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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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other businesses are looking at new york and saying why would we do this. it's a disaster for me, too. >> we have been look specifically at the areas and groups. but they themselves want to make sure there is some ipped voice to give the assurance to the public of course. we want to know everything that could have been done more is done and the questions have to be answered. i am grieving with them. i have an important job to do.
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i have to insure we have to look at the ongoing care and support in the coming days. that's why i am critically focused. i have a job to do. liz: that was the new zealand prime minister consoling families after 60 or more dead. after the killer in custody did everything he could to broadcast in real-time his massacre at two mosques friday. denying bail for an 18-year-old man for allegedly sharing a life steam. we take that on. also tonight, we bring you the latest in that big fight between president trump, general motors, and the united auto workers
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union after the factory closing in ohio. big questions about what boeing knew and when they knew it about the problems with the max 8 software. now the deaths of 362 people in two separate crashes. the problems deeper than initially thought. now questions on whether boeing had too to say about the government vetting their own jets. france engulfed in four months of riots. triggered by anger over new field taxes.
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the government tycoons say it's time for government to invest in energy after he built his fortune building dirty energy. but we show you in bernie's own word how bad socialism is. finally in the middle of all of his explaining after years of refusing to do so. bernie sanders finally does a smackdown of socialist venezuela. i'm elizabeth macdonald. thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" starts right now *. liz: we begin with devastating deadly floods in the midwest. alicia acuna is in denver, colorado with the latest. >> nine million people live in
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states where a flood warning is in effect. take a look at this map. you can see the swath of the company we are talking about. the missouri and mississippi river basin. the town's water treatment plants and waste water plants are submerged. gary young who lives there says his camper where he lived was destroyed. >> hope for understand. hope that everything can be corresponded. if not, we'll have to figure out how to start over again and rebuild our stuff. reporter: three people died in the flooding. the sheriff in nebraska says an 80-year-old woman died after floodwater trapped her in her home. rescuers were not able to reach her. in iowa which is under a state of emergency. 2,000 people have been evacuated out their homes and businesses.
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>>e >> every levee from the border to council bluffs has been breached. that's something we'll have to deal with going forward. how do you fix them? reporter: the president tweeted his support writing, my team is staying in close contact with governor kim reynolds of iowa and the local officials managing these floods. you look at all of those states where the flooding is happening. we are talking abouting a, and the d we are talking about agriculture, and the agriculture tri. all of those ranches and farms are under feet of water. liz: thank you for buying this to us. let's get to you the latest opt ethiopian airlines crash. federal prosecutors looking in it for the development and
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approval of the boeing 737 max jet. it's ground by 60 days including the u.s. this after 346 people are dead in two separate crashes. boeing and faa certified that aircraft flight control system. doug mcelway has the latest. reporter: the "wall street journal" reporting investigators are probing the development of the being 737 max 8 and whether there were improprieties with the certification of the plane. a grand jury issue offed a wide-ranging subpoena for the approval of the commercial airline.
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separately the black boxesing are reveal something similarities between the ethiopia crash and the lion air crash. the system was turned on to prevent a stall. but in the lion air crash the system was acting on bad data from a malfunctioning sensor just outside of the plane that indicates pitch and angle. a boeing ceo said it's finalizing a previously announced upgrade. pilot training may also prove to be a co d a contributory cause. turning it off would have set the flaps toward normal position. ed the first per on the eat --
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the first officer on the ethiopian airlines had only 200 hours. >> airlines in the u.s. have a man dated minimum of 1,500 hours for the right seat. reporter: investigators from different countries and cultures may come to different conclusions about these two accidents. there has been a pattern in the past of small foreign characters rejecting assessments out of cultural or national pride, especially when it comes to pilot error. liz: the seattle times says boeing may have had too much say over the vetting of its own planes. here is what the paper is saying it found in its investigation. boeing failed to account that software would repeatedly push
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the plane's nose downward. the software understated -- or boeing understated the power of the flight control software. it was designed to push the nose of the plane down to a diverted stall. and the tail was moved four times farther than stated in initial safety analysis. this is quite a story. what's your take in all this? >> the latest developments with boeing today is incredible, too. boeing for decades and decades was the only game in town. so they know the certification game in and out. so you have to wonder how much involved they are with the fda in the whole process. >> they are saying the faa alleged liddell gaited boeing
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too much vetting and boeing has picked what they can vet with their own planes. do you think that's an issue? >> they are the on game in the whole country. the largest airplane manufacturer. so i think the faa also knows how well they know the game. and there might have been just kind of you know on the faa's part hands off, because they know how to certify planes so well. liz: what's interesting, you and i were talking before the show began about the building of the plane and how it was built. there is a jack screw issue. a jack screw was found at the crash site and it looks like it was in an unusual position. it could have pushed the plane into a nosedive. >> it's like a screw on a vice.
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the position it was in indicates the plane was in a nose-down position. the horizontal stabilizer. the sensors in the system would put the aircraft in a nose lower attitude. liz: is that why the max plane because where the wings were pushed tended to push the plane up and they built the software to push it down? >> primarily the placing of the engines are different than previous 737s. so this system was put in place to counter battle adjustment of the weight and balance of the aircraft. so in this instant would have triggered the push forward.
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liz: a faulty sensor as well? >> the attitude or the climbing of the air speed indicators are coupled with sensors and transmitting information to the system interpreting everything and making decisions on what is indicated on the outside of the airplane and make adjustments based on that. liz: doug mcelway was reporting there might be cultural differences with governments around the world how they will interpret what happened with boeing. >> the ntsb does a good job. they are phenomenal. a lot of countries don't like the u.s. stepping into their territory. they want to be the ones to have complete authority on the investigation. in addition, boeing has
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representatives heavily involved in the investigation. they have investigators on site. everybody at the scene is pretty much trying to work together. but each government wants her to to control. >> will you come back? thanks for coming in. let's get to your money. stocks across the board climbing ahead of what the fed is going to say tomorrow. gerri willis has the big board with the latest. gerri: stocks showing modest gains. the nasdaq up 26. this as we await the federal reserve meeting. i want to tell you about apple. a self-introduction in introduction an ipad mini. they are expected to reveal their streaming strategy. boeing 60 points off the dow as
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the flight data is showing eerie similarities between the lion air and the ethiopian airlines. the 737 max continues to be the big story. liz: president trump in a big fight with gm and the ceo stopping the shutdown of a factory in ohio. will it reopen? plus presidential candidate beto o'rourke breaking away from top democrats like bernie sanders and more on medicare fraud. you won't believe what progressive democrats are saying in their attacks on boat oh o'rourke. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu?
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liz: president trump ramping up his criticism of general motors. he's taking to twitter. saying reopen that ohio factory. jeff flock has been all over this. reporter: some people say the president has every right to encourage the factory to keep jobs. other people say what is this, the soviet union? the government, the president trying to tell a private business how to do its business? whatever you want to call it, here is what the president had to say. the president said i just spoke to gmc, i asked her to sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the union i don't care, i just want it open. they said get that big beautiful plant in ohio open now.
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close the plant in china or mexico, where you invested so heavily pre-trump, but not in the u.s.a. bring jobs home. 1,200 of them are eligible to retire early and get benefits. the president would argue, hey, you took government money so maybe you have an added responsibility there. take a look at this last tweet from the president. gm let our country down. i want action on lordstown fast. mercedes and toyota have announced investment in the u.s. mary barra said i was here when gm went bankrupt.
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between the lines she said we have got to do what we have got to do. i'll leave you with this, i was there at the lowerstown plant in ohio when they started making the shavie cruz. they don't like it so much in the u.s. and it's more popular in south america where they are still making it. the chevy vega which was noted for unreliability and crust. the chevy monza and the astre and the cavalier with one of the highest death rates of every car on the market. maybe it's not a bad idea to shut the plants down. bring them on, i'm ready. liz: retool the place and make other cars.
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come back soon. we love having you on. now, lots of talk today about beto o'rourke beating bernie sanders in the money raising derby. the big news is this. beto is walk away from single payer. he doesn't like it. this is contrary to what kamala harris and elizabeth warren and cory booker are saying. beto is saying i want to give people the option to buy into medicare. we want to remind you about the kaiser foundation findings. voters don't like single payer whatever it is. that's 180 million americans won't have any insurance. it would wipe out medicare and medicaid. and income taxes would have to
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go up to pay for it. the left is going crazy, they are saying beto you have got to go on another apology tour for your policy position. they are also accusing him of running a personality campaign instead of a policy campaign. >> are you surprised, liz? 20-some odd democrats running for president. eventually someone will say the math doesn't add up. beto is interesting because people wonder does he stay in or get out. when democrats are embracing medicare for all. what's happening is they are rejecting obamacare. they are saying we need wholesale reform of this system. that's the tight line beto is trying to walk. he says i want a medicare option
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for people to buy into. liz: let me ask you this. can beto, can he appeal -- can he get democrat voters to go for him without supporting single payer? what do you say? >> that's a good question. there is a lot being said about the amount of money he raised. bernie sanders raised 220,000 different zoabors donate. i would like to see beto make a mass appeal. we don't know where the donations came from. we know he is making a run through the midwest. liz: what's interesting. all of these democrat candidates are whipping fastballs by the american people. they will not answer how do you
6:25 pm
pay for single payer or medicare for all. but here is a former campaign taffer for alexandria ocasio-cortez. here is what he's saying about democracy. he says it's quote preventing an aiconsider den aristocracy. is that the definition of aristocracy? >> you have to have ideas. you have to have a vision you are giving to the american people and explain why it' different from the other team. that's what democrats are trying to do. that's why there is so much friction. because they know if they had to implement them, there is no way they could do so. medicare for all will cost $22 trillion. we don't know how we would pay for it. this is not just something you
6:26 pm
can tax the wealthy and pay for all of these promises democrats are trying to make. it requires massive increases on the middle and lower class. liz: democrat candidate andrew yang wants to give everybody a tax. >> universal basic income has failed everywhere it's been tried. i don't think it's a policy americans are looking to puck up anytime soon. liz: we are keeping tabs on other developing headlines. in brazil, a court ordered the biggest iron miner vale to suspend operations until they can prove they shall safe.
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warner brothers chair and ceo is stepping down after allegations he tried to arrange auditions for an actress while he was reportedly involved in a relationship with that actress. elon musk is testing a prototype for a mars rocket ship. let's take you to the powerball jackpot. no one won the big prize saturday night. but three lucky winners did win a million dollars each. the cash option for wednesday's option is a cool $335 million. the college admissions scandal getting worse by the day. new details about the depth of the corruption there and how long the scams went on for. the crazy action parents
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liz: allege 18-year-old man denied bail after he was charged with distributing a live stream of a massacre at two mosques last week that left 50 people dead. silicon valleys listens to him. we welcome to the show a man from harvard law. this gentleman is not believed to be directly involved in the attacks, but he's charged with distributing the video. these tech companies are putting profits first.
6:33 pm
what's your take here. another way the systems are designed. the way social media is designed. whatever is most of inflammatory is most of provocative goes viral. and fans the flames. so what happens is when you have somethings horrible as what we saw there. that's going to get everywhere before it can be stopped. the tech industry is trying to monetize all this. they want sensational stuff. they don't care if it's true or false. the more inflammatory it is, the more ads they can sell. so the design of the system is flawed. the tech industry is getting rich with millions and millions in revenue while the world burns. liz: facebook made $100 billion in revenue last year mostly in ads.
6:34 pm
>> imagine having the ability to broadcast anything. if you are going to kill someone, that's going to take residence over you sharing something good. if you are sharing good family values or trying to preach how we should all come together and love each other, that gets sidelined and no one sees it. but if you are going to murder someone it's broadcast all over the world. that product is defective. it's like having a car with faulty brakes and the brakes only work 95% of the time. the tech industry is getting away with it. that's why we need regulations to fix all these problems. liz: 1.5 million videos of this were taken down by facebook. this is effectively the level of snuff films, and that's porn. and that's what facebook is making money off of.
6:35 pm
>> the fact is, why have we given them these loaded guns and defective products and cars that have no brakes other ability to kill and murder and broadcast at will. the problem is the technology. liz: moving on to breaking news. different story. republican congressman devin nunes sued twitter for $250 million. representative nunes is saying twitter failed to remove defamatory and malicious tweets about him from take accounts using his name and his family's name. >> i agree with him. i'm glad he's make such a scene by the. i read the complaints. he also said twitter is failing to self-regulate. it has its own rules and regulations it's not following. i share with you another secret. a few years ago i mad my own
6:36 pm
problem with twitter executives. their ceo was not happy about my agitating against the fact they had an all-male board. they said ridiculous things about me. the employees of twitter were flaming those messages. twitter has the ability to promote what it wants to promote and it can get away with this. devin nunes is hitting them where it hurts, in the wallet. i hope he succeeds and wins the suit. that's the only way to end the tech industry by making them pay for it and not getting away with what they have been getting away with. thank you so much. liz: our team reached out to twitter for comment. next up, details on how far and how corrupt the college
6:37 pm
admissions scandal went. it's a lot deeper than you expect. it's all about faking test scores. they were also fake race and ethnicity and more. a world famous ceo pitches a new idea to oppose a payment on dirty energy like the one smashing riots in paris. it's the the same dirty energy that earned him billions of dollars.
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and choose any car in the aisle i like. so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. liz: the college admissions scandal is a lot worse than first thought. the corruption is breath takes for the entitled elite to get wait wants. it went from photo shopping kids' heads on athletes bodies s to fake diagnoses on learning
6:42 pm
disabilities, and now faking awards and ethnicities. a. >> you get into affirmative action. the joke that isn't funny, affirmative action for the wealthy and connected people. liz: this is taking advantage of school's affirmative action. the real scandal is what's legal. georgetown university, they said aside 160 spots for harvard recrews. 9 out of 10 athletes get admitted. more than a third of students have at least one parent who attended the school. >> you have legal and illegal. but we have them all the time in
6:43 pm
bribery cases. a, bags of cash, and b, lying and misrepresenting things. the last time i was here people give big donations to schools. but there is no specific quid pro quo. here is a difference between moral and legal. you can't lie about a sports team or test scores or ethnicity. and the other one is the thing about getting medical personnel. liz: hollywood reporters saying wealthy parents routinely buy disability diagnoses from unscrupulous shrinks and psychologists for $5,000 apiece to take the s.a.t. tests. >> i have been in medical corruption cases for 30 years.
6:44 pm
in fairness to the profession, this is not usual. a if i significant said i will certify you are disabled. i'll certify falsely you have this condition for a price, and it's flat out criminality. liz: she is take down all her posts. the "wall street journal" said one out of four college students have a disability, some kind of mental health issue. >> that's a complicated discussion outside my pay grade. i'm not a physician. but the point is, is that a legitimate statistic? but at the same time as a lawyer, case by case, if a physician comes in they read them the riot act. i agree to falsify then you are
6:45 pm
in the venue of the criminal law. i have been around this stuff -- i have seen so much criminality. i'm astounded at the scope of it and the brazenness of it. one across twres not to continue piling on here. paid half a million dollars to get her kid into a college. it's crazy. liz: doug burns, great to have you on. liz: the dea has a new warning. mexican cartels are flooding the border with crystal meth, making it much cheaper to buy and much easier to get. we are on that story next. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down" ♪eastbound and down. loaded up and truckin'♪
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liz: it was billionaire richard branson we were talking about. he wants to basically not do carbon taxes. he's talk about a clean energy dividend. but that would force the government to force companies to invest in clean energy like solar and wind. here is what's happening, too. france is engulfed in four
6:50 pm
straight months of rioting protests. that was triggered by fuel taxes hitting the poor. and those riots got violent this weekend. could branson's clean energy dividend turn into a carbon tax? let's get to steve hilton. it's great too have you on. what do you think of richard branson's new pitch? >> my first observation, richard branson is so committed to fighting climate change. why did he start an airline and space exploration company. they are the biggest emitters of carbon you can imagine. when you think about the policy aspect, it's an example of people very wealthy like richard branson saying regular working people must pay the price for their virtue signaling on the environment. and that connects us to the
6:51 pm
yellow vest protests in france. people saying we need our cars to get to work. we can't afford carbon taxes. you have got to think of another way to meet your environmental goals. don't just put it on the working people. liz: richard branson's idea was the loss of jobs and lower wages. emmanuel macron has lost control in france. the french people say they have a right to protest. the government mass given out a lot of socialist concessions. $11 million. when do the protests stop? >> it's have much direct at him personally. and the air against has displayed toward the protesters. in the beginning he dismissed it and trivialized it and the hard
6:52 pm
times they were experiencing as a result of not just his policies, but policies for many years. then when it got really bad he made concessions and said i'm listening to you. liz: bernie sanders, let's move on to this. bernie sanders telling npr, i think i need to do a better job explaining socialism. right-wing opponent are trying to make it authoritarianism and communism. even venezuela. that's bernie sanders saying venezuela is a authoritarian communism. >> the more they explain what it is, the less people like it. because you see the consequences in places like venezuela. and elsewhere around the world. that kind of central control over government and society and the economy always ends in disaster. so you can say that as much as you like. but people won't like it
6:53 pm
anymore. venezuela will be bernie sanders can't key fine quote democratic socialism and he won't. liz: the dea has a new warning and message for people who say there is no crisis at the border. cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. shouldn't mean going back to the doctoro just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back... to be with family, or just to sleep in. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection
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>> to the border, new video showing dozens of migrants coming to the border fence. this is the dea warning mexican cartels flooding the border with deadly amphetamine. let's bring in the arizona sheriff, good to see you. chris good to see you, liz. christ is all of this surprise you? >> no, it does not surprise me. for decades the cartels are bringing in illegal drugs, math, fentanyl, marijuana, you name it. >> was here opinion about this flooding the border now?
6:58 pm
>> you know, the same organization has reported that almost 90 percent of illegal drugs in the country, all of the same joseph talked about coming through the southern border. it doesn't surprise me. in every community in the country, it's running the family values, killing americans every day. we have a problem on the board. think about this. when 90 percent of the drugs coming to the southern border, how much operation control do we really have on the board? >> cherif, he saw frustrated. you what's your take on the dozen republicans that voted against the presidents national emergency? >> i'm very frustrated about it. you know sheriff, many throughout the united states, the southern border,, dhs, department of homeland security, this is a problem.
6:59 pm
for this to step up and say no, we don't have a border crisis, we don't have a border problem, are they worried about reelection? are they worried about the popular vote? are they worried about the political side? i don't know. but one thing i can tell you is we are asking for help. we been asking for help for years. we stand united, the president is pushing for us but the congressional people that just cannot find the will to secure the border. it is frustrating. >> you know, the president has stuck by the border you say it works? >> it does work. it is proven to work. what's supported that too is, your technology, staffing, virtual and barriers. all of that collected together and you have the will. we have the will on the border. we do, it is proven. yuma is a prime example.
7:00 pm
again, it does work. >> cherif, thank you for coming on. >> thank you, liz. >> thank you come back soon. thank you for having us. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. president trump taking his message directly to the american people. as he continues to endure the assault and subversion from all corners, the radical dimms, rino republicans, national left-wing media. misrepresenting the president on nearly every issue. the president has had it seems, quite enough of these folks. bypassing as many of them as he possibly can. with his direct communication. through twitter, speaking truth
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to all americans whether at rallies


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