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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  March 17, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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every weekday right here on foxbusiness to an in between six and nine with mornings with maria join me every day have a great weekend i will see you next time. . >>. >> welcome to the "wall street journal" this is a intriguing new detail about the lifestyle of the rich and famous yes content of buying themselves privileges tv stars lawyers and financial chiefs have been paying large sums of money so their ambitious but not very smart kids can get into top colleges. the federal investigation into
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the college admissions scam is a reminder that for some people money and fame and success they want that validation and status only from a in ely university there is a certain class of successful people with the value of nothing and meanwhile greasing the palms of the right people politics as usual. president trump standoff with congress and emergency funding trade talks with china make slow and steady progress and to publish the fighting of the robert mueller investigation paul manafort sentenced to a total for various crimes. the 2020 democratic presidential pool expands as beto o'rourke joins the list immigration, change investigation and a presidential campaign with a
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controversy of the presidency so those are the biggest successes and what do you need to do and with that 2020 campaign? steve bannon has some views who was ceo of the trump campaign and the crucial stages of the 16 election and the chief strategist of the white house. welcome. president travis got a lot done how would you rate him quick. >> it's a number nine. so that america was in decline and the country did not care so those that came from a rally in michigan the town halls working class americans are middle-class americans think trump is the best for
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the country and trying to stop the decline whether china or the sovereignty on the southern border the whole range of issues not just the economy to make a definitive statement america is not a decline he gave a voice to the voiceless and that is powerful. >> to say the wall isn't finished we don't know where these trade negotiations are. >> so let's start with the wall. in this country we are comfortable with that decline and it is the permanent political class it is a cute term that is of both parties and that political apparatus down in washington d.c. you
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saw it yesterday with this horrific republican senators to drag across the finish line in your face on the sovereign border to show the fight that is going on and then to go through the appropriations process and then to go through the appropriations process three years after brexit and trump victory on the exact same day a vote in parliament that 12 republicans basically override the emergency order.
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>> they will just not sit there and pat you on the head and say this is fine every day is a struggle but it is a fight every day there are compromises that is why trump tried the appropriations process there is a crisis on the border that should have been called many months ago. and then the mask is off that is when he vetoed the bill and then it will be a tougher fight because trump is determined to build this wall in that basket of deplorable's. to say we all have to have his back. the then to be challenged in the courts that lincoln fought the entire civil war.
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to have this debate about the executive orders that ultimately who knows what happens in the ninth district that trap - - trump is making an effort and now they understand to make the system work. he is working the big muscle taking on the big issues of sovereignty or china for the first national security throughout the world or the economy for the future. >> so that is coming out of the white house so the imposition so hang on. so the wall street journal and the editorial page and that
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part of that is the negotiating aspect but the key is to restructure the economy do you think you will get back on his feet he will impose those tariffs they already said they are not coming tomorrow lago they already said they are not coming tomorrow lago he has the team. and look at these fundamental efforts. but if they don't agree that donald trump does not want to deal with them.
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but then to face that issue that we do not address the merck until policies of china he has the right team. for 25 years that is what we have to understand this totalitarian system that we have we will be a tributary state like japan in the e.u. that is why the fundamental restructure efforts is so important and then to go back and increase the tariffs. they are under tremendous economic pressure the growth rate is six.5 percent they are under extraordinary economic pressure but if we allowed them down one road with the 5g rollout they will be hegemonic. >> the president will stop them doing that?
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so as steve schwartz has said and this is no guarantee and then to refer back as light heiser says in these verticals he could have signed that deal a month ago. but trump was actually saying i want a deal that has teeth. this is mayor donald trump has fought the fight for all corporate america and all of wall street with short-term games to put pressure. >> we have more coming up i will ask him if the president could be impeached. stay with
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. >> i'm back with steve bannon. one of the things that is important to be screwed by the government or the vested interest what about the entrenched power of big business of companies getting bigger to dominate those sectors what will he do quick. >> he did try to fight time warner at&t merger because of consolidation of power. >> he clearly lost that but he saw apple and all these in the white house as a populist that is not good. and american citizens and i
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know the president and to get refocused. and it will not go away this is our process to change people in congress. to start with a republican party that is a donor driven party that has a huge influence and is voter base. to turn that into a party because to have right wing populism with a bigger payday. and the aoc and bernie sanders version the green new deal but then they challenge big
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business. this is september 2017 those big data companies that they will push for they have too much concentration of power they ought to be broken up with facebook or google they have to much power that will be the new populist message and then to just get more momentum you have 15 candidates that those are declared who do you most fear quick. >> that's why all bets are off we have to go through the gauntlet in the 2018 election
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you lost the house of representatives the house was everything because of mobilization is not about changing people's minds. what happened with the tea party or the trump campaign they were knocking on doors in july. because the progressive left police the establishment with the historical figure. so with that deconstruction state and then to mobilize and the house races. we have to mobilize in 2020 with the member of the deplorable's plus if trump keeps going down this path we can do it over the next five or six months will be a grind for him.
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. >> i also want to get to the beach but. >> 2020 you have had right wing populism now left wing populism like bernie sanders who is the leading democrat quick. >> here is what i believe you have had people like kamala harris and beto o'rourke that will pull farther to the left than the bertie sanders and aoc of the world but the solution is more state intervention but it gives them ownership with a lockdown with rising wages and understand herridge aei will not win that anymore. trumps populated strife.
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>> i am back with steve bannon where will he be impeached? but there are consequences with the house investigative apparatus with the mueller report. everything i see now that there is no collusion what about obstruction of justice the democrats are concerned because they are asking for
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all the institutions with the senate and house intel so now it looks like they will start over. remember pelosi is trying to pull it back and put a nice face on it but the people that walk the precinct in june and july of last year that had this big win for the progressive left at the polls they don't want to work on health care or infrastructure. they are there to impeach donald trump. >> so this is a partisan investigation quick. >> nancy pelosi is putting the spin on it so if we have to convert people but that is rocksolid right now so he just keeps pounding on china and jobs and keeping the economy moving with this reorientation
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of national security he will keep the base and expand it. over the next five or six month months, you have this huge negotiation and at the same time all the tvs worldwide the con artist and racist. that shows you how vitriolic it will be they could schedule a hearing at any time but they do it at the exact moment we negotiate a peace deal that shows you where we are going. >> those that show up in a mask quick. >> there are people who say there is a supremacist that are getting support people like you and the president is
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now nonsense but he has condemned this from day number one it is all the mainstream media to put this nationalism on trunk. he is not a racist. look at his policies the lowest black unemployment the lowest hispanic in 50 years and wages are raising. everything he does is for all americans just once again taking these you are marginal and crazy and then something goes into a religious place and she said people they try to do this day in and day out. >> on the rest of the world that evolution italy or brexit or here in the united states. >> and not just pushing back but clamping down. -like leaders and the uk if you don't like it we are out. you need trump to say a new
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generation to have the fight of donald trump and that's and why they go back the populist national leaders to drive world politics today. >> looking at american politics today. politics today. we will be right to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪
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after all these years? please join me next week to go over this fundamental issue with two guest to debate the public which is a better system socialism or capitalism? thank you for joining us this week be sure to follow me on
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