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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou: unfortunately, the very people from whom they are stealing the intellectual property or on the other side, not our side. in most of these instances, -- unregistered foreign agents instructing his americans. thank you very much morgan. good to see you. we appreciate it. thank you. trish: sources tell meet united states of america is preparing to go for the jugular with even more sanctions about to hit nicolas maduro within his friends and family and any and all industry in venezuela, including the prohibition of visa and mastercard transactions. the state department has evacuated all of its personnel from venezuela and american airlines stopped all flights. what is next for this brutal, troubled, socialist regime. 49 people are dead in
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new zealand's worst mass shooting. we have new developments on his horrendous mosque shooting. the massive college fraud scheme that rocked the country in is a much bigger picture that everyone is missing. the united nations claims that taxing receipt made might be the answer to saving the planet. the united states closer to completely choking off nicolas maduro's financial lifeline. sources telling me the trump administration will slap even more sanctions targeted to the brutal socialist dictator as well as the families of his entire regime.
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this coming as american airlines, the latest major u.s. carrier to suspend its flights in and out of venezuela this evening. the step which i think is overdue comes after the pilots union warns its 15,000 members not to fly to venezuela for fears of their own safety. this comes days after the state department issued a do not travel advisory while ordering all stated department personnel out of the region. florida congressman astronaut matt gaetz joins me. >> it's important to remember venezuela went socialist on the problem of redistributed wealth. now we are seeing venezuela transition from the jewel of latin america to a failed state. trish: that's for sure. this is video of people trying to bathe themselves in sewer
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water. they have no had no food, water or electricity. we are getting reports that some of the power is back on in venezuela. nine days, no power. you wonder how a society can into survive like that. socialism was really the death sentence for venezuela and its economy coming in almost 20 years ago. let me ask you about where we are now. i have a question for you. sanctions are good. why don't we just dump them all on right away? why is this done in stages? if we want maduro out, surely we are doing absolutely, positively everything we can to make this life a living hell? >> we should. we should keep in mind we are seeking defections. we are sanctioning people we hope will turn on maduro. i'm more worried about the foreign influences we see
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playing out in venezuela. whether it's the chinese or russians or the lebanese. his administration ties their ancestry back to the lebanese movement. syria, 4.5 million people became refugees and it almost brought europe to it's ins. the refugees will erode borders. trish: there are predictions of 8 million refugees leaving venezuela. we have had already 3 million leave. if you have any other opportunity, any means to go anywhere else, you are going to take it. >> we put u.s. troops on the ground, that will be what a lot of these foreign actors want. if that happens you could
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potentially see eruptions of violence and conflict in venezuela, colombia and ecuador. trish: we are not at foreign troops yet. even though we have had calls, from doug schoen and general tata. but nobody wants that. we need to to what we can from a financial perspective first. what can we do at this moment in time? >> i think we have to engage turkey. they are benefiting from their relationship with venezuela because they are pulling gold out of venezuela and use it to support the turkish lira. the best way to go after maduro is to engage the people that are supposed to be our allies. turkey is suppose to be in nato. they are going to get f-35 aircraft with they need to be
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our ally in putting pressure on maduro instead of the shi, a elements and criminal organizations take over venezuela. trish: this is yet again another reason we need to care about a country so close to our shore. >> iran has 100 cultural centers in latin america they use to recruit. we are finding people in venezuela dying but they are not the people we think they are. they are of arab descent. that becomes an under for the greatest enemies of ours in the world to use the movement. trish: you are saying they are not who we think they are. >> we are firing circumstances where we think somebody is a
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dead venezuelan police officer. but they are arab by nature. there is a venezuela diaspora in the middle east and a syrian-lebanese difficult as poria in venezuela. that creates big national security problems for us. trish: the president is get together sale of passports. you mentioned the former vice president of venezuela. lots of concerns about what the identity of some of these people are all over the world. thank you so much. retired brigadier general anthony tata predicting, if nicolas maduro doesn't take the fantasy deal, he could face an unfortunate end. watch. >> he can watch the movie "zero dark thirty" and figure out what happened to osama bin laden, and
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he can watch what happened to noriega. we have the ability to get in there and do what we need to do to remove maduro. he need to understand a bullet to the forehead may be his way out of venezuela. that's the bottom line. we have that capability. if we removed our diplomats, that's a key indicator and warning we are getting ready to tighten the screws on the maduro regime. trish: you heard the general mention zero dark thirty. joining me, the navy seal who killed bin land. rob o'neill. i spoke to you and you are not optimistic about maduro taking the deal and you predict it will come to a bloody end. how do we make sure that doesn't happen.
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i will get to how it could and you know that better than anyone. what is it our state department can be doing and people can be doing behind the scenes so he takes the deal? >> they appointed elliott abrams as a special representative to venezuela. he's the architect of the iraq war. he's been known to be involved in a coup attempt against hugo chavez. coups sometimes don't work. but the last thing we want to try is a "zero dark thirty" raid in venezuela. congressman gaetz did a great job of explaining the hezbollah iranian situation in venezuela. just some of the tactics our enemies have seen in iraq and afghanistan with snipers and improvised explosive devices, we don't want to get bogged down. but adding pressure on the
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military to stage a coup against maduro. like a humanitarian corridor with a bordering country like colombia. you can get a small footprint with the humanitarian force. you have the capability of defending yourself and you can get aid into the people. they were promised this socialist panacea. but all they got was half of it. they got socialism which isn't working very well. it's not that the venezuelan troops want to fight against us. trish: they don't want to fight against us either. >> the people around maduro need to rise up. we are putting seven special forces groups down there. even a show of force with some sort of not necessarily an aircraft carrier but some kind of sea power off the coast of venezuela.
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everything adds up eventually. either he takes the deal or it will end in a fight. trish: your prediction is it won't be just us who would go in and do something. >> it would be more covert. our people influencing people that know they can get power inside of venezuela. trish: there are people that -- look, in a democracy, everybody should have a voice at the table. you would think that they would have a voice at the table and in a free election they would be able to run. are we look to see who would be the successor to represent the socialistview point in a healthy, non-violent way? >> with socialism it always end up in violence. once you realize you can be a
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dictator with your thugs around you, you can take most of of the wealth and indictment for yourself. guaido is the guy we need to get in power. and get maduro out. trish: how is it -- >> i don't know much about his security. what a week and a half ago he walked through the airport and he was still talking trash about maduro. i would hope he has something there. but on that end, if something happens to him, a kidnapping or assassination or assassination attempt, that's a point where we can no longer stand by. that would give us a reason to hit. maduro is not a threat to the united states. but he's in a position like bashar al-assad in syria where he can hard point himself, keep his people around him and let the country destroy itself and not even care. trish: how long would this go
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on? >> that's a hard question. how serious do we take it and how serious do the people in venezuela take it. how much does the military hierarchy care about their own people. you see them eating out of garbage cans and drinking out of sewers. that's pretty bad. that's real poverty. trish: coming up, a tragedy in new zealand after a crazed gunman opened fire inside two mosques killing 49 people. president trump standing firm on his promise to secure our southern border as he vetoes a measure to kill the emergency declaration. all money managers might seem the same,
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trish: police in new zealand charge a 28-year-old australian man with murder in a brutal killing spree that left at least 49 people dead at two mosques in christchurch. he used a helmet camera to broadcast live the attack. suspect wasn't on any security watchlist. but he left behind a 70-page manifesto spewing white supremacy views. the white house issuing his first veto in office. president trump: as president ththe protection of the nation s my highest duty.
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congress passed a resolution that would put countless americans in grave danger. to defend the safety and security of all americans i will be signing and issuing a veto of this reckless resolution. congress refused to give him the money he says he needs to build our wall at our southern border. this as a surge of thousands of migrants are coming towards our southern border. these caravans, thousands of them. they want to come into our country illegally or through the ports of entry. it's a record number of crossings that are projected. but how is this not a national emergency? joining me, deroy murdock. what i said all along, you elect a president and one would have
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to assume and think he has knowledge of certain things that other people don't, right? given the intelligence gathering operations that go on and the briefings that he gets. why does he not have the right to say this is not a national emergency. >> last month 76,000 people were apprehended at the u.s.-mexican border. that's 940,000 people on an annualized basis. and that doesn't absolute ones we didn't catch. they are running across the border without any control. if this isn't an emergency, i don't know what an emergency would look like. trish: why is it so bad right now? >> we have lost control of the southern frontier. if they broke into nancy pelosi's residences that would
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be an emergency. but 76,000 people running across the border, that's not an emergency. they are attacking personnel. throwing bottles, throwing rocks. want to come to america, go to the consulate in your own country and fill out paperwork. trish: it's not easy for people to get here. venezuela,ed the going rate for a passport to prove your venezuelan, $5,000. and you pay the guy in the back room. probably higher now. so you are dealing with all this corruption in all these countries. in an ideal world. we need people. not everybody has a ph.d that's coming here. we need people in our economy. that's the reality of a growing economy and it's a good by
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byproduct of that. we don't need more people coming in who will be a drain on the system. if you want to come in and be part of the american economy, come on in, and we make that easier for the right people to be here. that seems to me like it would be meaningful immigration reform, but i don't think the democrats want that. >> my mother and father are legal immigrants. they filled out the paperwork, they came to america legally. that's why i'm here. what i'm opposed to is people running across the border willy-nilly. trish: they are going to say you are racist for saying that. >> my parents came from costa rica, they followed the
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procedures. this needs to be done through some sort of procedure. if you were having a party and bringing people to your home on the weekends, would you throw the doors open and say everybody come in? and not ask them who they are? trish: are they trying to get more people here illegally in homes that they will be able to vote and therefore hopefully in their view -- >> i think the democrats embarrassed the president today, they don't want any victories. in the long term they see potential democrat voters. i think the democrats see this as adding to their potential margin of victory in races across the country down the road. trish: it seems to me like you want the best for the country at
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heart. forget about embarrassing the president. let's not forget, these are democrats who wanted much stronger border security. deroy, good to see you. i didn't realize your family is from costa rica. coming up. the pay to play college admissions scam shedding light. why are these schools charging such a ridiculous amount of money to indoctrinate our children. i am setting the record straight on why a college degree does not and should never determine a person's success. peta is here. i am setting
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trish: tonight more lawsuits directed against the parents that tried to lie and cheat their kids way into school because more people come forward to see the schools while it is unclear what will happen to the kids with the cheating scandal. but the one thing that is clear, very clear to me is that as a society we put way too much emphasis on this piece of paper or that college diploma. the diploma has a brand and in and of itself. let me be clear somebody should never be about a brand. it should be for learning's sake the real kind it never ends after four years. every minute of every day we should challenge ourselves to stay curious about the world
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but yet that's not happening. instead there is a ridiculous power-play with families and struggling to keep up to stay ahead of the neighbors and colleges are status symbols they want to save my kid goes to such and such are this one or that one. having times you see parents seeing a college sticker in there we are window? we get it. but that is your kid. not you. a brand or a diploma seems that the elite status that is not what college is supposed to be about. college is supposed to be about learning. but that message is continually lost and somehow it is okay? it doesn't help when olivia
8:31 pm
jade says she doesn't know how many classes she can attend she just wants to experience the partying scene "i really don't care about school. that's what she told her instagram fans. well then why waste the professors time or your own time? why are you wasting half a million dollars of your parents money? here is the bottom line college for many is a giant waste you be better off taking time to work. imagine that. work. learn a trade is not that i am against higher education i have plenty of it but you shouldn't go to college just for the sake of going to college. college should be more selective and families should recognize a slip of paper from one school or another really isn't worth much a lot of
8:32 pm
students would be wiser to figure that out sooner than later with the debt that they are accumulating but those that they pay so much money for, that diploma might not even buy them a coffee at starbucks here to relax and react to all of that so that it used to be college was a big deal not everybody went to college and that was cool if you could go. and then going to learn but you went for a purpose and now you somehow someway you check off the box you go into massive debt but you go for years to go for a piece of paper? the mac evolved just as you get a dream and you go to work you can get an education do that too but my daughters read
8:33 pm
her book in 2009 where she said you can get an education but if you don't do the work your dreams will come true anyway. and if we eliminated from public life all the people who dropped out after one year, college dropouts we would lose oprah winfrey, bill gates, richard branson, steve jobs and the zuckerberg. [laughter] tom brokaw who did not finish. >> taylor swift. >> mark twain. william falconer. trish: your point is well taken look at those people in society whether tech or literature or music they did
8:34 pm
not need a four-year stamp of approval in order to achieve what they accomplished. it helps along the way and i understand wanting to help your kids and not like that but i argue but because that tells your kid they can screw up and they will pay their way out of it but people want to do the right thing by their children but i just think it might be misguided. maybe kids are too young at 18 years old and don't have the appreciation for the work that needs to go into school. >> i write history but they have no education at all george washington and abraham lincoln. >> formal education. >> that they are at the foot of his bed with the 11 -year-old boy his older brothers got the education and the training in the iron trade but george that they named the
8:35 pm
city after to be our president. you have to have a dream and do something and as t15 said if a degree helps if you want to be a professor at berkeley you better get a degree. [laughter] . >> i wonder if we have reached that tipping point that the story in particular that this example has shown us that as a country we need to rethink it all but parents think they have to go to school at 18 years old straight to a four-year college. maybe that's not the best path for everyone. >> it is an eye-opener. trish: we should be open to a lot of different paths that is part of the diversity of society for those in different
8:36 pm
fields and not everybody has to fit a cookie-cutter box. >> we need to inspire people to have dreams and do the work and a degree does not hurt. trish: thank you so much. united nations say we better stop eating red meat but the un says let's tax it. because that will encourage people to stop. and the mayor is here to defend the report. so the most hated woman in all of american politics is not hillary clinton but find out hillary clinton but find out who it is when we return. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight it shows alexandria okay ceo cortez is in the spotlight but no one likes her.
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nobody likes her she is the least popular person on capitol hill nearly half the country finds a freshman socialist unfavorable. now the campaign advisor board member hillary clinton former advisor may be the only person with aco why do you like her and everybody else does not when they say nobody wins when there's a family feud the progressives are beating up on her but i will say this is a great example and i said this last week sometimes she serves as a distraction for the house democrats are doing. also a lesson for the other side of the aisle. sometimes we think we are trying to do something for good it hurts us in a personal
8:42 pm
way. trish: is this an example of overexposure so i will give you an example my mother who is a big democrat she loves hillary so i married family secrets she really likes hillary i don't think she's entirely over trap that she cannot stand aco and neither can her friend so what does that tell you? is that a problem? maybe with some more mass appeal so what is it that is so polarizing even hillary clinton and i thought she was even the clinton supporters do not like her? . >> i don't think it is overexposure alone but the
8:43 pm
drastic socialist left-wing policies. people cannot like these. if you sent out a look at the policy with the majority of people in the country not even the majority of democrats dislike her as the most hated person on capitol hill. to say sure she could never run for something long turn them back to what you say this is in our family its political partie parties. >> no, no, no as a democrat that's the political family. >> no. hey. and one she makes a good point she sang family because she is a socialist you are a democrat.
8:44 pm
>> i don't agree with everybody so that's okay but you talk about the socialist policies and yes i don't agree with them her se but if you talk about the american people do not agree the polls indicate different. >> we look at medicare for all that we've talked about many times it sounds great but if you look at the details they dropped onto the 20th percentile the green new deal is very similar. that's a great policy but if you look at those. >> madison you just made my point. >> antoine what are you talking about it is the policies that is the point they are making now. >> medicine. respond.
8:45 pm
you have the floor. and to indicate people in new york have affection for her she advocates for but here is what i was saying i don't agree with every policy position she takes to the point of this segment i think it serves as a distraction on social media or facebook or instagram or twitter or whatever she does she takes the attention away from the good things house democrats are doing. . >> i disagree on that but what i would tell you is that if you continue in the socialist vein it will backfire and i think madison is right the social media does not help that the policies themselves are risky. >>'s in our brand-new report says you have to stop eating
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red meat and then it goes on to say we should tax red meat consumption like that will fill the financial problems of the world. so they are here tonight and want to talk about it with me. want to talk about it with me. trish regan prime all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating,
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trish: according to a new report united nations says taxing red meat could reduce greenhouse gas emissions helping the planet toward a plant date -based diet the emissions tax could reduce greenhouse gases with livestock farming so now we have our spokesperson welcome back good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. so tell me why you like this. [laughter] . >> first of all, we are a pita be like anything that will reduce the billions of animals suffering on factory farms that the fact is that this report confirms what teefive
8:51 pm
has been saying for years we are headed toward environmental catastrophe if we don't change the way we eat or reduce eating dairy in our diets. trish: you have made a big deal about milk also like you are a white supremacist if you drink milk. >> you are on the show and talked about that. said do you think if you drink milk you are white supremacist? . >> no but i do think you are supporting an industry that pulls baby cows away from their mothers and consuming a product that nutritionist agree is bad for our health. trish: so i'm happy to keep going because i think it is irresponsible to say if you drink milk you are a white supremacist.
8:52 pm
>> we did not say that we were discussing the report that white supremacist were going to social media where they were chugging milk they were promoting milk we encourage people not to drink milk for their health and the environment because these animals suffer. trish: the control room has a different spin on that at the different at the time because i have a lot of friends that are vegan and that is great i am a live fry or - - live free or die girl if you want to eat meat it may not be the healthiest especially red meat but there is something good now and then to get the iron and some proteins you would not get from the vegan diet. if you want to be a carnivore i don't really care.
8:53 pm
but now the un? a global organization to come down on the world to say you cannot eat that and if you are we will make it really difficult for you to try and tax use of more. i just worry that people that are losing out are the ones that are trying to feed your families and now it's much more expensive to do so because the human think so? . >> actually the excise tax is nothing new we had been putting excise taxes on products like cigarettes that our bad for your health and those that harm the environment for a long time. we are just advocating for consistency to tax them for these reasons they are terrible for human health even with higher rates of diabetes, cancer, obesity. >> actually i think the studies will contradict you some suggest a high-protein
8:54 pm
diet leads to lower cholesterol. we could have that discussion. >> but what you are throwing out is trying to control people's diet there is this control element here where i don't know if that is the best thing for society we can talk about it in the big broadway to control people but if you want to eat meat so be it. >> we say that people make those choices they should. they're fair share because health care premiums go up for all of us when people get sick with the meat heavy diet we will all pay for the fallout for people consuming too much meat because of that leading cause of the greenhouse gas emissions according to the epa they are the leading polluter of water they are a bigger
8:55 pm
problem. >> and that milk drinker so let me show you this this is actually what peta said cows milk has been a symbol used by white supremacist one more reason to ditch dairy. >> we did not make that up. >> why word you perpetuate that quick. >> actually i think i was on invited on to discuss this was from "the new york times" so the media was talking about it and we will take any opportunity talk about why people should not be drinking people should not be drinking cow's milk
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and the leprechaun pants i will wear those with pride as an irish woman ♪ >> the ultimate man cave... >> underground, this was his home. >> ...dug with shovel and pick. >> he came at a time in america where if you could dream it, you could do it. >> it's a unique architectural creation. >> you can't go anywhere else in the united states to see something like this. >> but will his legacy be buried forever? >> he called my great-uncle the human mole, and that infuriated the family. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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