersea cables p there now in a position where they are controlling at least one quarter of all information around the world. that includes sensitive law enforcement information, intelligence information, stuff that may be passed around over the internet even though it's encrypted. these guys have the keys to the kingdom because they are under bidding everyone involved including the state banks to win the deals they because they are under bidding and buying espionage. lou: and gordon, why isn't the united states, first of all why do we permit this and secondly, why are we doing nothing right now?
7:53 pm
>> this president is trying to do something about what the chinese have been doing. we found out front since last october, tel aviv university professor, told us that china telecom, the state telecom, has been diverting internet traffic from the united states and canada into china where they have been surveilling and taking it and clearly this is not just a theoretical concern. lou: it's almost become like a commercial where the security guard talks about he monitors, he does not stop. it's the intelligence agencies of this country are laughingstock. they're attacking a sitting president while permitting china and russia and iran and god knows who else, to just simply run over the united states, steel our intellectual property. our technology, to rifle through the files as they will of the u.s. government. and major corporations.why is
7:54 pm
there no retaliation? >> is a good question.the consent to the politics of it. last time i think we talked, one of the things is adamant on, the way we attack these because we have to go after them in a row economically people like huawei and zte, put them out of business so they can also supply the infrastructure being used to undercut us around the world. this is the slowest their economy has grown in years. we have to be on the offense and we did it with sprint keeping others of the network. we cut them out of the national safety network in the united states. there are ways we can do this but it takes political will. lou: and in the financial markets, in chicago, -- that was stopped by this administration. what in the world is it going to take to understand for our national leadership, wall
7:55 pm
street, corporate america, to understand that they have got to start supporting this nation and react. >> one of the reasons why we don't have stronger cybersecurity laws and better defenses is because the business lobby has tried to water down every proposal that has gotten to congress. and by the way, it is great the administration stopped the chicago stock exchange but we know that they're coming at us again because a trade talks were having with beijing, they want to be able to access and participate in our electronic payment system. which again would put them into the backbone. lou: what are we to do? and the question arises, why in the world would we be in trade talks with a country morgan, that is attacking our military , attacked in the corporations, our financial markets, every day.
7:56 pm
>> look, they just did a wargames study and found out that if world war iii were fought today, the russian and chinese would hand us our collective reruns because were not prepared to stop them. we would lose at every single engagement militarily and cyber wise too. we keep, they keep hitting the snooze button on the wake-up calls. how many wake-up calls does it take? will it take craft airliners to get their attention? i don't know but i can say doesn't get worse than this record to the -- the report to the navy secretary there bleeding intellectual property and secrets. they are still in everything including stealth fighter designs, sonic, supersonic missiles used to take out carriers. all courtesy of the united states. lou: why gordon, is in this country talking about this? why are we doing something? why are we engaging in trade
7:57 pm
talks when we should be having actually frankly, talks because we need to be italian against any aggressor. even obama put out a declaration doctrine that we would consider these attacks an act of war. >> and what we have seen in the national security -- >> he didn't do anything!>> had the agreement with xi jinping -- >> we don't want to go there. but clearly the national security strategy of president trump is a landmark document because he doesn't name the chinese and russians. it really is the first step. lou: now we have everybody names! we know who our enemies are. what are we going to do about it and what is it going to take to defend the assets of this country and this country. >> morgan said, eager to the economy, their weak right now. also the tariffs that the president has put on, the 301
7:58 pm
terrace. lou: look at russia, look at iran. every country we've ever put sanctions on, it has had no effect. now we are watching therussians , they have added over 100 icbms. another hundred since 2012. for their submarine force. i mean, what are we thinking here! >> look, the budget was just released. seven -- 750 billion. tina was expensive, not a five percent increase, fighting a war we are not prepared for. that is world war iii. someone said it could be by the mid-2020s. that is where the expense comes in. it is not that we are spending the right amount on that, -- >> we are not complaining about this i applaud the president and rebuilding the military. i'm talking about what are we to do now? the fact of the matter is we do not have sufficient numbers.
7:59 pm
cruise missiles. we do not have sufficient ordinance. we do not have sufficient fleet, surface force that would you know, keep up with the chinese. >> one thing, we disengaged from the chinese economy because our congress gives them the proceeds from which they build up their military. that is the first start. the president is starting to do that. we have a long way to go but we are going on the road. lou: last word. >> look, one time it was so you think hiring a professional is expensive wait and see you hire an amateur. we keep letting the amateurs run this it will get expensive. donald trump is on the right path. spend morning during peacetime to get with the quality third -- we have to change a tactical advantage. as long as we let russian and chinese steel our artificial intelligence advanced technologies will be on the losing end.
8:00 pm
lou: unfortunately, the very people from whom they are stealing the intellectual property or on the other side, not our side. in most of these instances, -- unregistered foreign agents instructing his americans. thank you very much morgan. good to see you. we appreciate it. thank you. trish: sources tell meet united states of america is preparing to go for the jugular with even more sanctions about to hit nicolas maduro within his friends and family and any and all industry in venezuela, including the prohibition of visa and mastercard transactions. the state department has evacuated all of its personnel from venezuela and american airlines stopped all flights. what is next for this brutal, troubled, socialist regime. 49 people are


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