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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. help! get me out! i'm stuck. maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo joining us straight ahead here on sunday morning futures president trump issues his first -ever veto, after the senate revoked his national emergency. senate homeland security chairman ron johnson is here on what happens now, plus his reaction to north korea's threat to walk away from nuclear talks, and congressman doug collins is the ranking member of the house judiciary committee just released transcripts of closed door testimony, from peter strzok and lisa page. what else might he have in-store to shed light on what was going on at the justice department and the fbi, leading up and through the 2016 election, he is here.
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democratic congressman weighs in on the democratic oversight of the trump adminitration, as well as mitch mcconnell's plan to hold a procedural vote on the green new deal a lot more right here right now on sunday morning futures. and we begin this morning with president trump issuing his first-ever veto in response to a congressional resolution that would have blocked his national emergency on the southern border the move overrides the vote in the house scheduled for march 26 that is not expected to pass joining me right now in an exclusive interview republican senator from wisconsin ron johnson the chairman of the senate homeland security committee he also sits on the foreign relations budget and commerce committee senator it is good to have you on the program this morning welcome. >> good morning, maria. maria: we knew some republicans were going to go against the president. we didn't know it was going to be 12 versus five what's happening in your party that so
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many republicans did not stand with the president for his national emergency? >> well, there's a pretty robust inside our conference but from my standpoint as soon as the house voted with a total that was well below a veto-proof majority, this vote from my standpoint turned to purely political vote. the whole issue of whether or not you support the border or you support the president in trying to security, secure our homeland, and so for me it's pretty simple vote, i understand why my other colleagues were concerned about the constitutional issue, i'm as well. i have the benefit of being chairman of the committee's jurisdiction and we will take up a fix to the national emergency act to return that authority to congress that was taken away by the us and later cot it tied by congress so we will bring that up hopefully democrats will support us. hopefully they will express the same concern about any executive having that kind of broad
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emergency powers, which this president had in the exercise so in the end, i did not believe that the president was operating outside his authority. maria: so senator as the chairman of the homeland security committee there on the senate i want to get your take on basically "the situation" today at the border, but before i do that, we know that the president, as soon as he got the bill, he vetoed it and now, they're trying to override it on march 26. tell us what happens now? >> well they will not be able to override the veto and so again what i will do is we'll actually bring up that national emergency act and amend it to return the authority that again, the supreme court took away and congress cot it tied so we'll just flip this on the head and allow the president to declare an emergency for 30 days and if a majority of both chambers agree to have that emergency extended that should pass the constitution muster so we'll return that constitutional authority which i think is appropriate. past congress has given way too
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much of their constitutional authority, away to the executive branch and we should claw it back. maria: so characterize the emergency as you see it today. we've got a chart here of apprehensions at the southwest, the southern border, and we had a huge spike in the month of february, so the yellow color is unaccompanied minors between ports of entry and the blue color is in family unites between ports of entry and then we've got red unaccompanied minors claiming asylum at ports of entry and youth claiming asylum at ports of entry tell us what this chart says. >> sure, well first of all you have to understand that the record apprehensions back in 1986 and the year 2000 were really mexican economic migrants coming back apprehended sometimes multiple times in the same day. the problems completely changed now we're dealing with un accompanied children, and people coming in this country illegally as family units claiming asylum and our laws are
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such that once they get into america, they basically stay. we only return probably less than 3% unaccompanied children and so it is a huge incentive for more people from central america coming up here either as unaccompanied child or more now as family units, because it's really rewarding, so what we saw in 2014, is president obama declared that a humanitarian 20,000 children and people coming across-the-boarder illegally and were apprehended last year that number was 145,000 in the first five months of this year, 17 5,000 un accompanied children but now mainly people coming in as family units across-the-boarder illegally or presenting themselves at ports of entry claiming asylum all we can do, maria, is apprehend, process and then we disburse and these people by and large are staying in this country long term. maria: yeah we're looking at a picture now of the wall within
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california and nancy pelosi stayed the wall that separates san diego from tijuana and by all accounts this wall has worked. >> no, where we have installed four sections of better barriers , we have cut illegal immigration by about 95%. that is a huge benefit to barrier structures, but that's not the only thing that we have to do. we have to amend these laws that provide the incentives. we have to maintain our asylum standards and we have to make sure that we can apprehend and detain individuals and those that don't have valid asylum claims we have to quickly remove them to their home country because right now, that is what is the huge draw coming particularly from central america. maria: well i don't understand why hasn't this been dealt with before? when we have your colleagues on the left on, they continue to say that they are for border security and yet, they didn't vote for kate's law, for an end to sanctuary cities, they didn't vote for the wall so obviously their votes do not correspond
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with what they're saying but i'm just trying, having a hard time understanding why if this is such an incredible emergency as these numbers bear out, why to king has been done about this before. >> well here is a news flash. democrats are being hypocrites on this issue. they pay lip service to try and secure the border but then they do nothing to help us change the laws that would help us do just that and it really is an amendment under the human trafficking law in 2008 that created disparity in terms of how we treat unaccompanied children from central america versus canada or mexico that's increased the incentive and then a court decision. when president obama began detaining families and their children so they could do extradited removal somebody challenged that in court and the flores agreement was re interpreted to include children that were also accompanied and that began the full catch and release and that's what we're in right now because president trump tried to enforce the law but that required separation because we
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can't keep children more than 72 hours in custody for more than 20 days in general so we have to disburse them so we're back into full catch and release and that really is the state of play democrats want. i have no idea why they want open borders why they won't out law sanctuary cities but that's what democrat policy is. it's very unfortunate. maria: well we know they did vote for a wall in the past but now that president trump said it this is in step with their resist move am, resist everything the president tries to do, and let me ask you about north korea and get your take on this from a floor en affairs standpoint. north korea threatened on friday to walk away, suspend negotiations altogether with the trump adminitration over its nuclear arms program and they are saying that kim jong-un is going to decide soon whether to resume nuclear and missile tests what's happening here? >> the members of the foreign relations committee met with secretary pompeo last week for
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an early morning breakfast and very interesting to listen to him talk. first and foremost, chairman kim simply hasn't made that decision to disarm, and integrate his economy and improve his economy. that's the first thing he has to do but also sounded like he was given pretty bad advice by his advisors that what he offered would be accepted by president trump. they offered that right upfront and president trump, secretary pomona utterly rejected it i don't know what chairman kim thought had changed in terms of the president accepting this, but president trump was absolutely right in walking away from those negotiations. apparently it shocked chairman kim because his advisor said it would be accepted. it's unacceptable so the bottom line is president trump continues to try and offer that deal but its got to be a big deal. chairman kim has to accept the fact it's going to give up his nuclear capability, his missile capability in exchange for what would be good for north korea and his people and regime
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integration with the modern economies of the world. maria: do you think him walking away from north korea and saying look, this meeting is over, was a moment that china was watching was there anything that china has taken away from that given the fact that we are still waiting on a meeting between the president of china and president trump at mar-a-lago which we thought was going to happen at the end of march but now secretary mnuchin says probably not until april. >> well what china and quite honestly all of our trading partners need to realize both president trump is he won't go into a bad deal. he's going to make sure that for example, in trade, we're going to have a fair and reciprocal treatment but as it relates to north korea, we're going to continue to impose sanctions from my standpoint i would say even ratchet up those sanctions make sure that china maintains these u.n. resolutions that impose sanctions, that russia
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does, start returning some of these guest workers pro providing an awful lot of currency into north korea keeping that regime afloat. what brought chairman kim to the negotiating table were these sanctions we need to ratchet them up. let's not make the same mistakes as we made in iran where sanctions were brought to the table and then we relieved those and we didn't force iran into negotiating good faith. right now chairman kim is not negotiating good faith and has to come to different conclusions maria: i want to take a short back. we are awaiting word whether the trump adminitration will reach a trade agreement with china, joint chief chairman general dun ford made news saying google 's work in china is indirectly hurricane rita or directly benefiting that meanwhile they walked away from the pentagon so senator ron johnson joins us follow me on twitter at maria bartiromo at sunday futures, on instagram as well, at sunday futures, and at maria bartiromo we're taking a look ahead on sunday morning futures this morning and we'll be back let us know what you want to hear from congressman
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maria: welcome back we are back with wisconsin senator ron johnson and let me ask you what a deal with china should look like because i know the choice are willing to buy more soybean from the u.s. and willing to open up their markets a little at least to financial services companies among other industries what about the big ticket items like the ip theft, the force transfer of technology the espionage that we now know exists given huawei's performance. will we be able to put enforcement in place to ensure that the chinese keep their promises when it comes to these things? >> well enforcement is going to be the key. part of the problem is how do you enforce an agreement, things
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that the chinese deny? for example, the cyber theft, the espionage, so i'm afraid the cyber theft and the espionage will probably have to be enforced through criminal justice, through potential cases with wto, but in terms of forced technology, the intellectual property transfers that can be handled through an agreement and it could be enforced through those agreements as well, but we need to absolutely demand reciprocal treatment and that's what this administration is completely dedicated to achiev ing, and it's unfortunate you have to take it to this level and you have to provide this, but i think china and our other trading partners have taken advantage of the situation far too long and they're having to be shocked to the reality that this administration is not going to stand for it. hopefully they will come to that conclusion and we can conclude these trade deals because the president has done a great job as you were talking earlier on fox & friends about relieving the regulatory burden, or at
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least having a pause and that created a great deal of certainty in our economy but the whole trade war and terrorist that type of thing creates a lot of instability and uncertainty so the sooner we can get our trading partners to come to the table in good faith offer fair and reciprocal treatment the better the entire world economy will be. maria: so real quick, do you think we're going to deal with china? >> the administration officials are sounding pretty positive about it. they've got an agreement across-the-board on so many of these hard issues they're trading paper on the other agenda items so they are really uniformly sounding quite positive about it but listen, this trade war is hurting china a whole lot more than it is us so china's best interest to come to the table in good faith. maria: the economy has certainly slowed down quite a bit in china as a result of these tariffs. let me ask you about these technology companies, because in china, you've got the chinese government telling its companies , do it this way, so the defense companies are doing what the chinese government wants them to do the technology
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companies are doing what the chinese government wants them to do and in america it's obviously a little different. you've got some of the leading technology companies in the world, take google for example, saying we're not going to work with the pentagon. we don't want to work with this u.s. government we're pulling out of this contract to work with the pentagon and then you look at china and they actually are working in china. i want you to listen to what the acting defense secretary as well as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, dunford and sha nahan said this week about google working in china. listen to this. you're telling me that google, an american company, supposedly, is refusing to work with the department of defense, but is doing work with china, in china, in a way that at least indirect ly benefits the chinese government, is that correct? >> i haven't heard the word refuse, but there's a lack of willingness. the work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting
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the chinese military and i've been very public on this issue as well, in fact the way i described it to our industry partners is look, we're the good guys in the values that we represent, and the system that we represent is the one that will allow and has allowed you to thrive. maria: i mean, do google employees understand what they're doing? >> possibly not. obviously, through their chat room, they were outraged that google was working with the defense department to actually help save lives from my standpoint in terms of drone technology, to more precisely target. they weren't willing to use google resources to help the united states military and yet, google is working on project dragon fly now apparently suspended it. i know a number of google employees were concerned about that as well about the human rights abuses in china but i thought it was rather shocking it certainly got my attention
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when general dunford talked about directly helping china's military. i'll certainly be looking into that and asking for a briefing from the joint chiefs and we'll also be asking google to find out exactly what they are doing. they're an american company and they have to be loyal to america and to our values. i think the general was absolutely correct in the way he laid that out. maria: that's just incredible so you're going to hope to do hearings on this then? >> well i'm certainly going to be sending oversight letters and asking for briefings. maria: senator we've got to go but real quick is usmca going to get ratified? a lot of dems come on and say they won't vote for it in its current form. >> i mean, i hope so. we need that trade deal. it's good for all three countries. maria: but you'll vote for it? >> we're trying to press the administration to ratify it when we have republicans in the house it's going to be heavy lift i fear. maria: senator good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> have a great day. maria: coming up the top
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maria: welcome back. recently-released house judiciary committee transcripts are shedding more light into fbi investigations into then candidate donald trump, and hillary clinton's e-mails, during the 2016 presidential election. the third and most recent transcript comes from former fbi agent peter strzok's closed door testimony, before congress, from june of last year. it follows transcripts of testimony from former fbi attorney lisa page and justice department department official bruce ohr. joining me right now is the top republican on that committee who
10:25 pm
made those transcripts public georgia congressman doug cold collins thanks very much for joining us. >> glad to be here, maria. maria: in looking at these transcripts it's pretty clear of an issue that our viewers know very well, and our viewers have followed this for upwards of a year and a half and they know from the beginning, that there was no collusion, and that these transcripts show an incredible amount of bias . let's talk about some of the transcripts that you released, peter strzok 's hatred of donald trump influenced the investigation and evidence against donald trump, this was john rad cliff interviewing peter strzok and this was after the text that said lisa page says to him, he's not going to win, right? no, we'll stop him, and after that, radcliff says did peter strzok's hatred of donald trump influence the investigations and evidence against donald trump, guess we'll never know because he was never asked by the special counsel if, in fact, his
10:26 pm
hatred of donald trump influenced the way he handled this investigation, correct? >> i think what we got to do is look at this as you're going to know because you can look at the proof and that's why we're laying out the transcript as we have. peter strzok was a man who thought he was untouchable. he became a hero in his mind's eye in thinking that he was going to be able to control and sometimes maybe showing off for his mistress at the time lisa page let's never forget that but also in his own role to grow up within the department. peter strzok was central going back to the e-mail investigation , into the russia investigation, into what became the mueller investigation, so what we're seeing here is yes, we see the bias. the transcripts reveal the bias and when we see that mr. mueller actually got rid of him based on , you know, his actions and those texts so i think when we look at this together we get a picture of someone who was brought up or allowed to grow, if you would, under the department of justice under president obama in which politic s became the foremost word, not justice.
10:27 pm
maria: yeah, i understand, so in other words they were very heavy -handed with the investigation into donald trump on flimsy evidence and yet they were very light on the investigation of hillary clinton another tweet that your colleague put out was after he interviewed lisa page and you released this transcript as well and he says ratcliffe writes lisa page just confirmed to me under oath that the fbi was ordered the obama doj not to consider charging hillary clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information. walk us through this treat. so they all thought hillary clinton was guilty but they were told from the doj don't even think about it? >> this is there were two things that really came out of this and one of the things we just spoke about and that seemed to be of that corrupt of page, mccabe and peter strzok and he seemed to stand out as very aggressive nature in what he thought about the president and the second thing that came out from this was lisa page was as i said and i put out another tweet
10:28 pm
the other day that says loretta lynch has some explaining to do because what we have seen now is that beforehand, she was, she not only told mr. comey this was not an investigation to consider it a matter which is an interesting way of putting it but also now we're seeing from lisa page's own testimony that the department of justice which she headed was saying gross negligence is not the standard that's going to be used here. they began to import what's called intent which is not part of the law so really from the early on from april/may and we know from may when mr. comey started writing the group together came together and they were going to look at gross negligence, but then began to write an exoneration of mrs. clinton long before they interviewed her so we know this is coming from the top so we now have a pattern here. look at the pattern. you have the department of justice and the fbi hoping for mrs. clinton to become president that's sort of the takeaway of these first three transcripts. maria: and this was way before loretta lynch and then the ag had a meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton just a few
10:29 pm
days before hillary had her interview with the fbi right? this is even before that? >> oh, very much so, maria. we look at this. that was closer to the time when she said i won't be a part of the prosecutor decision which all of a sudden in many ways has become evident now game james comey which he believed was his superman cape to do what he wanted to do but this was in the work. lisa page transcripts confirm this and this is why we're releasing these so that people can begin to see what's happening here. we were in this investigation, democrats and others were saying why are you going back, why are you doing this, you know, they made fun of the investigation the whole time. well now they've got a problem. i believe mr. mueller's report will come back showing there was no collusion nothing the trump adminitration what they will find and the president himself but what they are going to have to deal with now is the reality of influence and collusion among doj and fbi employees in an e-mail investigation which was handled badly, they moved into a
10:30 pm
russia investigation that was handled even worse and then into a mueller investigation, so these are the kind of things the american people deserve to see and that's why we're putting them out. maria: jim baker was the key lawyer for the fbi. you've got transcripts on him as well. he had a closed door meeting, and my sources say that in one of his meetings, he admitted that he wanted to charge hrc, he thought hillary clinton was, should be convicted of gross negligence. now are you going to be releasing that transcript soon? >> there will be more transcripts released baker will be one we're looking at releasing and yes there's been leaked information that mr. baker actually had that exactly what you talked about. this is why this is important, maria and i don't want any of the folks watching today to forget this. this is a pattern. this is not something that randomly happened i'm tired of really the mainstream media saying the fbi was investigating ms. clinton. no, there was a group investigating and told they couldn't do their job. remember she was not even
10:31 pm
interviewed after they had already started this discussion with the doj officials, probably including the attorney general, as she headed it saying we can't charge gross negligence so they already knew the outcome but went through the process and lisa page's transcripts also revealed the fact that this was, you know, sort of unusual. we also saw that with peter strzok we heard it that while they interview a key witness msh fact witnesses in the room who have been granted immunity. this just goes to show the two layers of justice, there was a layer for miss clinton and a level for mr. trump that were not equal and people understand it whether you're republican or democrat or independent or don't care. you can't have a department of justice like that. maria: my audience wants to know what happens now. jerry nadler has subpoena power and let's take a short break and then get to where the accountability is plus talk about the house vote to make the mueller report public by a vote of 420-0 i'm hearing that's going to drop any day now, we'll be right back.
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10:36 pm
we got nothing on before. maria: so you think we'll see prosecution. will we see prosecution? >> i mean, look, my hope is if there's wrongdoing that they will be prosecuted because if it's simply not prosecuted, two of the guys mccabe and others were fired, they were also under indictment and we understand these kind of things going on so hopefully we'll see it's prosecuted out. maria: so you were among those who voted for transparency with the mueller report as i understand it the mueller report will be out within the next two weeks what was that 422-0 vote all about? >> it was a political stunt by the democrats who thought they could divide republicans in the voting no upon it, because at the end of the day, after i looked at it when they dropped it we looked at it and they said this is nothing but simply a first year law students re statement of what the regulations say mr. barr will have to do. this is the sad part we're at right now maria. they have no agenda nothing they can actually put on the floor so they wasted an entire week of the american taxpayers dollar to actually put a report on the floor that said nothing
10:37 pm
basically except the same thing the regulations say that mr. bar r needs to do so we call their bluff and said fine we can vote for this because this is exactly what bill barr said he's going to do why are are we wasting the american people's time. maria: but we have a structure in place whereas under the rules the attorney general sees the report from the special counsel, and then gives it to the chairman of the judiciary committee on the house side and the senate side so that every congressman does not have it's like you're giving it to every congressman and every senator that's basically like giving it to the new york times right? if somebody is not charged with something the police don't say hey we're not charging them but guess what there's all this other stuff we were looking at maybe there's this fraud or that fraud. doesn't this open a can of worms to the president? >> no it doesn't. i think what we got to understand here and what we understand is let's go back exactly to what happened. mueller will present some kind of report all the paperwork says is that it could be a report on what his prosecution was and the
10:38 pm
ones he declined to prosecute. that is given to bill barr. bill barr at that point then he makes what's called an explanation to basically four people that have to be notified. it doesn't say that we're the only ones or at the same time have to be notified but we have to be notified so it could be released to the public as long as we're notified, and i think what we have to look at is what he said in his confirmation hearings that he wants to release as much as possible to make sure this gets behind us and we move forward. we know and you know as you said earlier that there's not going to be collusion here. this is where it's going to be put very hard for the democrats so all this was, and don't be fooled by this, this was simply a stunt because they thought they could divide republicans to make us look bad if not being transparent i have no problem being transparent when what we see is coming forward and within the regulation itself so this is nothing more than a political stunt. maria: well adam schiff continues to say he has more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion we'll see what he says after this drops. is the mueller report going to come out within the next two weeks do you think and what are you going to do about the fact
10:39 pm
you don't have subpoena power, jerry nadler's in charge, he's going to bring down for questioning who he wants, so where are all these investigations going, congressman? >> well i think first thing is this. adam schiff is the new joe mc after think from the senate and he always said oh, i've got this evidence of collusion we are it all here yet he never shows and in fact actually has to back up. when we released the bruce ohr transcript it showed his own explanation of some of this was wrong. it wasn't august, it was not after the election. adam schiff is just one, you know, again process away from spinning his own yarn. jerry nadler has subpoena power. he sent out 81 letters recently asking for information ranging on a wide topic. you almost know that they are concerned about mueller not having what they want because only 30 of these letters had anything to do with russia. when we come to this part it's going to be very obvious that mr. nadler and others are responding to their base, responding to the pressures of their base who want to impeach the president and have wanted to
10:40 pm
since november of 2016. you're seeing a politically motivated agenda to impeach the president to make the president look bad for the 2020 elections and we're going to be fighting against this and fighting to do what congress is supposed to do not the fishing trip they want to be on so if jerry, if the chairman wants to come down and have a fishing trip i've got great trout streams in north georgia i'll be happy to let him fish there but he shouldn't be fishing with the american people 's money. maria: we'll be watching this what a story incredible congressman good to see you thanks very much we'll be waiting for your next drop of the transcripts probably mr. baker, or whomever else thank you, congressman. appreciate your time this morning. >> you'll be following the twitter account. maria: we just heard from the republican on the house resolution calling for the mueller report to be made public now for the democratic perspective on that want to bring in california congressman harley ruda, he serves on the house oversight committee a member of the new democratic coalition congressman good to have you thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: so you voted for the
10:41 pm
mueller report to be public was that a political stunt as you just heard? >> no i don't think it was a political stunt at all. what we saw leading up to that vote was the president making suggesting that perhaps it didn't need to be released, and concerns with the answers by the attorney general to be spot on saying it would be released, and congress did what it's supposed to do, take action to make sure this very important information that the public really wants to see and provide the appropriate transparency into that investigation is into the hands for all of us to digest, understand, and contemplate what needs to take place next. maria: so what do you think about all of this that has taken place? i would imagine whether you're on the right or on the left you want to make sure that our democracy stays secure and stays truthful. these kabal of people, peter strzok and lisa page and others, andrew mccabe whose gotten criminal referrals, they put their finger on the scale to
10:42 pm
change the election, and take down a duly-elected president you've seen all of the evidence. what can you tell us? >> well you're right. we look at that evidence, and it does require additional due diligence and investigation, but also, we can't use bad actors from the clinton administration or otherwise as justification for not doing our job if there are bad acts taking place under the current administration. we are required, under the constitution, to provide oversight, and i sometimes feel like this is like a middle school kid that are trying to justify their behavior by pointing to past behavior of others as saying well they did it too so i'm allowed to do it or why are you picking on me when you should be looking at this. maria: but you know we're looking at the oversight of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, and yes, she's going back several years in terms of looking in the backdrop, but was hillary clinton treated the way
10:43 pm
that you would like to see someone who did exhibit gross negligence with classified information, was she treated fairly? was that investigation a fair one? >> well i just got the congress so i will point this out. republicans have held the house for the last 10 years they've had oversight authority. maria: good point. >> they've had authority to oversee that investigation of the e-mails and hillary clinton, and look at what's concluded. there were no indictments. there were no convictions and you look at what's going on the mueller investigation. we almost have 40 convictions and indictments already and the report hasn't even been released maria: but just to be clear those convictions have nothing to do with collusion or donald trump. >> that's correct. that's exactly correct, so that's why we need to get through the report and by the way you also need to remember too the mueller report is only one of three investigations going on right now and it's focused primarily on what transpired during the campaign. you also have what's going on in
10:44 pm
the southern district of new york and eastern district of virginia, so we tend to focus on the mueller report being released and at that point answer all questions. it's not. it's one of three major investigations going on. maria: i want to talk to you about what's going on within the democratic party, congressman, because there seems to be a lot of division, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell planning a procedural vote on the new green deal how do democrats feel about that stay with us congressman rouda, we'll take a short break and come right back with the division within your party back in a minute. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ]
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-please. -okay. people are coming togethery to speed up what we can learn about health. the all of us research program is calling on one million people to join us as we try to change the future of health. for your family, for future generations, for all of us. visit and find out how you can become one in a million. maria: and we're back with democratic congressman from california, harley rouda, congressman let me ask you about this upcoming vote, mitch mcconnell has followed through on his promise to call a test vote on the resolution supporting the green new deal. are you going to vote for it? >> we prefer to vehicle us on ted lou's legislation which is going to be 100 by 35 submitted to the 116th congress but i do
10:48 pm
think mitch mcconnell certainly is doing this for showmanship. he wouldn't put certain votes that are very important to reopening the government but he wants to put this vote on the table to get people on record in hopes of embarrassing them. maria: i don't know about show manship and getting people on record to embarrass them. it is important for the american people to understand who backs something like this right? you've got reports that the green new deal is going to cost $94 trillion and that it makes no sense that you could do away with fossil fuels in 12 years. wouldn't it be important for the american people to understand who actually believes that this is actually doable and who actually knows that it doesn't make any sense? >> what i think is important that we all recognize that climate change is real and that we have to take action, and while you can point to any legislation, or proposed legislation, and point out the faults of it. we cannot deny that climate change is impacting every citizen of our country around the world, and so let's quit focusing on areas of where we
10:49 pm
have clear disagreement and focus on the task at hand, and i wish mitch mcconnell would say yes, climate change is real. you're wrong let's get together and figure out how to solve this maria: what about is there a big pressure, do you feel pressure within your party to go along with some of these pie in the sky ideas? i mean you've got the green new deal, you've got medicare for all which wipes out the private insurance industry, you've got a tax on wealth idea from elizabeth warren which is unconstitutional and you've got a 70% tax that aoc wants. how much pressure are you feeling to go along with some of your freshman colleagues like ao c, even though many of the moderates don't believe that any of these things would actually materialize? >> i don't feel any pressure at all and i'll tell you why. the citizens of orange county who elected me here recognize that i have moderate views, i come from a business background, i've built companies up to 10,000 people, i believe
10:50 pm
in capitalism and i believe in good government and i believe they can work together, so whether the outlandish ideas on the left or right, i'm not going to support it. i'm going to work with my republicans and democrats who believe that most americans are between the 20-yard line and get good legislation accomplished. maria: which is why you believe in border control. >> exactly. maria: congressman good to have you on the program this morning thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: we will see you soon, sir lindsey graham blocked a senate vote on a house resolution that would require the justice department to publicly release the full findings of the mueller report. he wants a second special counsel to look at how the doj handled the clinton e-mail investigation and the fisa warrants. former clinton advisor mark penn is with me next to discuss that when we continue. stay with us. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham blocked a senate vote on the house measure that called for special counsel robert mueller's final report to be made public let's bring in mark penn a former clinton advisor and also managing partner at the stagwell group. mark your reaction to lindsey graham blocking this most recent procedural vote. what's going on in congress these days? >> well, first of all not much is going on in congress these days, this is a lot more show votes than there are real votes on the matters that people want done but i think senator graham here was really saying yeah, i want the mueller report to be transparent but i also want a second independent counsel to be appointed to investigate what was going on with the fbi and the doj during all of these investigations, and i think that's the point he's making. there's obviously going to be and has to be significant transparency about what mueller did, but likely there already is significant transparency since mueller has brought the cases that he's going to bring. maria: right and we've talked
10:55 pm
about this for a year and a half , mark. you've written about this a lot. we're not expecting collusion in the mueller report and it should be out in the next two weeks what are you expecting and what is your reaction to what you heard from congressman doug collins earlier and congressman rouda? >> well look what am i expect ing? i'm expecting a report that dwells significantly on what the president did relative to the obstruction of justice. i don't see obstruction of justice here, but i think the report could dwell on that, and then on collusion, i think ultimately the report has brought not a single case related to that in any clear manner so how could the report itself actually focus on that or find it? it can't. nothing was brought. so i think we know the conclusion and we know also increasingly as these transcript s come out, that the underlying foundation for this investigation never really existed. that the steele dossier was never verified, and never should have been the basis for this and
10:56 pm
the firing of comey that triggered the independent counsel also had no basis in fact to create an independent counsel. maria: yeah so the special counsel should never have been there in the first place, and we know how they handled the hillary clinton investigation. jim baker apparently testified that he wanted to charge her with gross negligence but the doj said no. your reaction to these directive s coming from loretta lynch and barack obama's doj? >> well, the lisa page transcript really is quite stunning, because what lisa page is saying is that the justice department before the investigation was really done said that they were not going to prosecute, therefore, the fact that comey then says no one knows the conclusion, right, is a lie. it's a laughing matter because of course he knew the conclusion the conclusion had been dictated before the investigation began. maria: yeah. >> this is really significant testimony from lisa page. i don't understand why the inspector general didn't
10:57 pm
understand this. maria: without accountability nobody is going to trough the doj and the fbi for a long time mark good to see you sir thanks very much mark penn thanks for joining us on sunday morning futures i'm maria bartiromo we'll see you next week on we'll see you next week on mornings with maria i've got to tell you something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad.
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next week. >> good evening everyone. the red storm has arrived. china carrying out acts of espionage and war. aggressively targeting the u.s. military and defense contractors and massive cyber attacks over the past five years. and without cyber counterattacks from the united states. without any response, whatsoever it appears. our intelligence agencies asleep, perhaps helpless as a worlds largest nations at this very moment, streaming some of our most sensitive secret information and technology. threatening america's status of the worlds only superpower.


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