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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. president trump taking his message directly to the american people. as he continues to endure the assault and subversion from all corners, the radical dimms, rino republicans, national left-wing media. misrepresenting the president on nearly every issue. the president has had it seems, quite enough of these folks. bypassing as many of them as he possibly can. with his direct communication. through twitter, speaking truth to all americans whether at rallies or on the twitter
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verse. tonight we take up the presidents message to obstruct and to demonize the president. republican strategist red rollins, michael goodwin, rn city committee woman harmeet dhillon among our guests never speak of the uk house of commons stealing a blow to the theresa may brexit dealer absence of a deal if you prefer. the common speaker today involved more than 400-year-old rule, think about it. parliament is been operating so long and so well. now, blocking a brexit deal for a third time. unless, unless as required by that rule, all four centers of it, substantial changes. >> is -- if the government wishes to bring forward a new proposition, this would be
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entirely in order. what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to the house, the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by 149 votes. lou: now that they have got that cleared up, i assume it will be clear sailing to an exit from the european union. perhaps, not. we'll take up the latest with brexit and the uk and what we can expect over the next 11 days as we approach the uk withdrawal deadline from the eu. rejoined tonight by the british ambassador to the united states, and former president george w. bush today injected himself into the immigration debate.he is not wanted there. he has not been wanted there for a very long time. even when he was president. pushing still, the rino agenda and has distorted just about
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every message that would be well, otherwise would have been deemed irresponsible. except, it was president bush speaking. he now calls the broken immigration system, a blessing. >> as president i worked hard on copperheads of immigration reform. and i regret that our efforts came up short. today, emotions can cloud the issue. but here we are clear eyed about the need to enforce the borders and protect our homeland. and about the critical contributions immigrants make to our prosperity and our way of life. lou: wow! clear eyed, they are. the clarity did not arise from any of the eight bush years that he presided over. we take up the failures of the previous administration to rein in illegal immigration, to control the border, to control immigration and the mess that president trump is forced to
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clean up. the washington examiner's byron york among our guests, here's here tonight with us. our top story, never has a national left-wing media been more superfluous or venomous and it is because of well, just there dishonorable actions and their words as they take on the president and his message on the most important issues of our time. and he is taking his messages directly to the american people. the president started this day, fighting for workers at general motors. who have lost their jobs. the president tweeted this. general motors and the uaw will start talks in september, october.why wait? start them now. i want jobs to stay in the usa and want lordstown ohio and one of the best economies no history, open or sold to a
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company that will open it up fast. car companies are all coming back to the united states, so was everyone else. we now have the best economy in the world. the envy of all, get that big beautiful plant in ohio open now. close the plant in china or mexico where you invested so heavily, pre-trump.but not in the usa. bring jobs home and the president also taking a look at his favorable poll numbers. ignored again by the national left-wing media. 93 percent approval he tweeted in the republican party. the president to two a usa today poll just out states 50 percent of americans agree that the mueller investigation is a witchhunt. and msnbc very few think that it is legit. will we soon find out? the trump economy, blooming. more americans are working than ever before. the president to an end, gdp growth during the fourth quarter of 2010, the fastest since 2005.
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this demonstration, the first on record to have experienced economic growth that meets or exceeds its own forecast and each of its first two years in office. growth is beating market expectations. and every word, absolutely accurate. and the president, tired of the ridiculous unfounded attacks from the left, whether in the media or the radical dimms or the rinos. this fake news media working overtime trying to blame the president for the horrible attack in new zealand. they will have to work very hard to prove that one. so ridiculous! absolutely. and dutch authorities arresting a turkish one suspect in today's mass transit shooting that left three dead, five others wounded. not even the national left-wing media has been able to come up with a way to even superficially, artificially, using every device at their disposal, to blame the president for terrorism in
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holland. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. new york post columnist, fox business contributor, michael goodwin. good to have youboth with us. it's been quite a day for the president, quite a day for the country. the president is absolutely right the left-wing media , trying to connect and by the way, the radical dimms as well. this president , to murders in new zealand. i mean, for crying out loud, does it get more preposterous? will it? >> it was a tragic event and he said it was a tragic event. first words out of his mouth were condolences and this needed -- lou: and support! >> new zealand is a small country has been a very good ally of ours. terrorism is just going on everywhere. crazy is going on you cannot blame the president thousands
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of miles away but the media is determined to do it. lou: that there is not enough integrity in the national left-wing media to even comment on the complicit colleagues in the politics and personal destruction which is -- the priority it seems, of nearly every outlet in the country. it is just breathtaking to think that these people really believe who run the media corporations and let's not just call it fake news these are big corporations. whether we're talking about comcast, at&t, they are the ones running those companies. they are the ones responsible. don't you agree? >> look, if you had to line up quotes and say which of these were said by chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and which were in the new york times or the "washington post" or cnn, he would not be able to tell the difference. and that to me is a significant issue. that these companies, these so-called journalists treat the president as though they are and steve bannon 's famous
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phrase. it is not about fact or opinion is a political narrative about him. so they do that with new zealand. they want to picture him as a white nationalist racist president of the united states and so they link him to that kind of horrific event. lou: by the way, they become something so ignorant and so, just servile to a political ideology, the left, that it is stunning to imagine. that more than two years into this presidents administration, they continue to attack, they seek to poison. they are venomous. >> is time for it to end.
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mueller has had two years to examine the presence entire record, history all the rest of it. it is time for the report to come forth. there's not a single person has heard all the congressional hearings and what have you to say there is any collusion. let's move the ball forward. let the president have the last two years and deal with the problems facing the country. shut it down. show it to everybody. let's move forward. lou: move forward. you would have to move forward with these damn fools. and i mean more than fools! these people are committed to destruction. there has never been a moment in our history like this. we don't even have academics holding forth. on what is occurring in our media. this is a media that is left-wing. it is academia that is left-wing. there are no social critics because they are committed political activist and operatives. >> you know lou, when donald trump first began president after that huge upset, i thought there will be a time, there will be something of a political honeymoon from both the democrats and the media. there wasn't. and after six months or eight months i figured they would
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slow down but it will finally be over but is never ending. there's never been a single day when they have given him fair treatment. lou: and his own party is not giving him treatment. i want to remind everyone of the 12 rino senators that voted against the president and his declaration. if we could see that full screen now. could we do that? there it is. going through each of these senators, there are six of them. another six on the next page, you can turn that. it is appalling to see what's happening. each one of these senators. their states should be embarrassed by them. they should be ashamed to even walk through the halls of the u.s. senate. >> the only way they are is if you beat up on them in the show and we beat up on them in a political environment.
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and other pacs. every single one of them advocated the same things. the fact the congress did not do his job -- it's typical. let's have the both sides of the issue. lou: what is the other side of the issue? >> they argue both sides of the issue.i am for a portable but i do not want us to find it. lou: and they are lying! there are 12 liars as well. >> a couple more hiding. lou: i have to say one thing, they will not be able to ignore the reality of this president and his impact on this economy because he is an historic president already. in foreign policy and in terms of economic prosperity. >> which is the tweet they read about him in the general motors plant. that was classic!
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no other president would ever dare say that.we want it open, we want the plant open. don't wait. president bush and his presidency was absolutely -- [multiple speakers] jobs that americans will not do. bring in the illegal immigrants. jobs the middle class does not need. those jobs, shipped them out to sheep labor markets. his mark in history is going to be indelibly dark. and it is just amazing, the man has the married to step out and talk about immigration which he knows nothing. i want this before the show is done. the quote - that he talked about in terms of picking cotton. i would like to share that with you because this is a man who was a genius about the workplace, the workforce and the modern american economy. i digress. [laughter]
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lou: michael goodwin, thank you for being here! ed rollins. thank you for being here, keeping me calm in the face of so much! devin nunes suing twitter for shadow bannock conservatives. harmeet dhillon joins us later. we have that and more.up next, the british prime minister, theresa may brexit dealsuffering another blow. we take it up with the uk i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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is an amazing reminder of how far we've come as a business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at lou: breaking news now. and if we could, there we go. this is the president at this mornings briefing on the chair of council of economic advisors. and we were told thing by sources, well placed within the white house, a report put together by the council of economic advisors, the chair, kevin hasset touting the ordinary economy in the first years of the trump presidency. and again, on highly reliable sources, which we rely upon from time to time on this broadcast. the report quantifies strong,
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the strong impact of the presidents tax cuts, deregulation, quantifying the impact of deregulation. in fact, progrowth policies under the trump presidency. and the extraordinary results of it all. we're looking forward to the release of that report. tomorrow. the white house will have it seems, something of a historic document. the speaker of the uk house of commons, delivering a crushing blow today to the -- the speaker said parliament will not hold one third vote on the brexit plan alice mae offers different legislation for a vote. may will visit the european union council thursday for more. she helps common aggressions on brexit. the eu making it clear to this point that they have no room with which to deal.joining us tonight, at this historic,
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pivotal moment for the uk, the ambassador to the united states, sir kim derek. it is great for you to join us. >> it is good to be here. lou: is good to see you again. i want to turn to, where are we in the view of the british government? on brexit and what is in this? >> just a bit of context. there were three votes last week. the first one on the deal which was defeated by 149 votes. actually rather small margin. then there was a vote on whether parliament think we should leave on 29 march with no deal. relevant voted that down as well. then a third vote on thursday on whether the prime minister
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should be mandated to ask for an extension of negotiating. past 29 march and that was passed so that is her mandate for the european council which as you said, is on thursday and friday this week. now, what happened today was, the speaker said, where the government to bring the same deal back to parliament again, that that was not permissible under long-standing parliamentary rules. the prime minister and the government hadn't actually decided to bring the same text back to parliament. there was some speculation about it because of reports. they might have changed their mind. it is for him to make the ruling is made. the prime minister and they know will consider what the next steps are. i will tell you that this is now where we move to thursday
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and friday. lou: and in brussels, the eu said they won't negotiate. there is no bargaining to this point. it may be negotiating in and of itself. but that is where they stand and irrespective of the will of parliament, the uk government it seems, you're looking at more than headwind. perhaps a very solid and tall wall. >> let's see, but the prime minister and her colleagues will make a decision in the next 24 hours how to play that european council. as i said, she is a mandate from parliament to ask for an extension. so i think that is where she or i expect that is where she will be arguing for at the european council. and it is in no one's interest to have a highly disruptive deal or exit on 29 march with no deal. so i am sure it will be debate about how long an extension
4:23 am
should be, and with the uk government will use the extension four.i would expect the european council to end an agreement. that's what we asked for, then that will be agreed. lou: ambassador, as you well know, some people are saying that this is part of if you will, bit of a contrivance on the part of the government. to resist the referendum, the vote on brexit. and to assert power over the populace forces and not leave the european union, not now or not ever. >> the government position has been very clear and they have negotiated for two years to bring forward the best deal i think is, possible with the european union for brexit. now, parliament has so far told
4:24 am
what it doesn't like and what it doesn't want. at some point, parliament will have to decide what it does want that delivers the verdict of the british people back in june 2016. i think the government has lived up to its responsibilities and commitments of this and of course, this parliamentary process is important. and they are right to take the issue seriously. they need to say what they do want and how that matches up to what the british people have voted for back in 2016. lou: it suggests that parliament then has agreed of power and greater respect release from the government then the vote of the people and the referendum and even recent polls showing that the british people certainly, believe that there should not be a new referendum and that the vote
4:25 am
stands. >> to be fair, lou, the government and the opposition leader and his front bench team are opposed to a second referendum. there was actually also a second referendum of an amendment last week that was heavily defeated. that is not really i think on the agenda at the moment. lou: i think we can safely say a bit of a conundrum facing our good friends in the uk. we wish you the best. it is not certainly the easiest of times for either side. we wish you well and much good luck, ambassador. >> lou, thank you very much for your that.these are always cliffhangers and this is no exception. they are extremely strong and we will come through this in a
4:26 am
strong way and we will be fine. thank you for your support. lou: the president has made it clear, you have got -- >> the president tweeted very helpful in front how much he looks forward to a comprehensive and ambitious free-trade deal with uk. so do we and look at starting at that soon. lou: think ambassador, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: ambassador sir kim darroch. up next, the 2020 dimms have a few problems. based on what we are seeing so far, they have not done anything wrong except tired, retrograde radical ideas. guess what they want to do? this is a fresh bolt of lightning in the agile minds of the left. they want to pack the supreme court! attorney harmeet dhillon joins us next. you have that and more before we go to the break speaking of retrograde, look at the u.s. national debt. $22 trillion and climbing. what are all of those people, the clinton and bush and obama
4:27 am
's doing?
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lou: a big development tonight. congressman devin nunes filed a $250 million lawsuit against twitter. accusing twitter of failing to remove defamatory and malicious tweets from real individuals and bogus accounts alike carrying the congressman his name. the lawsuit also says twitter was designed to discredit him and undermine his ability to carry out his russia investigation. joining us tonight, harmeet dhillon managing partner and -- too heavy. your opinion on this suit against twitter. your comments and prospects for success. >> i have not read the thing but it raises interesting
4:32 am
arguments that i have been making as well over time which is that the communications decency act that gives companies like twitter, facebook and google protection from lawsuits for hosting defamatory content is really outdated and it gives unnecessary cover to the companies. i think what he's trying to do is push the envelope and test the light and see if he can get around it. is also sued a commentator, a known commentator that is sort of a never trumper critical of him. and fake accounts that repeatedly attacked him and impersonated his mother but twitter did nothing until the mother herself stepped forward and asked them to be taken down. i think this is long overdue. a discussion is needed and corrections needed to be had with regard to policies regarding the companies. lou: there is a bigger issue i think in play. that is, the economic concentration of power in big technology, and social media. twitter, facebook, across the
4:33 am
board. and to what degree and under which laws will they be regulated? because it seems to me frankly, that regulated, they must be now. >> i agree. lou: this is gone way too far. >> yes. lou: i feel better, i will call you about that lawsuit later. i will leave it up to the justice department myself. >> sure. lou: let's turn to, i was fascinated by the mindlessness frankly of the radical dimms. you know, most pronounced among the people who want to be president it seems, from the democrats, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, kiersten gillibrand, want to pack the supreme court. they going back 80 years with this idea to roosevelt. your reaction to this? >> it reminds me lou, when we
4:34 am
were kids and on the playground and we did not like the outcome of the game. we would see if we could try to change the rules. it's exactly what the democrats are doing here. they are fresh out of ideas, nothing new to say so they figure the only way they will be able to win is changing the rules.but you know the fdr situation i remember was very similar to this situation which the president was costly being voted down by the supreme court for his new deal legislation and finally, he figured i would just fix that by packing the court and really forcing them to retire. basically the proposal back then was if you are older than 70, the president could add a new supreme court justice. this is a failed idea. a lot of democratic senators have been quoted as being against this. hopefully, reason will find the day and they will not do this stupid thing which would really be destructive of balance of power in our country. lou: and also, history taught us from that period that the senate may work its will and hold the line against such a radical nonsense as this
4:35 am
half-baked idea from the 80 years ago for crying out loud. let's turn to if we may, president trump voting, blocking the attempts to block his emergency declaration. 12 senators voting with the radical dimms. this president is moving ahead. is there any way that he can move expeditiously?with his own department of homeland security? we are not seeing a wall being built. very little in the way of a public presence of the military. any counsel? ? >> i think he's doing the best he can. then devito is a very strong step here and the white house communications team has been tweeting great things about what's happening. i think that i would love to see more presence on the border and we would love to see the wall being built more
4:36 am
aggressively. but i think the president is doing everything he can on this front. lou: good to see you. harmeet dhil
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lou: headlines tonight, dhs is united states on track to catch 100,000 illegal immigrants at the border this month. that would be nearly 24,000 more than last month. former president george w. bush was platitudes and nonsensical about border security and immigration today. a naturalization ceremony he called it a blessing and a strength. end of discussion poorly. this from the man that laster said americans do not want to pick cotton at hundred and five degrees. we have to welcome those that do. ignoring the fact ladies and gentlemen that according to the epa, 99 percent of cotton in this country is picked mechanically these days. this seems to be the level of
4:41 am
knowledge and intellect that three previous administrations brought to the issue of immigration. in the report today is a meeting between the present and xi jinping may be pushed back to june. the united states and china, at odds known how to enforce trade agreements should they be made. we take that up with our next guest columnist, author, asia expert, gordon chang. great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: xi jinping and the president had been obviously considering talking with one another much earlier. now putting it off. your thoughts about the implications of such a delay? >> what it shows is that the chinese are really being tough on this whole issue of enforcement mechanism. they want all of the tariffs to come off at the signing of an agreement. it's really wrong. lou: they are tough on getting
4:42 am
exactly what they want. >> yet, and we have fallen for this so many times in the past. i don't think, -- lou: is critically important because as the first president in our lives, to stand up and say that trade deficits have to be balanced. and have mutual and reciprocal trade relationships with the entire world. no more of this nonsense about an opening to the communist world. it is madness. >> yes, but the one thing really important we saw this with lighthizer. we need to keep these tariffs in place even after an agreement is signed because we need the enforcement mechanism. the chinese of course don't want to. they've gone their way with us in previous administrations. this administration looks a lot different. i think the chinese are starting to panic a little bit. lou: at the crypto further. i think the administration this president to be specific has made it clear that we are not
4:43 am
going to tolerate the bankruptcy, the national bankruptcy represented by persistent trade deficits that amount to half trillion dollars, the continued theft of intellectual property and technology that amounts to half $1 trillion plus each year. and we are not going to tell -- tolerate any non-sickle-- >> the decoupling, that is the words of the chinese use.we use disengagement. they say decoupling. lou: as in separating the united states economic and business interest from china. >> essentially come with the chinese are saying of course -- lou: by the way which is already underway. >> is underway, it's a great thing and it will continue. the chinese are saying it is not possible.the point is,
4:44 am
when they say something is not possible, of course it is. it also shows that they are really afraid of what's going to happen. because as you said, this is a process where companies on their own have seen the political winds and have decided that the best thing to do is the pressure the chinese can bear on them. u.s. companies if they are not subject to the pressure from beijing we have a much better chance of a trade relationship. lou: did not tell tim cook and don't tell the folks at google per the president tweeted this saturday. i want to do this quickly we are out of time but i want to share with you this tweet on google. google is helping china and the military but not the us. terrible! the good news is they helped crooked hillary clinton and not trump. how did that turn out? he is right on all accounts. >> he is absolutely right because google does not want to work for the u.s. defense department on artificial intelligence but are cooperating with chinese military indirectly and
4:45 am
sometimes directly on ai and quantum computing. lou: i'm sure the california delegation led by dianne feinstein will have a discussion with them. we will not hold our breath. gordon chang, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: newark new jersey the latest city to experiment.
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with another radical idea planning to test universal basic income program. they have a 20 percent poverty rate. median household income of $31,000. freshman congresswoman, everyone's favorite socialist, alexandria ocasio-cortez friday clubhouse oversight committee hearing a little boring. dealing with her apathy by doing push-ups during a recess. oversight committee chair elijah cummings cannot be too pleased with her calling his hearing on the census, citizenship question, boring. we will see what happens and the radical dimms of the committee probably wish to have an angled with the star witness, nothing other than
4:50 am
commerce secretary who is the smartest commerce secretary to serve in decades. joining us today, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, fox business contributor, great to have you with us. i mean, what is it with -- i mean ocasio-cortez is, she is a phenomenon. she can commit every preposterous construct known to language seemingly.and still get more -- we really committed to her, aren't we? >> i think we should all be in favor of physical fitness and you know, some of the hearings do get a little tedious at times, at the moment she is completely teflon. so much so that i think a number of democrats on capitol hill at the least, irritated by the idea that is being put out that rashida tlaib, ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez
4:51 am
are the home new freshman class. when democrats picked up dozens and dozens of seats. in this last election. lou: and today, the national media repaired to none other than george w. bush for his new fresh thinking on illegal immigration. i want to share with you this quote. because it really speaks so directly and so valuably about the president's comprehension about illegal immigration when he said americans do not want to pick cotton at 105 degrees. but there are people who want to put food on the peoples table and are willing to do that. we ought to say thank you. and welcome them. and the president had no idea that 99 percent of cotton picking in this country is mechanical. it is automated! what in the world -- it is just embarrassing to watch this nonsense. emanating from the
4:52 am
comprehensive immigration president. i mean, he had -- he said famously that americans do not want the jobs, therefore we should promote this is what he said. >> one thing to note about the former president bush, we seal these reports lately about the growing crisis at the border. the new york times reported that the border was at a breaking point. with 76,000 apprehensions of illegal courses last month. >> they say it's a systemwide meltdown. >> you just reported that could be 100,000. there is an argument, both on the left and from republicans who oppose her positions that it cannot be a crisis because
4:53 am
it used to be worse. meantime 15 years ago it was close to a million apprehensions. lou: but your point -- >> i was going to say when it was worse is when george w. bush was president. and there is not any of the sort of action that the president is advocating. lou: by the way, it was not considered by the da secretary then, a meltdown would be near a meltdown. when it was dramatically higher than 100,000 a month. this is being managed for a purpose. when the dhs secretary cannot manage the system, cannot defend the border. then you know, it has to be a matter of political will on her part. because she is failing at her job. it is her responsibility and you tell me. why has she put up with it? >> this massive illegal crossings did lead to the passage of the secure fence act in 2006. which in the end, only kind of assured -- there was a certain amount of kabuki and all
4:54 am
despair there is a bipartisan consensus to pass a bill that looked tough on illegal border crossings. lou: to do what? >> then there was a bipartisan consensus to do build a fence! [inaudible] lou: to build 750 miles of fence. i can remember so clearly congressman hunter at the time, saying to me, we've got this bill, dana rohrabacher, we have this bill, it will be a must bill. 750 miles. and guess -- 750. it is in the current bill. discussions.750 at the time and, and meanwhile, the vote in the next year to get rid of the whole idea we were just -- >> the original bill said the department shall construct this fence. and they changed it next year to may and it took care of
4:55 am
everything.lou: isn't wonderful how your, can i call that swamp yours, byron? >> you know, i have to plead guilty. i'm looking around. i am here in washington d.c., yes. lou: okay just so we understand each other because i am in i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: the big story involving twitter. congressman devin nunes filing a lawsuit against twitter for failure to remove the malicious fabricated tweets using his name. the border and customs is set to capture 76,000 migrants and
5:00 am
kirstjen nielsen says the border system is at a meltdown. thanks for being with us. good night from new cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. boeing doing damage control, the ceo finally breaking his silence after more than a week since the deadly ethiopian airlines crash, promising software changes. the fed in focus, as it kicks off its two-day meeting today, patience expected to be the name of the game when it comes to interest rate hikes but what will it reveal about shedding that balance sheet? more delivery problems for tesla as the company tries to cut costs and is once again asking employees to volunteer to deliver on its promises. and whether it's a smile or a frown, what you feel will soon determine what you see at the box office.


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