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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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trafficking. also human trafficking, which is really become something that has come to the forefront of crime. horrible, horrible situation. we look forward to an even deeper partnership and working together. in our meetings we also discussed the strong economic ties between our nations grounded in the principles of fairness and reciprocity, my favorite word, reciprocity. president bolsonaro and i are committed to reducing trade barriers, supporting innovation across a range of industries particularly energy infrastructure, agriculture and technology. the president's vision for freeing the private sector and opening the economy is the right way for brazil to achieve strong economic growth and our great companies are ready to grow when that table is flat and free. to improve our business relationships, we have revived the u.s.-brazil ceo forum and we
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have started a new u.s.-brazil energy forum. we welcome brazil's aspirations to join organization for economic cooperation, development, a laudable goal. one that will make brazil's status as developing and developed country. we also hope that all of us will be able to work together, all nations. i'm also pleased to announce after 20 years of talks we are finalizing a technology safeguards agreement to allow u.s. companies to conduct space launches from brazil. that is actually an incredible location when you study it and when you see it. we won't go into it now but because of the location, tremendous amounts of money would be saved. to put it very simply, the flights are a lot shorter. brazil's proximity to the equator makes it ideal launch
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location. my administration is committed to reviving america's proud legacy in space. we will looking very strongly as you know, working together with everybody on space force and we are grateful for brazil's partnership. mr. president, thank you again for the honor of your visit today, a strong and thriving friendship between the united states and brazil is essential to a future of security and prosperity for all of our citizens. it has been a wonderful time getting to know you. you're doing a fantastic job. you brought the country together. i look forward to working with you in a very close relationship for many years to come. thank you. thank you very much. mr. president? thank you very much. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: your excellency,
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mr. president. my cabinet ministers -- [inaudible] members of the delegations joining us in this session today both from brazil and from the u.s. ladies and gentlemen, media professionals, other guests. thank you very much, president trump for your warm hospitality. it is an honor for us to be in washington as part of my first bilateral trip ever since i was elected president of brazil. i would like to use the opportunity by the way to invite you to to reciprocate this visit because you will be very welcomed by brazilian people. we share a great deal in common. i have always admired the united states of america. and this sense of admiration has just increased after you took office as presidency. this meeting of ours today restores a old tradition of partnership and at the same time it start as new chapter of
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cooperation between brazil and the united states in as much as today we have revisited and have again decided to promote matters that were on our order of business for decades. it is time to overcome old resistance and explore the very best potential between brazil and the united states. after all it is fair to say brazil does have a president who is not anti-american which is really unprecedented in the past few decades. the reforms we are currently undertake having changed brazil into an even more attractive country. we are strongly committed to striking a proper balance in government accounting. also of course, totally changing the business environment, u.s. support to brazil's accession to the oced will be interpreted and construed as a gesture of mutual understanding which will be very
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emblematic as part of closer and closer ties we aspire to. the private sector of both countries should remain a high-profile player in our relations and that is why we have decided to restore the ceo forum between brazil and the u.s. we also intend to attach priority to relaunching an energy forum with an emphasis on oil, gas, other sources of energy. the brazilian government as a sign of good will has granted full visa exemption to u.s. nationals to further encouraging tourism and business travels. on defense and space cooperation work front, we have signed a technology safe guard agreement which will enable the satellite launch center. military cooperation also expanded as we seek out partnerships in the development of the systems. science, technology and innovation activity can certainly be expected to take on an increasing role as part of our bilateral agenda.
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propose to launch innovation forum between brazil and the u.s. efforts to tackle terrorism and organized crime is a matter of utmost urgency for our two people, peoples. we decided to strengthen our bilateral security forum to do more against money laundering and drug trafficking. dictatorial regime in venezuela sparked a larger international coalition known as sao paulo forum which -- power throughout last tin american in recent times. by debt crammic means we were able to rid that project in brazil. brazil and united states stand side by side to insure liberties in respect to traditional family life-styles, respect to god, our
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creator against the gender idea log and politically collect ideologies and fake news. i intend to bring ronald reagan similar style. people should say what the government can do, not the other way around. the united states changed in 2017 and brazil just started to change now in set of september. we stand together side by side to the ultimate benefit of our two nations. we want to have a great america, yes, and we also want to have a great brazil. once again may i voice my admiration, recognition to president donald trump on this beautiful day where we seal a promising alliance between the two most promising and largest democracies in the western hemisphere. may god bless brazil and may god bless the united states of america. thank you very much, mr. president. [applause] >> so we'll talk a couple of
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questions. roberta rampton, roberta. reuters. >> thank you very much, mr. president. on venezuela, you did the tough sanctions and you sent the aid but it seems like maduro is no closer to leaving and i'm wondering if you're getting worried about losing momentum? how long are you being told this is going to take? >> i'm not being told any specific time. they have been there a long time, between him and his predecessor. at some point i man things will change but we really haven't done the really tough sanctions yet. we can do the tough sanctions. all options are open so we may doing that. we haven't done the toughest of sanctions as you know. we've done i would say right down the middle but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that. of the h. it is a very sad thing. we're be looking for nothing other than taking care of a lot of people starving and dying in
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the streets. what happened there is a disgrace. this was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. all of sudden it is grief-stricken, poverty-stricken, no food, no water, no air-conditioning, no anything. no power, for a long time last week. no power. that is going to rake down again because it is being held together by threads. so it is very sad, roberta, very sad to see. okay? reporter: may i ask president bolsonaro? president bolsonaro are you open to idea of allowing u.s. base or u.s. military personnel presence in brazil to provide support on boardwer venz -- and something you talked about with president trump today? >> translator: yeah, we discussed the possibility of brazil becoming a great ally, extra nato.
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recently we requested that food was sent through bolovista the capital of the state through friend from america so humanitarian aid was provided to venezuela. at this point in time this is where we stand as much as possible to do together to sort out the issue of the venezuelan dictatorship brazil will be more than willing and ready to fulfill this mission and take freedom and democracy to that country. which up until recently was one of the wealthiest countries in south america but nowadays people are starving to death. they are suffering violence, lack of medication. there is something terrible that is going on in there. we need to put an end to this issue which is pervasive through the whole wide world. >> mr. president, please.
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reporter: [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: hello, simone from bloomberg. i would like to know if, if the u.s. actually have a military intervention in venezuela, what is the position of brazil? well there are a few issues if you speak they're no longer strategic. therefore, these reserved issues which may be discussed if they have not yet will not become public evidently. i remember on a debate here in the united states when a candidate asked another candidate what he would do to fight islamic state he said, if i say i will no longer be able to beat it. so it is a matter of strategy. for everything we discussed here will be honored. but unfortunately certain pieces of information, if are to come to the table may not be debated publicly.
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president trump, regarding military intervention do you think about this possibility? fight in venezuela to remove maduro from power? >> i said all options are open. i think of all possibilities. all options are open. we'll see what happens. by the way i see in the audience the son of the president who has been fantastic. would you please stand up, the job you've done during a very tough period of time is just fantastic. i know your father appreciates it, that i can tell you. thank you very much. fantastic job. sager from "daily caller." sager. reporter: thank you, mr. president, two questions if i may. first on 2020 presidential election. a growing number of candidates endorsed idea of adding seats to the supreme court. is that idea you agree with had term or next term. or something you agree with. >> the only reason they want to do that is catch up. if they can't catch up through
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the ballot box winning an election they want to do it in a different way. we would have no interest whatsoever. it won't ever happen. i guarranty you it won't happen for six years. reporter: another question for you on social media. you tweeted in support of congressman nunes's suit against twitter. part of a larger discussion that senator josh hawley been leading making social media companies libel for the content that is on their platform which they're not currently. is that an idea or a change in law that you would support? >> we have to do something. i tell you i have many, many, millions of followers on twitter and it is different than it used to be. things are happening, names are taken off, people aren't getting through. you heard the some complaints. it seems to be if they're conservative, if they're republicans, if they're in a certain group there is discrimination and big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter and facebook which i have also and others i see, but i really focus more on one platform.
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many different platforms. i guess we have 60 million, almost 60 million on twitter. if you add them all up it is way over 100 million people i get to see first-hand what's going on and it is not good. we use the word collusion very loosely all the time. and i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. when you get the back scene, back office statement the made by executives of the various companies and you see the level of, in many cases hatred they have for certain group of people, that happen toing in power, that happen to have won the election, you say that is really unfair. so something's happening with those groups of folks running facebook, google and twitter. i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. it is collusive and it is very, very fair to say that we have to, we have to do something about it. and if we don't, the incredible
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thing we can win an election and we have such a stacked deck. that includes networks, frankly. you look at the networks. you look at the news. you look at the newscasts. i call it fake news. i'm very proud to hear the president use the term fake news. but you look the a what is happening with the networks. you look what is happening with different shows and it is hard to believe we win. i will tell you what it really shows. the people are smart. the people get it. they will go through all of that, whatever it is they're fed and in the end they pull the right lever. it is a very, very dangerous situation. so i think i agree. i think something has to be looked at very closely. reporter: thank you, sir. president bolsonaro, another question on the 2020 election. a number of democrats running to replace the president have embraced or considered socialist ideas. you have spoken critically of that in the past f a socialist or candidate who embraced
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socialism would replace the president, how would it affect your relations with the united states? >> translator: well that is an internal affair. we will respect whatever the ballots tell us on 2020 but i do believe donald trump will be reelected fully. >> thank you. i agree. >> translator: , yeah, this was the same what happened to me. i think everyone will repeat their vote here in america. so, every day more and more people that are prone to socialism, even communism, slowly are going to be opening their minds to the reality. and you can see the border with venezuela and brazil was recently close, not for brazilians which are pro-socialism to go into venezuela but the other way around, so that venezuelans who support democracy wouldn't go into brazil. this feeling most certainly is going to be very much seen when
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2020 comes. >> mr. president, thank you very much. go ahead. you want to bottom. you look like a very nice person. go ahead. this will be the killer of all time, watch. reporter: thank you, mr. president. ustr is not supporting entry of brazil in the oecd. is the u.s. government boeing to support brazil's entry on oecd, what have you asked for tradeoff? >> we will be supporting. we'll have a great relationship in some different ways. that is just something we're going to be doing in honor of the president and in honor of brazil. we will be asking for things but not necessarily having to do with that. i think we'll have a very fair relationship. okay? reporter: thank you. president -- >> thank you. reporter: [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: does the united states expect the influence of china into brazil?
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yesterday paul mentioned it would incentives relations with china. how do you see that and what president trump said about the chinese in brazil? >> translator: brazil will make as much business with as many country as possible? no longer business will be found into the ideology as it used to be. we are also following this objective for the good of our peoples. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. [shouting questions] >> china is going very well. charles: we just watched president trump and newly-elected president of brazil, jair bolonsaro. both getting along swimmingly, taking questions. of course both with their own particular agendas. president trump looking for more trade, transactions with brazil. brazil looking for acceptance.
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in particular oecd mentioned many times, organization of economically developed nations around the world. then at one point during the entire event president trump actually dangling a nato membership in there. maybe they will walk before they crawl to get to nato. nevertheless it was pretty apparent both gentlemen seemed to enjoy each other's company. i want to go to our very own edward lawrence there at the white house with the very latest. edward. reporter: charles, you heard it there. he covered a wide range of topics talking about trade, opening a space or access to a space launchpad in the brazilian junk fell. there they have a very close spot towards equator they can take off. space commerce is a big issue for the administration. he also talked about venezuela. seems the two countries are a little bit closer together, moving much closer together because of the venezuela situation in part. brazil helping the u.s. get aid
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into the venezuelan people that need it. brazil saying they will continue to hope the folks in brazil in venezuela who support the guaido government, they call as well as 50 other countries around the united states calling that. so the president very firm. saying he is willing to open a trade negotiations with brazil in terms of moving nato to a non-nato, greater nato partner, moving brazil, possibly in nato he said. but again the president, very keen on trade going forward with the brazilians. saying he has a good relationship with this president. he does believe that relationship will continue into the future. charles? charles: edward, thank you very, very much. worth noting the dow has been paring its gains since report about an hour ago from bloomberg on china pushing back somewhat during this event. there was some questions about china. we're still hanging on but certainly a very dicey situation. want to bring in bellpointe chief strategist david nelson. from the heritage foundation,
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michael gonzalez. michael, let me start with you. our trade relationship with brazil, i would say non-commit tent. $29 billion. we're the second largest trading partner but dwarfed by china's trade arrangement and the heritage foundation says part of that is protectionist government brazil had to this point, ranking them 150 out of 180 countries with respect to economic trade? >> well, charles, thanks for having me on. i think we're seeing a different relationship now as we have just seen with jair bolonsaro. that was a love-fest in which both presidents made news. so i think that the previous trade relationship we've had with brazil is out the window. don't forget bolsonaro's previous predecessors, rousseff and da silva were both socialists, even further left than socialists. not very friendly to free
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markets this man is. jair bolsonaro is. u.s. tr -- ustr says they will support development. that is good news. brazil must demonstrate it fits in. if that is the case i think this would be, would see a growth in trade between the u.s. and brazil, especially with a man who believes in free trade like jair bolonsaro. neil: to that point, when they were asked about giving incentives to china about bolstering trade, listen we'll do as much trade with everyone. with respect to point michael made with respect to past administrations the transactions were politically motivated. that will go by the wayside. the thing on wall street was
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"bric" countries. brazil had done well but would have done better if they had a better relationship with america. >> michael hit on important points. pretty clear there is a new sheriff in town and our relationship with brazil will change dramatically. talking about launching space vehicles from pray i will s i don't know the math on that, makes sense because they're closer to the equator. i was really stunned when the word nato was mentioned as possibility. there is obviously a new relationship and very encouraging. neil: michael, it is interesting, because there is an authentic, i borrow your word, love affair particular from bolsonaro's point of view. when he was asked about potential military action with colombia, he said to the reporter, hey listen, i can't talk about strategic things we may do. he then referenced candidate trump when he was asked a similar question when he was running for president. he is following in his footsteps on just about everything. >> even mentioned fake news.
2:24 pm
i mean that was -- [laughter]. he hit every trumpian point. i'm just still in disbelief that trump said maybe even up to a nato partner. i think that venezuela has brought these two men even closer together but let's not kid ourselves, they were already idealogical twins. they're both populists. they're both non-politicians. you know very, mavericks. bolsonaro was member of congress but not really a run of the mill politician. we're really looking, who would have thunk it, right? the u.s. and brazil being so close after some decades. charles: where does this mean economically? is it too early to connect the dots? we're talking about two gargantuan economies. we compete in agriculture but beyond that the trading possibilities but also pushing back against socialism which is
2:25 pm
dying anyway, made a major thrust in south america, when chavez was there, oil trading $120 a barrel, the economy was growing 18%, he made a lot of promises. south america was buying into socialism, hook, line, sinker? >> i think president's statement all options are on the table apply to a lot of things not necessarily venezuela. south america certainly we can expand the trade relationship. there is lot we can trade. we are competitors in certain areas, certainly agriculture but i was blown away by this press conference, even called the election that said donald trump would win in 2020 so to speak. pretty impressive press conference. charles: general motors will invest $2.7 billion in brazil, in sao paulo next five years. when you see corporations going behind these meetings like this, sort of, sort of corroborates just how great the relationship is and perhaps the upside potential. michael, david, thank you both very, very much. really appreciate it.
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>> thank you, charles. charles: market moving higher. off the highs of the session as investors continue to price in accommodation let's say forever that the federal reserve will abandon quantitative tightening? how dovish can we expect them to go? my panel will weigh in on that next. ♪
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charles: the dow is higher today as federal reserve kicks off two-day policy meeting but investors are anticipating dovish action ahead. how will the fed move impact market going forward? we have constance hunter and "wall street journal" global economics editor, fox news contributor, jon hilsenrath. do you think the street could be
2:31 pm
getting a little over their skis, anticipating tomorrow, hints as removal of quantitative tightenorg some sort of action that would suggest it will be removed soon? >> well i mean, i'm not sure where the street is right now but i do think that the fed is closing in and could be saying something about when they will end the runoff that they're doing on their balance sheet. but you know, i think, that the fed will not answer the most important question, which hasn't gotten any attention on wall street, which is, even when they stop shrinking their balance sheet, they have to reconfigure the way it looks. they have a lot of ponds in their portfolio. there is debate going on inside of the fed which hasn't been resolved, once they get to the ultimate size of 3 trillion or 3 1/2 trillion, do they want mostly bonds or mostly bills? do they want mostly long-term stuff or mostly short-term stuff. charles: why does that matter,
2:32 pm
jon? >> it matters immensely because when the fed went out and bought all the bonds, the idea they were taking risky long-term securities out of the market, holding it at the central bank. bernanke thought this was so important, he didn't want to name the program qe, wanted to name it long-term security asset purchases f they go to the bills, they allow the risk to go back into the market. it is not as stimulative to the financial system or economy if they hold bills instead of bonds that is the most important discuss they're having today and tomorrow, and i don't think that will get resolved right now. charles: maybe because now there is question and answer period, if it is not resolved. >> we'll ask them. charles: we'll learn more about it. constance, your thoughts, how are you handicapping tomorrow? >> i want to address the balance sheet issue, which is, look, the fed wants it to be neutral. they want to get the balance sheet what they consider neutral. they made an important discovery. the demand for reserves is
2:33 pm
higher than before the financial crisis. so they need to hold more reserves on their balance sheet, because there is higher demand from banks. they want it to be neutral. charles: there is a big gap between 900 billion and four 1/2 trillion? >> true that gap will be met probably at around 3 billion, right? charles: that means a lot more quantitative tightening? >> no. they want it to be neutral. that means there is a lot more demand from the banks to hold those reserves, right? this debate do have it mapped the treasury market, mixture of short and long-term securities or keep it short term is the objective and criteria for that conversation is, how can it be most neutral? that's my view on what is happening with the balance sheet. with regard to the market and the fed, the market is still expecting, if you look at futures market, we're looking one more rate cut this year. whereas economists suggest -- charles: rate hike. >> 75% of economists think there will be one more rate hike pushed into the dot plot as
2:34 pm
opposed to three which is what we got in december. charles: you side with wall street, with the traders? >> it's a tricky thing -- charles: i know you're an economist but do you think if you had to go out on a limb, one hike or one cut this year? >> i would go with nothing. if i had to go between those i go with nothing. charles: right. >> depends how much more momentum this year. they certainly have the not to cut. we don't have inflation pressures. they may come down the pike. we have plenty of time to handle that. we don't have economy with runaway growth, right? we certainly have global situation that puts a lot of our growth at risk. charles: right. >> i think zero before the end of the year is perfectly reasonable. charles: jon, we had a chart up as you were speaking. balance sheet between. to constance's point does that
2:35 pm
give the fed room to be neutral? not neutral, necessarily, but not to do anything, to sort of stand on the sidelines to let the economy evolve on its own? >> i think constance makes a very strong point. i think there is a very high probability that the fed does nothing this year. extremely high probability they don't do anything in the first half of the year because they have to see how a lot of things play out. you know, looks like we have a first quarter slowdown. they got to be well into the second quarter before they make any decisions by mid-year. you know, they might just, as long as inflation is coming in soft and it is, they might just decide to do nothing. i think wild card for me this year is that, there is a budget deal that has to get done by september 30th or else federal spending goes back to 2011 levels. i think there is a lot of federal spending coming down the pike, going into 2020 election year and that spending boost that i think republicans and
2:36 pm
democrats are going to agree jointly to do could change the mix for the fed and lead it back into another tightening, maybe later in the year, early next year. charles: right. >> we have to see into september if that plays out. charles: meantime maybe nothing, like the movie "cool hand luke," sometimes nothing is a real cool hand. thank you very much. watch "making money" tomorrow 2:00 p.m. eastern time. we have instant analysis of federal reserve rate decision followed by chairman powell's press conference, hopefully he will answer the questions constance put forth. congressman devin nunes filing a 250 million-dollar lawsuit against twitter and some of its users what he calls a orchestrated defamation campaign. how strong is his case? that's next.
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charles: amazon, boeing, two names facing harsh publicity of late, mounting questions. if these gains hold up, the s&p will have risen for six of the past seven days. retailers and banks leading markets today. our parent company, fox corporation, trading today for the first time as a stand-alone company. the assets not part of disney's acquisition of fox entertainment assets. that deal set to close at midnight. oil closing off the highs of the session but still closing at $59 a barrel. get this, west texas intermediate is up 27%. the question, will $60 be a breakout or a brick wall? california congressman devin
2:42 pm
nunes is suing twitter and some of their users for a quarter of billion dollars, accusing the social media site of censoring and "shadow banning" conservatives. president trump promising a few moments ago looking at twitter and facebook for unfair treatment of those on the right. >> we have to do something. i tell i have in, millions of followers on twitter. it is different than it used to be. things are happening. names are taken off. people are not getting through. you heard the same complaints. seems to be if they're conservative, if they're republicans if they're in a certain group there is discrimination and big discrimination. charles: join me now, attorney lisa garber and fox news contributor deroy murdoch. this has been infuriating conservatives for a long time. i had conversations with jack dorsey, members of his team a long time. they acknowledge there have been issues, they resist the term "shadow banning" or banning. what do you think?
2:43 pm
>> i think it's a problem gone back many years. for many social media platforms, twitter, facebook, even google itself we as consumers in the public can't see inner goings on, right? we can't see the algorithms what stories they place first or contacts come first and suggestions. that is the problem. there is no transparency. charles: but as an attorney, looking at this from a legal point of view, devin nunes, he is obviously a public figure, it is a much harder for him to, i would assume to love any sort of defamation. nevertheless there are lesser conservative figures, not public figures at all, who find themselves banned or knocked off or somehow, some sort of interesting egregious action happening with the twitter accounts, is there any sort of legal case for them? >> at this point there is no legal case right now. nunes or any other conservative arguing they're either being shadow-banned or their content is not appearing to many users as democratic characters are,
2:44 pm
there is still the issue these are private platforms. additionally in terms of nunes' lawsuit against twitter, really any of these platforms are shielded by a federal law which is section 230 of the communications decency acts says they are are not responsible for what use remembers posting. one of the accounts nunes is fighting against is an account saying it's a cow writing these tweets against him, that are nasty, defamatory. in essence he can't sue twitter for that. charles: meantime the cow's followers have grown exponentially since this lawsuit. but as conservative you understand where the might and size of a facebook or a twitter or google, it is hard to go to find alternative to those. so the idea that you would go on these platforms to be ridiculed or mistreated is frustrating. >> i share the frustration of devin nunes, a lot of other people knocked off, some of them
2:45 pm
commentators, some people selling t-shirts, mugs, what have you. as lisa said, twitter is private company. they will not run anyone on right. i wish they would be honest we're not open platform for anybody that comes along. we're a bunch of leftists, socialists, conservatives need not apply. one of the "national review" contributors, are supporting "medicare for all" we wouldn't write. it that is our right. make them famous, pressure the company but i think regulation and lawsuits are not appropriate charles: if there was a change in the way government looks at entities, like they look at newspaper or television station, could that change the dynamics at all? >> it could change the dynamicses. look at similar lawsuits filed against twitter, facebook, social media platforms in general. a bunch of lawsuits cropped up claiming that these social media platforms help terrorists
2:46 pm
gather, spread different kinds of propaganda, most of those lawsuits failed against because of this communications decency act provision. if you're going to treat twitter and facebook different than the phone company or post office, we are allowing people to have the activity, open forum, there would have to be a change in the law. charles: leeza, deroy, always great seeing. >> you thank you. charles: turns out it wasn't saudis or white house behind the release of the racy texts to his mistress, it was someone closer. we have a new report and what it might mean for the company's stock price next. ♪
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charles: amazon, boeing, facebook all making headlines today. boeing's ceo speaking out in the wake of the fatal ethiopian airline crash. facebook on the christchurch attack. new details are emerging over the salacious texts between amazon ceo jeff bezos and his mistress. "the wall street journal" reporting that "the national enquirer" paid michael sanchez, the brother of lauren sanchez $200,000 for the private messages that were published in january.
2:51 pm
the stock weathering the turmoil in today's session. we have courtney dominguez and back with us, david nelson. courtney, just overall, the sort of scandals, they make big headlines. some are more, you know, the boeing obviously involve lives. >> yeah. charles: amazon involves questions about ceo's character and trust. >> uh-huh. charles: how do you think investors should look at something like that? >> a lot of headlines tend to be short-lived. boeing is great example. it is horrible thing that happened, it did cost lives. what happened, first year the 737 came out, the first year there were two deadly crashes. six months after the second crash, boeing traded higher. i think a lot of that is, headlines they don't last that long. people will focus where they are going forward. they don't have a lot of competition. you have to look at this over the long run. i don't think something that they can't be overcoming. >> it does help when you have an order book gives you 20-year outlook, you're beating your
2:52 pm
only competition in the world. demand is through the roof, right? so that is certainly put a bottom in going back to last monday when it opened to at 364, dave. >> it is pretty important what is going on and the fix better work. very often you have a software fix for the mcas system, maybe it will work. i'm hopeful of that. keep in mind they delivered 806 planes last year. 70% were 737 maxes. the fix is very important for the firm. charles: i want to ask but the bezos news. i want to alert the audience when jeff bezos published his retort to the "national enquirer," that was february 7th on medium. amazon shares were 1614 this significantly higher right now. the stock hags weathered that particular storm. some deep pocketed money managers expressed concern whether bezos is the man for the job? >> i'm not that concerned about
2:53 pm
it, based on news we heard. big part of the stock news, market comes a long way. we're up 20% from the christmas eve low. this is very diversified company. not just selling books, not just a retailer. they're one of the biggest technology companies on the planet right now. very big in the cloud. i think jeff shepherded through this. it is unfortunate. he will weather this. he is the richest guy in the planet. charles: it was interesting the media was really quick to try to connect the dots between president trump, "national enquirer," even suggesting that american intelligence assets were used for this. i know you don't use that kind of stuff in your analysis of the market but we are talking about boeing and amazon. both big global players, right? you look at the world from a big macro perspective. what is happening? because we just saw president trump with a great meeting with the president of the brazil talking about a greater alliance. that is a thing you want to hear, isn't it? >> in a nutshell, not just the u.s. economy, global economy in
2:54 pm
a great place. boeing you brought up is good example. that is easily highest weighted in dow jones, espite that things are looking up. if anything, things are doing better than "the daily showing." boeing is weighing down how the markets are actually doing. charles: last you were here you liked emerging market as little more than our markets. >> yeah. charles: i hear analysts every single year say emerging markets, emerging markets in part because they're chief. they don't necessarily outperform. it has been a really long time they outperformed. why is this time going to be different? >> i think the fact that the fed hopefully as we talked about, will keep interest rates low. that will keep the dollar low which is a great thing for emerging markets. yes it is cheap and if we're looking at lo of the global population is in emerging markets. you have actually a majority of the population is going to be in those countries over next decade. you have a huge population growth, dollar weakening good time to get in there.
2:55 pm
charles: couple intriguing things going on. tech stocks surging on investor day meeting. amd up because google getting into live streaming. no one knows if they are successful or not. financials keep coming back. materials having a great day, oil almost broke out. what is all this telling you? >> stocks are sniffing out something, or sniffing out a trade deal, the elephant in the room she touched on it the federal reserve. this reverse course they had last couple months speaks to this rally. almost to the day that the rhetoric started to turn, now policy turned fed is big news here. charles: we're not over our skis? >> 2940. we start living above that. charles: all eyes on tomorrow's press conference. thank you very much, courtney, david, folks, we'll be right back. ♪
2:56 pm
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charles: all the major averages are up. one thing i wanted to point out, we talk about the big high flyers. wall street also focuses on value. ford opening up a plant in
3:00 pm
kentucky, got that one of the better percentage gainers. mgm coming on nicely. l brands having a pretty good session today as well. dow jones industrial average up 21 points as i hand it off to lauren simonetti in for liz claman. over to you. lauren: the rally has faded. thank you very much. breaking news. this could have faded the rally. trade, that's the topic of the day at the white house and on wall street as president trump holds a press conference with the president of brazil in the rose garden. the president saying he hopes trade with the south african nation will go up substantially. all of this as a new round of trade talks with china is added to the agenda. reports say the deal is in its final stages with the target for an agreement by the end of april. we will have a live report from the white house in just a few minutes. meanwhile, boeing ceo dennis mulenberg trying to get out in front of his company's p.r. nightmare over last week's fatal crash of an ethiopian airlines flight.


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