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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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coming. heaz over to my twitter page, facebook page and head over to instagram as well. make sure to use the #trishregan when making your comments. kennedy: thank you, trish. a new flood of democrats joining the presidential race with one candidate calling it a record haul of donation money according to him. i don't buy it. another putting his foot in his mouth to the flavor of the week. bay to o'rourke claiming he pulled in 1.6 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign, that's more than everybody, including the former record holder bernie sanders. but it's not all wine and roses for camp beto. he's been in the race for a week and already apologizing for
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saying his wife does all of the work for raising his children. take it away were beto. >> it's already made me a better candidate. i'll be much more thoughtful going forward in ways that i talk about our marriage counsel, the way in which i acknowledge the truth, the criticism that i've enjoyed, white privilege. kennedy: what a wear do. despite his money making, a number of political analysts called beto's campaign a sloppy mess of a roll jute but perhaps not as messy as joe biden's speech where he blew the best kept secret in washington. here's uncle joe. >> i'm told i get criticized by
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the new life. i have the most progressive record for anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] i didn't mean it. >> i didn't mean it. president trump quick to mock biden's gaffe tweeting, joe biden got tongue tied when he was unable to deliver a simple line about his idea to run for president. get used to it. perhaps lost in all of the bernie and beto headlines, the story you might have missed, kirsten gillibrand also announcing her candidacy. the silence you heard was the collective yawn of a nation. she plans to stick it to president trump this sunday with a fiery campaign speech in front of trump tower. so do any of the democrats have what it takes to win in 2020?
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joining me now, fox news contributor bill mcgurn, an expert. let us learn from mcgurn. bill, when you look at beto's rollout, what do you see? >> what you see is what is common for democrats, especially white males, an apology tour. he basically has to apologize for being himself. and that's the problem with beto, bernie and any other white male in the race. it's going to be held against them. how are you going to attack trump if you're defending yourself on who you are, your identity. this is a logic of identity politics. kennedy: here's the dirty secret in 2020 that didn't happen in 2016. they're going to keep going after the nomination process, after they have the nominee, the progressive left is so emboldened in a way they weren't. they were really flirting with these ideas in 2016. >> to your point, they believe them. i think they certainly believe them. i don't know, when it comes down
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to a candidate against trump, my guess ask the hatred of donald trump might unite them a little bit. but it's hard to get there. kennedy: the democratic party has been unable to soothe that kazzism.zism. if the party settles for a moderate like joe biden. >> on the other hand, the moderates in the democratic party gave them back their majority in the house. biden speak to some of those, especially in the battleground states for the blue collar workers who voted for obama but then went for trump. the problem is can they bridge the divide. they can get the obama coalition but can they get those blue collar workers. kennedy: it's an interesting time. and the easy fallback is to look at past elections and say oh, this coalition and that -- i think it's going to have to be completely different. i think what we've seen in 2016 was anomalous.
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i don't think that's repeatable. i think this president is actually capable of putting together a different coalition. >> they are going to anticipate -- the next democratic nominee is not going to not go to wisconsin like the last one. it's going to have to be a different game plan. kennedy: that's where they'll end up focusing. >> but they'll focus on the electoral votes and probably the republicans will give up the big states, california, new york for an electoral strategy. kennedy: that's what someone like kamala harris is bank bankg on. for all of beto's bluster she doesn't doesn't have the strategy to cobble together an electoral victory. you have to get the votes in the big. >> there was a day when you would go by robert francis to invoke the bobby kennedy thing. those days are gone. i don't see how he puts it together. but you're looking a the the field wondering, what have you
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got that i don't got. people fall out, they make gaffes, they make a mistake and the unexpected. so it's really anyone's nomination, i think. kennedy: what's so interesting is f we don't have -- because of president trump and because of hillary's failure we don't have the typical polished candidates that we have in the past. connection, authenticity and passion is going to be much more prevalent which means you're going to see a lot more mistakes. >> it's hard for the party out of power, out of the white house. they're kind of leaderless until a candidate emerges and then they clarify the policy. what's interesting about the debates, white male privilege, none of it has to do with policy. i don't know what beto o'rourke is for. kennedy: you're talking to a bunch of people who haven't tracked with this president,
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although many support them. they're'serly looking around saying, all right, well is someone going to say something to speak to me and the dei guess that i have to make on a daily basis that's going to make my life better other than everyone is important to me. what is that? >> well here's the thing where i think joe biden missed an opportunity. i think his opportunity to run to say i have experienced in the democratic party i was for progressive causes, at least at the end. but i'm going to restore civility to the white house. but then his chance was he called vice president mike pence a decent guy. kennedy: god forbid. >> and cynthia nixon called him on it and he folded. if he had called her out that would have been a moment. but that's the problem that the democrats have. it's hard to be a moderate in the democratic party. kennedy: even the moderates who
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gave them the victories as you said, in the house, are trying to claim th the credit and theye being shouted down. i've learned so much. i feel better already. thank you, my friend. >> thank you. kennedy: fail 2016 presidential candidate jeb bush says republicans should challenge president trump with the 2020 nomination and he did it with the same gu goos to gus to thate to expect. >> i think someone should run. republicans ought to be given a choice. it's hard to beat a sitting president. but to have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative is important. and our country needs to have competing ideologies that people dynamic, that focus on the world we're in and the world we're moving towards rather than revert back to a nostalgic time. kennedy: is he done? what a stirring call to arms.
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i'm so inspired. of course we all remember how mercylessly the president treated him. let's go to tonight's panel, not a republican on it. where he serves as editor at large, matt welch, along with attorney, author and liberal commentator, danielle maclaughlin, gorgeous as ever, smart as a whip, the editor from insider politics anthony fisher 37 h.he wouldn't let matt out us hi was on a spotter leash. here we are together. it's the same kind of republican that's talking about how the president needs a primary challenge. i don't have a problem with a primary challenge. i love a primary challenge. i want everybody to get in there. but jeb bush talking about he
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says things that are mean and i suspect he's not a role model. come on. >> this hogan momentum happening to you. kennedy: have you voted to the cause? >> hogan's heros. the problem with jeb's interview is he says that donald trump lacks the kingly qualities that we like to see in a president. kennedy: do we? >> and like a lot of never trumpers and people who keep claiming they want rigorous political competition in this primary has shown zero sense that the kind of conservativism that he represented created smis mistakes.
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i would like for him to say we used to have a bipartisan foreign policy. that worked out for everybody. no. that -- kennedy: that was bipartisan? >> no, it was. kennedy: you have the hawkish democrats willing to go over and kill civilians and spend billions of dollars for what? >> donald trump ran against all of that, including the bush family by name and his stomped everyone's heads in and there hasn't been a good sense from people to say hey look, we might have made some errors, we're going to look back at those and recorrect. kennedy: bill mcgurn made a good point. whoever the president is, whether you like it or not, they're the d de facto leader of the party. and i don't think jeb bush is doing the republicans a favor with this. if somebody wants to come forward who hasn't already been beaten saying here's a new plan
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without complaining about the president, almost pretending he's not there. >> what i took issue with jeb bush, this is not about ideological difference. the president has shown to be fairly conservative in governing. we have deregulation, a foreign policy of american first which is not different from what his brother did, bush, ii. there are things happening that are making conservativeses happy. this is him not really liking the president and the way he behaves and the way he tweets, i think. kennedy: if he's not careful he cements trumpism. >> if he does, trumpism will be a far more permanent thing. kennedy: is the goal -- is what he's doing now trying to unravel the president so a democrat wins in 2020? >> in my most bloodless way possible in trict to th tributeh
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family yes. they would like the republican party to lose under donald trump and have it be reborn on something closer to what they had. and the reason that jeb is pushing for a primary challenge while not volunteering for one himself, serious primary challenges hurt sitting presidents. every president who faces serious primary challenges loses the general, including his father who lost to pat buchanan in one primary within weakened him enough in if base that bill clinton was able to beat him. >> bill weld -- kennedy: so glad you brought him up. >> i want him to run so bad just for your show. kennedy: bring it on over. try the caravan right now 6th avenue, bill. >> he and some other piem, the weekly standard people, they want to weak enth weaken the pr.
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kennedy: imagine the supreme court justices tha justices ju e sanders would nominate. >> as a reaction of trump, things like the supreme court are being openly banded about in the democratic party. kennedy: more with the panel. first up, however, we know how the president feels about the russian investigation but do americans agree with him. we'll show you the numbers of a new poll. we got a new poll trying to figure out whether or not the mueller probe ending is in sight. corey lewandowski joins me
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kennedy: for nearly two years president trump has been calling the russia investigation a witch hunt. did you know that? according to a new poll, half of america finally afrees with him. a u.s. today suffolks university survey shows 50% think the mueller probe is indeed a witch hunt, just under 47% disagree. the prumpl president reacting sg wow, 50% of americans agree that robert mueller's investigation is a witch hunt. very few think it is legit. we will soon find out. meanwhile the white house lawyers have told the judicial committee they will not turn over intel for the investigation which goes beyond russia ties. when is the witch hunt coming to an end. joining me you, corey
12:20 am
lewandowski. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: the public also doesn't want the house to consider impeachment by 61.7%, which is not unsurprising given what impeachment would do to the country and i think nancy pelosi made a very good case of stating that. the fact that over 50% agree that is a witch hunt surprise you given the pushback that the president has had from the media on this? >> it doesn't surprise me. i was there from beginning. i have said this many times on television. we know there was no collusion, no coop la cooperation from us y entity on the outside who wanted to influence the outcome of the election. what we've seen is two-plus years of an investigation, $45 million to come up with what we knew already, the only campaign that colluded with the russians was the clinton campaign giving $5 million to a former british spy to create the
12:21 am
foreign do dossier. kennedy: cray city stuff from lisa page and peter strzok saying the same thing, that hillary clinton and the clinton foundation were shielded by the department of justice from the fbi really prying into some of those e-mails. and it makes you wonder. i don't think we're going to have another special counsel. i don't think there's going to be another investigation. but can you imagine if the fbi had had a proper oversight and a real role in devilin delving ine e-mails that they found that were illegally hidden from them? >> these people used their badges and influence of position to spy on americans because they didn't like our politics. they there inthowld criminal are referrals for jim baker, peter strzok, lisa page, andy mccabe and jim comey. kennedy: andy comey.
12:22 am
>> you're right. he's the only one. but the department of justice hasn't acted on it yet. and all of these other actors who used their po position of influence at the fbi to spy on americans when they knew it was illegal should get criminal referrals and be held accountable. kennedy: the only actor doing good york wor work for this cous gary sinise nchts an. >> and james woods. >> kennedy: we had a run-in in the '90s although he was lovely, he wanted me to wear a catholic cool uniform to a game. thank you for bringing that up. let's talk about the legal fees that it costs people who are constantly subpoenaed by congress and those who have to testify before the grand jury who are never charged. michael caputo, one of the former attorneys said if congress forces him to testify he's going to take the fifth
12:23 am
because every time he goes to one of these things it costs him 30,000 dollars in legal fees. >> i wish i had michael caputo's attorney and it was only 30,000 dollars. kennedy: how much have you spent on legal fees. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars. i've testified in front of the house more 12 hours, in front of the sphrait fo senate for eight. it's hundreds of thousands of dollars. i did nothing wrong. all of my e-mail and messages were turned over. they knew i did nothing wrong. this is an investigation into this president to try to say that something happened other than the fact that the american people voted for him to be the next president. kennedy: what would you have done with those hundreds of thousands of dollars? would you have brought a -- >> i would probably take my four kids and put them through college with that kind of money. kennedy: the usc scam, college is a waste of time. >> i could have gotten all of my four kids in for two dwrand if i
12:24 am
knew the right person. kennedy: you should be indicted for not keeping manafort and rosenstein off of the campaign. the things you learn on this show. corey lewandowski, thank you. coming up, would a terrific sales pitch persuade you to buy a product? bernie sandsers says he can do a -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ]
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kennedy: socialism has been gaining traction over the last four years since dinosaur diet communist bernie sanders hoisted on to the presidential scene. and only the presidency will quiet the inner screams of disappointment. the problem with bernie is the
12:29 am
blood is rushed as his nettish leaves his brain deprived and empty. so many free spending huhscies are stealing his ideas only further maddens the professor. when asked about the vultures picking at his political carcass and why does he need to run, bernard asked why do they need to run. snap girl. he was also asked about the daunting socialist -- the idea of socialism and shot back, i think what we have to do, and i will be doing it, is to do a better job maybe in explaining what we mean by socialism. democratic socialism. well that doesn't soften the blow. qualifying the power and cash grab and limiting people's economic mobility and freedom as somehow democratic. it's okay, your honor.
12:30 am
it doesn't murder. it was vegan murder. ahh. when you're no, sirred to pay for everyone's health insurance and universal basic income and higher utility bills and when you can no longer choose what you play your employees, when you don't have a say into what goes into your product is that democratic? no. that's socialist. these things in the green new era are not mere suggestions. they will be coercively enforced and in you're noncompliant you will be fined. and if you don't pay you'll go to jail. when bernie is not lying about socialism he's going, but, but -- yes. he has a scandal obsession and thinks he can turn the u.s. into an ie coo ya catalog. denmark, swede. and the rest of scanne scanned s turned them into engines.
12:31 am
their average gdp military expenditure is just over 1%. denmark spends 3.8 million a year on defense. we spend almost 700 billion. all the swedish meatballs in the world will never make a direct comparison between scandinavia and the u.s. mostly because the social boons in the country are too afraid of the free market. and that's the memo. ♪ kennedy: several of bernie's 2020 opponents endorsed the same policies that made him famous, elizabeth warren, kamala harris and kirsten gillibrand. the panel is back, matt welch,
12:32 am
danielle mcglo maclaughlin and y fisher. fish i will start with you. socialism needs to be better explained. that is true. we need to explain the evils of socialism. is anybody doing that appropriately? >> bernie is admitting that he doesn't. on one hand he adds mires the model with low corporate taxes, that's the model. but at the same time he's never walked his by statements in the '80s about bread lines being good economic indicators 37 and the aoc contends their view of socialism is far to the left of the model. we haven't ebb r pinpointed what it means in the american model. kennedy: and you can't make a dreblght comparison about u.s. economics and what's happening in denmark. the leaders do out of their way
12:33 am
to say we have fre market capitalism. made free market reforms. >> we have a constitution that grants limited power to the federal government and far more power to the state. we the denmark or sweden where the federal government has an enormous amount of power to do what they want to do. one thing he's not talking about that elizabeth warren is talking about, whether she makes it or not, she talks about rigged capitalism. a better way of looking at it. consumer rights have been eroded. access to courts have been eroded. you know, she talks about a number of things grid lining. the idea that corporate and government activity still puts african-american people at the bobottom. kennedy: and that's a very fair thing. because crony capitalism isn't
12:34 am
necessarily diminished when you have socialism. it seems as though that relationship only gets stronger. and even people like elizabeth warren say i'm going to break up foik, apple and i'm going to trim by ma bell and punch them in the face. >> brander.>> have the workers r the means of production. you can rip it out of the dictionary. that's socialism. he was saying people are misconstruing what socialism is. he's been running against the label while embracing the label. and in there right now is an acknowledgment and thank god for this acknowledgment. donald trump said too. we're not a socialist country we're not going to have a socialist country as bad as both
12:35 am
parties are right now at spending all of our money forever and never cutting back the government forever. that's a bad thing. we're not in our hearts socialists. we're running against the label even though he wants to regulate all of these things and spend money we don't have. kennedy: socialism proves time and time again why it fails and why it fails utterly. it's so bad for people. it's worse than acid wash and mullets whichdy serve t which da comeback. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, americans haven't warmed up to her. a recent gallop poll shows in the past six months, aoc's favorability rating increased to 31 pes. meanwhile her unfavorability has spiked to 41%. one of the main reasons for that could be her role in killing
12:36 am
amazon's deal to build their headquarters here in noork. nenewnew yorkers look e chief villain and two-thirds thought that it was bad for the big apple. is it good that voters are souring on aoc's nonsense? >> her unfavorabilities on the amazon deal are far higher than her unfavorabilities statewide. where she is kind of under water with white males statewide and more popular with people of color and pem, even people of color and women, union worker, everybody is unhappy with how she handle the amazon deal. kennedy: whenever you take on one of her positions, sexism and racism. i agree. she was sort of the head of a vocal minority in new york who
12:37 am
pushed amazon out. but there will be somebody else who comes in who takes advantage of the economic opportunity zones. it will probably be a real estate developer who won't bring jobs. i think we can have a broader discussion about economic development boards. the amount of tax money you have to spend to get one job. but, i don't know. are they going to go back to amazon with their cup in hand? i wonder. >> new yorkerers are kind of scared straight. it's a progressive city for sure, a progressive state. but new york is about business, about hustle ope and culture. i've seen a lot of conversations in vegas and places like that where people don't usually talk about politics where they wring this deal up and her up. you make the deal in new york. donald trump isn't coming out of nowhere with this jargon. someone is going to be paid off. it's going to be messy.
12:38 am
but at the end you sign a contract and he went the opposite way. >> some were opposed to the tax breaks. she was opposed to the deal itself. she thought amazon itself was an emploanexploitive force that wag to ruin the neighborhood. >> she talked about their support for i.c.e., for example. a far more nuance sphorry. story. so much of politics, it gets totally unsimplified. kennedy: whatever the corner is, i want to be in one with these three. we're all square. matt, danielle and anthony, thank you so much. the mayor of new jersey's largest city calling for a trial run of universal income, could it replace welfare and entitlements or tack on to what they already can't afford. they already can't afford. peter suderman joins me i can't believe it. they already can't afford. peter suderman joins me that there's a lobster in our hot tub?
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newark, nz pushing for universal basic income. a program that guarantee as no strings attached to low income residents regardless of their employment status in hopes of helping them offset their liflg exinlses. their living expenses. the mayor didn't say how he intends to pay for the program but saying that the city is launching an exploratory force. the trials did not work in finland or canada. is there any scenario where it can work in the u.s. joining me now, peter suderman. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: there are plenty of
12:44 am
libertarian economists who say ubi is a great thing but there's a huge caveat. it has to replace the entitlement state. none of the mayors in these 50 united states who are flirting the idea have talked about replacing entitlements with ubi. >> if you want to make the case for a universal basic income, it goes like this. the government is really bad at running a complex network of welwelfare benefits like we do w when you think of social security, welfare and goo food stamps, all of these programs that cross over each other and conflict and aren't run well. what the government is good at is cutting checks. if we replaced the entire social safety net with a universal check cutting program that just goes to everyone -- and typically they talk about paying people about a thousand dollars a month, 10 to 15,000 dollars a year. if we just did that, that might be better than the programs --
12:45 am
than the mess of programs that we have right now. but that's not what anybody is talking about doing, not in new jersey or any of the countries that have canceled the plans. if you look at the sij best experiment that's ever bun done, it was in uganda, one of the poorest country on the planet. people there make about $2,300 per year, compared to 60,000 dollars in the united states. they paid people a couple hundred dollars, this was actually skills based. they paid people to learn a craft or a skill and after four years they were doing better than a controlled group of people who hadn't been paid at all. but after nine years they were doing no better. even after giving people money in the poorest places on earth in the long run doesn't improve their outcome. kennedy: what is going to happen in newark? they're going to have this task force, realize they can't pay for it and then what? >> they're going to look at the cost, maybe they'll run the program for a year or two.
12:46 am
if you look at finland and canada, finland ran the program and then stopped running it after the pilot program -- kennedy: 18-month program. once that ran out, yeah, this isn't working. >> canada canceled the program early saying it u was too expensive. everybody who's tried the programs look at them saying even if we like the idea, this is too expensive, it doesn't work. the evidence isn't there. i think at the city level that's really the wrong place the do it even if you think ubi is a great idea. i'm not saying you do. it's the wrong way to do it. kennedy: we have not seen a practical application of it. it's widely expensive and it replaces nothing. replaces nothing. thank you, peter.
12:47 am
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150,000 people marched in new york city st. patrick's day parade this weekend. it was actually 75,000 but the surveys were doubling it. give them another shot. because this is the topical storm. topic number one we begin tonight in indiana where police wrwere conducting a major stake
12:51 am
out. look at that. oh no. decided to milk its freedom for all it's wort. cops spent two hours trying to catch him but he wouldn't stop. he's got four feet. that's pretty fa good. tries twies the number ogot twi. police are really grilling him. they're just red meat from a base. there was an internet rumor that this was part of a chick-fil-a promo. if you think they're bad at spelling, you should see lori loughlin's daughter. talk about an udder disgrace. topic number two, a man tried to rob the jewelry store in florida. he got a giant ring, the bad news is it was under his eye. you can't beat the prices at oak
12:52 am
wood jewelers. the customers are a different story. the would be robber demanded a free chain and she said no. he asked to talk to a manager. he told him talk to the hand. the police were confused by the video because there was so much rapid hand movement, they thaight wathought it was a betoe speech. police say the thief made a golden getaway and has not been found. ''s believed to be found hiding somewhere in plord that no one would ever go. like a library. topic number three, it wouldn't be st. patrick's day without one turkey who can't hold his turkey. oh, this seller put a bite-sized beat down on a bumper in oak ridge, tennessee. the internet loves the video but the sergeant is not a fan. on the plus side, he won't have
12:53 am
to worry about eating prison food for the rest of his life. he's about to become prison food. that's fun. a lot of things are getting eaten on tonight's show. remind me to never ask him to work on it again. the internet has been harsh on the bird brain bandit calling this the worst idea in the world. world. if you google the worst idea in the world, every story is about kirsten gillibrand running for president. topic number four, burger king is launching a coffee service, called the movie pass of coffee service. never hire a pr firm that gives free co-foop. it's a subscription that costs s
12:54 am
$5 a month and gives people one coffee a day. it's a lot cheaper than stark burkstarbucks and that's no rean to buy something. plus there are certain things in life that you don't want that are cheap. if you don't believe me, ask anyone who's bought a $5 rolex in times square. thank you very much. you should be advised that the company is facing a milk shortage. no, no. give the cops credit for this arrest. this guy was tougher than leather. it doesn't have to make sense. topic number five. finally mugshot monday and this week's winner, an arizona man busted for breaking into a house and cooking tortillas. she claims he got framed but if you can't stand the heat stay ow out of the kitchen. jerry allegedly entered the
12:55 am
house to two women who woke to something burning on their stove. when they discovered him they immediately called the cops. nobody wants to eat burnt tortillas. he didn't get the key to their hearts but he did have the key to their house. proprosecutors may get him for baking and entering. he's out on bail and he's got the girls some new jewelry to make it up to him. let's see that again. no? okay. you lrdz got i already got it t. it's rough beating. there he is. there's lieutenant dean. yep! after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight.
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