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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ maria: markets this morning are looking out. futures indicating gains at the start of trade, take a look, futures indicating dow industrials will be up 80 points at start of trading, this would be the market up 4 days in a row while s&p and nasdaq are up 2 straight days, s&p up 7 and nasdaq up 21 this morning. pretty good tone at start of trading if things hold on. american auto worker getting good news, ford motor announcing in past hour that it would add 550 new jobs at kentucky factory. general motors on the other hand, weathering criticism from president trump over the company's losing down of ohio plant. joining me automotive editor and financial partner chief investment officer
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ivan, great to see you both, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: gary, kick us off here and assess the situation in terms of jobs in america and what is happening, why such a different outcome when you look at ford and what they are trying to do versus gm shutting down the plant in ohio? >> ford adding jobs is moving jobs from another plant, general motors has jobs available just not in ohio, wants to shut down the plant completely. maria: ivan, tell me how you are investing in all of this, in terms of allocating capital to auto sector versus elsewhere. >> people are buying less cars and more trucks. the driver-consumer wants suv's
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and crossovers and in general demand for pickup trucks, vans and work vehicles is very strong. makes a lot of passenger cars when demand is for suv's that are made in other plants. gm has to continue to realign and retool manufacturing process to address the car and the vehicles that people want and unfortunately it costs and plant makes cars when people don't want. maria: another rally under way this morning, futures indicating a firmer tone, of course, today begins a 2-day federal reserve meeting. how are you placing bets? >> i've been very bullish, new all-time highs in early spring, early summer. i like tech sectors, i like companies that are sensitive to benefit if we do get a mutually beneficial trade agreement which
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i believe we will get. do i like companies like boeing and caterpillar, amazon, facebook, and a lot of the other big-tech companies. i do have a strong buy on general motors, i think that's a great value and the real value lies in autonomous vehicle, a lot of money in autoon -- autonomous vehicle. maria: great point. >> google, a growing technology and tesla does have incredible autonomous vehicle. maria: that's where the growth is, i guess, when you look at 10 years, 5 years, that's where the growth is. when do you expect we will have the first autonomous vehicle on the road actually, you know, is regulation there, can this happen without any new regulation, what needs to be done to see that actually take
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place, gary? >> as far as you being able to go to leadership and let it driving you home, that's a long ways away, i don't expect to see that any time soon, not only because of regulations but also because technology is not there. more limited deployment of technology, because you can sort of send vehicle and central location, so that's really what you are going to see in the first couple of years, if you're talking tesla, they will have autonomous vehicles, latest version of semiautonomous vehicle, we are a year or twoing from from being able to drive a car and having to take it you home. maria: wow about mercedes bens, mayback suv in alabama, here we have the mercedes-benz bringing back to, gary.
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>> it's going to be a version of the gls suv that they already build there. it's not a big surprise, the most expensive production car made in america, it's going to be made by mercedes-benz, not by cadillac or lincoln. maria: president trump will be in ohio tomorrow in heels of criticism of gm over the closure of the ohio plant, what do you expect of the president in terms of commentary today in ohio, we know how he feels about ohio closing the plant, he's been very vocal? >> i don't know what could change. i assume at some level the plant could be tool make of vehicles. unfortunately, i mean, losing jobs is never good, but it's just economic fact that we have to focus on what you have for
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and produce that at most efficient cost possible. maria: yeah, unfortunate even as we see unemployment rate at really record numbers here. gary, ivan, thank you. we want to get to this story, top stories this morning, the private bezos text, the national inquirer reportedly paid a high price for racy text messages between amazon ceo jeff bezos and then secret girl lauren sánchez, dagen mcdowell with more, dagen. dagen: there's jeff bezos and david pecker, right there in the middle, that's the brother of jeff bezos' girlfriend, mistress, laura sánchez, brother
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sánchez, the wall street journal leaves with this, amazon jeff bezos inquired about how they acquired, they even hinted that it was saudi arabia or the white house that might have been involved, in fact, it was michael sánchez the brother of lauren sánchez, mr. bezos' lover who sold the billionaire's secret for $200,000 to the inquirer's publisher, according to real news breaking by the wall street journal. michael sánchez is a talent agent and managed tv pundits out west for many years and had long relationship with the national inquirer and top editor. mr. sánchez started conversations last fall with the national inquirer about his sister's relationship with jeff bezos.
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inquirer by then had already started investigating whether jeff bezos and sánchez were having an affair, they worked together on some projects, affairs, relationship started last year, that's the story. i encourage people to read it because it goes into the back and forth about concerns about getting sued by jeff bezos within the national inquirer about their financial position at the time, at the time financial position and the long standing relationship that david pecker has with president trump and concerns how this might look bad, but again michael sánchez, brother of lauren sánchez sold text messages $200,000, it wasn't saudi arabia or the white house behind it. maria: yeah, you know, all the hints, trying to make it look like it was political like president trump had anything to do with his affair being outed, one thing that i didn't get from the article, dagen, how she
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shared the information with her brother. i mean, you know, when she started to tell the brother that she was having affair, that wasn't in there, i guess it's hard to connect that when she started the information, what was he doing, send me this picture, how did he have -- she sent him over stuff to her brother? dagen: i don't want to speculate, i've had -- right, i've had conversations with friends of mine, if you have multiple apple devices, if you have multiple apple devices around your home, other people might have access to them, i will leave it at that, there's still back and forth -- maria: good point. dagen: the post and that's not settled. maria: that's a very good point. dagen, thank you, boeing ceo speaking out meanwhile this morning amid crisis at that company, cheryl casone has though details this morning and, cheryl, the company came out with a video of everything. cheryl: we will play a bit,
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maria, a week, of course, after deadly crash of boeing jet, defending his company's safety record, he also expressed sorrow for the hundreds of victims in two air disasters involving the 737 max, while afters saying that boeing is cooperate -- cooperating in taking action. >> as facts become able, we are taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. we regret the ongoing challenges the grounding has caused for our customers and the flying public. cheryl: appearance comes as federal regulators and lawmakers are reportedly scrutinizing boeing design of the max jet, shares of boeing lost almost 2% yesterday again down in premarket little more than quarter percent right now. well, now hollywood hit by sex
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scandal, kevin stepping down after sexual misconduct investigations, following reports of text message and british actress, suggested sexual relationship was contingent of promises that she would be considered for roles in movies. starbucks with rewards program, rewards to be collected in as little to 2 to 3 visits, merchandise for the first time. they love those rewar at starbucks, maria. maria: yeah, they do, thank you so much, cheryl, tomorrow morning we have first on fox interview with ceo of starbucks join us for special interview, kevin johnson, update on what's happening with starbucks on the day that he meets with investors, tomorrow morning 8:30 a.m. eastern here.
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first filing lawsuit, congressman devin nunes is going after twitter this morning, suing the social media giant for defamation and negligence, we have the details coming up right after this. speaking of social media, how your online photos will affect your health insurance, be back in a minute. 's national car rental. at national, i'm in total control. i can just skip the counter and choose any car in the aisle i like. so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control.
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maria: welcome back, big program, ohio congressman and house financial committee member, president trump visiting ohio. first fox business interview with the ceo of premier with us talking health care, retired four-star general, general jack
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keane joining us, singer-song writer joey villa, twitter facing 250 million-dollar lawsuit from member of u.s. congressman, california representative, ranking member of intel committee devin nunes filed lawsuit monday accusing twitter of shadow banning conservatives and ignoring abusive behavior. devin nunes told me week and a half ago. you will deal with mixed information out there, how do you deal with that? you referred to them in the past aztec oligarchs? >> , sometimes it comes from the democrats, right, and the dossier, they feed it to the media and the media distorts it and then tech companies out there that are controlling what
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americans see and what tech companies, they try to pretend they are not, they are developing content, okay, two ways, one algorithms, they are controlling what you and i see on device, the other thing that they are doing is monetizing this, so there's some people that will not -- like if you're conservative out there putting conservative videos out there, you will not get money for that people are not going to advertise on that. so all of this has got to be dealt with, i think, in the future. maria: and he's dealing with it this morning by suing twitter 250 million, fox business dagen mcdowell, along with chairman in program at king's college in manhattan brian brendberg. interesting development here and i understand, dagen, my sources are telling me this is the first
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lawsuit of many that devin nunes is going to be suing other media companies in coming weeks, your reaction? dagen: your viewers would know about this if they watched you regularly on the program and sunday morning futures because you have been ahead of this for a long period of time. seeking $250 million in compensatory damages, $250 in punitive damages, congressman nunes against twitter. the complaint also names specific twitter accounts not just the shadow banning that allegedly spread the defamatory material about him. one defendant published tweets that implied that congressman nunes colluded with cocaine addicts, he did drugs, this is in the complaint and involved in russian money laundering and there's even account said that nunes invested in a winery that allegedly used underage hookers
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to solicit investment. the lawsuit aimed to stop this behavior and force twitter to basically crack down on these kinds of accounts and open the volt, if you will, to see what's really going on within social media companies. maria: i totally agree, and one of the issues here, the account that is you referred to, dagen, devin nune's mom and you have fake account, went on and on and on for a long time an twitter never took it down, they say we are just protecting people. meanwhile they let this account by devin nunes' mom that he's with prostitutes and cocaine which is total bs, it's just lies and let it go on and never
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took it down. >> you can see why devin nunes is so mad, he's been on twitter for 10 minutes, you know this is the kind of thing you see, he has a real legitimate complaint. the first amendment question is going to be interesting here, to what degree can you ask twitter to do these things, is it a platform, is it a content provider, i think that's the really interesting part of nunes' lawsuit here, twitter is not a platform, it's a content provider, it's creating messaging, it is using people tweets to convey a message that it wants to convey. i think it's very important to the public to have that conversation about what exactly twitter is and maybe nunes' lawsuit will help to bring that to the surface. maria: well, i totally agree given the fact that increasing number of people get news from social media, right, dagen, people are getting their news there, we can't have the social media companies censoring content? >> right, absolutely, really quickly, i want to correct something, jeff bezos, he
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alleged extortion by american media and the national inquirer in vlog post, investigation within the company by outside law firm on that, i wanted to be clear it was bezos alleging extortion. maria: allegationing. we will have more on that because that's another incredible this morning this morning as you heard, everybody, this issue that lauren sánchez's brother who got paid to get those texts to the national inquirer. all right, quick break, details on the ride-sharing company, wait to see the video that has gone viral. police trying to wrangle a cow and where it ended up right here .
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>> markets look good this morning, higher opening, take a look at futures, gain at the start of trading, s&p 500 up 8 and nasdaq up 21 and a half right now. big week on wall street for investors, we are waiting on the federal reserve meeting, 2-day meeting which begins today, we are not expecting any moves in rates but the u.s.-china trade deal also on the docket, we are waiting for any news there, no meetings so far have been scheduled between president and xi jinping in mar-a-lago. all this as u.s. chip makers are expecting concern that trade deal would force them to do deal with beijing to give china more control over the semiconductor industry, right now really u.s. owns the chip business, joining me to talk about that randy connor.
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>> good to be here. maria: what's driving markets from your standpoint, what are your clients an investors looking for in terms of unleashing more fire power? >> there's really easy where you can be aggressive 2017 tight market, kind of in between where it can be good but you might want to treat it with a little bit of caution. what they are looking for to get things, have another sustainable leg is the things that they are worried about, to be less of a worry. maria: trump economy is focused today because the president is going to ohio today and we have the new cnn poll, cnn poll shows 71% of the people surveyed view the u.s. economy in good shape, this is the best ratings for president trump's so far, the poll finds that 51% approve of president trump's handling of
6:27 am
the economy. so good news here and certainly another remind they're the backdrop is pretty good. >> yeah, numbers have gone up. if you try to go to restaurants and it's packed. maria: right. >> people are in good mood as far as that goes. i think that's their concern, while i think the economy may hold what's going on in china, those are the kind of things that make them worry, hey, will it last. maria: let my bring dagen mcdowell in new york, federal reserve meeting is a 2-day meeting, dagen, you're not expecting much from the fed, right? i think it's really interesting that you hear now people talking about cut rate yesterday one of the fed government say it's warranted to think that, fed rate cut. dagen: they expect to get guidance from the fed that they are in no rush to move interest rates at all.
6:28 am
we start the year with 2 interest rates -- interest rate increases is likely, now it's nothing but cut potentially, also the fed is expected to give guidance about when it's going to stop the wind down in the balance sheet, it's still close to $4 trillion. it's up for discussion but maybe september is the time that they're going to -- they're going to stop the balance sheet unwind, that's going to be critical, also the dot plot dilemma, the wall street journal writes about that today, 19 officials, this dot plot we were talking about yesterday has caused a lot of confusion and all the central banks governors are concerned about that as well. maria: yeah, that's good info and i just found the report i was referring to. he said yesterday preemptive cut may be warranted.
6:29 am
really interesting stuff there. when you look at how to allocate capital right now, randy, are there areas that you think are bigger growth stories with others, where would you allocate capital? >> sounds strange, tech is a big area, dominating our lives for so long, when you look at it you might conclude just getting started. we talk to clients, always interesting to hear business model and story after story involves tech including we have a client cattle ranching in texas and when we hear they use tech from monitoring the cows, are hay eating, healthy, you start to realize even in that tech is dominating. that's an area you will want to play, we preferred in broadway -- maria: okay, we will leave it there, great to have you, randy conner. when we come back, biggest threat to the united states, kirstjen nielsen says it's not the crisis at the border, wait till you hear what she said.
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brink's exposed, customers reportedly were able to see other customers' data through a glitch, more when we come back right here.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday march 19, top stories right now 6:33 a.m. on the east coast. two-day fed meeting that has kicked off today, futures indicating higher opening for the broader averages for the markets, dow industrials expected to be up 80 points. the s&p up 8 and the nasdaq up 23 on top of gains yesterday, if the dow is higher today, longest winning streak of the year, yesterday dow industrials up 65, s&p was up 10 and nasdaq up 26 points at the close yesterday. in europe this morning, take a look at the momentum there. european indices higher across the board, cac quarante in paris up 20 and dax index in germany up 87. in asia overnight, markets were mostly lower with the exception of hong kong, fractional moves across the board, kospi the most
6:35 am
-- the biggest mover up -- down almost 2%, data exposure concerns to tell you about, new report that some customers are seeing information online from other people's accounts, what you need to know coming up. a road block for lyft ahead of ipo, ride-sharing in legal battle to end minimum wage to drivers in new york city. taking a walk on the wild side could cost you, insurance companies may use what you post on social media to help set premiums, important note there. plus why did the cow crossed the road, to eat more, all the stories coming up tuesday morning. first half an hour with threats to national security, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is speaking out on several issues, she spoke yesterday including touching on
6:36 am
the border, watch this. >> the situation at southern border has gone to crisis to national emergency to near system wide meltdown. i say this with the upmost sengerty -- sincerity, the system is breaking, on top of list of threats that many of you can guess, the word highlighted, underlined. what worries me is not what the actors have done but what they have the capability to do, stealing most sensitive secrets deceiving us about our own data, distracting us during crisis, launching physical attacks on infrastructure with a few key strokes or planting false flags to involve us with conflict with other nations. the possibilities are endless. maria: also warning that border crossings reached highest level in more than decade.
6:37 am
fox news senior analyst, jack keane. >> good morning, maria. maria: pretty scary commentary from kirstjen nielsen right there. let's start with cyber threats, some banks get 30 million attempts to break into the system a day? >> yeah, absolutely no exaggeration about that. i was director of defense contract other, 1 billion attempted penetrations per month. absolutely staggering how prolific the chinese are who are the number one when traitors of cyberspace. comprehensive, literally hundreds of thousands of cyber hackers who are working every single day to get into the systems, they are the number one stealers of data in the world, nobody even comes close to what
6:38 am
they're attempting to do every single day. maria: you know, the president knows this, the president has been pushing back on china for a number of months now and -- for a number of reasons because it's not just the forced transfer of technology, not just the ip theft, not just espionage, but it's also this, this constant attempt to get into our systems, right, and they don't admit it. >> absolutely not. here is some of the problems we have, number one, our defenses aren't as good as they should be and there's attempt clearly to make them better. much bigger problem than having wire -- fire walls. the second thing is, we don't use our defensive cyber to the degree we should, that could help build deterrence.
6:39 am
what am i talking about? we have ways of determining who is attacking us and when we know that, we should use cyber, offensive cyber, attack and disinstruct and destroy that source, if we impose the cost on the deliver of the attack before they conducted that attack, they could have to consider the impact of that cost because we are goingn that offensive capability to them and this administration is taking steps to loosen up the rules and regulation to use offensive cyber so that it can be delegated to lower levels and doesn't have to come to president and finally do it. these things need to be done at network speed, we have to be able to react quickly and it's not something that takes presidential approval in a matter of days or weeks, that's a good thing and i'm hoping that we clearly get more aggressive in the use of offensive
6:40 am
capability. maria: yeah, just the fact that she's raising this issue speaking publicly about it tells you that maybe we are, in fact, let me switch gear, general, middle east, the syrian troop withdrawal after months that the president announced that u.s. troops in syria will be coming home, the u.s. to plan to keep 1,000, more than 2,000 the administration was going the leave in the area, more than 1,000 troops in syria, your reaction. >> chairman dunford, chief of staff, said the 1,000 is likely not accurate number but larger than the initial 400 that the administration said. here is the reason why, there are three missions that were assigned to our troops, we have been assisting the 60,000 syrian democratic forces, u.s. troops and british troops and french troops are doing right now.
6:41 am
that's being reduced. something under the thousand, mission one would be to establish safe zone in turkey to protect syrian kurds, mission 2, to counter isis so they don't reemerge and mission 3 to operate a base in southern syria which would block iranians' desire to have land bridge inside of syria. those are the three mission, the first mission is a challenge, the brits and the french were there, maria. they don't want to participate, they want to continue what they are doing and keep the foot, they don't want to be involved in peace enforcement mission between turkey and syrian kurds. that's the issue that the pentagon is facing. maria: at the end of the day, you know, there's still isis and the potential for them to regroup and we fight iran,
6:42 am
general, you just mentioned, before we go, you mentioned general dunford, i want to point out that the other day during senate hearing he said and this was in response to a question about google because we know that google decided to walk away from a contract with the pentagon because its employees protested that they didn't want google to be in business with the u.s. government, i don't even wanting to there but that's what they said and you know what chairman dunford said the other day in senate hearing while google is working in china it is actually indirectly helping the chinese military. here you have one of the smartest top technology companies of our time, an american american that is able to do everything that it wants to go because freedoms and democracy of this great country, america, they walk away from pentagon, work in china and they end up indirectly helping the chinese military? do they not understand the issues of the day?
6:43 am
>> yeah, stunning revelation and listen, they have a right to compete and not compete for defense contracts. what they pulled away from was the pentagon desire to have a sophisticated comprehensive operation, the second thing was imaging of drone videos, they pulled away from it. here is what they said, the reason why we don't want to work on a contract with the pentagon is because it's not in line with our values, their corporate values but it's america's values defended by the united states military that allows that organization to thrive and prosper. i mean, that's incredible and outrageous. maria: can you imagine if american companies decided back in 1939 we will not work with u.s. government because we want to get foothold in imperil japan, give me a break, gate to see you, thank you so much. >> good talking to you, maria. maria: general jack keane,
6:44 am
sprint reportedly exposed customer data, this just never ends, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, again, some sprint customers were able to see other customers information including names and phone numbers on online accounts, text messages and caller id settings were other users, not clear how widespread this is. more than 15 million subscribers. now to lyft, the road to ipo is in pothole in manhattan court. the judge has denied the request to block minimum wage for drivers, pay rate implementation hurts drivers. the judge expected to issue written ruling in next 30 days, filed for ipo2 weeks ago, then there's this, guys, cow loose in indiana may be able to get a job at chick-fil-a. the cow is on the move. some people thought, maria, this
6:45 am
was publicity stunt by chick-fil-a. it really wasn't, it escaped. no word if the cow would get advertising fee from chick-fil-a. maria: that's so funny, will he eat more chicken. we will be right back, stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, deer plant fire could last 2 more days, authorities are monitoring air
6:49 am
quality constantly, the fire broke out on sunday but health officials say that early air quality test show nos risk to people near because it's high enough that no pollutants are affecting the ground. they will pick up your junk, asking people to remove chairs, anything else that they've used to save a parking spot they dug out of the snow. if the items are not moved they will be picked up for trash collection. la times this morning writes about the super bloom shutdown, lake shut access after crowds descend on poppy fields. good conditions for the super bloom, forced to closed canyon, the situation escalated beyond available resources. we will take a short break, when we come back, doing it for the
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maria: some of a few of my favorite instagram photos on instagram lately, shot right now actually. social media posts though could get you in trouble, increase your future insurance costs, lauren simonetti with details on
6:54 am
this one. lauren: based on the photos that i just saw before you came to me i think you will get a cheaper life insurance policy. you look healthy, you look relax, healthy lifestyle, new york is actually the first day to provide guidance for how algorithms could be use today look -- used to look throw and comb through social media. you want to post pictures doing yoga, meditating not you having drinks at the bar with your coworkers or going sky diving or doing risky things like that because that ups your -- your liability for the insurance companies. also want to make sure that your friends do not tag you in photos of you doing any of those things so basically like the rule of thumb, be careful what you and your friends post about you. this is very underdeveloped technology right now but it is a direction of where we are going with the industry and could also broaden for car insurance and property insurance and things like that, right now when you
6:55 am
get life insurance and they get blood test and urine, have assessment of how healthy of a lifestyle you live, how healthy of a person you are and they are starting to use the social media to add to that narrative. is it fair, i think sky diving, i don't sky dive, i've done it. does that mean i won't post a picture, i will have higher premium because of it, conversely, do i yoga, do i yoga all of the time but we can post a picture of you do healthy once, doesn't mean that that's your lifestyle, right? maria: yeah, i agree with you, i love yoga, a lot of people do post stuff like that. you know, the younger generations do not care what they put, they are just putting stuff out there not realizing that later it's -- it could come up to bite you. lauren: in the wallet, the moral of the story be careful what you post because could make more expensive and we might start to
6:56 am
see other industries if they're not already. look. healthy person minus the picture down on the right. we eat a lot of pizza. [laughter] maria: i like the pizza shot. dagen, you're active on instagram too. i'm loving instagram, what have you posted lately, are you thinking about this kind of stuff that lauren is telling us? dagen: i'm basically in my apartment with my dog, charley, charlie and ramon. [laughter] maria: we will take a short break, lauren, thank you. when we come back elon cool sneakers, how you can score musk jordans, right here back in a minute. and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 1st. your top stories right now. taking action against twitter, congressman devin nunes filed a $250 million lawsuit against twitter. he is alleging it failed to take down defamatory tweets about him. hear what he told me first about the claim, coming up. a relentless commitment to safety, that's the message from boeing's ceo this morning. the company faces groaning concerns about the 737 max 8 jet following the second deadly crash involving that jet. broader markets are higher. we're expecting a gain at the start of trading. futures indicate the market will
7:01 am
open up 100 points and the s&p is up 11, nasdaq up 28 after gains across the board yesterday. the dow is up four days in a row if we close here, this would be the fifth day in a row of gains. want to make sure to be clear about that. the nasdaq and s&p 500, two days straight of gains. in europe this morning, markets are also showing momentum, take a look at the european indices. the fq100 is up 28. in asian, markets were mostly lower, franksal moves -- fractional moves. elon musk not playing by the rules once again, the securities and exchange commission said he never sought approval for his tweets despite making a deal with regular later regulators t. more on that, plus how to score a pair of ofy elon's nike kits.
7:02 am
all those stories coming up this tuesday morning. joining me in new york, dagen mcdowell, the king's college chairman of the program and business and finance, brian brenburg. good to see you guys. >> great to be here. dagen: good morning, maria bartiromo. maria: you mentioned -- >> very early for. mariafor you.maria: it was too. you've got the federal meeting, two-day meeting begins today. you made an important point earlier about the balance sheet. what should we focus on that jay powell tells us later tomorrow when we actually hear what went on in that meeting today? dagen: looking for a timeframe of the when the balance sheet winddown is going to stop. i think stephanie pomboy said this repeatedly. usually there's a six month time period from the last rate hike to the first cut but that really doesn't apply this time because you have to wait for them to stop the balance sheet unwind before you actually see an
7:03 am
interest rate cut because it wouldn't make any sense for them to potentially cut interest rates if the concerns are out there that the u.s. economy is slowing or in a precarious position. they wouldn't cut interest rates until they stop that balance sheet unwind which is drawing money out of the financial system. maria: yeah. we'll see about that. they gave us a real pivot, brian, but going from the rate hikes to the pivot to a rate cut, that would be pretty stunning. i know the european eurozone economic growth is down to 1%, the target 1 to 1.2. well, ecb president says he's expecting 1.1% growth in the eurozone. a lot of people say they're lucky to get 1%. that's going to hit the u.s. that would be a lot of info about the u.s. economy if we were to go all the way from a rate hike to the pivot to the balance sheet drawdown, stopping this year to a cut. >> yeah if you look at the end of last year, remember the big concern was how much is the fed
7:04 am
going to increase rates in 2019. so you're right, the pendulum has swung all the way. that's put the fed actual any a tough position, not the same tough position they were in last year but the tough position of people now starting to bake in the idea of a rate cut. i don't think the fed wants to take us there just yet. yes, the global economy is slowing. the u.s. economy, though, is still showing signs of resilience. now the fed, powell has to manage this idea that just because we're pausing doesn't mean we're cutting. if people start to bake the cut in, that changes expectations, that can toy around with markets. that could create a lot of headaches for the fed later on this year. maria: we'll see. the two-day meeting starts today. we'll get commentary tomorrow. big technology censorship, california congressman, devin nunes is filing a $250 million lawsuit against twitter, alleging twitter allowed critics
7:05 am
to defame him on the platform. he says twitter engages in shadow banning of conservative opinions. i spoke with congressman nunes earlier this month. he weighed in on the handling of misinformation. you're saying you're going to deal with the misinformation out there. how do you deal with that? you referred to them in the past azteas tech oligarchs to me. >> the fake news media, they're putting out fake news stories. sometimes it comes i from the democrats, they feed it to the media, the media runs the story. the numerous tech companies out there, what they have become is they try to pro ten to pretend e not but they're content developers, they're developing content, one through algorithms so they're controlling what you
7:06 am
and i see. they're monetizing this. there's some people that will not get rewarded. like if you're a conservative out there, putting conservative videovideo together, you're notg to get money for that people are not going to advertise on that. so all this has got to be dealt with, i think, in the future. maria: and he's dealing with it now with this lawsuit. joining me right now is real clear politics co-founder and president, tom bevin. it's good to see you. thanks so much for being with us. >> you bet. maria: my sources say that he devin nunes is going to be filing suit against four other media caps in the coming -- mead media companies in the coming weeks. your reaction to what he's doing this morning, suing twitter for $250 million. >> this is the beginning of the debate we've been having, the legal struggle over questions of free speech and questions of
7:07 am
whether these companies are in fact private companies and neutral companies or whether they are content publis publish. should they be treated like public utilities. is this the new digital town square that some voices are being shut out of. as to the ticks of the case, -- particulars of the case, we'll have to see what the courts say. it is a question that certainly conservatives have felt that this is something that's been working against them. you don't see this kind of behavior directed toward lib brahmliberals is what conservats will always say. i think we're at the beginning of a long battle. maria: there were a lot of things that were taken down and yet these two accounts with devin nunes, one was called devin nunes' mother and they're attacking him. that was never taken down. and it's hard to argue that these companies are not media companies, tom. i mean, do you see facebook, apple, you know, twitter, at least in part as media
7:08 am
companies, given the fact that so many americans get their news from social media today? they've become so much more powerful than ever before. >> i think that's one of the things we have seen over the past five years or so, is that these are publishing companies. they are creating content, massive amounts of content, and a lot of americans are -- that's how they're getting and consuming news and information. in that sense, they become -- and on the business side from an advertising perspective as well, they've become these sort of bohemoths in the marketplace. the devin nunes account, that gets to the question of what's a parody, what's not a parody, where do you draw free speech lines. yesterday twitter admitted that they mistakenly removed a post from shawn davis, a co-founder of the federalist. conservatives would call that a shadow ban meaning that twitter
7:09 am
is restricting what people can see, what people are seeing in their feeds and that is a form of censorship. dagen: i want to illustrate something that's very important in this lawsuit and in the law today. usually federal law exempts companies like twitter from defamation liability at all levels. you have to go back to the 1995 communications decency act that protects internet service providers -- remember, this is the beginning of really the growth of the internet. that law protects internet service providers and website hosts from defamation claims. if you want to sue for defamation, you have to go after the individual, the person making the defamatory remarks. this is critical because when we talk about twitter and these social media companies being publishers, that changes everything. it changes whether they can be sued directly for defamation.
7:10 am
so devin nunes' lawsuit is a test of that. and it will be interesting to see how other congress people step up to see if they actually try to change the law. but it changes the entire social media equation as we know it. maria: right, which is why i asked tom, can you really say these companies are not media companies today, publishers, given the fact that so many people get their news from it. the tweet that you referred to, tom, that twitter admitted to taking down, that was a passage last week from former fbi attorney lisa page and her congressional testimony, talking about the fbi's rush to find connections between the trump campaign and russia while at the same time he was writing about the irony that hillary clinton's campaign employed former u.k. spy christopher steele, a foreign national, working with russians to try to get dirt on donald trump. so exactly what the democrats said donald trump did, hillary clinton was doing.
7:11 am
and shawn davis tweeted about it and they took it down and twitter admits, that yes, they took it down. i want to get to another story and that's boeing. ceo dennis muilenburg speaking out about the fay fatal ethiopn crash. listen to this. >> safety is as the core of who we are at boeing and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone. we're united with our airline customers, international regulators and government authorities in our efforts to support the most recent investigation. understand the facts of what happened, and help prevent future tragedies. we're taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. soon, we'll release a software update for the 737 max that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the lion air
7:12 am
flight 610 accident. maria: tom, your reaction here. muilenburg had to come out. you needed to hear from boeing in the face of all of this. >> boeing is trying to get ahead of this, as well, they should. it's not an extended shale an s they've only delivered 370 of these. there's a lot of work to be done on boeing's behalf here. that's what they're trying to do. but obviously there was a report in the seattle times that came out yesterday which suggested that boeing and the faa, they missed some things in the update of the flight system and that's something that is going to prompt a whole bunch of lawsuits. we're at the beginning of this story, not the end. maria: all right. tom, great to see you this
7:13 am
morning. thanks so much. tom bevin, real clear politics there. coming up, elon musk versus the securities and exchange commission. how can you get musk's custom branded sneakers? we'll tell you. it will cost you. he should have listened, one golfer blowing millions in winnings after not taking his caddie's advice. we've got the story after this. ♪ i'm on top of the world. ♪ waiting on this for a while now. ♪
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maria: welcome back. vice president mike pence headed to nebraska today as historic flooding sweeps the midwest. cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl: more than 8 million people are under flood warnings in the midwest.
7:17 am
at least three people have died and hundreds forced from their homes. the governors of nebraska, iowa, wisconsin declaring states of emergency. crews going door-to-door to find families and animals trapped in their homes. more than 200 people have been rescued just since friday. meanwhile, the trump administration says it plans to overoverhaul government subsidid flood insurance. they will look at areas individually when assessing flood risk and the cost of the contract. the securities and exchange commission rejecting tesla ceo elon musk's claim that the agency is unfairly trying to silence him. the s.e.c. says musk should be held in contempt for violating a federal court order because he didn't get a single tweet approved by a company lawyer like he was supposed to. the settlements stem from tweets from musk last year about having the money to take tesla private at 420 per share when the funding was not in fact secure.
7:18 am
and his problems don't end there. as tesla tries to ramp up production and cut costs, an internal e-mail reportedly is showing that the company is asking its employees to volunteer to help deliver 30,000 more cars before the end of the first quarter, 15 days from now. tesla shares are down half a percent right now. elon musk's custom tesla sneakers are soon going to be available for purchase. he wore these shoes made from python skin at the model y reveal. they got a lot of attention on social media, especially. well, california based dm custom sneakers is going to make six limited edition versions, 1 $10 a pair. they were designed as a gift for him. $1,50$1,500 sneakers. you never know. maria: coming up, making some moves. with people leaving town for
7:19 am
lower taxes or better pay, we're taking a look at how real estate prices are being affected. that's going to be a good one, next up. and then victoria's secret fans rejoicing the clothing brand bringing back bathing suits but with a slight change. details next. ♪ i'll be your strong and steady. ♪ you'll be my glass of wine. ♪ i'll be your shot of whiskey. ♪ you'll be my sunny day. ♪ i'll be your shade tree. my dr. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now...
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so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. maria: welcome back. migration and real estate, joining me right now here in los angeles is hasam naji. first, assess the real estate market for us.
7:23 am
your focus is commercial real estate. what are you seeing in the market right now? >> commercial real estate has the benefit of avoiding the over-building that usually becomes a problem and avoiding the over-lending that usually becomes a problem. here we are, eight years into an expansion and because there has been very little over-building, if any, and no over-leveraging of too many loans being placed irresponsibly with too much risk, supply and demand is well-balanced. thloan performance is healthy. the yield for commercial real estate when compared to other investment vehicles, volatility in the stock market, really stand out. we're seeing a lot of new capital formation on the private investor side coming into the market and institutions are remaining pretty active. maria: you're seeing private investors come in, individuals can buy a stake in the sale of a big apartment building or the sale of a mall type thing. is that what you're saying?
7:24 am
>> it's both direct acquisition of smaller assets, 2, 3, 4, $5 million assets that can be acquired by a private investor that pools their money with a friend or family member. the predominant, vast majority of investors in commercial real estate are individual investors and partnerships. and then there is syndicators and professional fund managers that do what you suggested and that is acquire assets by taking passive investor capital and managing it for them. that's always been the largest segment of real estate investment, commercial real estate investments. maria: technology is enabling some of this. the power of instagram when it comes to real estate, developers are taking advantage of the social media platform. reamedia.real estate developerse designing with social media
7:25 am
inside. they're looking at what people are attracted to on intake takem and designing buildings like that? >> absolutely. it's showing up on the design element, also the marketing of it. the vast majority of commercial real estate investors are baby boomers and these days many of our clients are bringing their children who are inheriting the real estate portfolios to discussions with us on strategy and all that. those children are very social media savvy. so marketing, for example, a new apartment building that is appealing to renters via social media becomes a more important factor than it's ever been before. maria: fascinating. >> it really is. maria: that's a great point. >> the world is changing and real estate is changing with it. maria: what about cyber threats? we heard from kirstjen nielsen, talking about the biggest threat is cyber. is that one of the biggest threats for real estate as well? a recent poll shows that 69% of
7:26 am
industry executives say they fear a cyber attack as early as this year. >> we have had that concern for quite a while as a large company ourselves. we have over 2,000 professionals doing investment property brokerage and financing and all the private information that we collect on our transactions of course is a very, very valuable part of our business. so cyber security has been a very important element for us and even a company our size gets a lot of attempted hacks and so on and so it's been a very high priority for us. i'm not surprised to hear this. maria: when you look at the commercial market today -- we talk a lot about malls having seen the retail storefront go away. have you seen a replacement for that? for a long time it was healthcare. in the commercial real estate story, where is the growth? >> well, we're seeing it reshaping of the demand on the retail side. lots of restaurants are expanding, lots of entertainment venues are expanding, lots of healthcare, finance, beauty,
7:27 am
everything that has to do with the demographics of baby boomers and millennials, those are doing well. where the retail developer hasn't adaptn adapted and reten, we're seeing the most pain. the brick and mortar component of real estate is still very viable but it's changing very dramatically. maria: really fascinating stuff. great to see you. thank you so much. still a ahead, healthcare in focus this morning, hearings coming up on capitol hill on the future of healthcare prices, drug prices, how you may be able to save coming up. it is in the bag, details on disney's new deal with a fashion icon, all right here, next up. ♪ what do you say we leave for california. ♪ no one has to know if we decide to go. ♪ what do you say we leave for
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 19th. your top stories right now. markets are higher this morning, futures indicating a rally at the start of trading, dow industrials set to open up about 100 points this morning, s&p 500 is up 10, nasdaq futures right now up 25. this on top of gains across the board yesterday. the dow industrials picked up another 65 points, quarter of a percent, s&p was up 10, nasdaq
7:32 am
was up 25. in europe this morning, firmness across the board there as well. money moving into equities, the fq100 is up 45 points, two-thirds of 1%, cac is up 26 and the dax index up 104 points today right now. germany, we are kicking off the first day of a two-day federal reserve meeting today, asian markets finishing lower overnight as you can there. bathing suits are back for victoria's secret, in time for the spring and spring break. where you can find the popular swimwear coming up and a new line of accessories inspired by disney classics. a closer look at the partnership between coach and disney. s is for "sesame street" and stamps. the postal service celebrating the iconic children's program. more on that, plus a social media challenge from the show that is going viral this morning. when a risk does not pay off, one golfer misses off on millions after not listening to his caddie. the story coming up this morning a all here.
7:33 am
first, drug prices in focus, the house energy and commerce committee held hearings on lowering drug prices and reducing market competition on capitol hill last week. they want to increase competition so that prices go lower. this ahead of more hearings scheduled next week. my next guest's company hopes to provide more efficient healthcare and maintains an alliance of more than 4,000 hospitals and health systems in the united states. joining me now is susan devore. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. nice to be here. maria: let me get your take on the consolidation question. we've seen a lot of consolidation within your space, certainly within hospitals and that is partly due to the cost. it's a cost saving move. where are we in that, do you think? will we see more consolidation of hospitals? >> i think you'll continue to see integration. the problem is health systems need scale and if you're going to a take out duplication and you're going to coordinate the
7:34 am
care across the system, you actually have to integrate with all the pieces and parts and actually integrated systems prove that costs can be lower and so i think you will see more and more integration across health systems. maria: what does that mean in terms of integration? tell us what that looks like? where are they integrating? are they integrating on technology, on what? >> from a patient's perspective, a patient wants their primary care doctor, they want access to specialists, they want hospitals, imaging centers, surgery centers. what they want to know is they're getting the best care in the right place at the lowest cost and so integration really means health systems putting those pieces together and actually the payment models and the insurance payment models need to follow suit, meaning they need to pay for the entire bundle and the coordination of that care. maria: and you've been really knee-deep in innovation. where is the next innovation
7:35 am
coming from within healthcare? i mean, we've been talking about this marriage of healthcare and technology now for a decade and it certainly has enabled us to get ahead of disease. how do you see it? >> innovation is coming in three ways, i think. one, it's coming in all the reforms that are happening around drug pricing, drug -- the way drugs -- drug shortages, innovation needs to continue in the development of new drugs but we have to get control over the pricing of drugs. ii think it's also happening in technology, disruptive technologies, the connectivity of technologies and innovation is coming in payment models where you pay health systems and providers based on the value that they're delivering and so there are several innovations happening. employers are very much leading the way now in trying to drive innovation into the healthcare delivery system. maria: is this one way to get prices down? i mean, the age dar-old questiof
7:36 am
getting drug prices lower, can it happen? >> you know, we think competition works. when you look at a drug that only has one supplier and a new supplier enters the market, that price goes down by 45, 50%. so competition works. and what premier does is actually aggregate volume, create competitive friction, drive the price down and then we're an information monster around what's -- monster around what'-- non moniter. competition actually works. maria: you've been restructuring the company under the single sales organization. what that's done in terms of its impact on devore. >> premier goes to market with two big capabilities. one is the end to end supply chain, aggregating that $60 billion of volume and helping health systems lower the cost of everything they buy. and the other side is all the
7:37 am
infomatics, clinical information and data and making it really actionable. when we talk to health systems, those two things fit together. when you're trying to deliver clinical care, you've got to lower supply chain cost, you've got to be productive with your labor, you've got to deliver the best clinical outcomes and so the integration of our -- we have 100 billion data points to really drive the improvement and apply machine learning to that so that you can really drive tim provement in the healthcare system. that's what we're all about. maria: and you've also done it with acquisitions for premier. >> we have. we've acquired over the last five plus years about a billion and-a-half of companies and these have been technology capabilities, data assets, service capabilities, and we are all about integrating data, technology and services so that we can help these health systems really deliver high quality care at more affordable cost.
7:38 am
maria: it's very important. let me get your take on the fda chief resigning, earlier this month fda chief scott gotlieb announced he would be stepping down from his post. how is this going to affect the industry? what's your reaction to all of this? >> dr. gotleib was a fantastic fda commissioner. he created a blueprint for pharma drug pricing reductions and reform in the pharma market. he took on the opioid issue, a variety of other issues. i think he's laid out a very progressive plan in terms of how to drive reforms in the fda. they've had more drug approvals, 900 plus since 2017, i think. he made a lot of fantastic changes. i think his successor needs to continue to implement the blueprint that they created. maria: so does this impact your
7:39 am
growth plans? i mean, after you reported better than expected earnings, a number of analysts were saying the growth looks good so far but the second half is what we're focused on in terms of questioning that. are you expecting growth to slow down second half of the year, susan? >> you know, in our earnings call we discussed some very significant accounting changes that affected sort of how revenue was recognized first half of the year versus second half. so the business is growing. it will continue to grow. we have to get through this year of accounting changes and as we look forward, we see the growth path for premier because the healthcare industry is in need of significant improvement and so our data assets, our technology, our supply chain services are all directed to those efforts. we have a long-term view of it. we have to work through some of these accounting issues. maria: and what's the impact of amazon entering the field? amazon obviously partnering with jp morgan and berkshire hatway,
7:40 am
the venture is called haven. its goal is to improve healthcare and lower costs for the one and a quarter million employees. susan, how does this impact the market and your business with amazon now entering? >> you know, i think the haven activity is indicative of employers frustration with insurance companies' ability to actually lower the cost and deal with variation and deal with clinical outcomes. and so i think employers are increasingly -- and premier is experiencing this too, are going directly to the provider delivery system and saying let's figure out how to fix this from the inside and let's figure out how to sort of not work through third parties but go directly to the provider system and i think that's what haven has in mind as well. i think for us it's a new potential addressable market. we have activities, we're building prototypes to really design a provider-driven and
7:41 am
patient-centered approach to working directly with employers. maria: and amazon will be sort of high touch services, right? i mean, it's a small part of what you're doing over the near term. >> yeah, you know, and amazon is taking on a variety of the pieces and parts. i think what premier is trying to do is holistically say with an employer how do you take all that data about what's happening in the healthcare system and drive the improvement and share those results with the employer directly and self-funded employers see it as a potential benefit directly to their bottom lines and also better for their employees in terms of better clinical outcomes. maria: very important to have that partner in premier if you're a corporation issuing this health insurance, for sure. susan, it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: susan devore joining us there. coming up, disney u's new style, the company making fashion magic
7:42 am
with coach. and in time for summertime, victoria's secret brings back a fun favorite but with a catch. the details after this. ♪ cruise around, get stuff. ♪ pedal to the metal until the sun comes up. ♪ put in some overtime, we've got all night.
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maria: welcome back. swimwear is back at victoria's secret but with a catch.
7:46 am
cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl: i'm kind of excited about this. the lingerie company gave up swimwear throwerswimwear three . they're bringing it back in time for the spring season. the new collection will be available online. they're going to offer a mix of in-house labels and other brands. remember, after they dropped the swimwear three years ago, the stock fell dra drastically and operating income dropped by $500 million. the stock is struggling, it's down 32% over the last year. that is l brands there. well, let's move to coach, they're introducing a new line of bags inspired by disney movies. the bags have images of some of the best characters from dumbo, 101 dalmation, alice in wonderland, include cross body bags, backpack, totes, even key chains. then there is this. "sesame street" releasing muppets stamps to celebrate the
7:47 am
show's 50th anniversary. they feature big bird, the count, kermit. "sesame street" has caused a heated debate on twitter. here's what they tweeted, they asked which of the muppets would you take on a deserted eye land with you. it got -- island with you. it got intense. oscar, surviv a alct. cookie monster would look at you like you are a cookie. another user sided with oscar, saying he's a survivor. elmo and cookie delightful but all soft. oscar would do what needs to be done on the island. this thing went completely viral. thinking about it, i'm like okay, i'm going to go with -- i think cookie monster would look at me like a cookie. i'm going to go with oscar the group on this one.
7:48 am
at least -- th grouch. desert island, the muc a much mh one. maria: cookie monster. dagen remarkdagen, what about y. dagen: you want someone to keep your spirits up, like elmo, grover. >> i would pick burt. dagen: he's not an option. >> i feel like i would go with burt. he should be an option. i think he's a survivor. dagen: you take burt, you've got to take ernie. >> i love both of them. maria: good questions to think about. we'll take a break. when we come back, my bad, a professional golfer ignoring his caddie's advice, making a monumental mistake he regretted.
7:49 am
story up next. ♪ welcome to the hotel california. ♪ such a lovely place. ♪ such a lovely place. ♪ such a lovely face. (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪)
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maria: welcome back. well, it is time for march madness. jared max is here with sports. jared. jared: good morning, maria. the men's ncaa tournament begins tonight, a pair of play-in games in dayton, the women's ncaa bracket released last night. there's something about this bracket that looks different than every bracket since 2007. let's start with teams who are seeded number one. notre dame not the overall number one but still a number one seed. baylor gets top billing. louisville and mississippi states are also number one. not included the university of
7:53 am
connecticut. they've gone to the final four 11 years in a row but not a number one seed for the first time in 13 years. espn fumbled the opening tipoff. oregon's women team tweeted the selection show watch party was canceled because espn released the bracket early. they had to move up the tv broadcast two hours as a result. golfer john rohm may have cost himself the largest winning purse ever at a pga tour evidence event. if only he listened to the guy he pays to carry his clubs and offer his advice. he had the lead but then gave that away. here's what happened. hitting to the bunker on 11, he ignored his caddie's advice to hit a safe shot to get in better position for his approach. he gambled, hit into the water, lost his lead, cursed himself, caught on camera, finished tied
7:54 am
for 12t 12th. the winner, rory mcilroy got the top. maria: take it away, brian. >> i think the story is so interesting. you've got your caddie i' imlorg him this is what you've got to do. can you get mad at the golfer wanting to go for it. you want to play to win. jared: at the end of the day, he's not going to throw his caddie under the bus. it's his name on the line. he gambled and he lost. i don't have a problem with what he did, though. >> i think you've got to play to win. otherwise if you're playing soft, if you're playing not to lose, you're going to lose more than you win ultimately with that strategy. so you know, i mean, what are you going to do, the caddie's right on this one, maybe not next time. dagen: i don't understand this at all. men, they're not hard-headed.
7:55 am
they always listen. they always take advice. [ laughter ] jared: i pull over and ask for directions, well, back before google maps. [ laughter ] dagen: exactly. maria [ laughter ] maria: do you really? jared: yeah, yeah, there's always that thing that men wouldn't -- no problems. if you're going the wrong way, you've got to ask. sometimes you need to take control and say here's the way that we're going. if we're wrong, i'm going to hear it. dagen: so now men want credit for using google maps but you know what they always do, they -- jared: who said that. dagen: they put the address in after they started driving. that's what they do, they drive and put the address in like this. give me the phone. >> how did this story get to men and google maps. it's unfair. dagen: it's a golfer not taking advice. maria: men p not listening. men not listening again. dagen: there you go. maria: catch jared's sports reports on fox news 24/7.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 19 top stories right now just before 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, jobs in america, one automaker making cuts another is adding jobs, in the united states. the ford motor will create jobs in kentucky details as president trump takes aim at gm once again relentless commitment to safety that is the message from the ceo of boeing this morning, as company faces growing concerns about 737 max 8 jet following second detailed crash involving the plane, futures higher this morning we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages dow jones industrial average up 89 points s&p up nine nasdaq up 25. this after gains across the board yesterday in fact dow is up four days in a row if we weekend gains will make it five nasdaq s&p 500 gain two straight days so far, in europe this morning, we had economic data out, there was a construction output for the
8:01 am
month of january and labor costs, the germanu survey out markets higher across the board ft 100 up 39 cac quarante in paris up 25 dax up better than 107 points on the heels of that survey in germany looked at labor, asian markets mostly legislator, as you can see, largely fact shunnal move across the board action betweens twitter devin nunes filed 250-million-dollar lawsuit against twitter, he says there are more lawsuits to come he alleging twister failed to take down defamatory tweets about him what he told me first about this case a week off a hog cocktails push of a button anheuser-busch working on a twice to help you become a bartender coming up this tuesday morning joining me in new york, this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, on kings college chairman of the program and business finance, brian brenberg great to about but
8:02 am
you -- >> great to see you as always maria bartiromo. >> i love asking for directions i want that to about clear. >> okay. good, because you should not be afraid of that what is the big deal i never understood why men don't do that though. i know we are generalizing here the conversation with white house crowns economic advisers chairman kevin hassett in a few minutes i want to talk to you about the economy, he is going to tell us about economic report of the president, it was released this morning, it details economic outlooks for several years, you don't want to miss that dagen we are kicking off a two-day fed meeting, speaking of the economy that certainly is typically setting done for markets see what fed says tomorrow. >> absolutely, i am curious, will the markets read into what the federal reserve is doing and saying, in a negative way? because now looking for signs of any of does fed think the u.s. economy is slowing?
8:03 am
following china? following europe you talked about, a great deal, in the last several weeks. maria: yeah, you want to look at jobs in particular, president trump has been slamming general motors for closing down its plant in lordstown, ohio getting ready to visit the state tomorrow, while general motors is closing down a plant in ushford motors announcing new information boosting suv production adding hundreds of jobs in kentucky, joining me house financial services member about warren davidson good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. . >> what are you expecting from the president when he visits ohio tomorrow? can you give a sense what you are seeing from your could standpoint in ohio about the economy right now? >> well, the economy is fell on every won i talked to is hiring employers everywhere every sector will say you know i could grow faster if we get the right workforce one of the great things about lordstown
8:04 am
they have a tremendous strong workforce there and the president has been advocate for companies continuing to invest fighting for the workers there, and i think will continue to see the president do that. >> yeah, i mean you know we've got the numbers, show the story, the things have certainly been improving what are you worried about we are seeing slowdown across the world europe obvious a little bit of a mess with brexit uncertainties italy budget issues, france issuesaround tax proposals, do you think the u.s. gets hit by any of that or do you expect that we continue to see this kind growth you refer to -- >> you look at things we're doing that is distinct we have changed regulator environment strong progress signals not just regulator but tax reform the things i hear about finalizing trade deals i think
8:05 am
virtually every one will agree usmca is better than nafta was going to be graeth for economy like to get that blocked in certain, we are optimistic about the results with china but it is not done yet so having certainty around that would be tremendous. . >> how much of a blow if you can't get usmca over finish line democrats the said we're not going to vote for it will in current form you are right when it, it was first done a lot of people said it is better than nafta. >> yeah, i know democrats may end up, up poisoning it i hope not i hope just not a partisan oilt is possible to say wait good idea fairy shows up maybe make it better i am not closed to the idea of taking something that is already better and continuing to improve upon it we don't want to see it fall apart, and i think that is the risk when you tinker after it was
8:06 am
cooked. >> meanwhile, we are waiting on the mueller report sources telling me should be out within 10 days twitter facing 250-million-dollar lawsuit this morning from a member of congress. your colleague california representative ranking member house intel committee den nunes filed this monday accusing social media site shadow banning conservatives centering viewpoints here is what he told me this month on "sunday morning futures" listen to this. >> you are saying you are going to deal with the -- misinformation out there, how do you deal with that? you referred to them in the past as tech oligarchs to me. >> yeah so there's two ways they are doing it so the fake news media fake news dossier feed to media media runs story numerous tech companies out there that are really controlling what all americans see, right? so what these tech companies
8:07 am
have become is they try to presented they are pretend they are not but content he developers, developing content two ways one algorithms controlling what you and i see when we get on device for them to say not developing content is nonsense other thing they are doing is monetizing this, so there are some people that will not get rewarded like if you are a conservative out there putting conservative videos together you are not getting money for that rightly people are not going to advertise on that, so all this you know, has got to about dealt with i think in the future. maria: and dealing with it this morning, filed suit against twitter yesterday and promising more lawsuits. against other media companies your reaction congressman? >> i think it really gets to the heart of one of the biggest issues going on today is where does bill of rights end meant many originally for federal government the state
8:08 am
government, the 14th amendment, and it is you know, the free speech is something that seen as limiting power of the government. when you look at free enterprise, you know you've seen that as well private companies if you don't like it put in terms of service if you don't like terms of service don't click okay when you look how ubiquitous platforms have become reminds me financial services space about banks. you know, we long time ago in country decided to regulate banks at some level to say "no" even if you put it in term sheet you can't charge this interest you can't collect these fees you can't do certain things, and i think we may have to do that in some terms of service because you put in terms of service doesn't mean should be able to about done, like 6 -- 400 pages pop up relent lessless null just say okay. so not a choice the customer has. >> yeah i guess about enforcement of those terms of
8:09 am
services somebody watching how these companies operate because they are media companies at the end of the day, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. maria: congressman davidson joining us ceo boeing speak being out amid a crisis at that cheryl casone. cheryl: a week with after a second deadly crash boeing top jet ceo dennis defending safety record also suppressing sorrow for hundreds of victims in two air disasters involving 737 max jets. of the also saying boeing is cooperating in the investigation taking action. >> as facts from accident become available we understand the necessary next steps, we are taking action to fully reainsure airliners and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. we regret the ongoing challenges the grounding has caused for our customers and the flying public.
8:10 am
cheryl: the appearance comes as are regulatory lawmakers reportedly scrutinitrut niceing little more than a quarter percent, next story new details with racy text messages between amazon ceo bezos and mistress "the wall street journal" reporting "national enquirer" paid the brother of lauren sanchez, 200,000 dollars, for the private text messages published in january, about michael sanchez reportedly provided the communications to the publisher american media bezos said american media threatened to accomplish private photos if he did not end investigation into company and alleged political ties, amazon higher premarket three quarters of a percent right now. >> there is this, your next white russian could come from a pod curry teaming up with
8:11 am
anheuser-busch the machine us liquid filled pods each pod $4 shares up about 3% premarket trading so two ways to brew coffee in the morning and to make my own cocktails, there you go. >> [laughter]. maria: sounds like a good idea though. cheryl: big seller. maria: exactly, coming up the economy under president trump white house releasing progress report on economic policy this morning. it is hot off the presses we've got it says long economic boom maybe on the horizon kevin hassett will join me to weigh in, stress mess, details behind study finds majority millennials more stressed now than ever before! my goodness!
8:12 am
next. stay with us ♪ >> california dreamin', california dreamin' ♪
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back millennial madness survey shows that three in five millennials say that life is more stressful for them right now, than ever before. some of the things causing all of this stress is top five losing your wallet or credit card arguing with a partner, commuting traffic delays losing your phone, arriving late to work, making the list forgetting a phone he charger, bills, washing dishes joining me singer/songwriter joy -- i can't even get through this list without laughing losing your phone he charger cracked phone screen not enough lights -- social media millennials have problems with my people i am ashamed to say "nno more is it you can't pay bills maybe
8:16 am
child is sick real life problems it is i didn't get enough likes on twister or instagram crazy. >> wondering why this is hitting a tipping point now so invested out why. >> because people around my age millennials, 23, to 35 right now, they are not as religious not having church or community they are not going out, and speaking with people and creating new memories more social media trying to post their own memory trying to get likes validations from% rather than likes valueification from their job or work environment what the past generation was about, making money, having a great community loving god, you know being a productive member of society now it is all about my nail chipped so i can't go to work today. maria: i am so stressed -- >> [laughter] story over google it is bothering me just bugging me this story is that so many millennials that work
8:17 am
at google got upset when google was found working with pentagon going to provide ai services to military, and the millennials went all nuts about it because they said they didn't want to work with the administration on immigration policy. and i am wondering if they have any history of what went on during world war i, world war ii why my unkelz grandfathers landed on bloody omaha beach so they can go to the beach, that sounds more stressful to me. >> it is bothering me that -- that as a result of what the millennials did within google google walked away from the contract. >> like we see aoc scared amazon from new york, millennials tannilk, talk, you can at a, no action i am ashamed to say i am a millennial not like that parents raised me with values my dad was in vietnam war told me how life was actually hard mom in detroit life was
8:18 am
actually hard real racism not like today. >> jobs in america today, surprising report from mpaa hollywood directly employs more people 34 states than combined total from mining oil natural gas industries also. >> fascinating i used to say if i wasn't in this industry i do acting as well would be behind scenes a lot of opportunities my uncle prop master 30 years plenty opportunities for creators why conservatives need to come into film industry getting jobs behind scenes as well as in fronts of sooens otherwise getting kicked out as we are, it will be a liberal run machine as seems to be. >> you know the mob out there you say anything that the other side doesn't like, you get shamed online, twitter today is facing a 250-million-dollar lawsuit this morning, from a member of
8:19 am
congress. devin nunes filed lawsuit monday, saying that twitter shadowed baned he conservatives ignored complaints boouf behavior you have been in on shadow banning conversation your are thoughts on this. >> absolutely i have been a victim of shadow banning true thing tons of my friends are conservative trump fans pro lives anybody has a different opinion than mass media mainstream vice president will get shadowbanned you don't know you are baned but posts aren't showing up likes are not sticking this is a problem my video i make america great again taken down by youtube until i wrote complained i have a blue checkmark many hundreds of thousand dollars of conservatives getting basined taken off do not. >> what do they say to you when they overlook your video down. >> they said we received one complaint they didn't want to about in your video so we had to take it down i say i've gotten written permission from each person in that video we
8:20 am
will blur their face out let it back on. >> they say trying to protect e-mail people loig harassment to go on for devin nunes. >> thanks for joining us the economy under president trump white house is releasing its progress report on economic policy this morning, we've got it hot off the presses, it is saying that a long economic boom is still on the horizon white house council economic advisors chairman kevin hassett will join me next. ♪ my dream car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. house set to release 700 page economic report in under an hour from now, shows gdp growth during the first are four quarters of 2018 was fastest since 2005, the report also shows that blue collar jobs are soaring under the
8:24 am
trump administration, 215,000 added last year alone joining me right now with highlights white house counsel economic advisors chairman kevin hassett always a pleasure thanks for being here. >> thanks, thanks. >> we've got a couple of slides, let's go through this. the report. and tell us what is mo of the important kevin in terms of the growth seeing most opportunity right now. >> well i think the big story in the book. >> we came in president trump came into office, with economic growth in the one's economic growth jufrd up to three's, jumped up to three's the question is why as you mentioned 700 pages analysis that talk about all the policies that president trump has changed how they affect the economy so tax cuts are there deregulation there a chapter on that, deregulation chapter has astonishing chart shows paperwork costs have gone down under president trump for the first time we can go back through many administrations, and regulation has declined so much that paperwork costs are
8:25 am
even going down, so i think there is a lot of good news in the report it also connects, logically, theoretically, the policies that we're doing to the great economy that we're seeing. maria: yeah. the real gdp grew 3. % during 2018, nine percentage points above the pre-trump administration trend but, you know, what struck me capex spending i know this is really important point economists look at because it is it bulked up after reregulation you are referring to independently business up sharply following passage tax plan rising 26 billion above trend for 2018. do you see that continuing last report that i say in terms of businesses pull theing money to work investing in things like, for example, information technology, up 13% in last we hading how important is capex number looking at.
8:26 am
>> capex number is the source of all the good news, because we're getting capital expenditure boon up 9% since passed that spending boon creating jobs this year going to create output continue book see that in orders data the fact is that it is old rule for economists if you cut cost of capital 9% capital spending goes up 9% almost exactly what happened last year we are very confident will continue i know right now, we are saving 3% year ahead ooefsh saying no, no, going to be two you are higher than blue chips said same last year and said same thing year before so far we are two for or two we hit number had number above for, first two years in white house we think that will happen again this year. >> bottom line when businesses felt regulatory burden was lists because deregulation, they started putting new money to work, they -- investing. >> that is right, so the
8:27 am
dereg, listed them up right away tax cuts passed they just went to a higher trajectory, you know, there is a lot of uncertainty in december, and first quarter is looking like once again, we are going to have another sort of one percent quarter we keep having one percent first quarters three percent second kwaurts what we and sort of start this have year of a let me get back to report i know influx of workers offside lines fourth quarter important debt issue, a lot of people say look the dr tax cut plan increased debt not going away wi growth article in "the wall street journal" the title "trump budget relies on up to 1.2 trillion dollars in potential phantom revenues" from committee for responsible federal budget mcginnis questioning the budget assumptions government is going to collect agency much as that is between 2020 and 2029 from taxes that your
8:28 am
administration is opposing is this fan tone revenue the president put in the budget. >> no not phantom revenue i think of world of m.i.a. i think she raises good point if our forecast falls short there is a lot less revenue that is absolutely true, we've got two years in a row growth has been what we expected we it can that is going to continue the bottom line if you look at cbo numbers revisions since president trump took office added seven trillion dollars over next 10 years to gdp added a trillion dollars to deficit, i think that maria that is a trade you would take right we had to fix stuff cost money to fix the tax code increase defense spending but all added a trillion to deficit over 10 gave us seven trillion more gdp that is a net positive trade for america. >> she is also saying that you know as many of us have reported, that the president says that he would cut medicare by 845 billion and
8:29 am
people are attacking reductions they represent large cuts to the medicare beneficiaries she says this capital outlay is false budgets rurdz by 575 billion, less than savings that is accounted for. >> medicare proposals are very similar to he proposals president obama's team put forward we heap that we can legislate without ledgeslation making progress through deriggs on our side for example at fda they've approved a heck of a lot more generic drugs than anybody expected consumer price index for drugs declined last 12 medical insurance for the first time going back about 50 years that is going to make it cheaper to buy drugs reduce health care costs, and getting ahead of the curve on that side is going to help you know, the other side get costs down as well for sure we've got more roechlz planned in that space reforms in the past
8:30 am
supported by people of both parties. >> people want to see spending pulled in given 22 trillion dollars in debt country faces let me get your nots on general motors, criticism from president over closure lordstown, ohio plant ford motor adding new jobs it is a kentucky factor the president headed to ohio today lordstown planet a big issue is that a single subject or how does that jive with what has been a pretty good you know jobs picture? >> right, well the president has spoken specifically about gm that is not for me to do, but i can say there is so much business coming back to u.s. auto business foreign automakers about plant expansions new plants billed in u.s. if a specific manufacturer is having trouble i think that is is idiosyncratic thing the bottom line is there is more auto
8:31 am
production coming to us production skepticismed ramping up from sort of low numbers in january i think should be pretty optimistic about auto production for the year. >> back to your report, this morning, which is coming out shortly of you had an influx of people off sidelines to get back into the workforce participation of workers looks promising that is one of your keys to this report this morning. >> right, and that is one of the best news stories that i can remember in the economy going all the wie back into 90s, so the most repeat data typically month 73% people who get a job when you see jobs' report says 200,000 jobs whatever, 73% of the people come from offside lines we came to white house everybody said you can't grow about more than one you will never find workers people are stuck on sidelines reconnecting to fulfillment work self-sufficiency a great accomplishment of this economy and this president. >> do you have visibility into
8:32 am
2020? do you think we are going to see 3% number stay in 2020 even with the rest of the world weak? >> you know, i think that is a good the strong labor market is doing such a good job getting people back off the sidelines, that, you know, our numbers are that we think that is is going to continue it is we think that the really, really big push for that, different between us, and private forecasters second five years of 10 year forecast we've got training programs stuff studying now hope to bring online by perhaps the president's second term. >> we should mention before you leave one of your predecessors krueger passed away my condolences i know you knew him a long time. >> i remember, when i was in grad school economic research i first met alan krueger a joint amongst xhie.s collegial would say did you think this way rather than hit you in
8:33 am
face when you are wrong just right almost always when he came at with you that, going to be very, very missed, a terrible tragedy. >> very sad. >> thank you, maria. >> total tragedy took his own life kevin good to see you this morning thank you kevin hassett condolences to his family. back in a minute. ♪ right this way. you thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. well, you've come to the right place. the road is yours, dig in.
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>> welcome back. good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. usualing tuesday, march 19 top stories right now you 8:35
8:37 am
a.m. east coast futures pointed to go gain start of trading this morning, futures indicated a rally of about 100 points on dow industrials, s&p 500 up nine nasdaq up 29 points right now. in europe this morning, similar story we've better-than-expected economic data out this morning in germany, and labor comforts that has markets higher, about dax in i germany up better than 1% 31 points higher ft 100 in london up 41 points cac quarante in paris up 30 points asian markets fractionally moving mostly lower, as you can see. . >> facebook having a rough we can losses over past four sections wiping 37 billion dollars of market value off of the company. valuations more on that instagram to shep you shop on social network. >> how much to change your life find out the what americans think that is, tips on how you can save on your own all those coming up tuesday morning first trump economy new poll shows that many americans believe the
8:38 am
economy is in very good shape, weared lawrence live at the white house this morning, with more on that, good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. 71% americans believe that the economy is in good shape, seven out of 10, americans that is highest rating since february of with 2001 a majority of americans approve how the president is handling 25 % the approval rating 4 % tax cut, policies pride a in 2018 you can say 3. % according to kevin hassett. >> the tax tax cuts are there, deregulation is there, this is a chapter on that, you know deregulation chapter has astonishing chart shows paperwork comforts have gone down, under president trump for the first time we can go back being through many administrations, and regulation has declined so much that paperwork costs are even going down, so i think there is a lot of good news if in the report also connects
8:39 am
logically, and theoretically, the policies that we're doing, to the great economy that we're seeing. he submitted to congress about what they believe going to happen coming up 2019 you may remember president obama fame outstandingly saying you need to wav a wander to get to %, 3. % according to this report maria, back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, edward lawrence, joining me editor publisher dennis gartman good to see you thanks for joining us, we have been looking at fundamentals in terms of the economy you are going to look at technical signals to give us a sense of investing in this market at this time. how closely would you look at fundamental backdrop compare it to what you are seeing in valuations other technically signals tell us what you see. >> there is no question the economy is in fundamentally strong condition has been a while likely to continue to be that way what bothers me is
8:40 am
how bought how much strong the stock market is bothers me such confidence in the economy in past whenever levels of confidence has been an is the preof further weakness not strength people get joyous at highs abysmally decompressed at lows i tend to about a contrarian i say be careful stock market extremely high still a bull market you still have to about long you don't have to be a buyer you don't have to be adding to positions technically p market is prepous rousely overbut a. >> he we want to look at inflation even though nonexistent since 2012 the federal reserve has been attempting to hilts a 2% target on inflation, inflation shorts of that much recovery what is outlook on inflation? >> i think you have to about careful about that, because
8:41 am
people are paying no attention to the fact that a commodity prices are up almost 11% since start of this year, that is almost as strong as the stock market is, and commodity prices up 11% are inflationary at some point in the future the benefit that we've had we have a influx of workers, you were talking about that before, with mr. hassett. the influx of workers that have come off silence, tended sidelines sooner or later that ends wage prisons nation is going to pick up with wage inflation beginning to pick up and it is picking up, analysts commodity prices up strongly as they are inflationary problems in the not too zant future. maria: maybe but look at -- >> go ahead. maria: maybe but look at farm income farm income dropping 50% since high point 2013 according to farm aid. >> you have seen commodity
8:42 am
prices move one way farm income move the o er. >> that is a real problem the problem with commodity prices up as much as they are, grainy prices have been the only ones have not responded, and perhaps that is i mean that is a real problem, we have an economy has been stronger, yet farm incomes have remained under pressure should not continue much longer the problem that we have with farm right now is the fact that we haven't made any progress on talks with china we need to get talks ended here soon, finished on a strong note because farmers are waiting to make a decision as to when they are going to plant do i plant corn soybeans cotton you have at the same time, a problem with weather so this is a -- i think going to be a stronger market in the grains literally a this year but no question, pressure upon farm incomes a long period of time. maria: look, obviously, the chinese are pushing back on
8:43 am
the demands to stop stealing intellectual property stop forcing transfer of technology they said they will by more soybeans not necessarily what they administration wants from u.s.-china trade deal, dennis are there any indicators like, transportation, versus the industrial average, are there any charts that you look at that have been, particularly stunning to you recently? >> well, i think what you should pay attention is the gold market is making new highs nobody seems paying much attention to that i am not a gold bug don't want to about considered to about one with gold new highs as we talked this morning almost paided 1310 a few minutes ago a chart people should pay attention to also o the fact dollar rallying against yen since january 1 on very, very light volume i think you are about to see dollar get weaker versus $-yen dropping from 1
8:44 am
-- to 107 pay attention there and gold market. >> we definitely will the dollar has been on in a rally mode sometime great insight as always thank you stay with us back in a minute. (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪) metastatic breast cancer is relentless,
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maria: welcome back futures indicating a rally start of trading in less than an hour away, markets expected to about up 90 points joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney who is optimistic that this market will trade higher good
8:48 am
morning, stu. >> well, look i have been away a couple days, enjoying sun and beach in naples florida a wonderful place. really is nice. i come back, and the same sentiment that there was in marketplace as last week i think the market wants to go up has been that way almost all of this year. look. profits are strong, the economy is going okay, although first quarter probably a little weak maybe % growth kind of optimistic looking at the fed coaccommodat china trade dribs and drabs of news sounds relatively positive leak going to get something finally, you got momentum, you add it up, and this market just wants to go higher, if i look at futures as i am now, yeah i know going to go higher at least first thing this morning back above
8:49 am
26,000 heading towards that all-time high just wants to go up where am i going wrong? >> you know stu don't forget performance-enhancing drug pivot that is a part of this story. >> huge. >> not only pivot the end of the last year right now talking about the balance sheet topping out 1.3 trillion end of this year possibly also, some people are talking about a cut in interest rates, i am just wondering if we get a cut in rates if that is going to scare people to say whoa the economy must be weaker than i thought even though numbers don't say that. >> could be a warning sign, but the idea that maybe the fed could actually cut maybe that is a positive for some folks but look. you can't dispel this mood of positive upward movement, that is the situation we are in this moment, i just enjoy riding it. >> see you 10 minutes "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern don't miss stuart and great guests after "mornings with maria" first facebook under pressure,
8:50 am
shares in social media giant seeing worst day of 2019 yesterday. lost billions market value we are breaking it down when we come back a study determines the amount of money most americans would say would be life-changing not what you would expect we tell you all about it, right after this. ♪ now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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maria: so how much money would change your life 19800 dollars that is the amount average americans point to, according to new survey from the survey found 51% putting money in savings, 3 % would pay off credit card debt 30% would start a small business the author of everyday millionaires chris hogan your take on all this. >> i think any time we can look at start to identify that
8:54 am
changing our habits looking at dollar amount can help change lives is a good step maria that means people have awareness starting to understand where money is what they need to do but i think the most important thing is to identify where is our money going right now. you know don't wait on hitting the lottery don't wait on someone to hand you money we need to start being a money boss with money we have. so look at the areas in your life what you are spending on groceries eating out, especially debt, we have a lot of money going to all three of those items in lives, let's start to take back control and it will allow us to dictate our future, instead of hoping for results. maria: you are a big retirement guy only 27% said they would use that money for retirement according to the survey, does that surprise you bother you? >> well, it definitely doesn't surprise me because i have seen it ne we've got a retirement crisis right now going on in america, but you were talking about a key point, inflation, maria.
8:55 am
inflation is a big deal, that means the cost of living is going to go up if you are putting this money in a savings account where you are going to get one to two percent money is not growing it is important for us to invest money, and in the stock market, into the right things based on risk so money can grow for us for the future. so i want people to wake up realize the government is not going to take care of you you have got to take care of yourself. >> good point what is the best way to save right now? >> well i think the best wie to save is starting to go back basics budgeting telling money where to go instead of wondering when it went put this you in control allows to you save attack debt paying off credit cards car loans student loans you give yourself a raise money that stays with you allows to you grow it things i talk about on my youtube channel and chris hogan show i want to empower people to take back control so they can pave the way for des
8:56 am
tinney i want them to take control you said your money where you want it to go just ahead facebook under fire social media giant seeing worst day of the year yesterday. we are breaking it all down next. ♪ ♪ ♪ move to the enterprise-grade cloud that's built to handle all your apps. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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maria: welcome back. let's take a look at facebook right now. we're seeing literally $37 billion wiped off the market for facebook since last wednesday.
9:00 am
you have execs leaving, you have a probe into its data sharing policies, you also have a boycott due to livestreaming. there's many reasons contributi contributing. instagram is part of facebook, also launching its own in-store buying option. maria? maria: catch a big rally at the start of trading with stuart. "varney & company" starts now. stuart: good morning, everyone. the world was talking about those racy texts from the world's richest man to his lover. now the world's talking about just who took that stuff to the "national enquirer." the "wall street journal" reports it was michael sanchez, the brother of laura sanchez, bezos' lover. he sold it all for $200,000. why did he do it? it's clearly a tangled mess and we will get into it. representative devin nunes is suing twitter for $250 million. he says they shadow ban conservatives including himself. nunes says twitter


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