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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stealing the intellectual property or on the other side, not our side. in most of these instances, -- unregistered foreign agents instructing his americans. thank lauren: here are your market movers. president trump goes head to head with general motors, demanding it reope reopen a plat closed. the faa reportedly being probed over its approval o reports of 7 max claims. facebook says it removed a million and-a-half videos of the new zealand mosque attacks but is it enough. the renewed calls to crack down on big tech. now you can get your daily caffeine fix by subscription.
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the major fast food chain that wants you to pay by the month. it is monday, march 18th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. eastern. a big week on tap for u.s. markets. the federal reserve kicks off the two-day meeting. dow under pressure in the premarket, down 22 points. you want to watch boeing. the s&p and nasdaq are actually slightly higher. now to europe, after two failed attempts, theresa may going for a third vote on britain's divorce from the e.u. the markets are higher this morning, in the green fractionally. asia, a report over the weekend suggests president trump and xi-jinping may not meet until june, so far that delay not
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having an effect on asian markets, every index there is in the green. lauren: look at that. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i am cheryl casone. another busy monday. we've got a lot going on today. lauren: including this. president trump is stepping up his pressure on general motors to open a plant in ohio. the president posting angry tweets over the weekend, criticizing the automaker and the united auto workers union for not reopening the lordstown ohio plant. he suggests gm should sell the plant to a new owner. last night he tweeted he wasn't happy after he spoke with gm's ceo, saying he asked her to do something quickly but that barra blamed the. cheryl: here is the response -- blamed the union. cheryl: to be clear, gm says the ultimate future of the unallocated plants will be resolved between gm and the uaw.
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the last chevy cruz rolled off the line on march 6th. trump also took aim at david green over the weekend. he is the local uaw president. he labeled him a democrat, then green responded to president trump by saying the union is doing everything we can to convince ceo mary barra to reinvest in gm lordstown. the president pointed out that toyota plans to increase their investment in u.s. operations through 2021 to nearly $13 billion, that again is from david green. lauren: it is political. trump needs the industrial midwest for 2020. federal prosecutors scrutinizing the development of the boeing 737 max. the wall street journal says a grand jury has issued a subpoena to at least one person involved in the 737 max development seeking related documents. the subpoena was sent a day after the deadly ethiopian airlines crash. the journal reports the transportation department is looking into the faa's approval
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of the boeing 737 max planes. ethiopia's transport minister said officials were able to extract almost all of the data inside the black boxes. preliminary data show clear similarities with indonesia's lion air crash back in october. cheryl: many experts have been saying that same thing, they were similar. boeing stock under prier your thipressure thismorning. facebook has removed or blocked by now 1.5 million videos of a gunman's rampage on two mosques in new zealand. facebook says about 300,000 videos were removed within the first 24 hours of the terrorist attack. more than 1.2 million were blocked at upload. now, the prime minister of new zealand says gun law reforms will be a announced within ten days following the shooting that killed 49 people. investigators say the gunman wasn't detected before his well-planned attack.
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lauren: lyft is seeking an evaluation between 21 and $23 billion as they launch the invest erodor road show. they will meet with investors before pricing the ipo and listing on the nasdaq at the end of the month. they plan to price their shares between 62 and $68. uber reportedly seeking a l valuation about five times of lyft, as high as $120 billion for its ipo. cheryl: now to this story that broke over the weekend. many s&p 500 ceos got a pretty nice raise last year. the wall street journal reports that median compensation for 132 ceos of s&p 500 companies reached $12.4 million. that is up from $11.7 million just the year before. it's like a million a month, folks. walt disney paid its ceo
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$66 million, the highest paid ceo among the group. a million dollars a month, that's a nice paycheck, folks. lauren.lauren: atop u.s. generl denying a report from the wall street journal that claims the u.s. military is preparing to leave as many as 1,000 troops in syria. a general said there has been no changes to the plans announced in february and he says we continue to implement the president's direction to draw down u.s. forces to residual presence. anti-government protests turning violent in france over the weekend, vandalizing local businesses and setting fire to a bank. this is the latest of 18 straight saturday protests against the government. 29 police officers injured along with 60 protesters. germany's two biggest banks might be getting tot. deutsche bank and commerce bank confirm the two are in formal talks for a merger.
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if a deal goes through it would create a bank worth roughly $2 trillion. virginia opening its arms to amazon. the arlington county board approving a $23 million incentive package for the tech giant to build its new headquarters there. protesters outside the meeting shouted "shame" and voiced concerns. this is a month after amazon pulled out of its deal to build a headquarters in new york city. and a hero at the box office over the weekend, captain marvel taking the top spot for the second week, taking nearly $70 million. >> i think i had a life here but i can't tell l if it's real. lauren: coming in second was the animated wonder park making its debut with $16 million, rounding out the top five, five
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feet apart, how to train your dragon, and m madea family funeral. cheryl: madea movies are still going? that's amazing. lauren: president trump is praising the republicans who supported him national emergency order while lawmakers plan a vote to override the first veto of his presidency, all of this as secretary kirsten kirstjen n plans to give a speech on the state of homeland security today. cheryl: griff jenkins has all the details from washington. >> reporter: secretary nielsen will lay out her vision for a more secure homeland, expanding on her recent testimony where she made the case that we have a humanitarian and security crisis on the border, this as congress is trying to undo the president's national emergency declaration. the president tweeting a reminder yesterday he hasn't forgotten saying the republican senators who voted in favor of
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strong border security and the wall are being praised as they return to their states. they know there is a national emergency at the southern border and they had the courage to act. great job. meanwhile, a fight is ensuing on capitol hill over where the money for a wall will come from. many concerned about pulling funds from the military and there's talk of a reported list of projects set to be defunded. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney dismissing that. >> there's no identified list of projects that will not be funded. there will be a list of projects that won't be touched. we're prioritizing what projects are on the pentagon's books for 2020 and beyond. >> reporter: democrat senator tim kaine says if republicans see this source of funding it will spell trouble. >> this is the white house wanting to hold the list back because they worry that if senators and house members saw the potential projects that were going to be ransacked to pay for the president's wall, they would
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lose votes. >> reporter: mulvaney says he expects the president will be upheld. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: now to your weather. heavy rain, melting snow is causing historic flooding in the midwest. in nebraska floodwaters damaged 500 homes in one county alone. the governors of iowa, nebraska, wisconsin have declared states of emergency. lauren: janice dean has the latest for us. janice: it's going to take weeks, if not months to get the rivers to lower over the next several weeks we're going to see the potential for flooding, not only for nebraska but parts of iowa and missouri, all of this flooding of course goes downstream so we have flash flood warnings in effect in and around the omaha area, nebraska and the ohio river valley, the mississippi river valley, it's
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going to feed southward. this will be a big story throughout the next couple of weeks, into the next few months and then we have another system that's going to bring some rain, not a heavy heavy rainfall but any more water is not a good situation for this area as we go through the next couple of weeks and we have the snow melt and the ice jams, so this will be an ongoing story unfortunately for this areas that are into historic flood levels. forecast today, sunshine across the l central u.s. we'll see that little system move in over the next 24 hours and then here in new york city, 47 degrees and of course spring arrives this wednesday. there's your silver lining. back to you ladies. lauren: i like the silver lining. cheryl: nice warm, pink graphic, we like that for sure. janice: i tried. cheryl: great job. you're mostly sunny as always. thanks, janice. taking a look at futures this morning, you want to watch the dow today, a little bit of
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pressure if boeing in the premarket. s&p is up 1 and-a-half, nasdaq up 10 and a quarter. coming up, president trump going head to head with gm to reopen its manufacturing plant in lordstown, ohio. is it enough to ge gm to rethink its plan. one fast food chain is upping its morning game. how it's trying to win over coffee lover from some of the country's biggest chains. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm wide a wake, not losing any street. ♪ i picked up every piece and landed on my feet. ♪ i'm wide awake. ♪ key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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lauren: president trump sparring with general motors over the lordstown plant in ohio. the president arm twisting the company to reopen that plant but gm telling the president butt out of our business, quite
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frankly. why is donald trump butting in in in such a big way in this instance? >> you have to remember he's all about jobs and with the low unemployment rate at 3.8%, he doesn't want to see ohio, which is his state, suddenly think you're not giving us jobs, you're taking jobs away. some of the jobs from the lordstown plant have been relocated while others still don't have jobs and this is a big problem. i think that if he doesn't get in there and start pushing general motors to produce product here in the u.s. rather than taking vehicles like blazer and having them built in mexico, that's a problem. so they can relocate blaze rer to lordstown if they choose to. lauren: it's not just ohio. polls are showing that the president is losing his support in many states in the industrial midwest. >> well, i don't get into the plighcallthepolitical side. froit's all about jobs.
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part of it is obviously that union fees, retirement fees and people have to want to buy those cars and we are buying suvs and trucks and that's really what consumers want and they should be made in the us. mercedes will build in alabama, a $200,000 luxury vehicle. lauren: toyota investing $13 billion in the u.s. is toyota selecting states to produce cars and hire american workers that don't support unions? is that the difference? >> you are spot-on. you are correct. they're producing in west virginia, alabama, tennessee, places that are nonunion states. lauren: missouri, kentucky. >> exactly. lauren: so is the message here then about the unions? >> well, i know that in this case we do need the unions in detroit and ohio and those are jobs that need to be secure. it's a matter of the president offering some sort of incentive which he has before or
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potentially taking away an incentive. right now, the new budget includes taking away the e.v. tax credit as well as reducing or eliminating the money that goes to manufacturers to produce better, fuel efficient cars. if that goes away, which is entirely possible, manufacturers no longer will have the same type of pressure them from the federal government. it will be interesting to see how the budget unfolds. lauren: it will. over the weekend fox news channel had an interview with a u.a.w. local president, david green. he lashed out at him on twitter. tim ryan from ohio, said look, green has done everying h everye can, he's reached out to the president many times before but no response from president trump. what do you make of that? >> as far as negotiations between them and general motors which is coming in the fall is going to be very interesting.
5:19 am
the uaw wants to get people jobs. the president wants to support those jobs. but i don't know why he hasn't replied in the past. i don't have an in at the white house. but i will tell you, it's going to be very contentious, especially with ford and chrysler because it's about jobs. lauren: lauren fix, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. cheryl: about making good cars people want to drive too. there you go. let's take a look right now at futures because we've got some pressure on the dow this morning. you might want to keep your eye on boeing this morning, pressure on boeing stock after the reports over the weekending dow down 48, s&p down a quarter point, nasdaq higher by 5 points. big week as the fed meets by the way. still ahead, as the 2020 playing field keeps getting bigger, there is new speculation after joe biden's apparent slip of the tongue. plus, marijuana infused products, they are sweeping the country and one iconic famous candy you ate as child is now
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♪ i don't want that no more. cheryl: you've got to listen to the music and listen to the sorry on the show and that's all you need to kick off your monday. okay. lauren: it's designed. cheryl: it is designed that way. burger king might have introduced the best beverage deal to go with your whopper. lauren: tracee carrasco, beverage deal to go with the whopper. tracee: this is something we
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can all appreciate, working the morning hours. this is a coffee subscription service for $5 a month, you can get one small cup of brewed coffee any time of day, just walk in, get your cup of coffee, once a day, $5 a month at participating burger king locations. they're trying this out. it's called the bk cafe coffee subscription, you've got to download the bk app to take advantage of this. typically the coffee costs $1 a cup if you buy it without this deal. i think it's a great idea. chances are you get someone in there, they'll look at the breakfast menu, see what else they want to go with the coffee. cheryl: mcdonald's was so successful with their breakfast menu, that turned around earnings. i'm assuming that's the plan, right. tracee: yep. lauren: i don't think of coffee and a burger but i get it. good job. the can busines cannabis industg and so are the number of businesses that are using it as
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ingredients in their product. strange companies are getting in on it. tracee: the inventer of jelly belly jelly beans, he sold the company but continues to be in the candy business. now he's creating jelly beans infused with cbd. they come in 38 flavors from pina colada to toasted marshmallow. they can be ordered online. they're already sold out online. lauren: that's dangerous because they look exactly like jelly beans. cheryl: it's cbd, though, it's not pot. that's the big debate right now with everything that's -- because the oil is actually not marijuana. at the same time, though, now cities like new york are starting to regulate cbd because you could buy gummy bears at a bodega in new york city and new york is like wait, wait, we've got to pull back. tracee: there's got to be a
5:26 am
limit on how many you can eat, and to your point, if a child see these and grabs a handful, that could be dangerous. cheryl: you could have a very relaxed 3-year-old. tracee, thank you very much. lauren: coming up, the 2020 presidential race and socialism. i sit down with a democratic congresswoman on what is being done to oust the maduro dictatorship in venezuela. >> there are on the other side of this bridge hungry people, starving children, children who are dying, 50 different countries have contributed to make sure we can save the venezuelan people. lauren: congresswoman donna shalayla on her message to members of her own party pushing socialism at home. plus, chick-fil-a gets promotion from a cow on the loose. look at that. where's he going? we'll be right back. ♪ only in america.
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lauren: happy monday. let's get you caught up on global market action this morning. the s&p 500 is sitting 4% from an all-time high. futures are down slightly this morning for the s&p. the dow is down 50 points. but mind you, boeing shares losing 2%, that is weighing on the blue chip average. europe, stocks are trading mixed. the red arrow is in germany, down 5 points. deutsche bank and commerce bank consistent r firminconfirming tr talks. sea of green in asia overnight, the shanghai composite up 2 and-a-half percent. you can tell us more about that. cheryl: you're looking at the markets, they're actually kind of sloughing off, don't seem worried about the new news that broke over the weekend on a summit between president trump
5:31 am
and china's xi-jinping may be pushed back to june. the south china morning post reported over the weekend the proposed meeting in april is now less likely. the summit at mar-a-lago was pushed back from march with no official new date announced. we thought it was going to be april. now who knows. hudson valley investment advisor ceo gus gako joins us now. it doesn't look like markets are reacting to this news. we're not as sensitive as we were earlier about u.s.-china trade negotiations. why? >> i think there's a few things that have happened. number one, with the trump administration saying that they're not going to go to 25% tariffs from the 10%, it still puts pressure on china but it's not as aggressive as it was. i think there has been headway made by u.s. representatives. you've seen that you end up having this investment law that was voted on recently by the chinese government which will allow us now to have teeth. there's some sort of criminal law, i'm sorry, there will be a criminal penalty as opposed to
5:32 am
administrative penalties if you do something such as theft of intellectual property. cheryl: it's interesting because one of the things the south china morning post reported, their sources likely government sources, are saying one of the issues they're pointing to on the u.s. side is the u.s. and lighthizer in particular want the enforcement of any promises made by the chinese but on the chinese side that looks unlikely. so any deal, even if it is kind of a luke warm deal, maybe you call it a bad deal even though they sign it by june, say, even though that is signed and put into place does that really mean markets are going to be less nervous about the issues china has been doing for years, devaluation of the currency, the internet theft, all of that, the laundry list. what does that tell you? >> i think the law that was recently passed, it doesn't go into effect until january of 2020, so it will give you nine months to basically work things unctioout. prior administrations, such as
5:33 am
the prior bush and obama administrations were given assurances by china that they would not continue to basically take intellectual property of the u.s. and those things went basically to the side. this is giving you teeth and it's going to offer us at least some sort of rest pr retributiof those things are taken in the future. cheryl: president trump has gotten so much further with the chinese than any president in decades. you've got to say that about him. the fed will be meeting this week, two days. no acshins really expected. in that statement, i think the language again is going to be the key as they give us a sense of what would trigger them to raise interest rates later this year or maybe cut. what do you think about the meeting? >> right now, there's a lot of information that's on the come such as you end up getting services and manufacturing numbers at the end of the week. there's been a lot of noise. we ended up having a lower than expected number for employment last week. you're seeing there had been a slowdown.
5:34 am
that's backward-looking. as we look into the future, there has been a pick-up and you're looking in terms of investment and productivity growth has improved. i think we'll get a rebound from where we were and i think the fed is on hold until they end up getting past this period of slowness. i don't think you'll end up seeing anything until the back half of the year in terms of any talk of raising rates. cheryl: it would be nice if they tell us when they will officially end the bond buying program. any clarity we appreciate from them. we appreciate you, gus, thank you. good to see you monday. lauren: democrats on the far left are making waves with their socialist agenda. a new poll shows capitalism may be losing its apea in the party. -- appeal in the party. 47% of democrats have a favorable view of capitalism. some democratic lawmakers are pushing back including congresswoman donna shalala. she represents a district in south florida where tens of thousands of constituents fled
5:35 am
oppressive socialist regimes. i asked her about the direction her party is moving in here at home. >> i just came from the venezuelan, colombia border, looking into the faces of people who are the results, hungry, sick, absolutely devastated, a great nation, venezuela, destroyed by socialism. you simply cannot be a grown-up and look into those faces and think that this is a path that any country should take. lauren: why is that message, which seems so bipartisan, which seems so logical, not resonate throughout the entire democratic party? >> well, you're talking about a tiny part of the democratic party. and it's just a loud voice at the moment. and it's tied to certain kinds of issues. and so i keep repeating this, that the vast majority of democrats want nothing to do
5:36 am
with socialism. >.lauren: are you worried that florida which wept for president trump in 2016 by 1 percentage point, are you worried that venezuela could be the secret weapon to the gop's success in taking florida again and maybe the entire country in the general? >> i don't think so. because there's no daylight between the democratic party including our leadership and the leader pship oship of the repubn party on the issue of venezuela. we all agree that maduro must go. he's a narco guy. he's not even a decent regime leader. he's propped up by the cubans, the russians, by the chinese. lauren: lastly, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to make predictions on the democratic ticket for 2020. >> i believe the candidate of the democratic party will not be anyone that flirts with socialism. lauren: there you have it. i pressed her. everyone's talking about biden,
5:37 am
beto, she didn't answer specifically but she didn't seem to get on-board with that. cheryl: we've seen pressure with aoc's polling numbers recently, her approval rating, so there you go. maybe socialism is not the way the party's going to go. lauren: logic is setting in. cheryl: we have other headlines making news this morning. pushing back, google responding to president trump over comments from joint chiefs of staff chairman general joseph dunford that google's work is benefiting the chinese military. google denying this, saying we are working with the u.s. government including the department of defense in many areas including cyber security, recruiting and healthcare. okay. entering the fray, new york senator kirsten gillibrand announced she is running for president. she announced it yesterday. former vice president joe biden almost officially declared his run in a fund raising dinner over the weekend.
5:38 am
>> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [ cheering and applause ] >> anybody who would run. cheryl: did you catch that? hope you did. okay. so if or when he announces, he'd be entering a very crowded field including senators cory booker, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, a lot of folks on that ticket already. the powerball jackpot skyrocketing up to $500 million, after no one picked the winning numbers on saturday night, the eighth largest jackpot for the powerball lottery ever. a cow on the loose in indiana may be able to get a job at chick-fil-a. the cow was on the mooove, get is, near one of the chain's restaurants, prompting some to wonder if it was all a publicity stunt set up by chick-fil-a. lauren: was it? cheryl: no, it was not.
5:39 am
the fast food company, you know, they use cows, telling people to eat more chicken in their advertising campaign, but this was really just a cow on the loose, like no, i'm not getting slaughtered today, i'm taking a break. lauren: oh, man. cheryl: sometimes rescue groups pick up those cows and send them to sanctuaries. lauren: i can't believe he got across the highway completely safely. there's pressure on the dow, you can blame that on boeing shares, down 2% in the premarket, dow is off a 51. the sips dow s&p is down fracti. still ahead, the crackdown on big tech continues after it struck else to remove videos of the new zealand mosque attack. the new calls to regulate the tech industry. and a basketball player dives into the stands to save the ball but ends up grabbing a fan's drink, the sideline swig going viral this morning. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i will never say never. ♪ i will fight till forever.
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bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. lauren: experts are weighing in on the role social media played in the new zealand mosque massacre. there was considerable debate after many of us saw the footage of the attack because it circulated widely on social media platforms. cheryl: social media companies say they can't control all the content posted on their sites.
5:43 am
who is ultimately responsible? let's bring in ian wishinggrad. what can they do? we work in television. we have a seven second delay. they do not have this. really, some 25-year-old in a facebook moderating room, we've already seen this, having mental problems over their job, how can they possibly stop this from hitting these platforms? >> i don't think they can. the only thing they could do is -- the social platforms tend to react to things once things happen. once it was priser privacy, thed we want to monitor this. i think they'll try to figure out what to do. ultimately, there's not -- there is one source coming, you can copy, paste, reshare. when you make something popular, it fuels the ago gro grow algorp it going.
5:44 am
it's hard to stop the sprinkler. lauren: you can save it on your phone. there's no way to limit this. what upsets a lot of people is that it was the police department in new zealand that actually alerted facebook to, hey, you have all these humans going through all this footage and artificial intelligence and you couldn't even spot it. >> i think we give them so much credit like they've been around for decades and they have these policies in place. it was growth at all costs. now they have this moment and they have to figure out a violence division on how to shut this off. cheryl: let's move to another big story. this week we're going to see the road show begin for lyft, they'll be debuting their ipo. what do you make of the mechanics, the company, the back end technical side of lyft? they're coming out before uber. we'll start comparing these two companies from a services side.
5:45 am
what do you say? >> so they're very similar companies but they're trying to tell different narratives. uber got into eats and autonomous driving. lyft said we're focused on making working automobiles. they hope to pin it around $23 billion. and what's getting out there first, at least allows them to market this and say this is what we think the area is. it's interesting to see what will happen. different parts of the country are more uber people or more lyft people. they're doing everything in their best to see if they can make the best numbers possible but -- lauren: what are their losses, exactly? >> almost at a billion dollars. cheryl: but looking to raise $2 billion in the ipo which would be cold comfort if you're buying the stock. one thing that uber is reportedly going to be doing is shareing the wealth with their drivers, i'm wondering if lyft will do that as well. lyft will have to open up the company and show how they're paying their drivers, what the
5:46 am
revenues are that's going to be scrutinized. >> this goes back to the gig economy, back to the conversations happening in the nation, who is responsible for taking care of the employees. everyone's going into these little fields or big fields but having little responsibility as part of the larger economy so it's going to be interesting to see how they do treat them and if they get shares in the company. lauren: ian, thank you very much. cheryl: a lot of big tech ipos coming up. >> hillaryup.lauren: end of the m. cheryl: we're seeing pressure on the dow in the premarket, you can probably say that part of that is the boeing issue. also we have this, get your pencils ready, march madness now just a day away. the brackets are set. the top dog just crowned before tip-off. and should you tell your kids how much money you make to prepare them for financial decisions ahead? we're asking, does it do more harm than good. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: welcome back. get ready for a likely productivity slowdown at companies across the country. ncaa brackets are out. lauren: that is the reason jared max, have you filled yours out yet. >> no, i haven't even looked at them yet. we still have a few days. the first games aren't until thursday that count for the brackets. 68 schools for now. the number will be 64 thursday when the brackets come into play. yesterday, seven conference championship games. in the brackets, michigan state won the big 10 by 5 over
5:51 am
michigan. kyle aarons who suffered that gruesome injury, no breaks in the foot. eight schools from the big ten make it to the big tournament. duke number one, joined by north carolina and virginia. gonzaga also a number one. first four games are freebies for your ncaa brackets. prairie view plays tomorrow. belmont against temple on tuesday. two more come up wednesday and that will be nc central against r north dakota state and arizona state and saint johns the final team to get selected. before sunday, only one man had recorded 200 career wins across nascar's racing series. that woul would would be richar. enter kyle busch, chasing petty. kyle busch won the auto club 400, his 200th career win,
5:52 am
joining richard petty. final round of the players championship, rory mcilroy with a touch of the luck of the northern irish. he sunk a pair of late birdies, beat out jim furyk by one stroke. tiger woods played well, tied for 30th, 6 under par, 10 shots behind mcilroy. he fell from 11th to 13 there in the world golf rankings. happy st. patrick's day to mike scott. dove into the crowd and look at that, he goes and he takes a sip of the old milwaukee. cheryl: was it a beer? jared: he actually didn't sip, no drinking on the job, a great acting job and the sixer's beat the bucs. nice work. lauren: that's a nice video. cheryl: i was wondering if he doing -- sometimes when you do a half marathon, people take a
5:53 am
drink of beer. lauren: did you do that yesterday? cheryl: not yesterday. like maybe i'll take a sip, you know. lauren: it looks like he did. cheryl: thank you very much. jared max, catch sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: will you tell your kids how much money you make to teach them about future financial decisions in and how about this, until honeymoon do us part, there's a new trend among newlyweds going their separate ways a after they tie the knot. ♪ come and get your love. ♪ come and get your love. ♪ come and get your love. s deci. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market.
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♪ think of what i'm saying. ♪ we can work it out and get it straight or say good night. ♪ we can work it out. ♪ we can work it out. ♪ life is very short. lauren: when is the right time
5:57 am
to have a conversation about your income with your children, if at all? cheryl: that's a good question. tracee carrasco's got that story. that's a tough question to answer. lauren: i never knew how much my parents made. tracee: this is an interesting debate, the wall street journal is raising the question, should you tell your kids, your teenagers, how much money you make or should you not. one financial advisor says yes, this is an important part of the conversation and teaching your kids about the understanding money, how to budget, also understanding how families make their financial decisions so that could give them a good idea. but the other side, the other financial sad riser says no, this could distort your teenager's perception, understanding of money, that once they hear a dollar amount, they're not really going to understand it. they're going to just hear that dollar amount an and fixate on t and think you can afford these 15 $150$150 sneakers. it's interesting to he see bothh
5:58 am
sides. cheryl: you're about to get married. we have to ask about this, new trend for newlyweds attending a honeymoon by themselves. tracee: if my fiance brought this up i might second guess marriage. this is a weird idea, a new trend that newlyweds are going on their honeymoon alone, booking these trips by themselves, a unimoon is what they're calling it. one couple that couldn't decide on the location, that's why they went separately. lauren: if you can't decide on that, good luck with your marriage, right? cheryl: that's it for us. maria bartiromo starts right now. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, march 18th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. jobs in america, president trump calling on general motors to reopen an ohio assembly plant.
5:59 am
plus, under investigation, the development and approval of the boeing 737 max aircraft, we have the latest on the crisis. and going public, lyft seeking a valuation of up to $23 billion in its ipo road show. and all he does is win, win, win, kyle busch's 200th nascar victory. "mornings with maria" starts right now. ♪ what you're trying to do. ♪ what you're trying to do. ♪ 24-carat magic in the air. ♪ head to toe. ♪ look out. dagen: looking at futures this morning, we are off to a little bit of a rocky start this morning, mixed markets, 5 pointt
6:00 am
loss on the dow futures, keeping our eyes on the shares of boeing, a little bit of a gain on s&p and nasdaq futures, coming off of a winning week for the markets. this as general motors is feeling heat from president trump over the closure of its lordstown plant in ohio. the commander in chief tweeting this over the weekend. just spoke to mary barra, ceo of general motors, about the lordstown, ohio plant. i am not happy it is closed when everything else in our country is booming. i asked her to sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the uaw union. i don't care. i just want it open. general motors responding with, quote, we remain open to talking with all the affected stakeholders but our main focus remains on our employees and offering them jobs in our plants where we have growth opportunities. here now, wall street journal tech and auto reporter tim


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