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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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kirstjen nielsen says the border system is at a meltdown. thanks for being with us. good night from new cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. boeing doing damage control, the ceo finally breaking his silence after more than a week since the deadly ethiopian airlines crash, promising software changes. the fed in focus, as it kicks off its two-day meeting today, patience expected to be the name of the game when it comes to interest rate hikes but what will it reveal about shedding that balance sheet? more delivery problems for tesla as the company tries to cut costs and is once again asking employees to volunteer to deliver on its promises. and whether it's a smile or a frown, what you feel will soon determine what you see at the box office. the new way movie studios are trying to get you in front of
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the big screen. it is tuesday, march 19th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: good morning. here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. the dow looking at five days of potential gains. the s&p 500 and nasdaq adding a fifth of 1% in the premarket as the fed kicks off its march meeting today. in great britain, theresa may has two days to get the green light for her deal if she wants to ask e.u. leaders for more time. and a mixed bag for stocks in asia, the one green arrow in hong kong, up a fifth of 1%. the kospi is down almost 2%. cheryl: they're waiting on that deal wean the u.s. and china. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: great to see you. thank you for joining us.
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i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: we begin with boeing's ceo breaking his silence, a week after a second deadly crash. the ceo defending his company's safety record. the ceo expressing sorrow for the hundreds of victims in two air disasters involving the 737 max jets while also saying boeing is cooperating in the investigations and taking acti action. >> as the facts from the accident become available and we understand the necessary next steps, we're taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. we regret the ongoing challenges the grounding has caused for our customers and the flying public. lauren: his appearance comes as regulators and lawmakers krut lt nicing -- lawmakers scrutinizing boeing's design. >> they're barking up the wrong
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airplane. >> reporter: the justice department and the transportation department inspector general launched criminal probes into the development of the boeing 737 max 8. the journal reporting that the day after the ethiopian crash, a grand jury subpoena was sent to at least one person involved. neither the doj nor dot would confirm nor deny the reports. a spokesman told fox news investigation cans be based on whistleblower reports or congressional referrals. >> heads will roll if they're not confident in their data and the safety of this plane. >> i think it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have better information. >> reporter: that while ethiopia's transport ministry released preliminary results showing clear similarity to the lion air crash. if found the anti-stalling software, designed to counter act the tendency to pitch up at full power, had been activated, just as in the lion p air crash. the lion airplane also had other problems. >> the angle of attack
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indicator, which is a little tube that's on the outside of the airplane, near the fuselage, it measures the angle, apparently was defective. >> reporter: the first officer had only 200 hours in the max 8. >> that is unimaginable in the united states. we're just learning to fly at that level here. >> reporter: add to that the panic inducing pitching of the plane and the warning alarms, the crew may have been too overwhelmed to hit the cutoff switch. canada announced on monday it will do its own certification of boeing's software change to the max 8 rather than rely on the faa. cheryl, lauren. lauren: doug, thank you. shares of boeing loss almost 2% yesterday. they're down a quarter of 1%, 371, 37 each. we'll have more on the crisis facing the plane maker a bit later in the broadcast. cheryl: now to this next story.
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there is now new information today regarding those racy text messages between amazon's jeff bezos and his girlfriend. the wall street journal is reporting the national enquirer paid the brother of lauren sanchez $200,000 for those private messages that it published back in january. michael sanchez reportedly provided the intimate communications to the enquirer's publisher. the ceo of the company is david pecker, a long-time ally of president trump. america media has been in the spotlight since it admitted to making a hush payment on behalf of the president. lauren: hollywood hit by another sex scandal. warner brothers chair and ceo stepping down after sexual misconduct allegations. warner media launched an investigation following a report that detailed text messages between him and a british actress. the messages suggested that the
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relationship was based on promises she would appear in movies. cheryl: the securities and exchange commission rejecting rn musk's claim that they are trying to silence him. they say he should be held in contempt for vi violating an or. there were tweets from musk last year about being able to take the company public when the funding was not actually secured. as tesla is trying to cut costs, an internal e-mail reportedly shows that the company is asking employees to volunteer to help deliver more cars by the end of the first quarter, 15 days from now. lauren: i remember seeing the video of the cars in the lot. they couldn't get them where they needed to g maybe the employees could help. u.s. chip makers don't want to be part of any trade deal with china, according to the wall street journal. they report because executives
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fear greater purchases from china will increase the industry's dependence on beijing. u.s. companies may need to open up more factories in china to hit their quotas. that could mean china gets sway over their companies. washington has pressed beijing to buy more than a trillion dollars in u.s. goods and service as part of any trade deal. cheryl: thanks, but no thanks from the industry. interesting story. the federal reserve's two-day policy meeting is kicking off today. the central bank is expected to signal no rate hikes in the coming months. it is also expected to specify as they give us a date when they plan to end their massive operation to reduce their balance sheet. jerome powell will hold the news conference a after the meeting, that's going to be tomorrow afternoon. lauren: the march meeting caused march madness for the markets. brexit is certainly causing madness. it's getting more complicated, if that was possible. as the speaker of parliament says he will not hold a third vote on prime minister theresa may's deal until she drastically
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changes it. the speaker citing a 400-year-old rule that says the government cannot resubmit the same proposition that's already been rejected. lawmakers voted to delay brexit by at least three months which ththeeuropean union will have to agree to. cheryl: students nationwide may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the trump administration is asking for a complete overhaul of education funding. lauren: fox business reporter edward lawrence has more on that. >> reporter: the white house hoping to tweak a little bit the education or help students out with their student loans. the white house saying that this plan will specifically target helping students pay back those loans, get debt-free. here's a couple bullet points from the plan. one big one is they want to take
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the five programs they have now to help with students and bring that down to one payment program so students can pay student debt that would be no more than 12-point a 5% of a student -- 12.5% of a student's income. it would extend loan forgiveness after 180 months of repayment. at the moment the program is only eligible for students who work with the government or nonprofit. it excludes graduate education. a white house official says they would like to have the changes done in higher education this year, that means through the house a and the senate. the house may be a tougher challenge. the senate probably will. lauren: edward lawrence, thank you very much. u.s. student loan debt grew to nearly $1.5 trillion last year and because students have all this debt, sometimes they put off purchases of a home, for instance. we've got more problems if you can imagine for twitter. congressman devin new necessary slapping the company with a
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$250 million lawsuit, accusing it or anti-conservative bias and shadow banning him from the platform. cheryl: todd pyro is going to break it all down. nenunes is really angry. >> reporter: not happy about this, cheryl and lauren. good morning to you. defamation, conspiracy, negligence, some of the allegations in the complaint filed in virginia state court. he claimed twitter's goal was to derail his work as he looked into hillary clinton's presidential campaign and russian involvement in the 2016 election. nunes alleges that twitter was guilty of knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is abusive, hateful and defamatory, providing a voice and financial incentive to the defamer, thereby facilitating defamation on its platform, including implications that nunes colluded with prostitutes, that he does cocaine ancocaine and that he in a weinery that allegedly used
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underage hookers. they saall in an effort to infle election results. >> how is it that every day there's conservative that's are being banned. so look, they don't want to call it shadow banning. that's fine. the fact of the matter is, people could not see my tweets. it's constantly left wing stuff, constantly fake news stuff. if twitter wants to be in the public square, they should come clean, give us all your algorithms. >> reporter: fox news reached out to twitter which responded we are not commenting at this time. but twitter did suspend the account at devin ne nunes' mom,t his actual mom. nunes said he's not stopping there, that twitter is just the start of his court challenges.
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cheryl: good for him for speaking up. because so many of us have beene vilified on twitter. >> reporter: it will be interesting to see what happens, if this is the start of a trend. cheryl: it could be. lauren: it's a busy tuesday morning so far. let's get to some of the other headlines making news. brazil's president making a trip to the white house today to meet with president trump. the two expected to talk trade, nuclear power and the desire by both sides to see venezuelan president nicolas maduro out of office. supporters of opposition leader juan guaido have seized three diplomatic buildings in the u.s. they include two military installations in washington and the venezuelan consolate in new york. the trump administration reportedly at odds over what to do regarding venezuelan immigrants here in the us. one proposal would have the u.s.
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grant special status to more than 70,000 venezuelans living in the united states. fox con is looking to complete its factory in wisconsin by the end of next year. the new facility will focus on producing smaller l.c.d. screens used for medicare, education and entertainment purposes. the company said they will begin the next phase of construction on the factory this summer. finally, this. keurig, the coffee people, teaming up with budweiser on a home cocktail maker. the drink works machine uses liquid filled pods to create dozens of drinks. it will cost about $300 for the machine. each pod, about $4. cheryl, you can brew your own cocktails at your. cheryl: boeing doing damage control, the ceo breaking his
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greatness comes in many forms. lease the glc 300 for just $479 a month at the mercedes-benz spring event. going on now. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. cheryl: investigators have completed an initial review of data from the boeing plane crash that killed 157 people. reuters reporting the team returned to ethiopia with information overnight after they examined the black box in france. boeing's ceos has expressed the company's commitment to safety as concerns are growing over the 737 max 8. for more on the crisis facing boeing, let's bring in aviation analyst jay ratcliffe. we're hearing some new things. what was jaw-dropping was the wall street journal report on sunday that there are clear similarities between the ethiopian crash and the lion air crash. what did that tell you and is this something you had seen long
5:18 am
ago? >> we did. in fact, we had some of this preliminary data just a day after the crash. it was external data, it was satellite data that suggested that the moments after the ethiopian airlines flight took off, there were vertical speed issues that were similar to what took place with the lion air crash. that's one of the things that told me if we're headed down the path of having similarities we need to quickly ground the aircraft. i was embarrassed the fact that the united states was the last country on the planet to do so. normally, the united states is leading the way from a safety standpoint. cheryl: there's a lot of criticism being thrown at the faa, did they work too closely with boeing, did they not fully vet the new production line of the 737 max 8. these are now questions being asked. lawmakers are gearing up for committee hearings.
5:19 am
do you think the faa is in some way responsible here? >> well, i think there's questions certainly that beg to be answered. one of them being why weren't the pilots required to go through differences training with regards to some of the upgrades that were taking place, especially on the system that basically takes control of the aircraft, away from the pilots, at least initially and the idea that the pilots are not required to go through simulator training but are given an ipad training program for a few minutes to kind of aquaint them with the differences of the aircraft was a bit curious. it's possible the faa did allow boeing too much latitude. if so, that will be addressed and as the department of justice and the d.o.t. begin their investigations, looking into what happened, we'll have more answers than we do now. the bottom line, this is going to take time. even though the boeing ceo is trying to calm investors and future airline orders, it's something that unfortunately
5:20 am
will take some time. my fear is that we went- cheryl: go ahead. >> i'm afraid we went from a reluctance to ground to a haste to restore. this is something that will take time before we have all the answers we need. this is not a few week type of i thing. it's several months. i think anything less than that certainly could work against us in the long term. cheryl: you say haste to restore but at the same time there's 370 of these max 8 jets that are not in service right now but are within airlines' control and there's another 4600 of these jets on order from boeing p. what kind of timeframe do you think this is going to mean? i think we have to collect data from the two crashes to make sure it's not a boeing issue. it may turn out not to be the case. if it is, it's something we have to identify, address, get fixed and get approved by the faa as we move forward. that's going to take time where we might be looking at two or three months, at least, before we get these things back in the air. cheryl: especially when you've
5:21 am
got so many -- including the inspector general looking at the relationship between boeing and the faa. even canada is raising doubts about the faa. jay ratcliffe, thank you for being on with us this morning. >> my pleasure. lauren: let's take a look at how futures are trading this tuesday morning. up arrows across the board but we do have day one of the fed's two-day meeting kicking off today, dow up 70. still ahead, a state of emergency has been declared in three states as deadly and historic flooding sweeps the midwest. the latest on the rescue efforts when we return, right here on "fbn: a.m.." keep it here.
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lauren: vice president mike pence is heading to nebraska today as historic flooding sweeps the midwest. at least three people have died and hundreds have been forced from their homes. cheryl: fox senior meteorologist janice dean has the latest. the midwest has been devastated. janice: this will be heading throughout the springtime as the snow melts and we have at least two feet of snow on the ground across the areas that are flooding. more rain moving through these vulnerable flood zones. we have flash flood warnings in effect along the missouri river, in towards the mississippi river and this is moving downstream. this is going to be an issue throughout the springtime for all of these river gauges along the vulnerable areas. historic flooding continues for parts of missouri, as well as as iowa, nebraska and wisconsin. there's more rain in the forecast throughout the next week or so, we'll be watching the potential for more rain. this is a big story, ladies and
5:26 am
we'll keep an eye on it and bring you the latest. lauren: janice, thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at futures this tuesday morning. looks like at this point we're starting off the day in the green, the dow pointing higher in the premarket by 72, s&p up 7 and-a-half, nasdaq up 17. still ahead, president trump continues his criticism of general motors but is it enough to convince gm to change its plans? and do you post photos on facebook of your latest attempt at an extreme sport? what about he photos of drinks with your coworkers? how posts like these could be costing you a pretty penny. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ what a fool believes. ♪ the wise man has the power. ♪ to reason away. of your investments.
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action. u.s. investors going to keep a close and ear on the fed's two-day meeting which yet underway today. futures right now, dow up 79 in the premarket, nasdaq up 19 and a quarter. theresa may has two days to get the green light for the brexit deal if she wants to ask the e.u. leaders for more time. ftse is slightly higher as the cac 40 and dax are slightly higher as yet. asian markets muted overnight, no real news coming out of the u.s.-china trade negotiations. investors will be watching for what the fed has to say. lauren: let's get into that right now. the fed kicks off its two-day meeting today. a bit of choppy trading yesterday ahead of all of this. investors looking a ahead to any update or clues from the central bank on the state of the economy and the direction of rates. joseph minerek is the senior
5:31 am
director for the conference board. he joins us now. good morning. what do you expect the fed to say about the economy and the consumer? >> well, the fed isn't going to do anything but i think they're going to sweat a lot for being inactive. they're going to say that since they last issued their decision, that the economic data have been a little bit on the soft side, that they believe that it is appropriate to maintain the current low level of interest rates, but they're not going to be comfortable doing it. lauren: do you think it's going to be one and done for the fed or can you see them putting tightening back on the table for this year? >> it's a long year. they're going to say that they are data dependent, surprise, and in fact they are. they're going to be looking at where we're going on growth. they're going to be looking at wage increases. and they are going to have a concern as the year goes on that
5:32 am
they're having -- they're sitting there with very low interest rates. if something goes wrong, they don't have much space on the downside, which is why they are so uncomfortable. lauren: do you expect them to announce when they're going to cut back on the balance sheet? >> at this time, i would say no, that's a long-term development. they'll say that they are discussing it. they're making a lot of progress. they're learning a lot. but i would be surprised if they came up with any definitive statement right. lauren: goldman sachs says they expect the fed to stop shrinking their portfolio of bonds, et cetera, by the end of the third or the fourth quarter. we'll seem what do you make of the theory that these low rates aren't really doing much to juice the economy when you look at the housing market and you're getting into the spring buying season, low rates not juicing auto sales either. >> in fact, the economy is
5:33 am
cruising along at a rate that is in terms of growth, it's a little bit faster than stable. but it is certainly not exhilarating. the tax cut is wearing off in terms of its impetus on the economy. there are people and areas, technology is moving the economy in some areas, in some sectors, but not in others. and as a result, things like housing, things like auto sales, which did a little bit better as the economy grew out of the financial crisis are beginning to be a little soft. lauren: joseph, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: we are getting some breaking news. ford motor is going to be adding jobs to its plant in kentucky. they're going to be boosting production of the ford expedition and the lincoln navigator this summer. that's going to create 550 jobs at the kentucky truck plant. this move from ford, again, this
5:34 am
is just being released, is coming as president trump continues to keep up pressure on gm to reopen a key plant in ohio. the president renewed criticism of gm over the weekend and it kept on going yesterday. he said the a automaker is moving too slowly. gm says it's not going to be pressured to open the plant. could politics play in any business decision. let's bring in jeff bellstein. we're getting the news ford frod about the expedition, we're getting news that cadillac is going to be coming out with a new ct-5 sedan but the chevy cruz in lordstown, ohio, they can't seem to sell the car. is that just a car problem and not a general motors versus president trump problem? >> that's exactly right. we're looking at a situation where in this country people just are not buying sedans the way they did a generation ago, even five years ago, with oil
5:35 am
prices being what they are, the preference is for suvs and frankly the larger the better. that's where the industry's going. so we're seeing this sort of rationalization which general motors announced last fall closing five factories and ford and the other automakers are all p kind of in the same boat on this. focusing on suvs and away from he sedans. cheryl: that's certainly true. people want bigger and better, they want electric, maybe go to texas, all you can see is big trucks all over the road. at the same time, the president did make an interesting point yesterday in his twitter attacks against gm or on sunday, excuse me. he said, look, why don't we set up negotiations sooner rather than later with the uaw, that union fight. the president jumping into that, if you will and here's the tweet just to show everybody. that he said basically get things going, they've got to start their talks in september, october. why wait. does the president have a point about that part of this story? >> i don't think so.
5:36 am
i think in this case as gm and the uaw have said, this is their negotiation. they're not going to be sort of compelled by an outside force, whether it's the white house or the other side of the aisle to move any faster on this. and they're waiting i think also to see what the economy's going to do and where the auto market is pointing them towards as far as do they relocate some other production line into that lordstown plant that will hopefully sell better or do they close it down and -- which they've obviously announced already and then shift other portions of that workforce elsewhere within the gm network of plants in that area and then lay off and furlough the rest. cheryl: it's not like you can take a plant somewhere and change it over and -- and they make suvs instead of sedans, it doesn't work that way because of the structure of the plant itself. i want to ask you, the auto
5:37 am
industry in general, the threat of auto tariffs, what does that mean to you? does that worry you for the u.s. auto industry? >> we've seen some evidence from gm and the other automakers, it raises the cost of steel and some other components that they rely on. so far, they've sort of made that work, basically through the layoffs and the closing of these plants that we've seen that is at least according to gm one response to this tariff fight that's been going on. but they've been able to make it work and i don't see it as being a huge impact. they're making it and they're adjusting to that process, this extra challenge they've had. cheryl: and also dealing with steel price as well which has been another big story. so much to cover for that very important american industry. thank you, jeff. >> thank you. lauren: we're watching the price of l oil rising to a four-month high driven by supply cuts. let's bring in phil flynn from the price futures group to discuss all this.
5:38 am
the supply cuts seem to be working. they're going to extend them, phil and, hence, the price of oil near the highs of the year. >> and why not, right? if you're opec, you like higher prices, things are going good, you know, keep the cuts going. i'm not going to say there wasn't some debate. russia say doesn't need quite ha price as saudi arabia. there was discussions that maybe the russians were bawking a bit about a production cut. if it were just the opec cuts, it might not matter. but i think the impact of the venezuelan sanctioned oil is going to take toll on u.s. refiners. lauren: where do you see gas prices come spring? we're hearing three bucks. what do you think? >> buckle up. i think three bucks is in our future. you have a perfect combination going on right now. gasoline demand in the united states is through the roof right
5:39 am
now. you have a spat of refinery outages all over the country. you have this terrible chemical fire in techsal cit texas city. all of that is coming in. the lack ovens way lain oil, it's -- of venezuelan oil, it's heavy oil. they don't have enough of it, that means higher prices. lauren: phil flynn, short and sweet. we appreciate you. cheryl: i appreciate the buckle up comment. lauren: i don't, actually. higher gas prices. cheryl: we've got a lot coming up next. homeland secretary kirstjen nielsen sending a warning to republicans who rebuked the president's emergency declaration. the even bigger threat she says the country is now facing. and before you pick up that bottle of soda or some sugary sports drink, you want to hear our next report. that is all coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ she wore a raspberry beret.
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cheryl: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is raising the alarm on the countless dangers the u.s. faces around the globe. >> although the overall security of the homeland is strong, the threats we face are graver than any time since september 11th,
5:43 am
2001. cheryl lauren: griff jenkins live in washington with more on the state of our homeland. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. welcome to the dangers of the digital age, emerging online threats from china, iran and russia are a top priority of the agency created to combat terrorism. >> we now find ourselves defending against emerging threats on new battlegrounds, not only are we still facing the insidious threat from global jihadist but we are under siege from trans national criminals, faceless cyber thugs and hackers. >> reporter: she says the networks are targeted around the clock but while cyber security and counter terrorism are a core focus of her mission, she is stressing the urgency of border security. >> i can uncategorically tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border and it's becoming more and more heart-wrenching every day.
5:44 am
we are in system meltdown. >> reporter: as the border battle continues, the pentagon releases a lengthy list of military construction projects that could be cut to help pay for a wall ranging from water treatment plant improvements to air field security and hangar maintenance, generating nearly $13 billion in potential funding. democrat senator jack reed says what the president is doing, is a, quote, slap in the face to our military. he writes the president is planning to take funds from needed projects and di the verto -- divert them to his van phi vy wall. lauren: griff jenkins, thank you. cheryl: all right. here are some other headlines making news this morning. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren calling housing a basic human right at a town hall address on cnn last night. she outlined her plan to help
5:45 am
americans find homes. >> i believe what we should do is we should make a big investment in housing and by the way, if we do that, independent analysis from moody's says that we would lower rents across this country by about 10%. that's across the board. and we create an opportunity for more people to become buyers. cheryl: the senator also insisting that claiming her native american heritage had nothing to do with how her career turned out. apple planning a new streaming service next week and netflix isn't going to be a t part of it. netflix's ceo says netflix wants to have people watch their content on their own service. a new study may have soda drinkers feeling flat. a new study says there's a link of drinking sugary drinks and a higher risk of early death, especially in women.
5:46 am
maybe moderation is if key. disney is working to bring movie posters to life, using facial recognition software. poster will read your emotions and change the art work accordingly. if you're happy, dumbo's happy, for instance. lauren: i would want the opposite to happen, so it can change your mood. if you're depressed, i want to see a happy movie. cheryl: i go to the movies because i want to escape or maybe -- just escape. lauren: we don't like this idea. cheryl: not a fan. lauren: for the first time in 13 years, the yukon women's basketball team is not the number one seed in the ncaa tournament. who beat them to that top spot? we'll have that next. plus, why video game fortnite caused a blowout in an mlb locker room. keep it here.
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lauren: so it's official, march madness is here. the tournament begins tonight. cheryl: okay. jared max, it's almost time for tip-off. jared: one in five adults plays in the march madness brackets. everybody gets involved. tonight, probably a freebie, it's the play-ins between prairie view and dickinson. the women's ncaa bracket came out monday. the number one seed, baylor. this is not a misprint. the university of connect cut missing for the first time in 13 years, not a number one seed. yukon seeded second. duke is number one again in the
5:51 am
a.p. poll and the betting choice in vegas at caesars palace, duke two to one odds to win it all, the heaviest favorite since kentucky four years ago. the next clos closest is virgin. according to a survey, estimated 47 million americans will play about 149 million ncaa brackets and spend $8.5 billion doing so. you can print brackets at where you will find a message that reads they ncaa opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports way jeering. some people bet on ufc. some bet data white will run the show for years to come. you'd be right. there is a seven year contract extension and espn announces a seven year deal, exclusive provider of pay-per-view usc events. they will stream 12 events annually, $60 on top of regular cost for espn plus.
5:52 am
ever get frustrated when somebody should be working or appearing to be interested but is playing video games instead. last baseball season, phillies were in a losing streak and carlos santana says he smashed a television in the philly's clubhouse because he walked in during a game and some of the teammates were playing fortnite while the baseball game was going on. he took a bat to it. no word if he got in trouble. management may have liked the attitude, it's all about respect the game. lauren: you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: how your facebook post could be costing you money, why you may want to share your latest accomplishments at the gym over a round of shots at the bar. and you better like that facebook gym photo, otherwise you're going to stress out millennials why they say their lives are more difficult than ever. keep it here on "fbn: a.m."
5:53 am
lauren: you've got to like my post. ♪ crawling back to you. ♪
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lauren: once again, be careful what you post, todd piro joins us with that. >> be careful because todd is here. it's all about saving up money, guidance for how life insurers may use algorithms to comb through social. the focus is post healthy
5:57 am
behaviors like exercise. is it happening today, they haven't done to scale yet, at this point. it's still all about urine in the blood in determining what the premium is going to be, they haven't figured out how they not like to isolate for your activities. lauren: she's a marathon runner. >> she would get more money. cheryl: wants you to be healthy, they will do anything they can -- lauren: what if it's nothing? >> we are still few years away. lauren: how do millennials handle situations, todd? >> one-third of millennials believe their life is stressful than average american. 20, 22, 37, small problems are
5:58 am
adding to big stress, 40% of you stressed about having a dead phone battery, nearly 20% of you said getting zero likes on social media is causing you argument than significant other, biggest resource for your threat, you can control battery, loss of credit card or phone, plug in your phone, don't lose your card or your wallet. cheryl: social media one is ridiculous. >> they all are ridiculous. be adults and step up. not, you guys. cheryl: great to have you. come back tomorrow. >> okay. lauren: mornings with maria starts now. maria: hey there, ladies, wow a story that was, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, happy tuesday, it is tuesday march 19th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast.
5:59 am
jobs in america one automaker makes cuts another is adding, ford motor will create jobs in kentucky, breaking news, president trump taking aim at general motors again. relentless commitment to safety. message from boeing ceo this morning as the company faces growing concern of 737 max 8 jet on the second deadly crash involving the plane. taking action against twitter, congressman devin nunes filed 250 million-dollar lawsuit against twitter alleging it failed to take down defamatory tweets about him. social media and your insurance premium, how what you post can affect what you pay, mornings with maria begins right now from los angeles this morning. ♪
6:00 am
♪ maria: markets this morning are looking out. futures indicating gains at the start of trade, take a look, futures indicating dow industrials will be up 80 points at start of trading, this would be the market up 4 days in a row while s&p and nasdaq are up 2 straight days, s&p up 7 and nasdaq up 21 this morning. pretty good tone at start of trading if things hold on. american auto worker getting good news, ford motor announcing in past hour that it would add 550 new jobs at kentucky factory. general motors on the other hand, weathering criticism from president trump over the company's losing down of ohio plant. joining me automotive editor and financial partner chief


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